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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  September 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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erica runs on dunkin'. ?? ?? is michael jackson's little girl secretly married? only "e.t." is with paris and her man inside their very grown-up photo shoot. >> they were kissing, biting, pulling, hugging. >> plus, new bombshells from jonbenet ramsey's brother. >> it felt a little awkward talking about it. >> then the "dancing with the the ryan lochte ambush. what we just learned. >> it was insane. >> plus justin timberlake. the new project bringing him to tv and a "big bang theory" exclusive. we're behind the scenes for the wedding re-do ith new cast members. >> what? >> now for september 14, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight".
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brother about her murder that remains unsolved 20 years later. >> the rumors about her life, is she secretly married and is her man after the million she will inherit? >> only we have a fascinating glimpse into her world of her very first photo shoot. >> michael jackson's little girl is all grown up and making news. >> out of all the marriage rumors that i've been a part of, this is the one i've had to shut down more than eight times. it still wasn't enough. and now they're trying to make my boyfriend look like he's mooching off of me when he has more of a job than i even do. he works more than i do. >> paris' boyfriend's name is michael snoddy. bloggers point to this band, the 26-year-old drummer and one-time marriage, but look, paris just wears this silver snake on her ring finger. >> there will be more rumors of
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emotionally or another rumor that i died. >> paris and michael have been dating for just six months, but it's definitely intense. they did this photo shoot together five weeks ago. >> i set them in the shot and she's wearing this red dress with this leather jacket and black lips and they started making out like crazy and after five or six shots he would have black lips all over his face and all over his ears and they were kissing, biting, pulling, just clicking the picture. >> at one point you can see michael sitting naked at paris' feet and in another shot the couple is drenched in the bathtub. look close, the tattoos says i love you and another in honor of prince and in this pic of pair with ripped jeans and knee-high boots she has her dad's album
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>> she brought a michael jackson torn t-shirt. it was her idea to wear it. i put my hat on her and i remember thinking this looks like we're trying to turn her into smooth criminal ?? >> she's interested in fashion and music and photographer has this advice if she wants to succeed. >> she has to watch the piercings and the tattoos and not markup her body. >> there's something that reminds me of this young the first album of madonna and she's edgy. >> the resemblance is amazing and i want to hear paris break out in "borderline". >> dr. phil is making headlines over the interview with jonbenet's brother. what does he know about her murder and the 911 call for help? >> where were you when the phone call was made? >> my bed. >> dr. phil pulled no punches with the now 29-year-old burke about his sister. >> did you ever sexually abuse jonbenet?
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>> in this never-before-seen interview footage a 9-year-old burke is seen talking to a police psychologist weeks after his sister's murder. see how burke reacts while watching this clip of himself drawing a family picture that did not include jonbenet. >> did you consciously not draw jonbenet? >> i don't remember what was going through my head, but she was gone so i didn't draw her. >> what do you think happened to your sister? [ inaudible ] >> what do you think you're saying there? >> i think i felt a little awkward talking about it, and i think it was just something that i thought everyone knew. >> i spoke with dr. phil after this interview about his reactions to burke ramsey. >> there are times when he's talking about very heavy, dark
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i'll let people make up their own mind about why that is. he has very strong ideas about what has happened and what has been said, and he leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination about where he stands on all of this. >> that interview is riveting. dr. phil has more with burke tomorrow. now there is new fallout from the scare at "dancing with the stars." we are hearing ryan lochte was injured when the protesters struck, and we know this, the whole cast was definitely shaken. >> howware you after what happened last night? it must have been pretty scary. >> that is dance pro derek hough one day after protesters stormed the stage during monday night's live broadcast. the men were targeting olympian ryan lochte and now it appears lochte may have been injured and his partner cheryl burke wrote, we have a quick step this week and ryan did injure his ankle a little when the protester got
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goes. >> monday's show dominated in the ratings and the incident could prompt changes behind the scenes. the production behind dancing says, quote, a full evaluation of safety protocols is taking place and we will make any changes deemed necessary. >> alfonso ribeiro was in the front row during the ambush. >> i know security reacted quickly and do you expect there to be more security here next week? >> the problem is that i don't know how to add ballroom without having them literally in seats. >> as for the protesters, they were arrested for trespassing and spent the night in jail. . >> they say they were actually in rio during the olympics. >> once lochte did what he did the climate changed. all of a sudden it was difficult for americans there. >> one place you won't hear
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emmys. jimmy kimmel that he will not be the butt of a joke and gave us even more surprising details about his monologue. >> tomhiddleston is a presenter. do you have jokes? >> i think it's weird when someone goes through a break up and suddenly they're on camera and everyone's making fun of them. it's a strange thing. it's one of the strangest things about hollywood. there are a few that should be worried, but for the most part, >> inside the microsoft theater we checked out where all of the stars are going to beeseated and just out of the hospital for food poisoning, amy schumer has the seat out front and the "modern family" cast is grouped together. >> guess who spotted in the second row? oh, yeah. queen b, beyonce in the house. with close proximity to the stage, i might add. never know. jimmy helped roll out the emmy red carpet this morning and looking pretty good in a tux.
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call it a starvation diet that sounds pretty crazy. >> i decided you know what i'll do? i'll stop eating on monday and goes. >> do you miss food those days of the week? >> spend the date online looking at recipes. >> not eating two days is madness. i would never make it. >> there are a lot of movies coming out of the toronto film festival. kate hudson and the guy she calls her pa kurt russell at the premiere >> he's a phenomenal actor and taking away the fact that he's my dad. >> i know! >> is it special to work with your family? it is, and i'm looking forward to that in the future. >> work it. work it, russell. >> hudson was working it in alexander mcqueen. it wasn't easy, judging from her stylist's last-minute elevator adjustments. >> how's it going down there? >> kate's pretty cool and composed when talking about filming with the guy she calls
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together. >> we spend so much time together we don't put too much energy into this even though it really matters it us and i look forward to working more with him. >> your pa says it's all in the works. >> the fact it's family, maybe goldie will play a part in it one point. hopefully we'll talk to you in a couple of years about it. >> family was on the mind of scott eastwood proving he knows his all too well. >> i just interviewed your dad. what advice do you give him? can you guess what he told me? >> probably to shut up and listen? >> listen a lot. >> listen. >> you know him so well. >> yeah. and i said to him -- yeah. i said to him, do you see a resemblance when he sees you on >> i hope not.jokes -- &- no, i do. >> do you see a resemblance when you see yourself up on screen with your dad?
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you cannot tell the difference. it's scary. >> totally look alike. >> there's a resemblance there. >> both handsome men. james corden will be the host of the hollywood film awards on november 6th. still ahead, just intimberlake, the reality star. why cameras have been following him 24/7. >> then what's life really like for the brady bunch? nfl dad tom gushes to us about their young kiis and reveals the one daddy duty that he is not doing. >> what does your wife think of it? >> um -- >> we're behind the scenes of jennifer aniston's film with jason bait man and olivia munn and how much fun can one cast have on the set? it almost doesn't feel like work. closed captioning provided
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uh-oh! that is supermodel bella hadid going, going, gone and she stumbled to her knees during the michael kors show. >> she got up and kept walking. >> justin timberlake biz ney toronto. justin has turned the last two shows of his 2020 experience into a tour and our cameras caught up with j.t.
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has a new meaning. it will be timberlake and chill. >> that was a zinger. >> the man who brought sexy back is putting on the suit and tie for netflix. ?? ?? >> the concert film justin timberlake and the tennessee kids premiered last night. >> are you all ready? >> the movie follows j.t. and his 25-member band at their final tour date on his 2020 experience world tour. you know, the tour that brought us songs like ?? ?? >> how excited are you for your fans to see the soog? >> i wasn't sure how i was going to feel about it. it's not a character that i can sort of hide behind or talk about. it's me. >> justin asked oscar-winning director to document every moment on stage and off. >> tonight, when you're up there -- look to your right, look to your left and that's who this show is for. >> who else would you like to
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another movie together. >> justin, i'm jason segal, i want you to do another movie with me. >> jason, call us. we're going to make a movie together. >> still to come, tom brady like you have never seen him before. >> only we are with the handsome quarterback talking about his life off the field. >> who cooks for the kids? mom or dad? >> olivia munn gives us an on-set tour of the movie with jennifer actually knew my name. >> every season we'll just get married. >> only we have the first look at the new characters joining
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sunday before the patriots game against the arizona cardinals, fake tommbrady is actually dan worthington who works for bleacher report put on the mask and tail gated with the fans. some people were fooled and somewhere not. >> i was fooled until i saw the throw and i was, like, that's not tom brady. with jennifer piro and i don't phink i've ever heard him open up about his supermodel wife and kids and the crazy reaction he got when he changed his looks. >> you cut your hair and did you actually think it would stop the internet and the entire world -- >> now it's so easy if are football season, i feel like you can just cut it and not think about it. >> the internet memes were pretty hilarious. tom's cut was giving off some
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taylor thomas and the "home improvement" days and "good will hunting". >> what does your wife like? >> she likes whatever i do. >> we're lucky and loving just how happy tom gets when he talks about gisele and the kids. >> do your kids get what you and your wife do? >> yeah. my oldest son jack, he does. he's 9, and my middle son danny is 6 and he's just getting there at that age and my little clue. it's perfect. >> this is awesome. she probably has you wrapped around her finger. >> oh, man. it's the worst. it's not the worst for me. i think it's the worst for my wife who is trying to instill some discipline in her and i give her anything she wants. isn't that what you should do with daughters? >> yeah. >> too cute. >> we decided to do a speed round. >> ordering in or eating out? >> ordering in?
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mom or dad. >> neither. no? i can picture you guys cooking. >> i don't cook dinner. >> you make breakfast. >> pancakes or cereal? >> pancakes. >> movies. >> who is the discipliarian between you and your wife. once your dad says no they know it's a permanent no. >> you're dog gone right they do. >> thursday night football kicks off on cbs with the the bills tomorrow night. he's kind of cute that tom brady. >> a little bit. >> excitement is building for the new season of "the big bang theory" and it's kaley cuoco's big day, penny, and the exclusive look. >> how is the world of pharmaceuticals treating you. >> i have a much better thing for him. >> see what happens when you work hard. >> i had to make him. >> after nine seasons we are
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family reunion was worth the wait. >> the family's here! i don't want them thinking we're white trash. >> well, what color trash do you think they'll believe? >> kaley is once again paired with katie segall and her on-screen mom from "eight simple rules" and jack plays her criminal brother. why did you have to go to jail? it's called getting caught, mother. >> monday's premiere kicks off with the gang penny's official wedding ceremony. >> we're getting married again. what? >> it keeps getting funnier every time we get married. >> every season we'll just get married. >> we are here today to celebrate love. >> also returning, christine behrenski and judd hirsch as leooard's dad and keith carradine as penny's dad. >> everyone brings their mishmash of amazingness.
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>> haven't you had enough? >> penny drinks more than i do. >> i learned from the best. >> oh! >> and i'll bet penny would drink to this. forbes just released their list of the highest paid tv actresses of 2016, kaley is second with $24.5 million, but check this out, modern family's sofia vergara came out on top for the fifth year in a row, her take, $43 million. jennifer aniston knows about including olivia munn who gave cameron an exclusive tour behind the scenes. >> this is the office christmas party. we're inside of it. >> so here's working this office christmas party with olivia? jen, the mean boss. >> the grinch who wants to steal christmas away. >> jason bateman is the chief tech officer. >> snl's kate mackinnon is hr.
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imbeciles every second and if we stop being imbeciles we get in trouble. >> if you're going to have intercourse tonight, please do not do it on company property. >> there is a trust that we have with each other that is just -- this is, likee it almost doesn't feel like work. >> how crazy does this bash get? i've got a special tour of the set. >> everyone is at lunch and has no idea we're inside the set. >> i >> that's just not going to help. >> olivia also reveals she shares a secret connection with co-star jen's husband justin theroux. back in 2010 when olivia was a correspoodent on "the daily show" in new york the two were drinking buddies and friends. >> he'd give me the best guy advice. that guy, you're not going to life. >> did he give you advice on aaron? >> he does like aaron. jen and i met years ago and she
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olivia. my mind blew up and i could not believe she knew my name. >> i love hearing about stars that get star struck. they're just like us. that get star struck. they're just like us. meghan traino golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: jamie foxx thinks, you know, it's good to protest, but it's also good to remember what's great about america. >> it's too much anger. we need to just laugh. harvey: as somebody who lived through the '60's, there was a period not unlike now where people lost their sense of humor. >> and then you guys went too far the other way and you just did blow and danced for ten years. way to go 70's. >> birdm wayne retiring and also claiming that he is holding the carter five hostage and won't release it. birdman says, ask lil wayne, he's the one with the music. harvey: how can lil wayne have it when he recorded it? lil wayne turned the music into, this is not like 1945 when you take a 45 down and give it to a regular -- >> norman dorsey, l.a.x. he's in oprah's new show. >> can you tell me anything i don't know about her?


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