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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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england news coverage. >> a worker at a local dollar tree store is accused of taking a picture up a woman's skirt while she shopped. good evening i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. it happened at a store broadway in malden. police caught the worker in the act. fox 25's crystal haynes just confirmed the disturbing it details. crystal? >> reporter: i can tell you that a long time employees say it the store that was taken out of the dollar tree in handcuffs. a shocking discovery. >> i always shop there that never happened before. >> reporter: malden police tell fox 2529-year-old dollar tree employee christopher molina was caught upskirting a fay customer around 4:30 this afternoon. a witness to the arrest snapped this picture and tells me the suspect is the manager of the discounted store and had exhibited odd behavior before.
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time customers like candyce. >> i normally wear jeans but my daughter sometimes wears skirts. >> reporter: detectives say another customer in the store cause molina taking pictures and called police. they have collected surveillance video and confiscated the malden man's phone. >> a manager of a store a family store. >> reporter: this malden mother is from brazil and immigrated to malden for >> i think it's awful. something that make us feel unsafe. i usually come here with my daughter. >> reporter: molina is expected to face a judge tomorrow. coming up at 11:00, how one long time customer says she's explaining this situation to her daughter using it as a teachable moment. reporting in malden tonight, crystal haynes, fox 25 news.
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says she was harassed by an m.t.a. -- mbta rider. it's a story you will see only fox 25. jacqui heinrich has been this story for two days. jacqui you tried to get answers from transit police? >> reporter: that's right. this woman says that driver initially left her on the side of the road but after she flagged him down he let huron after she ran after this guy. so -- her on at one point telling her to get to the back of the bus which totally outraged the other riders. i called multiple times trying to get the incident report after i saw this video from the bus circulating on-line. there was no report but they said the victim never filed a formal complaint. we have a video of the complaint or a photo rather that the woman filed on-line through the mbta after she
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when they tried to give their account of what happened that night. they say they were even threatened with arrest for disorderly conduct when they were questioning the officers as to why they turned away. >> they did nothing. like nothing happened. >> reporter: coming up at 11:00 we have the full story including witness testimony and the statement that we got from mbta. that's straight ahead at 11:00. live in evere now to a live look at the radar. as you can see the storms that swept through this evening have moved out to sea. we just got this brand new picture from east ham where lightning started a house fire. let's get right over now to sarah wroblewski and the storms moved through quickly. >> they were going through about 30 to 40 miles per hour picking up steam as they went through this evening.
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storm reports more wind reports down in the tri-state area. but for us it was east ham. right around 7:23 we have that lightning strike. but that was all we had out there which is a good thing as this cold fronted pushed to the south. still pushing southward. so the winds gusting over 20 at this hour. transporting cooler and drier air into the region. dew points that were in the 60s today already back into the 40s in some locations. crisp by the time you wake up tomorrow. temperatures still in the 70s across parts of the south coast but 60s in boston now. 63 in nashua as we head through the overnight hours clear skies, lighter winds temperatures falling back into the 50s perhaps even a few upper 40s in some spots. we'll take a look at what you can expect for high temperatures tomorrow and when the chance of showers and storms return. the search formation swimmer has been suspended for the night.
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with his friends and never made it back to the boat. new information to a story we broke at 4:00. our ted daniel was live to show us what went wrong on the water. ted? >> reporter: mark the search was suspended around 6:30 this evening when a storm that produced heavy rain, lightning and thunder rolled in. by the time the storm had passed it was already dusk and the decision was made to come back tomorrow. family and friends of the missing thing they can do wait until first light in the morning. at least a dozen gathered with police first responders used as a command post. >> you got to feel for the people for the parents. i feel bad for them. >> reporter: at least five rescue boats and a coast guard helicopter involved in the coordinated effort. the primary search area near the center of great herring pond closer to the plymouth side. danny hunt has lived across
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all over the place. i would say 50, 60, 70 feet. >> reporter: the missing man is from plymouth is in his 20s. he and two friends a man and a woman took a boat out this afternoon but all three jumped in the water for a swim. >> the boat went too far away from him. >> reporter: derek chapman another waterfront resident describes the frightening he says the boat drifted so far all three had difficult swimming back to it. the woman was first to reach the boat and tried to help both of her friends. >> the person in the boat decided to toss some life jackets and the person went down started dragging the other person then let him go from there. so the name of the missing swimmer has not been released yet. we're told his parents were among those on shore monitoring this search. it's expected to resume
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reporting live in reply mouth, ted daniel, fox 25 news. less than a day after the city placed him administrative leave gloucester police chief is stepping away from his wrol a nonprofit. he was bowing out of his role with the police assisted addiction recovery mission. the organization finds his program which sentenced people to treatment not jail. >> he's helped the community as far as the opioid that many towns are having and we just hope it all turns out well for him. >> he told fox 25 the investigation has nothing to do with his role as chief. we have also learned that gloucester p.d. sergeant sean connors was placed on leave last week. police have identified a woman killed after being hit by a car in danvers. 70-year-old max seen was walking along hobart street.
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danvers man did stop. police tell us he's been cited for driving without a license. a toddler from norfolk is recovering tonight after being hit by a car just feet from a school bus stop. police tell fox 25 the 2-year-old boy was with his mom and older brother when he ran out into grove street and the car hit him. he was conscious and alert. parents and children at the bus stop were shaken up as you can imagine. neighbors are now calling for action. >> i think this should be a speed bump er >> police say the driver stayed scene. so far no charges have been filed. new clues in the hunt of an accused killer in the death of a local mom. one shows the man wanda his bicep another is of an elaborate cross his back. delarosa is accused of
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court documents paint a gruesome picture of what unfolded. the boy told investigators his father "choked his mother with his two hands while he laid in bed with her." the father accused of threatening another driver with a machete will spend the next week in jail. he threatened to cut the man's head off. today in court rivera's lawyer said despite what th it was the real aggressor. >> he's defending himself. we'll see how it works out. >> he was ordered held without bail. he will be back in court next week. firefighters are still trying to figure out how dozens of cars caught fire in bridgewater junk yard today. skyfox over the scene this tarn.
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have something to do with the fire. no one was injured. there's a new twist in a scandal involving a local police department's evidence room. last night fox 25 news at 10:00 we told you how it's led to drug cases being thrown out in court. braintree's mayor breaking his silence. what he admits he's deeply concerned about. first it's a video you will see only fox 25. police say this man stole thousands of dollars worth of tools. new at 11:00 the one thing the owner you watch the story. we continue to follow breaking news a dollar tree employee accused of taking pictures up a woman's skirt while she shopped inside the store. it happened at the
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trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. you're looking at exclusive surveillance video showing the man who police say stole thousands of dollars worth of tools. the owner of those tools wrote a powerful post facebook after it new at 10:00 our malini basu is live in towns wendt story you will see only fox 25. malini? >> reporter: vanessa, here we are at the townsend police department. we're talking about $3,000 worth of tools at least $3,000 worth of tools they're all gone and tonight police are trying to figure out exactly who this nan is. in the meantime the video is crystal clear you see the man walking up to house he just wipes out all of the tools from the truck.
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see a man driving his blue truck into chris smith's driveway. he gets out knocks on the door looks around then helps himself to all of chris' work tools. >> not the type of person i would have expected to rip somebody off. >> reporter: chris is the oner of c.m. smith trucking in townsend. >> i run a business i use my tools for work and everything like that. >> reporter: he tells fox 25 as a single business owner he relies heavily hi business has been going down. >> i realize the tools are gone when i went out to grab a shane saw and it was not where i -- chainsaw and it was not where i left it. >> reporter: chris spent hours end looking at the video. >> came out and knocked on the door first then he realized i wasn't home he went over to the truck just started opening doors and cleaned the thing right out. >> reporter: it happened right in front of his garage and home on the busy main street.
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stolen, a big impact gun, small impact gun, grinders, drills, jacks. >> reporter: the whole time the tool thief has no idea that cameras were recording the whole thing. >> he drove in pretty much like he owned the place. get a job, i don't like you. he obviously needs help. >> reporter: tonight we know that this once again is an open investigation. in the meantime, chris says he's not sure exactly how long he can it takes matters into his own hands because all he wants right now are his tools back. for now live in townsend, malini basu, fox 25 news. jury selection is underway in the death penalty retrial for serial killer gary ley sampson. potential jurors filled out a questionnaire today. more will do the same tomorrow. lawyers will then toss out anyone not suitable to serve. sampson was convicted in
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from new hampshire. a legitimate lear tossed his sentence after he found -- the judge later tossed his sentence after he found out that a jury lied about her background. the police department's evidence room scandal that has already led to six drug cases being tossed out. fox 25's robert goldston has been dissecting the month's long investigation. >> reporter: in the completed evidence aud that it we obtained it's clear a lot of evidence was missing. police say they have recovered a lot of this some is still missing and because it's tampering hundreds of cases could be at risk. >> i find the auditer's report and poor recordkeeping practices by the police department to be deeply troubled and unacceptable. >> reporter: six criminal cases involving drug charges have already been thrown out, including these two tuesday and one more today. the audit of the braintree police department's evidence room shows a considerable
10:17 pm
more than $400,000 in cash, 4700 drug items and 60 guns. the audit was requested by the police chief after concerns about the evidence room surfaced. the officer had been assigned to oversee the evidence room from 2013 through mid-may of this year, which is the same window of time that the audit primarily focused on. fox 25 news has learned that the chief order the audit right before she died of self-inflicted injuries. the attorney has charged with having drugs but the case is now on hold. >> if this went on for many years then this will really open up a can of worms or a whole pandora's box. they may have to look at some of these prior convictions. >> it really is in terms of the district attorney's responsibility we work closely on this matter it is his responsibility to determine how we're going to handle these legal cases. >> reporter: the mayor also making it clear that the audit revealed some other
10:18 pm
get rid of evidence that's no longer needed. in braintree, robert goldston, fox 25 news. skyfox over a nasty crash in newton. the -- we're told two people inside the car had to be pulled out by first responders. they it were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. a few days into the police department body camera program fox 25 got an work. wayne glass turned on his camera then streamed the video to his phone. the chief said he volunteered for the program last month before the injunction. >> while we were outside boston police headquarters you can see a school bus full of children drove by
10:19 pm
this is a six month pilot program. the chief has been so open about this saying we need to do this and so supportive of the program. be interesting to see how it turns out. >> boston police wanted to get out into the community it's part of what they do community policing. this is another step to say we're out here for you and capture things camera and hopefully help both sides here. we just saw in that video that the kids love him. >> tonight, fox 25 is following up on a story we first showed you about needles scattered on the ground. >> today we went out and found out that the problem hasn't gotten any better. >> i think 234 your prior story you portrayed this as like being a play area where 5-year-olds are coming out here to play. >> there's a playground right here i can see it.
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city. >> ahead in our second half hour the promise the mayor made before students return to school tomorrow. first hillary clinton and donald trump release new information about their health. what we didn't know about clinton until tonight. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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>> tonight we are learning about the health problems hillary clinton has battled so far this year the list includes a sinus infection, ear infection and pneumonia. >> reporter: before hillary clinton goes back to the campaign trail, it her team released a letter from her personal doctor who says the candidate has been examined several times and her al clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia last friday. the letter also contained a list of her current medications. some of which help prevent blood clots or treat allergies. her blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol all within normal rages. the candidate is in "excellent physical condition and fit to serve as president of the united states." >> my mom is so healthy, i mean gosh i hope i'm as healthy i think people know
10:24 pm
they have seen her for gosh now 47 some odd years as a public figure being really healthy and vibrant. >> reporter: meanwhile donald trump is talking about his health in a different way on the dr. oz show. >> why not share your medical records? >> well, i have no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. >> reporter: seemingly surprising the celebrity doctor with details. >>. audience members say the candidate discussed being overweight his lack of exercise and medications. >> everything seemed normal. >> i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> reporter: trump's campaign will release the united states are of his recent physical tomorrow the same day the dr. oz show airs right here on fox 25. hillary clinton is also expected to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. both campaigns are eyeing the granite stated for high-profile staffs this week.
10:25 pm
clinton. new hampshire governor maggie hassan will also speak at the event. hillary clinton's running mate senator tim kaine also making a stop in new hampshire. democratic presidential nominee will be in exeter tomorrow for a town hall event. republican presidential candidate donald trump is also headed to the granite state. he'll campaign at laconia middle school tomorrow night. it is his third trip to new hampshire since the beginning of august. elizabeth warren is the second most unpopular senator in new england. a new poll from the morning consult says 33% of people surveyed don't like her. on the flip side warren's approval rating of 57% placed her as the 25th most liked senator in the u.s. proving she's truly polarizing with very little in between. senator ed markey's approval rating of 52% makes him the 46 spot. most liked senator in the u.s. bernie sanders with 87%
10:26 pm
getting dramatic video from a police officer's body camera. in 15 minutes hear from the officer who didn't hesitate to rescue someone from a fiery crash. first here's john monahan. a tax on alcohol an idea to help with the opioid epidemic but will people pay? their response straight ahead. another 90-degree day in boston now i'm tracking a big change in temperatures
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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tonight two boston city councillors want to raise the price of alcohol in the city 92 they want to 2% tax it to help fight the opioid problem. john monahan has more. >> reporter: mark and vanessa, since they first voted this idea the opioid crisis has actually gotten worse and the city and around the state. two boston city councillors however proposed it again in a meeting at city hall. the 2% tax alcohol could potentially raise $20
10:30 pm
treatment for opioid addiction. the money would fund shelters, addiction outreach and therapy. now there has been some opposition to the tax primarily from tito jackson and other city councils. he is considered he says that the tax would push people to bars and restaurants outside the city. tonight we spoke to people who say 2% is not to pay and the opioid crisis is toond bad they would not mind alcohol if it helps. >> i think it's a very good idea. opiates are rampant in this city. anything is good to help. >> reporter: still other people we talked to tonight agreed with one gentleman. only one person was against this idea. live in south boston tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. two months months towns
10:31 pm
both newburyport and walpole are banning all outdoor watering. city governments aren't exempt either. city parks won't be watered and fire hydrants are off limits except for emergencies. violators could be fined up to $100 per offense. marathoners dealt heartbreaking news tonight at 11:00 the reason a train has forced the boston athletic association to turn them away. plus, maine police need case involving these two maps mass men. what they were doing right before they vanished. >> temperatures for -- soared today another shot one the 22nd time that boston has hit 90 degrees or higher this year. temperatures it near 90 in lawrence and beverly. providence, too then came
10:32 pm
photo of the day sure enough in the city. we knew during tt evening hours there was that risk of showers and storms that developed. of course not all of the area actually saw these showers. very limited amount of rainfall from some of our observing sites. however, there were some areas that picked up close to a quarter of an inch. even at fenway park they picked up just down across the cape and islands we also saw some of those storms roll through so picked up on some rain not enough to drought situation. we do have chances of rain in as we get closer towards the weekend. still we are well in extreme drought. the rain now down across well southeast of nantucket it's moved out of here as a cold front has pushed to our south.
10:33 pm
temperatures are dropping back into the -- winds still pretty active out of the north northwest across our eastern areas and the cape and islands. we have some gusts over 20 miles per hour behind that fronted. but as that front continues to shift offshore expecting those winds to lighten up but they are transporting much drier air into the region. now feeling very comfortable and that air will be with us as we head through the overnight hours. decreasing clouds cooling off. waking up to temperatures in the 50s although some spots could fall back into the upper 40s it will be a cool one. that bright one grab those sunglasses and that sunshine will be with us through the afternoon but it's not going to warm us up too much. the air will building dry
10:34 pm
not. upper 60s is what we're expecting along the coast. winds out of the north northeast. be prepared for that. most of us enjoying a dry comfortable day and the air will feel so refreshing. it's air that you can actually breathe because folks that have allergies we have pretty much low levels for the day tomorrow. but friday get a little bit increasing because we'll see temperatures slightly warm and the winds will be picking up ahead of our next chance of some showers and storms. dry conditions the next couple days really sunday is when we'll see our next best bet. future cast not really showing much in the way of cloud cover as you head through the day tomorrow. waking up on saturday to cool conditions. then ton saturday although
10:35 pm
we have some showers heading our way. of course we're also tracking the tropics we'll talk more about that coming up this hour. i want show you that seven day forecast. as much as that rain will be moving in rain lingering into monday. a bear run paid off big time. >> they were monday night's david when david ortiz his mickey mannedle. one of the men caught the ball as he and his buddies were walking back from the concession stand. red sox officials came over and asked him for the ball and he said no. in exchange for pictures and autographs. >> a couple baseballs are going in a trophy case. but meeting an icon like
10:36 pm
ball but since papi has done so much for red sox nation he was happy to give it up. i think he got some nice things in return. as children return to school and the weather cools down a little bit flu season is just around the corner. >> next at 10:00 why doctors want you to stay away from the nasal spray vaccine and choose the needle vaccine instead. ahead at 10:00 the promise the city's mayor made before children return to school tomorrow i. the dramatic body camera
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new at 10:00 police and other drivers in north carolina raced to the rescue of a man trapped in his burning truck after a head- crash. a police body cam captured the entire rescue after a school bus slammed into the truck. the officers were first on the scene and grabbed fire extinguishers and pulled that man to safety. >> the moment complete stranger i just had to treat him like he was my younger brother. >> for a brief second i didn't know if we were able to get him out. >> the officers and drivers credited with saving the man's life. the truck driver is still recovering in the hospital. the school bus driver is facing charges for failing to yield the right of way. >> incredible video. the boy who police found in the back seat of a car while his grandmother and friend apparently overdosed on prarn -- heroin overdose -- has found a new home. police posted the photos of the boy on-line last week.
10:41 pm
were given narcan used to reverse a heroin overdose. police say they are still waiting to hear back some drug tests which can take up to 90 days. flu season it's just around the corner and doctors are warning parents to stay away from one alternative to the flu shot. the centers for disease control says the nasal spray flu vaccine should not be used. the c.d.c. is recommending flu shots instead. they base their recommendation data that shows the nasal spray flu vaccine provided poor or low protection again galaxy 7 users can now use their phones planes and now customers are being told to turn off their devices before getting on the subway. several reports of the note 7 exploding or catching fire. new jersey transit is also telling travelers to do the same. fox 25 discovers dirty needles it willering a park right next to an elementary school. then the mayor meets us there to see it firsthand.
10:42 pm
within sight of a school using and disposing their needing. >> you are saying within s-i-g-h-tvgs because 2 we're did -- because we're 250 yards away.
10:43 pm
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. tonight fox 25 exposing a problem near an elementary school. dirty needles were scatteredded on the ground. >> fox 25 shows us crews spent the day picking them up before children return to class tomorrow. >> reporter: kindergartens at barrett russell elementary go back to school thursday but their school
10:45 pm
a park that has been overrun by heroin users. >> it's not acceptable for any school to have needles in it. >> reporter: last month we asked the brockton police department what they it were doing about the problem. we found needles and evidence of heroin use all over that park. wednesday before the first day of school we went back and found nothing had changed. our own we found -- on our own we found seven needles three brockton police officers drove out to see what we were doing. we were eventually told mayor bill carp >> very few needles have been found anywhere near the school. we're in an area here children from that school never ever come to over 200 yards from the school. >> reporter: the mayor says this is a problem concentrated towards the back of the park hundreds of yards away from the school. however one of the first needles we found was right out in the open along this concrete wall here a little more than 100 yards away from the elementary school, the parking lot and the playground. >> i think in your prior story you portrayed this as
10:46 pm
here to play. >> there's a playground right here i can see it. >> that's the throiment how far the children -- listen we don't want any needles anywhere in the city. >> reporter: we showed the officers altogether they picked up 14. city works then came began picking up the garbage and drug paraphernalia. is it acceptable to have heroin addicts coming within sight. >> you are saying within sight we're 250 yards from the school. >> do you think a parent will really differentiate? >> i think you keep twisting the question. it's not acceptable for anyone to ever come across an improperly discarded hypodermic needle. >> reporter: the brockton school district turned down our request for an interview. mayor carpenter told us custodians and city workers would sweep that park every morning once school starts thursday. in brockton, jason law, fox
10:47 pm
arrested following a massive drug sweep in nashua. all of these people now facing charges. police are seavering for this man for robbing a bank the bank of america hooksett road. the man handed a note demanding money. officers believe he took off towards oak street possibly in a silver car. investigators are hoping digital billboards can murder case out of revere. fox 25 first reported yesterday investigators are still searching for answers in the murder who was found dead in 1992. starting today, clear channel has placed digital billboards near the airport and throughout greater boston along 93, 95 and route 1. state mass state police red lag the -- police are
10:48 pm
been hospitalized after contracting the virus. any want to figure out where he was deposed to infected mosquitoes. the first case of west nile showed up last month. the justice department has issued subpoenas to wells fargo. the move comes just days after wells fargo was hit with a $185 million fine for creating more than two million bank accounts. sales tactics. the scandal has raised questions about the company's culture. workers say they faced relentedless pressure and unrealistic sales targets. the smithsonian's newest museum will open next week. we got a sneak peek inside the national museum today. the exhibit contains more than 36,000 artifacts including a segregated rail car and slave cabin. president obama will
10:49 pm
newly leaked e-mails from colin powell showed the former secretary of state was critical of both major party candidates. he called donald trump a national disgrace, and an international pariah. then he said everything hillary clinton touches she screws up. the messages were posted to d.c. leaks an organization affiliated to other recent hacks of high-profile figures and links with russia. >> this is basically pushing it out for the world and russians look at what's happening in the united states. >> reporter: an aide to powell today cnn today the e-mails are accurate no further comment at this time. tonight town officials in east end have to be careful about what they post social media. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins reveals the new policy. >> reporter: making the rounds this summer it was shared by a lot of people facebook, including a member of the town of east end's conservation commission.
10:50 pm
representative of the town of east end as a community. connor reed is the town administrator. on monday that community passed a social media policy that said in part that elected appointed officials could be removed from their positions if they use public forums to express inflammatory use. >> don't say bigoted, drinks name -- drinks -- 98er to things. >> reporter: the town is appropriately walking a line between balancing free speech and speaking in an official capacity. some argue that line was -- their purpose is show an unbiased front whit comes to municipal business. he doesn't think east end will be alone in the move. >> it's something kprk see other communities looking to
10:51 pm
>> liz bethd hopkins, fox 25 news. an 18-year-old girl is suing her parents because they have been putting embarrassing pictures. her parents have put up more than 500 pictures in the last seven years showing her in situations from diaper changes to potty training. if she wins the parents may have to pay compensation and their daughter's legal costs. that's this facebook. a lot of pictures of your children. >> i do. >> oh, goodness. pretty soon there could be driverless cars whipping through the winding narrow streets at boston. >> the mayor walsh outlined an idea. today boston light turned 300 years old. next at 10:00 the role this
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>> after reaching 90 today temperatures have fallen back into the 60s. we'll continue to see that cooling trend overnight to when you wake up although we'll have sunshine it's going to be in the 50s. grab that jacket and sunglasses we're talking lots of sunshine for your day tomorrow. highs only 60s along the coast. it's going to be a quiet day and it's not quiet in the tropics. we're actually tracking three systems. tropical depression number 12 pushing off the coast, tropical storm ian heading to the northeast away from bermuda then tropical storm julia expected to bring a good amount of rain to the carolinas. i'll have the latest track at 11:00 as well as when we can expect our next chance of rain.
10:56 pm
technology it will include on street testing. walsh says now is the time to get involved with this new technology. >> it's almost like the beginning days of the cell phone. peoplers went quite sure how it would work how do you do this but eventually it became what it is today. i think driverless cars will have that potential. >> today pittsburgh began ubers. they do have a human sitting in the driver's seat in case something goes wrong. a judge says the city of worcester must build a new pedestrian walkway to the d.c.u. center and it has to be done immediately. the telegram says it's part of a long running lawsuit major taylor boulvard. the walkway will connect the hotel with the arena and parking garbage. the project will cost $10 million. the city promised to build
10:57 pm
>> suspended patriots q.b. tom brady was not supposed to be at the cardinals game sunday but he was that anyway or at least his face was there. a mystery man tom brady popped up at the stadium in arizona sound. here it is. freaking outside spectators who immediately spread word that the creepster cameo with the hashtag fake brady. still creepy. boston light is still manned and still operational. >> this is incredible. the guiding light turned 300 years old or young today. blair miller found out how this is celebration is sustainedding tall and
10:58 pm
there's also the significance this lighthouse still has. the light still shines to the soft hum of the motor that can be seen for 27 miles while rich in the lighthouse should remind all city leaders to do more to save boston history. we have to preserve our history. we see a lot of great development happening. >> we don't want to lose that. >> what happens if you lose that g.p.s. signal then what.
10:59 pm
still used today now claims that an mbta bus driver harassed a woman hearing a muslim headdress the t's response to this serious accusations. >> arrested for upskirting we talked to an eyewitness. >> and the role played in disqualifying people hoping to run in the boston marathon. >> announcer: this is fox 25 news at 11:00. >> good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. >> a worker arrested on the job after being accused of upskirting a customer.
11:00 pm
it was the manager taken out in handcuffs. >> that's crazy because i always shop here. 29-year-old dollar employee who was caught upskirting a witness to the arrest snapped this fir. and the suspect is the margin of the discounted store and had exhibited odd behavior before they saw molina taking pictures and called police. they collected surveillance video and confiscated the malden man's phone.


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