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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  September 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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it was the manager taken out in handcuffs. >> that's crazy because i always shop here. 29-year-old dollar employee who was caught upskirting a witness to the arrest snapped this fir. and the suspect is the margin of the discounted store and had exhibited odd behavior before they saw molina taking pictures and called police. they collected surveillance video and confiscated the malden man's phone.
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this malden mother is from brazil and says she immigrated to malden for her family's safety. i think it's awful something that makes us feel unsafe. especially when i come here with my daughter. reporting in malden, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. against an mbta bus driver. >> a woman wearing a muslim headdress said the driver told her to get to the back of the bus. jacqui heinrich spoke with passengers who say things relles calate quickly from there. >> reporter: that's right, transit police first told me no report existed they also told me the woman in the muslim headdress never filed a complaint with them. but i talked to witnesses tonight and to that woman they all say they tried to report that driver to
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and turned away. >> reporter: she was so outraged what the she saw she met with this group of witnesses sunday to figure out what they should do. first turning to facebook and sharing the video. >> it felt like rosa parks. >> she along with three other witnesses we talked to say the driver of an mbta bus initially left her on the side of the road but once she flagged him down and he let her things got >> he didn't respond i don't know if that earninged him. >> reporter: they say the driver told her that he didn't have to stop for her and began shouting. >> i don't feel safe, i don't feel safe because you are behind me. stop talking and get back in the back. >> reporter: another riders including george grew concerned and called 911. an mbta inspector showed up and tried to twist her story to transit police making her
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americans we are not wearing the high jab nothing happen to you every day. she was like. >> reporter: witnesses say when they heard what was going they tried to give their own sames to transit police but were threatened with arrest -- their own statements to transit police but they were >> he then went on to say to us that to say to me that i was being disorderly by having a conversation with him. he stepped into my face. >> the transit police officer said you're all done there's no more words to say here. >> reporter: fox 25 tried to obtain incident report from transit police. but they refused to give out any documentation. only writing in a statement "no official complaint was filed with mbta police by
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but she showed us the confirmation receipt from complaint she wrote on-line after she says police turn td her away that night. -- turned her away that night. they said they would take any allegations of improper behavior by their drivers very seriously. they would take steps to ensure that other drivers are complying. their statement was separate from the transit police report to us or statement to us in which they claimed that no account was taken from that woman who did not file a report that night. live in everett, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. a home on the outer cape earlier tonight. the strike hit the home. firefighters were able to quickly put out the fire and no one was hurt. meteorologist sarah wroblewski joins us now and that cell that produced that lightning strike has moved on. >> it did develop especially as it pushed off the south
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cape cod bay across the region today. we just had those hit or miss showers or thunderstorms really producing some brief periods of rain. now that fronted is to our south. the winds still gusty behind that front over 20 miles per hour for parts of the south shore, cape and islands. dew points have dropped back into the 50s and 40s. it's going to feel cool and crisp by the time you wage up. temperatures now in the 60s falling back into the 50s by the me lots of sunshine clear skies to start but some spots even cool into the 40s. we'll talk about what you can expect in your town by the afternoon. >> developing tonight less than 24 hours after the city placed him administrative leave gloucester police chief is stepping away from his role with a nonprofit support program. the chief is temporarily bowing out of the role that he plays with the police
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his his attorney told fox 25 the investigation has nothing to do with his role as chief. we have also learned that sean connors was placed on leave last week. this afternoon hillary clinton released her medical records. tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. right here fox 25 donald trump will do the same with dr. oz. >> reporter: before hillary clinton goes back to the campaign tra personal doctor who says the candidate has been examined several times and her health continues to improve. clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia last friday. the letter also contained a list of her current medications some prevent blood clots or treat allergies. her blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol all within normal ranges. the candidate is in fit to serve as president of the
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healthy at thrailt as she is at 68. they have seen her being really healthy and vibrant. >> why not share your medical records? >> well, i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here? should do it, i don't care? >> reporter: seemingly surprising the celebrity doctor with details. nay i see them. >> a candidate discussed being overweight, his lack of exercise and medications. >> according to dr. toz everything seemed normal there was no surprises he was on a statin. >> i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> tomorrow hillary clinton is expected to resume her campaign schedule. the search will resume in the morning for a man who didn't resurface from the water in plymouth.
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witness report famly and friends of the missing swimmer did the only thing they can do wait until first light in the morning. at least a dozen gathered with police at a waterfront home first responders used as a command post. >> you got to feel for the people for the parents. i feel bad for them. at least five rescue boats and a coast guard helicopter involved in the coordinated effort. the primary search area near the center of great herring pond closer to the plymouth side from the pond for 35 years. >> it's 100 feet deep in spots. i would say 50, 60, 70 feet in places. >> reporter: fox 25 has learned the missing man is from plymouth is in his 20s. he and two friends a man and a woman, took a boat out onto herring pond this afternoon. we're told disaster struck when all three jumped in the water for a swim. >> the boat went too far away from him.
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another waterfront resident describes a frightening scene. the boat drifted so far all three had difficult swimming back it to. the woman was the first to reach the boat and tried to help both of her friends. >> the person in the boat decided to toss some life jackets and the person went down started dragging the other person and let him go from there. >> the name of the missing swimmer has not been released yet. we're told his parents were among those on the shore waiting for developments. back at 6:30 in the morning. reporting in plymouth, ted daniel, fox 25 news. new clues in the hunt for an accused killer one day after an arrest warrant was issued for him. a source gave fox 25 these pictures of his tattoos. he's accused of strangling wanda rosa in methuen early monday. the couple's 4-year-old son
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court documents paint a gruesome picture of what unfolded. the boy told investigators his father "choked his mother with his two hands while he laid in bed with her." a software update for those samsung phones won't be available. it will be releasing an update that keeps a phone from charging more than 60% only in south korea. that's samsung's home country. no word when the update will be available elsewhere. sa million phones. now to some video only fox 25 tonight watch closely here you will see in broad daylight a man driving a blue truck pull into a driveway gets out knocks on the door looks around then steals all the owner's tools. the theft happened in front of a home busy main street in townsend. and the owner told fox 25 that as a businessman he needs those tools to make
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somebody off. >> the man stole at least $3,000 worth of tools. police are trying to track down the thief. main state police are making a new push for answers 34 years after two men disappeared. they drove to maine to collect money in 1982 the next day police in bangor found the black corvette they were driving in a mall parking lot. they haven't been seen since and the disappearances are considered suspicious. afternoon now i'm tracking a big change in temperatures. how cool it will be in your town plus, when our next chance of rain arrives. a role a train played for those hoping no compete
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. the mayor of braintree talking about the growing police evidence scandal that's already led to six drug cases being the audit at the braintree police department's evidence room shows more than $400,000 in cash, 4700 drug items and 60 guns all missing. police have been able to locate a majority of it but some is still missing. because there was tampering hundreds of cases could be in jeopardy. >> i find the auditer's report of items for recordkeeping practices by the police department to be
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already been thrown out, including two tuesday and one more today. a man wanted in a deadly shooting of a north carolina police officer has been captured in rhode island. 23-year-old irving is accused of shooting 38-year-old officer ken over the weekend. backen died monday from his injuries. officials raided a building near providence using tear gas. he turned him over to police this morning. >> we treat every case the same. when a police police officer down. who knows if he wants to do it again. >> police also arrested the suspect's half sister. she was charged with accessory after the fact of first-degree murder. officer bracken leaves behind a wife and daughter. a salem man charged with shooting and killing a former army sniper. jury selection in the murder trial of castillo wrapped up today. the 28-year-old shot stephen perez in the back following a fight between two groups
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castillo took off to the dominican republic but was captured last year. >> it skyfox captured this large fire at a junk yard in bridgewater. there were as many as 30 firefighters at the jank yard. according to firefighters there are no reports of any injuries. new at 11:00 if you're distance a runner this one will be painful for you. a brutal way to disqualify for the boston marathon for some runners in penn organizers for the race in allentown say a 49 crossed racecourse stopping runners for minutes that left some runners hoping to run the boston marathon with disqualifying times. the boston athletic association has a very strict policy of only accepting official race times. registration for the boston marathon opened monday. sar' wroblewski joining us you're a runner and i'm a runner what a tough break. >> absolutely.
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i went for a run today for me 5k not no parent but now we have a break heading our way. 90? the high in boston today. take a look at this. we'll see temperatures back to what they should be for this time of year if not even a little bit cooler. in boston typical high this time of year 73? and well tomorrow i think we'll get stuck in the 60s. and the some scattered showers and storms that erupted this afternoon. here tracking some of those showers. not much fell across the entire area but some spots did pick up anywhere from a tenth to .2 even up to almost a third down across the cape cod canal as some thunderstorms developed. drier air working on in behind this cold front that will continue to push to the south and east and take away
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as it does so temperatures beginning to drop back into the 50s north and west. temperature has just dropped into the 60s for nantucket. winds still active down across the southeast but lightning it up to the north. a few gusts still over 20. we're going to notice those winds dying down once that front of pulls away. but those winds are dragging in drier air to dew points which were in the low 60s and 70s now back into the 40s and 50s feeling so comfortable. night with clear skies. temperatures fall back mostly into the 50s perhaps 60? in boston. some spots back into the the 40s. lots of sunshine grab those sunglasses for the morning commute you will need them. also probably grab that jacket easy mention. by the afternoon take a look at this. highs tomorrow big difference. although it will be dry and bright we're only looking at the 60s along the immediate coast with that north northeasterly wind. 70s as you head to the interior.
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time of year but it's going to feel a lot different temperature right around 66 degrees and it should be staying dry. future cast showing sunny and cool conditions for afternoon and other cool night tomorrow night. waking up on friday with some spots into the 40s once again. sunshine returns mostly sunny friday. so another great finish to week. starting looking pretty good right now but take a look at this we have this to the west that will be slowly approaching. sunday into monday but it does look as though it could bring us half an inch to an inch of rain which is so needed at this point because sure enough we're signal that extreme drought. not all tropical moisture in our future. tropical storm julia is stalling off the southeast coast going to bring about two to four inches of rain for parts of the carolinas.
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we'll continue to keep an eye on it. what you do see is dry conditions in the beginning part of the weekend. then our neck chance of showers and storms sunday into monday. over to you. >> an interesting marketing tactic the first 100 students who showed up to the men's soccer game left with a mini doll. the team hosted to honor the beloved gorilla that was involved in an incident with a 2-year-old who fell into his enclosure. the name stands for bringing people >> i was thinking about camping out here that's how badly i wanted to be here. >> the dolls did bring out a bigger crowd and may have helped the rebel hawks have a big one 2-1. you just kept a straight face through that. i got to tell you. patriots what's the latest
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
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still in the second a scare for rick. line drive goes right off his leg. i'll show you again. good news he did shake it off. did not surrender another run all night. but kevin was even better. eight innings and the sox could not get to him. red sox drop a tough one tonight 1-0 orioles despite that great effort from rick porcello. >> i'm not playing for personal numbers i'm playing to this was a big game for us. we were hoping to take the series from them. that being said we still got a one game lead we get them for four at their place. >> here's where it stands now. lead down to one baltimore two toronto. the yankees lost to the dodgers so bad night all around. instead the race is tightening. 17 games to go the yankees come into town tomorrow. patriots back to work this morning in foxborough. jimmy knows that the dolphins have a lot more
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did but as butch stearns shows us a little sliver of good news today in. >> reporter: gronkowski was was at the media portion of workout. they have favorites this sunday. but bill belichick is not worried how hard it might be to focus miami. >> we just turn our game last year. i don't know if he had >> down there in miami but i think we know from playing them every year that they're going to be a tough team. >> it's completely different circumstance i guess. hopefully we're not in that situation this year. >> it's going to be exciting. real exciting. another good opportunity just have to go out there and perform. >> with the patriots butch stearns, fox 25 sports. thanks butchy. here's our winner from week two.
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andover friday night. a live report at 6:00. highlights on fox 25 news at 11:00 and of course on the fox 25 facebook page as well. 18,000 people watched the highlights of last week's game. i think that will catch on the facebook live stuff you watch after fox 25 news at 11:00. >> pretty cool. >> cool in the morning. >> yes, feeling more like football weather, too as temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s temperatures in the afternoon 60s and 70s feeling like it should be. but next chance of showers and storms arriving this weekend. >> anything measurable i know we have a lot of people in drought? >> we could see anywhere from right now half an inch to an inch. shiri spears will be looking at that closer in the morning. >> thanks for watching.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: jamie foxx thinks, you know, it's good to protest, but it's also good to remember what's great about america. >> it's too much anger. we need to just laugh. harvey: as somebody who lived through the '60's, there was a period not unlike now where people lost their sense of humor. >> and then you guys went too far the other did blow and danced for ten years. way to go 70's. >> birdman has weighed in on lil wayne retiring and also claiming that he is holding the carter five hostage and won't release it. birdman says, ask lil wayne, he's the one with the music. harvey: how can lil wayne have it when he recorded it? lil wayne turned the music into, this is not like 1945 when you take a 45 down and give it to a regular --


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