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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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right in my driveway and you can could see him very closely. >> kimball was bitten by that dog during the arrest. he was taken to a hospital to be treated for his injuries. coming up at 5:00, what police say they saw that caused them to believe that those threats were serious. for now, we are live in rehoboth, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> dive teams pulled the body of a man who with friends, he was on herring pond but never made it back after a dip in the water. the boat wasn't anchor and the wind pulled it away from three people swimming together. only two were able to catch up with the boat. >> the person in the boat decided to toss them life jackets and the person went down, started dragging the other person and then let him go from there. the. >> the name of the missing swimmer has not been released. >> inappropriate photos of store manager in malden order is told to stay away after he took
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this happened at the dollar tree on broadway in mall ken and fox 25's crystal hanes has been working the story since then. crystal, to day that man faced the judge. >> 29 year-old christopher molina was taken out of the store in handcuffs in front of his employees. this charge, secret sexual surveillance video, better known as upskirting. go to the video. fox 25 has learned a female shopper was looking at kitchen items on the bottom shelf in aisle 1 and another shopper yelling at molina saying he had been taking pictures up her skirt. the victim was with her mother, who was also alerted by that shopper and both began to yell at mowly no. who allegedly ran into a back room while they called police. molina had no comment for reporters at his arraignment but customers who knew him were shocked. >> it was like oh my god i know him, i said i can't believe he
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say, hi, huh you doing, like he seemed like a nice guy. i guess looking can be deceiving. >> coming up at 5:00, what witnesses said to molina, the moment they say they caught him in the act. reporting in malden, i'm crystal hanes, fox 25 news. >> outside nothing but clear skies in the south shore today, just about every where else i. felt and looked beautiful, but you know this lack of rain is really taking a toll. the extreme drought is impacting 52% of massachusetts. is joining us and you say a few days before it rains? >> we need any rain we can get, it's not just the extreme lack of rainfall but the heat, yesterday we hit 90 degrees in boston, the 22nd time that happened this year, but what it takes is a difference of a day, take a look at the temperatures today. 60s and 90s, so we have a cool, dry stretch happening right now. in fact, taking a look at the temperature at this moment, compared to yesterday, we are
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building on in, right now, we are in the 60s and 70s. we have a few scattered clouds out there, overall very quiet as high pressure will continue to bring up pleasant and cool conditions as we head through the overnight hours and for our friday, too, so 64 right now, the dew point very comfortable, that wind out of the east, hour-by-hour in boston, you have plans this even, temperatures will drop quickly once the sunsets around 7:00. back into the 50s, waking up to the 40s and 50s tomorrow morning. we are going to the afternoon, plus time out the rain coming um. >> we will see you then. now to the latest in the presidential race. in a new national poll shows both candidates are struggling to earn support of the party's base. hillary clinton has 46% support of likely voters in this new york times cbs poll. donald trump is right behind her at 44%. the poll found a little less than half of voters though have reservations about their own candidate or voting in opposition of the other person. and happening right now, clinton
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are live pictures from the rally tonight in north carolina. this is less than a week after campaign said she was diagnosed, it looks like she is either getting there or finishing up, yes, just wrapping up. the diagnosis came to light this past sunday as the former secretary of state appeared to pass out as she was leaving a 9/11 ser know mowny in new york. a doctor diagnosed her and she ignored his suggestion to rest. her runningmate. the granite leaders for the stay work play program, this is a nonprofit group designed to bring young professionals to new hampshire. >> donald trump appeared on the dr. oz show here on fox 25 today to discus his health. the republican gave dr. oz a one-page physical which was performed by dr. harold bourne steven last week. bourne steven is the same doctor who once said that trump would be the healthiest president if he is elected. here is what is covered in the physical. >> the liver function and
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july 10th, 2013, which was normal with no polyps, calcium score on your heart in 2013 also was low at 98. my goodness, ekg, chest x-ray on april 14th was normal. a normal echocardiogram was done two years ago. and your testosterone is 441, which is actually good. >> it's like, have you seen my wife? the trump said the last time he was in the hospital overnight is when he was 11 years old to have his appendix out. he talked to dr. oz why he is sharing this personal medical information with everyone. take a listen. >> should you show it's very private, it's all very private stuff. should you be showing it? i think when you are running for president of the united states, or maybe any other country, in all fairness, , but when you are running for president, i think you have an obligation to be healthy. i just don't think you can do
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the country properly, if you're not a healthy person. >> dr. oz invited hillary clinton on his show to discus her medical records. the democrat released them yesterday providing new details about health her recent battle with pneumonia and overall health. you can log on to fox 25 boston give you both hillary clinton and donald trump's medical records. our own mark ockerbloom talked to dr. oz about his revealing interview with donald trump. mark asked dr. oz about trump's claim that he get as workout just by people who live a long time, they have daily rigorous activity as part of their life. they don't go to the gym, they actually have to walk up the hill to tend the sheep or, you know, they don't have a president, but they are doing things that require a lot of them. mr. trump pointed out he is often speaking in overcrowded rooms so if they are designed for 50 people and it's got 100 swelteringly hot and he's moving around to do what he needs to do it does consume energy that, is a good thing. >> we will have more of ock's
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one statistic dr. oz said was most surprising about trump's health report. there is a remind here, you can watch dr. oz at 2:00 on fox 25. >> a newspaper in more that's endorsed the republican candidate for president in every election for the past 100 years is now turning its back on the gop. in an editorial published the union leader said it cannot endorse donald trump or hillary clinton and the paper's publisher has pretty strong words as to why. there on the front page it reads, americans have a choice sank moans you prig, and donald j. trump, they go on to call trump unqualified to lead the nation and say he is a liar, bully and buff find. not holding back at all. they chose to endorse libertarian gary johnson and bill weld. >> w. gallbladder h. reports the push for name tags comes after the department wanted approval to force 100 officers to wear body cameras. the commissioner said the boston
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officers sent a harmful message by fighting the body camera program. they pushed back against the program but the judge overruled the ruin onforcing the officers to be part of the pilot program. >> right now police are still searching for the man accused of killing his girlfriend in methuen. police say emilio delcamp rosa strangled wanda derosa while her 4 year-old son watched. he has a history of domestic violence, even went to jail in 2012 for his abuse of his girlfriend. crews in brockton spent needles outside an elementary school. we told you about the problem last month. since then, we have found heroin addicts are still shooting up and throwing out the needles near barrett russell elementary school. jason law spoke with city leaders what they are doing to keep kids safe as classes started today. >> leanna dyson walked her twin boys to their first day of school at barrett russell elementary school in brockton. >> they know not to pick anything up off the ground. i have spoken to them many
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with flashlights before the sun was up looking for dirty needles. the evidence of rampant her when use is all around the school, littered throughout the neighboring park. we first reported on the problem in august. but not much changed until fox 25 followed up and started asking more questions. brockton's mayor, bill carpenter, told us most of the heroin abuse is going on in the back of the park. some 2250 yards from the school. >> it's, i think you are probably, you portray this as year-olds are coming out to here to play. >> there is a playground right there, i can see it. >> right. that is the limit to how far the children are. listen, we don't want any needles anywhere in the city. very few needles have been found anywhere near the school. >> that'sry doik louse, are you kidding me? it's still part of the school. even if it wasn't the school it's still the street and stuff, the kids are every where. >> we did try to speak with the school district wednesday. they wouldn't give us an interview but did give us this statement. school and city police and maintenance teams continue to work together to sweep the area
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that are found. and, monitor the area for illegal drug use and people who may be loitering and trespassing. in brockton, jason law, fox 25 news. >> investigators are blaming a cigarette for a large house fire in cohassett. the state fire marshall's office released its report about the fire on rust way. the fire happened tuesday afternoon. investigators say it started outside on the ground floor where someone had been smoking the night before. no one was hurt, but the family's dog did not survive. charges including home invasion and assault for a stabbing in beverly. police say the teen went into a home on livingstone avenue and demanded money and stabbed a man and ran out of the house. police and canine units found the teen in a neighboring backyard, he was arraigned today in salem juvenile court. >> fox 25 is digging into an audit of a local nonprofit. >> still ahead, i will tell you what they spent tens of thousands of dollars on and why the state as a problem with this. >> and a woman wearing a head
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an mbta driver, why other riders had to call the police. >> the numbers are in and i have an update to the drought monitor. i will show you which areas have been upgraded to an extreme drought, plus timing for next chance of rain. >> >> quincy is home to one of the most dangerous intersections in the state, why ? ? one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money.
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there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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pedestrians on on a road in quincy are frustrated. they say the crossing signal at the quawks is too fast and it puts them in danger.
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in quincy and you spoke to concerned citizens? >> reporter: yes, one concerned citizen reached out to me so i decided to check it out. the time it takes for me to say this sentence, the crosswalk signals would have already flashed red, stop walking, as a lot of people really concern and upset. let's show you, the crosswalk signal, the intersection of grand and whitwell goes from a white hand which is of course okay to a red flashing with no countdown timer before pedest according to a 2013 crash report from massachusetts department of transportation, quincy has the seventh most pedestrian accidents in the entire state. some worried now about the elderly or even children using these crosswalks. >> it's every where that it's set quick. some of them will say how many seconds, you know, downtown, one says i think 16 seconds to cross main street for those people. it's hard enough for me.
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i just kind of walk across the street when there's no cars coming because i don't have enough time when i press the button. >> all right. so what can be done about these quick traffic signals here? the crosswalk snals? we went to the head of the traffic division in the city of quincy and we will tell you what he told us coming up tonight at 6:00, live in quincy, chris flanagan, fox 25. >> massachusetts is trying to make it easier to access medical marijuana. the suggested changes would make getting prescriptions a faster process for nurses prescribe marijuana. right now, only doctors can do that. customers could then turn to prices posted on web sites to shop around to find the best prices. the changes would also create delivery options to nursing homes for people who have difficulty going to a dispensary. new at 4:00, dartmouth police track down terrence pike junior on multiple charges for parole violation t 31 year-old was arrested on charges in massachusetts including assault
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is go be to be extradited to california after facing charges here. >> local fishermen are upset about a national monument off cape cod. today president obama place add section of the atlantic ocean under federal protection. the northeast canyons and sea mount monoyiewlt is located 130 miles east of cape cod and area with 4 underwater mountains. and three canyons which are deeper than the grand canyon. the president said he created the conservation area to preserve the ocean for generations. >> the notion that the ocean i grew up with is not something that i can pass on to my kids and my grandkids? is unacceptable. it's unimaginable. >> environmental groups are applauding the move but the monument is an important commercial fishing area which is closed off to fishing boats by 2023. we will dig deeper into the story and have it for you tonight at 5:00.
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meteorologist sara row blesscly and the storm tracker 5 weather team (^). >> every week we look forward to the drought monitor updated this morning and shiri spear had the numbers and take ag closer look we noticed extreme drought conditions have expanded across massachusetts. now, 50% of the state is in an extreme drought and over 20% of the state of new hampshire as well. extreme drought conditions have extended even to parts of southern maine down to worcester county into western massachusetts. last week it was only within 495, this is when we get concerned for the possibility of loss of crops as well as starting to see some water restrictions and bans out there. we are 9" or more below average for rainfall this year. and then you total what we were last year, and we are in a very dry stretch for the last two years. so, again, about 9 1/2" below
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about 9" below. so, over 18" of rain below average over the last 2 years has really put us into this very bad state. we need some rain. and we have really had a dry stretch, few chances of showers, and taking a look at the forecast, our next chance of rain doesn't look to come until sunday into monday. but, there is some hope we could see some beneficial rain but it will not be a drought buster. until then, we have high pressure in control and that is what is going to keep us dr cool over the the next couple of days. there is the next storm system, it has a ways to go, but also notice spinning off the the southeast coast we have julia, now a tropical depression, expected to just meander over the next couple days bringing rain showers to parts of the carolinas as well as georgia. as for us, the big blue h. in control bringing in the north/northeasterly winds, little gusty out there, stirred up some clouds but now the clouds pushed down to the south, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. feels so nice out there with the
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dry, crisp air, beautiful in boston, the wind at the east at 12 miles per hour. if you are heading to the red sox game grab a jacket. the temperatures will drop. once the sunsets, shortly before 7:00, we will see the first pitch temperature in the lower 60, getting back into the 50s by the time the game ends. so, you definitely need to budget d bundle up and if you have the windows open you may want to open them when you weak up because you will wake up to temperatures like these, 40s and 50s, it will be a chilly one at the bus stop. you want toma you are heading to work, because we will have lots of sunshine tomorrow once again. and those highs, just a few degrees warmer than they were today. climbing into the upper 60, mid 70, that's because of the wind out of the north/northeast today going to be turning out of the south. that is a warmer wind direction because high pressure is going to start to scoot to the east and as it does so, it will make way for the cold front or the area of low pressure to the west to move on in. but, by saturday, we are still
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70s and by sunday, that's when we will see the risk of showers and storms arriving. right now, looks as though the beginning part of the day may be okay, but by the afternoon, that's when we will have to watch for the risk of the showers developing, of course. so taking a look at the seven-day forecast, of course we are always looking at the tropics, too, i want to get the seven-day forecast for you. unfortunately it's not coming up as i would like it to. there we go. we have it going the weekend, always in view, does show temperatures warm up but the best chances of showers look to arrive sunday into monday. and then we stay dry we head into next week. over to you guys. >> sarah, thank you. breaking news now, a major recall you will want to know about. the samsung galaxy note 7 has just been recalled by federal safety officials. the consumer product safety commission made the announcement moments ago. batteries from the phones have caused fires. it affects some 7 million samsung phones. least week the organization said you should turn them off because of fire risk.
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for more information on that go to fox 25 >> and the iphone 7 plus is now officially sold out worldwide. at least for now. the smaller iphone 7 sold out in just one of its available color, people who go the apple stores tomorrow in hopes of buying one can be out of luck. but they will be able to place an order so that when the phones are available, they can then be picked up. apple launched the new phones last month and maybing the news without the traditional headphone jack. >> she is 86 and in but don't mess with her. >> i'm not supposed to feel sorry for that [bleep], i don't. >> well, okay. still at 4:00, what happened to the woman that got her so upset. it's been five years since a local woman was found dead in maine. the case is unsolved but tonight
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the city of orlando has released more 911 calls from mass shooting at the pulse nightclub. the release of more than 12 calls comes three months after the the massacre that length 49 people dead and as a legal fight between media groups in the city is wrapping up. the family of sandra bland has settled their wrongful death lawsuit with the town in texas. bland's arrest gained national attention and caused public outrage. a public safety officer in texas arrested bland last year during a traffic stop. and three days later, she was found dead in her jail cell.
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compensation for her death, and changes will be made to the policies at the jail where she died. >> a former newtown connecticut teacher arrested for carry ag gun in school will have to wait a little longer to get the charges erased. jason adams has the permit to carry but guns are not allowed at the middle school where he used to teach. he was arrested back in april. adams was supposed to appear in court to try to get into probation programs that could end with his charges being erased. the appearance was rescheduled the faa is taking action against tobacco companies still selling newly regulated tobacco products to minors. the agency issuing its first warning ledders to 55 retailers for selling things like e-cigarettes and e. liquids and cigars to minors. compliance checks found minors were able to purchase the products in a variety of youth appealing flavors in store and outlets. >> a local man charged with disturbing the peace, why pokemon go allegedly caused him
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temperature, i will show you how long the cool pattern lasts and when our next chance of rain arrives. >> big money spent on trips, golfing, and alcohol. i will tell you about the local nonprofit that's coming under
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>> tonight, a state agency is raising questions about how a local nonprofit agency is spending public money. >> that agency is accuse of spending tens of thousands of dollars on trips an golfing, alcohol and gifts.
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investigates uncovered and today i went straight to the ceo for answers on this. >> today it's central loss americas we found volunteers in action. the agency is a nonprofit, helping the community in a variety of ways. today, it's stocking the food pantry. but, here in this audit, obtained by fox 25 investigates, state officials lay out accusations of how this agency is spending its money. half of their money comes from public and state agencies. and it's that according to the state auditor's office, centrum must reimburse the state for $57,000. that the agency spent on expenses not allowed, and not related to sentro's central service program activities. this audit said the money paid for a list of things including two trips to puerto rico, golf outings,ly core for a staff party, gift cards, with no documentation to show who got them, even a baby shower gift for a staff employee.
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with natalie guzman, who is using sentro's services to pay her mother. >> it makes me upset, because it's not going to where it should be going to. it's going to other stuff. >> when we went to sentro's offices no one would speak on camera, but on the phone, sentro's c. e. e. o. juan gomez told me every expense is justified. the puerto rico trips were ways to research ways to bring revenue there and bring the money back to worcester. >> we are committed to making sure we are resources that are given to us. and so, we thought -- [inaudible] >> what about the public money, $117 used to buy liquor for a staff party? why not just pay for that out of your own pocket? >> you know, that's a -- that's a fair question. that's a fair question. >> despite that, gomez told me the audit is flawed and provided
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showing every expense was justified. he said he plans to submit that again hoping sentro won't to pay the $57,000. but, auditors told me this afternoon, they stand behind what they found. >> it's a nice afternoon in boston, so nice, the humidity is gone. feel ag little like fall out there. fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski as what to expect for the weekend. >> we are talking fall is a away, and yesterday was 90 degrees, today stuck in the 60s because high pressure builds in bringing dry bright conditions. we did have some clouds out there as the winds were stirring up over the ocean there, creating some moisture, creating the clouds along our eastern areas, a lot of the clouds have now shifted further to the south and west, but we have temperatures in the 60s and 70, it's so pleasant out there, the humidity is low, due points typically are very sticky in the
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and 40s. and we watch for that, because as winds become calm and skies clear out, your temperature can actually fall back to your due point. so, with those 30s we have to be watching that very closely. but, right now, in boston, it's a beautiful evening out there. temperatures are overnight falling back into the 40s and 50s, and with the clear skies, perfect night to check out the full harvest moon. it's tomorrow, but you will have a good chance at looking at it tonight. we will talk about what to expect for the weekend and when the rain arrives in a few minutes. >> an update to a story we first reported on during traffic is moving again on speen street in natick after a water main break just after 6:00 this morning. public works officials say the 12" main broke but what caused it is under investigation. it reopened around 2:30 this afternoon. only on fax 25 troubling accusations against a bus driver, a woman wearing a muslim head dress as a driver told her to go to the back of the bus. jackie heinrich spoke to
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from there. >> you are abuses a muslim woman. >> she was so outraged at what she saw she met with this group of witnesses on sunday to figure out what they should do, first turning to facebook and sharing the video. >> it felt like rosa park. >> she and three other witnesses we talked to say the driver of an mbta bus initially left her on the side of the road, but once she flagged him down and he let her on, things got ugly. >> she didn't respond too much, and i don't know if that him. it seemed like that was a trigger. >> they say the driver told her that he didn't have to stop for her and began shouting. >> i don't think, because you are behind me, stop talking and get back in the bus, in the bus. >> the other riders, including george barris grew concerned and called 911. an mbta inspector showed up and tried to twist her story to transit police making her out to be the aggresssor.
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her every day (^) i told her no, you are american, you are not wearing the ha jib, nothing happened every day, you know, and she was like -- she was -- she was nice, you know. >> witnesses say when they heard what was going on, they tried to give their own statement to transit police, but were threatened with arrest. >> they threatened us with disorderly conduct and that they would arrest us. yes, they did. >> he then nt to me personally, that i was being disorderly by having a conversation with him. he stepped into my face. >> the transit police officer said there's no more words to say here, you don't want to hear me talk or take my statement? fox 25 tried to obtain report from transit police but they refused to give out information only writes no official complaint was filed with mbta police by the female passenger.
4:35 pm
confirmation receipt from the complaint she wrote to mbta on-line after she said police turned her away that night. >> the mayor of boston said he plans to seek a second term. last night during an interview with w. b. z. radio, (^) marty walsh said he will run for another four year term, it will be next year, he succeeded long-time mayor tom me my know, the last time a sitting mayor lost a bid for re-election water main break is causing problems on the boston college law school, this is video from sky fox. the parking lot as you can see is underwater, near the library there. this is near center street in newton. quite a mess there. we have seen people working to get cars out of the situation. we will stay on the scene there and as we get more information we will let you know here tonight. >> new at 4:00, police in new hampshire are working to find the person who has been breaking into cars. milton new hampshire police posted these pictures to their facebook page. police say this person is a
4:36 pm
elementary school. officers are trying to identify him. also new at 4:00, police arrest this man after he threatened to blow up a police station with a propane tank. the quinnipiac new hampshire police say warren bears was armed with a machete when officers caught up to up to him. they followed him inside a home and he was ar re:ed for illegal threatening and use of a molotov cocktail. >> a man in malden said he yell a go, the man complained to police about pokemon go players making noise as late as 12:30 in the morning. he admitted in court to yelling at two kids playing in the park and then followed them as they walked away. he pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace. >> a boy with rare and aggressive cancer, how a boy's friend is going above and beyond to help him because he said that's what friends do. >> here is one 86 year-old no one should be messing with.
4:37 pm
[bleep] don't even know me. >> she don't know her! >> up next, what happened to the woman that introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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police are still looking for man who stole tool from a local business own. surveillance video caught this man driving his truck into chris mit's driveway knocking on his door and helping himself to thousands of dollars worth of smith's tools. >> new at 4:00, a california man said he was robbed by two 11 year-olds with a gun. he said the two came up to him
4:40 pm
they even ordered him to go back inside and get whatever cash he had laying around. when he came back out, his phone rang and that's when they took off. >> right then, his wife called and they found out that he had a phone and they took his phone. and his watch. and they punched him in the mouth. >> police there say this is the second incident this week involving judge kids, a 12 and 15 year-old were arrested earlier in the week for attempted robbery and carjacking. >> outside her apartment and she wants justice but not in the courtroom. you can see bernice starn in her wheelchair in the surveillance video and police say a woman approached her and snatched her purse. that woman, adrien terry, was arrested. moments after she was seen in handcuffs she had some harsh words for her. >> i hope that [bleep] and the women in prison beep beat her up every day as long as she's in there. >> wow. >> on monday officers pooled
4:41 pm
was reduced to tears when she received it. >> it is just awful. >> it so awful and someone so vulnerable, preying upon her, i understand why she is saying that. >> the suspect might want the stay in jail. >> i don't doubt it. >> fighting the opioid crisis by taxing alcohol, what the proposal is about and how the money would help addicts. >> we have another dry and cool day in the books but i'm tracking rain chances into the weekend. my timeline ahead. >> and there are alerts on your car to tell if your seat bel is not fastened or running low. all new at 4:00, the push for
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a bride is devastated after waiting two years to get married after a breast cancer diagnose only to have the smell of manure permeate the proceedings. this image shows how close, very close, the pile of manure is to the property line between a farm
4:44 pm
that wedding venue. it was too late to move the wedding tempt and that meant wedding guests caught a whiff as they ate outside. >> julie was crying in the morning before she arrived here. we thought maybe we would send people home, the smell would be so overwhelming. the farm owner said he is suing the neighbors and apparently they are upset to they dump add pile of manure next to his properly line the day before the wedding. he said it's fine for his neighborings to be upset with him but they should have left the bride out of it. >> children killed by who forgot theyw were in the back seat of the cash it happened nearly 30 times so far this year, as fox 25's justin gray reports in washington a new bill introduced in congress proposes a solution to that problem. >> your car knows if you forget to turn after the lights or fasten a seat belt and lets you know about it. now a bill introduced in congress would require the same kind of alert if you leave a child in the back seat. >> it would set off an alarm or
4:45 pm
nightmare that can happen because it happened to her in 2009. >> in my mind, he convinced me i haddon my job that morning. >> the orlando mother dropped her daughter off at day care first, then thought she dropped off infant dan nonnext like always, but she hadn't. >> he died in the hot car that day. >> so what if you forever, for the rest of your life, you go over the what ifs? >> already this year, 29 children have died in heat stroke incidents. some automakers are technology, the 2017 gmc academy has a refer seat reminder feature. >> when you have the technology, why won't you use it? you know, if this many children were dying of tainted baby food i can assure you there would be an immediate and very robust government reaction. the bill has republican and democratic cosponsors but there there are a limited days left for congress to pass any legislation this year, that's why even supporters acknowledge this could wait until next year. >> reporting in washington,
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>> all right. we are excited about here because we have new neighbors. dedham residents will likely soon have a new place to get coffee and some chicken sandwich, plus we will hear license requests from starbucks and chick-fil-a, both are ar expected to open on providence highway. starbucks wants to be across the street from legacy place, which has bob ward excited and chick-fil-a is set to open near the dedham mall. >> american adults over 50 need to get up and get moving, a now in regular physical activity. the cdc said this puts more than 31 million people at risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer, the cdc found women were less active than men and inactivity significantly increased with age. >> a plant to tax alcohol to combat opioid crisis yoid crisis is get ag second look in boston. two city counselors prop posed it and say a 2% tax on alcohol could potentially raise $20 million.
4:47 pm
outreach, and therapy. some people we talked to say they wouldn't mind paying a little more if it would help the crisis. >> i think it's a very good idea. i mean, opioids are rampant in the city. you know. and i mean any anything is, you know, anything is, you know, good to help, you know. >> there is opposition from the councilor tito jackson, he is concerned it will push people to bars and restaurants outside the city. >> four you local forecast from meteorologist soabl and the fox 25 weather team (^). >> we have had a few chances of rain over the last 7 days but not enough has fallen to really help our drought situation. in fact, it's gotten worse across the region. as we have got the latest update from the morning, the extreme drought now has expanded into parts of maine, down to the south coast of cape cod and out into worcester and western
4:48 pm
below average, and last year, we ended the year with 9" below, so, tallying up the last couple of years, we are on track to have the dryest two-year stretch on record. if we get less than 4.3" of rain for the next few months, this will be the dryest we have seen and this goes back to some of the record keeping back in the 1800. so we dealing with something that we never it's just the extreme dry conditions, along with the heat this summer that has really made things pretty brown out there. that's something we are also going to be watching as well as we get into the fall season. speaking of fall, it sure feels like it today as temperatures are near average and we have another really cool night heading our way. staying dry for friday, but there is good news. we have chances of rain heading our way, and it looks as though we will be salvaging half the
4:49 pm
looks wetter, we will show you the timeline coming up. high pressure in control, providing that dry air, diving on in, you can feel it when you step outside. very crisp out there. 60s and 70s is what we have with mostly to partly sunny skies. we have had a few scattered clouds out there but the dew point in the 40s feeling pretty fantastic, wind right now out of the east, we will be turning out of the south and becoming quite light overnight. so, as the sunset, just before 7:00, expect a quick drop, if you will be in boston, those temperatures will drop from the 60s into the where we will stay in the city of boston tonight. but through the interior, you are going to be dropping back into the 40s. so, be aware if you have the windows open letting in the fresh rare, when you wake up tomorrow morning it will be a chill one out there. also, with clear skies, going to be really nice to view the almost full harvest moon. tomorrow night it's full. hour by four forecast, getting up and out of the door tomorrow we are talking the 40s and 50s, that sunshine will boost temperatures into the 60s by
4:50 pm
we will go question in boston with mostly sunny skies and through the interior, we will top out in the low-to-middle 70s. it will be a little bit warmer, i should say, tomorrow, but seasonable. as wind will be out of the south, so look for the low-to-middle 70s through the merrimac valley, worlser into new hampshire out through the coast that case ooh where you will see the coolest conditions. high temperatures for the cape and the islands, 60s to 70s. futurecast does show high pressure chemos us dry and quiet. and as we go through time on saturday, we will start to we will stay dry. temperatures again warming a couple more degrees. into the upper 70s. by sunday, that front will be approaching, it will be a little bit more humid and we will watch for the rick of scattered showers especially late in the day. and as the front is to the west the chances will continue as we head into your monday. so that seven-day forecast with your weekend always in view, does show the chances of showers increasing through sunday and lingering through monday. and then as that front moves on out of here, doesn't bring back
4:51 pm
over to you guys. >> new at 4:00, a typhoon left quite a bit of damage along the coast but the most bizarre effect is caught on camera, had to be the run away moon. the giant inflatable moon, here it is, look how big that thing is? it's partf a festival display but broke free due to high winds and kept rolling. thankfully no one was hurt. >> it's the blob, look at that. it looks like a movie. >> oh my gosh. authorities finally caught the balloon. fairly soon. maybe not soon enough >> here is another unusual sight. they called police, after finding an 8-foot sword fish washed up on the shore. the marine industry was trying to find out why they were there since they swim in deep water. they say it's possible the fish died tof a respoirtory infection. they say it was likely the wind and rain that brought the sick animal toward the shore. a teenager girl is leading the
4:52 pm
a woman with a ha jeeb, her family is from saudi arabia and she said she chooses to wear the head scarf and is disappointed there is not an emoji to represent people like her. she is invited to an international committee that creates emojis. >> a young tennessee boy is fighting cancer but his best friend wants him to not know he is not alone. cc and blue cas have matching hair cuts after lucas was diagnosed required aggressive chemotherapy, the success rates were only 20-30%, so shaving his way was one way to support him. >> i said mom, i found out lucas lost his hair and i want shave my head for him, i'm about -- it brought tears to my eyes. >> i bet. great little guys. c.j. is going further, with bills piling up, he is hold ag fund-raiser to raise money for
4:53 pm
fight. good for them. parents were outraged when a the price of an epi-pen went through the roof. the bipartisan push to get drugmakers to explain themselves before jacking up the price on drugs and how safe are you cosmetics? companies can be forced to recall products found dangerous, what they have to do first before putting them on the aren't ma. plus? >> a national monument in the atlantic ocean just off the coast of massachusetts. how it's going to impact the
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
the cost of lifesaving medicine like an epipen is getting too expensive. a bipartisan group of lawmakers is introducing legislation that. >> epipens can cost around $600 today. they used to be 100 bucks in 2008. the price increase created a national outcry this summer and now a bipartisan group of lawmakers are unveiling a new
4:57 pm
surging price of drugs. the bill would not set drug drug prices but the legislation would require them to say why they would justify the price. it would be 10% at least a month before the increase. next week the maker of epipen will appear talk about the epipen's price increase. passing this bill anytime soon is unlikely with the little time congress is in session. lawmakers say it's intended to create momentum for next year. a florida man claims his samsung phone blew up and lit his car on fire. he had just enough time to jump from the vehicle before it went up in flames.
4:58 pm
you know? money can't buy a life. life is a great thing. >> money cannot buy life. >> no. >> the car's owner says he'll reach out to samsung in hopes they'll get him a new phone and ride. the phone was recalled because of the risk of batteries exploding. an upskirting suspect appears in court. >> fox 25 news at 5:00 starts right now. a stor taking pictures up a female customer's skirt. >> tonight, what she did when she caught him in the act. >> plus, tense moments in a local community. >> they took two grenade bombs. >> standoff ends after police told them he had a bomb and gun. why officers say they believed his threats. after a drop in temperatures today, more cool weather heading our way but i'm tracking the next chance of rain.
4:59 pm
show. tonight my interview with dr. oz and what he says was the biggest surprise when it came to trump's health. we're following breaking news tonight. a major recall just announced by federal safety officials. the consumer product safety commission announced a fuel recall of samsung galaxy note 7 phones after phones catching fire or exploding. >> because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, i'm urging all consumers, all consumers take advantage of this recall right away. >> samsung has a replacement program up and running. for information, go to fox 25 we continue to following breaking news out of newtown.
5:00 pm
causing problems at the time boston college law school. the parking lot is under water near the law library near center street. we've seen people working to get their cars out of there. as we learn more we'll pass it along. tonight a local store manager is charged with taking pictures of a female shopper at the dollar tree on broadway. >> that suspect was released bail after appearing in court. crystal haynes is live at the store. another and yelled. >> investigators say 29-year-old christopher molina was restocking the ice cream section of the dollar tree here in malden when he bent down to take a picture up a female shopper's skirt. >> what do you have to say to your customers? >> no comment from malden dollar tree manager christopher molina after a judge ordered him to stay away from the store a day after he was reportedly caught


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