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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that filing cabinet that police say fell from his truck, that filing cabinet belongs to the office of the bristol county district attorney. >> our first look at 59-year-old dennis pavo. >> complaint 164890. >> fox 25 the only station inside when pava was called before the judge for the crash that >> the most important thing were his four kids. the four of us. his four aces. >> in february pava was driving on 195 in summer set transporting filing cabinets from the d.a.'s office. >> the file drawers were coming out, unsecure and tumbling.
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drawers nearly hit her car. >> i was fixed on the license plate because it felt like the end. >> when phillip tried to swerve around the debris, his suv rolled several times and he was thrown on to the highway. according to court paperwork, pava was aware he caused a fatal collision but failed to stop. when questioned about the deadly crash days later, pava allegedly made false statements. >> would you like >> we don't have any comment. >> my brother's gone, her dad. i just can't believe a human being can do something like this and walk away. >> reporter: pava faces a number of charges including motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation, also with misleading police and leaving the scene of an accident. he's due back in court in
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in the past hour, a new york police officer has been hurt by a man armed with a machete outside of penn station. officers then shot the suspect who is now in critical condition. the rookie officer was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. no word on what prompted this attack. the nypd confirmed the police-involved shooting in a tweet. they promise more information soon. as soon as we learn more we'll bring it to you. we continue to follow breaking news that may include recalled the samsung galaxy note 7 phone because of fire. it affects 12 million samsung phones. they already have replacement programs up and running. for information, go to fox 25 we continue to follow breaking news out of newtown. a large water main break causing major problems on the campus of boston college law school. the parking lot is under water near the law library.
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last half hour we've learned broken water line feeds two two buildings on campus are to blame. the feeds are for sprinklers and hydrants. the water has been shut off. no word when the fix will be cleated. >> we have new information on the story about a scandal involving the braintree police department evidence room. >> four more court cases have been thrown out as a result. a short time ago letters were sent to attorneys to notify them. $400,000 in cash, 4700 drug items and 60 guns were unaccounted for in braintree's p.d. and evidence room. a man faces several charges after a police standoff at a rehoboth gas station. officers say that man told them he had a bomb and would below the place up. police say benjamin kimball first threatened a clerk inside the store. kimball threatened them claiming
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kimball tried to light a gas hose on fire. a hours long standoff came to and end after kimball tried to run but was caught by a k-9 officer. he was strangly calm. >> he was calm at anything. i was standing in my dry way. >> kimball was bitten by the dog and was taken to the hospital. coming up, what p saw that made them believe his threats were serious. dive teams pulled the body of a man out of a pond in plymouth today after he slipped under while swimming with friends yesterday. police say the man was on the boat on herring pond but never made it back after jumping in the water. we're told the boat wouldn't anchored and the wind pulled it away. only two of them caught up with the boat.
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a store manager accused of taking pictures up the skirt of a female customer at a dollar tree in malden. that man faced a judge and tonight he's free without bail but not allowed to go near the store. we're live in malden. all new at 6:00, i understand police told you they have video evidence of what happened. >> reporter: that's right. investigators say they have christopher molina on tape here in the dollar tree committing that crime. they also he statements. no comment from malden dollar tree manager christopher molina a day after he was reportedly caught taking pictures up the skirt of a female customer shopping with her mother. >> that's horrible. there's a lot of that going around. >> according to documents, the victim was looking at kitchen items on the bottom shelf in aisle 1 when another female shopper allegedly saw molina taking pictures and yelled.
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mole lynn in a are shocked. >> i know him. i said i can't believe he would do that. he seemed like a nice guy. >> in custody, molina denied the claim and said he also called police when the lady started yelling. but malden police have video evidence of the crime showing milena positioning himself directly highland the victim facing the ice cream cooler. he crouches down it directly under the victim's open bottom dress. he was released on bail but ordered to stay away from his store. >> what do you think about it being the manager? >> that's even worse. the fact he's a manager is different. he knows better. he knows this isn't something he should be doing. he's not setting a good example for the employees. >> milena was released without
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month. the race for the white house pretty tight. a "new york times" poll of likely voters has hillary clinton with 46% support and donald trump right behind with 44%. with polls like that it's clear every vote will count in november. both campaigns continue to spend a lot of time in new hampshire working to bring in more votes. trump will hold an event tonight in laconia. >> to take the stage here at laconia middle school in an hour and a half. earlier today he delivered a speech in new york reiterating plans, including ideas for tax reform and economic growth. he said the country could reach 4% growth but some are skeptical because we haven't seen that since the bill clinton administration in the 90s. late this afternoon trump shared
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physical on the doctor oz show. trump admitted he's overweight, he doesn't require a lot of sleep and running his businesses don't stress him out. dr. oz says it indicates he's healthy. trump compared himself so one of our hometown stars. >> i would have shared this earlier. why didn't you? >> i didn't think it was necessary. you know, the public's known me for a long time. hospital. if i'm in the hospital, it's going to be out there big league. i had my appendix out when i was 11 and that was the last time i was in a hospital. >> tom brady's a friend of mine. we play golf together, a phenomenal guy, great athlete. i am with him and feel the same age as him. it's crazy. >> reporter: also, a big first for an influential newspaper in new hampshire. for the first time in 100 years
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in an editorial published wednesday the newspaper threw his support behind johnston. they said, quote: the publisher called hillary clinton a prime example of the status quo. at the middle school for us live at 10:00 and 11:00. you can watch it on the fox 25 news app starting at 7:30. we're live in laconia, new hampshire,. hillary clinton says she's spent her time off recovering for pneumonia reflecting on her plans for the country. ? [ music ] ?? >> fitting song to welcome her back. she says she does feel good.
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great to be back. >> but it turns out having a few days to myself was actually a gift. i talked with some old friends. i spent time with our very sweet dogs. i did some thinking. >> meanwhile clinton's running mate, tim kaine, campaigned in new hampshire where he blasted trump's vision for the country. if you want to read their health records you'll find them on fox 25 massachusetts is drying out. more than half of our state is in an extreme drought and that's doubled since last week. there's not a lot of rain in sight. kevin, we're looking at beautiful weather ahead. we could use some rain. >> there may be some in the forecast but for now, this is what we're dealing with. believe if or not as bad as it is, there's another category called exceptional. it could get worse.
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average. look at this beautiful day. gorgeous. another perfect weather day for sure but we need some of that rain. no clouds right now. maybe a couple scattered clouds. that's about it. all across the northeast and into canada as well. dry weather as far as the eye can seen. good for evening plans. at fenway park, good for the yankees coming to town. 62 degrees so a cool feeling night under clear skies. a nice one. first thing in the morning, lots of sunshine and in the 40s chances for weather this weekend coming up. wendy morelli was a worcester mother of two found murdered in the state of maine. she may have been the victim of a serial killer. what her family is saying 12 years after her death. >> the president making moves to protect marine life off the coast of new england and not everyone's onboard. how this national monument could hurt the seafood industry.
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using public funds to pay for
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trips to puerto rico, day on the golf course, liquor and gifts. tonight there are questions about how a local nonprofit is spending public money. the agency is accused of spending tens of thousands of dollars on trips, golfing, alcohol and gifts.
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nonprofit owes the state $57,000. when i tracked down the c.e.o. he told me not true. today at central moss america's we found volunteers in action. the agency is a nonprofit helping the community and in a variety of ways. today it's stocking the food pantry. in the audit, state officials lay out accusations of how the agency spends the money. half of it c state agencies and that money is in question. >> he must reimburse the state on -- >> this audit also says the money paid for a list of things including two trips to puerto rico, golf outings, liquor for a staff party, gift cards with no documentation to show who got them and a baby shower gift for
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>> when we went to the office, no one would speak on camera. on the phone, the c.e.o. told me every expense is justified. the puerto rico trips were part of a plan to research ways to earn revenue there and bring it back to worcester. >> we're committed to making sure we're good stewards of the resources given to us. so we dot every i and crossed every t. >> what about buy liquor for a staff party. >> why not pay for that out of your own pocket? >> that's -- you know, that's a fair question. that's a fair question. >> reporter: gomez also told me this audit was flawed and that they provided documentation to auditors showing every expense was justified. he plans to submit that again hoping centro won't have to pay
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behind the report. thank you. new at 6:00, case closed. dorchester native mark wahlberg dropped his bid for a pardon for an assault charge. a massachusetts parole board spokesperson says the actor never responded to a letter asking if he wanted to keep it open. when he was 16 he spent 45 days in jail after convicted of beating a man with a wooden club. hit-and-run crash in the umass campus in lowell turned himself in. teller romero showed up at the police station with his lawyer. he showed police the car he hit a 19-year-old girl with across from fox hall. he drove off leaving the girl unconscious on the pavement. he was given tickets for leaving the scene and speeding. do you feel that chill this
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it's going to be chilly again tomorrow morning. this evening, how about this, 63 degrees in boston. warmeraway from the water. water temperatures are 66. back here in fitchburg, 72. nashua 71. dinnertime temperatures. if you're getting out, that's what you can expect. the temperature tonight in boston will trend down into the 50s, even low 50s in the city by 6:00 in the morning. they'll be 40s again tomorrow morning, particularly in the suburbs. the c mostly clear skies but that's in the city. away from the concrete, the buildings, all that stuff that heats up during the day and keeps that at night more carefully than grassy surfaces, you get out in the suburbs, you're going for colder. it will be in the 40s even around 1:28 in suburbs of boston. futurecast takes you through today and tomorrow. there's not much in the way of clouds coming our way. no rain in the forecast through
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a patch of fog or two and that's it. the lunchtime temperatures tomorrow, upper 60s. perhaps 70 degrees in most locations. bedford 70. norwood 70. 60s in cape cod. no the a big difference between the cape and boston and metrowest because the water temperatures in the 60s and the air mass allows the 60s as well. that's lunchtime. high temperatures tomorrow, want to get to the 70s? we can do that. 73 cambridge. quincy, 73 tomorrow afternoon. cape cod, very similar. the water temperatures not playing a huge part. 70 in provincetown and barn table. dennis 69 degrees. worcester county, temperatures will be in the low 70s. gardner 72. bellingham 74. final stop to the north shore and merrimack valley, mid 70s. not so bad. a little bit below average when you talk mid 70s but not ridiculous. those 60s are cool for this
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saturday, overnight friday into saturday, clouds drift our way. not forecasting rain on saturday, however the clouds will increase as the day goes on. we're seeing some come from the northwest. what we're seeing here is clouds drifting northward from the tropical system spinning off the carolinas. whether or not we get rain from that is in question. that's the hope, given the fact we have a ridiculous drought. temperatures in the 70s through the weekend. showers and storms painted in for sunday. chance the rain will make it in. whether it comes from the system to the south or the front to the northwest will make the difference between a soaking rain or line of thunderstorms. that honestly is what we're uncertain about. we're dealing with the tropical systems. you know there's uncertainty. by monday it will pull away. either one of them. we get back to dry weather. we need the rain. beyond this it's back to the dry weather next week.
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if you have dreamed of living and working by the sea, an ocean front bed and breakfast is for sale in rockport. >> it's going to cost you. the captain's house hit the market for nearly 2.5 million dollars along with stunning views of the atlantic, eight bedrooms and 9.5 baths. if you want to see the pictures, we've posted them on fox linger as long as you want. yeah. >> right in the middle of the day, this massive the damage it left behind coming up. first, walkers in quincy are frustrated because crosswalk signals are too fast and change while they're in the middle of the street. next we check out the
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i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me.
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lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. crosswalk choose. you may be taking your life into your own hands chris went out to check out the intersections where walkers are getting mixed signals. >> she says her son was hit by a car in a crosswalk several months ago because he couldn't cross in time. >> i think that they're kind of quick. >> in less than six seconds is flashes red. don't cross. this mother and her toddler are still in the crosswalk. >> it's everywhere that it's that quick.
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times at several different intersections so we went to the city for answers. >> we could bump them all up to 20 seconds then have an immediate green light but you don't want to do that. >> mike coffee is the directer of traffic and parking. he claims quicker signals prevent people from dashing across a crosswalk. >> you could be in the middle of the intersection and you may have anoer and you're still going to see the don't cross sign. they don't want people to step off the curbing now. >> it happens. when it comes to pedestrian accidents, quincy is among the top locations. >> i usually just walk across the street when there's no cars coming. i don't have enough time. >> there have been 88 in total from 2004 to 2013. that's 7th highest in massachusetts according to a state department of transportation report.
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19th most dangerous intersection. southern artery at broad street. >> after notifying the city i'm told engineers will be out tomorrow testing and double-checking the crosswalks signals we brought up to them. worcester is going to the dogs. dogs are now allowed to stroll through the city parks. the city council overturned the 20-year ban and the dogs have to be on a leash and still not allowed at the beaches and playgrounds. the city leaders say they're holding public hearings in the future to talk about the best place to build a dog park. a local landmark has been saved from extinction. you know where this is from. this giant orange dinosaur on route 1 in saugus not going anywhere. it was feared it would disappear because the golf course was sold
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hotel he's building. you always know where you are when you go past the dinosaur. >> good marketing on his part. it's supposed to preserve marine life for generations. >> but not everyone's onboard with president obama's plan to make part of the ocean off our coast a national monument. the way it could harm the seafood industry right in our state. it's been 12 years since a missing worcester woman was found murdered in maine. her body stuffed into a she may have been the victim of a serial killer. why the family has new hope. a wild ending to a standoff that had a town on edge for hours. >> they threw two grenade bombs to scare him. he went down. >> man threatened to blow up a cumberland farms.
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a local family is finally by getting justice after a loved one was killed by a filing cabinet on the highway. the only station in court as dennis pavo was in court. pavo faces a number of charges including motor vehicle homicide. >> a malden store manager has been ordered to stay away from the store after he took photos
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shopper. christopher molina faced a judge. a female shopper was looking at kitchen items on the bottom shelf in aisle one and heard another shopper yelling at moline saying he had been taking pictures under her skirt. >> a man is under arrest after threatening to blow up a cumberland farms leading to a standoff that lasted for hours. the man took off and was taken towndy several s.w.a.t. team officers. >> tonight there are questions about the suspect's mental health. >> tonight benjamin kimball is undergoing a psyche evaluation after he was taken away in restraints. police officers with guns drawn surrounding a gas pump at cumberland farms worried about their safety. >> the told the officer to back off.
6:32 pm
place up. >> officers were called after are investigators say benjamin kimball threatened a female store clerk inside and came out and tried to light a gas hose on fire. >> the suspect at that point was barricaded in his vehicle, refusing to come out, refusing to follow commands of the officers. >> a s.w.a.t. team closed in blocking off kimball's saturn with armored vehicles at crisis negotiators tried to talk him down. out. >> i saw him bolt out of his cars. he went down and they put him if a strait jacket. >> he watched as police used k-9 units to take him down. >> it's surreal. you didn't think it was happening. >> police tell me kimball is under armed guard at the hospital and faces several charges.
6:33 pm
local -- pleaded guilty for harassing the crew of the top chef tv show. mark harrington agreed to a plea deal sparing him jail time and calls for two years probation. he says he was trying to get jobs for union members. 17-year-old was officially charged with home invasion and assault. beverly police arrested the teen in connection with a stabbing. the suspect entered a home and victim in the arm and torso. police and k-9 units found the teen in a neighbor's backyard. the suspect was held without bail after his arraignment. state police arrested an alleged gang member in pittsfield. he was wanted by the fbi for murder and conspiracy charges in connection to the ms13 gang. last week the fbi told fox 25 they were offering a $25,000 reward for his arrest however no
6:34 pm
in this case. tonight maine state police are asking for help to crack the case of an unsolved murder. wendy morello was found urd murdered in maine. there was concern she fell victim to a serial killer. bob has covered this case for years. >> wendy morello was a mother of two who battled a long addiction her murder and the way her body was found hounded her family. >> we wanted justice for my mother. >> for 12 years, she's been waiting for justice. wendy morello was murder inned in york, maine in 2004, her body stuffed in a trash container. it was feared she was the victim of a serial killer. >> its despicable. i don't think anyone deserves to be treated like that.
6:35 pm
police are featuring the case on facebook and social media. for the family it's welcome relief. >> i'm feeling a new sense of hope and, you know, maybe something better will come out of this. >> when you go that many years without hearing anything at all. people don't care. that's just the feeling you get. no one cares. >> leo lavallee is wendy's daughter. >> wendy was on the street a long time. oh, god, for 20 years. >> just like the other women who may have fallen victim to the same killer wendy was last seen possibly getting into a vehicle. the family hopes with new attention there could be a break. >> that would be the best. to finally get closure and get a good night's sleep and know that she's at peace.
6:36 pm
murdered where she was found. wendy's family tells me she had no connection to maine, no reason to be there. the worcester county d.a. is keeping a close eye on maine's investigation. next week, wendy's family will meet with maine detectives to talk about her case. bob ward, fox 25 news. boston police commissioner william evans is considering a push for patrol officers to wear name tags on uniforms. this came up during on public television. they talked about the changes for the boston police patrolman's association. members of the command staff already wear name tags. this after a battle over the implementation of a body camera pilot program. >> it happened quickly and did serious damage. a massive tree snapped and crashed down in the backyards of quincy homeowners. john monahan is there. is there a reason the tree just
6:37 pm
>> reporter: it seems right now the main reason is the angle the tree grew at. the tree is gigantic. the drought didn't help but this tree is a y shaped tree and this part just gave weigh. when it fell it took off part of the garage, a deck next door and telephone pole in the next yard. the garage was nearly flattened. wiped out the neighbor's deck. on the other side of the yard, a snapped telephone pole was found after the tree was looked at. a man who lives in the house where the tree is located was inside and he tells fox 25 he didn't even hear the tree falling but he certainly felt it. >> it was like a y shape like this and it finally gave way. >> was it a cracking noise or dr. . >> no, more like a rumbling.
6:38 pm
>> you felt it? >> yeah, i thought a car was crashing into the side of the house. >> reporter: this is an old tree. the tree serviceman thinks it's probably 150 years old but the main problem is the angle. this part of the tree couldn't support itself and snapped. he added the drought was part of the problem. a dry tree is more likely to snap than something with water. the damage to the luckily nobody was injured. it is really starting to feel like fall out there. the skies are clear but there's a little bit of a chill in the air here in the city of boston. a gorgeous shot. kevin is joining us. we're looking at nice fall days coming our way. >> we are. yes, we need the rain but we're going to get pleasant weather. your temperatures for dinnertime tonight are in the 60s. boston at 63 degrees.
6:39 pm
warmer spots but generally a cool evening for your plans. satellite shows few if any clouds. a few were dotting the sky but a mostly clear night. you saw that in the shot from boston. the temperature 63 but the dew points, very dry. a dry easterly wind cooling you off. hard to find a cloud. if you're in and around boston, fenway park. red sox and yankees playing 62 at 7:00, a red sox, yankees after all. >> a hole where a 7-year-old boy fell in has been covered. the incident happened while the boy was at school. police say the boy fell in yesterday at fuller elementary school in keene, new hampshire. school officials say the hole was caused by a tree stump that rotted and created a hole in the soil. the boy was pulled quickly from the hole and it has been filled.
6:40 pm
morning picking up dirty heroin needless. we found heroin addicts are still shooting you up and throwing out their needles near the school. >> leanne in a dyson walked her twin boys to the first day of school at barrett russell elementary school. >> they know not to pick anything up on the >> maintenance crews were out with flashlights looking for dirty needles. the evidence of heroin use around the school. we first reported on this in august but not much changed until fox 25 followed up and started asking more questions. brockton's mayor, bill carpenter, says most of the abuse is going on in the back of the park some 250 yards from the
6:41 pm
play area where five-year-olds were coming. >> there's a playground right there. >> right, that's the limit -- listen, we don't want needles anywhere. very few have been found anywhere near the school. >> that sounds ridiculous. it's part of the school. even if it wasn't, it's still the street. the kids are everywhere. >> we did try to speak with the school district wednesday. they wouldn't give an interview but said: school and city police continue to work together the day to dispose of needles found and monitor the area for illegal drug use and people loitering and trespassing. the atlantic ocean just off
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?? why do banks treat you and your money like this? they nickel and dime you with fees and minimum balances.
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and built a checking account that's free of all that nonsense. no fees. no minimums. no gotchas. at capital one, your money stays your money. what's in your wallet? president obama making a monumental decision by the ocean off the coast of new england. that part of the atlantic ocean
6:45 pm
preserve the ocean and marine life for future generations to come. >> the notion that the ocean i grew up with is not something that i can pass on to my kids and my grandkids is unacceptable. it's unimaginable. >> this is the area we're talking about. the northeast canyons and sea mounts marine national monument is an area with four underwater which are deeper than the grand canyon. >> this area that's being protected will be closed off to fishing boats by 2023 and as we found out that could leave fishermen without a lot of options when it comes toking making a living. >> people made business plans to use this area and all of a sudden the rug is pulled out. >> al has been working at sea more than three decades and says the restrictions continue to
6:46 pm
future when you can get basically shut down with the stroke of a pen. >> the national monument about 130 miles off the coast of massachusetts designates more than 4900 square miles at protected waterways. it's near georgia's bank. >> i really feel it's a sad day. >> the head of the massachusetts -- says the farmers cannot just pick up >> the ocean is huge but fish are not everywhere. they live in that native area by nature like we live. >> the biggest impact will be to commercial boats out of new bedford. we caught up with one captain at sea. >> it's a disappointing day. they gave me industry seven years to make adjustments so we've got seven years to think about how we're going to do business. >> many fishermen telling us the
6:47 pm
of life. >> the only reason to stay in the industry is because it -- it's inscribed in your soul that you just cannot get out. >> the governor making it clear today he's not happy with the president's decision calling it deeply disappointing. his office telling us they did write a letter to the president in november outlining some of the protection efforts that are already under way. in glaucester, fox 25 news. we're following breaking news from weymouth. this is video just in house fire. it started out a short time ago on e street. we're working to find out if anyone is hurt. we have a crew heading to the scene. details as we get them. new at 6:00, you might feel it's worse, depending on which way you get to work but boston has the sixth longer commute time in the country. >> the study found it took an average 31 minutes to get to work. new york city 40.
6:48 pm
pakistans and oakland. boston's commute time was longer than los angeles. i don't believe that. i find that hard to believe. it's beautiful out there tonight though. if you're around the city it's a gorgeous evening. look at that. can't beat this for a sunset. there are more clouds, you would get a better sunset but that's really nice. for temperatures, we talked temperatures in the 60s. they're pretty much the same. still 62 beverly and 63 in boston. couple 70s but most of you in the 60s under clear skies. we saw a couple clouds earlier. we see clouds dotting the skies here, cumulus clouds. no precipitation with those of course. this evening at fenway park, what a night for baseball. it's cool, kind of a fall playoffish feel to the air.
6:49 pm
empire. as far as overnight, temperatures will be dropping into the 40s back here. this is getting precariously close to the upper 30s. would not be shocked if a town or two dropped that low. otherwise 40s in the immediate suburbs of boston, even the south shore, brockton -- that's a cool start like this morning. futurecast shows you're going to have clear skies overnight and mostly clear skies for the morning allowing for spots of fog. generally a clear day come. your golf game in the morning is safe as long as you don't mind it being 47 degrees. low 50s closest to boston and maybe in the city of worcester, but otherwise 40s at 6:00 a.m. 64 as 10:00 with bright sunshine. your lunchtime temperatures generally in the 60s to about 70 degrees all across the area. that's okay but by the afternoon is gets warmer. into the 70s here in
6:50 pm
73 degrees. to the north, shirley at 75 and lawrence and the merrimack valley. upper 60s in a couple spots. most in the 70s for highs tomorrow. by saturday morning, clouds start to drift out. there's tropical moisture to the south. a front coming from the northwest. generally on saturday, sun and clouds. more so in the afternoon. saturday as's the dry icons. our futurecast data shows a front coming from the northwest really clouding us up overnight saturday so you wake up sunday to clouds. then showers and storms arrive on the front during sunday morning at first then really picking up into the early afternoon. so the threat here is this front going very slowly through so we have to keep the rain and thunderstorm threat in the forecast into monday. once it pushes off we dry out.
6:51 pm
drought busting but we could get a good drink of water. i'll have the latest computer information tonight. thank you. the red sox and yankees start a four-game series at fenway park. a much needed bat back in the lineup. julian edelman, lighter in the wallet after laying someone out in sunday's win.
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red sox and yankees tonight at fenway park, andrew in the lineup first time since coming off the disabled list. he's batting ninth. the sox could go a long way toward burying the yankees. rodriguez, only won one game since the break. tanaka gets the start for the yankees. as good a pennant race at john farrell has seen. >> it's been ten years in there's been a time there's been so many teams close together. it's a great opportunity, one to embrace, enjoy the ride and compete and don't leave anything behind. >> here's where they stand. four teams within four games. the sox need to take care of business at home. they could do damage to the homes of the yankees. wild story from san diego. the padres general manager suspended 30 days without pay.
6:55 pm
or drew pomerantz. he was keeping two separate files, files for the team and files for everybody else. that will cost you 30 days, no pay. patriots on the practice field. the gronk watch continues. still not 100%, not what you want to hear with hamstrings. julian edelman lighter in the wallet. the nfl expected to fine him 26,000 bucks for this hit sunday. he went high, launched at the head with a a costly one. he plans to appeal. one player not getting credit for the win. james wight. he's been improving. five catches out of backfield against arizona but there's a lot more to what he's got to do with jimmy garoppolo taking the snaps. >> i got to give them whatever i have. slow 'em down a little bit. whenever i get the opportunity. no matter what happens,
6:56 pm
plays, one play. >> that running back position is like they can plug somebody in and figure it out. he's been great. >> big game on sunday. >> it should be funnel home opener. >> and weather a factor. >> could be rain on sunday so that's something to plan for. the coach won't believe me if i tell him. saturday the 70s. clouds roll in on sundays when the showers or thunderstorms arrive. it starts to move out on until early monday. it's a tricky forecast. i'll update it coming up at 10:00. >> we'll get the red sox, yankees in for the weekend. >> especially tonight and tomorrow night, no problem. saturday too. sunday may be the only game that may have problems from the weather. >> we'll see you tonight.
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erica runs on dunkin'. ?? ?? his 6-year-old sister was murdered so why is he smiling? tonight, dr. phil tells us what's the deal with jonbenet's brother. >> he's not autistic. he's not weird. >> america's fascination with the killing hitting a fever pitch. >> hi, e.t. >> our exclusive on the set of the new what's taking on the tragic role too much for this child actress? plus, ashton kutcher's sexy modeling past. revealing his secrets to becoming big-time famous from smalltown roots. >> we're doing well right off the bat. one of the coolest emmy nominees makes us sweaa. we work out with tracee ellis ross. >> you want to see a little pop. and why this 12-year-old singing champ is drawing comparisons to taylor swift.


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