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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 16, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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now at 10:00, donald trump in new hampshire and taking a shot at the media. >> i just heard that the is press is stuck on their airplane, they can't get here. they called us and said could you wait. i said absolutely not. >> so there, the message he tried to get he won his first presidential primary. >> plus a twisted act of rage in new york city. why a man attacked a police officer with a meat cleaver. >> and temperatures already dropping into the 40s when more rain is on the way. >> and the woman attacked by her husband... >> it could happen to somebody's kid, it could happen to an elderly person. >> new at 10:00, the morning jog that turned into a terrifying encounter.
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you better make sure i win in november because i'm gonna have wasted a hell of a lot of money. >> it's too late to turn back now. iti'm mark ockerbloom. >> the republican presidential nominee used laconia middle school in new hampshire as the backdrop talking about the race with hillary clinton is where trump just wrapped up his rally. jaqui. >> lots of jobless people in the crowd tonight. 37% of the folks we interviewed say they were out of work and half said they knew someone who was out of work. tonight trump's speech pulling on heart springs but -- heart strings but talking to their wallets. >> reporter: money trouble taking center stage at donald trump's campaign stop in the granite state thursday night.
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summed up, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: at laconia middle school trump supporters looking for relief from the next president. >> my job has been transferred to the philippines. >> reporter: the businessman says outsourcing and unemployment rates are not just a concern for the american people... >> it used to be if you holiday? flint, you couldn't drink the water in >> reporter: but saying he feels the bite financially if things go south come november after pouring his own resources into an effort to continue the economy around through policy change from the white house. >> you better make sure i win in november. because i'm gonna have wasted a hell of a lot of time, energy, and money. >> attendees pointing to immigrants as a burden on the economy. >> refugees, immigrants walking over the border, they get more
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live here. we have to pay for them because they left their wallet at home. >> reporter: and trump promising to turn that around, both for the sake of national security... >> you saw what happened yesterday. hundreds of thousands of people are being approved to pour into the country. we have no idea who they are. >> reporter: and for the working man. >> we will make america great again. >> trump's campaign speech also touched on his oppen foreign policy initiative, saying he plans to reverse the current policy of globalism that clinton supports and also reassured folks that he will build that wall he's been promising. mark and vanessa. >> and trump certainly knows how to work the crowd. what would you say they responded to the most out there tonight? >> vanessa, long applause when trump said that he would work to protect second amendment, which he said is under siege. also a very long applause from
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be like if we were to work as one people under one god and one flag. jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> jaqui, thank you. trump appeared on the dr. oz show right here on fox 25 to discuss his health. the republican gave dr. oz a one-page summary of a physical, which was performed by dr. harold bornstien last week. bornstien is the same doctor who once said trump would be the healthiest president if he's elected. now, here's what was covered in >> your liver functioning, your thyroid function is all normal. had you a colonoscopy performed july 10th, 2013, which was normal. calcium, ekg x-ray on april 14th was normal. a normal echocardiogram was done two years ago. 441 is actually good.
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>> trump also said the last time he was in the hospital overnight was when he was 11 years old to have his appendix removed. i also talked with dr. oz today about his revealing interview with trump. if you'd like to see, that we've posted it on our web site, and it's also on my facebook page, as well. >> dr. oz invited hillary clinton to the show but says he hasn't heard back from her yet. meanwhile the democratic nominee hit the campaign trail for the first time today few days off to recover from pneumonia. >> i'm not great at taking it easy even under ordinary circumstances. but with just two months to go until election day... sitting at home was pretty much the last place i wanted to be. >> clinton told the crowd in north carolina she spent her time off reflecting on her plans for the country. tim kaine spent it the evening in new hampshire courting voters
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exeter. kaine spoke passionately about clinton's perspective on america contracting donald trump's vision of america. kaine wrapped up his evening further 95 for the rain. >> be sure to stay with us on air and online. >> three people we l cold tonight. malini basu is live in weymouth and malini, you spoke to the homeowner who is understandly upset. >> yes, she really was mark and vanessa. we spoke to the homeowner two hours ago, she tells us she was cooking dinner and all of a sudden this happened. the whole front of the house went up in flames and it went fast. >> reporter: weymouth firefighters describe this fire as fast and furious. inside of the home were three people who ran out with only the
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this evening on e street. >> traumatic. it's absolutely traumatic. >> reporter: marilyn flynn was in tears. she's owned this house for 20 years. she was cooking dinner when her tenant came running for help. >> she came over running to me, the tenant, that she couldn't -- there was something on fire and she couldn't get it out. got out of hand. just went up in a mattered of seconds actually. >> we sought tenant talking to investigators, giving them her account of what happened. and just glad everybody's all right. >> reporter: brian luna is a good friend and came to pick her up. >> maybe a cigarette has fallen into the couch and misplaced somehow. >> reporter: a neighbor grabbed her son and left the house, in case the fire spread. >> mostly pouring out of the front side of the house and -- >> you were scared. >> yes, it was big. we just wanted to make sure everybody was okay.
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the fire. in the meantime, the fire chief here in weymouth is reminding everyone that smoke detectors are so important, especially since it's getting cold. now, coming up at 11:00, we will tell you what one neighbor did for that family just moments after that fire happened. for now, live in weymouth, no knee bat sue, fox 25 news. let's take a live look now at the current temperatures in our area. we are definitely cooling down from 50s to even 40s in some spots. fox 25 stormtracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here with that. >> yeah, the airport is right down the road here at 48 degrees. not quite as cold just a few miles up in dedham, we're in the 50s. boston is begin. keene new hampshire 46, and province town, you're at 48 degrees already. the chill down into the low 50s in boston.
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but outside of the city it will be dropping into the 40s there, as well. in general, the low temperatures in the 40s, even the suburbs of boston, staying about 50 in the city, but even out in cape cod we're already seeing some of the temperatures drop into the 40s. so it's gonna be a cool start to your day tomorrow. we'll talk about some rain on the way and a timeline on that coming up this weekend. >> an mbta civil rights investigator is looking into a complaint how a muslim woman who says she was harassed by a bus driver. the investigators sent belamar an email this shared her story exclusively with fox 25 last night. other riders called police last week after they say the driver harassed her and even told her to sit in the back of the bus. when we asked transit police for comment wednesday, they told us she never filed a report. however she showed us a confirmation receipt from the complaint. new at 10, we're learning what triggered a man to attack a new york city police officer
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new tonight, police say it all started when this man found out his car got booted because he was parked illegally. let's get right out to fox 25's john monahan with new details on this very twisted attack. john. >> well, vanessa, this was a savage attack by a man police say may have been living in the car that was booted. >> when he noticed there was a boot, he was very upset. >> reporter: witnesses say 32-year-old akron judah lost it when he saw his car was booted. at first trying to break it off. police arrived and witnesses say that is when he pulled out a meat cleaver. >> opened his car and pulled out this knife about this big, one of those butcher knives, and just started swinging. >> reporter: judah took off on foot, running toward penn station. an officer tried to stop him
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an off-duty detective tried to subdue him and was attacked. >> the detective was struck in the head by the cleaver a 10-inch gash. >> police opened fire on the suspect, firing 18 times. the new york city police commissioner was asked if 18 shots were too many. >> the officers fired sufficient amounts to stop the attacks on the officers. i want to co bravery and performance and duty. >> the detective is reportedly in serious condition, but in good spirits, according to the new york city police commissioner. the suspect is in critical but stable condition, and the two other officers injured reportedly have non-life-threatening injuries. i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. ed. new at 10:00, we are hearing from a woman who got attacked by a rabid woodchuck. >> the woman walks us through the hooterfying moments she will
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jog turned into a wild encounter. in 20 minutes, the stranger could what -- who came to her rescue. a warning for parents after a 9-year-old girl loses her hair by using a certain hair product. the third time i used the product, her hair slipped off her head on contact instantly. one mother's fight to change the rules so it never happens to someone else. but first fox 25 expose as nonprofit group in one of our largest cities spending public money on gift cards, golf
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he. tonight maine state police are asking for your help to crack the case of an unsolved murder of a worcester woman. wendy was found murdered in north maine, her body stuffed into a trash container? there is concern that wendy fell victim to a serial killer. bob ward has been covering the case for years and today he sat down with wendy's family. >> reporter: wendy was a mother addiction to heroin. her brutal murder and the way her body was found has long haunted her family in the worcester, massachusetts area. >> all we want is justice for my mother. >> reporter: for more than 12 years, amanda morell oh has been waiting for that justice. her mother, wendy, was found murdered in york, maine in september of 2004. her body stuffed inside this trash container. it is feared wendy was the victim of a serial killer, was working the streets of worcester 's maine south.
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be treat the like that. >> reporter: there's never been an arrest for wendy morello's murder but the case is being featured on social media and america's most wanted facebook page. >> i'm feeling a new sense of hoch and maybe something better will come out of this. >> reporter: leo father, tried to save his daughter from the streets. >> wendy was out on the street a long time, a long time. i waited for that call for 20 years. i waited for that call to come. >> reporter: just like the other women who may have fallen victim to the same killer, wendy morell oh was last seen in worcester's maine south possibly getting into a vehicle. her family hopes with new attention there could now be a break. >> that would be the best, to finally get closure and get a
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she's at peace. >> reporter: investigators in maine have long believed wendy was not murdered where she was found. wendy's family tells me she had no connection to maine, no reason to be there. the worcester county d.a. is keeping a close eye on maine's investigation. and next week, wendy's family will meet with maine detectives to talk about her case. i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. we have new information on a story we reported earlier this week about a scandal involving thbr we're learning four more court cases have been thrown out as a result of this scandal making a total of ten cases dismissed. >> a copy of the audit revealing $400,000 in cash, 47 drug items and 60 guns were unaccounted for in braintree pd's evidence room. boston police officers should wear name tag on their uniforms, according to
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wgbh reports the push for name tags comes after the department won approval to force officers to wear body cameras and commissioner evans also said today the boston's police patrolman's association sent a harmful message by fighting body cameras and the program. the union pushed back against the volunteer program, but a judge overruled the union, forcing the officers to be part of the pilot program. tonight there are questions about a local nonprofit spending. fox 25 investigates learned the agency is accused of spending tens of thousands of dollars on trips, golfing outing and gifts. blair miller uncovered the audit and answered about the fact that the ceo calls it flawed. >> reporter: today we found volunteers in action. the agency is a nonprofit helping the community in a variety of waves. today it's stocking the food pantry but here in this audit obtained by fox 25 investigates,
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accusations how this agency is spending its money. half of central's money comes from public and state agencies and it's that money in question. according to the state auditor's office, central must reimburse the state for $57,000 that the agency spent on expenses not allowed and not related to centro's activity. >> this audit says the money paid for a list of things including two trips to puerto rico, golf outing, liquor for a staff party, gift cards with no documentation to sho them, even a baby shower gift for a staff employee. >> reporter: when we went to sentro's offices today no one would speak on camera, but on the phone, the ceo juan gomez told me every expense is justified. the puerto rico trips he says were part of a plan to research ways to earn revenues there and bring the money back to
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>> we got every -- dot every i and crossed every t. >> reporter: $117 used by liquor for a staff party. >> why not just pay for that out of your own pocket? that's a fair question. that's a fair question. >> i'm blair miller, fox 25 news. >> the audit was said to have been flawed and gave an amendment to the every expense was justified. the auditors told fox 25 they do stand behind their report. some people in quincy are cleaning up tonight after a massive tree snapped and crashed into their backyards. the tree nearly flattened the garage, you can see right here, wiped out a deck, knocked down a telephone pole this afternoon. one of the homeowners told fox 25 he didn't see the tree fall but he certainly felt it. >> a big y shape like this and finally gave way. >> was it a big cracking noise
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rumbling, almost felt like an earthquake. not that i ever felt one. >> so you felt it? oh, yeah. the whole house was shaking. i thought a car was crashing into the side of the house. >> the tree service worker told us the tree is about 150 years old and believes the angle the tree grew along with the drought caused it to fall. >> hundreds of people gathered in boston tonight to honor the victims of homicide in the city. community leaders and others read the names of victims who were added to the garden of peace this year. we talked to a mother violence just months apart last year. >> and with all the moms, we should be unified because all our children are here together. it's about unity, the garden of peace and unity. >> and an organizer toll us tonight close to 1,000 names have been added to the garden since it was first created 12 years ago. fox 25's bob ward is on the garden's board. and a woman was out for her
1:22 am
her. >> he was very vicious and it was, you know, pretty clear that there was something wrong with the animal. >> turns out the woodchuck had rabies. new at 10:00, the running, kicking and screaming before someone stopped to help. the video was difficult to watch. a car slams into a 19-year-old on a local college campus and never stops. next at 10:00, how the driver helped investigators solve the case today.
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the yesterday afternoon at the dollar tree, a 29-year-old crystal maleina is charged with 1 count of upskirting. fox 25 learned the female those photos. melina is back in court next month. >> police say benjamin kimble first threatened a clerk inside the store and then say kimble threatened them claiming he had a gun and bomb. at one point as far as say kimble tried to light a gas hose on fire. an hour long standoff finally came to an end after kimble
1:26 am
k-9 officer. witnesses say he was strangely calm. >> calm as anything. i was standing there didn't could see him very closely. >> kimble was bitten by a dog so taken to the hospital and now under guard by officers and also getting a mental health evaluation. tonight a massive recall for a chronic samsung people can't live without. dozens of reports the phone ca federal regulators say people with the phone can get a replacement or refund but it must come from the place where they originally bought it. we've posted the details on our web site, tom brady is making headlines tonight. next at 10:00, what the pats qb said about nfl players kneeling during the national anthem. but first... >> it's not a joke. it could happen to somebody's kid, it could happen to an elderly person. it happened to me.
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managed to get away from the animal and the unusual way some members of the community are responding. >> we're just chilling me overnight. temperatures dropping. v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. a local woman who was attacked by a rabid woodchuck this week is sharing her story. the mother was on a morning jog when the animal chased her and apparently tried to bite her. >> our christine mccarthy talked to the woman and gotten a lot of negative attention since the ordeal happened. >> she sure has. tells me she posted about her terrifying ordeal on a community facebook page to warn other families about this serious threat but she says a lot of community members did support her. but some mocked her about what they consider to be a joke and
1:30 am
threat and the town agrees. it's very unfortunate thing that happened to me. it was traumatizing. >> reporter: not the typical morning jog jody expected tuesday. >> it's not a joke. it could happen to somebody's kid. it could happen to an elderly person. it happened to me. >> reporter: while running down partridge road in a somewhat medway neighborhood a rabid woodchuck crossed her path. >> he made a direct run towards me, which completely startled me and then he came after me and was bite me. >> reporter: screaming and kicking, jody repeatedly fought off the animal. >> there was no way i would have been able to outrun the animal. >> reporter: finally cars stopped. >> i kicked the animal, i kicked it to hard that it went back flying into the woods and the gentleman opened up his door and yelled to me, get in. and as i was running towards the car, the woodchuck again came after me. >> reporter: animal control
1:31 am
for rabies, requiring jody to get a series of preventive shots, although she hadn't been bitten. the town has now issued a warning on its facebook page saying while there is no need to panic, we do urge residents to exercise an abundance of caution if they encounter an aggressive wild animal. >> i can't tell you that i will be out running anytime soon again. i have a huge fear now. >> and the town is issuing that small children and pets, reminding parents to keep an eye, of course, on the small children and reminding families about the leash law in town. we're live in medway tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> so scary. glad she's okay. >> an 86-year-old woman robbed in her wheelchair, you probably read about this story on facebook. >> tonight hear from the very angry victim. >> i say that's harsh. >> well, so what. what did he to me was even
1:32 am
like to see happen to the suspect if she ends up going to jail. >> the owners of an antique store say they're happy tonight with the man seen in this video stealing a painting. >> the harvest moon looking pretty, isn't it? it's over new england and that's how it's gonna be for a couple of n this evening. another one just coming up over the horizon, a spectacular shot. kate spent this via twitter. beautiful, beautiful photo. those are out there and fox 25 picture of the day had nothing to do with the moon but show a beautiful sky over boston. thank you for the pictures, as always extent in the hashtag.
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tomorrow there is a lunar eclipse. it's just not visible here. it'll happen during the day and coming back up tomorrow night. there are places online where you can find the eclipse. look at norwood and provincetown and you can roll down closely and find colder spots. while boston is still at 61 degrees. reading is down to 50. and check this out. you go to places like carlyle, 48 degrees right now while lowell still holds on to 56 degrees. want to go south of boston and find some cold spots there, too. taunton, for instance, 47 being reported right now. cape cod, province town at 48 degrees. east harwich at 48 degrees right now. certainly some cold spots out there. it's a little bundle up kind of golf game. sunshine rising up into the
1:34 am
10:00. a nice rebound, but still a coolish feature to the air that's for sure. clear all night. couple of clouds float in tomorrow but that's about it. pretty nice-looking day coming up. your lunchtime temperatures upper 60s to low 70s, and by the afternoon, most places will be getting into the low and even some mid-70s out there like here in the merrimack valley. low is 75 degrees. out on cape cod, most towns getting into the 70s here, as well. ed upper 60s on the outer cape cape. upper 60s to low to mid-70s across the area tomorrow. much like you saw out there today. now, saturday, more clouds start to drift on here during the day late into the evening. dry on saturday for your weekend plans. in fact, your temperatures on saturday in the 70s. closer to 80 on sunday. let's talk more about, that you probably saw some thunderstorms, the icons for them anyway. this is saturday night into sunday. the clouds increase saturday night and on sunday, ahead of
1:35 am
but that will bring some showers. late morning into southern new hampshire and northern new england, if you're heading there to look for colorful leaves. >> we'll be stuck with a showery scenario through much of the day on sunday and even into monday. if we don't get it sunday into monday we're not getting it at all. tom brady is weighing in on whether an athlete should be required to stand during the national anthem. >> when asked about the overnight nfl players, he says it's our responsibility to do the best we can to change the
1:36 am
that's part of social responsibility and everybody is going to do that in their own way. >> and busting into a high end jewelry store and pull off a million-dollar heist. >> you see the menussing hammers to smash the cases, open them up and take what they want. new at 10:00, how long it took them to pull off this costly crime. and tragedies involving children left alone in hot cars. next at 10:00, the new technology that helps prevent it from happening. a popular hair product. next at 10, a 9-year-old girl
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ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. >> the federal government can't guarantee that your shampoo, eye shadow or nail polish is safe. a 9-year-old girl went bald as jacqueline fell found out after using a very popular hair product. >> miriam lawr wednesday she went to wash ellen's hair with a wen hair product. >> it came out instantly. >> reporter: at 9-year-old, eliana was bald. now at 11 she's still missing some of her hair. >> never would have guessed a shampoo would do that especially when it prospects to be gentle. >> reporter: the cosmetic company maintains its products
1:40 am
the hair products. but companies like this aren't required to report consumer complaints to the government or share information about cosmetic ingredients. >> it's one of the least regulated products on the market today. >> reporter: these to congressmen want to change that. energy and congress committee members would give the f.d.a. the power to regulate cosmetics. >> the plan is still on the drafting stage, but the idea to give the f.d.a. the ability to review and test force a company to recall a product if it turns out to be unsafe. >> there are repeating builds in congress that have varying degrees of oversight. in washington, jacqueline fell, fox 25 news. under the proposal companies would have to prove their products are safe before putting
1:41 am
to turn off the lights or fasten the seat belt and now a bill introduced to contract would warn if a child is left in the backseat. already this year 29 children have died in heat stroke incidents. a bipartisan bill introduced today would require back-seat sensors and alarms. we have the technology. why wouldn't you use it. you know, if this many children were dying because of tainted baby food i can assure you there would be an immediate government reaction. >> the bill has republican and democratic sponsors but only a limited amount of days are left this year for congress to pass legislation. >> a man was driving down the highway when the filing cabinet flew often truck and killed him. >> there was four of us. >> next at 10:00, why it took so long for the man's family to get justice.
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>> ted daniel shows us why it took so long for a man who crashed's family to get justice. >> reporter: our first look at 59-year-old denis pavo, that's tim, cane in hand and lawyer at his side outside the fall river justice center.
1:45 am
called before a judge for the crash that killed 55-year-old phillip. it put family and friends in attendance. >> in february, police say he was driving on 195 in somerset transporting filing cabinets from the d.a.'s office to the attleboro courthouse. >> file drawers are just coming out like tumbleweeds. >> christine mal dare a says one of the drawers nearly hit her
1:46 am
would you like that say anything? >> we don't have any comment. >> my brother is gone. i can't. >> facing a number of charges including motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation leaving the scene of an accident and misleading investigators. he's due back in court in november. reporting in fall river, ted the murder trial of a man accused of shooting an army sniper is underway. opening statements were read. prosecutors say the 28-year-old shot the veteran steven perez in the back following a fight between two groups of people on boston in 2012. castillo has two codefendants charged with perjuriry and lying to investigators while police looked into the place back in 2012. dive team pulled the body of a man out of a pond in plymouth after he slipped over while
1:47 am
yesterday on herring pond but never made it back after jumping in the water. we're told the boat was not anchored and the wind pulled it away from the three people who were swimming together. only two them were able to catch up with the boat. the name of the swimmer who died has not been released. police have arrested this man after he allegedly threatened to blow up a police station with a propane tank. laconia, new hampshire, warren bears was armed with a what chety when officers caught up with him on bay street early this morning. offi home and arrested him. he was arraigned today for criminal threatening and use of a molotov cocktail. a hole in a schoolyard where a 7-year-old boy fell in has been covered. police say the boy fell in yesterday in keene, new hampshire. school officials say the hole was caused by a tree is it you were that rotted away. the boy was pulled quickly from the hole and then it was filled. barton spent the morning
1:48 am
outside an elementary school. dirty needles scattered near barrett russell elementary in brockton last month. the park adjacent to the school is a hot spot for heroin users and the evidence is everywhere. fox 25 went back to the park yesterday and today and we still found dirty needles. the brockton school district turned down our request for an interview today. >> new at 10:00, the shouldn't on tonight for a group of bold and brazen thieves in texas. surveillance video captured four men dressed in black with their high end jewelry store in houston. crook used hammers to smash the display cases and reveal top dollar diamonds. police say in just 40 seconds they got away with millions of dollars in jewelry, shoppers are shocked. >> that's just not your any day random thing. >> police believe it may have
1:49 am
>> president obama has created the first marine plan to protect the planet from climate change. >> the president says northeast sea mounts national monument will help safeguard the oceans. we've highlighted the areas. the monument consistent of nearly 5,000 square miles including three underwater canyons and underwater mountains off the new england coast. this area that's been protected will be closed off to fishing boats by 2023. >> and as fox 25's ghoulston found out, that could leave fishermen without a lot of options when it comes to making a living. >> people that made business plans to use this area and then all of a sudden, you know, the rug is pulled out from under them. >> reporter: al has been working there for more than three decades and says the government restrictions continue to strangle his livelihood. >> how can you plan for the future when you can get basically shut down and, you know, with one stroke of the pen. >> reporter: the newly created national monument, about 130 miles off the coast of
1:50 am
than 4900 square miles as protected waterways. it's near georgia's bank, one of the northeast richest fishing areas. >> i really feel that it's a sad day today. >> reporter: the head of the massachusetts fishermen's partnership and gloucester fishermen's wives association says the farmers cannot just pick up and move their operation. >> i know it's huge but fish are not everywhere. fish live in designated area by nature, just like we live. >> reporter: the biggest impact will be to the commercial boats out new while he was out at sea today. >> it's just a disappointing day. they gave he us seven years in order to make adjustments. >> reporter: many fishermen telling us there are tighter restrictions on what and where they fish is making harder to continue their way of life. >> the only reason they stay in that industry is because it's
1:51 am
just cannot get out. >> the governor making clear today he is not happy with the president's decision, calling it deeply disappointing. his office telling us they did write a letter to the president back in november outlining some of the protection efforts that are already underway. in gulf coast, robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. health experts want you to do both of them but what's more important, diet or exercise? the answer is next. >> looking forward to it. plus, does quincy have a signal problem? a fox 25 viewer contacted us w
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes of this advertising. >> it's a cool night out there for sure. in the 40, many towns already include cape cod. chilly temperatures going out there tonight or even tomorrow night to take a close look at
1:55 am
>> the state unemployment rate dropped to 3.9% last month, the lowest point in 15 years and a whole point below the national average of 4.9%. 5900 jobs were added in august. potato looking to boost your hearted health, researchers say lose some weight. it doesn't matter whether you diet or exercise, both get the job done the same but doing both of course is the best option. experts found losing weight decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease. crosswalk chaos. you may be taking your life into your own hands just by crossing the street in quincy. that's what some walkers are telling fox 25. chris flanagan headed out to check out some intersections
1:56 am
1:57 am
there have been 88 in total from 2004 to 2014, the seventh highest in massachusetts, according to a recent state department of transportation report, quincy also has the state's 19th most dangerous intersection at broad street. >> engineers will be out tomorrow testing and double-checking some of the
1:58 am
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