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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> hanley ramirez and the red sox shut down the yankee. >> gene: sox fans are a buzz. theth inning comeback that keeps them on top of the american league east. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. and good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this friday morning. it is september 16. thank you for being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. get ready for we are off to the coldest morning we have seen in months. fox25 sure shiri join us from the storm tracker weather center how long this cold will stick around. >> shiri: most of the morning. that is the gist of it. dress for the chill in the air. hopefully you close the windows when you went to bed. 57 in boston and 47 in beverly, 45 in plymouth all the way down to 39 degrees in norwood. keep in mind that report from the airport, usually a little cooler than other sections of town.
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happ. and even the cape waking up to the 40s this morning. still in the 40s here at 7:00 this morning in metro west at 47 degree. we kick it up to 58 by 9 a.m. back into the 60s, upper difficulties by 11 a.m. short sleeves will be fine this afternoon and will run nice and bright here. graphic stalling a bit. 68 to 74 degrees for your range of highs across mass and southern new hampshire. move it over to catherine with live drive time traffic. >> catherine: look at thi no problems. shift west and south. pike doing fine all the way back to worcester as well as 95 and the expressway as you head up north. take a look at one of our live cameras, zakim bridge, very little volume on there right now. drive times for you as well. on 24, 11 minutes. 93, 18 minutes. on the expressway from the split to the pike will take you nine minutes right now. sara, over to you. a scare at a local gas station has one man threatened police
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says was a gun and a bomb. >> gene: that morning a judge will face a judge and long list charges. jason law live at the gas station in rehoboth. that station expected to open back up this morning. >> reporter: yeah, it is dark right now this morning and it is going to open back up. it opened up at 2:30 yesterday afternoon after it was shut down for four hours. the sun cron is reporting this morning the suspect held out a x box video controller and the reports said he was ranting for getting treatment for people suffering from mental health. he may himself be suffering from undiagnosed mental health issue. the suspect is benjamin kimball from north attleboro. he is facing a number of charges after business were called to the cumberland farms around 7:00 morning. he made all kinds of threat. threaten ed to harm the woman working inside the store and threatened to kill police and
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investigators. skyfox of him surrounded by police. the swat team had to use flash bangs and k-9s to end the standoff peacefully. they have not said what may have set this guy off, but the chief of police said he needs to be checked out for some kind of mental illness. >> he was making threats to the officers. he was in a very agitated state. i am imagining that, you know, there could be some mental health everybody ewes as well. well. that will need to be determined at morton. >> reporter: he was checked out yesterday. unclear if he is in the hospital or will be in court arraigned. for now we are live. jason law, fox25 news. the driver involved in the hit-and-run crash of umass lowell turns himself into police. romero walked into the police station with his lawyer this
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19-year-old girl from the hawk's nest cafe on labor day. the victim was left unconscious in the street. he was now recovering. romero was cited for leaving the scene of an accident and speeding. it appears that a cigarette is to blame for a fire in weymouth that destroyed part of a house last night. look at the flames and smoke pouring from the two-family home on east street. three people were home when the fire broke out around dinnertime. the homeowner was cooking dinner when her tenant alerted her to the danger >> he dame over running to me that she couldn't -- there was something on fire couldn't get it out. got out of hand. just went up in a matter of seconds actually. >> gene: despite how quickly the fire spread, no one was hurt. the red cross is helping the three people who were left homeless. smart folks making two different headlines. samsung lawchlinging a massive recall for the galaxy 7 as
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live at the apple store in boylston where people started lining up hours ago, michael. >> reporter: good morning. these might just be the worst of times for samsung but not exactly the best of time for apple despite of the line behind me here, sara, there are a couple dozen people here waiting at the back bay apple store but the overall buzz for this latest iphone, the iphone 7 is not as loud as in the past. it sports an upgraded dual camera and it does not have a ad a change that has drawn some complaints from onlookers. that said apple has sold out its 7 plus models and some finishes of the remember 7 in its online presale. one person in line has been here since before midnight simply because he missed a preorder. >> reporter: what are you most excited about for this phone in. >> i am not really -- it is a new iphone. what can we -- it is just the fact of having a new device
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at night, but it is not as fun as it seems and not as bad as it could have been. [ laughter ] >> reporter: at least they are not exploding. chief competitor samsung joined with the con tumor product safety commission to officially recall its galaxy note over its lithium battery. samsung received 92 reports of batteries overheating. 26 reports of burns and 55 reports anyone with the galaxy note 7 can switch it out for a new nonexplosive one and get a refund. a tale of two phones indeed. live in the back bay, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: this morning we are learning the man accused of attacking a new york police officer with a meat cleaver has been arrested 15 times. it happened at the height of the rush hour. akrom judah was trying to take
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officers went over to question him and he took off running. minutes later an off-duty officer near penn station tried to stop him and was slashed in the face with a meat cleaver. officers tried to taser him, but eventually they shot judah 18 times. >> when he tried to swing the butcher.knife at the cops, they shot for like 5 seconds straight. it sounded like fireworks. >> gene: new york city police commissioner bill bratton they have good video of the incident and he commended the officers. yesterday was bratton's last full day on the job. a man remains in custody threatening to blow up the laconia police department. he was also accused of threatening his ex-wife. he was arrested a mile away from the police station. they found knives, a machete and a homemade bomb on him. he pled not guilty in court yesterday. the body of a businessing swimmer has been pulled from a plymouth pond.
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morning as divers searched for the man. this haul started wednesday when a man and two friends were swimming off of a boat. the boat was pulled away from the wind and only two people were able to swim back to it. victim's body was recovered yesterday afternoon and his name has not been released but the globe says he is 26 years old. the manager of a dollar tree store who is charged with taking pictures up the skirts of a female customer must stay away from the shop customer saw christopher molina pointing a phone under the skirt of a woman standing by a freezer in malden. a driver accused of leaving the scene of a deadly crash comes face to face with the victim's family. fox25 was the only camera in court for the arraignment of pavo. he was driving with a load of file cabinets. some of those cabinets flew on to the highway.
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went to avoid it and he rolled over. in court, pavo said he knew he caused the crash and kept on driving. >> i can't believe a human being would do something like this and walk away. that's how i feel. >> gene: pavo is due back in court in november. and four more court cases have been thrown out. a total of ten cases have been dismissed. earlier we $400,000 in cash, drugs and guns were all missing from the evidence room. 200 letters sent to attorneys to notify them of the investigation into the room. plenty of red sox talk around the water cooler. yankees four-game series. david orti z makes history in the 8th, career 537. he passes mickey mantle on the all-time list. fitting he did it last night. sox down 5-2.
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before hanley ramirez steps up and the signature hit of the season. it is a three-run bomb to dead center and it is a walk-off win for the red sox, 7-5 the final. how about that victory keeps red sox in first place fwoond-game lead. yankees fall five games back. yanks in a much bigger hole. sox and yanks play at fenway. bills and jets kicking off. week two in buffalo. and ground. the third rushing touchdown of the night gives the jets a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter but the bills try fight back. taylor to gilepi for the 18-score with only a minute left. 37-31. did get the ball back again and ran out of time. the bills are now 0-2 after the jets twin 37-31.
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every ten minutes. your friday is off to a good tart. 24, 8 minutes. the pike, 24 minutes and 93 to 495 and the leverett connector, a 19-minute ride. shiri. >> shiri: of course it is still very dark. 57 degrees in boston. by 6 a.m., temperatures bottom out between 6 and 7. around 55 degrees. the coldest morning since mid-june. we will show you what times things start to warm up an how much milder it will be over the weekend next. 5:11 this morning. a rabid by woodchuck goes after a local woman. >> i can't tell that you i will be out running any time soon again. i have a huge fear now. >> gene: the warning a local town is issuing to anyone who heads outside. turning water into beer. the competition that is challenging local breweries to use the charles river as inspiration for their next ale. and the current president becoming an issue in the presidential campaign.
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he's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. women vote is responsible for
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the current president's birth certificate coming an issue. donald trump believes that president obama now was born in the u.s. it wraps up after a speech in new hampshire. daniel miller has more on what sparked a sudden change of heart. >> daniel: he was voice in the birthy movement insinuating that president obama watt not born in the u.s. an advisor for the gop nominee released a statement saying not only does he believe it, but he even takes credit for, quote, successfully obtaining the president's birth certificate when others could not. the clinton campaign says that is not good enough. he wants trump to publicly avow his birther comments.
5:16 am
saying that outsourcing and the economy are not just a problem for the american people. they are his problem too. >> it used to be cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. >> daniel: meanwhile, hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. she will try to court block voters in two separate events in the nation's capitol today and tomorrow. she returned to the campaign carolina for the first time after revealing she was diagnosed with pneumonia. >> i am not great at taking it easy even under ordinary circumstances, but with just two months to go until election day, sitting at home is pretty much the last place i wanted to be. >> clinton is getting big store from her friends this weekend. senators elizabeth warren and bernie sander also be
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millennials and progressives. trump will be crisscrossing the country visiting four states in just 48 hours. in the newsroom this morning, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. well, donald trump is getting some big attention on twitter after letting jimmy kimball.pick on his hair -- jimmy fallon. >> can i mess up your hair? >> the answer is yes, but the people in new hampshire where i am going to be in about an hour from now, i hope they are going to >> did you say yes? >> go ahead. [cheering] >> gene: there it is. [ laughter ] >> gene: oh, man. fallon had fun -- like doing his own hair will be the equivalent of that. trump tried to put it back in place. it and his hair was there as we showed in that new hampshire speech. but those who may have been
5:18 am
any doubt, the hair apparently is all his. >> catherine: long locks there. bounced right back. need hairspray. the maps if we can -- switch over to the maps. see how we are doing 495, 128, 93 doing well in that stretch there. no problems south of the city there. a look at one of the live cameras and shift south, 24, route 3, 495 coming from the south north of the areas are doing fine at this early hour. now cameras, the, you can see volume starting to build and nothing too concerning yet. the live drive times for you. the pike 23 minutes. 93 will take you 9 minutes. 128 to route 1 in peabody and the weston tolls, 21 minutes there. shiri. >> shiri: a check of the forecast. to a chilly morning. as long as we drop one more degree in boston it will be the coldest morning we had since mid-june. same deal in worcester.
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the coldest. sunday to monday tracking rain half an inch to an inch and a half depending on how potent the system is. and we need that rain. we are in desperate need of that rain with the drought conditions right now. i know norwood off to a chilly start at 39 degrees. 57 in boston. 50 in lawrence. 47 in fitchburg, and 49 in manchester, new hampshire. check out plymouth at 45 degrees. i mean 40s and 50s, friends, that does mean that you will need a jacket this morning, warm enough for the short sleeves out about say 9 and 10:00 this morning. 7 a.m., still keeping things basically as is. plymouth more like 45 degrees at 7 a.m. by 9 a.m., 61. by 11 a.m., 67. lower 70s here we come this afternoon. not everybody quite that cool though. a whole string of mid-70s from norwood to bedford, nashua to fitchburg. lower 70s from the seacoast to
5:20 am
we have the cape today in the upper 60s. these are normal temperatures for september, at least our afternoon highs here. starting off a little bit chilly this morning as you saw and then again tonight, we will be in the 40s and 50s. if you were waking up as the sun comes up tomorrow and i hope you are able to sleep in. if you are going to be out that early, remember another bit of a cool start. 76 in boston. 79 in concord, new hampshire. 73 in worcester and 74 in hyannis. temperatures are going up by your sunday. a littlcl we have a couple of other changes as well. after sunshine today and high pressure, high also start to slip away tomorrow. starting off partly sunny at 7 a.m. saturday morning. i think we are going to take on more clouds as the day goes on. a pleasant day for the outdoor plans and definitely warmer. the real clouds move in saturday night. slight risk of a shower and your best bet, the brand-new future cast. the latest information just moments ago updated at 8 a.m.
5:21 am
sunday morning you likely start dry in boston and we will have to watch southern new hampshire for some rain. during the afternoon, the rain is going to spread over south -- southern new england. so that does mean a risk of showers and the worst of it off to the north and west, there is a an opportunity for a couple of downpours. by 8 p.m., these are intensifying closer to the front. that front will come through sunday night and monday morning and that's when we will see the strongest of storms and heaviest of showers. because we have 52% o drought, we really, really need that rain so conditions don't get worse with next week's report. upper 70s here saturday, sunday and monday. by tuesday, we are back in the lower 80s. by lower 80s, they put all the way through the first day of fall on thursday. back to you, guys you. questions about crosswalk signals have the city to take another look. the short time they give
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six local breweries were hoping to turn that dirty water from the charles river into some tasty beverages. part of a competition called "brew the charles." the goal is to treat water from the river and tuesday to make beer. the company hopes the project will highlight the importance of water conservation. despite big improvements in recent years, charles river water is not safe to drink untreated. an unusual find inside of a water hazard at a florida golf course. take a look at this this what we are about to show you i promise is a group of manatees right here at a pond at a golf course. >> oh, wow. >> yeah, they are giant. animal workers think that floodwaters from hurricane hermine allowed the animals to swim over to the pond. the blockage kept them from getting out. they used a fleet of kayaks to herd them into a net to be relocated. but it looks like at least a dozen people to carry them because look how heavy and
5:26 am
>> good thing they got them out of there so they would be safe. >> sarah: 100%. >> catherine: a local bird has stolen the heart of instagram in just a matter of weeks. there is ray. she lives in boston and a rare incident that left her without feathers. her owner says she has a big personality and show it is off on her own gram page. 60,000 people following all of her outings and her outfits including that little sweater she has there. >> sara: 60,000 and one followers after i get my way. look at that -- looks like a permanent smile. cutie pie. shiri, wouldn't -- >> shiri: tell you what, we just got a pet bird in the last two weeks and now i know what it looks like without its clothes on. humidity forecast is going up as we go through the weekend and next week. this will help fuel some of the showers this weekend and an hour-by-hour look at the worst of the rain next. plus an iconic landmark on
5:27 am
extinction. what will happen to the big orange dinosaur after the mini golf course closes down. a woodchuck attacks a woman.
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complete new england news coverage continues right now. this is the this is the fox25 morning news. now at 5:30, as we take a look to every the back bay in the city of boston this morning and that cold is going to he greet you this morning as we head out the door. cold and clear. temps are going to modify and be nice, but we are looking at maybe some rain that we desperately need by the end of the weekend. >> sara: we have been talking about that all week long. the crunchy grass in the area. grab a jacket before heading to the bus stop and work. check in with meteorologist shiri spear who is tracking
5:31 am
the kids would rather have warm and rainy at the bus stop or cold and dry. i am thinking cold and dry. that is on tap right now. notice 49 in peabody and 39 now in norwood. 57 degrees in boston. city center always a little warmer and you can see the shading close to boston is the warmest, and 40s in ipswich and burlington and wrentham. worcester at 51. windham, new hampshire at 43 degrees. middle 40s from marshfield to plymouth 49 degree in sandwich. fill in the air for everybody. mid-40s at 7 a.m. to 69 degrees at noon and it is going to be mild and prototype this afternoon. 72 degrees here at 3 p.m. catherine parrotta is up now with a look at live drive time traffic. how is it going, catherine. >> so far so good. grab a sweater before you get in the car. maybe a little pumpkin latte. the map, green north of the city. north of the city coming down no real problems. the expressway, a little bit
5:32 am
approach quincy. pike doing just fine. shifting west. 495 and no problems in either direction north of the citi. come toing from the commuter rail opinion train was supposed to leave at 5 haven't departed yet. mechanical issue there. keep an eye on that for you. look at one of our cameras and the expressway. volume pretty typical for this time of the morning and drive times for you right now. on the pike 23 minutes. on the expressway from the split to the pike, 10 minutes, 128 from route 1 in peabody to only a 21-minute ride right now. sara, over to you. >> sarah: our -- >> sara: our top stories at 5:30. a man who threatened to blow up a massachusetts gas station will be charged with a series of crimes. police arrested kimball after a long standoff at a cumberland farms. he said he had a gun a bomb and he tried to set a gas pump on fire with a cigarette lighter. kimball was captured by a
5:33 am
the news gets worse for samsung. federal regulators from formally recalled the galaxy note smartphone. urging people to stop using the phones and power them down immediately that follows dozens of fires and explosions caused by the phone's battery. this all comes as apple's newest iphone goes on sale. the 7 plus is already sold out worldwide and there is a limited supply of the iphone 7. the new verses are -- new versions are water resistant, have are thinner because they dent have a traditional headphone jack. a local woman on the job when she was confronted by a rabid by woodchuck. the animal repeatedly tried to bite her. jessica reyes live in medford with a warning for people who used that park in medway. good morning to you, jess. >> reporter: good morning, gene. telling people not to worry too much.
5:34 am
but warning people with kids and pets to be aware of it. it happened in medway on tuesday, and this morning that woman is sharing her story with fox25. we have a photo of the woodchuck in question here. the woman's name is jody logan. she was out for her morning run on tuesday when the woodchuck chased after her and repeatedly tried to bite per. she fought it off and the animal kept coming back until a car driven by a complete stranger stopped and let her in. >> i kicd d the animal it so hard it went flying back into the woods. and the gentleman opened up his door and yelled to me, get in. as i was running toward the car, the woodchuck, again, came after me. >> animal control did euthanize the woodchuck and it tested positive for rabies. she was not bitten or scratched by this animal but she still has to under go a series of rabies shot after all of this.
5:35 am
to be aware with kids and pets to keep them on a leash. live in medway this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. tom brady is sharing his thoughts on protests during the national anthem. the patriots quarterback told "esquire" magazine that he always chooses to stand during the anthem to reflect on the blessings that he has had. when asked of other nfl players choosing to kneel in protest, brady said it is our responsibility to do the best we can to change the things we don't like. i think that is part responsibility and everybody is going to do that in their own way. tonight, a worcester teenager is expected to continue protesting during the national anthem at his high school football game. last week, michael alpong of doherty high took a knee during the anthem during his game in leominster. he said he is taking a stand against injustice. and he will kneel again before tonight's game and his teammates may do the same.
5:36 am
federal charges of the attempted extortion of a tv show crew. mark harrington is the former head of the team administer's union. he now admits to harassing producers of the show "top chef." he told a judge he was trying to get a job for union members. as part of the plea deal, harrington received two years' probation and no jail time. a state agency raising questions of hue local nonprofit agency is spending tax dollars. in an audit centro las americas is spending thousands of dollars in trips, alcohol and gifts. the organization accepted $300,000 in inappropriate payments from mass health. centro provides social services for people in and around worcester. centro's ceo tells us that all expenses are justified. >> we are very committed and we are stewards of the resources that are given to
5:37 am
cross every t. >> gene: the group must repay $57,000. today, engineers are going to test out crosswalk signals in quincy to make sure they are running correctly. the intersectioned a grant at woodall street are dangerous. the problem is that the signal only gives people six seconds to cross the road it changes. we went out to the intersection yesterday and notice people only going the signal changed. >> i usually don't even use them. i kind of walk across the street when there are no cars coming. i don't have enough time even when up press the button. >> reporter: quincy director of parking say quicker signals prevent people from dashing across the crosswalk. in 2013, quincy ranked 7th for the most pedestrian accidents in the state. more than half of massachusetts is dealing with an extreme drought, but so far one large city has not issued
5:38 am
the telegram says 84 letters have gone to property owners and 22 are under investigation, but the city has not issued any fines. last week, worcester placed a ban on all outdoor watering and told restaurants they cannot serve glasses of water unless customers specifically request it. a shed and porch destroyed but no injuries after a massive tree toppled in the quincy neighborhood. the tree came down on somer you can see the damage it caused here. a tree service worker said the tree was about 150 years old. he says he thinks the angle it was growing along with the ongoing drought is what caused it to fall. well, chipotle testing out new drones to make deliveries. coming up at 6:00, how those tests could help more than just the fast-food chain. trying to crack down on the number of kids left in cars the new technology that can let parents know of the
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cutting the price of epi v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women.
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5:41 am
traffic and weather every ten minutes. the train from framingham 10 to 15 minutes behind schedule because of that mechanical issue heading to south station. keep that in mind. before you head to the train or getting your car, take a quick look at the moon. the clouds that is obscuring
5:42 am
the harvest moon, the corn moon. shiri, feels like harvest time. chilly this morning. >> shiri: chilly for sure and that moon we have been steadily watching it drop. and if you want a glimpse of it, 57 degrees the temperature right now in boston. theoretically, we could get all the way down to 51. we are not going to, but i did see mid-50s in your forecast. in boston, the burbs will be much cooler. much cooler for bus stop sunshine today. 3 p.m. 68 to 74. nice little warm-up this afternoon. an hour-by-hour look at when you can skip the jacket and how much warmer and wetter it becomes this weekend. new this morning, research shows the most deadly form of cancer in children is now brain cancer. the cdc reviewed the last 15 years of childhood death and found that brain cancer surpassed lungz. there are still more cases of leukemia, but it is easier to treat.
5:43 am
tumors and surgery is often difficult and impossible. a new push to add the epipen to use of medications. they want to eliminate the co-pay for millions of families that rely on the life saving drug. the federal government helps insures that employers will pay the bill and the epi pill maker myelan will keep prices high or they could even raise them. stock up on your gold coins because four former hannafords will open yshss. the grocery store chains merged into ys. the stores that shut down on september 11, after a few days of rebranding and restocking the stores, they will reopen this morning at 7 a.m. as big y's. well, samsung issuing a recall for their latest smartphones, plus a local man will face a judge after allegedly threatening police for hours at a gas station. we will check in live with all of our reporters after the break. plus, the picture of a
5:44 am
she loses her hair, and she says her shampoo is to blame. the plea she is making to washington to keep this from ever happening again. and a wild confrontation between a bus and a big rig caught on camera.
5:45 am
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it is 5:46 now on this friday morning, and if you are just joining us, we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories. >> gene: samsung is offering a recall. and a rabid by woodchuck attacks a local woman out on the run. >> a man will answer to charges following a wild standoff at a gas station. fox25's jason law is live in
5:47 am
>> reporter: good morning. things back to normal at this gas station after a very wild standoff and confrontation with police that lasted nearly five hours. according to the sun chronicle, the suspect who held police at bay for that long was ranting about getting proper treatment for people suffering from mental health issues. they also say he was holding an x box video game controller anding it was a gun. skyfox video of that man surround benjamin kimball facing a slew of charges. police were called to the cumberland farms after kimball was making threats, threatening to kill police, threatening to hurt the clerk threatening to light the gas pump os on fire. had to tuesday flash bangs and a k-9 unit to end this peacefully. unclear if he was in the hospital this morning. he was taken to a hospital yesterday to undergo mental evaluation. unclear if he is still in the hospital this morning or will
5:48 am
when he is arraigned in front of a judge. we will have the latest as we continue to follow this. jason law, fox 25 news. i am jessica reyes live in medway. the town is warning people to be careful after a woodchuck attacked a woman while she was out for her morning run. we have a photo of the woodchuck in question here and this all happened in the area medway on tuesday. the woman was just running when the woodchucran out of the woods and repeat to bite her. she tried to kick it away and she managed to get away when a stranger did stop and yelled at her to get in his car. the animal was caught and tested positive for rabies. keep your eye out for your kids and pets and keep them on a leash. the woman said this was a terrifying attack and we will be hearing from her about it coming up in 45 minutes. for now live in medway, jessica reyes, fox25 news. i am michael henrich
5:49 am
these people behind me here wait in line for the launch of the i-phone 7 at the apple store in boylston. apple's competitor samsung is dealing with one of the largest tech recalls in history. samsung and the consumer product safety commission officially recalling the galaxy note 7 because the little ians battery is -- the lithium ttttery is you can switch it out for a nonexplosive version wherever you bought it and you can get a refund. ahead at 6:00 what these apple fans have to say about both sides of the news when it comes to phones. live in back bay, michael henrich, fox25 news. at 5:49 and it is rather chilly out there this morning. >> sara: let's check in with shiri spear, and the people out in the apple line, i hope they have their coats with them. >> shiri: coats, maybe a warm beverage in hand as well. start off clear this morning and that means we usually start off cool and that is the case this morning.
5:50 am
high pressure gets even warmer, and by sunday rather, we will be tracking these showers as the cold front comes closer. up ahead of it it will be warm. even a little bit muggy here over the weekend. 57 degrees right now in boston. this is my hot spot though. we have a ton of spots. a good 10 degrees cooler than that right now. over the next 12 hours in the city by 7 a.m., still just in the middle 50s. by 9 a.m., lower 60s. between 9 and 10 when it will light jacket or hoodie whatever to keep you warm. by 11 a.m., mid-60s and all the way up to 70 degrees in boston. lower 70s in ipswich and portsmouth, 69 degrees and you will find even more of those upper 60s down across the cape. warm spots back to norwood, framingham, metro west, lawrence up into southern new hampshire and fitchburg in the mid-70s. worcester a little cooler at 70 degrees.
5:51 am
weekend. more mid- to upper 70s tomorrow followed by 80 degrees here on sunday. but look at these changes. tomorrow starts partly sunny. and the day will actually start off nice. warm up with mid- to upper 70s and clouds will creep in pretty late in the day. saturday night is the time frame to cloud over and saturday timeline looking better. wake up at 8 a.m. to mostly cloudy skies. the dry conditions on sunday morning and we have got developing showers here in the afternoon. 2 p.m., yo southern new england. the heavier steadier stuff north of boston. this will move through late on sunday night and monday morning and downpours, some thunder and lightning and perhaps even severe weather as you are waking up on monday. today is our coolest day by far. lower 70s and sunshine increasing saturday clouds by sunday, 79. upper 70s hang tight on monday and even as we head through the final days of summer,
5:52 am
starts on tuesday. feel pretty warm with highs around 80. over to catherine parrotta are live drive-time traffic. any problem spots. >> catherine: looking good overall. a couple of problem spots, quincy, milton averaging about 25 miles per hour. again, pretty typical. shooting up north show you on 93 as you are making your way down to 495. another slow pocket. 128 looking just fine at this time. and the pike looking good too. framingham update. the train 581 minutes behind of the south station. a look at one of the cameras, zakim bridge, traffic moving fine in that spot. here are the drive times for you this morning. pike 12 minute. route 9, 14 minutes. and route to the weston tolls, smooth sailing 22 minutes there. this girl's picture is getting big attention online and capitol hill. she said that her hair fell out because of her shampoo, and it is now sparking a proposal for you in regulations on cosmetics.
5:53 am
more on the crackdown on the cosmetic industry. >> daniel: supporters want the power to keep toxic indpreed yents out of make-up and sham 350s and to be able to recall product if it turns out to be safe. one product under scrutiny is is the hair products here. her daughter lost all of her hair after using win shampoo just three times. she said she is still miss being a quarter hair. >> i never would want a shampoo to do that, especially one that is considered extra gentle. >> daniel: a company would have to prove that their products are safe before putting them out. they will also report incidents like hair loss to the fda. wynn says their products are safe but more than 20,000 similar complaints have been filed. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news.
5:54 am
company. the "wall street journal" reports that unilever is in talks to buy the green company for more than $1 billion. honest products include organic diapers, baby formula and household cleaners. the honest company was hit with multiple lawsuits that its products contain chemicals that alba avoid. makes dove soaps and axe body spray bought the dollar shave club last month. a cool bus driver has been pass a slow-moving truck. this happened this week in new jersey and in the video, you can see the school bus driver on the other side of the street to get in front of a fed ex truck. then the fed ex gets in the other lane and passes the school bus and started to drive even slower. >> it is not a sports car. it is a truck, it is a bus, it is big, it is not a maserati and shouldn't be handled like one. >> police are investigating the incident. no board if any students were on the bus at the time.
5:55 am
fasten your seat belt. a bill introduced in congress will have the same kind of alert to warn if a child is in the back seat. 29 children have died in heat stroke incidents. a bipartisan bill introduced in the house yesterday would require back seat sensors and alarms. >> you have the technology. why wouldn't you use it. children would die because of tainted baby food, i would assure you a immediate and reaction. >> gene: the spill has -- the bill has democratic and republican sponsor bus limited days are left to pass the legislation. a man caught on surveillance camera stealing from an antique store is apologizing for what he did. in may, police say a man stole a painting from a store in brockton and sold it to another store. he is arrested shortly after. yesterday the man apologized to the store's owner and gave them the cost to cover the painting that he stole.
5:56 am
north shore. the giant orange dinosaur on route 1 in saugus isn't going anywhere. fears that the 20-foot-tall dinosaur would disappear because the mini golf course that it stood for 50 years was sold. but he bought the dinosaur and will install it next to the hotel he is building there. someone from saugus, catherine parrotta is all smiles about that. >> sara: she is super excited. >> gene: big part of everyone's childhood and life. >> sara: w >> gene: i am happy. >> sara: always happy about leaf peeping. >> gene: i love it. i duals. >> sara: an alert. why we should savor the fall foil age before we lose it. she said no to the dress. earned her more than the title of homecoming queen. there is no dinosaurs but smooth sailing. shiri. >> shiri: through the weekend
5:57 am
sunday morning. slight risk of the shower golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. erica runs on dunkin'. you. now at 6:00, a local man accused of causing chaos answers to charges. the video game equipment he used to threaten people in the store and police. a tale of two phones as people line up to buy one hot new item and chief competitor
6:00 am
tech recalls in history. >> hanley ramirez and shock the yankees. >> gene: red sox fans buzzing and why not. the most memorable inning and the comeback that keeps the sox on top of the american league east. >> complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: it was quite a night at fenway. thank you everybody for being with us on this friday morning. september 16. i am gene lavanchy. >> sar get ready for a big chill. we are off to the coldest morning we have seen in months. meteorologist shiri spear and joins us for the fox25 weather center with how long this is going to stick around. >> shiri: the cold weather in place for the entire commute. the coldest we have seen in three months. we haven't been there it instance mid-june. rocking the 40s in lawrence and bedford. 50 on the nose in worcester.


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