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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tech recalls in history. >> hanley ramirez and shock the yankees. >> gene: red sox fans buzzing and why not. the most memorable inning and the comeback that keeps the sox on top of the american league east. >> complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: it was quite a night at fenway. thank you everybody for being with us on this friday morning. september 16. i am gene lavanchy. >> sar get ready for a big chill. we are off to the coldest morning we have seen in months. meteorologist shiri spear and joins us for the fox25 weather center with how long this is going to stick around. >> shiri: the cold weather in place for the entire commute. the coldest we have seen in three months. we haven't been there it instance mid-june. rocking the 40s in lawrence and bedford. 50 on the nose in worcester.
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i can't remember i had 30s on my map. hour-by-hour forecast, this is for metro west. notice that we are start that slow warm-up by 8 a.m. 54 degrees. it is once we hit those low and mid-60s at 10 a.m., that i think it is going to be fine for short sleeves. you don't needed added layer pwips noontime 70 degrees. we hit low to mid-70s for the afternoon. the range is going to be about 68 to 74 in the greater boston area. so a sweater morning and we will break down a warmer and wetter weekend forecast coming up. catherine parrotta now with live drive time traffic watching those roads closely. >> catherine: the roads starting to look typical for this hour. 128 moving smoothly, the pike as well. 93 is where we are starting to slow down on the expressway as you go from quincy, milton, dorchester average being 25 miles per hour. going north a little bit. you can see you are sluggish in that pocket down to woburn
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cameras, traffic as you are making your way past the gas tank to the expressway. 24 minutes. the expressway from the split to the pike, that is the slow spot. jammed up 18 minutes. 93 from 495 to the leverett connector, 45-minute ride. sara, over to you. a scare at a local gas station as one man threatened police with a lighter, and what he says was a gun and a bomb. >> now this morning that man will face a judge and answer to a long list of charges. fox25's jason law live at the gas station in rehoboth, and jason, that station just opened up an hour ago. >> reporter: yeah, things back to normal for the most part for this gas station after a scary incident. the sun chronicle is reporting that the suspect was ranting and raving to police to get proper treatment for people suffering from mental i will js. the reports are that this man was holding an x box video game controller and told police it was a gun. >> reporter: a nearly
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in custody. >> i told the officer to back off. stated aide bomb and he was going to blow the place up. >> reporter: benjamin kimball threatened a female store clerk inside. investigators say he came out and tried to light a gas hose on fire. a swat team closed in blocking off kimball's car with armored vehicle as crisis negotiators tried to talk him down. but police say kimball revers but police say kimball reversed into their armored truck and jumped out. >> i saw him bot out of his car and running over that way. he fell on ground over there and they put him in a straight jacket and pulled him away. >> reporter: they used flash bangs and a k-9 to take kimball down. >> for real, you didn't think it was happening. >> reporter: the rehoboth police chief said it is like three kimball suffers from some kind of mental illness himself. he was hospitalized for evaluation. unclear if he remains in the
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be in court when he is arraigned later this morning in front of a judge. live, jason law, fox25 news. the driver involved in the hit-and-run crash at umass lowell turns himself into police. terrell romero walked into a police station with his lawyer this week. he told police he hit a 19-year-old girl right across from the hawk's nest cafe on labor day. the victim was left unconscious in the street. she is now recovering. romero was cited for leaving the scene of an accident and speeding. it appears that a cigarette i fire in weymouth that destroyed part of a house. look at the flames and smoke pouring from this two-family home on east street. three people were at home when this fire broke out around dinnertime. the homeowner was cooking dinner when her tenant alerted her to the danger. >> she came over running to me, the tenant, that she couldn't -- there was something on fire and she couldn't get it out. it got out of hand. just went up in a matter of seconds actually. >> now in spite of how quickly
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the red cross is helping the three people who were left homeless. two different smart phones making two very different headlines. samsung now issuing a massive recall for the galaxy note 7 as apple fans count down to the release of the newest iphone. fox25's michael henrich is live at the apple store or boylston street where people started lining up hours ago, michael. >> reporter: there are a few of them who have been here for quite some time. overall the lines are not really as long as we have seen in iphone launch it is a relatively familiar scene outside the apple store in back bay. still stealing the spotlight for all the reasons. chief competitor samsung, 1 million phones recalled. samsung has joined with the consumer product safety commission to official me recall its galaxy note 7. because the lithium ion battery kept exploding.
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batteryings overheating, 22 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage. anyone with a galaxy note 7 can switch it out for a nonexplosive one or get a refund. apple does expect to have a bigger day than samsung. some of the new features are getting mixed reviews like lack of a headphone jack. apple sold out of its 7-plus in the online presail. one person has been here since before midnight all for the experience. >> reporter: what are you most excited about for this phone? >> i am not really -- [ laughter ] -- i mean just a new iphone. come on, what can -- just the fact of having new device woman my room and being like, hey, i did something fun at night -- not as fun as it seems, but not as bad as it could have been. >> reporter: good but not the best of times for apple and certainly, well, maybe the worst of times for samsung sp a tale of two phones indeed.
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accused of attacking a new york city police officer with a meat cleaver has been arrested 15 times. the chaos in manhattan at the.height of the evening rush. he was trying to take the wheel boot off of his car. officers went over to question him and he took off running. the off-dueti officer near penn station tried to stop him and he was slashed in the face with a meat cleaver. officers tried to tase him but eventually he was >> he tried to swing the butcher knife at the cops. they shot for five seconds straight. it sounded like fireworks. >> new york city police commissioner bill bratton say they have very good video of the incident and commended his officers. by the way yesterday was bratton's last full day on the job. >> closer to home this man remains in police custody accused of threatening to blow up the laconia police department. lawrence bears is accused of
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quarter of mile from the police station. the laconia say they found knives, machete and a homemade bomb on him. bears pled not guilty in court yesterday. the body of a missing swimmer has been pulled from a pond. fox25 was at herring pond all morning as divers searched for the -- received for the man. all happened when a man and two friends were swimming off of a boat. the boat was pulled away from the wind and two people were able the victim's body was released yesterday. his name has not been released and he is 26 years old. the manager of a dollar tree store charged with taking pictures up the skirt of a female customers must stay away from the shop. prosecutors say another customer saw christopher molina pointing a phone under the dress of a woman standing in front of a freezer at the store in malden. he is due back in court next month. four more court cases have been thrown out as a result of the tampered evidence room at the braintree police
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been dismissed. earlier this week we reported that $400,000 in cash, drugs and guns were all missing from the evidence room. 200 letters were sent to attorneys to notify them of the investigation into the room. well, you expect to hear plenty of red sox talk at the water cooler this morning. why not. their most memorable win of the year. yankees in town opening a four-game series at fenway. david ortiz makes history in the 8th inning career home run nuer yankee legend mickey mantle. sox down 5. they managed to score two before hanley ramirez sends one deep to center, and it is gone. a clutch three-run walk-off homer. everybody is going bananas. sox win it 7-5 over the yankees. what a win in that victory keeps the red sox in first place. a two-game lead in baltimore and toronto. yankees fall five games back.
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and the jets had it going on ground. running back matt forte with the third rushing touchdown. gives the jets a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter. a fantasy night for forte. trying to fight back. will hit mike gillespie for a 18-yard score. and made it 37-31 the bills to get the ball back and ran out of time. the jets moved to 1-1. the bills are now 0-2 after the jets win 37-31. :10 now. every ten minutes. this incident popping up on the map in the last ten minutes. going northbound. a stalled truck in revere. not seeing delays around. drive times coming up. shiri. temperatures hitting rock bottom between right now and 7 a.m. mid-60s on tap. mostly sunny skies this morning and 8 a.m. in boston. slow warm up at 59 degrees. and what time we hit the 70s next. a scare during a morning
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>> i can't tell that you i will be out running any time soon again. i have a huge fear now. >> sara: a warning a local town is issuing to anyone who heads outside. plus turning water into ... beer. the competition that is challenging local breweries to use the charles river as the inspiration for their next ale. the current president becoming an issue in the
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. >> the current president's birth certificate becoming an issue on the campaign trail. late last night donald trump issued a statement saying he now believes that president obama was born in the u.s. it came just hours after he wrapped up his speech in new hampshire. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with what sparked the sudden change of heart. >> daniel: truvr was a loud voice in the so-called birther
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to hold office insinuating that he wasn't born here in the united states. trump refused to admit that the president was born in the u.s. but then an advisor for the gop nominee said not only does he believe it but he takes credit for, quote, successfully obtaining president obama's birth certificate when others could not. the clinton campaign says that is not good enough. they want trump to disavow his birther comments. it was made after it stop at laconia middle school. he focused on the economy that outsourcing and unemployment is not just a problem for the american people but they are his problem too. >> it used to be cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. >> daniel: meanwhile his opponent hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. she is trying to court black voters at two separate events in d.c. and tomorrow.
6:16 am
time yesterday after revealing she was diagnosed with pneumonia. >> i am not great at taking it easy even under ordinary circumstances, but with just two months to go until election day ... sitting at home was pretty much the last place i wanted to be. >> clinton is getting big support from her friends this weekend. senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders will be campaigning the btl millennials and progressives. trump will be crisscrossing the country visiting four states in 48 hours. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. donald trump is getting big attention on twitter after letting jimmy fallon fulfill one wish. >> can i mess your hair newspaper is [cheers and applause] >> the answer is yes, but the people in new hampshire where
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>> go ahead. >> gene: there it comes. trump smile through the whole or deal. [ laughter ] wow. >> sara: nice. >> gene: that story of the woodchuck earlier. why am i thinking about that now. apparently his hair was back in the speech. >> sara: can i mess your air up. >> gene: something you always wanted to do. have at it. >> sara: [laughter] >> gene: all righty then. >> that was fan -- that was fantastic. >> catherine: gene you have to use that hairspray that trump had. bounced right back. 128 moving well. the pike doing fine just well. show you the expressway because you are jammed up between quincy and milton. only averaging 15 miles per hour. route 1 northbound. the truck stalled there at the traffic circle in revere.
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the expressway averaging 15 miles per hour. and coming north. crossing 128 in burlington, woburn going 22 miles per hour. look at this live camera, the expressway. this jam we are talking about and very congested at this hours of the morning. the drive times. route 310 minutes. route 24, 17 minutes. 95 and 495, will take you 16 minutes right now. and shiri, a little chilly out there this morning. we are not quite used to this. >> shiri: shock to the system because we haven't been this cold in three months. the coldest morning we had since mid-june. bright today, dry tomorrow, and sunday into monday, tracking potential for heavy much-needed rain from half an inch to one and a half inches is what i am currently seeing in that forecast. right now though. talk about a chill. 40 degrees in norwood. that is better than the upper 30s that i have last hour there. the 40 degrees to start things off. we have a little patchy cloud cover a lot like yesterday morning, but once that burns
6:19 am
afternoon. at 8 a.m., 51 degrees. 10 a.m., 64. for me i am seeing 9 and 10 a.m. for the time you are comfortable enough to ditch the long sleeves. notice we are getting all the way into the low and mid-70s for the afternoon and for your evening plans, you will bring the jackets back once we hit about 8:00, 9:00 tonight. so i have got this afternoon high temperatures at 69 degrees in boston. 70 in beverly. 72 in plymouth. a whole string of middle 70s in norwood worcester, 70 degrees and more upper 60s over the cape and islands and we all turn nice and bright. now tonight, we have got lows that will be back in the 40s and the 50s. so i can't imagine that many of you are -- or as many of you will be waking up at daybreak tomorrow, but that's how we will start off. your saturday from there, it is mostly in the mid- to upper 70s. so i have boston at 76 tomorrow. hyannis, 74. even 80 in concord, new
6:20 am
sunny day. much closer to 80 degrees in boston sunday and that will come with not just increasing temperatures but increasing humidity as well. today humidity is nice, the sun is bright for tomorrow morning. we will start things off pretty bright at 7 a.m. you will see that we see a few more clouds move in touring the afternoon. definitely warmer tomorrow. real clouds thicken up on saturday night. sunday morning looking a little bit drier. we have the slight risk of a sunday morning shower and best showers spilling through southern new hampshire -- southern new england in a scattered fashion on sunday afternoon. but it is going to be sunday night and monday that we deal with some of the heaviest of the showers. the front has been delayed a little bit, but we need the rain because we have an extreme drought now covering 52% of massachusetts. that is new as of that 8:30 update we got yesterday. only get drought updates once a week. coolest day and brightest with
6:21 am
tuesday, wednesday and thursday, the first day of fall, but feeling very summerlike around 80 degrees. back to you. questions about crosswalk signals prompting city officials to take another look. the short time the signals give people to cross the road. and forget school colors
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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a severe storm in china causes a very unusual site sight. check this out. a giant moon-shaped balloon rolling out of the city. looks like something out of a movie. >> gene: looks like the blob. >> catherine: it is being rolled away by winds. local festival but the storm caused it to roll away. luckily nobody was hurt by that giant inflatable. >> gene: start running if you see that. >> catherine: like a horror scene or something. that is crazy. >> gene: apparently no longer cool to show off in the homecoming game with your colors. she wore a giant inflatable t-rex instead of being ridiculed, they crowned her
6:25 am
dinosaur for the school's spirit day. >> catherine: a lot of orange dinosaurs in this newscast. looks like the one on route 1. >> gene: maybe her homage. >> catherine: i see the resemblance. >> gene: you must be so happy to see that. >> catherine: they saved the orange dinosaur. near and dear to my heart. incredible she managed to wear that costume, has a tutu as well. a lot of effort went into that. >> gene: shiri, you can always try to do the forecast if you are so inclined. >> shiri: my gosh, the ratings would absolutely soar. on the bucket list. dry and comfortable humidity levels. humidity is rising sunday into monday and that's when showers peek. an hour by hour timeline coming at you next. a rabid by woodchuck goes after a woman for her morning run. >> all of a sudden he turned around and made a direct run toward me. around and made a direct run toward me. great time for a shiny floor wax, no?
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. mucher out there this morning as you head out the door to school or to work. we are taking a look at what the clouds are looking like. the sky looks like in medway this morning, but quite noticeable as you head out the door how chilly it really is, 55 degrees and thermometer was at 49 on the way in. >> spun believable and beautiful outside. the picture looks like the water color, shiri, but definitely grab a jacket if you were headed out right now. >> shiri: a cool morning for sure. long sleeves. norton down to 42 degrees. pembroke at 40. boston, 55. city runs warmer. norwood, 40 degrees. burlington, 45.
6:30 am
exeter, new hampshire at 42. cool out there. worcester at 50 and fitchburg down to 46. 43 in bridgewater and 44 in plymouth and 46 in brewster. i am going to say all of us. all of us this morning could really ben from this time that added layer. things are warming up so by noontime, 69 degrees. mild, bright. we still have a little bit of that early cloud cover that you can see from that live look, and the clouds are going to tend to burn off just like they did yesterday. so mostly sunny skies at 3 p.m., 7 65 again by 7:00 this evening. clear today and we have a change to both temperatures and skies. and, of course, we have rain coming in. we will time out that next. catherine parrotta with live drive time traffic starting on the expressway. >> catherine: slow there because i found out a quick accident that happened on the expressway. it was cleared so quickly it wasn't on this map. that's why we see residual delays to a tune of 15 miles per hour for an average speed.
6:31 am
pike moving okay as you come up north here. the typical slowdown as you come down 93 and try to make your way into the city. averaging 22 miles per hour there in burlington, woburn, tewksbury even and into pedestrian and somerville. a look at our live cameras. the light reflecting off the zakim this morning. volume not too bad on the zakim starting to slow down on the leverett connector. here are those drive times for you on 93 where you are jammed um on the expressway from the split to the pike. 26 minutes. 93 from 49 to the leverett connector. 44 minutes. 28 from university ave to the weston tolls take you 13 minutes right now. sara, over to you. our top stories at 5:30, a man who threatened to blow up a massachusetts gas station will be charged with a series of crimes today. police arrested benjamin kimball after a long standoff at the cumberland farms in rehoboth. he tried to light a gas tank on fire and told police that
6:32 am
controller. kimball was eventually captured by a police dog as he tried to run away from the store. the news gets worse for samsung. federal regulators from formally recalled the galaxy 7 note cell phone. he is urging people to stop using the phones and power them down needsly. it follows dozens of fires and explosions. apple's newest iphone goes on sale today. the 7 plus has sold out of the iphone 7. still some people have been lining up at the apple store in boston overnight. a local mom out for a jog when she was confronted about arabid by woodchuck. that animal chased her and repeatedly tried to bite her. jessica reyes live in medway this morning with a warning from the town. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, gene. this woman said she was minding her own business out for a morning run when this animal came out of nowhere and
6:33 am
out. people shouldn't freak out too much. not to change up your routine but just to be aware but this lady says quite some time before she goes for a run by herself again. >> he was very vicious, and it was, you know, pretty clear that there was something wrong with the animal. >> reporter: a typical tuesday morning when jody's morning run suddenly turned terrifying. >> not a joke. it would happen to one the kids. >> running down partridge street in medway when seemingly out of nowhere, a barreling out of the woods. >> turned around and made a direct run toward me and he came after me and he was at my feet trying to bite me. >> reporter: jody screamed and kicked for minutes trying over and over again to fight it off. finally, a car stopped and a complete stranger yelled for her to get in. >> as i was running toward the car, the wood chuck again came after me. >> reporter: animal control caught and euthanized the wood chuck that tested positive for
6:34 am
she has to get a series of preventive shots even though she was never bit or scratched. while there is no need to panic, residents do exercise an abundance of caution if they encounter an aggressive wild animal. police continue to exercise good judgment and keep an eye on children and pets. >> i can't tell that you i will be out running any time soon again. i have a huge fear now. >> reporter: now the -- ty want to emphasize they are not worried about even more rabid by animals but want to remind people with kids and pets to be aware of this. live in medway, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. tom brady is sharing his thoughts on protests during the national anthem. the patriots quarterback told "esquire" magazine that he always chooses to stand during the anthem to reflect on the blessings that he has had. when asked of other nfl players choosing to kneel in
6:35 am
brady said it is our responsibility to do the best we can to change things that we don't like. i think it is part of social responsibility and everybody will do that in their own way. tonight, a worcester teenager is expected to continue protesting during the national anthem at his high school football game. last week michael apong of doherty high school took a knee during the anthem at a game against leominster. he said he is protesting injustice against minorities and tells us he will neal down before tonight's game and his something at the same time. today engineers will test off crosswalk signals in quincy to make sure they are running correctly. the intersection at granting and witwell street are dangerous. the problem it only gives six seconds to cross the road before it changes. we went out to theer about section yesterday and people only got halfway across the street when the signal changed. >> i don't use them and try to walk across the street when there are no cars coming because i don't have enough
6:36 am
button. >> sara: quincy's director of parking say quicker signals prevent people from dashing across the crosswalk. quincy ranked 7th for the most pedestrian accidents in the state. 6:36. more than half of massachusetts dealing with an extreme drought and so far one large city has not issued any fines for people breaking mandatory water restrictions, 84 letters going out to property owners and 22 are under investigation in worcester. the city has not issued any ban on all outdoor watering and told residents they cannot serve glasses of water unless customers specifically request it. we will have to blame the brought for taking some of the joy out of leaf peeping season this year. experts say that leaves in the boston area will turn earlier than normal this year and there won't be as much color and the leaves will drop faster in order to see the best foliage, go to northern new england where the drought wasn't as bad.
6:37 am
the charles river into tasty brew. it is part of the competition calmed brew the charles. the goal is to treat water from the river. and use it to make beer. the companies hope that the project will highlight the importance of water conservation. despite the big improvements, charles river water is not safe to drink untreated. an animal found dead in the streets. coming up at 7:00, the hit-and-run accident in maine that ha community in shock. and trying to cut down on the number of kids left in hot cars. the new technology that could soon let parents know about a danger in the back seat. and cutting the price of epi pens. and cutting the price of epi pens. the new push golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. :40. track traffic and weather every 10 minutes. you can see the upper deck jammed tight. nice day. you can see the sun reflecting as you cross over the harbor. drive time. partly sunny conditions in boston, 55 degrees. this is your coldest since three months my friend. at least we have more breaks in the clouds than yesterday and clouds will lift a little sooner. right now at 7 a.m., 45 to 50 degrees for bus stop kids. at 3 p.m., 68 to 74. it is going to be bright today
6:41 am
and to understand the frustration of a child with an air infection. researcher s from boston children's hospital say a new antibiotic eardrop that is actually a gel could be the answer. it will replace the liquid antibiotic that kids have to use for more than a week. so far the eardrops have only been tested on chinchillas. there is a new push to add the epipen to a list of preventive medicines. a doctor in eliminate the co-pay for many that rely on the drug. epipen myelin may be able to keep the prices eye and maybe even raise them. instead health insurers will pay the bill. stock up on your gold coins because four former hannafords will reopen as big ys. the stores in peabody, quincy,
6:42 am
and after rebranding and restocking the store also reopen as big y's. burrito also will be falling out of the sky. chipotle is working with a aviation partnership to test a drone delivery service at virginia tech. deliveries will be available to a few hundred people invited to take part in the project. the students will face food orders at a kiosk. the burritos will be made at a food truck and be deli the drones. that is pretty cool. >> gene: like it. samsung issuing a recall for their latest smartphones. plus a local man will face a judge after allegedly threaten police for hours at a gas station. we will check in live with our reporters. a picture of a little girl goes viral after losing her hair. and the shampoo is to blame. the pleas to washington to keep this from ever happening again. a wild con on from face
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and 6:45 now and if you are just joining us. we are getting you up to the minute on all of the top >> reporter: the federal government getting involved in the samsung recall for the troubled smartphone as apple throws out its new iphone. plus a rabid by woodchuck attacks a local woman out on a run. but first, a man will answer to charges following a wild standoff at a gas station. fox25's jason law is live in rehoboth this morning. >> yeah, things here at this gas station completely different. business as usual. everything calm here compared
6:46 am
just getting under way. look at the view of this suspect surrounded by a swat team in restraints yesterday morning. from skyfox. benjamin kimball is the suspect from north attleboro and he is facing a slew of charges this morning when he is expected to be in court later. police were called to the cumberland farms off of route 4 a few minutes before 7:00 after they said kimball just started to make threats. he threatened to hurt the clerk at the gas station. he threatened to kill police and he tried to light one of again the standoff didn't end until a few minutes before noontime. the swat team had to use flash bangs and k-9s to resolve this thing peaceful three which they did. the chief of police say he may suffer from some kind of menial illness. live in rehoboth, jason law, fox25 news. >> reporter: i am michael henrich reporting live in back bay as these people behind me wait in line for the iphone 7.
6:47 am
samsung is dealing one of the largest tech recalls ever and it is official, samsung and the consumer product safety commission has officially recalled the galaxy note 7 because the lithium note battery is overheating and in some cases exploding. if you have a galaxy 7 you can swap it out for a nonexplosive version wherever you bought it or a refund. ahead in 15 minutes, hear from some of those on line waiting for the iphone 7 as they sound samsung controversy. live in back bay, the fox25 morning news. i am jessica reyes live in medway where the town is warning people to be careful after a rabid by woodchuck attacked a woman out with a morning run. happened on tuesday in the idlebrook parkway of medway. the woman was out for her run when ran out of the woods and kept trying to bite her. thankfully a stranger drove by just at the right time and
6:48 am
the car when she ended up getting away from the rabid by woodchuck. the town did end up putting the animal down and it turned out to be in fact rabid by. warning people continue to facebook to be aware people with kids and pets. they want to remind everybody about the leash law and this woman this happened to said it was a terrifying experience and we will be hearing from her in 45 minutes. live from medway, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. now at 6:48 here on the fo fox25 morning news on a friday. we love to say that word. >> sara: alook forward to fridays because i like to hear you say that word. >> gene: i am glad i can comply. >> sara: shiri, it is friday. >> shiri: it is indeed and that friday forecast is looking pretty good out there. we have high pressure. that means most of the day clear. like yesterday, we do have a little bit of early cloud cover. once that burns off, it is a little cold this morning. a lot cold this morning. 40s and 50s to get you out the
6:49 am
sunday as that front approaches us. futurecast here, i want to break down some of the temperatures this morning and start off like i said in the 40s and 50s and not back into the widespread 60s until o'clock this morning. that's why i think short sleeves are going to suit you just fine and a few of the clouds weeding out. turning mostly sunny at lunchtime. upper 60s in boston. we have got 70s in the suburbs and that's what we hang on to for most of the afternoon. the 5 p.m. temperatures heading home from work will be the evening drive at 5 p.m. if you have some friday night plans by 9:00, you can see temperatures dipping back into the 60s. and that's when you have to bust the jacket back out. high temperatures get to 72 in plymouth as well as ipswich. 69 degrees in boston and upper 60s for hyannis. 70 in worcester, and in between, we have a whole bunch of middle 70s in spots like norwood, framingham and manchester, new hampshire. over the weekend you can find temperatures tomorrow in the middle 70s.
6:50 am
we are going to have to add some scattered clouds as the day goes on but the real rain will form here sunday into monday and you can see those sunday temperatures are a little close 80 degrees and pretty sticky. waking up saturday morning. this is 7 a.m. notice we are starting off partly sunny, and will stay partly sunny. the really thick clouds come into play when you are sleeping on saturday night. i expect most of to you stay dry. slight chance of showers saturday night and sunday morning. for showers north and west of boston. we will still have to have a close eye on southern new hampshire at 8 a.m. watch what happens during the day. we have got these scattered showers popping up in southern new england. the takeaway all at risk for afternoon showers. and during the evening, you can see things are starting to heat up on this front. this is going to slide through on sunday night and monday. a slow mover. so that's the time frame where we have the best bet for downpours and thunder and lightning. and perhaps even some severe
6:51 am
weekend always in view. coolest and brightest at 73. 77 tomorrow followed by 79 with doling rain on sunday. monday, 78 degrees as the showers continue through the morning hours. tuesday we clear out at 82 degrees. it is even 80 for the first day of fall here on thursday. catherine parrotta is up now with live drive time traffic this morning and i know it is thick enough for you over there, catherine. >> catherine: like clockwork. you can see that. start with this came on the map as i was standing here. a stalled truck on 93 right where it crosses 128 in the w woburn area. we are seeing some delays behind that. we will keep an eye behind that one. 128 is slow as you past burlington heading to lexington. a couple of these speeds too. on the expressway averaging 12 miles per hour through quincy and milton. you can see you are jammed in medford as you approach somerville. and you can see they are averaging 22 miles per hour in that spot where you cross 128.
6:52 am
t. the d branch is experiencing minor delays because of a disabled. here is a look at one of the live cameras now. heading south through somerville. and doing okay. and route 24, 20 minutes. on 93 from 495 to the leverett connector, 38 minute. and on the expressway from the split to the pike you are jammed up there a 23-minute ride. sara, over to you. >> sara: this girl's picture is she says her hair fell out because of her shampoo, and that's now sparking a proposal for you in regulations on cosmetics. fox25's daniel miller joins us more with this crackdown on the cosmetic industry. >> reporter: want supporters to have the power to leave toxic chemicals out of make-up and shampoos and be able to recall. the wynn hair product.
6:53 am
all of her hair after using wynn shampoo three times. she is missing a quarter of her red curly hair. >> i wouldn't think a sham 350 would do that especially when it is supposed to be extra gentle. companies would also be required to report incidents like hair loss to the fda. wynn insists their products are fe similar complaints have been filed. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25. reports that jessica alba may be selling her honest company. uni -- unilever it in talks to buy the company for $1 billion. the honest company was hit with multiple lawsuits claiming that its products contain chemicals the company say it is avoid. but alba has repeatedly denied those reports.
6:54 am
soaps and axe body spray also bought the dollar shave club last month. a school bus driver has been fired for some erratic driving to pass a slow moving truck. it happened this week in new jersey, and in the video you can see a school bus drive from the other -- drive from the other side of the street to get in front of a fed ex truck. the fed ex truck passes in the other lane and passes the school bus an starts to move even slower. >> it is a truck. it is a bus. it is big. be handled like one. >> sara: police are investigating the incident and no word if any students were on the bus at the time. if your car -- the car will remind you if you forget to turn the lights off or fasten your seat belt. the same kind of alert to see if a child is left in the back seat. 29 children have died in heat stroke incidents. the bipartisan bill introduced in the house will require back seat sensors and alarms.
6:55 am
why wouldn't you use it. if this many children were dying because of tainted baby food, i would assure you an immediate and very robust government reaction. >> gene: the bill has republican and democratic sponsors, but only a limited amount of days are left this year for congress to pass the legislation. a man caught on surveillance camera stealing from an antique store is apologizing for what he did. in may, the man stole a painting from a store in brockton and sold it to another s he apologize to the store owner and wrote a check to cover the cost of the painting he stole. and an oceanfront bed and breakfast is now for sale in rockport. it will cost you though. the captain's house hit the market for $2.5 million, along with stunning views of the atlantic, there are eight bedrooms and nine and a half baths. you want to see all of the pictures, we posted them on our web site at
6:56 am
saved from extinction on the north shore. the giant orange dinosaur on route 1 in saugus is not going anywhere. fears that the 20-foot-tall dinosaur will disappear because the mini golf course where it was stood for more than 50 years was told. he bought the dinosaur and install it next to the hotel he was building on that spot. good news that dinosaur survived. >> sara: such good news. >> gene: we wish it another 50 years. >> sarah: definitely. important figure behind the scenes of her father's campaign. now she is facing headlines. a tough questioning that have her leaving a magazine interview. what users will be able to buy on facebook in the social network. an update, rockport train 104, 10 to 20 minutes behind schedule because of an issue between gloucester and north station. we will keep you updated on that. shiri?
6:57 am
sunday afternoon, overnight sunday afternoon, overnight into monday. when you have your best bet into monday. every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. ls.
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, is responsible for the
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in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. >> shiri: waking up to coldest morning in three months. i'm tracking rain and shower will reach your town.
7:00 am
standoff. >> wasted a lot of time, northern and money. >> sara: donald trump getting candid in new hampshire last night and what he made to dozens of unemployed workers in the crowd. >> wild come back that prompted this home place complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: great win for the sox. highlights coming up this morning -- just a moment. thank you for being with us friday morning. >> last friday of the summer. hard to believe but it already


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