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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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ambulance. corey walks her dog here every day in front of the bristol square condos in easton. i was walking my dog and i saw police cruisers and two detectives >> anchor: she saw police saturate the area. i stopped t were they looking for a body or a dead dog. >> reporter: a woman was walking her shih tzu and say she was kicked and possibly even sexually assaults. she was walking her little dog a small woman with black hair was walking her small black and
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assaulted. police questioned her and he told me did you see anyone strange do you ever? i said no. and i walk dogs here pretty much every day. i think it is intimidating. it is scary. it seems like a safe area. i have felt comfortable here. stay away from our area please us the woman was so scared she was not able to get a description of the subject. she ran to a nearby business for help. we are live in easton tonight. a federal judge has rejected request from the boston globe to
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tsarnaev was sentenced to death last year for his role. >> anchor: two people convicted in the snap chat rape trial were sentenced to five years in jail. prosecutors say they sexually assaulted an and then shared it on snapchap. the lawyers spoke for the subjects. apologize for the families and the victim. i would like to start by apologizing for my actions. once they are released from prison they will both have to
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of charges today. he claimed he had a bomb and was threatening to blow up a cumber land farms store. kimble was armed with an xbox game controller but told police he had a gun. police believe he may have it will issues. this comes after an audit frowned drugs guns cash and more from evidence lockup. robert? >> reporter: in the audit we learned about evidence that was tampered with and missing inside the braintree police department as it waited to go to trial. tonight we talked to the former
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all together. all week long 11 cases were thrown out because the evidence is now questionable after an out date of the braintree evidence room found discrepancies. and these police officers went out and made an efforts to get the drugs off the street. retired state was asked to do the audit after officer sopati was in charge of the lockup at the time. she was there at 2013 to the present. one of gordon's first interviews was with her back in may and days later she took her own life.
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some were found at her home. they would have to individually pull up the person's name and arrest report and find what property number was assigned to the evidence. they have sent out 200 letters to defense attorneys who could have impacted cases. it is tainted you are not going to finish the bowl. >> anchor: the police department has made a number of changes on how it handles evidence based on the recommendations on that out did including having two officers oversee that room. police tell us tonight the report of an assault near bridge
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head an tried to remove her clothe and that student has recanted her story and police have called off the search. blair miller joins us now to explain. >> reporter: the money donated to unh he died at the age of school. he worked at unh for 50 years and was part of the class of 1963. this gift was announced last month. unh is defending the use of a quarter of his donation for a new scoreboard. a storm of criticism saying they are ashamed but unh is not
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say it was his firm decision to designate only a small portion of his estate to the library and leave the rest unrestricted. yes, we have heard from people how the gift was used but it does not change our decision. $100,000 was dedicated to the library he worked at and another $2.5 million will be launch a career center there. new at 6:00 residents on bridge street have new neighbors. the satanic temple is at 64 bridge street in salem. spokes person highlighted it is a quaint town.
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headquarters of the world's largest satanic organization is not lost on us. >> anchor: turning now to the weather. boston the suburbs, really starting to feel like fall. chief meteorologist, the start of the weekend looks great and then we need the rain? it is a limboin coming up on sunday. but will it be enough to mess up your plans? that is the question we are trying to tackle. this evening though, 67, cape dodd and nantucket cooler. kick off time for the football games and this one 66 degrees by half time clear and 64 on the way down.
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64 at first pitch with light breeze and clear skies. the latest timeline on when you can expect that to affect us. this is how we usually see bill belichick but today he talked about his father. butch joins us live and coach was all smiles when it comes to his dad. >> reporter: yeah, it was a different side of coach when he talks about his dad. as many of us know he is the son of a football coach.
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i get a chance to talk with the coach about his relationship with his dad. my dad was a son of a steel worker and didn't have much future other than the steel mill and had a college scholarship in football and that paved >> reporter: how much of your coaching style and philosophy comes from steve? my dad gave me tough love. >> reporter: is there one thing that comes straight from him? just giving back. being able to give back. fob has been good to me and our
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so good to be able to give back to people involved in those two sports wherever they may be because of what they have done for me. >> reporter: a different side of the coach and we'll talk about tom brady and they are going to get together to play catch. we'll have that coming up and game day. the next time you see me the cheerleaders have something special cooked up here. that is good right there. and what a great interview. >> anchor: really to see a different side of bill like that. all that he did for him.
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boat heading out for a fun day on the water. the call for help and the race to rescue the three people onboard. it is going to be fine to start your week end the rain is lurj being. >> anchor: a severe drought in
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cooper dolphins found 16 in the herring river the found for animal welfare says this was the largest group of dolphins they rescued the group was later released together. drying up. the is in a drought. in worcester the city is taking steps to become a rare natural resource. >> reporter: this video tells the story. the water is at levels that hasn't been seen in decades this is a picture of ed augustus standing in the reservoir.
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this head. we haven't seen a drought like this for 26 years if it continues on it could exceed that last drought. they are in a stage 3 drought emergency. it means severe restrictions on water use. not for lawns, not for power washing decks and homes. the ban extends too. water will be served if a customer requests it. the drought is forcing families to change the way they do things. they are using this barrel to collect water for their plants, the family's plants are thriving in the brought. just take care of the water
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inside the house. in worcester the manager tells me the city has not had to restort to fines. people get that for health and safety and our economy we need to make sure we have access to clean drinking water. the reservoir system fox 25 news. check out these temperatures they are coming on right there. 72 bedford 70 degrees in the north part of massachusetts. we are talking about high school football. north andover 72 by 6:00.
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throughout the evening. fenway park 64 degrees in the late south easterly wind things are looking real nice. if you step out this week end it will be cool. you know the suburbs will be in the upper 40s. last night couple hit the upper 30s. even as close as those dry, clear, nights. if you talk about the full harvest moon coming out. just after this newscast you can see it rise. it is going to look big and bright. temperatures dropping down through the 50s first thing in the morning. it is not going to be totally
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temperature drops tonight. temperature cools off and moisture condens near the fog. low lying areas where the temperatures cool the most. look to our west this is what we are watching closely. trying to pick up batches of moisture trying to get picked up by the front and more by the coast here. th julia is sitting out here and may spin itself out. check this out the clouds start to roll in early in the day on saturday. there will be scattered showers in the morning and into the afternoon. the front looks like if it is going to come up the front it
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the evening hours. i'll be watching this time. this is not something you need to worry about tomorrow. clouds will drift on here. the 7 day forecast shows you rain on sunday into monday. you'll be dodging the rain drops and at night that is your best chance to get in here. getting involved with and not certain about that. the 70s% with that new information and updating that timeline with that information. new at 6:00 governor charlie baker is talking about the president's move to create a monument off the coast. local fishermen are concerned.
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be some sort of follow up dialogue here with folks like u.s. senator marky but with federal entities that for years and years and years have had the responsibility for doing that work. the marine national monument will block one of their most fertile areas. on i never thought i was going to come home i thought i was going to get killed coming up making sure the memories live on long after they are gone. >> anchor: they lined up before
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peopl came up to get their hands on a shiny new apple. some are having to return samsung's latest phone. michael henrick reports on the tale of two phones. >> reporter: the big day has arrived. but the new iphone 7 water
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mixed reviews like the elimination of the headphone jack and the whole waiting outside of the store. ask the people who waited all night as temperatures dipped into the 40s? just the new iphone what can it be. and this man wasn't buying one for himself. for a friend. i'm confident that i won't die in apple's big day comes as samsung deals with an exploding phone. the galaxy note 7. one million units in the u.s. alone. 92 reports in the u.s. of the batteries over heating 26 reports of burns and 55 reports
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anyone who owns the galaxy note 7, you can get a replacement free of charge. mobility impaired riders can now choose uber or lyft in a move to make the system more cost eec the program has been under scrutiny over the last year. also ahead the race to rescue
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your top stories right now. police are looking for suspects after a woman has sexually assaulted in easton. the man kicked and assaulted her before she could run for help.
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evidence room issues. the da's office has sent out 200 letters to attorneys that could have affected cases. the majority of hard working officers that they were making an effort to get drugs off the street and now the cases will be thrown out. and now two officers will oversee the evidence room. tonight both defendants are spenlding their first night in
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both will serve between four and five years in prison plus three years probation for assaulting a drunk and drugged girl in 2014 videotaping the attack and sharing it online. neither addressed the crt instead their attorneys apologized for them. i would like to apologize for expressing my deep remorse and my actions. prosecutors though claim he is not sorry for what happen. i don't think she realizes
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both sentenced to five years probation. second person involved in a crash has died. fox 25 first reported that one man was killed and two others injured after a speed boat today a man accused of killing two nun's was in court. rodney sanders is accused of killing them in their home. prosecutors are presenting evidence in the case before it goes to a grand jury.
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in new york -- he thought of the officers that were killed under his supervision. he bake boston's 34s police commissioner. a high school football player is planning to continue to protest the national anthem >> reporter: last week he took a knee during the game opting to protest during the anthem. he has promised to do that tonight. a picture from last week shows him making that gesture a silent protest. he said he was going to be
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he was told there may be disciplinary action from one game. the superintendant saying there was never discipline taken nor would there be. he plans to take the knee again tonight. there may be a large whiteout people showing up with white t-shirts tonight. for now i'm live in worcester fox 25 news. a search for a wanted man has been called off. multiple units were out looking for the man. schools were briefly put on lock down police have cleared the
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we've learned a cigarette is likely to blame for the flames you see pouring out of the home. one person was rushed to the hospital after this crash in med way overnight. the condition of the driver is still unknown. a crew was called to repair the poll. illegal drugs were to blame for the state's overdose death. of those 85% died from heroin or phentonol. people released from prison are 50 times more likely to die from an overdose.
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officer accusing his superiors from fabricating claims against him. the incident was caught on camera and then covered up. a local woman will have to undergo painful rabies shots. the wood chuck bit her. he turned around and made a he came after me and was at my feet and trying to bite me. can you imagine out for a jog? a stranger stopped and let her jump in her car. animal control confirmed it did
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half? we can use it. that is the question we have details on that. i'll share that with you. that beautiful sunset this is via twitter. i got it from here how beautiful is that. that is a pond and now it is mostly sunny skies there thank you for that picture and beautiful clouds over lowell, massachusetts tonight. 72 in bedford so high school football tonight in the 60s under clear skies. straight ahead. new at 6:00 the south end will be getting a new office
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>> anchor: here is the rendering. it will be added to the stretch of the south end that has seen a flood of housing in the last few years. attention shoppers stock up on your gold coins. grocery store changes merged in bree stocking. trader joe's will open a 13,000 square foot food store and sit near harbor stadium. it will be the california
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boston. are you ready for some football tonight? game day here live under the friday night lights you'll have a big moon over the field tonight too, butch. clear skies here. for the big game between the scarlet knights and the hillies. for more here are the coaches. the big game tonight it is a good game both teams have a history of competitive games they are good programs very young programs we are looking forward to a good match up tonight. we have 22 seniors starting on both sides of the ball this year we have a good foundation from last year a lot of returns
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bountsing back. we competed to the end. we are looking for our kids to compete with every play. they have to put the play behind it and the goal is to do everything you can for the guy next to you. both coaches ready for this game and ready for his big a week from tonight. today a spoke with the coach about his rip with his dad. how much of your coaching philosophy comes from him? i give a lot of tough love. yeah, tough love for the coach. how about this news that tom
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game of catch. brady and him is going to play some catch that is how tom brady is going to keep himself going tonight at 11:00 highlights and reaction and don't forget butch
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a boat out for a day of fun on the water runs into troubled waters early this morning. the coast guard acted quickly and was able to get everyone
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a boater made that call for help. here on the radio call you hear a woman in the back ground who sounds like she is in pain. the coast guard responded quickly. a two of them ending up in the hospital. bob royce saw it being towed not surprised to hear where it happened. i see people going on the wrong side of the markers quite often ten. the coast guard said it is
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a close call that could have been worse. a late summer day on the water. one person hurt their arm and another cut their face. fox 25ness. state officers where out on patrol when they found a large marijuana growth site in state police are investigating so far no one has been arrested. governor baker has signed an executive order calling for the development of a statewide climate change plan. it promises to assist towns and cities in coping with impacts
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here in boston we love the dirty water but would you drink it? it is called brew the charles. they hope it will highlight the importance of water conservation. the water is not safe to drink untreated. would you try it? give it a shot. 67 degrees 60s to 70s around the area. football our game of the week tonight in the fok dropping into the 50s. and then the sun will come out in the morning there will be some clouds fixing with it. low 50s out there.
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in norwood. here is what is happening out there. clear skies rain shower activity and heavy rain moving into the midwest and that is going to link um to the front and push toward us and a stream of this coming into the coast line this week end could enhance the rainfall. connection for this to happen but this is what we are hoping for. so saturday is not an issue. clouds will float in here and a mixture of sun and clouds no showers around. let's fast forward to sunday. you wake up and the clouds are starting to increase and the sun
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through the morning and most of us will stay dry. by 5:00 we'll be watching the wind moving away. 65 by 10:00 am. by sunday though, you see the forecast temperatures here 81 on sunday in boston but notice shower and thunderstorm threat. pick it up at 5:00 most of the activity is to the west that pushing across into our area. more of our rainfall coming up the coast and lingering into the middle part of the day. 7 day forecast shows the front
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sunday night into monday. we are not talking about drought busting rain there is a real good shot to get a drenching rain saturday night into sunday. saturday is a dry day and sunday is a mostly dry day. it is not a day with all day rainfall coming up. that happens later on at at 10:00. all right the eastern state exposition known as the bill e began it's 100 anniversary fair today. organizers say they planned this celebration two years ago. a 3500 square exhibit that walks each through the fair.
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they are gone.
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vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. women vote is responsible for
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new at 6:00 archeologists
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pottery. preserving history before it's gone forever. there is a new effort underway to record massachusetts veteran's war stories. fox 25 elizabeth hopkins learned about the program from across the coun that was launched today. he is sitting down to sit with his first subject a 92 year old sailor who came under attack and considers it a privilege lemming. he describes himself as a poor kid from a poor neighborhood 92
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attack. they give me the opportunity to help other people survive. for his heroism he was awarded two ribbons and a citation from the representatives. it is because of men and women like arnold that we enjoy the freedoms that we take for granted every single day. that make our country and our communities what they are. >> anchor: the decision to honor marcus is to record as many veteran's stories as
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generations about war. other states are doing the same. i would like to thank the lord for shining his good graces on me. congressman is asking people to reach out to his office if they someone. that is a great idea. you are able to hear his story for generations to come. we appreciate his service always. all right. the weekend kind of -- looks great tomorrow. sunday the rain is going to move on in.
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erica runs on dunkin'. ?? ?? "e.t.'s" emmy countdown. >> i'm here in the middle of all the madness as "the people versus o.j." shoots for an emmy sweep, but will the juice be watching on sunday? new bombshells from jonbenet's ramsey's brother. dr. phil today pulling no punches. >> plus -- the beatles come together again. how paul and ringo are reliving their glory days. then paul walker's brothers still fighting back tears nearly three years after his death. their new interview sharing personal family stories. >> and as "everybody loves raymond" turns 20, we flashback with ray romano.


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