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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 17, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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first at 10:00 we begin with a live look at the current temperatures in your area and as you can see we are cooling down for the night.
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more southerly wind ahead of this fronted. look at all the rain along with it. to add to this, a little tropical system it's julia what's left of her anyway. some of that could get involved too, that could bring us some enhanced
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now. i'm back in a few minutes with a timeline. >> see you then, kevin. with temperatures cooling down be sure too download the fox 25 storm tracker weather app. you can get custom forecasts for your neighborhood from our team of experts. the fox 25 storm tracker weather app is free for any device. following breaking news out of newton where police are responding to a person hit and killed by a train it happened just before 9:00 tonight. mbta is still reporting several delays in we know more. a rare but highly contagious virus has popped up at a local high school. outbreaks of hand foot-and-mouth disease has cancelled games and activities at schools around the country. now a technical high school in fitchburg is dealing with this tillness. fox 25's christine mccarthy spoke with students and parents and christine, this virus has really hit the football team hard? >> reporter: it really has. the principal here called up
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automated statement informing them that one football player and one football player only was diagnosed with this illness but none of his teammates showed similar symptoms. however, because he showed up for school with those symptoms some of the students and their parents are concerned. >> why are you like freaking out about it. >> reporter: it's a big talker at monte tech in fitchburg at least one high school student diagnosed with cox saki virus better known as hand foot-and-mouth disease >> reporter: monte tech principal thomas brown called parents informing them that the ill football play her likely contracted the virus while the j.v. bulldogs team played on monday. they had told monte tech they had players recovering from the illness but believed them to be no longer contagious brown said. >> my friend and why are you skipping school then he showed me his hands they were discovered with like hand foot and mouth. >> reporter: the standard
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throat, rash, blisters, and sores. >> a giant giant pink blisters. >> reporter: while it's rare in children over 5, the virus is not unheard of in new jersey where a recent outbreak at several schools has cancelled high school games and required sanitizing buses. >> here in fitchburg, other athletes were screened for symptoms. >> they called all the football players down about 9:00 at cafeteria and checked them all. >> administrators are urging students to wash their those who are sick. >> very concerning, yeah, we're going to have a conversation with her when we get home. >> reporter: nowdy reach out to officials with both schools but i was not able to make contact with anyone for a comment this afternoon and this evening. but i am told that some of the facilities here at monte tech are being sanitized for everyone's safety. of course those athletes, other students, and the teachers and administrators here. i'm also told that all of
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team monday were told ahead of time that they were playing an opposing them that had players that were recovering from tell you thisness. live in fitchburg tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. police are still looking for a suspect after a woman in east end was walking a dog when a man came from behind and assaulted her. dog owners told fox 25 they are extremely nervous knowing the suspect is still at large. the assaults happened just after 6:00 a.m. she was walking her dog when a man came from behind and kicked her and may have now we spoke to a woman who saw police on the street. >> i heard that a woman was walking her little dog, a small woman with black hair that lives somewhere in this development was walking her small black and white dog and was either approached or assaulted. >> police say the victim did not get a description of the suspect. she was extremely shaken up and ran to get help. called police if you know
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boston globe to release how many taxpayer money was used for the defense team of dzhokhar tsarnaev. the judge ruled that the defense costs should not be made public until after tsarnaev's appeal is decided. three people died and more than 250 others were injured when two bombs exploded at the boston marathon finish line in 2015. tsarnaev was sentenced to death last year for his role. 11 cases thrown out this week and one scheduled for monday. this all coming after what an audit of the braintree police department's evidence retired state police major bruce gordon was asked via the police chief to do the evidence room audit after concerns surfaced while officer susan was in charge. the audit revealed money, drugs and guns were unaccounted for. it's unclear how many criminal cases will have to be thrown out. >> a lot of majority of hardworking honest police officer especially at the braintreed that they went out -- braintree p.d. and
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>> the d.a.'s office has sent out 200 letters so far to attorneys who could potentially have impacted cases. massachusetts health officials say illegal drugs were to blame for most of the state's overdose deaths in the last few years. the new study shows more than 2200 people overdosed between 2013 and 2014. of those 85% died from either heroin or fentanyl. only 8% had a prescription for an opioid drug. the report also found people recently released prison are 50 times more likely to die from an overdose than the general public. new at 10:00, duxbury emergency personnel got to the scene of this crash and had to work quickly to revive the driver because of an overdose. the driver did not have a pulse and wasn't breathing. e.m.s. used narcan to revive him. he was then taken to the hospital. now to the race for the white house where today hillary clinton had superstar power stumping for her on the campaign trail but don't think that stopped
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shots at his competitor. the first lady wanted to keep a democrat in the white house. >> no one in our lifetime has ever had as much experience and exposure to the presidency, not barack, not bill, as he would say nobody, and yes, she happens to be a woman. >> reporter: she's one of the many democratic heavy hitters on the campaign trail, including senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. >> please anybody who donald trump in any way reflects the pointed of view that i have. >> reporter: hillary clinton attempted to make up some ground as the presidential race tightens. >> this year once again you have your hands on the wheel of history and you can write the next chapter of the american story. >> reporter: donald trump still capitalizing controversial comments clinton made at a fund-raiser.
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deplorables. >> reporter: the republican national committee changing its rules to allow donors to give more money to trump whose war chest is catching up with clinton mostly because of an on-line fund-raising operation that is exceeding expectations. >> she spent hundreds of millions of dollars phony campaign ads and we've spent practically nothing, i'm proud of that. >> reporter: the first debate between clinton and trump is ju fox 25 is your home for in-depth coverage of election 2016 when we're not air we are on-line at and the fox 25 news app. three time pull its prize winning playwright albee has died. he whose afraid of virginia wolf. albehad been america's greatest living play right after the deaths of arthur miller and august wilson in 2005. albee died in suburban new
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archaeologists have uncovered historic artifacts in the boston's oldest church building. they found the items in the garden salem street in the north end. the items include pieces of pottery, children's toys, tobacco pipes and religious figures. archaeologists believe the items date back to the 1,800s when european immigrants came to the area. fox 25 goes one-on-one with patriots head coach bill belichick. >> how much of bill and philosophy comes from -- >> people in one neighborhood say this man is stealing a bunch of packages from front doors. the bold way victims say he's doing it new at 10:00. and a local high school football player kneels during the national anthem. new at 10:00 how his
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>> tonight a worster teenager continued protesting during the national anthem at his high school football game by kneeling on the ground. the dougherty high school player first took a knee during last week's game. >> tonight his teammates and classmates showed their support. john monahan is live in worster to show us what they did. john -- live in worcester to show us what they did. >> reporter: three other people joined in tonight. the superintendent of schools had just asked everyone to stand for the national anthem. but if they did not she asked that they prost >> reporter: as the national anthem played number two michael opong took a knee again tonight and so did three other players. this after the superintendent just moments before asked everyone to stand for the anthem. >> if you choose not to stand you must do so peacefully. >> i think it's sad. >> reporter: bernadette is the granted mother of
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she thinks there is a better way for michael to handle his concerns. >> i wish he had a peaceful protest instead in front of the school one pornography morning. >> reporter: he told fox 25 this week he protested to protest the treatment of black people in america. >> i did it because i felt like black people are facing a lot of injustice and inequality. >> while opong gets support to voice his concern people tonight are not sure the national anthem is the best former player and coach. >> i don't kneel i stand up. >> reporter: he believes michael is on the right track but says being active in the community will make a real difference. >> i believe if you really believe in that you should be in the community raising your voice and doing everything. >> reporter: now we just
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text message saying the school is okay with his protest and he plans continuing to do so. we're live in worcester tonight, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. tonight we are hearing the call for help that likely saved three people whose boat ran aground this morning. apparently we don't have that sound four right now. but we were on the scene. the coast guard responded quickly working to pull the 33 boat to shore on the three people out. two ending up in the hospital. witnesses weren't surprised to hear where it happened. >> because i see people go on the wrong side of the market quite often. >> one person may have broken their arm another person cut their face. the coast guard says it's likely the boaters hit a sandbar and may have been out of control. a tense search for wanted man has been called off tonight in the saugus and melrose area.
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k-9 patrols were all out looking for this guy. melrose elementary schools were briefly put lockdown. police cleared the area tonight without finding that man. a new lawsuit claims incidents of racism within the brockton police department. this latest suit comes from a brockton officer who accuses his superiors of fabricating an assault case against him. the officer claims it's because of racial discrimination. the suit states that the incident involving another brockton police officer was caught on camera then covered behind bars that's how long a man and woman will serve for raping a teenage girl. videotapes the horrific attack then sharing it on snapchat. fox 25's chris flanagan was in the courtroom when they learned their punishment then said sorry. >> i agree that the same sentence should be imposed. >> reporter: 21-year-old and 20-year-old sat expressionless during today's sentencing. both will serve between four and five years in prison plus, three years probation
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16-year-old massachusetts girl near a saugus elementary school in 2014. and videotaping the attack then sharing it snapchat. neither defendant addressed the court and instead their attorneys apologized for them. >> he did ask me to apologize on his scbhafl behalf and apologize to his family, apologize to the victim in this case. >> i would like to start by addressing my deep remorse and apology for my actions. affected everyone involved. >> reporter: prosecutors claim he is not sorry for what happened. her aunt disagrees. >> she's very sorry, i don't think she realizes how she got here either. >> again both defendants sentenced to four to five years in prison plus, three years probation. they also have to register as sex offenders. we're in salem, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. tonight we're getting some fresh perspective just how serious our drought
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that's worcester's city manager standing in a place where he should be 20 feet under water. ahead at 10:00 how the historic conditions are changing people's lives. but first pats coach bill belichick goes one-on-one with fox 25 and the questions we asked that he had no problem answering. that's next on fox 25 news at 10:00. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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>> update to a breaking news we've learned the person hit and killed by a train in newton is a teenager. it happened near cressented and row streets just before 9:00 tonight. the mbta is still reporting several delays in that area. we do have a reporter heading to the scene and will pass along any new information just as soon as we get it. new neighbors who are taking over an old funeral home. the satanic temple is moving in and making a new headquarters. the old victoriaian is in salem and will open to the
1:21 am
about salem highlighted its quaint town tied to boston's intellectual hub. also adding quote the irony which a town once executed people will now be hosting the headquarters of the world's largest satanic organization is not lofton us. the university of new hampshire is coming under fire over how it's spending some of the millions of dollars donated to its campus by a late university librarian. >> he died last at the age of 77 and left $4 million to the school. he went to u.n.h. for -- he worked at u.n.h. for some 60 years. he was known to live very simply his gift was announced last no. they will use it for a new video scoreboard at the university's new football stadium. a storm of criticism has been building social media with some alumni saying they
1:22 am
budging. they said it was mr. warren's firm decision to designated only a small portion of his estate to the library and to leave the rest unrestricted for the university to use as it saw fit. yes, we have heard from people who disagree with how the gift was used. we respect and acknowledge that feedback but it does not change our decision. $100,000 of the donation was dedicated to the library he worked at for so many years another $2.5 million will be used to launch an career center at u.n.h. by now you probably know patriots head coach bill bect is a man of few words during news conferences but today fox 25's butch stearns went one-on-one with the future hall of fame coach. butch i love this interview today because you got to see his personal side. >> it's fun to see. we rarely do see. that three years ago patriots head coach started the bill belichick foundation mostly as a tribute to his dad steve belichick. in a one-on-one conversation this morning at gillette the
1:23 am
leader opened up about his foundation and about what carrying his dad's legacy means to him. >> really my dad lived the american dream. he was the son of a steelworker and really didn't have much future other than the steel mill and had a college scholarship in football and so that opportunity, obviously, paved the way for me. >> your dad, how much of bill belichick's coaching still and philosophy comes from steve belichick? >> my dad gave a lot way some people describe me. >> if there's one thing you learn from him that's being carried on through your foundation his legacy, is there one thing that comes straight from steve belichick? >> just giving back. just being able to give back. football has been very good. football and lacrosse have been very good to me and our family. it's really i feel so good to be able to give back to people involved in those two sports in particular wherever they may be because
1:24 am
>> next friday night is the third annual hall of fame huddle which is a huge fund-raiser for the bill belichick foundation. you can go to to see how to get tickets and to see more of my interview with the coach. be ock, vanessa. >> i really like that when you get glimpses you hold onto it. >> we saw him smile. a record number of dolphins got stranded today in a river cape cod. >> next them was rescued and the main question experts are now trying to answer. >> not quite as cool as it was last night still around 60? in boston. but i'll show you within spot that's already in the 40s and when some rain arrives this weekend. >> plus, a military have eliminate takes a tumble behind prince william.
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>> check outside this picture right here it's worcester's city manager
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supplies. it is supposed to be under 20 feet of water. tonight that picture proves that the drought concerns need to be taken very seriously. >> as fox 25's bob ward found out this city has been this dried out in 26 years. >> reporter: this video from skyfox tells the disturbing story. the water in central massachusetts reservoirs is at levels that especially hasn't been seen in decades. this is a picture of ed agustus standing in the feet tall in this spot in a normal year the water should be 20 feet over his head. >> we haven't seen a drought of this magnitude for about 26 years and if it continues on it could exceed that last drought. >> reporter: worcester is now in a stage three drought emergency. it means severe restrictions on water use, lawns are stressed as the ban includes no outdoor watering, not for lawns, not for cars, not for power washing decks and
1:28 am
even restaurants are being asked not to automatically serve tap water to guests water will only be served if the customer requests it. the drought is forcing families to change the way they do things. this family is using a rainwater system they're using this barrel to collect rainwater and they use this to water their plants. so far for this family the rain barrel system is working. the family's plants are thriving in the drought. but it does mean sacrifice >> just take care of all the water from the rain. >> reporter: in worcester the city manager tells me the city has not had to resort to fines to enforce the water ban. most people are obeying it themselves. >> people intuitively get that for health and safety and for our economy here we need to make sure we have access to clean drinking water. >> reporter: and this look at the city's reservoir
1:29 am
accessible water makes it clear there's not a lot of water to go around. in worcester, bob ward, fox 25 news. new at 10:00 a new american flag put up outside of a local store after someone set the old one fire last night. it happened in everett outside of the corner store. tonight fox 25 obtained video surveillance video of the flag being set on fire then someone running away. burning the american flag is not a crime but it is if you do it to someone else's property. do but run around and try to burn flags and try to intimidate people. >> anyone with information about the flag burning is asked to call everett police. the money you're saving at the gas pump may soon disappear. gas prices are expected to jump as much as 25 cents in the coming days. ahead at 11:00 why it's all connected to a single item that broke. plus, it is a theme straight out of a spy movie. a thief drops down from a ceiling and empties the cash register.
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had the lights turned off. i insisted do you it so we did it, too. look at the jets flying right across that beautiful harvest moon out there tonight. it looks big and bright and expected as it came up just after our 6:00 newscast. i was heating up my pasta and i ran outside to take a picture myself. my picture is awful but i'll give you a couple other shots. that's the full moon rising over plymouth with the boats in the foreground gorgeous shot coming in from plymouth. this is from chatham out on cape cod. the full moon rising there as well. look at this picture. actually jet is really small in this shot but that same jet or maybe one just like it going right across the moon in this picture to a beautiful shot, thank you for that one as well. i wish that was mine but that's from photographer sean. thank you for all the beautiful pictures hope you
1:31 am
moon out there tonight. i told you i would show you one spot that's in the 40s there it is on the vineyard. another one to show you as well it's not the only place that's already dropped into the 40s. that's martha's vineyard. these dry clear nights to radiate or cool off more quickly than other spots. still 63? in boston get into the 50s back here in metro west when we slide westward a little bit more. to 54. but we have to hop all the way to cape cod there are cool spots out there cape cod. those are the coolest spots right now. these are your temperatures overnight in boston dropping down through the 50s right back to 66 by 10:00 tomorrow morning. we're going to be warmer tomorrow afternoon with some 70s as well. down to 52 in worcester in
1:32 am
again like last night the suburbs of boston and worster will drop into the 40s. not expecting as many upper 30s as we saw last night because the air mass is starting to moderate but there can be a couple that actually reach just below 40 under these clear skies with the dry air. ahead of this next front temperatures it will be a little bit warmer and the humidity will increase this happens ahead of a cold front typically as winds shift around to the south. that southerly shift will try its best to pull a ribbon of moisture off of area along this front. plenty of heavy rain along the front. right now the trajectory takes it to our west and north though. some in the gulf of mexico, too. there are a couple places where we can get some additional rainfall to move into this front. but the timing has to be perfect. so here's future cast taking you right through into saturday morning, tomorrow morning. you can see you will be waking up to sunshine. meteorologist jason brewer
1:33 am
not a bad start to your weekend. in fact, going to fenway park make it if he a row. 74 degrees just after 1:00 a beautiful day for baseball. humidity to start and won't be uncomfortable. now on sunday a different story. more clouds the risk of a shower here on or there during the morning not a big concern into the afternoon. but later in the day especially getting toward dinner time here comes the front with some showers and thunderstorms along it that's when the highest risk of rain comes in sunday night and into monday. couple 80 degree readings especially sunday just ahead of that front. we'll continue to tell you the highest risk of rainfall is sunday night into monday. if we can get some of that tropical moisture we can get a good dousing with over an inch of rain in some spots. that along with your wake up forecast just ahead in a few minutes. wildlife teams rescued 16 dolphins strangedded in the river in wellesley. check out this sight right here. it's the largest mass
1:34 am
seen they are not sure what caused the dolphins like this one right here to show up there. but officials are investigating. something there. new at 10:00 watertown police officer has had a long run tonight 106 miles to be sack. the officer is running for a charity and his daughter. >> officer brandon o'neil is taking part in the springfield ride to remember only he's going on foot while everyone else rides a bike. this year's ride mass state trooper both of them died in the line of duty. >> we have a lot of bad reporting but this is one way we can get back to our community in a good way. >> officer o'neil is also running for his daughter who was born with a heart did not condition and was not expected to makid to the her first birthday. his daughter made it to the age of 10.
1:35 am
from his girls and his family. >> wish him well. >> what a great thing. >> he's in great shape. tonight people in one neighborhood tell fox 25 a man is going around stealing a bunch of packages. >> new at 10:00 the extra effort this man is putting in to walk away with whatever he wants. >> plus, mothers forced to dump their breast milk while going through airport security. how lawmakers are stepping in to help. >> first a military veteran falls down right behind
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>> you can hear the gaffes as a british veteran collapsed shortly after meeting english royalty. prince william and duchess kate were visiting essex dignitaries when the man fell. after realizing what happened prince william and others helped the vet. the man is the queen's representative and fortunately he was not hurt. the f.a.a. is trying to figure out if millions of drones will eventually cloud the nation's skies after a flood of new drone registrations. >> 550,000 drones registered with the f.a.a. in the last nine months alone. right now new registrations are coming in at a rate of 2,000 a day. in comparison there are only 260,000 manned airplanes registered here in the u.s. "the lead" of the nypd william bratton is stepping
1:39 am
leaving the force to take a job in a private security force. bratton is a dorchester native and led boston police in the 90s before moving on to new york and los angeles. an atlanta judge is holding bobbi kristina brown's partner legally responsible for her death. brown the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown died last january. a judge ruled her partner nick gordon failed to meet a jury trial will now determine how much gordon will be required to pay in damages. he has not been charged with a crime. next at 10:00, why breast milk might force t.s.a. agents to be restrained. but first new at 10:00 -- >> south in southie -- people in southie hoping they can catch the guy in the delivery truck. >> a gentleman riding a bike and i saw him pick up a box
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new at 10:00, police want you to take a close look at these pictures. they tell us this man is going around a neighborhood in southie and stealing everyone's packages from outside their homes. >> people who live there tell us the man actually follows the delivery truck around and just takes what he wants. new at be 10:00 fox 25's jacqui heinrich has a closer look at how this thief is helping himself. >> reporter: people in southie say it may had been
1:43 am
rash of package thefts captured on surveillance video taking boxes possibly working in connection with a woman seen here following a delivery truck and snatching up the goods before the owners ever knew they were there. we talked to dozens of neighbors who said in recent weeks their on-line orders have just not turned up. >> a couple that just seemed to have just disappeared. >> reporter: while nobody can identify the perp for sure, kevin burn says he got a pretty good look. >> a gentleman riding a bike the house right behind me here and took off with it. >> reporter: not knowing if the package was intend for the bicycle rider burn didn't think much of it until he saw the box ripped open laying on the street and checked the address. he brought it back to its rightful owner. >> i just told him i said i don't know if you are getting stuff delivered a lot there was a guy that grabbed box he obviously didn't like what was in there and dropped it and i put it at my house and just gave it to him the next day.
1:44 am
can identify this thief before it escalates. >> you just don't feel secure. >> reporter: jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. a rehoboth man is facing a long list of charges tonight after a standoff outside of a local gas station. skyfox captured the moment the swat team took him into custody. police say he claims he had a bomb was threatening to blow up a cumberland farm store. he also say he threatened to kill police. according to the sun chronicle kimbal was game controller but he did tell police he had a gun. police believe he may be suffering from mental health issues. a new hampshire man has pleaded guilty to secretly recording underage girls as they changed in a target dressing room. zachary bishop was in koirt yesterday for an incident that happened over the summer at a target in bedford, new hampshire. bishop won't serve any jail time instead he must get a psychiatric evaluation and counselling. he's due back in court in december to prove he
1:45 am
it can be a miserable flight for parents traveling with infants. mistakenly making passengers dump breast milk. as fox 25's elizabeth hopkins reports there's a plan in washington to keep the t.s.a.'s hands-off breast milk and formula. >> reporter: is -- flying with a baby can cause ang decide. >> reporter: thread question. will the t.s.a. ask me to dump breast milk even though it's exempt from the it happened to congresswoman jamie mother of two young children. >> one mom there was a story about this mom who had the bomb squad called her. >> reporter: so the congresswoman introduced the babes act the bottles and breast-feeding screening act. it will require new training about milk for t.s.a. agents. airlines will also receive a reminder for parents. the legislation took a leap forward becoming law this week when it cleared a house committee. >> i think it's important that t.s.a. makes sure that
1:46 am
the standard policy down and they're applying it equally. >> reporter: t.s.a. says it's already taking steps to better train t.s.a. agents about accommodating passengers travelling with baby milk. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. good news for parents who understand the frustration of a child with an ear infection. researchers from boston children's hospital say a new antibiotic ear drop may be the answer it would replace the liquid antibiotic take for more than a week. so far the ear drops have only been tested though chinchillas. -- as an alternative to the mbta's the ride. the first of its kind pilot program will allow impaired passenger get a ride. the ride is a fleet of t vehicles used for disabled riders. the program has been under scrutiny of the mbta's fiscal and management
1:47 am
governor charlie baker is talking about president obama's controversial move to create a marine national monument off the new england coast. the president's decision has local fishermen concerned about their futures. the republican governor clearly not in agreement in the white house on the issue. >> my hope is that there will be some sort of follow-up dialogue here not just with the local fishermen with folks like the marry of new bedford and senator markey, but follow up conversations federal entities that for years and years and years have had the responsibility for doing that work. >> new england fishermen are vowing to fight back the marine national monument will block one of their most fertile fishing area. governor baker has signed an executive order pledging a statewide effort to address climate change. the order calls for the development of the climate adaptation plan and requires cabinet secretaries to appoint a coordinator and also promises assistance to cities and towns in coping
1:48 am
the governor called the order an important step towards protecting public health and safety. the charles river is being transformed into beer. some of new england's top brewery also compete to see who can turn the water into the tastiest beers. organizers hope it will help spotlight the importance of water conservation and water saving technologies. the event is part of hub week. a festival celebrating and technology. would you drink it? >> i knew you were going to ask me that? >> and. >> all in time. there you go. a water hazard at a golf course turns into a wild rescue. >> next at 10:00 how a group of manatees, look at these, manatees end up in a golf course pond and the team effort to free them one by one. it's a story you just have to see. a local world war ii veteran came under attack and now is calling that attack an
1:49 am
kennedy to shine light on
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>> customers can buy movie tickets facebook and snapchat it's one way the company is expanding. tights started allowing iphone users to buy tickets without losing a tects conversation. they can tap on the fandango app. fandango has also creat design for snapchat for users to buy tickets there as well. local bird is stolen the hearts of instagram in just a matter of weeks. this is ria she lives in boston and has a rare illness that has left her without feathers. but her owner says she has a big personality and shows it off on her very own instagram page. 72,000 people follow all of her outings and her outfits including her wearing a
1:53 am
crews successfully tagged another great white shark off the coast of the cape that's slightly bigger. >> just a little. you can see the shadow of this 15 foot shark off the left of the boat there. the atlantic white shark conservancy tagged this shark in east ham. it's the 19th great white tagged so far this season. water hazards at a florida golf course was discovered to have some surprising reside i want you to take a look here. all that flashing that's a group of manatees in a pond at a golf course. animal workers think floodwaters from hurricane hermine allowed them to swim over but a blockage kept them from swimming back. they were herded into a net and moved back. my parents live right there you would think they
1:54 am
happens. fox 25 picture of the day a beautiful shot it's like some kind of brown growing here on the building of the townhouses here. maybe drought related about ought great shot still. send yours in with that hashtag and perhaps you will be chosen tomorrow night. first forecast middle of the day tomorrow this will give you an idea of the weather. sunshine and 74 degrees at fenway for game three against the yankees. just ahead la and some rain ahead this weekend at 11:00. >> the eastern state exposition also known as the big e 100th anniversary fair today in springfield. so the 17 day fair is the largest in the northeast. they started planning the centennial celebration two years ago. new this year a 3500 square foot exhibit that walks people through the history of the fair. the pantry in portsmouth is moving to a new location so this week volunteers help moved all the food over.
1:55 am
residents along the sea coast for more than 200 years. now there will be a bigger better facility to handle all the food supplies the center gets every year. the new 6,000 square foot food pantry will open next wednesday and it's west road. tonight there's a new effort to record as many massachusetts veterans war stories as possible. it kicked off with someone who has quite the story to temp fox 25's elizabeth hopkins introduces us to the world war ii hero. >> this is a program that was just launched today congressman joseph kennedy sitting with his first subject 92-year-old sailor who came under kamikaze attack and considers it a privilege. he was honored today in a ceremony at the east end senior residence where he now lives. >> he describes himself as a poor kid from a poor neighborhood. 92-year-old arnold marcus was a young man when he joined the navy and saw combat in world war ii board the ship the columbia which came under relentless kamikaze attack by the
1:56 am
and for the navy. >> they gave me the opportunity to leave home, to go and to help other people survive. >> reporter: for his heroism marcus was awarded a combat action ribbon and a navy unit commendation ribbon. both were reissued in a ceremony that also awards him a citation from the house of representatives. with his wife enid by his side congressman joseph kennedy praises both of them for their service. >> i women that we enjoy the freedom that we take for granted every single day. we make our country and our communities what they are. >> reporter: the decision to honor marcus is part of a program kennedy is efforting here in massachusetts to record as many veteran stories as possible. >> to try to teach future generations about war, what soldiers and sailors and men
1:57 am
families go through. >> other states are doing the same. in this interview with kennedy marcus hopes to convey how privileged he feels to have served in the navy. >> i want to thank the lord and make sure he gets his good graces me. >> congressman kennedy is asking you to reach out to
1:58 am
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