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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  September 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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right now we also know all 29 people that were injured in the blast have beng released from the hospital. new york governor andrew cuomo has ordered a thousand state troopers and national guard soldiers to new york city. and according to "the new york post" authorities are also looking at a 911 call where a man warned of more explosions. >> fox 25 team coverage begins tonight with fox 25 in new york city. have you moved to a new location in the last hour. the last 30 minutes we were able to move just a little closer to the scene. you can see most of it still blocked off. nypd officers as well as fdny are still here gathering evidence scouring looking for evidence. new yorkers we just spoke to they just want answers. >> reporter: the explosion that rocked the chelsea part of new york city last night. 29 people were sent to the hospital, luckily everyone
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>> i heard a billing bomb. i thought it was my clothes drier blew up. >> we were actually just hanging out in the kitchen. we heard this big crash. sounded like thunder times 50. >> the blast happened in front of hotel and restaurants rd and sixth avenue. today detectives have been scouring the area looking for any evidence of a suspect. >> with all the cop cars everywhere. having like a whole street blocked off it's a little eerie. >> reporter: just this a pressure cooker with dark colored wiring sticking out of it connected with silver duct tape. witnesses tell fox 25 the images of the victims keep running through their minds. >> there was blood all over their face. it was something that i have never experienced before. >> according to the daily a boston university graduate was on his way back from dinner when he heard the bang. gordon told the newspaper he
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nine stitches. new yorkers just wanted answers. >> just live in peace. >> reporter: we've learned that some of the victims were taken to bellevue hospital. we were told they have been released from the hospital. all 29 victims are okay. they've been released from the hospital. but again tonight police have no leads at all. they've been scouring this neighborhood. we of course will be out here for the morning news scwl. for now manhattan, malini basu, fox 25 news. the slartds to the attack yesterday dub the similarities to the attack yesterday and the boston bombings are being investigated. >> ted daniel reports terror groups encourage people to use these type of devices. >> reporter: three hours and four blocks from where a bomb exploded in new york's chelsea neighborhood, authorities found this, a pressure cooker with wires coming out of it attached to
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to detonate and is now an important piece of evidence. >> it's crude and easy and the literature exists out there. >> reporter: pressure cookers packed with nails and ball bearings were used in the boston marathon attack three years ago. retired u.s. army major bob intender a counterterrorism expert says groups like al-qaeda and isis post instructions. >> on-line it's easy to find about the marathon >> reporter: the bombing in new york a reminder of the world we now live in. sergeant andrew turco is a member of the m.i.t. police force. sean collier was shot and killed when the tsarnaev brothers were trying to flee the state. >> it's scary it and brings things back up from a couple years ago. i hope people are doing the same for new york. >> reporter: governor baker says the state is working with its federal partners to monitor any and all
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>> as of right now there doesn't appear to be any particular guidance coming from them with respect to where this all originated from. but obviously something we're paying very close attention to. >> reporter: ted daniel, fox 25 news. ed davis was cnn today willing talking about what was similar and different about the attacks in new york and boston. davis was head of the boston police during the marathon bombings. he explained some of the characteristics that led them to deciding it was indeed a terror attack. going off in close proximity in time and space. we got the detonateors very quickly and saw they were detonateors that required the people to be in close prompt summit to the blast. so there was a lot of information that we that made made it fairly straightforward. >> while there are similarities the scale of what happened in boston made police work that much more difficult considering the
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people injured and thousands of spectators at the finish line at the blast. we will continue covering developments in new york overnight and starting at 4:00 a.m. the fox 25 morning news kicks off. malini basu is in manhattan. we'll also alert you overnight if anything changes in the investigation. tonight police are looking for the connection possibly between explosions in new york and new jersey. investigators say there are similarities between the devices used. the blast in seaside park, new jersey happened st were set to take off in a charity 5k saturday afternoon. governor chris christie said today state police have some promising leads but no suspects. meantime the f.b.i. looking into the background of a man who went on a stabbing rampage. it happened in a mall in minnesota. isis is claiming responsibility. police in st. cloud say the man was wearing a private security uniform whether he stabbed nine people last night before an off duty
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we're told all the victims are expected to survive. authorities have not identified the attacker but the star tribune reports he's a 22-year-old college student. turning now to the forecast today it hit above 80 muggy for most of the day. >> fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski and it will stay muggy tomorrow? >> high humidity tomorrow with that we'll be talking about the risk of some scattered showers and downpours. we do have an area of that is pushing to the north and east while we have a few sprinkles right now. it is very mild out there in the 70s and the humidity it's also very high. so i wouldn't be surprised to see a passing shower overnight at any point but there will be some areas that do stay dry. in places like franklin and braintree here's a little bit of a passing shower that will be pushing off of the coast right now. these dew points in the upper 60s and 70s.
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they will start pushing into parts of our area as we head towards the morning commute especially for the north and west. noticing by 7:00 we do have the potential of seeing a few downpours that threat will continue to push towards the southeast as we head towards the day. i'll continue to show you this timeline in just a few minutes. for pats fans watching today's game if you're heart stopped when jimmy garoppolo went down you were not alone. we were all doing >> tonight we're learning more about the quarterback. jimmy not the pat's only backup. >> we got the backup of the backup. jacoby and under the worst circumstances. the last thing you want to see was jimmy garoppolo get injured at any point that is exactly what happened. the play took place with 4:40 left in the half. jimmy had already thrown three touchdown passes.
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on the right shoulder. varg reports on the severity of the injury and any time table on a return. -- varying reports on the severity of the injury. it's really a matter of pain management. no broken bones but his teammates said they understood how jimmy is feeling tonight's at least emotionally. >> i know jimmy has worked so hard he's put himself in great position to seize his moment, so to speak. you really feel for a guy. any time you're on a team and have a personal relationship with a guy you know the work he's put in and to see a guy sustain an injury it's tough. we're praying for jimmy hoping for the best. he definitely has our support. >> ahead on the sports wrap butch stearns and i will look at the options to overcome the latest challenge thrown their way. coming up at 11 ooch 30, tom
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tom leyden, fox 25 news. whoever was in the driver's seat is a crucial part of an investigation into a crash that left one woman with some serious injuries. >> reporter: a black pickup caught on a surveillance camera at the center of a police investigation in worcester after a young woman is found lying in the middle of high street apparently dragged there from the nearby gas station. it happened saturday morning about 6:30. investigators say the woman was talking with the driver of the pickup open window. suddenly the pickup took off at a high rate of speed with the woman hanging on. police say she fell off the vehicle at 38 high street just outside a catholic church. >> that's crazy,. >> reporter: katie lives nearby in this apartment building but had no idea what had taken place just a few hours ago. >> i think it's awful. i feel terrible. >> reporter: worcester police say the victim's injuries include a broken
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her condition at last report, however, stable. >> as for her identity, unknown. but this b.p. worker tells fox 25 the victim was a frequent customer. your reaction to the fact she was dragged and hurt? >> i feel bad because she's a nice lady. i never think something happen to her like this. >> reporter: the driver of the truck that's the open question. worcester police are asking the public for help. jim morelli, fox 25 news. we want to get back to going live to austin. >> ted, police still looking for the suspect right now? >> reporter: that's what we understand. we're lyndon com cave is on that sigh cambridge on the other idea -- side. -- we know one person has
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person was shot in the head and homicide detectives have been called in because the injuries are considered life-threatening. at this point no word any suspects or any arrests right now. we don't even know if police have been able to identify the shooter. i was able to talk with a witness very briefly. he told me there were three shots in the area of the garage nightclub. we know a man who hantz been name or his age was shot and is being taken to the hospital right now as we speak. we will bring you any new updates on this breaking news situation on air and on-line. that's latest reporting live, ted daniel, fox 25 news. we have rain on the way i'm tracking this area of showers headed our way. my latest timeline of how much you can expect in just a few minutes. plus, the attacks of new york city taking center
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the two starkly different versions to protect americans from the clinton and trump campaign. first dozens of people coming out. before we go to break we have been showing you some of the capabilities of the new set here at fox 25. >> it didn't happen overnight. here's a look at the last six weeks of very hard work compressed into just 20 seconds from
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. residents are blocking to one brockton pizza shop to commiserate with the people behind the counter. they a dozens because of the owner's sud death. -- sudden death. >> reporter: the sounds and the smells are the same they've been for nearly 40 years. but the feeling inside supreme house of pizza is different. >> he was the strongest man but he had a hearted of like a teddy bear. the softest man he loved everyone. >> reporter: the owner should be here instead pictures of the 65-year-old
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brockton shop he so loved. he august august 30th while vacationing in greece with his wife. >> my father was just relaxing he got up and he just fell down. heart attack and wasn't able to make it back home. >> reporter: since then customers who had become family need the shop providing laughs -- who had become family flooded the shop providing laughs. >> he s i know the whole family. >> reporter: they're coming for the food but also to participate in the supreme challenge started by a customer urging the community to eat here every day for a week since the kids reopened the shop friday. >> we are also doing the challenge. we are coming in here eat. we got almost every other day. >> reporter: the support is overwhelming. for a family who lost so much. >> sometimes people are
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us. they're amazing. >> reporter: the supreme challenge continues through friday. customers are sharing it on facebook encouraging others to step up and support the family. in studio, i'm christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. terror and national skirt are high on the list of issues americans care most about which is one reason both donald trump and hillary clinton reacted quickly to the recent explosion in new york city. trump telling supporters it's time to double down. today his running mate mike >> whether it was a terrorist attack, whether it was inspired by terrorists abroad as you experienced here in florida not long ago, or whether it was homegrown violence, we urge prayer and vigilance. >> trump will also campaign in florida tomorrow. on the democratic side, clinton responded quite differently. much more reserved. >> i think it's always wiser
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conclusions because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened. >> clinton heads back on the campaign trail to philadelphia tomorrow. a worcester dentist accused of sexually assaulting one of his patients is expected in court tomorrow. he sexually assaulted a woman four times while she was having her teeth work old. patients say there are cameras in many of the exam rooms but investigators have not he has. his attorney tells us because of privacy laws he could not elaborate why -- on why his client denies the charges. the district is checking the water in all of its schools. comes after boston public schools found lead in six of
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summer feeling pretty much like summer. we had temperatures well above average into the 80s is where we were. 82 in boston and it was very humid out there. although we did see some breaks of sunshine to start the day we also had a few scattered showers out there and overall the clouds won out. we did see some sprinkles as the day went on. they have some sprinkles going on at fenway park. take a look out to the west we have heading our way. ahead of a cold front that's slowly pushing east ward. so this area of showers even a few thunderstorms tracking to the north and east as we get closer towards the morning commute. look at this temperatures it still mild right now in the
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doesn't take much for pop-up shower or scattered shower to develop with temperatures and duments quite similar in the 70s. we get areas of fog, too. we'll have to watch for low visibility at times especially with any passing showers or even some thunderstorms. tonight this is what i'm thinking. some patchy fog and muggy conditions. temperatures fall back into the 60s and 70s. we'll watch for that passing shower perhaps even a rumble of thunr. shiri spears will be here. we could see very heavy downpours as well as perhaps some wind gusts. as we go through the day tomorrow those showers are going to become more widespread and get closer to the coast. shifting to the southeast it will remain mild and remain humid with temperatures mostly in the 70s. taking you hour by hour this is what i'm anticipating. really not seeing too much
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weather to the north and west because of that area of rain right now in new york. as we get towards 6:00 if you're an early morning riser out there be aware we'll be watching some of these scattered showers and storms pushing closer to the boston area during the morning commute. it will be a wet one out there with your windshield wipers needed. down across the cape and islands not too bad. your time will come as we get closer towards the midday into the afternoon. as the to the south and east i'm expecting some of this moisture to be more scattered into nature while temperatures will be in the 70s it will still be very humid. we'll see those hit and miss showers. we do have that potential going from half an inch to an inch and a half of rain it's going to be very localized where we'll see some of those higher amounts. good news is this front will
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young boy who lost his battle to a rare disease. >> dylan was diagnosed with tay-sachs disease when he was just a toddler. dylan died in 2006. so for the past seven years bailey and her friends have been carrying dylan's legacy raising money and awareness forte sacks disease. >> these children and family deserve -- for tay-sachs disease. these children and family deserve awareness. >> bailey says they went from raising $100 their first year to more than >> great work there indeed. final check on the weather sarah it's going to be a little wet tomorrow. >> we need it though. definitely not a drought buster but it will help in some areas expecting to see in some areas half an inch to inch and a half in some areas. especially during the morning commute then as we head to the southeast. it's not going to be an all day rain but a chance of scattered showers throughout the day. shiri spears will be here
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better as we head into the middle part of the week. finally the dew points will be dropping. then a cooler into the end of the weekend. >> thanks, sarah. >> thank you for making fox 25 your choice for news. don't go anywhere just yet. >> here's tom with what's ahead "sportswrap" everything. >> was all shiny and bright the patriots were 21-0 on the dolphins on the move again headed to halftime. then jimmy garoppolo went down in a lump. we'll talk about for thursday's game against the texans and the red sox at it again wrapping up their series with the yankees. butch stearns was in the patriots locker room he will be with me to co-host the show tonight. and we'll reveal our game of the week candidates. we're here until midnight. go grab a snack. the fox 25 "sportswrap" coming your way right after
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tom lied within you. butch stearns is along for tonight's show as well. we are kicking off live in our new set with a big story. >> jimmy garoppolo injured of course today in the second quarter of today's home opener against the dolphins. now the big question how bad jimmy going to be out? >> this will be talked about until thursday's game against the texans. trying to play as effectively as he did last week against arizona. fail down the field. two plays later jimmy garoppolo hangs in there finds danny amendola they ranked his held -- they yanked his helmet off but so


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