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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, breaking this morning, three attacks in three states. another device found in a new jersey train station. what the fbi is saying about a late-night traffic stop in new york. boston police on the hunt for a shooting suspect. the incident in a club that may have spilled into the streets. heavy rain and thunderstorms are moving in just in i am attacking which areas are getting hit the hardest. and panic for patriots fans. a hit early in the game us with the jimmy garappolo down for the count. a rooky is being brought into action with just a few days to prepare. prepare. good morning, it is 4 a.m. on this monday, september 19. i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine
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rain and will make for a slow, wet commute and it is needed. shiri spear is in the storm tracker forecast center with who is getting the brunt of it. >> shiri: the spwrunt in the berkshires and southern new hampshire with gusts around 30 miles per hour and pea-sized hail and downpours is the issue. orange since midnight. almost picking up an inch of rain. nashua, new hampshire nearly half an inch of rain and lawrence get being half an inch of rain. these are just pain we are still getting heavy rain right up across the mass-new hampshire border shifting into portsmouth, new hampshire. another wave applying in orange and post still dry and 72 degrees. notice temperatures stay in the 70s. although we have that all-day risk of showers, the rain totals start going up during the afternoon hours in boston. an hour-by-hour look at the futurecast and what time you should be planning around the rain. catherine parrotta is live in drive-time traffic.
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a lot of green on that map. zoom out south of the city 128 the expressway moving smoothly. pike moving well at this time. the pike brighton. going eastbound. not much in your way. 24 minutes. the expressway to the split to the pike 8 minutes president 495 to the leverett connector, a 20-minute ride. 4:02 right now and we begin with breaking news in the attacks that rattled the nation in new york city, new jersey and minnesota. inve suspicious devices in a trash can at a new jersey train station. >> this as the fbi stops a vehicle of have in the investigation. overnight, investigators say two men found a white bag in a trash can at the train station in the city elizabeth, new jersey. they called police when they saw wires and a pipe coming out of that bag. police immediately suspended train service and pwrourt in a drone to investigate. multiple devices were found inside and the bomb sxwawd accidently detonated one
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>> the robots that were going in to disarm it cut a wire and it exploded. i don't know the technological aspect of that. i know there are other devices. i don't know what they are made up of, but they are going to have to be removed and all of of the fragments from that other piece will are to be picked up so the fbi can regulatory this fully. >> catherine: amtrak says passengers on trains in ha area have been allowed to get off and everyone is safe. service in that area investigate. the fbi stopped a vehicle of have just before 9:00 near the verrazano bridge in new york city. five people are being questioned. at this point the fbi says no arrests and no charges in connection with-to-that vehicle stop. they say the investigation is ongoing. saturday night, 29 people were hurt when one bomb exploded in the chelsea section of manhattan. they are all expected to survive. investigators are pouring through surveillance videos to
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cooker bomb was found few blocks away yesterday morning. surveillance video may have shown the same man in both locations of the chelsea bombs. just hours before that chelsea explosion, a pipe bomb exploded in a garbage pan near marine court charity run in new jersey. since the start of the race was delayed no one was in the area. multiple reports that all three devices had flip phones attached to them and contained rescue ofn used for target practice and can be found at many sporting goods stores. new york's governor has ordered 1,000 new york state police and national guard members deployed around the city. security was already increased because the president is scheduled to visit the un today. catherine parrottacat this morning -- >> catherine: this morning massachusetts police are promising extra resources in the wake of new york city bombing. there is no credible threat to our city, but the state is not take anything advances because
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used in the post marathon bombing. >> let's go! get off the streets! >> reporter: three hours and four blocks from where the bomb exploded in the chelsea neighborhood, authorities found this a pressure cook we are wires coming out of the it attached to a cell phone. the suspected ied failed to detonate and is now an important piece of evidence. >> it's crude and easy and the literature exists out there. >> reporter: pressure cookers packed with nails and bawlings marathon attack three years ago. a counterterrorism expert says groups like isis and al qaeda frequently post instructions on how this build pressure cooker bombs. >> online, it's easy to find about the marathon bombings. and it's not that difficult to replicate unfortunately. >> reporter: the bombing in new york a reminder of the world we now live in. the is the turco is a member of the wrchld i. t. police
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killed three days later. >> and how people rallied around us and i hope people do r doing the same for new york. >> reporter: the state is working with federal partners to monitor any and all developments out of new york. >> as of right now, it doesn't appear to be any particular guidance coming from them with respect to where this all originated from. but obviously something paying close attention to. isis is taking possibility for an attack in a minnesota mall but u.s. officials have not confirmed that. a suspect walked into a mall dressed in a security uniform and started stabbing people. nine people were hurt when the suspect. he asked one victim if he was muslim. it happened in the city st. cloud which is home with-to-one of minnesota's
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not relationship with isis, islam is peace. >> daniel: it is not immediately known if isis had planned the attack or even knew about it beforehand. the group does encourage so-called lone wolf attacks. fox25 will monitor all three investigations throughout the morning. we have a team in new york city ready to bring us the latest reports on the investigation starting at 6 a.m. boston pol for a suspect in a shooting outside a busy allston nightclub. breaking news at 10. one man was shot several times at the garage for the nightclub on lind street. the victim was hit in the upper body and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. he may have been involved at a fight at the club before the shoot approximating there was an altercation inside and another at the parking lot. one thing we will address from the licensing board. >> police say the suspect is a man wearing a black hoodie.
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he left the scene in a red car. officers are looking for surveillance video from that area for more information. 4:7 right now. a driver charged with slamming his suv of slamming his car into a crowded restaurant will head to court. faces can two counts of homicide. his s uv in may slammed into a sweet tomatoes restaurant. two people died and seven suffered serious injuries. kasler's license was suspended after the crash. fox25 will be in court for his arraignment. looking for the driver of a black pickup truck accused of dragging a woman down the street. it happened saturday morning at the bp gas station on commandler street. officials say the woman was talking to the driver of the pickup truck when it suddenly sped off. she was dragged for over a mile until she fell off. she is recovering in the hospital with a broken ankle, collapsed lung and bleeding in the brain. today, grief counselors
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cool while students are mourning the loss of a young classmate. a 9th grader at lincoln sudbury high school. he was struck and killed by a train in west newton on friday night. his mother tells "the globe"he was playing with friends near the tracks when he was hit. counselors are available at schools in newton where his friends study. quincy public schools will test its water for lead. they are testing water inside all 19 of its schools as part of a statewide program by boston public cools found led in six of their buildings over the summer. the first-place red sox begin a 10-day road trip in baltimore. it will make other break their playoff hopes. hanley ramirez against the yankees. sox down 4-in the 5th while ramirez a line drive off the left tower in left. a three-run homer. sox tight game in the 6th. in the 7th, blasts the ball over the green monster.
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a solo shot is the game winner. sox win 5-4 and sweep the yankees in the four-game series. sox are three games up on baltimore who they play tonight. toronto is four back. the yankees, well, they are in trouble. >> the patriots have just four days to find another quarterback to suit up for thursday night's game against houston. there are multiple reports this morning saying jimmy garappolo will not play against the texans but may return the following week. garappolo injured his shoulder in the second miami. third-string quarterback finished the game and held on for the 31-point win over the dolphins. how he is getting ready for this moment. >> preparing every day. watching all the films from it is me in or jimmy in or tom in, learning from every opportunity possible. >> jacobi looks like he has been working for this for a long time. all the way back into the spring, all the way through training catch.
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and he did a good job. >> catherine: the pats will need to sign a veteran qb to back him up if garappolo can't play. 4:11. drive times. on the expressway to the split to the pike, 8 minutes. 93 from 49 to the leverett connector, 20 minutes. and university ave to the weston tolls will take you 111 minutes right now. a familiar face popping up at the patriots first home game of the season. here shiri. >> shiri: dry conditions for boston but do expect significant storms off to the north and west. rain is coming in, folks. intervals of rain, gusty winds and light hail on the map. as we speak, i will break down what time you should be ready coming up. a familiar face pop up at the patriots first home game season. the man behind the creepy tom brady mask revealed. an an unusual emergency on board a flight headed overseas.
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meteorologist shiri spear here at 4:14. we have very heavy rain falling over heavy mass and from newburyport and haverhill seeing burst of heavy rain the worse part in peterborough, winchendon and northfield and greenfield. use care if you were travelling to these towns.
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the air that forced a flight to be diverted to boston earlier this month and involved a kitchen appliance. a luft hand a plane was traveling from washington d.c. from germany and coffee pot malfunctioned and heated up. the plane was over canada when a passenger smelled something burning. it did a u-turn and flew to boston before continuing on its way 16 hours earlier. nobody was hurt. 20 people are hurt including collision between a bus and a van in washington d.c. none of these injuries are life-threatening. police say this little boy has memory loss after being thrown against a pole. it happened yesterday. the van hit a metrobus at an intersection. the crash remains under investigation. in north carolina, federal investigators are now checking the tires on a bus involved in a deadly crash. take a look. this is video of that scene in richmond county saturday. the bus was carrying a junior college football team when it blew a tire and hit an
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10-year-old son of a coach were killed. the other victims are two players and the bus driver. 42 other passengers were hurt but are expected to be okay. fox25 investigates uncovers a dangerous loophole that could allow school bus drivers arrested for serious crimes on the job. one bus driver kept his bus license even after being accused of attacking a autistic girl. >> i want to talk to you about the charges about yourself. >> daniel: eric ramussen tracked down that driver to get some answers and investigate the disturbing crack in the system. bus drivers left to kept driving while facing criminal charges. parents kept in the dark. and what the state has to say when pressed for answers. 4:16. how the roads are doing early on your monday morning. take a look plenty of green
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it shouldn't impact you a this hour. north of the city, 123 moving smoothly, so the pike as you take a live look through brighton. route 1, 12 minutes. 93, 8 minutes. 93 from 495 to the leverett connector, 20 minutes there. and shiri, we know that some rain will be moving in. that will surely impact the commute as we go throughout morning. >> looking nasty. we locked out in and around boston. as we travel throughout morning afternoon. and a mess out there. be happy that you are home, catherine. i have a feeling if this was a little flipped back, it would be a disaster for the morning commute. we are watching heavy rain, lightning risk and even a slight chance we will see damaging winds attached to these storms. if i had a fourth spot there rirl give you the risk for hail as well because there had been hail reports. this is our system. this is our front. it is what is triggering all our showers.
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focused well north and west of boston. anyone driving into the city is fine. it is incredibly soupy and safe and humid. some of these rainfall rates are pretty impressive. over an inch of rain per hour right now falling with that heavy, heavy rain through the green field and western massachusetts. you know that there, that light blue is where we are seeing some hail right now. so future cast as we travel through the next couple of hours. the focus remains in southern new hampshire as well as western massachusetts. sliding basical manchester new hampshire, by 8 a.m., southern new hampshire. the threat is sliding toward parts of central mass like fitchburg on the lookout of those pockets of heavier rain and then we get a little bit of a lull here late morning, early afternoon. probably still be widely scattered showers out there, but by noontime, we are firing up a little bit more in the worcester area, probably the providence, rhode island area as well and slightly after that we start seeing the storms in boston.
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drive home at 5 p.m. futurecastaway underdone for the evening hours. so much moisture in the air and i do expect eastern mass and central mass will see comes and waves of wet weather not into tonight but tomorrow morning as well. a little bit trick reas well because what we will see when we look at that hour-by-hour forecast. currently at 72 in boston. it is giving us a threat for shower or thunderstorm at all times. i just showed you i think the greatest chance will develop around noontimend not much movement in those temperatures because we have so many clouds, because he the showers. some just not that much of an opportunity to warm up. that gives us widespread mid-70s for the most part with highs today, not too far from where you stand right now. up what feel and dressing for is pretty much what would you be dressing for all day the muggy and warm continues and the wet weather too. overnight tonight, we will tend to esome improvements. particularly north and west of
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with a risk for a shower straight through tomorrow morning and tomorrow, we end up brightening in the afternoon and you can see high temperatures back into the 80s. we have 82 in boston and plymouth tomorrow. 80 in worcester here. humidity forecast is also going to be slow to improve. today oppressive humidity, tomorrow still sticky. once we hit wednesday, thursday, we are heading toward that first day of fall, humidity dmroops a very comfortable place and then back in full force. 76 today with showers. 85 tomorrow with rain and then clearing out. wednesday and thursday mostly sunny and friday, increasing clouds and only a slight risk for an afternoon shower. back to you guys. election someday drawing nearer and supporters of one controversial issue is making a big push to get it passed. the ballot question that brought them to boston college and the message behind a weekend-long rally. plus -- >> that was awesome. >> a close encounter caught on
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
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an old funeral home in
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the old victorian on bridge street will serve as the temple's new headquarters papi spokesperson for the group says, quote, the irony that a town that once executed people because of alleged ties to satan will now be hosting the headquarters of the world's largest satanic organization is not lost on us. the satanic temple will open to the public on friday. a brockton girl is raising money and awareness about the rare disease that took the life of her cousin. for the past seven years, shop in owner of her cousin dylan manning. he died from tay-sachs disease. and his family and friends are making sure he is never forgotten. >> his family and friends will have awareness about this disease. >> catherine: they went from raising $100 the first year today 1200 last year.
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over the weekend. we are live can at a live -- [bleep] -- -- laugh. >> daniel: a close encounter fishing. they spotted the great white off of sandy nook beach. they spotted it plashing a mile offshore and they went over to investigate. if they had to guess, the shark was about 10 feet long. meanwhile, another shark shares the name with red sox slugger david ortiz. one si white shark conservancy. they named him big papi in honor of the icon. the mystery of the masked brady has been solved. the creepy masked man unmasked himself. it is receiver wes welke nrshtion disguise. no word if he is the one that also donned that mask last weekend in arizona.
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you may notice something a bit about our set-up. after a six-week renovation, we have a new set. >> catherine: we are taken on a tour. >> reporter: welcome to our new home on the fox25 newsroom. >> we are so excited to look around but let's look at the work that went into it. two months of design, three months of construction. this new set is built for boston from boston. all done by local vendors. this video wall is 20 feet wide, 6 feet tall. right now off great view of boston. we will also be able to show you live video, incredible images and graphics that will break down complex stories. >> here at the main anchor desk, huge monitors right on front and here on the sides can run breaking news alerts. and just over there the storm tracker weather center. here fox25 weather is our top priority. giving our team of meteorologists right in the middle of the action was important.
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these tools will be used to better tell stories and this commitment includes behind the scenes. our digital and tv journalists work side by side. whether you are watching fox25 on tv or getting information on the fox25 news app, you are getting the very latest. our whole team works hard to give you complete new england news coverage. >> we hope you like our new home and we want to thank you for inviting us into yours. >> daniel: you know what this is all about, it is like having new furniture your home. >> catherine: how >> daniel: i am excited i get to wear a green tie again. >> catherine: you couldn't wear green because in you opinion front of a green screen. we enjoy it. the fate of jimmy garappolo up in the air. the qb hurt early in the game. what the team will probably have to do before the battle with the texans.
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. now at 4:30. breaking this morning. three attacks in three cities now under investigation. two major developments overnight in new york and new jersey. the driver charged with crashing into a busy restaurant killing two people will be in court today. what we have learned about the driver's history. and heavy rain affecting are getting hardest hit right now and who is going to suffer from the drive home from work. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: danvers 4:30 on this monday, september 19, thank you for joining us, i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm and tracker weather center tracking the week.


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