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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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being shot outside of a nightclub in allston. what he is learning about the condition and any possible suspects. heavy rain affecting your travel plans. some places have already gotten close to 2 inches of rain. i am tracking when the heaviest rain is passing through your town and city later today. the patriots scrambling to find another quarterback. the third-string qb who will get his start this hard against the dolphins. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. it is monday, september 19. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. relief is here in the form of rain. meteorologist shiri spear has been watching thunderstorms and downpours since early this morning. she is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with
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>> those areas right now north and west of 495. outside of 495, they will track toward worcester here shortly and extends from brookfield to rutland. westminster to town send inching toward chelmsford and westwood. this really intense rain. a flood advisory that continues until 7:30 into parts of southern and southwestern new hampshire. these are some areas that have reports of 2 inches of rain already out there. orange, 177 inchs. over an inch in nashua, new hampshire. half an inch in lawrence, and we are not quite done yet. this is going to continue on and off through the day. it is closer to boston here during the afternoon hours. temperatures go up by only a couple of degrees. it is all-day 70s, but the most intense rainfall is expected as we head from lunchtime to 2 p.m. the storms really start to fire up, and we get pockets of heavy rain that continues straight into the evening
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look with future cast coming up. catherine parrotta standing by with a look at live drive time traffic. hey, catherine. >> catherine: good morning. spots are lowering down through the tewksbury woburn and medford and somerville pike. 128 still looking good that the hour. still dealing with ish this ewe near the lowell connector on 495 southbound. two lanes now block at route 3 , and you can see some delays as you are coming down route 3 to head south. fitchburg commuter rail station delayed 45 to 50 minutes between fitchburg and north station because of a signal issue. still working on this one. here is look at the traffic camera on the expressway and is this. this slowdown, volume typical of your monday morning commute. the drive times on the pike 24 minutes. the pike from the weston tolls. the ted williams tunnel. we will take but 18 minutes.
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found and detonated overnight this time at a train station in new jersey. >> this follows explosions over the weekend in new york city and the jersey shore and the mass stabbing side of a minnesota mall. the newest device found and a group of people questioned in the new york city explosions. >> reporter: that's right, sara and gene, we are talking about five people being questioned still at this hour. but first let me set the scene we are a lot closer to the scene than just last night. here we are. take a live look at the scene. heavy police presence still at this hour. the latest information. the latest problems was found by two men at train station in elizabeth, new jersey. of the bomb squad detonating that explosives right there. you just heard, the men who found it called police when
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coming out of a bag. police immediately suspended train service and brought in a drone to investigate. multiple devices were found inside and the bomb squad detonated one. take a listen. >> the robots going to disarm it cut a fire and it exploded. i don't know the technological aspect of that. i know there are other devices. i don't know what they are made up of, but they are going to have to be removed and all of the fragments are the fbi can investigate this fully. >> the amtrak says passengers on trains in that area have been able to get off and everyone is safe. service in that area has been suspended while the fbi continues to investigate meanwhile, in new york, the fbi stopped a vehicle of have before o'clock near the belt
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five people are being questioned. at this point, the fbi says no arrest or charges in relation it the vehicles stopped. they say this investigation once again isgoing. taking you back to saturday night. 29 people were hurt when a bomb exploded inside the chelsea section of manhattan. luckily everyone has survived. investigators are pouring through surveillance video to look for clues. a second unexploded pressure cooker bomb was found a few blocks away yesterday morning. the same man in both locations of the chelsea bomb. hours before the chelsea explosion, a pipe bomb exploded near the marine corp race in new jersey. because the start of the race had been delayed, no one was in the area. all three reports that all three devices that they had flip phones attached a chemical used for target
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they ordered 1,000 national guard members deployed across the city. security has increased because they have visited a money in one today. back out live this morning, the investigation continues. there have been no arrests made and, of course, police officers are begging the public if you know anything, say something. we will be out here to update. you live in chelsea, manhattan, malini basu, fox25 news. the t explosions in new jersey over the weekend are very similar to the explosions at the boston marathon. fox25's daniel miller joins us with more on what boston's former police officer is saying about the blast. >> daniel: good morning, no massachusetts links to the events in new york and new jersey and one of the bombs found in manhattan were a pressure cooker device. former police commissioner ed davis spoke of the clues his officers noticed immediately about those devices for years
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the former commissioner say something doesn't seem right about the bomb information new jersey. >> there are some things that don't -- don't add up here. the placement of a bomb inside container like -- like the dumpster. that cuts down on the lethality downtown he vice. this is confusing. a little different than what we saw in boston. >> reporter: police in new york did not immediately say that saturday's explosion was an act of terror. they people intentional act. we will continue to follow this developing news all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. isis is now taking responsibility for an attack in a minnesota mall, but u.s. officials say they don't are that konld firmed. saturday night at around 8:00, the suspect walked into the mall dressed in a security uniform and began stabbing people. nine people were hurt when a police officer shot and killed
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and it happened in st. cloud and it happened in st. cloud home of one of muslim's largest community. home of one of muslim's . >> our community in central minnesota have no relationship with isis. islam is peace. >> sara: it is not immediately known if i his planned the attack or even knew about it beforehand, but the group does include so-called lone wolf attacks. we will continue to moni new jersey, and new york all morning long. we will have breaking updates on air, online, and on our.fox25 news app. a free download. 6:08. police in alton are searching for a gunman that shot a person outside a nightclub and left him for dead. jessica reyes has more on the hunt for the suspect. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning,
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works as a night club. people say it is especially crowded on sunday nights. the victim was shot on pratt street and around the corner where he collapsed on to the ground. he was shot after 10:00 and it was a busy strong scene. the victim was only in his 20s and was shot several times in the upper body. he was rushed to a boston hospital with injuries that police are calling life-threatening. it is still very in the investigation. police are working to gather all of the details and details we have at this point, they are still a little bit limited and police did say some sort of fight right before this man was shot. >> apparently there was an altercation inside and another at the parking lot that we were told. something we will address to the licensing board and, again, still very early in the investigation. cameras are going to tell us a
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reviewed. >> reporter: the police are hoping to learn more about a possible suspect once we get a look at the surveillance video. did get a brief description of the possible suspect. they say they are looking for a black man wearing a black hoodie and green pants spotted leaving this area last night in a red car. now this morning, we are checking in with boston. police working to get an update on how the victim is doing and more information about that possible suspect. as soon as we get an update from him, we will pass it along from you. live reyes, fox25 morning news. today grief counselors will be available at a local school where students are mourning the loss of a young classmate. the 14-year-old was a teenager and was truck and killed by a train in west newton on friday. his mother tells the globe he was playing with friends near the tracks when he was hit. counselors will be available at schools in newton where his friends study. tonight, the first-place red sox will begin a ten-game
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a make or break case. things are looking promising. hanley ramirez has been in beast mode. line drive off the light tower. three-run home run. sox then tied in the 6th and the 7th. it is hanley again blasts the ball over the green monster and over and out. solo shot is your game winner. sox win it 5-4 and sweep the yankees in the four-game series. stand inf sox are in great shape. three games up. toronto four back and fading and the yankees all but done eight games behind the red sox in the division. 6:11 now. we track accuweather every ten minutes. traffic moving well. tobin bridge upper left corner of your screen. drive times coming are up shiri.
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temperatures status in the low to mid-70s all day long. temperatures get up to 74 to 78 degrees. we have intervals of heavy rain and the opportunities for wind gusts as well. imtime out the worst of it in your town in futurecast coming up. a hard luck injury. jimmy garappolo waits years for a chance to start at home and ends up hit. >> he put himself in a great position to seize his moment, so to speak and it is tougho >> reporter: jimmy's teammates sound off and they wait to see what will happen next. and how close a 10-foot smashing was to the shore. we continue to following breaking news new york and new jersey. police are investigating new bombs found at a train station. also five people were detained
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get two times at restaurants and grocery stores.
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6:15. meteorologist shiri spear here. i do not like how this looks from spencer over to worcester. this is very heavy rain that will be passing through during the morning hours all the way to leominster to groton and getting into lowell right now. anybody travelling in and out of southern new hampshire is an absolute soaker here for the morning drive. it is a play that is giving patriots fans a hangover. jimmy garappolo taking a hard hit forced to leave the game with a shoulr patriots got a win, and with brady suspended and garappolo out the next man is up jacobi presett. the problems that the patriots are facing at quarterback. >> reporter: he did come in two and a half quarters and did his job on the whole go it done 32-24. he went into the game with a
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saw enough to feel confident going into the texan game on thursday. we will see. we will see what the patriots end up doing as far as third stringers are concerned mop will hold the clipboard on thursday -- who will hold the clipboard on thursday, all of that. let's look at the play. jimmy garappolo waited for years for this chance and sadly less than five to go in the first half he gets the completion but goes down hard on that shoulder, the throwing shoulder, and all of dolphins linebacker ans our fox25 sports director tom leyden reports that jimmy g. is nursing that sore shoulder. his x-rays negative. he feels for his teammate. >> i joe that jimmy has worked so hard to get himself ready to go and he has put himself in great position to seize his moment so to speak, and it is tough to see that. so you really feel for a guy. any time you are on a team and
6:18 am
work he has put in, and to see a guy sustain an injury. it's tough. it's tough. we are praying for jimmy hoping for the best. and he definitely has our support. >> his teammates clearly feel for them there. with that said, for the team as a whole, they need to get through two more games before tom brady comes back from his four-game deflategate suspension and everything should be very much settled. with that on top of the afc east. coach belichick sounded off in his own special way and will play some of that interview in about an hour. live in foxborough, michael henrich, fox25 news. take a look at this the mystery of the mask of brady has been solved. the creepy mask showed up at gillette and i unmask the himself. all-time team leading receiver
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no word if he is the one that donned the masks last weekend in arizona. >> catherine: pretty funny stuff. a serious situation as they are starting to see volume building. also problems on the map. get to a couple of them. a new accident popping up. eastbound. an accident, a stalled car near the prudentialals tunnel. no delays around 93. jammed up on expressway between quincy and milton. shifting north of the city 495 going south. 3 and shifting a little farther north there. 93 southbound, a crash there right at 49 and you can see some delays behind that point. also this accident popping up on the map. this is route 1 right in the peabody danvers area to 128. there are some delays behind that jammed up in fact. here is a look a one of our drive cams as. a jam talking about on the expressway. not going anywhere quickly on that. drive times for you right now. on the pike 13 minutes.
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route 128 to the weston tolls. not too bad. 27 minutes, back over to you. 6:20 this morning, and we are looking at rain. we need it badly and we will get a lot of it it sounds like. >> exactly right. if you were headed to work or the bus stop, bring your rain jacket or umbrella with you so you can prepare. >> gene: rain jacket. >> shiri: galoshes gene's favorite word. they haven't been worn. >> gene: collecting dust. >> shiri: kids get ready for their fancy umbrellas. heavy rain is our concern. risk for lightning that we are seeing with the storm tracking into worcester andtage gusts is not something i see widespread. if we get any damage isolated and worth noting stronger gusts within these storms. rain intensity has been pretty
6:21 am
point out the storm traveling through the worcester area that is packing the bunch of over two inches per hour. that is if it was staying still and raining overhead in one location for an hour straight but goes to show how much moisture is basically packed into these storm. the fact is we have already seen two inches of rain in parts of southwestern new hampshire. and the wet pattern all due to this cold front that will be moving into this very moist environment here and throughout the day. let's time it out with futurecast. the next couple of hours the focus of the storms will be in central massachusetts, the merrimack valley and southern new hampshire through 8 a.m. 10 a.m. comes along and the showers are starting to break up. we have a couple of storms still in place and isolated storms at noontime as well. they are not widespread. the communities that are dealing with them are
6:22 am
i know future cast not bringing us a whole lot, but eastern and southeastern massachusetts will likely be the hub for any evening commute. storms straight through about dinnertime. come 10 p.m., a lot of the action will be focused over the southeast, and it stays there in a very hit or miss style. overnight hours and into early tomorrow morning. so through it. waking up to the upper 60s, lower 70s from there. we have it into the mid-70s for most of us. not a huge temperature gain ca of the on and off storms today. tonight back into the 60s. the seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view have slow improvements tomorrow. after an early shower we finally clear out. sun rules am wednesday, thursday and friday and saturday. highs back into the 60s this weekend. back to you guys. a local community rocked by a sudden death. >> he was a strongest man but
6:23 am
he loved everyone. >> coming up, hue pizza restaurant is becoming a place for the family to heal.
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"game of thrones" veep" big winner of the emmy awards. it is who takes home the statues and all about the jokes. jimmy kimmel has more. ? jitterbug ? ? jitterbug ?. >> that's right. come on. >> what? >> you got to sing in the car, jimmy. it's how this goes ? you put the boom boom into love singing the car. kimmel singing "the squiter bug" and they did karaoke along with "ve ep" star julia louis dreyfus. >> sara: how badly do you want to be in the back seat of at that car. >> catherine: looks fun and hilarious. jimmy kimmel showed video of the his mom making peanut
6:27 am
they passed out the sandwiches on the bicycle. if you have seen "stranger things" the friends spend time on their bikes. and jimmy had plenty of vote. >> raise your hand if off gluten allergy. i just want america to see which of their favorite celebrities are the most annoying. [ laughter ] oh, also if you are allergic to peanuts i guess that is goodbye >> sara: after the show the "stranger things" kids said he handed out the sandwiches and didn't get any of their own. i bet that tasted great at that moment. >> catherine: who doesn't like a good old-fashioned pbj. shiri. >> shiri: we like the pbjs, we don't necessarily love the rain for the morning commute. intense rains. this green box is the flood advisory that has just been
6:28 am
because of heavy rain you need to plan on flooding there. the flooding concerns continuing into southern new hampshire right now. and we continue to update breaking news in new jersey this morning. another group of explosive devices discovered at a train station. this follows a weekend of explosions on the jersey shore and noshingdz. we are gathering new information from our crew in new york, and we will bring you the latest. the driver charged with crashing into a busy rant rant killing two peo
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. a brand-new week and we are off to a stormy start to this one. rain, wind, lightning. be aware of it as you head to school or work. but again when it comes to rain, we really need it. >> sara: that's right.
6:32 am
and a half of rain within the next 20 hours. meteorologist shiri spear joining us from the fox25 stormtracker weather center to time out when these showers are going to be around. >> we are pushing two inches in southwestern mass. and a drencher of a morning up there. we are hoping we can pull some of the similar rain -- i know -- >> bring it on. >> not quite that much in your back yard or the boston area. but we get some rain relief. the gist of it here. take you out to the maps i have got rainfall totals that have been very impressive out across western massachusetts, central mass, and you can see it near greenfield. we have over two inches of rain already. rindge, new hampshire. over an inch and a half. radar estimates. the worst of it sitting over worcester. a flood advisory just sitting there. do plan on ponding water on local roadways and terrible visibility between groton and londonderry. dry in boston.
6:33 am
south coast just starting to see some storms down there. if you travel throughout days by the evening commute. even after lunchtime storms that will be much closer to the boston air a. send you over to catherine parrotta for live drive time traffic. >> catherine: a lot of slow spots on this map and a lot of incidents. one over 49 at hopkinton. a multivehicle crash. jammed up going north past that point. north of the city 495 going south. two lanes an accident 495 looks like it is cleared. south. you are jammed up behind it and the city, a pike being eastbound. a stalled car before the prudential tunnel. and here are those drive times for you right now. the pike will take you 37 minute. 128, 32-minute ride. gene and sara, over to you.
6:34 am
jersey, minnesota and new york in particular. they found another suspicious device in a trash can at a new jersey train station. >> sara: as the fbi stopped a vehicle of have in the investigation. overnight, investigators say two men found a white bag in a trash can at the train station in the city of elizabeth, new jersey. they called police when they saw wires and a pipe coming out of that bag. police immediately suspended train service multiple devices you were found inside and the bomb squad accidentally dented one. passengers on drains in the area been able to get off and everyone is avenue. service has been suspended as the fbi continues to to teingt. in new york, the fbi stopped a vehicle of have just before cloak near the verrazano bridge in new york. five people were being questioned and at this point,
6:35 am
connection with the vehicle stop. they say the investigation is ongoing. saturday night, 29 people were hurt when one bomb explode in the chelsea section of manhattan. they are all expected to survive. investigators are pouring through surveillance video to look for clues. and a second unexploded pressure cooker bomb was discovered a few blocks away yesterday morning. there are reports that surveillance video will show the same m the chelsea bomb. and new york's governor have ordered 100 new york state and police and national guard members deployed across the city. security was already increased because the president is scheduled it visit the un today. happening today, the driver charged with slamming his suv into a crowded restaurant will head to court. stephanie coueignoux is live at the court room where prosecutors could answer lingering questions in this case. good morning, stephanie.
6:36 am
driver to crash. casler it the driver who is charged is scheduled to appear in court behind me. two people killed and seven others injured in that crash. he was inindicted earlier this month, and this is video that fox25 obtained of kasler as he was being taken away to the hospital after crashing into the restaurant sweet tomatoes in newton. the middlesex securit across newton when it ultimately crashing through the front of that busy restaurant. according to the boston globe, casler's attorney said his client's physical health couldn't prevent what happened. would not say what the health concern are. charged with two counts of motor vehicle homicide and quantity of operating to endanger. since the crash, his license has been suspended and we have been taking a deeper look into
6:37 am
6:45. in woburn, i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. 6:36 this morning. a worcester dentist accused groping a few mel patient. patel is accused -- assaulted the woman accused four times while she was having her teeth worked on. the dentist was arrested at his office and denies the charges and have been out on bail since his arraignment. police in melrose are looking stabbed a 17-year-old outside of a walgreens'. happened from this time any on main street. the teen was stabbed six times and believed the victim knew his attackers. the teen is still in the hospital recovering. 6:37. the gas crisis hitting the south. coming up this hour the problem with the pipeline that sent fuel prices soaring in several states. plus a group of friends stumble upon a shark in cape
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vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side,
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vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. traffic and weather together every ten minutes. and catherine, things are starting to pick up out there. >> kind of a gray day as well. leverett connector where boston is very heavy. okay over the zakim bridge and other spots low. we will have drive times coming up and you are tracking potential problems for later in the day. >> here is the good news boston.
6:41 am
aton of clouds. bus stop forecast for the city has just cloudy and 70s here at 7 a.m. so give the kids maybe some short sleeves, and raincoats really important north and west of the city where it is already raining, an even in the city where the kids are coming home from school, chances are we will see more of this. worcester up to lowell and southern new hampshire. that just nasty out there this morning. >> catherine: build in extra time coming from those areas we will be tra we are looking at a live great white -- [bleep] -- whoo! >> gene: they will need a bigger boat. a close encounter for tans fishing. they sent thus video after spotting a great white you a of sandy neck beach. they saw splashing a half a mile. if they were to guess, the length of that is that correct about ten feet. >> sara: oh, wow, and they were laughing.
6:42 am
customers flooded a brockton pizza shop. the shop just recently opened after their owner died. a man died from a heart attack vacationing in greece with his family in august. to celebrate his life, the customer challenging for the brockton community to eat at supreme pizza every day for one week. >> i came here since i was a little kid. jimmy is great guy. i know the who he will whole family a >> sometimes people come in and cry with us and hugging us, and it is amazing. >> the shop reopened friday, and the family says the support of their community is overwhelming and means everything to them. and we are updating breaking news this morning. more explosives found in new jersey overnight, and police are on the hunt for a suspect in a shooting. we are checking in live with all of our reporters right
6:43 am
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yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ? ? you're ready. ? ? get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? 6:45. meteorologist shiri spear here in and around the worcester area getting a drenching right now that extends all the way to marlborough. billerica, lowell and lawrence alling rain heavily on. gloucester and cape ann, haverhill into new hampshire. a soaker and another rain. it is 6:45 right now on this monday morning.
6:46 am
on all of the top stories. plus patriots fans are buzzing after jim armstrong went down hard. he will not be back in time for thursday's game. >> following breaking developments in new jersey where more explosives were found. m+ alini basu is live in new york city this morning. >> reporter: within the last minute or so, we just lear were found inside of the pressure cookers. in new york city, tensions are high. it is still blocked off at this hour since saturday. now local state police and fbi are still here at the scene of the explosion. this is that information. latest bombs were found by two men in the trash cam at a train station in elizabeth, new jersey. the men who found it called police when they found wires and a pipe coming out of that bag when they saw it coming out of that bag.
6:47 am
inside and the bomb squad accidentally detonated one. meanwhile, in new york, the fbi stopped a vehicle of have just before 9:00 on the belt parkway near the verrazano bridge. at this hour five people are being questioned. the fbi says there have been no arrests or charges in connection with a vehicle that stopped. and now taking balk to saturday, 29 people were hurt when one bomb exploded in the chelsea section of manhattan. everyone survived. morning. no arrests have been made. and we are also being told that once again five men are being questioned. out in fbi is also -- they are also looking into an apartment in elizabeth, new jersey which is 15 miles away from here. we will get the details at 7:00. for now live from manhattan, malini basu, fox25 news. i am jessica reyes live in allston where a man was shot outside of a nightclub.
6:48 am
his life. police tell us the victim is only in his 20s and it happened right around 10:00 last night outside of the garage nightclub in allston. the victim was apparently shot on pratt street right around the corner to linden street where police say he collapsed on to the ground. once against he was rushed to the boston hospital with injuries that police are calling life-threatening. at this point, it is still very early in the investigation and the details we have at this point, they are pretty limited, but poli fight right before this man was shot. at this point, no one has been arrested, but police didn't believe the ciption of a possible suspect they are now looking to find and we will have that for you coming up in 15 minutes. live in alton, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. i am stephanie coueignoux live in woburn where the driver charged in connection with a deadly restaurant crash will be back in court today. bradford casler is the name of
6:49 am
charged with two counts of motor vehicle homicide. and one count of attempt to endanger. he was driving through newton when he hit several cars and crashed through the front of sweet tomatoes. two people died and seven others were injured. moo he hadly following that crash, his license was suspended and we went through his driving history and found he has this three accidents dating back to 1998. meantime, coming up at 7:30, the reason his attorney said his client could have prevented what happened. in woburn, i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. i am michael henrich reporting live in foxborough where the patriots grew their record to 2-0 staying undefeated but losing garappolo in the process. that is right. the quarterback went down hard. look at the highlight or low light. less than five minutes left in the first half. 21- jimmy g was cruising and went down hard on that shoulder
6:50 am
of him. x-rays were negative. jacobi finished up the game. he and the pats only have a couple of days to get ready here. they have a date with the texans on thursday night. ahead in the next report about a half hour from now, hear from the coach as he sounds off in his own special way about the situation. live in foxborough, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> before we check the weather with shi child who goes to margaret l. donovan school in randolph this morning, school is closed because of a burst pipe. a good rainy day to stay home then for the kids roar and watch a movie. >> good rainy day for the parents who have been begging for it. >> not everyone is getting hit just yet. >> shiri: a steady, heavy rain from the merrimack valley will fall apart as it gets
6:51 am
north and west of boston and in boston later today, it is going be too little hit or miss style. a little more broken up. we have more lingering showers over the cape and southeastern massachusetts straight into tomorrow morning. so the hardest-hit areas where we are seeing the rain right now. worcester points north and west of that. a tampa of rain in southern new hampshire. for the rain total, zero in boston. it is coming, folks. 72 degrees right now and highs limited to the 70s you are lucky to get a seven-degree warm-up. we have tropical moisture feeding into the storm that is helping fuel those tropical-like downpours. a blinding rain where we have it right now. worse will be in and around worcester. be careful there. a pretty intense form of rain over the cape cod canal. the one newspaper nashua, over
6:52 am
a messy start of the day in those towns and cities. a lot of those storms north and west of boston and i do expect it will be closer to lowell, a little closer to the north shore here. once we hit noontime. some pop-ups. we turn a little more scattered and broken up for the afternoon. storm potential starting around noon in boston. hit and miss-style storms into the evening commute and eastern and southeastern massachuses send you home from work and even dinnertime, the focus will be southeastern massachusetts. our front is so slow moving that it gets hung up overnight that we still have to focus and trigger for some storms overnight tonight. closer to the cape and to stay alert to the potential of rain overnight and early on tuesday opinion today's highs, mid upper 70s.
6:53 am
isolated showers and for the day tomorrow, we start off with the potential of a little wet weather and we end up clearing out from the northwest to the southeast. so, again, points north and west of boston will be brighter tomorrow, a little warmer with middle 80s. in lawrence and fitchburg. 81. and lower 80s in in plymouth. one of the spots that probably gets stuck under mostly cloudy skies for your tuesday. improvements are slow. but they do come to town tomorrow with a high of 85. 83 lower 80s thursday, friday and early saturday showers. back to you. a look at how the map is doing with the roadways. a lot of red on the map the expressway between quincy and milton and 93 through medford. route 1 also pretty slow. take a look at a couple -- couple of incidents. this one off the map on the pike and 495. shifting up north, see this 495 multivehicle accident right at route 3 there.
6:54 am
you can see heavy delays coming down 93 as well. and this is still on the map route 1 right before 128 moving south. and you can see that you are jammed up behind that point starting to slow down on 128 as well, jammed up on wakefield as you approach woburn and burlington and slow pocket of lexington and 128. taking a look at traffic moving down 93 through somerville. volume typical. route 1, jammed up half-our. 93 and to the weston tolls about 45 minutes at this point. gene, over to you you. >> gene: fox25 investigates uncovers a dangerous loophole that could allow bus drivers arrested for serious times to stay on the job. one bus driver kept his license after a charge of abusing a autistic girl. >> reporter: i want to talk about the charges against you.
6:55 am
get answers. he discovered a disturbing crack in the system that licensed your child's bus driver. drivers that are allowed to keep driving despite criminal charges. what the state has to say when we press for answers. five skydivers leap from a burning plane seconds before it slams into a home. this is video from the scene near phoenix on saturday night. the pilot and four passengers all jumped from the plane after seeing flames shooting from the the pilot suffered minor burns but will recover. the passenger and two residents of the home were not hurt. a disaster in alabama is sending gas prices soaring and causing some ponds to run dry. ten days ago a large pipeline burst in central aleal. 250,000 gallons of fuel spilled and the pipeline is now shut down. states of emergency have been declared in six southern states which expect to see gas shortages this week.
6:56 am
the i'm line carries gas from texas to new york. >> a bizarre burglary attempt leaves a teenager stuck in the chimney. a west control worker was in the home and heard strange noises coming from the chimney. at first he thought it was just a tv but then the worker started to call out to the noise and got a response back. >> stood by the fireplace, and -- and i holler and -- somebody here? yeah, yeah. give me a rope. i said, a rope? he said, yeah, i need a hope. >> gene: fire fighters did manage to get that teen out, bus his freedom was short-lived because police arrested him once he got out of the chimney. house hunters in england shell out half a million dollars for a magical home straight from the "harry potter" movies. it is up for sale, the home
tv-commercial tv-commercial
6:57 am
under the stairs by his cruel aunt and uncle and the house is set in the first harry border with a garden and room under the stairs. >> gene: i am sure they will get a nice price. new developments in new york city as the fbi tries to track down the source for those pressure cooker bombs, one that injured dozens of people. we will have more live reports from manhattan all morning beefed up across the city. plus, some animals lovers consider them cruel. the massachusetts city where pet stores will soon be banned. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. north of the city slow no the matter where you are. route 1 and 93 through medford. drive times coming up. shiri. the latest rain reports. over 3 inches of rain so far in royalston. over two inches in ashburnham and
6:58 am
trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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>> shiri: now at 7:00 we begin the weak with drenching rain. timeline for today's storms and where there will be strong tips. >> continue to follow breaking news out of new york city where the terror investigation taken several new turns this morning. what we know about the new bombs discovered at a new jersey train station and group of people questioned by the fbi. all coming up in live report from manhattan.


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