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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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search for the suspects. >> daniel: it is monday, september 19th, i'm daniel miller. >> catherine: i'm catherine parrotta. heavy storms already dropped more than three inches of rain on some towns. >> we have had a lot of one, reports, so it is heavy rain that we are watching through the rest of the day. right now right along the mass pike between worcester and boston and stretching up to lowell and lawrence and steady rain, next batch going to come out of connect and going to be in place by lunchtime today. that's going to affect southeastern mass and so far we have had barely any rainfall totals. so over inch of rain in lawrence, inch and a half of rain, pushing almost two inches so far in worcester and in orange and in inch and a half in
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this is the best tracking around lunchtime, so gets brockton around 11:00 a.m., boston 11:16 and lynn by 11:34 and watch because it is going to travel over the same area over and over again with heavy rain and going to lead to couple likely inches of rain and couple inches and cities and last with us straight through the evening hours and i have hour-by-hour future cast coming up. here is drive time traffic. >> catherine: roads very colorful. 128 really long drive time on 128 right now and see delays extending pretty much from lynnfield all the way down toward waltham, almost to newton at this point. want to zoom in a little bit down this way, shifting south. see heavy delays jammed, in fact, as you go up 128 through the needham area, also on the expressway usual spot from quincy to milton and kind of sluggish right now as well and live look, this is actually the
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you're seeing right now and very gray out there, looks like perhaps the rain has begun in that spot. you can see it is slow crawl of the traffic there too. pike 40 minutes, 93 from split to the pike, 36 minutes, 93 from 495 to leverett connector and take you 47 minutes right now. >> daniel: continue to follow breaking news out of new york city and new jersey. police and fbi are looking for this man >> intense manhunt for 28-year-old and calling this act of terrorism. i want to show you what's around us, here on twenty-third and 6th avenue. this is where the first explosion happened.
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man ahmad kahn rahami. 28-year-old from afghanistan and lives in elizabeth, new jersey. 28 years old. he is about 5'6" weighs 200 pounds and police want to talk to him about saturday's explosion and new video we just got in. police are searching his elizabeth, new jersey home. they are searching above restaurants and we know that investigators are trying to talk to some of his family and friends and that latest bomb we are talking about was found this morning. now the men found wires coming out of bag and multiple devices found inside and bomb squad accidently detonated it. saturday 29 people were hurt, everyone survived, pressure cooker device was found blocks away but it didn't explode. now, investigators say there were bb's and ball bearings in the pressure cooker.
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for ahmad kahn rahami, 28 years old, he is about 5-foot six, weighs 200 pounds. back out here live, armed and dangerous, do not approach him. also we could tell you that police stopped five men in a vehicle in brooklyn. they are questioning these men. it is unclear exactly how they are related and five men headed to the airport but once again right now police tonight have anyone in custody but if you know anything about the 28-year-old we will be out here and bring you another update in 30 minutes. for now live in that chelsea, manhattan, fox25 news. >> daniel: homemade bombs found in new york city look similar to ones used by tsamaev brothers used in boston marathon and pressure cookers filled with ball bearings and talked with counterterrorism expert and groups like al-qaeda on how to build the bombs.
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four blocks where it exploded in chelsea neighborhood and investigators found pressure cooker with wires coming out of it attached to cell phone. the suspected ied failed to detonate. the device is now an important piece of evidence. pressure cookers filled with nails and ball bearings were used in the boston marathon bombing. major kinder says information put out by the suspected terrorist are inspiring lone wolf attacks. >> easy to find about marathon bombings and not that difficult to replicate unfortunately. >> at this point state police tell fox25 there are no known links between anyone or anything in massachusetts and bombing in new york and new jersey, but investigators still have a lot to uncover. >> catherine: isis taking responsibility for attack in minnesota mall but officials say they don't have that confirmed. saturday night around 8:00 the suspect walked into the mall and dressed in security uniform and began stabbing people.
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killed the suspect. it is not immediately known if isis planned the attack or knew about it beforehand. we will continue to monitor the situations in minnesota, new jersey and new york all morning. we will have breaking updates on air, online on fox25 news app it is free to download. >> daniel: breaking news in chelsea. six-year-old boy has been hit bit a car which passed the stopped school bus. that bus stopped to drop off students on carter street while the boy police say the stop sign on the bus was extended and boys has bumps and bruises and taken to -- by an ambulance to local hospital. the driver stayed at the scene and has been charged with operating to endanger. right now police trying to track down the gunman that shot down outside allston nightclub. several bullets hit the victim and now in critical condition. fox25 jessica reyes is live at the scene where police, jess,
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suspect. >> jessica: leaving scene in red car and they do expect victim to survive but are still searching for that suspect this morning and building just down the street here late last night. just after 10:00 last night. and police do say the victim is only in his 20s. parking lot on pratt street here in allston and ran around the corner to linden street and that's where he collapsed on to the ground. he was apparently shot several times and upper body police at first calling injuries life-threatening and update from police and recovering at hospital in boston this morning. once again, police do believe that suspect is black man who was seen getting into a red car
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pants and hoping to get a better look at what this suspect looks like. meantime they are asking anyone with any information to give them a call. live in allston, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> this morning worcester police looking for the driver of black pickup truck accused of dragging woman down the street. police say it happened saturday morning at bp gas station on chandler street and woman talking to the driver of the pickup truck when suddenly sped off. she was dragged for over a m she is recovering in the hospital with a broken ankle, collapsed lung and bleeding in the brain. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. wanted to give you look at drive times and they are all in the red. expressway from the split to the pike 35 minutes. 93 from 495 to leverett connector 44 minutes. 128 from the university avenue to the weston tolls we will take you 42 minutes. shiri? >> shiri: right now 72 and just clouds in boston but within the next hour i should say within the next two hours we are
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lunchtime and for the afternoon we got intervals of rain, downpours gusty winds, all things that i'm watching closely. >> daniel: we have a lot more coming your way. emmys are in the books. still ahead what jimmy kimmel turned to in order to feed all the celebs.
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>> shiri: heavy downpours continue across the outer cape. >> daniel: football win is win and this win came at a price. patriots lost their backup quarterback and now jacoby burr set and pats offensive coordinator addressed
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>> learning about jimmy garoppolo and back and up all up in the air and in the backup it would be then jacoby brissett and somebody will be ready to roll. let's see the play again. this is the play that changed the near future at very least. jimmy garoppolo less than five minutes to go in first half, falls hard on that throwing shoulder and dolphins helps them out, falls on it as well. 21-zero at that point and fox25 sports director tom leyden reports jimmy j nursing shoulder on x-rays negative and coach bill belichick has this to say. >> put himself in great position to seize the moment, so to speak
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you're on a team to have a personal relationship with a guy and know the work he has put in and to see guy sustain an injury it is tough. it is tough. you know, we are praying for jimmy, hoping for the best and, you know, we are -- definitely has our patriots did pull out the win 31-24 and two-zero and good quarterbacks coming back after week four and keep an eye on tom brady's return. for now live in foxborough. >> daniel: man in creepy mask turned up for first home game --
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unmasked himself and former receiver wes welker and not the same person wearing the mask last week in arizona. >> catherine: u.s. weekly magazine reporting laid gee gawill perform the half time show but it is not final. they are talking to several artists. it is in houston, texas right >> daniel: two high school football teams in michigan create one incredible moment. robbie heel has been the water boy at novi high for the last four years. senior has down's syndrome but wears a uniform and shoulder pads to every game. friday night his team and opponents allow robi to take a hand off and run for a touchdown and so much more to the story. robbie's mother battling severe
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join him. >> takes a village to raise and village really been outstanding. >> daniel: robbie's mothers has been a photographer for the team the last four years. >> catherine: south of the city slowed dedham and newton and also on the and quincy and milton and 128 still at very slow crawl route 1 and waltham, almost 93 jammed between medford and somerville. take a look this is the zakim bridge leverett connector volume still very heavy and route 127 minutes and on the expressway from the split to the pike take you just over a half hour and 93 from 495 to leverett connector
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jammed up. and see great skies. >> shiri: first of rain in boston itself and showers going to be filling in as we head toward lunchtime and biggest concerns today will revolve around heavy rain and potential of some lightning, some gusty winds, seeing some hail on radar as well and sloppy, sloppy day and here you could see that batch and up strengthening storms right now and this batch of rain just clipping past boston and another batch over the cape and see it is turning out to be a soaker of day here, noon time and storms very close to the
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southeastern massachusetts where we have not yet seen very much in the way of any rainfall today. in fact, we started with a little bit of sun down there this morning and 5:00 the trend will be the evening commute, eastern and southeastern massachusetts will be the hot spots for some of the storms. boston going to be in the risk area as well and even though it might tend to break apart, those few showers that we get or hit or miss showers we get still going to pack a punch as far as containing some heavy downpours. some of the storms are weakening a bit and moist out there, and still seeing showers over southeastern massachusetts even late tonight and before drying up for good tomorrow morning and high temperatures land mid to upper 70s today with about 76 in boston, not too far off from where you stand right now and then overnight it is going to be in the 60s with slight risk of showers and boston a little bit
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mass. tomorrow morning a couple of showers left there but we slowly clear out from the northwest to the southeast just slow process and warm spots tomorrow with middle 80s and lawrence and fitchburg and faster than somewhere like boston at 81 or plymouth at 82 or the 70s and slow to come through oppressive tropical humidity in place today , and we feeling fantastic, comfortable air in place, nice and bright again, sunshine rules on and scattered clouds and increase and lead to scattered showers friday night and early saturday. 60s this weekend with sunday sun. back to you. >> catherine: fox25 investigates uncovers a dangerous loophole that could allow school bus drivers arrested for serious crimes to stay on the job. one driver kept his bus license
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>> i want to talk to you about the charges against you. >> catherine: tracking down answers and uncovered disturbing crack in the system and investigates bus drivers allowed to face criminal charges and parents in the dark and what the state had to say while pressed for answers. >> daniel: coming up local funeral home will get lift.
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the content of this advertising. ? ? that's right. singing the jitterbug and sixty-eighth emmy awards and tv's biggest stars honored and two series that stole the night. >> game of throwns. >> sara: honoring best in tv sixty-eighth annual prime time emmy awards handed out trophies. little surprise the two top series repeated their success.
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game of throwns most honored show in emmy history. >> i'm sure somebody will take this from us and hope it doesn't happen until we are all dead. >> sara: top comedy veep taking home fifth consecutive best actress gold. people verses o.j. simpson, american crime story was another big winner taking home best limited series and three out >> wonderful, as i said to my children win, lose or draw already won so if it happens for me wonderful, if it doesn't happen to me all good. we come home and celebrate one way or another.
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>> sara: last night surprised many taking home outstanding variety series and matt damon made sure he felt the pain. >> stand out here the rest of the night. >> also surprise lead actor in drama series mr. robot. >> enjoy the snacks. there you go. >> sara: jim 3-hour show moving and including apprentice producer mark burnett. >> blame for donald trump, that guy. >> mark burnett. >> a lot of razzing. could be expected. >> daniel: great moments last night. favorite when jimmy kimmel was beginning the show and ran into former presidential candidate joe bush who was a chauffeur talking about being unemployed and driving for uber.
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throwns? >> daniel: no. >> shiri: intense rain and thunder and lightning with that one and attract to the south and more of these type of storms popping up as we get into the afternoon and time them out for you next. >> daniel: long lines just to fill up. people waiting as long as an hour to fill on some of the most expensive gas in >> stephanie: driver charged in busy restaurant two people
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>> catherine: police and fbi are looking for this man, ahmad kahn rahami in connection to bombs found in new jersey. at this time it is not clear what role he may have played but take you live to the scene in just a minute. tracking severe weather. >> through rhode island and storm and problem is this is a batch of storm that then going to push into southeastern massachusetts. so i don't have anything issued locally but there you have it, you can see all the lightning strikes that can be tracking toward narragansett and big concerns rotation with the storm and watching it for possible tornado and tornado warning. here you can see the rain locally as heaviest athon and
9:30 am
well as brookline and dover stretching up to reading and tewksbury. just been a soggy start and downpours that continue over the cape as well as the southcoast but this is really going to pick up as we get into the afternoon so right now 72 showers and noon time 74 and turning stormy and staying stormy at times straight through the evening hours with the focus then turning to eastern and southeastern massachusetts. so latest on severe weather i will have to latest look at radar as well and where the storms are headed coming up. drive traffic. >> catherine: north of the city 128 still not looking good. jammed between burlington and waltham and 93 jammed as you go through medford and hazard there main street that was for much earlier this morning, not sure why it popped up. pike going eastbound doing okay, 128 the expressway jammed up in the typical spots. take look now live camera and leverett connector still jammed up, zakim bridge, volume heavy
9:31 am
jammed up, 23 minutes, 93 from 495 to leverett connector, 39 minutes. pike will take you half hour right now. >> daniel: breaking news out of new york city this morning where active terror investigation is underway. >> catherine: police released photo man they were looking for in attacks in new york city. overnight police also found bombs and train station in new jersey. fox25 live in manhattan where security >> reporter: catherine and daniel, at this hour there's an active manhunt underway for 28-year-old man and just learned driving a blue car with new jersey license plates and first explosion on twenty-third and 6th avenue and still until this day right now happened on saturday and here we are on monday and active investigation. get right to a photo that police are looking for. ahmad kahn rahami, he is 28
9:32 am
he weighs about 5'6", 200 pounds, police right now want to talk to him about saturday's explosion. right now police are searching his elizabeth, new jersey home. they are searching above a restaurant. latest bomb found by twoen in trash can at the train station in elizabeth, new jersey. the men who found it called police when they saw wires and pipe coming out of the bag. multiple devices were found inside bombqu detonated one. back to saturday 29 people were hurt, luckily everyone survived. pressure cooker device blocks away and explode and investigators say there were bb's and ball bearings in that pressure cooker. again, let's take a photo of ahmad kahn rahami. 28 years old, 5'6", weighs 200 pounds. now, just around 8:30, 8:45 this morning, police sent out alert
9:33 am
police and alert out on the phone so again, this hour there's an intense manhunt police once again are searching the apartment in elizabeth, new jersey. send things back to you guys. >> daniel: it is a busy neighborhood. what is the police presence like there now? >> reporter: police presence increased seven, 7:30 and police officers were checking people's 23rd street just up the block and also as people going to head down to the path on 23rd 23rd street. everything seems to be back to normal. right here there's still an active investigation here at the scene and we will be out here for now. live in chelsea, manhattan.
9:34 am
bomb similar to the ones used in boston marathon bombings near the scene in chelsea. massachusetts governor charlie baker says state troopers are working with federal authorities to keep tabs on the investigation. >> doesn't appear to be any guidance from where this all originated from but something we are paying close attention to. >> catherine: police say there were no incredible threats to massachusetts right now situation in minnesota, new jersey and new york all morning. we will have breaking updates on air, online and fox25 news app. it is a free download. >> daniel: man that was driving this suv when it crashed into a crowded newton pizza shop will face a judge. two people died in the crash six months ago and today we are hoping to get some answers about what caused the accident. fox25 stephanie coueignoux is outside woburn district court this morning where stephanie, that arraignment will take place
9:35 am
>> stephanie: brad casler walked into court and they did not answer any questions and i want to show you brand-new video where they were walking in and see the video where brad casler is a little unsteady on his feet and visibly limping and again, speak to comment that one of the attorneys made to the boston globe in which he said his clients health and physical conditions could not have he did not say what the health concerns are and largest question regarding what happened. kessler he was indicted earlier this month, six months after that crash in newton. the middlesex district attorney's office says casler was driving through newton and ultimately crashing through the front of sweet tomatoes. he is now charged with two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of operating to endanger. since that crash his license has
9:36 am
his driving history and found that he has had three accidents since 1998. we do have a crew inside courtroom ready for arraignment. in woburn i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> worcester dentist accused of groping one of the female patients expected in court today. doctor assaulted her four times while she was having her teeth he denies the charges and has been out on bail since his arraignment. police in melrose looking for three men that stabbed 17-year-old outside walgreens and happened friday night on main street. police say the teen was stabbed six times and they believe the victim knew his attackers. the teen is still in the hospital recovering. >> massive crowd turned out for rally in massachusetts. despite efforts of organizers
9:37 am
plan. >> i guess because i have children and don't know whether it would be more prevalent in their lives but i'm on the fence. >> city initially blocked the event and court-ordered city to approve permit and didn't make any arrest at rally. november's marijuana vote causing problems in one local town. city leaders in amesbury just approved a ban on the use of barn in public. mayor vetoed the medical marijuana users and city council now has three weeks to override the veto. >> catherine: funeral home getting makeover. it will serve as temple's new headquarters. spokesperson for the groups says they understand the irony that a town that once executed people for expected ties to satan will now be the headquarters of the world's largest satanic organization. temple will be open on friday.
9:38 am
district testing lead inside all the schools. part of statewide program sponsored by governor charlie baker. boston public schools found lead in six of the buildings over the summer. >> catherine: jimmy owns supreme house and died in greece challenging to community to eat at supreme pizza everyday for a week. support is overwhelming and means everything.
9:39 am
game road trip in baltimore and things looking promising right now. hanley ramirez providing fireworks against the yankees. sox down four-zero in the fifth when ramirez line drive and three-run homer. sox tie the game in the sixth and ball over the green monster and game winner five-four and four game series and what standings look like sox are three games up on baltimore who they play tonight and toronto four back and yankees are in trouble. >> catherine: drive times and expressway from the split to the pike jammed just about a half hour, 93 from 495 to the life-threatening 42 minutes and 128 from university ave to the weston tolls and bit overhalf
9:40 am
shiri? >> crossing from connect into rhode island, severe thunderstorm warning has been issued here in that area and as zoom in want to show you this green verses red shows us broad rotation so there's the potential of tornado attached to this storm and something watching closely here and band of storms and southeastern mass later this morning and time it out for you next. >> pest control worker was trying to take found something else entirely
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>> shiri: steady rain over northeastern massachusetts and intense stuff locally in the boston area from winthrop to neponset and roslindale and other side dover and all seeing some downpours. >> daniel: sky-divers leap from burning plane. scene from phoenix and pilot and four passengers all jumped from the plane after seeing flames shooting from the wing and suffered minor burns but will recover. passengers and two residents of the home were not hurt. we are learning about a scare in the airport that forced flight
9:44 am
appliance. plane heading from washington d.c. to germany when coffee pot malfunctioned and started overheating. it happened back on september 8th, daily mail reports the plane was over canada when passenger smelled something burning and continuing on the way about 16 hours later. no one was hurt between bus and van and none are life-threatening. little boy has memory loss. it happened yesterday. the van hit the metro bus in intersection and crash remains in investigation. catherine: north carolina they are checking tires involved in deadly crash. video richmond county saturday and carrying a junior college football team when blew tire and hit overpass. four people, including ten-year-old son of coach were
9:45 am
players and bus driver. 42 other passengers were hurt but they are expected to be okay. >> daniel: dissaster in alabama causing some pumps to run dry. ten days ago a pipeline burst in central alabama and 250,000 gallons of fuel spilled and pipeline now shut down. states of emergency have been declared in six southern states which expect to see gas shortages this week. prices in georgia shot up 16 cents last week and carries gas from texas to new york. daniel: uss montgomery had engine failures and heading to san diego and head to shipyard for repairs. two other combat ships had major engine failures and each of them cost $400 million to build.
9:46 am
called police to teach young daughter lesson in seatbelt safety. woman says three-year-old unbuckled seatbelt during the ride home. she killed over and explained why seat belts are important but she decided the lesson needed to be taken more seriously and called police who are happy to come in for backup. >> don't know what other drivers will do. my not pay attention and run into the back of mom, hit beside the car and you know what, if we are not buckled, our >> catherine: hopefully the little girl got the message and promised the officers she would always keep the seatbelt on. good advice, especially on day like today when the roads are just a little bit crazy out there, look south of the city, 128, still pretty slow trying to make way north. also the expressway still jammed up in quincy and milton coming north now take a look and 128, still jammed up from about burlington to waltham also
9:47 am
take look at live cameras, zakim bridge, volume heavy at this hour and drive times route 1 to the tobin, 19 minutes, 93, 495 to the leverett connector, 36 minutes. 128 that has been a problem spot. route 1 to the weston tolls at least under an hour now and still going that take you 53 minutes and, you know, rain going to be moving in and dismal on zakim camera we had. >> daniel: will this help the drough >> shiri: we have a rainfall deficit now it would need to rain like this weeks straight everyday and got situation where, yeah, helps because keep from getting worse. lightning something to be vaware it be safe and damaging wind gusts and see at the storms,
9:48 am
over rhode island as severe thunderstorm warning was issued for gusts around 60 miles per hour and over time that whole batch of rain is going to be moving in southeastern massachusetts. there's a chance that the bulk of the really heavy stuff will slide south of boston and 11:19 and boston 11:40 and somerville 11:46. this is -- going to be sticking around, watching this, and fox25 and keeping you and into the afternoon you could see lightning strikes, blue that's also attached to the storm and hail, and severe thunderstorm right now and storms are going to be moving in the southeastern massachusetts around noon time today and boston definitely not looking too hot either. during the evening commute here at 5:00 p.m. it might not be quite as organized and widespread but still going to
9:49 am
there and those that we have will contain downpours. the potential is across eastern and southeastern massachusetts during the evening hours. mostly focusing from boston southward into southeastern mass. overnight we still got couple rogue showers out there. still possibly containing pretty heavy rain along with them and even into tomorrow morning chance for early morning lingering shower and slowly clear out tomorrow. high temperatures today mid-70s due for most, sixties overnight with threat passing boston southward here. even the city at risk for passing shower overnight and then for tomorrow although we could wake up to a little bit of wet weather here for the northwest to the southeast, finally we are going to kick out the clouds. very slowly brighten up tomorrow and humidity is slowly going to drop. once we hit wednesday, thursday, it is going to be bright and comfortable again. wednesday, thursday, friday with wake-up temperatures in the
9:50 am
thursday first day of fall and highs in the sixties with few saturday morning showers clear out in the afternoon, high 69? and 66y with sunshine here on sunday and get through today, definitely stormiest day tonight forget your umbrella any time today. >> catherine: how you can land one of fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently.
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i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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>> daniel: one final update on breaking news we have been following in new york and new jersey. new pictures of ahmad kahn rahami, 28-year-old who want to talk to in connection to the explosion in chelsea, new jersey state police also wanted in bombing at road race saturday. ahmad kahn rahami was born in afghanistan and last known address was in elizabeth, new jersey and this morning investigators raided his apartment. it is above restaurant.
9:54 am
as you just heard one of them detonated on accident but no one was hurt. we will continue to stay on top of the story all day. you could download the fox25 news app to receive latest breaking news alert and starting to four and fox25 news at more live reports from spotting great white in sandy neck beach and splashing about a mile offshore and investigate. they say if they have to guess shark about ten-feet long. meantime another shark now shares name with red sox slugger david ortiz. this is one of six sharks tagged by the atlantic white shark conservancy in the past few weeks. they name this 15 footer big papi in honor of the sox icon and continues the retirement tour.
9:55 am
in chimney. firefighters in louisiana say the teen got stuck after trying to break into a home in baton rouge and pest control worker at the home and heard strange noises and first thought it was the definition -- television and got a response back. >> i said give me a rope. i need a rope. >> firefighters got the teen out and arrested him once he got out of the chimney. >> catherine: city of cambridge want to take pets out of pet stores and cracking down on puppy mills that sell to chains. boston banned sale of dogs, cats and rabbits at pet shops.
9:56 am
shops. catherine: goat spotted last month and named brady and goat can stand for greatest of all time. who knew. >> daniel: straight from harry potter movies, home up for sale where he was under the stairs and house set of first harry potter film and three bedrooms, garden and iconic cupboard under the stairs. daniel: american pickers search for long forgotten antiques and treasures and not announced specific date for filming and locals who have large antique collections. pretty interesting. catherine: yeah.
9:57 am
today. >> shiri: headed out you have to watch out for downpours, lightning and severe thunderstorm warning and excellent tool for dai -- day like today and evening showers. >> daniel: thank you so much for joining us. >> catherine: watch ? do you love me? ? with hood sour cream, you can love every delicious bite and every spoonful you scoop
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very meal can be made easy and delicious with all-natural hood sour cream.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
10:00 am
it's september 19th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." one kitten saved, but two others trapped in a wall. >> the camera reveals two kittens on screen. >> what happens when the power tools come out so the kitties can, too. a domestic squabble leads to a lot of stuff out a window. >> there's artwork, there's clothing. >> good thing the washer is coming out, too. uh-oh. somebody's been caught red handed. why she may need a new shade of lipstick. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bring you the best on the web, including a cape with a name on it.


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