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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  September 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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police, a shoot out pursued. witnesses estimate around 30 rounds were fired. rahallmy was shot but his injuries not life-threatening. three officers taken the the hospital. one struck in the abdomen but had a bulletproof vest on. another being evaluated for stress. no indication a terror cell was at work here. but new york city mayor did i blasio speaking earlier today about the motive of the crimes. >> have now, we have every reason to believe it was a subject of terror. we will be going into some detail. and there's still a long investigation ahead. but now we have as i said every reason to believe this was an act of terror. >> rahami a u.s. sits sent worked at the family's fried chicken restaurant. authorities have him on surveillance video and dna on cell phones at the charity race in new jersey this weekend and
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info in this case, we'll continue to bring it to you as soon as they bring it into us. in the newsroom, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> new at 4:00, we spoke with some of our lawmakers today to find out what they're doing to keep us safe. fox 25 sharman sacchetti live in boston, no connection between these new devices and anyone here? >> reporter: no. no direct connection. but the governor told us we do questions for those elected officials. they were telling us, there's still a lot they don't know about this suspect, how he was able to pull this off. there are still questions here, though, about what they're doing to keep boston safe. >> and the message from the beginning has been this does not have any connection to anything going on here in new england. >> governor charlie baker telling us while there is no direct connection here there are
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happened in new york and how the dzhokhar tsarnaev brothers went about the boston marathon. if you go on the internet, it's a one-page document drawing and descriptions. >> reporter: he asked transit police to increase visibility the same for the airport as well. >> i know in recent weeks some of the isis leadership have called for, you know, home grown attacks. >> reporter: congressman steven lynch points out the suspect is a naturalized citizen and it wasn't a question, it appears, of better screening. it all raises questions just about anyone can be radicalized. lynch adds there's much more they still don't know. >> i haven't heard yet that any of these individuals were on the radar screen of the fbi up to this point. whether we can connect the dots after the fact and say we should've seen this coming, i'm not sure yet. >> reporter: and congressman lynch tells us, he is worried
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agreeing to take in refugees that were headed to grease. that agreement expires in october and is unclear what happens next. at 6:00, specifically the type of security measures that are being picked up at airports along our water ways and roadways. live in boston, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. >> blair: and fighting terrorism now, of course, the focus of both hillary clinton and donald trump's campaigns still ahead at 4:00, how they're reacting to what happened and their plans to keep america this afternoon, a higher than ever police presence in new york city. and the aftermath of that bombing and preparing for the u.s. general assembly, an additional 1,000 state trooper and members of the national guard been added to those streets. mayor bill diblasio, those will be assigned to major events crosswalks and subway stations throughout the week. stay with fox 25 and for continuing coverage of the arrest in the bombings. ahead at 5:00 and 6:00 with a live in new jersey where that
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in security right here at home. >> president obama ruled out a connection between the bombings and a knife attack at a minnesota mall over the weekend. at this hour, authorities are investigating that as a potential act of terrorism. man police say stabbed nine people as a security guard working for a store in the mall. has been identified as 22-year-old dah here adan. officials say he made one reference to allah and asked the before attacking. an off duty police officer being praised as a hero who took him down. >> given his officer's training and abilities he was the right person at the right place at the right time on saturday night. to prevent this incident from getting worse. >> elizabeth: officer jason works part time at the police department but served as a police chief in a nearby town. all of the people who were hurt are now out of the hospital.
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the, still gray today outside of our studios, this is video from new bedford, people really sloshing through it. >> blair: chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz with you will now. heavy rain, but not out of the woods yet, are we? >> kevin: look at the difference. 3 inches in -- you saw the video in new bedford, over.75 of an inch. you know how badly boston needs this rain. hours. the latest live storm tracker radar and there are a couple of spots coming down heavily. particularly out here, martha's vineyard and nantucket getting hit very hard with heavy rain still. as well as falmouth and mashpee through the beach area and hyannis and south yarmouth too. skip northward, request incidence see to weymouth and holbrook, spots for the evening drive time and north shore, merrimack valley, quickly into southern new hampshire now, to pass down to merrimack, new
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and finally southwest new hampshire, where heavy downpours are right now. this rain moving out tonight. the best chance, when we need it, the best rain is already over for most locations. i'll keep track willing the heavy spots and big change in the weather. >> blair: there are new developments in the deadly restaurant crash in newton. today the man behind the wheel was in court. that's where we learned on the record that he suffers from debilitating disease but the prosecution says it played no role in the fox 25 kerry kavanaugh is live outside of the restaurant in newton, with what was revealed in court today. kerry. >> reporter: yeah, the prosecution laying out their case for the first time publicly. they say that the driver was speeding when he came through this intersection here, went to the light that was red and of course crashing right into the sweet tomatoes restaurant that remains closed tonight. now, the prosecution acknowledging that this man suffers from m.s. but they say it's simply not playing a role
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bradford casler the driver of course. made the first appearance before a judge today, six months after the crash that killed eleanor neely and greg morin and injured several others seriously. earlier this month, indicted casler of two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of negligent operation. today the prosecution acknowledging casler suffers from m.s. and says their investigation took that into account. >> we believe that it h had -- mr. casler was not suffering any flare up from the disease at the time of the accident. >> the gentleman suffers from multiple sclerosis, he has for 27 years and we all know the affects of multiple sclerosis. >> reporter: the defense attorney there wouldn't elaborate on casler's medical condition nor would he answer if
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the prosecution also examined casler's vehicle what they discovered about it after closely examining it and the story we're putting together in the next half hour. live in newton, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: driver being charged tonight after hitting a child at a local school bus stop in chelsea on scatterer street. police tell us the man drove past the buses flashing stop sign and hit a 6-year-old boy. that boy not seriously hurt. the driver cited with operating to en blue passengers planned to make an unplanned stop in boston after a lightning strike. it was headed from new york to bermuda. landed safely after being diverted to logan this morning after noncritical equipment issue but lightning hit that plane. they checked for damage as well. passengers were placed on new flights. >> elizabeth: right now police are trying to track down the gunman who shot a man outside of a allston nightclub on pratt street in allston.
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investigating overnight. several bullets hit the victim and he's now in critical condition. as fox 25 jessica reyes tell us, police have a rough description of the suspect. >> reporter: this all happened at the building down the street from here, at a nightclub called the garage. that's what that building actually operates as on sunday nights and people who live in this area, do say it is especially busy on sundays, the victim nearly only in his 20s, shot in the parking lot on pratt street and then right around the corner from linden street w we do have video from the scene we want to show you now. shortly after the fact. there was a pretty big police response at that time. police did initially say looking at life-threatening injuries, they have since said, they do expect him to survive. and he is in critical condition in a hospital in boston. he was shot several times in his upper body. now, police are still investigating, still looking into this. but they do say there was some sort of fight before he was shot. >> apparently, there was an altercation inside and another
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we're told. again, that's something we'll address through the licensing board. but, again, we're still very early in the investigation. a cameras will tell us a lot once we get those reviewed and we'll go from there. >> right now, police are still working to get that surveillance video. but they do have a brief description of the suspect from a witness and that person apparently told police that the possible suspect was a black man seeing wearing a black hoodie and green pants last seen leaving the scene here in a red car. boston police are with any further information about this to please give them a call. in boston, jessica reyes, fox 25 news. >> blair: the patriots only have three days to get ready for the next game. still don't know if garoppolo will be able to play or not. the qb with the dolphins in the second quarter with a shoulder injury. x-rays reveal no broken bones. his availability may depend on how he deals with that pain. a sprained joint is the diagnosis.
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>> elizabeth: rhode island man who got stuck between a rock and a hard place after dropping his cell phone. walking along a jet tee in narragansett and when he bent over to pick up his phone, his head got stuck between two rocks. crews worked two hours before they finally figured out how to get him free. >> olive oil. lots of olive oil did the trick. spray him down, applied a lot of olive oil and we were able to dislodge him. >> so smart. but expected to be fine. >> glad he's okay. >> yeah. >> still ahead, the drug just approved that parents say will change the lives of children fighting muscular dystrophy. >> plus in this with the child passed out in the back seat, the woman in this photo people are wrong about what's really going on in the picture. >> live storm radar picture very busy today. tracking where the heaviest rain is still falling right now.
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chicken in our very own seasoned tomato sauce with peppers, mushrooms and basil. braised to perfection thanks to our unique ez oven packaging. it's ready to cook. just pop it in the oven and dinner's ready. delicious, fresh, easy. wegmans ez meals. [alright] >> elizabeth: developing right now, florida's governor announced a travel ban lifted to a miami neighborhood hit especially hard to the zika virus outbreak. he hut that in ban when wynwood was the first place in the u.s. to transfer the virus to people.
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considered a zone of active zika transmission. >> everybody came together about how to get rid of the mosquitos. we got rid of standing water. we educated the local residents the local businesses the county health department. >> now the focus turns to miami beach, where more than 30 home grown cases have been confirmed. >> blair: a senior high school soccer player at saugus high school is the example of what team spirit is all about. he was put in duringhe that's just part of it. i went to saugus high school today and found out what makes this game and that player so memorable. >> it started just like any other saugus high school soccer game. they were playing salem high school friday night when something happened. >> i was crying. it was unbelievable. >> one member of that team had said for weeks how badly he wanted to take this field. >> he's always saying, coach,
4:16 pm
when we're down, always screaming at us. >> and senior, matt, finally got that chance, who has downs syndrome. and he still can't believe it. here you can see why. he was put in, with the help from the other team in salem, he was allowed to go for the net. not just once either. he scored two goals. >> i feel happy. comprised. i'm happy fun game. >> reporter: fun and happy. now four days later, walking around saugus high school, raynade is still giving high fives and still high on life. >> happy. best friend ever. >>t i think raynade is always there for us, we have to be there for him too. >> i think it's a really good thing for him to do. and i think it was class from the other team, really
4:17 pm
not one of them will remember anything but raynade scoring one of those two goals. >> reporter: what happened, especially for raynade, it's much more than just a game. in saugus, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> blair: and you know, walking around that classroom, that cafeteria today, he is a rock star. >> elizabeth: big man. he's walking around like a peacock. >> blair: kudos to all of the kids there. particularly emotional for you to come together for him. >> blair: what really hit team spirit and the other team, salem high school for letting this happen as well. >> elizabeth: absolutely. >> blair: champs. >> elizabeth: former red sox pitcher curt schilling and his business 38 studios reached a settlement with rhode island. his team will pay $2.5 million over his settlement with the
4:18 pm
it will end by a lawsuit in this case. close call for a driver in marblehead when her car nearly went over a sea wall on the cause way headed toward the neck. if the wall wasn't there, she would've gone over that edge. the driver was okay and told police she's not sure how it happened. now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kl and the storm tracker weather team. >> kevin: outside of my window bone dry still. that's really the story of today. some places getting a soaking of rain. others barely any at all. while in worcester at the airport, almost 2 inches of rain. incredible difference. this is live storm tracker radar. heavy rain here, nothing in between, a little light rain, and then nothing up in this area. a couple heavier spots to the north. let's start here. martha's vineyard and nantucket both getting some of the
4:19 pm
see the yellow orange and red popping up in here. that's why the heaviest rain is happening on the southeast side of martha's vineyard. up to cape cod here, heavy rain through south yarmouthed and west harwich. craigville beach, nice spot in hyannis, nice spot happening, hyannis to barnstable. and osterville, getting that heavy rain as well. not many of you out at the beach this afternoon. moderate and spots of heavy rain near liberty street and west east of route 37, coming down pretty hard in that one little spot. most places light to moderate rain on the evening drive. lake canopy, coming down hard here. in peterborough back to dean, then i noticed this, 293 up through manchester, hard there, commuting to and from there this evening. rain reports coming in, they're all over the board.
4:20 pm
coming in on twitter. send them to me legal man no wits. that's incredible. that's what everybody needs. east mashpee, the cape, coming down hard, 1.2 inches that's a nice drink. grafton, worcester county, .3 inches. that's it. of rain. dorchester, notice the same way matching up with the logan airport, that reading is. drying out. the clouds sticking around, last showers along the coast, those push off as well. look how we clear off to the north and west in the morning as well. the sun coming out in full force in the morning. if you're likely not getting rain right now, not likely going to get much rain tonight. random showers to the north and west. if you're hoping for down busting in your town, most of it
4:21 pm
as well. hour by hour in boston tonight, any showers ending around midnight. staying near 70 degrees all night long. temperature won't drop too much. the big temperature change, though, is yet to come. high temperatures tomorrow, still decidedly like summer. framingham, 86 degrees. last to clear the cape and islands your temperatures will stay in the 70s, but still kind of humid out there, not the real sticky air we've had. gradually getting dryer. check the out in the the seven-day forecast. 23rd. bring us rain showers saturday morning. not the rain we need but another batch. more importantly, look at the high temperature average on sunday. that's the change i'm talking about. i'll keep track of the showers out there, where your heaviest spots are for your evening drive. >> elizabeth: shifts in the
4:22 pm
hillary clinton and donald trump plan to fight terror. now here's mark ockerbloom, with what we're working on at fox 25 news at 5:00. >> mark: we reported of samsung phones catching on fire and how the feds warned of them catching fire on planes. what's being done to keep passengers safe, why there's little about keeping them safe. a mother that i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous.
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>> blair: hillary clinton and donald trump are focusing their campaigns on terrorism after the bombings in new york city and new jersey. moments ago trump released a new statement saying once again our law enforcement showed that without them our country is neither safe nor secure. lauren blanchard reports on what both candidates plan to do to fight terrorism. >> reporter: in the aftermath of explosions in new york and new jersey saturday, coupled with the discovery of more devices in the area, terrorism is now a top concern of the presidential candidates. republican nominee donald trump taking heat for calling the blast a bomb before it was confirmed and only minutes after he was briefed. >> i heard i was good for calling it correctly. what i said was exactly correct. i should be a news caster because i called it before the news. >> i've been briefed about the bombings in new york and new jersey and the attack -- >> on saturday clinton also referred to it as a bomb before
4:26 pm
strike a more measured tone. outing herself as more experience with terrorism. >> working closely with our allies and partners to keep us safe must be the top priority for our next commander in chief. >> reporter: in a new fox poll released sunday, more people see hillary clinton as the candidate better prepared for the oval office. and with only one week to go until the two major party candidates face off on the debate stage at hofstra university, trump says he's confident, although he >> it's a very unfair system. so we'll see what happens. but, you know, i feel very confident going into the debate. i have much better, you know, solutions to problems. >> reporter: speaking on fox news sunday, clinton's running mate, tim kaine says the tightening race is no surprise, noting it's typically as the election approaches. lauren blanchard fox 25 news. >> blair: gary johnson says running mate and former massachusetts governor bill weld
4:27 pm
split over concerns of throwing the race to trump. >> bill weld is in this for the long haul, beyond my wildest dreams bill weld is my running mate. >> blair: johnston and weld are getting 10% of the vote in 90% of the polls but not enough to be part of the debate. >> elizabeth: now that his shop there in a couple of spots. tracking where that is for your evening drive and when it moving out tonight. >> blair: we just heard from the candidates on the bombings. up next at 4:00, we'll tell you how the investigation is shaping up next at 4:00, we'll tell you how the investigation is shaping introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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>> blair: update to the breaking news right now. on a stretcher and in custody. here are the last few minutes, law enforcement told reuters, the man will be charged in five attempte m york city and seaside park new jersey. that arrest came after a shoot out with police this morning. >> in manhattan chelsea neighborhood despite that blast where 29 people were hurt. >> we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. >> on monday morning, the n.y.p.d. and fbi released a photo of ahman khan rahami and asked the public for help in finding hip envelope a matter of hours, he was in custody after a shoot out with police. >> now that we have the suspect
4:31 pm
whether this individual acted alone and what his motivations may have been. >> reporter: the 28-year-old suspect believed to be seen on the surveillance cameras near the bombings saturday night, he's a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan. saturday's explosion left 29 people injured all released from the hospital. authorities say a backpack of slows sifs was found at rahami's last known address in elizabeth new jersey. three bombings added to terror watch list to leaving the country. police tracked him in lend don new jersey near elizabeth. >> directed bombings from new york and from saturday in new york. >> reporter: an extra wrinkle during a week that already demands greater security here. the united stations brought world leader and dignitaries to town including president barack obama. >> we all have a role to play as citizens to make sure we don't succumb to that fear.
4:32 pm
and new jersey. >> there's no indication at this time, that a terror cell is operating in the new york area. in new york, i'm karin caifa. >> elizabeth: in the last few minutes, law enforcement officials told reuters this man will be charged with five counts of attempted murder in connection with new york bombings in new york city and in seaside park new jersey. in the week of the bombings a small act of kindness. an employee from starbucks gave coffee and pastries to new york police officers. he handed bag after b barrier and shook their hands in thanks. our coverage of the bombing suspect arrest is just getting started. at 5:00 and 6:00, live in new jersey, where that shoot out happened. what security changes are being made here in massachusetts. >> blair: mush needed rain fell on most parts of the state today. a while since we've seen that out there, chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us from the storm tracker weather center even though it's pounding at
4:33 pm
>> kevin: no, even spots that it came down hard, barely a dent, even less of a dent in other spots. live to our storm tracker radar, particularly in southeastern massachusetts, martha's vineyard, and nantucket. the rain wants to split between one of the two islands right now. doesn't mean you're missing out on cape cod. in of the heaviest on route 6. brewster, dennis port, all seeing some of that heavy rain right now as well. in around the south shore, exception in halifax, that spot of yellow in here, find those little spots hiding amongst the heavier rain and just like that it disappears. this is 2 moderate, 58 near palmer mill road. finally southern new hampshire, you're not totally escaping this. heavy rain around peterborough and just to the east of manchester and highway 93 coming through in raymond new hampshire seeing some of that heavy rain. but really a tale of several
4:34 pm
inches of drought denting rain. other places like the city of boston, just a quarter of inch in dorchester and airport and east boston. pretty consistent around there as well. while the cape getting a good drink of rain with over an inch and out in the islands as well. not everyone benefitting from the heavy rain that came through today. we'll take every drop we can get, though. still some to track. i'll keep doing that and talk about when the rain moves out of here and back to sunshine too. >> blair: a new hampshire woman facing a long list of for leading police high speed chase. they saw her fly by them near laconia going 90 miles per hour after refusing to stop, she finally pulled into a mcdonald's where they had to break the car window to arrest her. she's charged with reckless driving, dwi and arrest, she refused bail. >> governor charlie baker is not up for election until 2018 but quickly adding a fund-raising
4:35 pm
million, benefitting from the state campaign laws which tops it to 500,000, to 1,000. according to aaa, gas prices remain the same. gas prices only changed a penny in the last three weeks and 9 cents lower than last year at this time. a big holiday push for kohls. at least in the hiring department. the department store wants they will continue to do that through mid november. in retailers already wracking up their hiring too. >> blair: a pizza shop feeling the love from its community. just reopening after the sudden death of its owner. the family spoke with only fox 25 christine mccarthy about working through this tragedy.
4:36 pm
smells are the same as they've been for nearly 40 years. but the feeling inside supreme house of pizza is different. >> he was the strongest man. but he had a heart like a teddy bear. he was the softest man. he loved everyone. >> reporter: owner jimmy la [kits should be here. instead, pictures hang on the wall of the shop he loved. he died august 30th, while on vacationing in greece with his wife. >> i thought he was got up, he just fell down, heart attack and wasn't able to make it back home. >> reporter: since then customers who have become families, flooded the shop, providing laughs, hugs and condolences. even a makeshift memorial outside of the building. >> i came in, lenny was a great guy. i know the whole family. i eat here every single day. >> >> reporter: they're coming for the food but also to participate in supreme challenge
4:37 pm
since the la brkitz reopened on start. we've been here almost every other day. >> reporter: the support is overwhelming for a family who lost so much. >> sometimes people are just coming in just for hugs. and crying with us. and hugs us. and they're amazing. >> reporter: christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: that's an amazing show of support. >> blair: it really is. i bet it's therapeutic not only the coming in. >> elizabeth: yeah, definitely. we showed you this photo of two people overdosing with a little boy in the back seat. the woman in the picture is talking about what happened and not what everyone thinks she
4:38 pm
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4:41 pm
islands. each one representing a death in the mediterranean. >> the last time i wore a life jacket when i had to cross turkey to greece. i was with a smuggler. and we agreed we would go on a boat. but it turned out to be a dingy and 88 people. >> elizabeth: 658 of the life jackets on display were worn by children. it comes as the migration summit begins today in new england. >> grown to 4500 acres trying to keep it away from the air force base in san bernardino county. >> elizabeth: the viral photo of a woman passed out in front of her child in the back seat claims she was not on heroin. she tells she had one bottle of blueberry ale and part of a painkiller before the photo was taken. toxicology reports have not yet
4:42 pm
boyfriend drew outrage. she admits she made, quote, the worse mistake of her life. >> blair: an emotional tribute still ahead how some football players showed their water boy, that he is an important part of that team. >> kevin: still checking for showers out there. speaking of water coming down in some spots, even heavily on cape cod. where those spots will be from this point on. >> elizabeth: it's a drug that so many children desperately need. the i don't want to live with
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you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. >> elizabeth: doctors call it ground breaking news. a drug used to treat do shane muscular dystrophy. victim advocates call the medication a lifeline. >> i'm speechless. it's -- like i said, it's -- there have been so many sacrifices and casualties along the way. so it's bittersweet. >> reporter: when christine's son was five years old, he was
4:45 pm
in 3500 boys. >> it's a nightmare for a mom to hear they're going to have a short life span. >> most patients don't live beyond the age of 20. as muscle deteriorates. that's the age he is now. he was put on this new drug and within a few weeks, the family noticed a difference. >> he was able to open up a carton and a can. >> reporter: the be made to other patients right away. but that didn't happen. >> it's been a long fight for four years. >> reporter: doctors who worked on the drug, believe the philadelphiaed these to approve it because the amount received it was small. but they have granted temporary approval for patients to receive it as the full approval process moves forward. christine says the long slow path here has cost lives.
4:46 pm
saved. >> we can't forget the casualties that have happened. while it seems more of a celebration, to the me it's more of a relief. >> elizabeth: i spoke with the doctor at this afternoon, they're not sure of the timeline for full approval. they do think it's a significant decision by philadelphiaed, to allow full access of the drug as the access expands. >> kevin: it's been a day of the area, even severe weather toward rhode island today toward the south coast. really there's been flooding potential today, really nothing coming to fruition. which is a good thing. really don't want the flooding. we're still seeing rain to cape cod, that's where i take you to first, the cape and islands. right on the west flank of nantucket. the red and orange showing right up in here. that's where it's coming down the hardest, hardest anywhere on the map. brewster, new orleans, over to
4:47 pm
seeing heavy rain along route 6 harwich to brewster, seeing that come through right there on the local roadways getting hit as well. spruce road some of the heaviest rain happening on cape cod. then kingston to plymouth and carver and right here, some spots of yellow that show up. so in the mostly light to moderate rain fall, drive across one of these, alpine spotty, but on the north shore. a lot of dry weather around boston or misty at worse. here in southern new hampshire, you run into this. if you're driving out of massachusetts toward your home in new hampshire this evening, you're thinking it's not so bad and then run into this around manchester, new hampshire, coming down hard right there and toward raymond as well. francis borrow, peterborough, yellow and orange coming up hardest right there, even red when you get right down close to
4:48 pm
along route 131. what's happening the rest of the weekend, the last of the showers come to an end to the north and west. out on the cape and islands, lingering showers overnight into the first part of the morning. this will take you right through the morning news cast, where meteorologist shiri spear tracking it. it will still be a bit humid tomorrow, not quite as sticky as we've seen today. but dryer as the evening comes wednesday morning. wednesday, we start out with sunshine and we'll have sunshine all day long on wednesday. looks like a pretty nice day. temperatures respond to that sun tomorrow. the mild air mass, that tropical air starting to move out. this is tropical air we have out there. temperatures in the 70s by lunchtime for your tuesday afternoon. and high temperatures in the afternoon will get well into the 70s near 80 degrees. you'll have the most clouds here in southeastern massachusetts. those will push off gradually through the morning.
4:49 pm
farther north and west you go. the weakest temperatures you have, with the longest period of sunshine coming through. the seven-day forecast, shows us nice and mild through the start of fall. the autumnal equinox at 10:30 a.m. friday, morning sunshine. then that weekend, the risk of showers start your weekend on saturday. with the weekend always in view shows a huge change coming our way. a shot of fall weather just in time for the by sunday, average temperature for high will be 62 degrees. in boston, 65, 68 degrees. off to the west, 60 to 63 degrees on average. it is going to be a real cool sunday. sounds nice, great for apple picking and things you like to do in the fall. i'll keep track on the showers right now as they finally get out of here and update the timeline on where they do leave later on tonight in just a bit. >> blair: all right. we'll see you then. the new library in
4:50 pm
those are two turkeys that showed up a few days early, i guess for the library grand opening set for thursday at 11:00 a.m. >> elizabeth: i think they were applying for the library card. new at 4:00, security tight at the dancing of the stars show after hecklers rushed the stage a week ago. after ryan lochte performed. guards tackled them. audience members will arrive an hour earlier to be patted down. security in stage at the >> blair: a bizarreburg glaefr left a 15-year-old stuck in the chimney. the teen got stuck trying to break into the home in baton rouge. the pest control worker at the home. heard strange noises coming from the chimney. the homeowner thought it was just the tv. then the worker started to call out to noise and then got a response back. >> stood by the fireplace. and i hollered. and i think somebody here? yeah, yeah.
4:51 pm
yeah, i need a rope. >> imagine what that guy was thinking? >> elizabeth: and the paperwork he had to fill out and explain that. >> blair: well, firefighters got the teen out, but his freedom, na, short-lived, police arrested him once he got out of that chimney. >> elizabeth: two high school football teams teamed up to create one amazing moment. rodney, was the water boy, he has downs syndrome but wears the team and the opponents on friday night's game let him take off and get a touchdown. so much more to this story, rodney's mother was suffering from a severe form of bone cancer and she was able to join him at the field after that play. >> instrumental in getting him to practice. and it really -- it takes a village to raise my son. and this village has really been outstanding. >> we love robbie.
4:52 pm
she apparently was a photographer for the team for the past four years. but you know what i love, is this is happening all over the place. this is your story for today. >> blair: right. in saugus. you don't know what that moment to a lot of people it's just a moment. but to a family, it's so much more. you don't know what this does for someone in the family. >> elizabeth: absolutely. you can see how overcome she was by it. beautiful. >> blair: a big night for the tv shows last night. >> elizabeth: oh yes. >> blair: emmies handed out and in little political. >> who is to blame for donald trump? that guy. mark burnett. blair miller: next, one of the big surprises in the record set of the star studded ceremony. now here's vanessa welch with what we're working on fox 25 at 5:00. vanessa. >> vanessa: blair on top of breaking news, law enforcement officials say a suspect in terrorist attacks in new york and new jersey will be charged with five counts of attempted murder. and the suspect is now in custody. coming up at 5:00, we're live in new jersey, learning more
4:53 pm
plus. >> the driver who crashed into this newton restaurant killing two people and seriously injuring 7 others was in court
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
now at 5:00 tense moments
4:59 pm
after bombings this evening. >> when i came out, i heard pop, pop, pop. >> authorities have the bombing suspect they're looking for. fox 25 is live at the scene as investigators call this an act of terror. tonight president obama is asking americans to stay strong. >> we all have a role to play as citizens in making sure we don't succumb to that fear. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is fox tonight the suspect in the explosions in new york and new jersey is in custody. 28-year-old ahmed ramdy was shot and some polices were also hurt. >> he's accused of setting off bombing and suspected of leaving devices in new jersey. one exploded before the start of
5:00 pm
detail tonight. good evening, everyone. >> so far investigators have found no evidence that the suspect was part a broader terrorist cell. here's what they learned. three bombs found had one thing in common, a flip style cell phone. the pipe-bomb that exploded in new jersey was made with threaded pipe and black powder. >> the two devices in new york city were pressure cookers similar to those used in the >> we're live in linden, new jersey where the suspect was taken down. first, we have new details about the charges the suspect is now facing. >> just into the newsroom we learn the suspect will be charged with five counts of attempted murder and two gun charges. that's according to rutgers. he remains npt hospital where he underwent surgery after a shoot yot.


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