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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  September 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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children's hospital for days. his on-line plea for justice and what his wife is saying about the case. >> taking the extra steps the father and child more secure tonight thanks to boston's finest. the officer who went beyond the call of duty and why. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 11:00. now at 11:00 looking live at the zakim bridge roads dr clouds still hanging around tonight there's a chance for rain tomorrow in some spots. hi everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. let's turn now to fox 25's chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. once those clouds clear on out it's going to be nice tomorrow? >> it's going to take a while. there will be some fog in the morning that's going to be developing and the clouds will be slow to leave cape cod now. we've been talking about a tropical air mass off the carolinas.
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rain around here it even brought some severe weather to the northeast. some places that gets some heavy rain while others didn't get so much. snreas yell low and out here that's really coming down hard. that will continue right the big concern will be the dense fog. visibility is a half mile in worcester down to a quarter mile in places like fitchburg and over in beverly as well. we'll talk about when that burns off and a big temperature drop this week. there's a guy shooting a gun. shots fired, shots fired. >> the sounds of a shoot-out between police and a suspect wanted for two terror
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that suspect is now behind bars charged with multiple felonies. >> here's the latest from new york into that dual terror attacks. take a look. this is the new mug shot of 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. also getting new surveillance video showing him point a gun at officers before firing on them. thankfully no officer were hurt. but at the same time the naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan faces five attempted murder charges on a law enforcement officer. tonight people in ne the end of a terrifying few days. >> there's a guy shooting a gun. shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: a new jersey resident capturing the moments right before ahmad khan rahami would get into a shoot-out. rahami is seen walking towards police while pointing a gun. moments later shots rang out.
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public for help. in a matter of hours he was in custody after a shoot-out with police. >> now that we have the suspect in custody the investigation can focus other aspects. the 28-year-old suspect believed to be seen surveillance cameras near the chelsea bombing saturday night rolling a duffle bag. he's a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan. saturday's explosion left 29 people injured. all had been released from the hospital. of explosives was found at rahami's last known address in elizabeth, new jersey. the manhunt an extra wrinkle during a week that demands greater security in new york. the institution -- the united nations general assembly has brought dignitaries and including president obama. >> president obama: i in particular want to give a heartfelt thanks to the new jersey police officers.
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the extraordinary skills and sacrifice and courage of our law enforcement officers. >> tonight the city that never sleeps is resting a bit easier following the arrest in this case. fox 25's malini basu has been in new york since the attack happened on sunday. new yorkers are starting to return to normal? >> reporter: right, vanessa, investigators say they've been looking for that man for a couple days now they weren't going to give up. custody. here we are this street has roped within last two hours. at the same time we spoke to a man who says that the 28-year-old suspect was inside of a dunkin' donuts watching himself he was watching his own face on tv while that manhunt was going on. >> he was trying to watch the news with what happened in elizabeth. >> reporter: dzhokhar works at the gas station up the road.
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watching himself on the news as the intense manhunt was underway this morning. another employee thought something was off. >> somebody looking inside the window watching tv things like that. >> reporter:. >> reporter: fox 25 got this exclusive video of rahami walking down the block early this morning. >> police were really worried to see if he had kind of backpack with him. >> reporter: f.b.i. agents walked in to his business looking for any evidence of the bomber. nightmare. rahami seen here getting in the ambulance was conscious and alert moments after the shoot-out. neighbors living in the area were stunned. >> i heard like five or six gunshots. >> reporter: just three miles away investigators saturated the 28-year-old's home in liz beg, new jersey. he lived with his family first american fried chicken. rahami also worked in the business. >> fried chicken. i joke with them a real nice
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i never expect anything like that. >> reporter: the family has a history of clashes in the community over the restaurant. in 2011, the rahami family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against elizabeth new jersey city officials saying they discriminated against them because they're muslim. those living through this chaos just want answers. >> it's unusual for anything to happen in this neighborhood. >> it's so close to home anymore. we don't know what to do, what to >> reporter: and some of the new yorkers we spoke to say they are just glad that new york city police officers didn't give up on are a ham arey and he has been charged. they say it's thanks to some good old-fashioned police work. >> malini, have you been there all week what's the overall sense you are getting from new yorkers overnight? vanessa, i think i heard you saying the feeling about new yorkers.
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large gathering. they want to know why, why was this area targeted now live in chelsea, mall nayny -- malini basu, fox 25 news. developments are being watched closely in new england. ever since the first explosion on saturday local law enforcement have been in constant contact with officials in new york and new jersey. the f.b.i. reached out to security and fenway park where large crowds gathered. the head of the boston f.b.i. told fox 25 there's no credible threat in new england. >> does this end the threat that we've seen all week long? >> it's unknown at this point in time. there isn't anything specific or credible relevant to our backyard. >> now state police say there will be increased patrols this week at gillette stadium and fenway park across the state. you can see the latest from the investigation in new
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time. we have complete coverage for you on it's also available at your fingertips our fox 25 news app. a 6-year-old chelsea boy is recovering after he was hit. even though the bus was flashing its lights and add stop sign out. the boy suffered some bumps and scrapes. police charged the driver with operating to endanger. the bus driver told fox 25 they like to see stiffer fines for obey school bus laws. new at 11:00 extra police will be hand will be on hand tomorrow investigating a bomb threat believed to be a hoax. >> a woman found a bag of shotgun shells. on the shells were messages referencing terrorism. the bomb squad searched the town's four buses but did not find anything. the person who crashed
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newton suffers from debilitating disease but according to prosecutors it played no role in the crash. he pleaded not guilty this morning. it comes six months after crash that killed two and injured seven others. today the prosecution acknowledged that cassler does suffer from m.s. and the investigation took that into account. >> we believe that it had mr. cassler who is suffering any episode relating to multiple sclerosis and flare-ups. >> the prosecutor said that a state police master mechanickic and the volkswagen corporation examined cassler's vehicle and determined it was intact before the crash, including the brake system. a jetblue flight forced to land at logan. tonight we're hearing the calls from the cockpit after the packed plane was hit by lightning. >> we just took a bolt of
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the best weather for us to head. to we want to get in the clear asap. >> the flight from new york to bermuda diverted to boston this morning because of an equipment issue. on the way the plane was hit by lightning it landed safely and no one was hurt. the passengers were put onto another plane to get bermuda. high-profile hack brought down the servers at boston children's hospital in twourn. just this year the man -- fwhourn. just this year the man responsible we spoke to our ted daniel about his mission and message tonight. >> the boston children's hospital believes that it all is in her head as a result she has been detained. >> reporter: just weeks after the hacker group anonymous took sides in a controversial child custody case. >> this will be your first and final warning. >> reporter: the boston children's hospital website was taken out. a 32-year-old activist named martin gotfield faces felony charges for the cyber attack
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island. tonight at the symptomerville home he shares with his wife we spoke exclusively with gotfield by phone. a self-taught computer genius originally from andover he admits he carried out the hack in defense of then 15-year-old justina pelletier. >> it's kind of like if you see someone getting stabbed in an alley or about to be stabbed in tan alley you could post that to facebook and ask the person nicely to not stab the person. but is that an appropriate taken into state custody in 2013 and her parents were only allowed limited supervised visits. when doctors at children's concluded that her health problems were the result of a psychiatric issue and not the genetics disorder she had been previously diagnosed with at tufts. >> the way things get submitted from like reality makes it sound like he didn't try every single thing beforehand.
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claims he he had no other choice. >> i can tell you that it dissuaded them from ever doing something like this again. >> reporter: the gotsfield says the government did offer him a plea deal but he refused because he wants to tell his story in court. they are unable to comment on the pending race. we also reached out to children's hospital. we are still waiting for a response. from our control room, ted daniel, fox 25 news. areas out there right now after this train left the area tonight. news tonight continues through until midnight. we are going in-depth with this terror investigation out of new york. still to come tonight what we're learning about the terror suspect's family business in new jersey whether the discrimination they face due to their religion played a role in what happened this weekend. but first a boston police officer going above the call of duty. the father and child in need that was helped and the
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a boston police officer is being called a hero at least from a father and child she helped out in the time of need. >> i tell you what you saved my life. >> reporter: john is talking about his 20 month-old son alexander. a concerned caller led to an encounter at the south bay mall with officer ann baret. >> somebody was concerned because i was covered in
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high drug area. >> reporter: officer barrett approached this father and son. >> he says i totally understand why you're stopping me. this doesn't look good. he said i'm sweating, and he started to explain the story. >> reporter: john's story brought this b.p.d. vet toers. >> in my 20 years as a police officer this one really hit home hard. >> reporter: john was in foster care as a child. he's a recovering addict. alle al's mom is also in the shelter. john made him wake up. >> without him i probably would still be out running the streets. >> reporter: that day john was caring alexander. pushing a broken stroller trying to get a second one fixed for his little boy. officer barrett dropped everything and called her niece to help. >> she told me she had never cried like that in 20 years i was really touched. >> reporter: karen powell posted a message her mom's group facebook page. the response stunned these two southie women.
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overwhelming. >> reporter: for john, too, a new stroller, clothes, and toys. >> it was mind-blowing to have this happen to me. >> reporter: now with a handup john is hoping to step out on his own. >> it means that i'm going to be able to save money to get an apartment. >> reporter: john has had full custody of his son for more than a year. he says these donations from complete strangers will allow him to save money for that apartment. as for officer barrett she says being able to do things like this to help people is the best part cop. in south boston, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. >> great work by that officer. a local high school gym teacher is back on the job but not everyone is happy about it. 39-year-old anthony was arrested at his essex home september 11ing on the domestic assault charges. the police report says anthony smashed a woman's face into a door frame. he was placed on paid administrative leave for a week before returning to the classroom. >> i think they should have
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me. >> i don't think he did anything to affect the kids, as far as i understand. >> he is due back in court october 18th. >> what a day we. had we finally got some rain to move on up here. we had great amounts northwest of boston and across cape cod and the islands. in between paltry amounts we needed a lot more. rain out there out on the outer cape right on the elbow. orleans seeing some of that right now. i'll zoom out to the yellow and orange this is the national seashore. there's in heavy rain out there still just in spots. some light rain through scituate into marshfield right along the coast in plymouth. carve seeing a little bit
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there's just not much left out there and most of it will dry up through the morning at least as far as falling rain but the air mass it's still very wet. there's where the heaviest rain was back here. we had reports of over four inches out this way as well. same for you cape cod and the islands. in between though that's where the lesser amounts fail and the drought rolls on. rain reports give you a smattering of them stoneham just a half inch closer to boston. dorchester just over a quarter of an inch of rain that's it. once the rain left you were left with this. beautiful sunset this evening. that's a beautiful sunset. some waltham tonight, too. another great shot. a few of these goes by on twitter.
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now with the sun going down and cooling temperatures and the very humid air mass you get this. quarter mile visibility. beverly, bedford, fitchburg, worster this is much worse we were talking about just at 10:30. half mile visibility at norwood airport as well. bottom line is driving around tonight you are going to hit some dense fog it and gets worse as the night continues on. that's because we have these sticky dew points. making the air saturate so starts to condense out. potent you will have that fog you will have that clouds right through the morning it will start to break apart. any last showers just on the south coast of new england. everybody breaking into sunshine for the afternoon. by lunchtime temperatures are into the 70s. clouds longest here that's where your coolest temperatures are going to be. staying in the 70s. but off to the north and west of boston we'll check out the merrimack valley here.
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afternoon. 76? first bench pitch in fwooment. the weekend always in -- in baltimore. the weekend always in view. yes indeed we are about to talk sports. should people get their hopes up about jimmy garoppolo? there seems to be a little glimmer of hope for a quick recovery.
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>> good times roll if you're a red sox fan. quick game, too. we like efficient games. an incredible run of success for rick porcello. signed to that huge contract last year only to be huger disappointment. he has done a complete 180. it's hard to argue there is anyone who deserves the cy young more than rick porcello does. he looked like greg maddux out there tonight. watch the x-man go to work. fantastic play at short stop. here's hanley ramirez doing his best vanessa welch. getting down his belly come on i've seen you do that on the softball field. >> right. >> mookie betts paying a mortgage at camden yards.
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season. nine against the os this season. david ortiz going to make a run for 40 at age 40. that made it a 5-1 game in the fifth. pretty amazing. he's up to 35. from there rick was cruise control. a complete game in 89 pitches, 89 pitches, nine innings. red sox lead the orioles by four after this one a 5-2 win in the series opener. >> all right well, the wild story under center for the patriots continues tom brady which obviously means that jimmy garoppolo had to step up now he's injured so we're unsure of exactly how long he'll be out of the lineup but it makes you wonder if jacoby can be the next man up with the texans coming to town. if you're looking for positives we know this, it no broken bones which means the recovery time may be dictated by how long jimmy can handle the pain and how well he can function. his teammates are in his corner. they're not going to put
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here's danny amendola. >> he's a competitor so he will do whatever he can to get everything it. >> he's a tough kid. he's italian so don't count him out. >> italians are tough trust me. i'm married to one. person -- one person not counting him out is tom brady. he said tonight he can to try to get back this week. interesting. so was this take wes welker who showed up at foxborough wearing the fake tom brady mask and apparently tom had already seen it. here's what he told jim gray about hooking up with his old buddy wes. >> yeah i saw some of those masks and i saw wes i spent a little time with him sunday morning. i it was probably the creepiest thing to see. he has been one of my best friends we played together
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he's still got a lot of ability. it's fun to be out there on the field with him. >> pretty cool to have him in the stands. when he took off that mask. can we talk magic number. the red sox number it magic number is down to nine nine. >> you are speaking the truth. >> i learned a little math with that science. >> they always count on you. >> the news fox 25 continues next we are taking to you the top of the hour with in-depth analysis of the new york terror investigation. >> still to come tonight we're talking to a security expert and a retired army major. why he says the decision to not call it a terror attack at first is very important and what made investigators change the label. plus, a local holocaust memorial gone. plus, a local holocaust memorial gone. the sculpture m fios is not cable. plus, a local holocaust memorial gone. the sculpture m we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in,
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