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tv   FOX 25 News at 1130PM  FOX  September 19, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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thanks for joining us for fox 25 news at 11:30. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. the suspected terrorist mentioned the boston marathon bombers. 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami is in jail tonight facing a total of five attempted murder charges including trying to kill a law enforcement officer. also new surveillance video showing a confrontation with police before firing on them. thankfully none of the officers were hurt but as a result the naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan faces those numerous felonies tonight. >> fox 25's mall -- malini basu has been in new york since the first bomb exploded in new york and has been travelling new york and new jersey as the case has unfolded. she has the latest from new york as residents get back to their normal lives. >> reporter: we are here back at the first crime scene and the street has already been reopened. in the meantime new yorkers
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feel like they can now live in peace. >> reporter: nina dzhokhar works at the gas station up the road from the where shoot-out happened. dzhokhar says ahmad khan rahami was watching himself on the news. another employee thought something was off about him. >> somebody looking inside the window watching tv and things like that. fox 25 got this exclusive video of the block just before the shoot-out. then just three miles away investigators saturated the 28-year-old's home in elizabeth, new jersey. he lived there with his family above his father's business. in the meantime, new yorkers say they are just glad that rahami has been caught and he's been charged. they say it's thanks to some good old-fashioned police work. for now live in chelsea, manhattan, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> in our coverage continues tomorrow morning we start at
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the newest overnight information about these multiple attacks. the driver who crashed into a sweet tomatoes restaurant suffers from a debilitating disease but it did not play a role in the crash. the driver made a first appearance before a judge this morning pleading not guilty. this comes six months after a crash that killed eleanor meally and craig warren. today in court the prosecuting a in order suffered from ms but not at the time of the crash. susan dixon was arrested today. this accident happened saturday morning high street. some surveillance images of the black pickup truck led officers right to her home. the woman police say she hit suffered a broken ankle, collapsed lung and minor brain bleeding but is expected to recover. a 6-year-old boy is recovering from minor
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chelsea. police tell fox 25 the boy was getting off a school bus which had a stop sign out when a car went around and grazed the child. the driver of that car is now charged with operating to endanger. other bus drivers told fox 25 drivers speeding past them while they're stopped is a growing problem and they want stiffer fines. tonight a local man statue memorializing the child victims of the holocaust is gone. fox 25's christine mccarthy reports >> it's called for miriam and 1.5 million children who perished in the holocaust. >> reporter: 81-year-old sculptor fred most cherished piece is a tribute to his sister who died in the holocaust along with his parents. miriam was just 1.50 when they it were separated. the sculpture was placed on center street.
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tilted to represent the world eschew at the time barbed wire to signify the death camp. >> i used the hands and i used the bush the burning bush of moses so there's some religious significance. >> reporter: so when he received a call monday from the cemetery superintendent saying the precious piece had been snatched over the weekend he was sickened. >> it's hard to believe someone broke the piece off the top the bronze piece a just took it. >> reporter: he is convinced the thief specifically targeted his sculpture. >> i couldn't imagine why anybody would steal it other than a hate crime. i mean there is ale have to bronze but it's not significant. >> reporter: miriam's memorial was supposed to be here forever. a police report has now been filed and he hopes the invaluable piece will be recovered or the thief will have a change of heart. >> a fitting place for me to memorialize my sister and
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it stays in the cemetery i've got a place to go. >> reporter: i did speak with the superintendent of the cemetery she tells me that the theft was discovered around 2:00 this afternoon. it's believed the theft occurred sometime between saturday night and sunday. she asks if you have any information about any spishs activity that might have happened around the cemetery during the weekend or perhaps you know the whereabouts of this precious piece go ahead and call milton police. in milton, christine turning now to the forecast and the rain that fell for most of the day. >> certainly not for most of the areas. that was needed but it's certainly not enough to totally bust up the drought. however places like boston getting a quarter of an inch of rain. not nearly what was needed and tonight there's still a little bit of heavy rain out. they'll take you to the outer cape right along the
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heavy rain. most of it though has moved offshore. we're seeing lighter rain right along route 3 coming through plymouth and toward the cape that continues northward along three a through sit uit and some more moderate showers happening right along the beaches of scituate. a bigger concern widespread is the fog that's developing. we're seeing visibilities down. look at portsmouth, new hampshire, th's that's going to bleed over into the north shore of massachusetts, too. quarter mile down to in beverly and bedford and fitchburg. areas of dense fog will be a problem for your late night and early morning travel. i'll be tracking that and the big cooldown to come. still to come we are diving deeper into the terror attacks. in just minutes we're breaking down what more can be done from a security standpoint to safeguard against attacks like these going forward. >> to make sure that there
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u.s. interests abroad. >> earth ared army major gives us his thoughts. first a new poll with the race for the white house
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libertarian candidate gary johnson got 9% and jill stein trailed with 2%. other recent surveys have shown trump and clinton locked in a tight race nationwide. "the new york times" poll also found like the independent voters in florida right now is split between the two candidates. the majority of likely voters in florida also viewed both candidates unfavorably. members of the straight's congressional delegation weighing in on the terror attacks and the conference about the similarities to the tsarnaev brothers. fast forward they including searches of cars and roadblocks. governor baker tells us he has asked transit police to increase their presence as well. congressman stephen lynch says he's receiving briefings daily. >> i haven't heard yet that any of these individuals was on the radar screen of the f.b.i. up to this point. whether we can connect the dots after the fact and say we should have seen this coming i'm not sure yet. >> congressman lynch added
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agreement for turky to accept refugees comes to an end. >> that suspect sits in jail tonight accused of the most recent attacks that injured 29 people. >> next we sit down with a retired army major and security expert about what these attacks mean in the
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>> there's a guy shooting a gun. shots fired, shots fired. >> 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami was arrested and
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attempted murder charges including trying to kill a law enforcement officer. there is new surveillance video showing the confrontation with police before firing them. thankfully -- firing on them. a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan faces numerous felonies. >> we are joined by bob kinder who now leads the dense tv and security practice for g-2 capital advisors of boston i appreciate you beeping here. let's talk about this. an arrest was made >> it was made in less than 48 hours or right at 48 hours. and that's remarkable. what it highlights is the high level of collaboration that we have between our local, state and federal law enforcement and intelligence communities. once that attack happened the blast happened the police the local police quickly sealed off the area and they conducted a sensitive site exploitation.
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scene. they looked at video and then within 48 hours they were able to get out photographs of the attacker and they used social media, very, very effectively. and hence a successful arrest. >> let's talk about the fact that two bombs went off a third did not was that the key to cracking this case? >> it was certainly very helpful because there was a fingerprint left on one of the bombs. and the bomb was clearly same constru >> authorities said that this was not a terror attack initially. then they said eventually that it was a terror attack. talk about the process of that. is that not to put the fear into us until you are absolutely positively certain. >> absolutely. don't yell fire until there's a fire. so what authorities want to do is very carefully investigate as quickly as possible before they call fire. in this case calling it a terror incident. >> police spoke with the
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charge our bob ward did today. he said there's no known credible terror threat against new england. take us through what that kind of statement means. >> that doesn't mean there's not a threat against new england. what it means, what credible and not credible refers to is the reliability of the source. the source that they get information from in the past has that source provided reliable information concerning whatever information they were providing now the f.b.i. says there is no known terror cell as far as this whole bombing is concerned. do you believe that could be the case going forward. >> again, the f.b.i. is using their language very carefully they say no known terror cell. what they're doing right now is confirming or denying did he act alone or was he in concert with other actors, was he being directioned from the u.s. was he being directed from abroad.
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times, and spent likely up to a year where the afghan taliban call their home. >> people want to know what is a bomber's motivation. his family did file a federal lawsuit saying he were discriminated against the city of liz belling, new jersey, and they own -- elizabeth, new jersey, and they own a restaurant. the investigators are taking that as one threat of evidence. they're looking at again they will confirm or deny bits of information that they get. did that information or did the threat against that family help radicalize rahami. >> no doubt they will look at this family very closely. >> absolutely. >> as they will a number of people. >> they will look at the family. they'll look at the people that lived with him over the course of his life but also look at any contact that he
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>> the president is in new york will be there tomorrow at the united nations general assembly. do you think that timing or mutually exclusive? >> well, it could be strictly a coincidence. but remember this happened just on the heels of the 15th anniversary of el ni?o attacks. is it a coincidence -- of the 9/11 attacks or is it a coins to have it coincide with the u.n. general assembly and the 9/1 attack? >> what would be the focus right now going forward in the coming days what can we expect? >> immediately is to make sure that there are no threats ongoing against u.s. citizens or u.s. interests abroad that's first and foremost. then it is spread out find out did he act alone or did he act in concert with others. if he did, follow them as -- get to them as quickly as possible. detain them and question
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>> fortunate to have gotten this individual as quickly as they did. the people who were the victims saturday night or the police who tried to take him down today but were injured and expected to survive. thank you for joining us tonight. >> this is first of a series of longer conversations between news and news make iters who impact people here in new england. coming up tomorrow sharman sacchetti sits down with boston mayor marty walsh. he's wrapping up his first term to run again for office. we're talking to him about his criticism of presidential candidates to controversies surrounding two city hall staffers facing federal charges. plus, hear his comments some of the biggest failures and successes through his eyes. >> look forward to that. red sox opened their series in baltimore with a dominating win they can thank rick porcello. he went the whole way. it only took 89 pitches.
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>> now they will leave baltimore in first place no matter what and they still have three more games. we're talking magic numbers. it's that time whenet gets under tenure allowed to to do so. the red sox lowered the magic number to nine tonight. four games up in the american league east with 12 games to play. david ortiz making a run at 40 home runs. he got up to 35 tonight. with this one. it's unbelievable.
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home runs. five more to go. rick porcello 89 pitches tonight a complete game. he is now 21-4 without doubt the cy young leading candidate. the red sox win it by the final of 5-2 well, it is a three pronged issue for the patriots under center. tom brady on the shelf until week five i will walk on down because jimmy garoppolo is injured what we don't know how long he'll really be out. so is jacoby really ready to be the next man up with the >> as of early this evening the patriots have not brought any other quarterbacks in for a workout. so perhaps jimmy g might be able to at least back up jacoby this week when the pats host houston. one guy who can feel for jimmy garoppolo is the guy he replaced. >> it's a tough injury especially your throwing shoulder. i know he will be back out there as soon as he can. >> he's a very hard worker. i'm just proud of the way he led the team. >> i know he will be
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he has done a really great job. >> that's tom brady and jimmy garoppolo bears an eagle tonight monday night football. we'll pick up these highlights late in the third quarter when we get there. not there. not going to happen. here they come. bears and eagles. this one eagles trying to get to 2-0 on the season. jay cutler had a tough night. rumbles his way to the two-yard line. the very next play will be a touchdown pass. carson went he might be a rookie but wents he might be a rookie but looks vet good. but love talking september, october, baseball. magic numbers are part of that conversation and they are now. >> big papi only five away from 40 at 40. >> he's looking good, too. maybe papi will decide not to retire. >> i think is it.
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what flutey is up to this morning. >> i saw brian hower wearing number 2. >> let's talk one last chime, time, it must be late. couple showers out there right now still be some along the south coast. bigger problem getting home. areas of dense fog where the darker gray patches are. .06 visibility dense fog advisory from the sea coast of new hampshire. it seven-day week. going to feel a bit like summer. by this week a decided change in the weather. 72 saturday with a couple showers by sunday everybody's high temperatures all the way to the coast only in the 60s. first bonnified feeling like fall day of the season. >> can't wait for that. sticky and humid today.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: we got jimmy fallon after the emmys. he had some interesting things to say about why he did what he did with donald trump and what he thinks about people who are pissed off that he didn't do certain things with donald trump. >> i'm never too hard on anyone, yeah. >> he has hillary clinton on tonight. harvey: he's not going to do that with her. >> what's an equivalent thing and does a physical. [laughter] >> the rams played the first home game in los angeles in years. lebron james showed up. they're screaming at him, kobe! >> kobe, kobe! >> that's really bad for the lakers that they can't think of a guy who's currently playing that they can heckle him with. they've got to go to retired guy. >> swaggy p! >> courtney b. vance from "the


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