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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 20, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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now at 10:00 -- >> there's a guy shooting a gunshots fired. shots fired. >> a dramatic end to the search for the man accused of scattering bombs across new york and new jersey. >> i'm tracking the last of the showers out of here for the morning commute. when a big temperature drop is on the way. forced to land at logan 92 what direction do you see the best weather for us to head into we want to get in the clear asap. >> the calls from the cockpit after a packed plane gets hit by lightning. >> fox 25 investigates uncovers a dangerous loophole when it comes to who's driving your child's school bus. why parents are kept in the dark and what happened when we went searching for answers. >> announcer: complete new england news conference starts right now.
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first at 10:00 we are learning new details about the man accused of hiding bombs in random places in new york and new jersey. good evening i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. investigators haven't hesitated to call this a terror attack and tonight police believe they have their only suspect in custody after a shoot-out in the middle of the street. this is the new mug shot of 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. we are getting this new surveillance video. hurt. as a result the naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan faces five attempted murder charges a law enforcement officer. tonight people in new york and new jersey hope this is the end of a terrifying few days. >> there's a guy shooting a gun. shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: a new jersey resident capturing the moments right before ahmad khan rahami would get into a
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towards police moments later shots rang out. a monday morning the nypd and f.b.i. released a photo of rahami and asked the public for help in finding him. in a plate of hours he was in custody after -- in a matter of hours he was in custody. >> now that we have the suspect in custody investigation can focus whether this individual acted alone what his motivations may have been. >> reporter: the 28-year-old suspect believed to be seen surveillance cameras near the chelsea bombing saturday night duffle bag. he's a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan. saturday's explosion left 29 people injured, all have been released from the hospital. authorities say a backpack with explosives was found at rahami's last known address in elizabeth, new jersey. the manhunt an extra wrinkle during a week that demands greater security in new york. the institution general assembly have brought a number of world leaders dignitaries including president obama.
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give a heartfelt thanks to the new jersey flevss. just one more reminder -- police officers. just one reminder of extraordinary skill, sacrifice and surgery on of our law enforcement officers. >> reporter: -- fingerprints and -- again so far there is no evidence he's part of a broader terrorist cell. tonight investigators say this man caused millions of be on edge. for the first time the crime scene tape where a pressure cooker exploded has been torn down. fox 25's malini basu is there live as people return to their homes tonight. malini? >> reporter: that's right, vanessa, and mark, they are going back to their homes tonight investigators in the meantime they have their man but people around here are asking why, why to choose this area. we want to show you they
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but there is an officer standing guard each side of 23rd and sixth avenue. but back in linden, new jersey we spoke to a man a 28-year-old man who says that the man himself a suspect himself was watching himself on tv the whole time during that manhunt. >> he's trying to watch the news when what happened in elizabeth. >> reporter: he works at the gas station up the road from where the shoot-out happened in linden, new jersey. he was watching himself on the news another employee thought something was off. >> somebody looking he saw the window watching tv things like that. he -- >> reporter: fox 25 got this exclusive video of rahami walking down the block early this morning. >> the police were really worried to see if he had a backpack with him. >> reporter: f.b.i. agents walked into his business looking for any evidence of the bomber.
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everybody was all in chaos. >> reporter: are a -- rahami was conscious and alert. neighbors living in the area were stunned. >> i have like -- >> reporter: just miles away investigators saturated the 28-year-old's home in elizabeth, new jersey. he lived with his family above his father's business american american fried chicken. rahami also worked in the business. >> fried chicken. i joke with them real nice >> reporter: the family has a history of clashes in the community over the restaurant. in 2011, the rahami family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against elizabeth new jersey city officials saying they discriminated against them because they're muslim. those living through this chaos just want answers. >> it's unusual for anything to happen in this neighborhood. >> it's so close to home anymore you don't know what to do, what to believe.
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they are just glad that rahami has been caught and he's been charged. they say it's thanks to good old-fashioned police work. back to you guys in the studio. >> malini, have you been able to get a sense out there tonight of how people are feeling now that this suspect is in custody? >> reporter: you know, vanessa, when we got here yesterday there was definitely a sense of fear not knowing what could happen next. people were afraid to take the subway and go to restaurants they were afraid to go but tonight they call it new york for a reason because the city never sleeps. back to you guys. >> a big relever. malini basu live in new york, thank you. ms. mass state police are stepping up -- massachusetts state police are stepping up security as a precaution. ahead -- the head of the boston f.b.i. said there's no credible threat in new england. >> does this end the threat that we've seen all week long? >> it's unknown at this point in time.
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there isn't anything specific or credible. >> members of law enforcement in boston have been in constant contact with officials in new york and new jersey since the bombings. >> on the campaign trail today, both donald trump and hillary clinton talk national security in the aftermath of the attacks you u.s. soil this weekend. trump blamed the events policies promoted by p.m. and clinton. while -- by president obama and clinton. >> just last week, obama said more than 100, from syria he's leading more people in 100,000. hillary clinton wants to increase what he's let in. >> we know that donald trump's comments have been used on-line for recruitment of terrorists. >> both candidates are also preparing for their first debate one week from tonight. stay with fox 25 news on air and on-line for complete continuing coverage of the terror attacks. we'll bring updates as we
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as you can see here the rain has moved out of the area for the evening. let's get right over to chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. >> we do need a lot more than we got. some places got a good soaking today vanessa. most of us have dried out but check this out. switch over to live storm tracker radar. right on martha's vineyard. so it's still raining there. a couple showers there's these in central portions of new jersey still seeing a couple downpours there as well. overall things have dried out after this heavy rain here, heavy rain there but boston being left out only about half inch. look back here over two inches in many spots out on cape cod over an inch and inch and a half in tacoma spots as well. i'll show some more of those rain totals. >> a jetblue flight packed with passengers had to land at logan today because it
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calls for help from the cockpit. fox 25's crystal haynes listened to the audio between the pilot and air traffic control. crystal? >>. >> reporter: vanessa these folks were on a flight to bermuda. a jetblue plane got struck by lightning and everyone miraculously just walked away. >> reporter: a close call in the not so friendly skies. >> jetblue 1731. >> negative. not even close. bermuda was forced to land at boston's logan airport for what the airline called a noncritical equipment issue this morning. >> 1731 do you want any assistance do you need any assistance? >> we're coming up with a plan right now jetblue 1731 i think we'll be returning to kennedy. >> reporter: but in flight lightning strikes. >> we just took a bolt of
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>> reporter: cool and calm the pilot lands the plane safely. crews busy checking the damage. >> the judge blue 1731. what direction do you see the best weather for us to head to we want to get in the clear asap. >> by this evening everyone was on their way to popular vacation destination on a different plane. jetblue says their customers were compensated for their troubles. i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. prosecuto drivers medical condition did not play a role in the deadly sweet tomatoes crash in newton but speed did. bradford plead not guilty today. i was revealed in court that he battles multiple sclerosis. earlier this month a grand jury indicted him motor vehicle homicide and negligent operation charges. the crash killed eleanor meally and greg warren in march. seven others were hurt. prosecutors say the investigation took cassler's disease into account.
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mr. cassler was not suffering any episode related to multiple sclerosis and flare-up. >> i think i said very clearly in court that the gentleman suffers from multiple sclerosis. he has for about 27 years. we all know the effects of multiple sclerosis. >> prosecutors said volkswagen and a state police mechanic examined cassler's car and said it was intact before the crash including the braking system. new at 10:00 an arrest made in a hit-and-run that left a serious injuries. 56-year-old susan dixon was arrested today and the accident happened saturday morning high street. some surveillance images of dixon's black pickup truck led officers right to her home. the woman police say she hit suffered a broken ankle a collapsed lung and minor brain bleeding but is expected to fully recover. new at 10:00 local police want you to take a good look at this man. they say he robbed a credit union in foxborough at gunpoint. it happened this afternoon then the man ran away.
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foxborough police. new tonight a -- it happened at radon instrumental just after 6:00 tonight. fire officials tell us there was not a fire but there was an awful lot of smoke. the battery was being used to power lab equipment. fortunately no one was hurl. a local high school teacher gets arrested. next at 10:00 why he was back at school teaching today. but first here's fox 25's ted daniel. >> detained in february off the coast somerville man accused of hacking a hospital website gives his first interview from behind bars to fox 25. why he says he only trying to protect a teen involved
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justina pelletier when her parents were accused of interfering with her medical care. >> justina has been reunited but one part of the custody case is yet to be resolved. it involves a somerville man who says he was acting on justina's behalf. >> reporter: mark, vanessa, in february that somerville man and his wife were rescued by a cruise ship off the coast of cuba when the boat they were on became disabled. at the federal investigation for hacking into the website of children's hospital. today for first time he admitted that he launched an attack on the site he claims the only reason he did it was to send a message to children's hospital. >> the boston children's hospital believes as a result she has -- >> reporter: just weeks after the hacker group anonymous took sides in a controversial child custody case. >> this will be your first and final warning. >> reporter: the boston
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a 32-year-old activist named martin gotfield faces felony charges for the cyber attack is being held at a federal detention center in rhode island. >> hi, baby. >> reporter: tonight in the somerville home we spoke exclusively with gotfield by phone. a self-taught computer genius originally from andover, he admits he carried out the hack in defense of then 15-year-old justina pelletier. >> it's kind of like if you see someone getting stabbed in an alley or stabbed in an alley you could post that to facebook and ask the person nicely not stab the person but is that an appropriate action in that case? >> reporter: justina was taken into state custody in 2013 and her parents were only allowed limited supervised visits. when doctors at children's concluded that her health problems were the result of a psychiatric issue and not the genetic disorder she had been previously diagnosed with at tufts. >> the way things get
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media makes it sound like he didn't try every single thing beforehand. >> reporter: he claims he had no other choice and says yes, he would do it all over again. >> i can tell you that it dissuaded them from doing this anyone anything. >> the government did offer him a plea deal but he refused it because he wants to tell his story in court. the u.s. attorney's office told us this evening they are unable to comment on the pending case. children's hospital. we are still waiting for a response. from our control room, ted daniel, fox 25 news. a 6-year-old chelsea boy is recovering after a car hit him at a school bus stop. police say the bus driver blew past the bus stop even though that bus was flashing its lights. the driver was charged with operating to endanger. and bus drivers tell fox 25 they would like to see stiffer fines for drivers who don't obey the school bus law.
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teacher is back on the job and not everyone is happy by the. he was arrested september 11th domestic assault charges. the police report says he smashed the woman's face into a door frame was placed on on paid administrative leave for a week. >> i think they should avoid it because that's kind of scary for students like me. >> i don't think he did anything to affect the kids as far as i understand. >> he is due back in court october 18th . a nightclub is expected to recover. we first reported this shooting as it was breaking sunday night at 10:00. the victim was shot several times and collapsed and rushed to the hospital. police say the violence started inside the garage boston nightclub then spilled out onto the streets. no one has been arrested. new at 10:00 an old smoke grenade caused a scare at a goodwill store today. someone found the device in a clothing bag hit already been detonated. police say people were never in any danger but that
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it's a police call that ended up being a call to action for an entire community. someone called police on a father living in the boston shelter after they thought he was up to no good but police responded and they ended up making his day. fox 25's john monahan here now. you have the story that this father sent to us himself. >> reporter: that's right, vanessa. this man wrote to fox 25 today to commend the boston police officer who responded to a 911 call. he says she's the gift of hope after an outpouring of donations from people he doesn't even know. >> you saved my life. >> reporter: john is talking about his 20 month old son alexander. a concerned caller led to an encounter at the south bay mall. >> somebody was concerned because i was covered in sweat, i had a baby, high drug area. >> reporter: officer barrett approached this father and
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understand why you're stopping me i'm sweating he started to explain the story. >> reporter: john's story brought this b.p.d. vet to tears. >> in my 20 years as a police officer this one really hit home hard. >> reporter: john was in foster care as a child. he's a recovering addict. alexander's mom is also in the shelter. john says his son alexander made him wake up. >> without him i probably would still be out running th was caring alexander pushing a broken stoller trying to get a second one fix td for his little boy. officer barrett dropped everything and called her niece to help. >> she told me she had never cried like that this 20 years. i was really touched. >> reporter: karen powell posted a message her mom's group facebook page. the response stunned these two southie women it. >> was just immediate overwhelming. >> reporter: for john, too, a new stroller, clothes, and
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because it happened to me. >> reporter: now with a handup john is hoping to step out on his own it. >> means that i'm going to be able to save money to get an apartment. >> john has had full custody of his son for more than a year. he says these donations from complete strangers will allow him to save money for the apartment. being able to do things like this to help people is the best part of being a cop. we're live in south boston tonight, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. a big outpouring by that officer then her family member. >> and the community. and thanks for that father for turning his life around. >> that little boy had a lot to do with it as well. >> airlines have asked people with certain cell phones to turn them off because they can catch fire. >> a gap in enforcement. >> jimmy garoppolo is down but is he out? >> there's reason to wonder
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gillette stadium.
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>> jimmy garoppolo knocked out of yesterday's game but will he be out of thursday night's game as well? >> tom in now. what are you hearing? >> no bones were broken yesterday when jimmy was driven to the turf. as of early this even any other quarterbacks to provide some depth at the position so we're only three days away from the game the short week doesn't help the recovery process when you take a hit like this. learning how to avoid comes with time. it's a sprained a.c. joint without any structural damage that becomes a matter of pain management. how do you feel what can you fight through? >> he's unlikely to play thursday. but his teammates won't rule out anything. here's danny amendola. >> i mean, he's a competitor
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to get ready for the season. he's a tough kid. don't count him out. >> he's italian. >> jacoby likely to get the start against houston. still uncertain whether he will be active and in uniform and able to back up jacoby. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> tom. new at 10:00 a touching show of res ii veteran. >> a group of soldiers came over to the 93-year-old in the stands before sunday's game to shake his hand and say thank you. it brought some people in the crowd to tears. the man's grandson brought him to that game. how special is that. yes. former red sox pitcher curt schilling and his team at 38 studios reached a settlement today with the state of rhode island. >> they will pay $2 million
1:26 am
legitimate would end schilling's involvement in the case the money would be paid by an insurance company. a school bus driver accused of abusing a little girl but he didn't lose his license. >> what do you have to say to the parents of the kids that were your bus? >> have a nice day. >> ahead at 10:00 what happened when fox 25 investigates tracked down the bus driver and went to the state for answers. still a couple showers hanging around out there. some places had a big amount
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to
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that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> tonight an act of vandalism is hitting home for a local family. >> police say someone stole part of a holocaust memorial. christine mcchargey is live. this police is -- piece is priceless for the family? >> reporter: that's right, the materials used to create it are not very expensive but as you said this piece is price tolls this waltham sculptor. he tells me it was part of a 2014 temporary exhibit here
1:29 am
however, the board of trustees voted to keep it here permanently. meaning it was supposed to be here forever but now it's gone. >> it's called for miriam and 1.5 million children who perished in the holocaust. >> reporter: 81-year-old sculptor fred's most cherished piece is a tribute to his sister who died in the holocaust along with their parents. miriam was just 1.50 when they separated. >> i don't remember them because i was three years was -- sculpture was permanently placed on center street. the star of david in bronze tilted to represent the world eschew at the time fwaished wire to signify the death death camp. >> i used the burning bush of moses. >> reporter: when he received a call monday from the cemetery superintendent saying the precious piece had been snashd from its marble base sometime over
1:30 am
>> someone had broke the piece off the top the bronze piece and just took it are. >> reporter: he is convinced the thief specifically targeted his sculpture. >> i couldn't imagine why anybody would steal it other than a hate crime. i mean there is a value to bronze but it's not significant. >> reporter: miriam's memorial was supposed to be here forever. a police report has now been filed and he hopes the invaluable piece will be recovered or have a change of heart -- or the piece will have a change of heart. >> it's as long as it stays in the cemetery i've got a place to go. >> reporter: now i also spoke with the cemetery superintendent she tells it me that the theft was discovered sometime around 2:00 this afternoon and they believe it happened sometime between the hours of late saturday night and sund. if have you any information about any suspicious
1:31 am
perhaps you know the whereabouts of this freshs piece to go ahead and call milton police. live in milton tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. coming up indepth analysis of the terror investigation. fox 25 sat down with a retired army major who leads security investigations. we asked him about some of the tools police used to work quickly. >> within 48 hours they were able to get out photographs social media, very, very effectively. and hence, successful arrest. >> coming up tonight at 11:30 what more could be done from a security standpoint to safeguard against attacks like these moving forward. what a day. we had all kinds of heavy rain we know. that so we woke up this morning i'm watching meteorologist shiri spear talk about all the rain i
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but the rain eventually came but there was severe weather happening in rhode island. i came up in here to meet up with shiri to find only that kind of fizzle and the flooding really didn't happen either. there was a flood advisory just to watch for that. so what happened today? we had some heavy rain still out there. take you out to martha's vineyard and the south coast of cape cod. you will see some yellow, orange and red popping up here in these places are still going to get hit. right around craigville beach another batch of heavy rain is about to move in. going to hit hyannisport as well. then to the north in new hampshire there is heavy rain here, too. some downpours along 89. up here just north of laconia a couple showers. a lot of moisture in the air so you are going to get some drizzle. this gives you an idea of
1:33 am
rain totals. when you get up into the brighter greens and yellows you are talking about heavier rain totals. here on cape cod same idea. but look at this area in between. drought stricken areas that really could use the rain along with the other spots. hardly anything in comparison. in fact look at these rain totals. you get out to the north and west area. how about so definitely tafs heavier spot. get into dartmouth, south of boston near the south coast over two inches of rain falling there. in groveland on the north shore .88 inches of rain good soaking but not nearly four inches. stoneham close enter boston now down to half inch. look at this dorchester about a quarter inch. boston about a third of an inch of rain today. so the heavier spots avoiding boston just like there's a
1:34 am
temperatures right now generally in the 60s to about 70 degrees. still very sticky out there because the dew points those tropical feeling air mass the one that moved in it's still here. when the temperature and dew point are close together or exactly the same you have heard me tell you this before that means your air is saturated you get fog to develop. check this out here's the visibility. a quarter mile in beverly, half mile in portsmouth, new hampshire. there's still good visibility. the vineyard down to three miles. so the idea driving around tonight you can hit some of these spots that have the dense fog. so be careful i expect more to develop overnight as skies have tried to clear out in some spots the temperature will drop more quickly. it's already at those dew points that's when the fog can develop. in the morning any clouds and fog start to go away. the last of the showers will be in southeastern massachusetts through the middle of the day then see sunshine and the afternoon tomorrow. by lunchtime it's into the 70s though. by the afternoon your high
1:35 am
from the shoreline. where you will see the sun blast. mid-80s off to the north and west. check out the seven-day forecast. next chance for rainshowers coming saturday morning that's after fall begins thursday. your first week of fall. check this out it is decidedly going to feel like fall sunday especially. high temperatures it only in the 60s. latest information coming in on the showers for the morning. i'll have an updated forecast as well as a closer look at your wake-up weather ahead, an alarming lack of oversight when it comes to school bus drivers. >> why didn't your agency suspend the license of a bus driver after he is charged with raping an autistic girl. erik rasmussen presses for answers. and ahead at 10:00 why parents are being kept in the dark when it comes to their kids safety. plus, the airline want people with a specific samsung cell phone to turn them off before takeoff. why the simple request could
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passenger safety. remember this picture showing grandmother and grandmother high heroin with the 4-year-old grandson in
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ilities are endless. always good. always hood. try new honey & pear and maple & vanilla. ? hey! ? >> the grandmother seen in a viral photo claims she was not using heroin. she tells the daily mail she had one bottle of blueberry ale and part of a painkiller before this photo was taken. she's serving time for child
1:39 am
not back yet. the photo of her and her boyfriend unconscious drew outrage. passic admits she made "the worst mistake of her life. there have been nearly 100 words of samsung galaxy smartphone 7's catching fire. that's why people are now banned from using the phones airplanes. but as fox 25's justin gray reports federal officials are passing off the enforcement of the ban to that can catch fire. don't use the samsung galaxy note 7 in the air. then on a delta flight to atlanta friday a cell phone battery did catch fire filling the cabin with smoke. >> the first thing you're thinking is oh my god the engine is on fire. >> reporter: the f.a.a. has issued two different warnings to passengers and it set this state of alert friday to airlines. >> as for enforcement aviation safety enforcement
1:40 am
airlines. >> right now it unfortunately falls to the flight attendants who already have a lot more to do. >> reporter: t.s.a. screens for everything from pocket knives to a bottle of water but not checking for what kind of phone you bring on airplane. >> it does concern me we're aware of the problem and nothing is being done about it. >> if we ban cigarette lighters certainly we can ban a phone if we think it's going to explode. >> i asked t.s.a. about that a spokesman referred meed to the f.a.a. who referred me back to t.s.a. saying of screening. jeff price says screening for a specific type of cell phone would overwhelm t.s.a. resources. >> if we put this one t.s.a.'s lap everybody has a cell phone so they're going to be stops everyone. >> reporter: for f.a.a. is simply telling passengers and airlines to keep the recalled phones turned off. airlines could face fines for noncompliance. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. fox 25 investigates uncovers a dangerous loophole when it comes to
1:41 am
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? music ? new k-y intense. a stimulating gel that takes her pleasure to new heights. k-y intense. >> tonight fox 25 investigates uncovering a disturbing crack in the system that licenses school
1:44 am
bus driver has been arrested on felony charges. >> reporter: vanessa, the issue here is the state has no way of monitoring crimes committed by school bus drivers in team time. in fact, fox -- in realtime. the state agency overseeing school bus drivers never suspended the license of one drive even after he was charged with raping a 12-year-old girl with autism. >> that made me sick to my stomach. >> reporter: parents furious. >> that somebody had thought that it was going to do what he did roar findin chris chasten was employed as a school bus driver at the same time police were preparing to arrest him for the rape of a 12-year-old girl with autism. but the department of public utilities, which licenses all school bus driver in the state, never suspended chasten's bus license. that 12-year-old girl didn't ride his bus and she's not a gardner student but parents said they should have been told about the crime. >> i was horrified because i don't have anybody else to drive my kid to school so i
1:45 am
on him how many other bus drivers have they not tracked into. >> reporter: the first student wouldn't talk camera but told fox 25 investigates chasten was hired in 2013 and passed all of his annual background checks with the state. he has no criminal convictions would have passed a background check this year, too but a judge ordered him to stay away from kids under 16 while his case is pending. >> erik rasmussen with fox 25. we want to talk to you about the charges against you. >> reporter: we tracked do monitor awaiting snril is there anything you want to say. >> absolutely not. what do you have to say to the parents of the kids who are on your bus. >> have a nice day, thank you. >> reporter: don't you think people probably deserve an answer about that? the bus contractor said it fired him after he was criminally charged. he has pleaded not guilty. the r.m.v. can revoke school bus driver's licenses for motor vehicle violations such as unsafe parking tickets or drunk driving. but the registry has no way
1:46 am
reports it to the agency. a system one educator says is flawed. >> we want to make sure that children are always safe. so -- >> reporter: after fox 25 investigates contacted gardner superintendent denise clemens last month she sent a letter to parents notifying them that the alleged abuse in the neighboring town did not happen while he was driving for gardner schools. a statement clemens now admits is incorrect. >> after the letter came out i found out that the abuse did ha driving for gardner public schools. so i'm still a little bit upinternet that. >> reporter: clemens said first student never told her and called on the state to do more. >> the license should be suspended until it goes to the court case. >> reporter: fox 25 investigates obtained nearly 100 pages of documents for school bus driver licenses suspended or revoked since the 2014 school year. but the state blacked out bus drivers names, offenses it and where they work.
1:47 am
but those bus drivers were allowed to keep driving while their cases were pending. fox 25 investigates went to get answers from energy and environmental affairs secretary matthew beaten who oversees school bus licenses. why didn't your agency suspend the license of a bus driver after he was charged with raping an autistic girl? >> i don't have any comment on that. i'm waiting to talk to my team further on the matter. >> do you think parents deserve to have this has been charged with such a serious crime. >> i have no comment at the time. >> reporter: that answer doesn't sit well with parents. do you trust the state to license bus drivers for your kids? >> for years i rode the bus and never was a doubt that the bus drivers are great. >> reporter: the bus company says chasten himself asked to go on leave in january and fired several weeks later after he was charged. >> eric, could the state have also taken action at
1:48 am
>> the power to do so. the r.m.v. tells it fox 25 the agency can revoke a school bus driver's license any time someone reports an arrest but it wouldn't tell us how often that's actually happening and the bus contractor points out that's not required to report arrests to the r.m.v. >> eric, thank you. i'm sure more to come this one. if you have tip you would like fox 25 investigates to look into just e-mail us. you can also call: a new hampshire woman is facing a long list of charges for leading police on high-speed chase. they saw sherry giddies drive by them going nearly 90 miles per hour. she finally pulled into a mcdonald's where they had to break the car window to arrest her. she is charged with reckless driving, d.w.i. and resisting arrest. the obama administration is calling on congress to approve more than $1 billion to help fight the opioid
1:49 am
parents travelled to washington. the white house announced the number of actions it's taking now to tackle this crisis, including expanding prevention and treatment programs, increasing access to the lifesaving drug narcan, and improving opioid prescribing practices. >> doctors call it groundbreaking news. a drug used to treated muscular dystrophy has been granted tentative approval. it marks a victory for patient advocates who >> like i said there have been so many sacrifices and catastrophes along the way. >> reporter: when christine mcsherry son was just 5 years old he was diagnosed with duchesneau muscular dystrophy. >> the most devastating diagnosis.
1:50 am
don't live past the age of 20. that's the age christine to be put within a few weeks the family -- groups made available for other patients right away. >> it has been a long fight for four years. >> doctors at mass general who worked on the drug believe the f.d.a. was hesitant to approve it because the number of patients who had receiv was small. but in a ground breaking he granted temporary approval for doctors to administer the drug. that will allow more patients to receive it. christine says the long slow path here has cost lives. she believes more will now be saved. >> you can't forget so it seems like it might be a celebration to me it's more
1:51 am
reporting. they are not sure what the timeline might be for full approval but they do say this is a significant decision by the f.d.a. to allow more access to the drug. it's a story we've been covering fox 25 for a number of years. >> it's great to see christine and her son getting what they were looking for. >> looks like they're finally gaining some traction here. >> going to help a lot of people. talking with security expert and retired u.s. army major about the terror attack in new york city. >> what conclusions can be drawn from the explosion and its timing of a key international meeting at the u.n.. this happening right now. but first next at 10:00 why a mother called police
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes
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>> it was raining in boston fox 25 picture of the day a beautiful shot right there which looks like the beacon
1:55 am
will be muggy, fog can i -- foggy can be some drizzle too. at 11:00 a big temperature drop on the way. >> a mom in arizona went to extremes to teach her daughter about seat belt safety. she called police after the 3-year-old unbuckled her seat belt during a ride home. when officers were more than helpful to come back and help. >> i guess it was an extreme choice on my part to call the police but i knew she's going to remember it. >> the plan worked and the girl promised officers she will always keep her seat belt on. how about that. sometimes you got to do the extreme. it left an impression. one senior soccer player is the example of what teen spirit is all about. >> he was put in and scored two goals but that's just part of it. fox 25's blair miller went to saugus and found out what made this game and that player so speshl. >> reporter: it started just like any other saugus high
1:56 am
school friday night when something happened. >> i was crying. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: one member of that team had said for weeks how badly he wanted to take this field. >> he's always saying, he's always out cheering us on when we're down he's always there screaming at us. >> reporter: and the senior who is down syndrome finally got that chance. and he still can't believe it. here you can see why. he was put in and with the help of th salem, he was allowed to go for the net. [cheering and applause] not just once either, he scored two goals. >> i feel happy i kicked two times. i'm happy today. it's a fun game. >> reporter: fun and happy. now four days later walking around saugus high school he is still giving high fives it and still high on life.
1:57 am
ever. >> i think he's always there for us and we have to be there for him, too. i think it was a really good thing for him to do. and i think the class from the other team really respectful. >> 10 years from now not one of those boys will remember this school. not one of those boys will remember anything except him scoring those goals. >> reporter: what happened and reminded especially it's much more than just a game.
1:58 am
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