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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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investigators are working to find fought he worked alone. michael henrich has new details in the suspect's have in the boston marathon bombings. more people will take the red line this morning than any other subway line. what the mbta is hoping to do in the future to make the commute on those trains less cramped. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 4:30 on this tuesday rrng septemr julie grauert. we are you off to a dreary start. shiri spear in the storm tracker radar center with fog and a few showers by now. but fog coming by the end of the day. >> shiri: by the end of the day. a slow process and we do make a turn for the nicer come tomorrow afternoon. but right now, plan around fog -- and fog i have been watching this morning in worcester and lawrence and beverly. we have half-mile visibility in bedford. we have light fog in boston.
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southeastern massachusetts, but the fog is going to be stubborn today. so i expect it will last with us until about 8 to 10:00 this morning. so it temperature-wise. upper 60s over the cape and islands in. marshfield, plymouth, bourne. over to new bedford and the cape. we have roads. it is raining, patchy, mostly light rain but even in boston area back through framingham at 65 degrees up into southern new hampshire, you are going to find it damp and kind of misty out there. to hit the windshield wiper. worcester right now at 64. the clouds are thick. the fog thick. and this afternoon, inland spots like worcester will be the first to brighten up. so we have the clouds breaking up about 85 degrees this afternoon. the coast and boston about 8 degrees with mostly cloudy skies and cloudy and the wettest ends up being the cape. an hour-by-hour look at futurecast in just a minute.
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hey, shiri. >> shiri: good morning, roads looking overall quiet and we are looking at fog that shiri has been mentioning. route 1 moving along fine. pike wide anticipate into 128 and the tallston brighten. 13 minutes from route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. this morning, the investigation continues into the dual attacks in new jersey and in new york city. one man is in custody after a shootout with >> julie: and now investigators are working to figure out if he acted alone. this as we learn that one of the bombs found has a specific message about the boston marathon bombings. >> daniel: michael henrich live in boston at the marathon finish line with more details on the investigation. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning, julie and daniel. multiple reports are now citing law enforcement sources as saying that a note found near one of the unexploded devices in new york city did
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at the boston marathon bombing. the boston marathon finish line when this terrorist attack occurred 2013. with that said, the head of the fbi here in boston says there is no credible, imminent threat to any new england target. but go over this again, though, because intentional or not, there are similarities that we will go over throughout the morning. in new york and new jersey though, those unexploded devices are credited with helping p helping police bring in ahmad khan rahami. the 28-year-old suspected in this weekend's bomb information new jersey and new york city. investigators aa bar owner in linden, new jersey recognized rahami and called police. when officers arrived they say rahami shot two police officers before being shot multiple times himself. both officers are expected to be okay. one witness said a gas station in elizabeth, new jersey saw
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manhunt on their tv. the co-worker relayed the story. >> somebody through the window watching tv and he felt it was so accurate. >> reporter: rahami officially faces five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer as well as weapons charges. he is being held on 5.2 million dollars bail. ahead in our next report in 30 minutes, we will go over some of the similarities i referenced either intentional in this past weekend in new jersey and new york and what happened here nearly three and a half years ago. for now back here in back bay, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: we are learning more about the officer shot during the confrontation. angel padilla was the man that approached the suspected terrorists outside of the bar. padilla was shot in the vest but the round hit his bullet-proof vest. he fired several rounds at
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he would face when he respond to the bar. >> he is going there to wake up a sleeping vagrant and he comes face to face to someone hellbent on causing injury to him and to god knows who else. >> daniel: the other injured officer was peter hammond was on patrol when bullet shattered his window. broken glass struck him in the head. both are okay. massport ceo tom glen said they stepped up security at the governor baker said asked transit police to increase their presence and congressman stephen lynch is receiving briefings daily. >> i haven't heard yet that any of these individuals were on the radar screen of the fbi up until this point. whether we can connect the dots after the fact and say we should have seen this coming, i am not sure yet. >> julie: congressman lynch said he is concerned what happens in october with the
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end. >> daniel: fox25 will continue to monitor the investigation into the new jersey and new york city attacks on air and online. log on to for more pictures of the suspect's arrest and closer look at downtown he tails of the case. security will still be very tight in new york city today because president obama will be there attending his last general assembly at the united nations. the president met with 34 leaders including the iraqi prime minister. the two reportedly discussed the latest development in the campaign to fight to retake mosul from the terrorist group. a plan to enhance pro tejs from refugees and migrants. relief could be on the way for red line commuters. the mbta is looking to spend big bucks to add additional cars to the line. stephanie coueignoux joins us live in dorchester this morning with more details on that plan. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: yeah, this certainly is welcomed news to anyone who takes the red line. we all know that it is the
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unthis plan, it will actually increase capacity by about 50%. a very significant amount. i do want to outline some of these details. the mbta says that they are not going to be replacing 86 red line cars instead of overhauling them and also adding two dozen more cars to this line. mbta officials say the newer car also have better brakes. and this will allow them to travel much faster; however, this is come cheaply or quickly. officials at this point have not released that exact dollar amount but one that could reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars. they have already set aside about $200 million to upgrade the 86 cars and $566 million to replace 300 red and orange line cars. and you are going to have to wait, because these new cars are not expected to be up and running on these tracks for another seven years or until 2023, but, again, certainly a
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jfk umass stop. very quiet right now. it is only about, what, 4:35. however, we will get reaction from passengers ander that through the morning in dorchester, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. this morning, foxborough police need your help tracking down a man that robbed a bank right around the corner from the police station. you take a look at your screen here in man walked into the sharon credit union at main street, pulled out a gun and the cameras got a clear picture of him. about 6 feet tall and in his 40s and 50s. the white house is pouring money into the fight against heroin and prescription drug abuse. the white house just announced $1 billion will go toward fighting opioid epidemic money to expand treatment programs and increase access to overdose drugs. this morning, the grandmother seen this photo passed out with 4-year-old
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rhonda pace said she drank a beer and took part of a painkiller. the state's toxicology report haven't come back yet. she is currently serving six months in an ohio jail for child endangerment. she will once again push for custody once she gets out of jail. a worcester dentist already facing charges of sexual assault is facing two new claims that he inappropriately touched patients. the worcester telegram reports that two more patients have come forward with allegations against dr. arrest in august. the worcester telegram reports that one woman claimed that he rubbed his crotch against her won it different occasions and another woman said he grabbed and pinched her breasts. dr. patel is out on bail and still has an active license to practice dentistry in the state. he has denied all of the charges. as police continue to investigate the murder of a lowell teenager, the 17-year-old's mother is hoping for a small piece of closure. cole kenny was shot and killed
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no arrests have been made. now his mother is hoping to get the necklace you see in these pictures back. those are boxing gloves on a silver chain. he lost the necklace hampton beach the fourth of july weeks before his death. his mother is hoping that someone found the necklace and can return it to her. if you can help, contact fox25 you. some great news for anyone living with due then muscular dystrophy. temporary approval f the disease robs patients of muscle function and drastically shortens their lifespan. it can fight the effect of the disease and extend patience's lifespan. her son has the disease and with as in the mass general study and they saw immediate results. >> he was able to open up a can. it. >> julie: while doctors can prescribe the drug if it still isn't fda approved, that process could take years.
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when it comes to transporting open alcohol. the bill to expand the so-called cork and carry law has been revived in the state senate. under the change you will be able to bring home that bottle of wine you didn't finish at a tavern and private post. it is already legal to do that for bottles in restaurants and hotels. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. on 93 south things moving along as you may expect. nice and quiet out there. 19 minutes f to the zakim. shiri? >> shiri: showers over the cape right now. reports of rain in chatham, hyannis, provincetown to new bedford. plymouth looking mostly dry. the fog not the worse down there, beverly, lawrence up to portsmouth, new hampshire, in the thick of it now going to nashua and worcester as well. this morning, hillary clinton is getting a big show of support from the other side of the political party line. the major republican who says he will vote democrat on election day.
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only fios can. . a soccer player at a local high school is having a senior season to remember. he has been wanting to get his chance on the field. and as fox25's blair miller reports this morning, his teammates made sure that happened. >>reporter: it started just like any other saugus high
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school friday night when something happened. >> i was crying. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: one member of that team had said for weeks how badly he wanted to take this field. >> he is always saying -- he is always out cheering us down. when we are down, he is always there screaming at us. >> reporter: and the senior with down syndrome finally got that chance, and he still can't believe it. here you can see why. he was put in and with the help of the other team fr for the net. [cheering] not just once either, he scored two goals. >> i was so happy because -- i am happy today and a fun game. >> reporter: fun and happy. walking around saugus high school, he is still getting high fives and still high on life. >> the best day ever.
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there for us, and we have to be there for him too. it was a really good thing for him to do and i think it was from the other team really respectful. >> ten years from now, not one of those buy also remember the school. not one of those boy also remember anything but scores those two goals. >> reporter: what happened and reminded him that it is much more than just a game. in saugus, blair miller, fox 25 news stars. patriots quarterback tom brady is talking about those life-like masks that and at the first two games. one of the masks belonged to a good friend of his. >> i saw some of the masks and wes's. i spent time with him sunday morning and he showed it to me. probably the creepiest thing i have ever seen. just to spend time with him -- he has been one my best friends and we played together for a long time. good to be with him. and he has still got a lot of ability, so fun to be out
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playing catch. the quarterback is serving his four-game deflategate suspension. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes and things moving along in the expressway just fine. 128 wide open from dedham through needham up to the pike. north of the pike, route 1, 93 south are clear. here are your live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutesn n 93 south from one thing we will be watching today, shiri, is a little bit of fog out there. >> daniel: and the humidity too. still sticky out. >> shiri: like pea soup. my hair is rebelling in the craziest way just because it is very muggy. feeling very tropical out there. improvements so close talk touch them. >> daniel: you were right on the money according to rain. some places got some and some others didn't. >> reporter: let's go to the
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getting a third of an inch of rain and worcester with nearly 2 inches of rain. i was just looking at some of the rain totals, ashburnham, 4 inches of rain yesterday. that is crazy stuff. that is that tropical element that i kept talking about yesterday. even to a certain extent kind of feeling that out there this morning, and just absolute downpours. right now these aren't downpours but a couple of stragglers out there that will impact mostly the south coast, the cape and islands this morning but a the rest of the area, i know i don't have a lot on radar now but it is misty and damp and temporarily cloudy and foggy. and because we have that whole front that basically stalled out over the cape. because it is so close, it is maintaining that moisture. maintaining that cloud cover. eventually it is slowly going to push off and we have those clearing skies that will battle their way into town. futurecast will highlight the risk for showers through the morning hours ecpecially
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we will have fog between 8 and 10:00 and will take some time to weed it out. by the time we hit noontime, notice a lot of clouds south of boston. still that slight risk for a cape shower. but north and west of boston, the clearing process is slowly beginning. it does brighten up first. late in the day clearing skies to inch their way down to the south shore as well as the cape. 68 degrees in boston right now. and visibility not too bad. there is a little bit of fog. perfect visibility little fog in play right now. and if you were travel together burbs, north and west of boston right now is where we have the worse spot. 68 degrees. by 8 a.m., 69. and temperatures are barely moving. i don't expect the fog to move either. 10 a.m., 71 degrees as temperatures start to go up. they will start to mix things up in the clearing can slowly begin. at noontime, 76. still mostly cloudy and during the afternoon breaks in the clouds with temperatures in the upper 70s. upper 70s to 80 degrees in
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my brightest and warmest spots come in from areas like lowell at 84, 85 degrees aim in nashua. keene, 81 and brightening up first. worcester, 78 degrees and we have that lingering fog this morning and turn partly sunny here for the afternoon. lower 80s in foxborough, norwood and quincy, but you will probably see a little more cloud cover than sunshine today and as we go forward, cloudier and cloudier. and mostly cloudy skies in plymouth at 79. mostly cloudy in and nantucket at 72. overnight we drop back into the 50s and 60s. going to be a much fresher morning tomorrow. when you wake up, noticeably less muggy and cooler and crisper and really nice out there. temperatures tomorrow recover beautifully. we have got low to mid-80s here for your wednesday, although we do start with a little cloud cover because the front is close by. it pushes offshore. high pressure and sunshine rolling in and will really dominate that forecast here
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thursday, 83 degrees. first day of fall, my friends. friday at 80 with increasing clouds and overnight into saturday morning. a couple of patchy showers. 68 on saturday. the afternoon looks like it will brighten up and we have sun in place with much cooler temperatures for the weekend. in fact by sunday, 62 is your high. back to you, guys. >> julie: big swing in temperatures, shir. a tech-savvy teen is looking to take the guesswork out of lunchtime seating. the new app make sure no one is forced to eat lunch alone. a police call with an unusual outcome.
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes
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two dogs are abandoned at a local park. now animal control is looking for help tracking down the owners. the two females were found tied up to a tree in arnold arboretum on satur if you recognize these dogs or might be able to track down the owners, give animal control a call. a blind pilot is no letting his disability prevent him from pursuing his passion. jim who lives in indiana lost his eyesight when he was 26 years old. he already had a pilot's license and no one would let him fly until now. jim met joe pierce a flight instructor who acts as co-pilot giving him direction. he is ready to take over if things go wrong. the flight instructor said not
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the controls. a mom in arizona went to extremes to teach his daughter about seat belt safety. called police when the 3-year-old unbuckled her seat belt during a ride home. the officers were more than happy to come and back her up. >> yes it was an extreme choice on my part to call the police, but i knew she is going to remember it. >> daniel: apparently the plan worked. the girl promised the officer she will always keep her seat belt on. a boston police officer is being called a hero by a local tells fox25 john monahan, the officer went above and beyond to help in the time of need. >> saved my life. >> reporter: john is talking about his 20-month-old son, alexander. a concerned caller led to be answer counter at the south bay mall with officer ann barrett. >> somebody was concerned because i was covered in sweat. i had a baby in a high drug area. >> reporter: officer barrett
4:56 am
understand why you are stopping me. this doesn't look good. he said i am sweating. and he started to explain the story. >> reporter: john's story brought this bpd vet to tears. >> in my 20 years as a police officer, this one really hit home hard. >> reporter: john was in foster care as a child. he is a recovering addict. alexander's mom is also in the shelter. john said his son, alexander made him wake up. >> without him, i probably would still be out running the streets. >> reporter: that broken stroller trying to get a second one fixed for his little boy. officer barrett dropped everything and called her niece to help. >> she told me she had never cried like that in 20 years, so i was really touched. >> reporter: karen posted a message on her mom's group facebook page. the response stunned these two southie women. >> it was just immediate overwhelming. >> reporter: for john too, a new stroller, clothes and
4:57 am
this happen to me. >> reporter: now with a hand up, john is hoping to step out on his own. >> it means that i am going to be able to save money to get an apartment. >> reporter: john has had full custody of his son for more than a year. he says these donations from complete stranger also allow him to save money for that apartment. as for officer barrett, she says being able to do things like this to help people is the best part of being a cop. in south boston, john monahan, fox25 news. >> daniel: incredib. >> julie: thing behavior goes far beyond the uniform. she is an officer and sounds like a special person. >> daniel: she was present in the moment. a new project in southbridge to protect police from outside danger. the construction job that will get under way after getting unanimous backing from town leaders. an orphan animal is finding comfort in a familiar-looking toy. look at this.
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now at 5:00, the suspect behind the bopings in new jersey and new york is waking up under police guard in a hospital bed. the elaborate evidence that linked him to the crime and the reference he allegedly made to the boston marathon bombing. plus a local police chief says his officers face danger even before they go out on patrol. the plea he is making for better security at police headquarters. and still a few showers on stormtracker radar this morning. how long the drizzle and fog lasts befor take over. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, 5:00 on this tuesday morning, september 20. we appreciate you being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. feeling a lot like florida out there this morning. meteorologist shiri spear says the muggy, foggy and damp conditions will only last half of the day. the fox25 stormtracker weather center to time out the slow


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