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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  September 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: that mother, running to her 2-year-old toddler, hit by a car in front of the family home on market street in brockton. these sisters also heard the impact, then saw the little boy at the end of their driveway. >> i could hear a thud and look over and the baby in the street like -- goes like 12 feet after -- like in front of the cart. >> reporter: the boy was hit by this silver toyota. the driver did stop and was questioned by phone but gave it right back and speed does not appear to be a factor. the boy was rushed to a brockton hospital by ambulance. but then flown to mass general in boston. investigators were called to the scene. in the meantime, the family is distraught. his parents rushed to be with him at mass general while a friend watches his two siblings.
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or not, i just know he's not doing so good. he's in boston right now. and i pray that everything comes good. >> and the child once again taken to mass general. his parent there is at the hospital tonight to be at his side. we're live in brockton, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. we are following breaking news out of dorchester where boston police are investigating a shooting. right now we know one person was shot on donner avenue around 8:00 tonight. the victim was taken to boston medical center, we boston police tell us it's still an active crime scene. we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it. turning now to the latest in the terror attacks in new york and new jersey. >> we're following the latest developments all day and tonight we now know the suspect, ahmad rahami faced federal charges in both states. the latest tonight, rahami has been charged in new york and new
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shootings that injured 31 people. those charges are in addition to the state charges of attempted murder of an officer. >> fox 25's ted daniel has been pouring over the latest information and this is still a very complex investigation. >> vanessa, mark, according to the complaint, ahmad rahami purchased the ingredients for the bomb in july over ebay and seen testing explosives behind his parents in a new jersey chicken restaurant just two days before the attack. >> reporter: in a notebook found on terror rahami when he was shot and captured references to 9/11 mastermind osama bin laden following an al-qaeda spokesperson airlocky and boston bomber dzhokhar from tamerlan tsarnaev. infamous jihadists who may have inspired rahami to plant bombs in new jersey. >> this is a couple of days since this enter happened. >> now they say he's a terrorist.
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son two years ago, following a violent domestic dispute. but according to fox news rahami's father downplayed the incident during an interview with the fbi. >> it because my son just -- he hit my wife, and i put him to jail. >> reporter: investigators are also scrutinizing rahami's travels to afghanistan and pakistan where he married and had a child and spent time in areas with a heavy, taliban presence. >> we're trying to determine if he had help in get all the materials to put these bombs together. >> reporter: outside the fried chicken restaurant, his family owns in elizabeth new jersey tonight, a friend of rahami expressed this. >> i was in shock seeing that was ahmad that i knew. >> rahami is facing 4 charges including use of a weapon of mass destruction. federal prosecutors filed those charges in manhattan where 29
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new york bomb went off. live in our newsroom, ted daniel, fox 25 news. coming up in our next half-hour, fox 25's bob ward spent the day with emergency crews in worcester, training for incidents exactly like the ones that played out in new york and new jersey this weekend. what emergency crews told him about this state of security in 2016. last night we told but a report by cnn about the catch tour of rahami and today cnn says they incorrectly identified the man in the video as rahami. not rahami and not shooting at police in the video. cnn and fox 25 regret the error. the boston police department tells us an off-duty officer did not use excessive force after pinning the man to the sidewalk with his knee. we first showed you this cell phone video weeks ago. it started after the man hit the off-duty officer's car with an umbrella. fox 25's jacqui heinrich talked to the man who was pinned, and he's not happy about the decision tonight. >> according to boston police,
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out of his car and chased after milton gurren who had just hit his car window with an umbrella. he was also acting properly when he placed milton under arrest for what he believed was a felony offense, breaking a window. police even brought in testimony from the academy to support that the attacks he used followed procedure. >> officer barrett did not know what mr. gurren was holding. >> reporter: boston police admitted that no window was broken, but continuing to procedure was followed in releases gurren when other officers got there. according to the pedestrian's attorney, that was not what they were told in an internal affairs interview. >> officer barrett broke multiple rules of the boston police department. three other responding officers broke rules of the boston police department. that is not -- what y'all heard in there was that mr. gurren might be a bad guy, that mr. harlow might not be such an honest guy.
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characterize gurren as an reluctant witness. >> he never came in to make out a complaint, it was self initiated and took him over five weeks to come in here. >> reporter: and suggested he may have done this kind of thing before, sharing testimony from other witnesses involving other events not conclusively involving gurren. >> she said, quoted, looked like a lunatic, came to my window and started yelling and screaming at me and, bagging on my window. >> reporter: his counsel calling foul, saying the statements are false and asserting he sustain the injuries as a result of being chased by the off-duty cop. boston polices did spell any notion saying boston barrett has only been investigated for a violent allegation and it turned out to be unfounded. police in connecticut shot an armed person who fell from the fourth floor of a parking garage. tonight they're frying to figure out if the person died as a result of this shooting or the fall.
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parking garage just before noon but the shooting caused confusion for hotel and casino guests. >> people are being turned back and i heard one gentleman actually ask, i can i get to my room and he was told no. >> police say when they opened fire -- they opened fire when the person pulled out a weapon. new hampshire's highest court will hear arguments tomorrow on whether details of a murdered unh student's private life should be made public. lizzi marriott's sexual history may be unsealed during of the azalea who was convicted of the crime in 2012. the court put the ruling to unseal the records on hold after a public outcry. turning now to the forecast and summer is definitely going out with a bang. kevin... >> fall kicks off later in the week. almost as if we flipped the switch. >> yeah, it start slowly at first, only on thursday, 10:
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you'll see that in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. getting a little worths down here on the coast in plymouth. not every place is the airport reporting stations that give us the visibility. you can bet there will be spots where you see the light gray shading in here that are getting a little denser. >> a rhode island man will plead guilty to killing a blogger. he pleaded not guilty to conspiracy charges, a change of leave hearing is set for thursday. prosecutors say he came up with a plan with two other local men to kill pamela gellar, the plot wasn't carried out. gellar angered muslims when she organized a prophet muhammad cartoon contest last year. new at 11:00, the state police bomb squad is called to
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up on a beach in osterville. take a look right here. the device right there and police say it was a foss recess flare about a foot and a half long. the bomb squad brought the fair to a landfill to render it safe. for lying on the grounded in a puddle holding her baby over her head and clearly intoxicated. there was a one-month-old and a four-month-old. the south ridge police department is trying to boost safety for its officers, hoping to put a giant fence around the station's parking lot for protection. counselors unanimously approved the chief it's a plan to repurpose money to repave the lot and use it for the fence instead. back in june, the man ran into the south bridge police lobby threatening to kill everyone and
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and set it on fire. new at 11:00, dozens ever people slapped with citations for running an atv illegal drag racing competition in south boston. police say the event drew huge crowds during the weekends. during a sting, boston police issued 75 citations and 35 criminal complaints. police say the race featured modified atvs, cars and dirt bikes. tonight we are learn being a unique way the boston public library is helping with the fight against the library has special boxes at each location in the city to hold needles found in or around the facility. they're also offering training to staff members to help them recognize the signs of someone overdosing on opioids. the library officials told fox 25 they usually find one needle a week at their library and they want to make sure they doing everything they can to keep people safe. >> it's not just a big city thing. this is a problem everywhere, and so i think libraries are
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staff who work in libraries are very aware what's happening in the community, because we relate to our community so well. >> the collection boxes are kept with staff members and are not in a spot where the public can access the needles. a new hampshire driver caught going twice the posted speed limit during the morning commute, he was caught going 135 miles per hour on i-89 in warner. he was arrested just after 6:00 a.m. and now charged with reckless driving. fog out there and some spots thickening up. orange 3 miles per hour, plymouth down to a half mile visibility. gonna a problem for the morning drive. and a cool-down on the way. and the news on fox 25 continues for a full hour. coming up, fox 25 sits down in a one-on-one interview with boston mayor marty walsh. how he's handling his successes and failures ahead of over run for mayor. >> and stained with blood and now it's costing taxpayers.
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which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
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blood money, manchester has had so much violence it needs an extra $10,000 just to clean up the blood. it had hire a bio hazard remediation company to be on call 24/zen to clean up crime scenes. we spoke with the city's public health director who says they're not the first to do so. >> manchester department is calling in reinforcements to clean crime scenes.
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hazard remediation company on retainer to clean up particularly gruesome crime scenes. >> i think when you have people who are trained and certified and blood born pathogens and how to do it correctly, it minimizes the exposure of city staff. >> reporter: late last month 61-year-old richard carlson was found dead in the park and blood covered a section of the bleachers at the mickey hanigan field about two weeks before that, 44-year-old mark hathaway was stabbed in the victory parking garage. normally clean-up would be left to the fire department. >> in this case, they weren't actually able to get the fire from the top level so we had to look at it from a different way. >> reporter: manchester is not the first to add this line item to their budget. >> this is done all over new england, then the state of new hampshire the attorney general's office has a fund for
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private property the homeowner's insurance will cover the remediation. we're really looking at when something happens on city-owned property. >> while overall crime in manchester is down 19% from last year, violent crime is up and residents i spoke to are behind this idea. >> the city could have the company on retainer as soon as next month. meantime, the police department already has a similar up for hazmat swayings in jail cells and police criesers. reporting in manchester, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. banker wells fargo blasted on capitol hill today on facing criminal charges. 2 million wells fargo accounts were open without customers' knowledge or position costing account holders millions in fees and charges.
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should have done more sooner. >> you squeezed your employees to the breaking point, so they would cheat customers. >> stump took responsibility and apologized but did not step down. >> let's talk fog because it is still sticky out there, and a night like this the temperature drop, doesn't take much for the fog to develop. seeing some low clouds or fog out there. visibility get airports, and for good reason, for air travel. half mile now in plymouth. down from when i talked to you during the 10:00 newscast. it was two and a half miles, so already dropped quite a bit. orange, 3/4 of a mile of visibility. beverly at 7 miles. it had been down to a quarter mile just like martha's vineyard. bottomline as you drive around tonight, first thinged in the morning you are going to run into spots of dense fog. don't have any advisories in place, but doesn't mean you won't run into some. temperature overnight dropping
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gardener, up to 71 and the fog will burn off for the afternoon. cape cod temperature 66 on average but by the time we wake up in the morning, up to 76 by 11:00. your high temperatures tomorrow out on the cape are generally going to stall in the 70s thanks to a sea breeze kicking in. but you go inland on the southshore, you're into the mid-80s. off to the north and west, mid-80s, as well. closer to the coast, cape ann and same with cape in the 70s with a bit of a sea breeze that will kick on this. the tropics are still active. the 11:00 observations are in from the national hurricane center. there are actually two storms out there. they're not a threat to us. tropical storm carl is right here. carl has 40 mile-per-hour winds. but look at, this taking a turn closer now, at least in the forecast track, to bermuda. that's a problem because a lot of cruise ships go out that way, that's a hurricane, category i to 2 in that range friday into saturday. so cruise ships are certainly on
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to the east but something that they're watching. and the newest one named today, lisa, up to l already, lisa is way out in the atlantic. 45 mile-per-hour winds. and this weak going this way. but as it does weaken it is so far away from bermuda and the east coast of the u.s. just not a big issue for us. the seven-day forecast, and i promise you you're looking at the cool-down coming our way, comes after autumn officially begins in the m 83 degrees for the first day of autumn, first full day will be 80 on friday. both days turning out to be mild. thursday has more going on than just autumn. there's the thing happening out at gillette stadium. the patriots home game thursday evening, warm and dry for tailgaters, into the 60s during the course of the game. this weekend, that's when the temperature drops. the cold front comes on through andwell see 68 on saturday and 62 on sunday for your high temperatures.
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and jordan field, the boston breakers playing against the western area. your weekend always in view here. and you see the big difference. still some towns in the 70s on saturday, not so much on sundays. a look at what the problems can to create, coming up next. another home run for ortise as the sox keep it going in baltimore. plus who needs another quarterback. the patriots seem content to
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they're chopping away at all the end doers. six straight wins to lower the magic number to eight. it could be 7 if they lose to seattle tonight. the first player this year to get the 200 hits. by the end of the night, he was up to 201. is first type he's gotten to 200 in his career. jackie bradley junior, no doubt about that one.
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gave the red sox a 2-0 lead. edwardo rodriguez picked up right where rick porcello left off. he struck out mark trumbo with the tying run of second base in the sixth, and carries over to the next inning. home run number 36 on the season, so the red sox win it 5-2 for the second straight night, and backed up rodriguez, here's big papi with darin austin after the game. >> we haven't been able to he's pitching, you know, and he's been pitching are good. so that's a good motivation for him. >> as jacolby bursett prepares as if he's starting thursday there's still son uncertainty about whether garoppolo will be able to suit up. the pats worked out tj yates today and yates left foxboro without a deal. the pats must feel comfortable at this point with jacolby bursett and jimmy garoppolo as quarterbacks entering thursday's
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>> jimmy g's participation was limited. sure seems the patriots feel comfortable with jimmy as a back-up option or at the very least someone like julian edelman for a back-up option. >> i'm a football coach. i'm not a doctor. the medical staff is the medical staff. i coach the team, the medical people handle the injuries. they don't call plays, i don't do surgery. we have a great deal there. it works out good. and just going out there and preparing and getting ready for a game. >> we gotta get ready for a good team to come in here and fight a hard battle. >> bursett seemed under fazed by the extra attention in the locker room. meanwhile, gronk on the field. gronk also listed as limited on the injury reports. still nursing the ham string. hasn't played since the afc championship game and no hint today whether or not he will suit up on thursday. >> it's not just up to me.
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yet. so, like i said, it's kind of a day by day decision. it's tough, not to be out there with them, i'm doing everything i can. to be out there as soon as possible. >> sure would be nice to have that security blanket >> fox 25 sith down with mayor walsh in a wide ranging interview. he talked to sharman sacchetti how no day is the same in his office. >> it's a constant revolving door. somebody will come in and say great news and somebody will come in to deliver bad news. a lot of things happen here. >> coming up, his response when
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the two city hall staffers facing extortion charges. >> now the man accused in multistate terror attacks has been formally charged.
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thanks for joining us for fox 25 news at 11:30. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. here's a look at our top story. >> a 2-year-old brockton boy is fighting for his life after he was hit by a car earlier tonight. police say it happened at his family's home on market street. the driver did stop and police say it appears to be a terrible accident. since it doesn't look like the driver was on the phone or speeding. the boy was flown to mass general and his parents are with him there tonight. >> a deadly scene outside of a


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