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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 21, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. now at 4:00, breaking news in the south. bottles, rocks and barrels thrown at police officers as a violent protest erupts in north carolina. the deadly shooting prompting the crash and the injuries stacking up this morning. the fbi is now revisiting an old investigation into the alleged terrorists who placed bombs no new york and new jersey journal is revealing this morning. and here at home, a family is in shock after their 2-year-old boy is hit by a car. what police looked at right after the crash to determine if the driver was distract ed. good morning, 4 a.m. on this wednesday, september 21. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am
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roads this morning. meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center. shiri, don't worry the fog will clear and we are getting a break from the humidity. >> shiri: humidity will drop off nicely. we have fog this morning. the usual spots like norwood and keene and orange. this time around including the cape and islands where we have pockets of dense fog and that quarter-mile visibility. an ongoing affair for much of the morning commute down across southeastern massachusetts. current conditions in boston show mostly clear skies at 70 degrees. 65 in lawrence and 69 in chatham at this hour. the hour-by-hour forecast from metro west have patchy cloud and fog hanging on until 7 to 9:00 this morning. by 8 a.m., we will be seeing breaks of sunshine in most towns and cities as clouds and fog lift. by 10 a.m., brighten things up. mostly sunny skies and 74. we get into the 80s and range of highs go from 78 to 84
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9 a.m. for the cape. we do deal with partly cloudy skies today. julie, send it back to you for live drive-time traffic. >> julie: shiri, fog is something you and i will be watching on the roads. this is what you will experience. less than a handful of cars. flashing light, overnight construction work that should wrap up by 5 a.m. a look at your live drive times in a few minutes. 4:02 right now and we are following breaking news north carolina this morning. 12 police officers and a after chaos erupted overnight. >> julie: the protests are in response to near deadly shooting of a black man by police. the suspect was armed but he wasn't the suspect they were looking for. gene lavanchy is joining with us what is happening in charlotte. >> gene: these protests started late at night and still going on at this hour. ten officers in north carolina are hurt. one them was hit in the face with a rock. emergency crews treated ten
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going off as police tried to get a handle on the crowd. the protests happened around 9:00 people surrounding police cars and jumping on top of them. people throwing barrels, rocks and bottles to.playoffs. one tv news had to leave the scene after protesters started rocking their news van back and forth. large clouds of what and to be tear gas coming from the crowd. many were heard yelling black lives matter and hand up, just before 2:00 this morning, 75 protesters took over a mayor highway looting tractor-trailers and using stuff inside to set fire in the roadway. the highway was shut down for two hours and reopened after 3:00 this morning. >> going down to the atlanta area and it was closed down and i didn't know what was going on and, boom, a rock go straight through the
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a traffic barrel, cones, rocks being thrown at cars. i just can't imagine. >> gene: all of this stems from a deadly police shooting earlier in the day. police in charlotte were searching for a suspect when they found 43-year-old keith scott who is black get out of a car with a gun. officer waited to approach scott. and he got back out again and still had the gun so they shot m. and his family insists he is not armed because he was disabled and only carrying a book when he was shot. protesters are questioning decision made by police. charlotte mecklenburg police identify the officer as brently vincent. he has been with the dew point for two years and nowen administrative leave. all of the department's officers started wearing body cameras two years ago. not sure what was caught on
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another shooting of an unarmed black man in oklahoma. terrence crutcher's car had broken car. he put his hands up and walked back to his vehicle. police first used a stun gun and then shot and killed him. lawyers for the officer that pulled the trigger said he kept touching his pocket and reaching through the window of this video. you can't tell if that happened based on video released by police. they claim they found pcp in the car but toxicology reports hospital with life-threatening injuries after he is hit by a car in front of his house. the boy was truck on market street in brockton. he was playing when a silver toyota hit him. the boy was rushed to brockton hospital and flown to mass general in boston. neighbors outside heard the panic coming from the boy's family. >> ail heard was an ungodly scream, but then i think it was the mother.
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in the street like both feet out in front of the car. >> daniel: the driver stopped and was questioned by police. officers reportedly checked the driver's cell phone and gave it back. no charges have been filed. and developing news in dorchester where police are looking for a shooting suspect. this was breaking news last night at 10:00. this morning the globe is reporting that the victim has died. the shooting happened around 8:00 on downer avenue. a stretch of that street was closed off by police evidence markers could be seen on the street. this morning, the man accused of placing bombs in new york and new jersey is now facing federal charges. one of those bombs hurt 29 people when it exploded on a busy manhattan street. the new criminal complaint charges ahmad khan rahami criminal with four counts including using a weapons of mass destruction. other new developments as well. rahami purchased bomb-making
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his motive. the notebook references the 9/11 attacks, the boston marathon bombers and al qaeda. yesterday we also learned that rahami father expressed to the fbi after a domestic dispute. they are going over the investigation to see if he missed anything that could have prevented the violence. we are continuing to follow the investigation into the terror attacks and will update you here on air and online at in worcester, a reminder of the ever-present theft terror. emergency preparedness with disaster drill at the center. emergency crews and hospital simulated an active shooter scenario at a night club or music club. the event has been planned for months but the attacks from new york and new jersey are not far from the minds of people taking part. >> everybody here i guarantee you is responding and playing in this exercise knows on the day of their job this is something they can face. >> reporter: in boston, you can expect to see an extra
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but the city's police commissioner says even out of the way places can be targets of terror. so if you see something, say something. boston police say this off-duty officer did not use excessive force against a man in the back bay, but a local civil rights attorney is not buying the explanation. in may showed edward barrett taking milton gurn into custody. it happened after a foot officer barrett said he hit the window of his car with an umbrella and video of the arrest went revival. following the investigation, the officer followed proper procedure. >> all i see here is an -- in someone's back. you don't see any extra punches being pulled. >> officer barrett broke multiple rules. three other responding officers broke rules at the boston police department. >> julie: gurn never filed a
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his attorney says that is not the case. new hampshire's highest court will hear arguments if the sexual history of a murdered unh student. he was convicted of killing her in 2012 and dumping her body in the ocean. batagglia is appealing that verdict. a victim's sexual history may be admitted during an appeal even though it is not admitted during trial. the attorney general's office appealing that new rule. there will soon be three independent investigations of the gloucester police department. earlier this month, chief leonard capanello was placed on administrative leave. no one said why he is under investigation but according to the city's mayor, one investigation will focus on the chief's professional conduct. a second will focus on the projectional conduct of a detective also on leave.
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of the entire department. the chief campanello received national attention of the angel program to help drug addicts receive treatment. 22 people have had their cases dismissed because of m+ isconduct in the evidence room of the braintree police department. 11 cases were dismissed in the last two days. earlier this month nearly 5,000 pieces of drug evidence, 0 guns and $400,000 in cash went missing from the evidence nearly 400 cases may be impacted as a result of the investigation. it is now 4:10. the magic number for the boston red sox to clinch the american league east is now 8. everynight the blue jays won in seattle to keep pace with the sox. sox join for six wins in a row and that strikeout kept the orioles off the board in the 6th. the 7th sox up 2-1 as the sox hit a towering home run for
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the three-run shot is number 36 on season. sox win 5-2 and face the os again tonight and tomorrow. here are the updated standings in the al east. sox lead with 87 wins. toronto in second four games. the yankees won to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. and let's head back out through brighton. things nice and quiet out there. the one thing you will need to watch for during the morning commute is fog. shiri joins us with more. >> 70 degrees in boston right now. i don't think that fog will pop up in the city itself, low clouds and fog as temperatures dip in the 60s over the next couple of hours and fog will take some time to clear. an hour-by-hour look coming up. >> all right, shiri. the battle over e pi pen prices heads to congress.
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drug company plans to defend the skyrocketing cost of a life-saving drug. a new plan to help the
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one in eight women will face breast cancer.
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aving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. welcome back, everyone. police in connecticut are looking into caused the death of a man that police shot at foxwood results. they confronted the victim
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the man fell four stories from the garage. they don't know if the man died from the gunshots to the fall. osha is investigating after this excavator fell into a ditch in framingham. police looked at these picture from speen street. according to framingham source, the contractor was working at water main at the time. roads were closed for the evening commute and now back open. a new report from the state inspector general is looking at favoritism investigation found mass dot workers who reviewed bids for emergency towing services on the mass pike are inexperienced and have a lack of impartiality. one of the companies is inspector towing. according to mass general, treated that company's references with extreme favoritism. in june fox25 investigates was the first to report that the company was under investigation by state police. two women claimed the tow truck driver asked them for sex while picking up their
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state police. arborist also sur vate green line for dead and rotting trees. to stop branches from falling on the track and delaying trains. the mbta chief of operation told fox25 more than 20 trees have fallen this year using up resources and forcing passengers to wait while the debris is being cleaned up. >> the amount of money spend for the certified not what it will cost to repair our system if there is an emergency. >> julie: as we reported yesterday the mbta is considering improvements to the red line including replacing old subway cars rather than refurbishing them. now 4:16. looking at the roads right now and this is what you can expect to see at 4 a.m. if for some reason we were seeing something otherwise we will the first to see. you nice and quiet on the pike eastbound and westbound
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brighton area. a look at your live drive times in just a few minutes. first check in with meteorologist shiri spear. >> daniel: you are tracking a drop in humidity as we get ready for fall. >> shiri: almost ready for fall. pumpkins and halloween candy in the store. i can't believe it. >> shiri: you love the candy corn. >> julie: the candy corn. >> shiri: i don't know how you like that stuff. pumpkin anything. pumpkin bread and spice coffee. here is a little countdown halloween -- you know what, 30, 40 days away. i was just recounting those numbers and apparently did not update my graphic and thanksgiving about 63 days away, and hints of fall and into air. you can see current conditions in boston. even some fog in usual spots like norwood and cape and islands. and down this morning and especially out across southeastern mass. and that is probably going to
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and islands, but 6 a.m. temperatures, 8 a.m. temperatures still in the 60s. kind of slow warm-up. once the temperatures take off, that is when the fog is out. the cloud cover that we tap into this afternoon is high, thin clouds and you can see temperatures back up to 79 by noon time, highs in the low 80s. one of the spots that is going to be the first to brighten up. a little bit of fog in keene right now. burns around 7 a.m. you can see how nice and my word of warning will probably drop in the upper 50s to keene, parts of southern new hampshire. it is a little bit cool this morning. maybe grab that jacket. 67 by 10 a.m. not a problem. you will be fine in the short sleeves. high temperatures ranging from 83 in boston. 82 in ipswich. 85 in norwood to 79 in worcester and upper 70s out across the cape and islands where we tend to see more cloud cover today and overnight tonight. tonight's low temperatures are going to be back into say the
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burbs and an even fresher, cooler start tomorrow and high temperatures are much like today with a couple of pops of upper 70s and low 80s for thursday. futurecast. do want to show you early morning clouds until 9 a.m. for the fog over the cape and islands. after that, we tend to brighten up a little more cloud cover south of boston and it is still going to be partly sunny there. north and west of boston. and tomorrow, high pressure and this will keep things nice and bright and there are a few more clouds in particular closer to this front that is going to be flirting with us here on friday. so friday morning, we are waking up to partly cloudy skies. the fronts dipping toward us here and as it does, increasing clouds on friday and once we hit the afternoon, this is 1 p.m., you can see that we have got a couple of pops showers out here and will not come through as a nice
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rain. somewhat broken up and scattered showers for the evening chute and dinnertime and does allow us to dry out into the weekend. get a couple of things in the tropics. both staying in the open atlantic. this is tropical storm carl forecasted to become a hurricane here and i have also got tropical storm lisa which will be weakening over time and staying out over the atlantic. the seven-day forecast, fall starts tomorrow and feels like july. 80 on friday with developing scattered showers. we a high of 66. still nice and bright on sunday. high 64 and chilly morning dipping down to 40 degrees sunday morning, monday morning as well and get things started at 40 and middle 60s out here monday and tuesday. back to you. >> daniel: 4:20. disturbing accusations against two local moms. at 4:30, the bizarre behavior police spotted when two moms were out shopping with their baby drunk. meet a 14-year-old who
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set to defend her company's high prices before congressional committee. under heather bresh's leadership, the price of two a-pack of epipens topped out at $600. her testimony has leaked and she is expected to defend saying her company makes $50 per epipen after rebates and other costs are deducted. her mother wife of u.s. senator joe have all schools buy and store epipens. users of the galaxy note 7 will have a chance to turn in their phone and get a new one that isn't prone to catching fire. samsung reported a half million replacement phones are available in the united states and are not affected recall. the company is offering a refund for anyone not willing to take a chance on the
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he got a bill passed to help homeless families. fox 25's erika richie shows us how he made his bill stand out among others filed every year. >> he can't wait to show me the blueprints for a brand-new homeless shelter for kids and teens with no families. >> over here, classrooms, dining hall, the kitchen. >> reporter: 14-year-old max davis of stoneham plans to use part of $36,000 in prize money to get the shelter built, but winnings that is at the heart of this story. max is the recipient of the award for his work in the massachusetts legislature. he is a lobbyist for unaccompanied homeless youth. inspired by a close family friend who used to be one. >> once she fumely told me her story and what happened to her, i -- it really touched me. >> reporter: his local legislator introduced him to house bill 135 that addresses the need of kids and teens without a home or family.
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that i want to work on. >> reporter: he wasn't going to do it alone. he solicited help from friends and a new organization was born. >> we formed the group legislation in action. >> he spoke at hearings. he came at the time of the budget and able to get $2 million to help homeless youth. >> we were overjoyed with the passing of the bill. >> reporter: senate majority leader credit max and his team this past session saying he was instrumental in helping lawmaker hone in on it. >> when you have lots of bills before you, you need to have something that makes that bill stand out. and i think he brought that. >> they really care and listen to what children have to say. >> i wish that we had a commonwealth full of maxs julie that was erika richie
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and focus on the legislation he already passed. >> daniel: we will hear from max davis more and more. >> julie: possibly a mayor one day. mayor marty walsh, getting to know him. what is the hardest day on job. phi days out of the first debate of the general election and the candidates are getting ready. the very different way that
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now at 4:30, breaking news in the south. bottles, rocks and barrels thrown at police officers as a violent protest erupts overnight in north carolina. the deadly shooting prompting that clash, and a look at the destruction as the sun gets ready to rise. devastation for a local family after their 2-year-old boy is hit by a car.
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if the drive was distracted. plus a boston police officer cleared in an investigation. the arrest in question caught on camera. this morning, why a civil rights attorney is not buying the department's decision. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4:30 on this wednesday, september 21. appreciate your company this morning, i am daniel miller. we are finally getting a break from humidity today. meteorologist shiri spear in the stormtracker weather sent we are a little fog lingering this morning before it clears out. >> shiri: that's right. fog will be the biggest issue on the road. no raindrops just cloud cover and fog. temperatures really mild as well. 70 in boston. 60s in the suburbs down to 62 in bedford and 63 in worcester right now. the big issue will be that fog and i want to focus on the cape and islands right now and


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