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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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protests stretching into the 7th hour this morning in north carolina following a deadly police involved shooting. the violence and looting that left a dozen police officers hurt at a major highway shut down by fire. a 2-year-old boy is fighting for his life at mass general after being hit by a car in brockton. how officers determined that driver was not distracted at the time. and a man accused of placing bombs in new york and new jersey is now facing federal charges. the clue left behind in journal. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning. 5:00 on this wednesday morning september 21. we appreciate you being with us. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. get ready for more fog on the road. but don't worry, it will clear and not the only good news. shiri spear is in the storm
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look at a comfortable forecast. >> shiri: turning more comfortable as we go. more muggy south of boston where we have that thicker fog. half mile visibility from hyannis into chatham. four-mile visibility from norwood and keene. dense fog. and that fog will last until 7 a.m. a little bit longer for the islands this morning. boston looking fine at 69 degrees. you will see mostly clear skies and 63 in worcester. 61 in nashua, new hampshire. and you can see warmer and muggier over the cape with temperature increase 9 a.m. 7 test. this afternoon in the 80s and range of high go from 78 to 84 degrees. we will time out the brightening and when the fog lifts in your town coming up. julie has a look a your traffic. >> julie: the zakim bridge. things are moving along fine as you can expect at 5:00 in the morning. over to the pike, eastbound and westbound through brockton -- not brockton, rather, you won't get to the pike on 24.
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here you can see nothing slowing you down. a look at the drive times coming up shortly. back to you. breaking news in north carolina this morning. protesters wreaking havoc in charlotte overnight and trickling into the morning. >> gene: now those protesters are outraged following a deadly police involved shooting that happened yesterday. investigators say that suspect had a gun but protesters say it was only holding a book. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with the violence and vandalism in charlotte. >> reporter: gene and sara last night and started at this hour. 12 officers in charlotte, north carolina have been hurt and one of them was hit in the face with a rock. emergency crews treated at least 11 protesters from minor injuries and new this hour our sister station in charlotte says a handful of protesters were arrested overnight. television crews capturing smoke bombs going off as police trying to get a handle on the crowd. these protests started to get
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night as people were surrounding police vehicles and jumping on top of them. there were also reports of people throwing barrels, rocks and even bottles at police officers. one tv news crew actually had to leave the scene after protesters started rocking their television news van back and forth. around 11:00, large clouds of what and to be tear gas could be seen coming from the crowd. many of the protesters were heard yelling "black lives matter" and "hands up don't shoot." and morning 75 protesters took over a major highway, i-85 looting tractor-trailers and using the stuff inside those trucks to start fires on the interstate. the highway was shut down for two hours and reopened about 3:00 this morning. now this all stems from a deadly police shooting earlier in the day. police in charlotte say they were searching for a suspect when they saw 43-year-old keith scott, who is black, get
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officers waited to approach scott when he got back in the car but he got back out and still had the gun so they shot him. scott died at the hospital and his family insists he was not armed but is disabled and he is only carrying a book at the time he was shot. now protesters are questioning the decisions made by police. charlotte mecklenburg police identified the officer involved as brently benson. he has been with the department for two years and is now on administrative leave. all the department's officers started what, if anything, was caught on camera. in the newsroom this morning, daniel miller, fox25 news. and the shooting in charlotte comes right after another shooting of an unarmed plaque man in tulsa, oklahoma. t+ erence crutcher's car broke down inned middle of the road and when police arrived, he put his hands up and walked to his vehicle. police used a stun gun and then shot and killed him.
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touch his pocket and reaching through the window of his vehicle. we can't tell that happened based on the video from police. police say they found pcp in the man's car but toxicology reports are not back yet. a 2-year-old boy seriously hurt after being hit by a car and police are trying to find out what led up to that collision. live in brockton with what witnesses say was a tragic scene. jess, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all happened on market street right outside boy's home. if you look across the street at this telephone pole, you can see some of the police tape still up here this morning. that little boy's injuries as we understand was so serious he was flown to a boston hospital last night and that is where he remains in morning. video from the scene shortly after this happened, and this silver toyota that you see here was the car involved we are told. the driver did stop and was questioned by police who tell us speed was not a factor in this. they also took his phone but
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just simply awful. >> he was screaming and crying. i didn't see what happened or whether he got hit or not. you just know he is not doing so good. necessary boston right now. and i pray that everything comes good. >> reporter: that little boy's parents, we understand, are at mass general this morning where he is recovering. this morning, her reaching out to plymouth county da's office to get an update on his condition. as soon as we get that, of along to you. live in brockton, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. developing news in dorchester where police are looking for a shooting suspect in breaking news last night at 10:00. this morning, the globe is reporting that the victim has died. the shooting happened last night around 8:00 on donner avenue. the stretch of the street was taped off and evidence markers could be seen on the street. this morning, the man accused of placing bombs in new york and new jersey now
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people when it exploded on a busy manhattan street. the new criminal complaint charges against ahmad khan rahami are four counts, including use of a weapons of mass destruction. other new developments are surfacing as well. police say that rahami purchased bomb-making materials on e-bay and his journal left behind clues to his motive. the networking references the 9/11 attacks and the boston marathon bombings. and al qaeda. yesterday, we are also learning expressed to the fbi about his son after a domestic dispute. they expressed concerns about him. investigators are now going back over that investigation to see if they missed anything that could have prevented the vooi lens. people are on edge everywhere since attack. berwyn police gave the all clear after a suspicious package gave a scare. the bomb quad was brought in to look at the package at the
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and just contained trash. police say it was left behind as a mistake. today, new hampshire's highest court will hear arguments whether the sexual history of a murdered unh student should be remained public. details of lizzie marriott's private life remains sealed. he was convicted of killing her in 2012 and dumping her body in the ocean. mazella is appealing the verdict. under a new law in new hampshire a victim's sexual history may an appeal even though it is not allowed during a trial. the marriott family and attorney's office are appealing that new rule. there will be soon independent investigations of gloucester police department. chief leonard campanello was placed on administrative leave. so far no one has said why he is under investigation, but according to the city's mayor, one investigation will focus on the chief's professional conduct. the second will focus on the
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detective who also on leave. the third will be a review of the entire department. the chief has received national recognition of starting a program to help drug addicts receive treatment. 22 alleged criminals have their cases dismissed because of misconduct in the evidence room of the braintree police department. the patriots ledger says 11 cases were dismissed. earlier this month an investigation revealed that nearly 5,000 pieces of drug eviden, of cash went missing from the evidence room. 400 cases may be impacted as a result of the investigation. well, a magic number for the red sox to clinch the american league east is at 8. sox playing the best baseball at the right time. they won six in a row. rodriguez on the mound. sox get closer to clinching the division. the trikeout kept the board in the sixth. then david ortiz hits a towering home run for the
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on the season. sox twin 5-2 as the orioles areing fast. they face the os again tonight and tomorrow. the standings in the american american league east. the red sox with 87 wins. toronto in second place four games back. baltimore splits to third, five games back and the jays and os still hold those wildcard spots in the american league right now. yankees won, but their playoff hopes are slim at best at this stage. we track traffic and minutes. good morning, everyone. 93 southbound is part of your drive right now. 18 minutes from 495 in andover down to the zakim. shiri. a temperature of 69 degrees right now in boston. temperatures are not really warming until after 7:00 this morning. we might get a couple of patchy clouds here, but not the fog. fog will be an issue through 7:00 this morning. points mostly south of boston and you can see it has kind of eaten away and erodes by 9
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we will show you how much sunshine you should plan around for today and even for the weekend next. a local police officer cleared of any wrongdoing in this arrest that thank was caught on camera. why the department says that officers' actions were justified and why they say this case is far from over. keeping the tracks clear. the landscaping that the mbta is doing to make sure that the trains run on time. a boost in octane mean a boost in price. is it worth the money or is it
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible ? ? is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ? ? you're ready. ? ? get ready to experience a cup above.
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back here at 5:14. the top executives from wells fargo bank were on the hot seat on capitol hill answering tough questions for scam customers. elizabeth warren has been leading the charge calling him for to resign and face criminal charges. 2,000 accounts were opened
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without customers' permission.we recognize now no that he should have done more sooner. >> but you squeezed your employees to the breaking point so they would cheat customers. >> gene: over the last two years, the company has fired more than 5,000 people connected to this scam; however, the ceo has not stepped down and the woman that ran the division which created the accounts set to retire at the end of the year with $124 million in stocks and options. it is makes drivers cringe. now they that i premium gas a waste of money. michael henrich is live in newton with why those experts ait is just not worth it, michael. >> when you pull up you see a whole variety of octanes at the pump sara. you esome at the top with fancy names. medium, super special makes you feel real good. you can call that top octane gas for many of you. you can call it a waste now if
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gasoline required car. now aaa says a 4, 6 and 8-cylinder vehicle, cars and trucks and they are all designed to run on regular, low or octane gas. they put them, put premium in them, and ran them on a so-called treadmill for cars. here is what they concluded, aaa said the medium gas did not increase horse power or fuel economy and did not keep the engineing for admissions. more than $2 billion in the last year using premium gas and cars meant for regular. fox25 spoke with some drivers about this study. >> it is not required and you are buying a product that you are really not getting any benefit from. >> reporter: fox25 also spoke with a aaa-approved mechanic who does not agree with aaa's findings at all. he says that there is a benefit to using the higher octane gas even if your car
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report in about an hour. that is coming up at 6:15. live in newton. michael henrich, fox25 news. good morning, everyone. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes for you. right now a lot of green on my map. i like what i am seeing and 93 south. i expect it to stay clear until at least 6:30 when things start to slow down. the expressway looking good. see if anything pops up i will be the first to let you know. drive times, 22 minutes on the mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: 5:17 this morning. the second morning in the row, we are talking about fog here. >> i know it is going to lift and we should be having quite a beautiful day. >> shiri: a really nice day other than the fog we have. most of it south of boston and will take until 7 9:00 to mick out.
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day away. halloween in 40 days, clocks go back in 46. election day 48 days away and thanksgiving is just over 60 days away. fall on the horizon, my friends. we have got clear skies in boston, but norwood won't be seeing the fog right now. visibility is pretty bad at least near the airport where we have quarter-mile visibility being reported now, but by 7 a.m., i do expect things will really start to warm up, and a lot of the fog and clouds start to lift. 60 degrees. into here will be high and thin and at 9 a.m., these will be brightening up nicely, 79 degrees. into the afternoon temperatures that will make their way up into the lower 80s. so highs ranging from 83 in boston and 84 in norwood to lower 80s in plymouth and upper 70s over the cape this afternoon. clouds will be a little bit thicker down there, but you, too, turn partly sunny. the brightest conditions in spots like fitchburg at 84. manchester, new hampshire at
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and 60s, couple of degrees cooler. out there at this time. high temperatures tomorrow get in the low and mid-80s in most spots. couple of upper 70s possibly blow in boston the map. and these are very warm for this time of the year. average high temperature, boston should be a high of 71 degrees. we can enjoy this late summer heat while we can by 9 a.m. the clouds we are treating down to the cape and islands. we do have a few on and off clouds that we will be tracking this afternoon skies. north of the pike here during the afternoon. a little bit of a light sea breeze might knock you down by 1 or 2 degrees at the coastline. overnight staying nice and quiet. clear, cool morning. tomorrow, high pressure keeps things nice and bright right through the afternoon. i want to pause up futurecast at 7 a.m. by friday morning. we do start off friday dry and even partly sunny, but increasing clouds as this front drops toward us here during the afternoon and for the afternoon, i know we don't have a lot of rain along this
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the afternoon we will have to start watching for scattered showers throughout evening commute and even dinnertime. friday night plans at risk for seeing a little bit of wet weather and it really does look like a little bit right now. rain totals from a 10th to a quarter inch of rain and again it will be patchy. we will need more rainfall than that to help with our drought situation. the seven-day forecast, 84 tomorrow. fall begins. partly sunny. increasing friday clouds with nighttime showers. saturday clears out at 66 and on sunday with mostly sunny skies. back to you, guys. boston's controversial body cam ram program back under the microscope. coming up at 5:30, the new review planned for those cameras and the factor that could determine whether or not the technology will be used long-term. just love joking with their kids. the internet trick that one
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resources and forcing passengers to wait while the debris is cleaned up. >> the amount of money that we will spend for the certified arborist in taking these trees down really doesn't compare what it will cost for us to repair the system if there is an emergency. >> sara: a as we told you yesterday, the mbta is also considering improvements to the red line, including replacing old subway cars rather than refurbishing them. it started as a playful joke by a mom and left one can you see her up there. posing with her gigantic teddy bear. her grandpa works with costco and sent madelyn's mother. after a trip in pickup truck madelyn's mom started sharing. and 64,000 likes. i guess 5'7". something like that and the
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>> julie: they can be friends forever until the little kid gets too big. >> make sure the teddy bear doesn't collapse on that kid there. >> julie: spoken like true parent. check out how one father showed his kids not to eat in the car. did you have a no eating the car rule. >> gene: i did. >> julie: if they can drink from their cups of daughter they can eat and drink from their car. he tells them to sake a sip,
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he pinned a man down and arrested him. the reason the man's attorney says this decision is unfair. and w breaking news this morning. police and protesters clash in charlotte, north carolina. this is all over a deadly police involved shooting. protesters looted, vandalized and even closed a major highway. we are gathering the latest information from our sister if you're using this toothpaste, you're probably expecting to get visibly whiter teeth, but it only removes surface stains, and clinical tests show that it only provides about a half-shade of whitening.
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this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: now 5:30 on this wednesday morning as we take a look over the back bay this morning. you see it is dark, as would you expect, but stays dark later and it is getting chillier. so, yeah, it is fall and starting to feel like that too. maybe a light jacket if you head out perhaps. >> just for the morning time because we are expecting temperatures more than 10 degrees above average later today. and meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with a warm-up that looks more li and we will take that, shiri. >> shiri: let me give you a little perspective. right now it is 69 degrees in boston. 2 degrees higher than that is the normal high temperature for today. that is what we would expect to rise to at this point in september, but we are going into the 80s. we are waking up to 69 degrees in boston. 60 in norwood. 63 in fitchburg. 68 in hyannis. this is pretty mild stuff. you might want that light jacket and some of you will be perfectly fine in the short sleeves. the cape, islands, new
5:31 am
dense fog. and boston, north shore and most of southern new hampshire looking good. a little fog in keene and orange. most spots, the fog is going to lift at 7 a.m., but for the islands, it could take until 9:00. notice we have temperatures that head up to 79 degrees with falling humidity at noon. a lot of afternoon sun with highs in the lower 80s. send you over to julie with live drive time traffic and the latest on nut accident. >> julie: already an accident to report, shiri on the expressway southbound right after colu because it is still early, but i will let you know when that is clear. pike moving along fine from 495. average speeds 73 miles per hour. so kind -- 93, route clear. 20 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. breaking news out of north carolina this morning, protesters wreaking havoc in
5:32 am
trickling into the morning. >> gene: those protesters are outraged following a deadly police involved shooting that happened yesterday. investigators say that suspect had a gun, but protesters say he was only holding a book. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with the violence and vandalism in charlotte. >> daniel: gene and sara, protesters covered ground set fires on a major highway and looted self-stores including a wal-mart. 12 police officers and a number of protesters are hurt after chaos erupted in charlotte. the p to another deadly shooting am by police. >> they are hitting the police cruiser. >> reporter: in the cell phone video, a police car trying to drive down the road as dozens of protesters surround the cruiser. at one point, you can see someone inant prove it the police car with their hands on the hood too toying prevent the car from moving forward. tv crews capturing smoke bombs going off as they try get a
5:33 am
people glowing rocks, barrels and even bottle at police officer. 75 protesters took over interstate 85 looting drivers and using the stuff inside their trucks to start fires on the roadway. the highway was shut down for two hours and reopened just after 3 cloak this morning. this all stems from a deadly police shooting earlier in the day. police in charlotte say they were searching for a suspect when they saw 43-year-old keith scott who is black get out of a car with a gun. officers wai car but he go back out again and still had the gun and so they shot him. his family insists he was not armed but disabled and only carrying a book at the time he was shot. police now say he wasn't the man they were searching for in the warrant, but they are looking to see if he was involved in some way. the officer involved has only been on the police force for two years and is now on administrative leave.
5:34 am
officers started wearing body cameras about a year ago, so unclear this morning what, if anything, was caught on camera. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. this morning, a 2-year-old boy hit by a car in front of his house was in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the boy last night on market street in brockton. he was around 7:00 playing when a silver toyota hit him. the boy was rushed to brockton hospital and flown to mass general. the driver stopped and was questioned by police. officers the driver's cell phone and gave it back. so far no charges have been filed. well, this video sparked outrage when it first surfaced showing a police officer on the ground detaining a man. and now the police department is coming to that officer's defense saying his actions were justified. fox25's stephanie coueignoux is live in boston this morning with the department's reasoning and why the man in that video says this is far from over. >> reporter: well, boston police said they investigated
5:35 am
officer did follow proper procedure however the man's attorney said that officer used excessive force. they are not happy with this decision. and even hinted that they may pursue this even further. >> reporter: this is the cell phone video showing part of what happened in the back bay. off-duty officer is in the red jersey. you can see him holding milton gurid the man in the purple shirt on the ground. this all started when he hit his car window with his umbrella. car, chased after guerin and placed him under arrest for breaking a window which is a felony offense. >> does not know what mr. guerlin is holding so he is trying to maintain control of him. >> reporter: admitted that guerin never broke the car window and that barrett followed proper procedure. he said that is not what he was told. >> officer barrett broke multiple rules of the boston
5:36 am
broke rules. >> reporter: it took guerin five weeks to come in for an interview. g uerin's attorney said that is not completely true >> the victim did not come in to make a complaint. this was self-initiated. >> reporter: but as for barrett's history with boston police, police say he has been with the department for 11 years. he was investigated once and was cleared. outside police headquarters, i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. boston's police commissioner says he would order the use of body cameras after the end of the six-month pilot program even if the union is opposed. during an interview yesterday, william evans said the program is positive for the public and the police, and so far it has been going well. last week 100 police officers were outfitted with body cameras along with eight members of the command staff. the boston police union tried to halt the program saying that the city violated its agreement. 5:36 this morning. two new hampshire mothers are accused of shopping drunk with
5:37 am
a detail at the mall at rockingham park monday when he found the two women in the parking lot. he says one of the women was lying on the ground in a puddle holding her baby over her head. both mothers were charged with child endangerment. police say their babies are now in the care of grandparents. the boston public library has an unique way to help fight heroin addiction. the library has special boxes at each location in the city to hold needles found in and around their building training to staff members to help them recognize the signs of an overdose. library officials tell us they usually find one needle a week at their library, and they want to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep people safe. >> it's not just a big city thing, this is a problem everywhere, so i think libraries are definitely places where the staff who work in libraries are very aware what is happening in the community because we relate to our community so well.
5:38 am
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checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. things are looking good. >> julie: 25 minute right southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. as you head out the door, things are still a little warm out there. >> know what is crazy, expect to wake up to 56 degrees in the morning, except this morning we are waking up in the 60s. so temperatures by 7 a.m. 6 to 68. maybe long sleeves but a lot of kids will be fine in the short sleeves at the bus stop. and they will need them as well as the sunglasses like the arrow move all the way up to sunglasses. hillary clinton only visiting two states this week to prepare for her first debate with donald trump. the democrat making a quick stop in florida after making appearances in pennsylvania on monday. her campaign says that clinton will devote the rest of her time with her debate team. clinton is also reportedly watching hours of highlights from trump's republican primary debates. as for donald trump, he is
5:42 am
to prep with senior advisors on sunday. monday's debate is at hostra university. the trump campaign is rejecting reports that the billionaire's charity foundation spent more than $250,000 to settle lawsuits involving private businesses. "washington post" said the foundation sent $100,000 to a veterans charity in order to settle a lawsuit against one of trump's resorts. paper said the foundation paid $158,000 for trump's golf course to settle a lawsuit using donated money to benefit his private businesses could be illegal. automaker tesla said that it has fixed a bug to allow hackers to remotely control model s cars. researcher s from china were able to hack into the sedan's web browser and control the car including the brakes and sun roof from miles away. the conditions under which the hack happened are very specific and drivers should not be worried. iphone 7 users are reporting hissing sounds
5:43 am
the unusual sound is heard when gaming apps are used. iphone users posted video on twitter of their phones making that noise. it remains unclear how widespread the issue is. apple has not responded but twitter has coined the problem his gate. have you got your iphone 7 yet. >> gene: nope. >> sara: no hissing in your home? >> gene: for other reasons but not the iphone. deadly police violence and a 2-year-old boy is hit by a car. we are checking in live. a father caught on camera dragging his daughter by her hair. coming up, the shocking message he has for the woman who took the picture. the split of brangelina sending shock waves through
5:45 am
one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte:
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for the content of this advertising. it is 5:46 no. and if you are just joining us, we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories. >> gene: a toddler is left with serious injuries after being struck by a car and a boston police officer cleared of wrongdoing after an arrest caught on camera. in charl protests broke out overnight. daniel miller is in the newsroom and daniel, seems like things in charlotte have finally calmed counsel down. >> daniel: we are looking ot our sister station. police tape coming down. police officers and protesters were hurt. the protests are in response to another deadly shooting involving police. tv crews capturing smoke bombs as police are trying to get a
5:47 am
the protests started to get out of hand around 9:00 and police started to surround police cars as you see here and jumping on top of them. just before 2:00 75 protesters took over interstate 85 and looting drivers in trucks and using the stuff inside those trucks to start fires on the roadway. the highway was shut down for two hours and reopened about 3:00 this morning. this all stems from a deadly police shooting earlier in the day. from his charlotte say they were searching for a suspect but they saw 43-year-old scott who is black get out of a car with a gun. officers waited to approach him until he got back in the car, but they say he got back out again and still had the gun so they shot him. scott died at the hospital and his family now inists he was not armed but is disabled and only carrying a book at the sometime he was shot. police now say he wasn't the man they were searching for in the warrant but they are looking to see if he was involved in some kind of way. the police officer involved is on administrative leave this
5:48 am
and i am jessica reyes live in boston this morning where a little boy was hit by a car last night right in front of his home on market street. it all happened around 8:00 last night. we have video we want to show you from the scene. that little boy's injuries were so serious we are told he was flown to mass general in boston. this is the scene shortly after he was hit. we understand he is only 2 years old and we are told that the silver toyota is the car involved and the driver police say did stop. he was questioned by police, but at this time, we do speed were not factors, and there are no charges filed against that driver at this point. this morning, we are checking in with the plymouth district attorney's office working to get an update on how this little boy is doing this morning. as soon as we get that, we will pass that right along to you. another live report coming up in 15 minutes. live in brockton, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. and i am stephanie coueignoux outside boston police headquarters this is morning after bpd cleared an officer for arresting a man while he was off duty.
5:49 am
that off-duty police officer, edward barrett, holding that man on the ground. this happened back in may in the back bay. according to boston police, this started when that man, milton guerin, hit the off-duty officer's window with the umbrella. garrett got out of the car, chase offered guerin and policed him under arrest. they said he followed proper procedure but guerin's attorney said authorized using that kind of force and that his client was hurt falling after the chase. they did not rule out the possibility, and coming up at 6:30, we took a closer look at that officer's history. outside police headquarters, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 morning news. i am michael henrich reporting live at the 128 rest stop in newton. aaa says american drivers are wasting billions of dollars a year. is now by using premium gasoline when their car only requires regular.
5:50 am
different vehicles and in its testing, aaa says premium gas did not increase horsepower or fuel economy and did not keep the engine cleaner or reduce emission for cars designed to run on regular. aaa says american drivers should use the octane recommended in their owner's manual. meaning if your car recommends premium gas, then it is worth it. if it recommends regular, then it is not. fox25 spoke with a aaa-approved mechanic who does not agree with aaa's findings at all. you will hear from him in our next live report in about a half hour. live in newton, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: i am guilty of that. one of the higher octane -- i have fallen for that i guess. >> sara: i have fallen for it as well, but, hey. >> gene: who hasn't. i don't know. >> sara: going to be a beautiful day to drive your car with high octane or not. >> gene: whatever the gas is. >> shiri: we have leaf
5:51 am
>> gene: oh! that gets your body on high octane. >> shiri: oh, does it now. as new englanders, we sort of take it for granted. here is the thing. we already have temperatures looking like fall, but not immediately. we kind of have to go down the line. we have more july-like temperatures for the next couple of days with highs in the 80s. over the weekend, there you go. highs in the 60s on saturday and sunday. then it is really going to start feeling like fall, but we have high pressure that is going to be moving on in today. things a little bit cooler here in the sense that dew dew points are dropping and it will feel much fresher outside. not quite as hotter or muggy maybe as past days. this is what i have at 7:00 this morning. i have temperatures in the 60s for the morning commute. notice by 7 a.m., a lot of our low clouds, a lot of our fog is burning off and it will keep a close eye on the cape and island headed toward noontime. those areas that have the fog
5:52 am
noontime and upper 70s. mostly sunny skies. we do have a couple of clouds passing through every now and then. a few more south of the city and south of the pike, north of the pike does look like a mostly sunny day. plenty of 80s to get you home from work. partly cloudy over the cape. 78 barnstable and bourne. 80 in falmouth. down do to nantucket. i think sun and scattered clouds sums it up nicely. same in middleborough up to brockton at 85. a little cooler at the coastline with upper 70s i boston at 83. chelmsford, 84 and dedham 84. northeastern massachusetts from 83 in topsfield to 76 in rockport. a little cooling trend here as we head toward the beaches. we are going to be watching for light sea breeze. worcester and auburn at 79 degrees. 80s in fitchburg and boylston and douglas at 82. aside from the seacoast where we may find a couple of spots dip into the upper 70s. low and mid-80s up into southern new hampshire and
5:53 am
so lows tonight will be back into the 50s and 60s. your wake-up temperatures tomorrow, folks. and we get into the low to mid-80s in most spots and the situation where the coastline is just a little bit cooler. futurecast tomorrow will really break down the sunshine and the next weather system that will move in on friday. not first thing in the morning but here for the afternoon as well as the evening. 5 p.m. we are tracking the scattered rain showers. the nice news is, they will be long gone. wake up saturday morning just lingering clouds. high 66 degrees with clearing sunday, 64 looking nice and bright and a bright start with the cooler temperatures here early next week. that a check of the forecast for now. more on that fall opinion like forecast coming up. julie grauert is back with live drive time traffic. >> julie: good morning moving along from 228 in rockland up to route 18, and starting to see volume pick up just slightly around the braintree split. 24, 95 still clear. expressway much seeing slight volume, and that earlier accident on the expressway southbound at columbia road
5:54 am
here are the live drive times. 13 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 17 minutes on 24. and look, we have already lost the expressway to a red drive time. up to 15 minutes from the braintree split to columbia road. back to you. fox25 investigates uncovers autopsy reports in massachusetts delayed months even years leaving loved ones in limbo. one family turned to investigative reporter eric ramussen to get action. >> and the 12-year-old wants to know what happened to her mother. i have no answers for her when he asks me. all i can do is take her to the cemetery. >> sara: the family of jennifer rodan have been waiting more than a year. the mother of two died in her sleep in everett. what happened after fox25 investigates got involved and the new questions about what is holding up death certificates at the state medical examiner's office.
5:55 am
screaming in a wal-mart. the woman said the girl's father was dragging the child by the hair wrapped around the handle of the shopping cart. after calling police, the woman confronted the father. >> he told me, i grew up just fine. do you see any of her hair miss something in people are telling me i am wrong for stepping four this little girl, you can discipline a child without dragging them by the hair of their head. >> gene: now we are told the father was disciplining the girl for not staying close enough to the cart. he was not arrested still investigating. the nfl player who sparked nationwide protest during the national anthem is outlining his plan to donate 1 million. 49ers colin kaepernick says he will give $100,000 a month for the next ten months to organizations that support his protest of racial inequality. the quarterback also plans to set up a web site so people can see how the money is being used and colin kaepernick confirmed he has received death threats for his protests during the national anthem.
5:56 am
of a u.s. senator and head of the company that makes epipens is set to defend her company's high prices before a congressional committee. under heather bresh's leadership, the price of a two-pack of epipens topped out at more than $600. her testimony has leaked and she is expected to defend the increased cost by saying that her company only makes $50 per epi pen after rebates and other costs are deducted. her case took a hit mother wife of senator joe manchin pushed to have states buy and store epipens in case students have reaction. angelina jolie and brad pitt's divorce is causing shock waves through hollywood and one person who haven't heard. george clooney was heard about the couple's split during an interview. >> i didn't know that. i feel very sorry. they are -- that -- that is a
5:57 am
-- it is a unfortunate story about -- about a family. i feel very sorry to hear that. first i heard of it. >> sara: jolie filed for divorce yesterday citing, quote, irreconcilable differences. >> gene: i wonder if jennifer aniston will be giving brad pitt a call again. >> sara: i am sure, they are friends. >> gene: a nice couple. bu is taking a step forward in the fight against climate change. coming up at 6:00, the new goals that the goals that the campus is setting to be more environmentally friendly. trading in the bouquets for you. y s. why this -- puppies. why the bride had to include the furry friend. >> setting a trend. up to 20 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shir? >> shiri: no rain expected for the next two days, but
5:58 am
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it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. breaking now at 6:00, the streets finally calming down following protests that went out of control in charlotte, north carolina. the violence and looting that left a dozen police officers hurt and a major highway shut down by fire. a 2-year-old boy rushed to a boston hospital after being hit by a car in brockton. how police was able to determine that the driver was not distracted. a man accused of placing bombs in new york and new


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