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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 22, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00. complete new england news coverage. first at 10:00, protests in charlotte, north carolina, it have turned deadly. the chief of police has just confirmed that one protestors is shot and killed another. people have gathered at an intersection and riot gear tear gas has been fired and rubber bullets have been fired. it is a very ugly situation unfolding in charlotte right now. fox news is reporting seven police officers and one protestor have been taken to the hospital tonight. at one point protestors were seen looting a local souvenir store. several protestors have also gotten into scuffles with police tonight. all of this following the
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an african-american police officer. >> reporter: tension remain high as crowds gathered in charlotte to protest the shooting death of scott. less than 24 hours earlier these demonstrations erupted in violence. some threw rocks and bottles. police used tear gas to control the crowd. 16 officers were injured, five people arrested. scott's daughter live streamed the aftermath of the shooting on facebook. his family and police telling conflicting stories >> he was sitting in the car reading a [bleep] book my daddy ain't got no [bleep] gun. that's what the [bleep] you all do. >> i can tell you a weapon was seized, a handgun. i can also tell you we did not find a book. >> reporter: the officer who fired the deadly shot was not wearing a body camera. his friends quickly came to his defense. >> i know the officer is torn because he had to take
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i've never met any individual, any officer that goes out on a daily basis and says hey, i'm looking to take someone's life. >> city officials are now asking for unity. >> we're a community that knows that we rise or fall together. >> reporter: as activists call for transparency. >> they need to be able to inform us of exactly what's going on. if it's still an investigate it's not going to be good enough. >> i'm andy rose reporting. again we're still these are live aerials from charlotte. again we know that one protestor shot and killed another tonight. eight others including a police officer, several police officers have been sent to the hospital. we'll continue to watch these live pictures and break in with new information. here's another story we are following it seems the patriots will be without jimmy garoppolo for tomorrow night's game in foxborough. tom leyden has the update. >> all signs pointing to the
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jacoby. houston defense is absolutely ferocious. the short turnaround didn't help jimmy garoppolo the doubtful designation was redefined for more clarity when listing a player as doubtful it means there's approximately a 25% chance that he will play. so there's still a chance that he'll be able to suit up and get out there but don't count on it. meanwhile it looks like the pats will go with julian edelman as an emergency backup option he is amendola. he did play quarterback at kent state but he has never take an snap under center in the national football league. now a dark horse keep this in the back of your mind as an emergency option. a.j. derby but he played quarterback at arkansas before he switched to tight end. so while the options aren't fantastic there are omths for the streets should something happen to jacoby. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> people will be watching
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to go too deep into that roster. >> 10:the autumnal equinox. look at that beautiful sunrise this morning from cape cod weather on twitter then the sunset had it both ways gorgeous end to the day. last set of summer. tomorrow morning there will be some clouds out there making for a pretty sunrise first thing in the morning but you will see plenty of sunshine. north that will bring some rain along a front going through northern new england. then that front will sag southward. it will bring us the risk of a shower not tomorrow but by friday. bigger news will be the cooldown that will come along with it. not so bad for that last morning of summer. future cast shows we'll have few clouds around but mostly sunny skies right through lunchtime. it's going to be warm tomorrow. timeline on that and the shower threat, too. developing at 10:00 a
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street. it happened in front of a busy rite aid store in wilmington. fox 25's malini basu has been working this story since it happened. have you learned some new details about the victim. >> reporter: we did, vanessa. we spoke to a family friend off camera and that family friend tell us us that the victim has a great personality and everyone adored her. that car not only hit her but came into the parking >> reporter: witnesses tell fox 25 moments after a woman was mowed down at this crosswalk those around her tried to save her it. >> was pretty chaotic. there was a female that was struck by the vehicle and she was not breathing. people started giving her c.p.r. >> reporter: it happen around 3:00 this afternoon in front of the busy rite aid main street. wilmington police say the 89-year-old driver hit the pedestrian and kept going into the pharmacy's parking
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>> carried forward into the rite aid parking lot then hit several cars in the parking lot. >> reporter: employees at the mcdonald's drive-thru window heard the crash. >> we heard a crash and looked outside the manager ran outside and called 911. i saw a bunch of cars and someone laying on the ground. >> reporter: and tonight that family friend tells us the victim here is a mother and she works nearby at a plaza over here. charged the woman in the case it's still unclear exactly what happened and again we are not releasing the victim's identity. live in wilmington tonight, malini basu, it fox 25 news. also tonight we're learning about possible verbal assaults that involved a racial slu. >> reporter: new at 10:00 fox 25's crystal haynes is live after speaking with shocked parents. >> reporter: arlington officials say this was an isolated incident but the
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who were the targets of this racial slur say it's not just about one incident it's about several incidents in school and in town that are causing them concern. >> it's disturbing. i want my kid to feel safe. >> reporter: dorchester dad conrad philip has high praise for arlington public schools 4 of his kids grades three through 12 are enrolled. that's why last week he was shocked when his kid at the upset. another student got on the bus to boston and called them a racial slur. >> a kid decided to call him a dirty n. >> saying there was an unfortunate situation between a small number of outer sun middle school students this incident was upsetting to some of the students. but the next day philip says it wasn't over. >> two of the kids got an
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words were said back and forth. i want to say there was a little tussling going on and the n word was used again. >> he is not only concerned about this incident but others at the school and in arlington. last spring, racist graffiti was found in the bathroom at the school two times in three weeks and in july an african-american family's mystic street home was vandalized. now this school bus incident. i.s. arlington tell us what is being done. tells me we believe that this was an isolated incident. we have spoken with all of the parents of the student's involved and we have issued punishments and restorative actions that are fair and in line with our values. he also says there are programs in place that celebrate diversity. >> now coming up on the story we're putting together for 11:00, i spoke with other parents here in arlington while they say the
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of diversity. reporting in arlington, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. a woman steps right into a moving duck boat downtown and walks away. take a look at the video sent to us. you can see the woman step onto the street in front of the boat and get knocked down. it happened just before noon. we are told she did not suffer serious injuries. boston duck tours has been under fire for how they operate since a deadly accident in april. a woman was killed when she was run over by a duck boat. beginning next year the tours will have two narrates the tour. a toddler is still in the hospital tonight after he was hit by a car in brockton. this was breaking last night at 10:00. it happened in front of the family's home market street. the driver did stop. at this point no charges have been filed. we're told the boy is not doing well. we reached out to police tonight but we have not heard back. skyfox captured the scene of a deadly crash in roxbury this afternoon. one person was killed four others were hurt when an s.u.v. flipped over.
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pull people from the land rover that was on its side. witnesses say they saw the s.u.v. being followed by police. we are still waiting to hear about what led up to the crash. we'll let you know as soon as we hear more. new at 10:00 we are learning the historic cathedral of the holy cross has suffered thousands of dollars in damage. let's get right to fox 25's john monahan to show us what happened. john. >> reporter: mark, we spoke to the priest who oversees the cathedral property. incident took place at about 5:30 tonight right now police believe this was possibly a homeless person they're not sure why broke into the cathedral. so it's a small stain glass window but beautiful nonetheless it's one of the original windows in this cathedral ded dated back in 1875. holy cross is the largest church in new england.
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$4 million in renovation so this was a major effort. 140 years of built up has been removed and they were putting stone on the facade now shines through beautifully. window broken had just been cleaned. even though it's a smaller window it still is a significant loss. damage is estimated to be at about 7,000. in the last couple hours that bin dehas been boarded up and caution the area. police are actively looking for the man who threw that brick through the window. we're live in boston, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. another search underway in new york city tonight you just days after a manhunt
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in manhattan. the f.b.i. wants to question these two men about something they saw surveillance cameras. the men were seen walking in manhattan between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. around the time the bomb went off. authorities say the men found a piece of luggage on the sidewalk removed an i.e.d. then left the area leaving that device behind. >> they saw the bag on the sidewalk. they admired the bag and removed what turned out to be a device a pressure cooker and placed it on he bag away. >> also today the first glimpse of the bloody journal ahmad rahami was carrying. in it he praised osama bin laden and wrote bombs will be heard in the streets. the video is shaqing, disturbing and more evidence of how bad the opioid epidemic is in our area. a little girl trying to wake her mother up after police say she overdosed in a local dollar store. first responders used anniversary kang.
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>> next at 10:00 why she's home. roshs running high here after a man trial for fatally shooting an army veteran in the back is found guilty. why that veteran's family says they have no words for the man who killed him. we continue to follow breaking news in charlotte, north carolina. protests have turned deadly. one protestor shot and killed another. other protestors have stood toe-to-toe with officer wearing riot gear. uberbullets have been fired. fox news is reporting seven officers and civilians have been taken to the hospital.
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an army veteran shot in the back during a fight says they have peace tonight. >> today a jury convicted a man accused of killing that
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>> fox 25's kathryn burcham spoke with the victim's family about their long journey to justice. kathryn? >> reporter: in some ways the family thought today might never come that's because after the man was charged with shooting and killing him the suspect fled the country disappeared into the dominican republic only to be found three years later and finally put on trial for murder. >> charge of murder in the first degree. >> report guilty. the word stephen perez's family waited so long to hear. >> it will never bring back stephen but it is something that we can begin to move on more from now. >> reporter: after deliberating less than two hours today a jury convicted peter castillo of first-degree murder. >> i think the jury's verdict and really the relative speed in which they delivered it showed that the evidence was powerful and compelling. >> reporter: part of the evidence shown over the four
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surveillance from the parking lot where perez lost his life. prosecutors say the army veteran was at a bar with friends in boston's theatre district when he got into a fight. standing behind perez prosecutors say castillo shot him in the back. >> what happened out there that night in the lead up to this should have never happened. >> reporter: stephen perez was just 22 years old. he served two tours of duty in iraq and arrived only to return family says and be shot down in his home city. >> losing a loved one in any circumstance is difficult never an easy thing. you always have to pick up and move on know they will always be with you and keep them why your heart or mind. >> reporter: castillo showed no emotion while the verdict was read. though family members sobbed out the courtroom. stephen perez's family told us they have no words for the man who stole his life only prayers for the hero who left them too soon. >> happy this is over with
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>> reporter: two other people were also charged in connection with perez's murder they are still awaiting trial. as for castillo he will be sentenced here on monday morning. live in boston, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. there will soon be three independent investigations of the gloucester police department. this comes after their police chief was placed on administrative leave earlier this move. so far no one has said why the chief is under investigation. according to the city's mayor one of the investigations will focus on the chief's professional conduct. professional conduct of a detective who's also on leave. then there will be a third review of the entire department during the last year the chief which received national recognition for starting a program to help drug addicts receive treatment. >> drug overdoses have been on the rise in boston but fewer victims are dying before the medics arrived. there were 49 last year. the paramedics are now using the lifesaving drug narcan a lot more often.
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doses of narcan that's, 300 more than last year. it's a gut-wrenching scene that's very difficult to watch but they want you to see it because it shows just how bad the heroin problem really is. here's fox 25's jacqui heinrich. >> reporter: screaming the 2-year-old girl is seen tugging at her mother's limp body sunday morning at family dollar in lawrence. that video now a key piece of evidence in charging this salem, new hampshire, mother with child endangerment. >> very to see someone obviously addiction overtake someone they are not able to take care of their child. >> reporter: police say while they wish the person taking the video had hepd the frantic child that clip is a key piece of evidence in the child endangerment charge. combined with drug paraphernalia found in the woman's bag, straws and baggies with drug residue, they believe she had overdosed on an oral version
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she finally came to ought not one but two dose of narcan. the video making the rounds in lawrence. >> just the baby pulling on her you want to almost cry. burt then you are curious and i want to send my friend link. >> reporter: police say they hope sharing this video will alert people to the horrific consequences of drug use. something not seen by the public every day but ever present to first responders. chief fitzpatrick of lawrence police estimating in 10% of drug situations present. >> they can see firsthand what the power and impact of a narcotic, fentanyl and she's lucky to be alive. >> that mother is expected to be charged by the end of the week. police say that child in that video is now in protective scpud there are no other children in the care of that woman. in launks, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> your heart just breaks for that little girl.
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waiting months even more than a year now to find out what caused the death of their loveds ones. how the state medical examiner is explaining the delays and what happened when fox 25 investigates got involved. but first, a concern that has some parents on edge because a registered
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care.
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(vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. >> tonight frustrated lawmakers put their harsh criticism of the executive who oversaw the epipen price defending the rising cost. >> jacked up the price of a lifesaving product for no discernible reason. >> reporter: the embattled chief executive of mylan the company that makes epipens s.a.t. straight facedded a lawmakers sharply criticized the decision to raise. >> to get filthy rich. >> reporter: the head of the company defendinged the rising costs. she told the house oversight
1:24 am
affordability of epipens. particularly in schools. the price of epipens has grown to $600 for two a 500% increase since 2007. heather bresch says mylan isn't getting rich making only about $50 in profit per pen after rebates and other fees and costs. >> we put an improved epipen device on the market in 2009, we now reach 80% more patients. >> reporter: top lawmakers struggling to pay for the allergy shots have every right to be outraged. mylan sales are in excess of $11 billion. >> we want to try to offer some understanding and some relief to those parents and those people that go through that because every day four people a day are going to die if they don't have this product handy. >> reporter: bresch says mylan is offering discounts to bring the price down. last week i told you about a
1:25 am
the federal government a price increase of more than 10%. it isn't likely to go anywhere in this congress but lawmakers say it will create momentum for next year. in washington, jacqueline fell, fox 25 news. late tonight committee leaders told us a look for ways to encourage greater competition in the epipen market. some families say they've been forced to wait too long for answers about loved ones long after they die. >> i need answers. i need to know what family contacted fox 25 investigates and the new questions about delays at the state medical examiner's office. but first -- >> it seems like a very easy fix. >> a mom says the bus stop is too close to the home of a registered level three sex offender. what the mom is demanding and what the sex offender had to say to us. >> fall starts tomorrow so only stands to reason we should have some big changes in the temperature from these summer-like conditions and that front there is
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>> tonight we are learning about one mother's bus stop concern. >> her daughter's bus stop is near the he registered three level sex offender and she claims it's too close. new at 10:00 ted daniel live in middleboro. ted you spoke with the sex offender about the concern tonight? >> reporter: he says he has nothing to hide, vanessa and mark, his home of 20 years is located near a bus stop where two sisters get picked up. one's in kindergarten another in first grade. tonight their mother is circulating a petition to get the bus stopped moved. >> good job.
1:29 am
odd for a mom to know exactly how many times a neighbor has been outside in his yard this fall. but what if that neighbor is a registered level three sex offender. in massachusetts level three is a class indication given to those considered most likely to reoffend. >> out of the 12 school days he has been out nine times this year. >> reporter: this school bus stop where alison roberts daughters get picked up and dropped off is at the end of the street the family lives on one house down from the home of 60-year-old stephen served prison time for indecent assault and battery on a child under the age of 14. >> i can't tell somebody they can't come outside but because he comes outside at the bus stop for a particular amount of time i feel that it's an issue. >> reporter: she's saying that you come outside every time the kids are getting on and off the bus. >> how can i do that when i'm working. >> reporter: he agreed to speak with us when we
1:30 am
watch the birds. >> but they're overreacting because they cannot get past you're a registered sex offender. >> reporter: when alison first complained last school year, school administrators reversed the bus route allowing alison's girls to get off on the opposite side of the home but alison says it's still too close for comfort. and wants the bus to drop her girls off in front of her home. >> it seems like a very easy fix it's one bus stop, cul-de-sac two children. there's no other stops on the cul-de-sac it's very simple. >> reporter: and middleboro school superintendent brian lynch released a statement to fox 25. it reads in part this bus route and bus stop have been in place since 1991, it and aside from the complaint it has, to my knowledge, been managed without incident. at this point there are no plans to change the bus stop
1:31 am
continue to fight. reporting live, ted daniel, fox 25 news. former congressman anthony weiner's string of sex scandals is not ending. now a 15-year-old says she has been sexting him for months. weiner knew he was chatting with an under age girl. she also told the site he tried to get her to engage in rape fantasies and sent her suggestive text messages. weiner said he believes he's that he he has no one to blame but himself in this situation. following a different sexting scandal weiner's wife announced she was filing for divorce. >> reporter: we continue to follow breaking news out of charlotte. a man has been shot and killed a civilian on civilian shooting during violent protests in north carolina. we're also learning tonight that at least one officer has been injured in the violence. all of this breaking out during a protest after police shot and killed a man
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yesterday. the latest from the chaos in charlotte at the top of the hour. beautiful sunset again this evening. that's painted sky we saw over everett look at that. last sunset of summer and everywhere here in the northern hemisphere because sunset tomorrow evening will our picture of the day clearly happening around sunset as well. you can see the colors reflecting use the hashtag instagram. it's mostly cloudy if not totally cloudy out there in your town that's why we have a beautiful sunset. the clouds providing the bouncing for the sunbeam to hit and creates those colors in the sky. but these clouds are actually streaming northward from a system to our south that used to be tropical
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mass sitting out there. it doesn't have a name but it's clearly has a circulation. there's some heavy rain happening here through the tide water area these clouds are streaming northward into southern new england no one will come our way beyond the clouds. but to the north there's a front that's right here along the canadian border and that front extends from quebec back into the great lakes. this rain is going to wobble right along that front and push into new england over the next 48 hours. 36 to 48 hours. but the like it wants to stay to our north. as far as hour by hour notice the clouds decreasing for the afternoon sunshine taking over. same thing out here in worcester have. some clouds tonight the clouds will relent by 10:00 in the morning 77? and sunshine. that's 10:00 in the morning you know we're warming up again tomorrow afternoon. here's future cast showing you the mostly sunny skies we have coming our way through the day tomorrow.
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going to be clear out there. as far as lunchtime temperature you start at 10:00 up in the 70s getting into the 80s by about noon time tomorrow. in the afternoon your high temperatures a little bit warmer than than. back through metro west you are getting into low to even mid-80s in some spots right along the sea coast of new jersey it will be in the 70s a bit of a sea breeze that will develop. let's fast forward now with that so that batch of rain pushed by. now that's dragging the front southward. this is a change in our computer model data. looked like there wouldn't be much if any thours that's
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before the front pushes offshore. whether or not you get a shower the cool air moves in behind that front no doubt. 60s maybe 70 on saturday but on sunday definitely 60s for everyone. that's with full sunshine. you see that big change coming up this weekend. by this weekend a decided change. look at those morning low temperatures in the 30s. in a few minutes a book at the wake up forecastor new at 10:00 tonight a woman in barnstable, england was trying to report a reckless driver but called police in barnstable, massachusetts. after a few minutes they realized they were on different continents. take a listen. >> you've called the barnstable police department. >> yes, in massachusetts? >> in massachusetts? >> yes, massachusetts. >> sorry. there's no way you can help me then is there. >> where exactly are you calling from? >> england.
1:36 am
>> i'm sorry. what a laugh. well, never mind, bye-bye. >> okay, bye-bye. >> how about that. >> that was fantastic. massachusetts. the reckless driver was long gone. >> a call you will never forget. >> there's no doubt boston loves big papi. >> there's more proof just in case we needed to show you. how many dunkin' donuts it took to create this sweet but first new at 10:00 former presidential candidate bernie sanders releasing a new book. what he's writing about and who he's targeting. >> why should we be waiting over a year? >> cause of death pending. in 10 minutes the frustrating delays for hundreds of families in massachusetts waiting for autopsy reports of what happened in one case when
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>> better communication and more funding two lessons learned from the northern ireland nightclub shooting according to the sheriff. he said restoring funding for training as well as a better information sharing between agencies are two of the main things they learned from the attack. he also said the department of homeland security should allow state and local law enforcement to access the federal immigration database.
1:40 am
hone half the country's guns according to a new study from harvard and north eastern. an estimated 7.7 million adults nationwide make up a group of so-called gun superowners who have stockpiled anywhere from eight to 140 guns each and average is about 17 guns apiece. the study found many in the group are collectors, instructors, hunters or competitive shooters. also said they were stockpiling in case of a disaster. following the alleged russian hack of the democratic party computers lawmakers are now looking at protect electronic voting machines. the secretary of homeland security proposed the idea of declaring voting machines critical infrastructure. white house officials say it would give them more resources to put towards the issue. but many secretaries of state across the country oppose the proposed law. meanwhile democrats continue to dominate when it comes to political donations in the bay state. new numbers show hillary clinton has raked in more than $13 million from
1:41 am
that dwarfs donald trump's haul of $1 million. overall massachusetts voters have donated more than $25 million this political season. good for fifth on the top listed donor states. bernie sanders has a gift idea if you have a here graduating this year it's his new book our revolution is being adapted for teenagers and being pitched to book sellers as a graduation present. it will be written for 12 to 18-year-olds and cost $17. it's due out in april of 2017. some famili than a year to find out what caused the death of their loved ones. next at 10:00, how the state medical examiner is explaining the delays and what happened when fox 25 investigates got involved. plus, how police say a local man tricked his co-workers into giving him nearly $2 million before
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? music ?
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>> investigates for a local family waiting for answers about the death of a young woman. >> our investigation uncovered that family is among hundreds of massachusetts waiting months even years for autopsy results for their loved ones. fox 25's erik rasmussen is here with what it took to finally get some answers in one case, eric? >> ock and vanessa we called the medical examiner's office when jennifer's family told us they had been waiting for more than a year for autopsy results.
1:45 am
asking for an explanation now we uncovered new questions about what took so long. >> she was beautiful she had a big heart, she cared for everybody. >> reporter: 29 years old, a mother of two, -- yet more than a year after jennifer suddenly died in her sleep her cause of death remains pending. >> i just >> reporter: an open wound when her mother and sister first spoke to fox 25 investigates at their home in chelsea. >> i still to this day don't talk about in the past tense. like i can't because i don't want to give up on her. >> reporter: her fight and the wait for answers shared by hundreds of other families in massachusetts, according to records from the state medical examiner's office. fox 25 investigates found
1:46 am
standards to complete 90% of autopsy reports in 90 days. >> they say they call twice a month for answers but say the medical examiner told them the office was waiting on a toxicology report from the state police lab in in maynard. >> it will mean so much it will give us closure. >> reporter: after fox 25 investigates contacted the medical examiner's office about the case her mother finally got her answer. deoto -- they completed that toxicology report only about a month after her death. >> i looked at it like you guys gave them a call that's what made them give me my answers. >> i just feelic it shouldn't have taken that long. their attitude towards grieving families who want
1:47 am
examiner's office declined repeated requests for an on camera interview saying it doesn't discuss individual cases. a spokesman told fox 25 the office has had problems recruiting, hiring and retaining staff medical examiner's and in an e-mail wrote while the office is not yet meeting the 90% in 90 days goal, turnaround times have been cut significantly since october 2015. their grieving process no longer pending. for closure and hoping others can do the same. >> i wonder how many other families have been waiting more than a year just think that this is normal. >> reporter: the family says learning her cause of death was actually critical to answering questions for her two children and they hope reducing the delays for others can help flag genetic or environmental risks for surviving family members. for fox 25 investigates i'm eric has mussen.
1:48 am
would like investigates to look into e-mail us. or call: a level three sex offender is back behind bars tonight after police say he upskirted a woman at a cambridge t stop. he is accused of secretly videotaping up a woman's skirt while she was an escalator. prosecutors say a witness alerted the victim when the victim confronted him he confessed. >> he showed the pictures to the victim and the witness. the victim -- recognized herself. >> colors also had a warrant out for his arrest of assault and battery, rape and witness intimidation. >> right now quincy police are looking for the man who raised $2 million in cash then disappeared. jason law shows us why police in several states
1:49 am
say he went by eugene law, drew prescott, robert francis mcdowell and at least two other aliases but his real name is scott wallace. right now he's wanted for bilking local investors out of around $1.7 million. he was taking in any amount of money he could for a project that was never going to be done. >> reporter: lieutenant kevin tobin says wallace is also wanted in new york and alabama for running the same type of ponzi scheme. they know of at least victims in massachusetts but it's likely there's more. >> throughout the united states during our investigation that number could be well over $100 million. >> reporter: dolores lives right across the street from this property and would see wallace hanging around the construction site. she feels terrible for the investors who lost out. >> i really feel sorry for them, i really do. >> reporter: for seven years wallace worked the this century 21. arthur foley the owner and broker here told me over the phone it's devastating for
1:50 am
i hope he gets caught and gets his just do. >> wallace was last seen at the u-mass j.f.k. t stop last thursday. if you have any information call the quincy police department. in quincy, jason law, fox 25 news. coming up tonight at 11:00 violence breaks out in charlotte, north carolina, it fueled by the shooting death of a black man by an african-american police officer. we know at least one officer has been injured and a man has been shot. that man was not shot by police. the latest in a violent night on the streets at the top of the hour. but first next at 10:00 the sweet tribute to big
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>> clouds drift north all connected to a tropical system to our south never going to come this way just blowing some clouds our way. there's front to our north that's going to be a big difference maker in our
1:54 am
going to get very cool. not first thing in the morning it's the last sunrise of summer 64? cool and dry. there will be a pretty sunrise today with the clouds mixing in as well. hour by hour going down to the 60s right back to 75 before lunch tomorrow. you know we'll warm up. how hot we get in the afternoon and when that cooldown arrives at 11:00. automaker it's lasays it's fixed the bug that allowed remote hackers able to control the ca tesla says the conditions under which the hack happened are very specific and drivers should not be word. federal reserve is still waiting for the right moment to raise interest rates. fed leaders decided not to increase the key interest rate. stocks then made big gains after the fed's decision the dow, s&p and nasdaq all posted gains of at least 1%. it's a good time to be a wal-mart employee. nearly a million workers received cash bonuses up to
1:55 am
99% of wal-mart stores in the united states. they were rewarded for meeting targets for sales prists and customer service. new at 10:00 facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has a new goal. he and his wife want to cure, manage or eradicate all disease by the end of this century. their philanthropic organization is committing $3 billion during the next decade to help accelerate basic science research. the donation includes $600 million towards new research centers at the university of by now you probably seen big papi's dunkin' donuts commercials with rob gronkowski. they team up and rap about iced coffee. the donut chain paid pappy a sweet tribute today. >> we are seeing lots of helicopters. >> reporter: his arrival created quite a buzz but he wasn't easy to spot. anything? hmm.
1:56 am
more. can you make it out yet. >> reporter: from the ground it is tough to see but from above. >> dunkin' donuts is honoring david ortiz big papi by creating an image of him out of donuts. >> the vision is clear. skyfox is flying overhead it's an art installation celebrating his final season with the sox. it's created using a giant paint by donuts map of a memorable shot. so how many donuts does it take to make the bigges >> 100? >> 100. you start counting. go. >> 1, 2, 3. >> 9,752 you're close but no coke us in the. >> we will be here all day. does anybody have the time? >> 999,000, 10,000. >> reporter: finally. 10,000 donuts and for each one 34 cents will be donated to the greater boston food bank. >> how many calories is that? >> that's more than i wish to count. >> reporter: it doesn't
1:57 am
>> wow. >> reporter: building this art installation took a lot of time. if you want to see the time lapse video it will come out in october. we have a link. how about that when you see the aerial shot it doesn't even look like donuts. >> it's fantastic. the greater boston food bank 34 cents for (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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