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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina. is man is on life support of a being shot during a second night of protest. the new information we are learning from investigators about the deadly police shooting that sparked the chaos. the 2016 presidential candidates are speaking out about the violence. the different plans they have for bringing peace to our community as a new poll mom says her daughter's bus stop needs to move. why the school says they can't do anything about the sex offender that lives nearby. do anything about the sex offender that lives nearby. good morning, 4 a.m. on this thursday, september 22 the first day of fall. not officially. i am daniel miller. >> julie: just a few hours away. good morning, everyone, i am
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morning if you are counting on. you can dress like it is summer today. that is what shiri spear is telling us in the storm tracker center. >> fall starts at 10:21 if we want to be exact. here is the thing. we are in the 50s, the 40s. you will want to grab a jacket. even though warm temperatures this afternoon, i think dressing in layers will be key. 48 in norwood. 53 in bedford. 50s in beverly and plymouth and up into southern new hampshire and even worcester and boston. a little bit cool a little bit cool this morning, but i think 60s in the cities themselves is going to feel much milder out there. so fog is something that i am going to be watching especially in those cooler spots this morning where we are dropping all the way down into the lower 50s and upper 40s. those will be our prone locations. through 8:00 this morning, a little patchy fog and a little patchy cloud cover. and we climb out of the 60s in the boston area. after 8 a.m., sending us to 75.
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i have a feeling boston will get to 87. 78 to 86 your highs for a summerlike afternoon. i will tell you when fall will arrive. julie grauert has drive time traffic. >> julie: looking at the roads, everything is quiet at 4:02. nothing on the pike. don't be intimidated by the icons typical overnight work that ends at 5 a.m. 20 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes on 128 southboun weston tolls. we begin with breaking news north andover this morning. a car hit and killed a man on a motorcycle just after 11:00 last night. video from the scene shortly after midnight on route 114 near the north andover lawrence line. according to the eagle tribune, the crash involves two motorcycles and a car and a second person was injured in the crash. we have a crew headed to the scene to get more information and we will stay on top of
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we continue to follow breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina this morning. the governor of the state has declared an emergency as violent protests continue for a second day. >> julie: the streets have emptied out and four more officers are injured and a protester is on life support after being shot by another protester. a protester smashed store windows and lit fires in the streets. droves of off hell to entrances and setting off tear gas. some were looted including the charlotte hornet store. others have words "black lives matter" spray painted on them. the protests are in response of the shooting that took keith scott. he was unarmed sitting the car reading a book waiting for his son to come home from school. but yesterday scott investigators said got out of the car with a gun and they could not find a book at the
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view video from the scene. three officers were wearing cameras and dash cam footage. the officer involved brently vinson has been put on leave. the terror suspect accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey is still in the hospital unconscious and unable to speak. fox news is reporting the latest update on ahmad khan rahami's condition. they say rahami was shot ten times by police officers in new jersey. meanwhile, the fbi is searching for these two men caught on surveillance camera. the men found a piece of luggage on the sidewalk in manhattan, removed the irk ed, left the area leaving that device behind. the men are considered witnesses, not suspects. we are also getting a glimpse of the bloody journal that rahami was carrying when he was arrested.
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second hearing to learn more about the investigation inside rahami. custom officials screened you rahami twice as he visited pakistan and afghanistan. five months later, rahami's father told police he was concerned that his son was sympathizing with terrorists. then another relative filed a federal complaint because rahami was caught on video blowing things up in his back yard. despite rahami being flagged twice in airports, federal agents never interviewed him. investigate a crash that left a pedestrian dead in will hingeton. officials say an 89-year-old woman was driving on main street around 3 p.m. yesterday when she lost control of her vehicle and hit the victim. the driver also hit two parked cars in the rite aid parking lot. nearby mcdonald's employees saw the crash as it happened. >> i looked outside and all the managers ran outside and called 911 and it was just chaos. it was chaotic. >> daniel: police will not
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the driver. medics took her to the hospital after the crash. investigators haven't released the name of the victim because they are still notifying family. a toddler struck by a car in brockton remains unconscious at mass general hospital. the 2-year-old was hit. the boy slipped away from his mom and ran into the street. the driver of the car remained on scene and has not been charged. arlington schools are defending how they handled middle school. parents say two incidents where students used racial slurs. one took place on a medco bus bound for boston. the second involved a group of nine students harassing students. the district said students involved were disciplined and a letter was sent home. parents say more needs to be done. >> we need everybody to wake up and be involved and let them know, we are going to fix this problem. >> i think they are trying, but i don't think they are
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>> julie: in the spring, two incidents where staff found racist graffiti in bathrooms at the school. a local mom is worried that her daughter's bus top is near the home of a registered level 3 sex offender. when she went to the school with her concern, there wasn't much they could do. fox25 ted daniel talked to the mom and the neighbor she is worried about tampa. >> good job. >> reporter: might seem odd for a mom to know exactly how many times a neighbor has been outside h register level 3 sex offender in massachusetts, level 3 is the classification given to those most likely to offend >> the 12 school cases, he has been out nine times. >> reporter: the school bus stop is at the end of the street the family lives on. one house down from the home of 60-year-old steven reynolds. in the early '90s, reynolds served prison time for indecent assault and battery
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>> i can't tell somebody they can't come outside, but because he comes outside at the bus stop for a particular amount of time, i feel it is an issue. >> reporter: she is saying that you come outside every time the kids are getting on and off the bus. >> i have to within i am working. >> reporter: he agreed to speak with us when we knocked on his door. if he is outside it is only to do yardwork or watch the birds. >> they are overreacting because they past. that our registered sex offender. >> reporter: when alison first complained last year, they reversed the bus route allowing alison's girls to get off on the opposite side of reynolds' home and alison says it is too close for comfort and wants the bus to drop her girls off in front of her home. >> an easy fix. one bus stop, one cull at the sack, two children. no other stops on the kell
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>> reporter: reporting in middleborough. >> daniel: the bus route and bus stop has been in place since 1991 and aside from this complaint, he does not know of any incident. police are investigating a costly act of vandalism at the holy cross. a homeless man tossed a rock throughout original stain glassed window at the south end khuchling. the window is boarded up and will cost thousands to repair. today and tomorrow large crow to see the heart of italian saint padre pio. in the race for the white house, the new "wall street journal" poll has hillary clinton leading donald trump by six points. >> daniel: the poll show her maintaining edge surrounding controversy surrounding her death. clinton leaving 43% to 37%. the first "wall street journal" poll focusing on the opinions of people likely to vote as well. showed that clinton is viewed
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viewed more negatively as he struggles to come back from comments he made about minorities. on the campaign trail, both candidates reacted to the recent police shoot information north carolina and oklahoma. donald trump was in cleveland, ohio when he bluntly suggested the oklahoma officer choked when shooting an unarmed black man. trump also called for -- for the broad use of controversial stop and frisk policing strategy. hillary clinton called for you in national standards for police using force. the challenge police face and says everyone is safer when communities respect the police and police respect the communities. you can count on fox25 for complete coverage of the first presidential debate monday night. our political reporter sharman sacchetti will be on the campus of hostra university in new york before, during and after the debate. of course you can watch the clinton trump faceoff right here on fox25 monday night starting at 9:00. now 4:11.
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starting quarterback. the injured jimmy garappolo unable to see action. the short list did not help garappolo at all. the pats released his injury report and listed as doubtful. a slight chance costill play but don't count it. with no active qb, julian edelman will be the backup. he has not played the position in the nfl. the red sox have their longest win streak. seven victory in baltimore. all about theth inning. sox down but sandy leon steps up with the bases loaded. he grounds to first and chris davis makes a terrible throw to the pitcher. two runs come around to score and sox take the lead. later in the evening, rookie andrew benentendi, a three-run shot to right field. sox win 5-1. five games ahead of the blue jays and six up on baltimore.
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one game back of the orioles. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. if you were using 93 south, a drive time of 20 minutes from 495 in and overto the zakim bridge. shiri? >> most towns and cities waking up in the 50s and 60s in morning with partly cloudy skies by 5 p.m. 78 to 86. the drive home from work will be bright. a lot more coming your way this morning. police are investi crash in rocks burr prepare coming up at 4:3. the stolen car that flipped over trapping several people inside. one woman got more than she was looking for soaking up the last rays of summer.
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it is now 4:15. first responders and lawmakers are sharing disturbing video of a mother and child to show how bad a heroin problem is. fox25's jacqui heinrich >> reporter: screaming, the 2-year-old girl is seen tugging at her mother's limp body sunday morning at family dollar in lawrence, that video a key piece of evidence charging this new hampshire mother with child endangerment. >> very disturbing to see someone obviously -- the addiction overtake someone to the point they are not able to take care of their child or. >> reporter: while they wished
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that key piece of evidence. combined with drug paraphernalia. straws and baggies with rescue. they believe she overdosed on heroin or fentanyl. she came to after not one but two dozes of narcan. the video making the rounds in lawrence as shocked people. >> you see the baby shared. and you are curious and you want to send and you say wow. >> reporter: police say sharing this video will alert people to the horrific consequences of drug use something not seen every day but ever present to first responders. chief of police estimate that in 10% of drug situations they respond to, children are present. >> they can see first hand the power and impact of a narcotic fentanyl and she is lucky to
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end of the week. the child in the video is in protective you custody and no other children in the care of that woman. in lawrence, jacqui heinrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: 4:17. a stoughton man has been arrested after exposing himself to a woman and her son at horse neck state police. paul carmichael approached a woman and her 10-year-old son. when an off duty officers told for him to stop. they collected information westport street to find him. carmichael is charged with open and gross lewdness. if he is convicted he will have to register as a sex offender. things are nice and quiet. things moving along the expressway without issue. 93 south clear. drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. single digits on the expressway northbound. 23 minutes on 93 south from andover down to the leverett connector.
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10:20 today. it all transitions. however, we still will need a light jacket today. >> shiri: a little cool to start as usual this time of the year even though it is kind of warm for a start here and early fall, but this afternoon, there is just no hint of fall at all. it will feel like summertime. fall is six hours and four minutes away and you can hear that daniel and julie and reready to bust right into it, but temperature-wise this morn necessarily in boston or worcester where we have 60s on tap and starting off nice and mild and norwood at 50 degrees. a little touch of fog. if you were waking up to the 50s this morning, chances are you will want that light jacket. lawrence looking mostly clear and patchy clouds and fog that we are monitoring this morning. 6 a.m. 59 degrees and similar temperatures. temperatures are not wavering that much. by 8 a.m., 64.
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bust into the 70s. it will be mostly sunny. spots like boston going to get up to 80 degrees. 80 in ipswich, 82 in plymouth. light breeze at the coast that could bump you down a couple of degrees under these highs. mid-80s in norwood, framingham and lawrence. 86 in fitchburg. 85 in manchester. 81 in worcester and upper 70s across the cape and islands into the 50s and 60s. not too bad warmer than what you find out there tonight but warrant light jackets early on friday morning. from florida you see a lot of increasing clouds and notice we are still tapping into heat because the front isn't coming through in the afternoon. the front will cool us down ahead of it. we have got humidity. more 80s around for your friday. futurecast is really going to boil down to high pressure and plenty of sun. we have a little bit of early
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a front off to our north here that will be our next weather maker but after we tap into all the sunshine today. a couple of thin clouds overnight tonight. dry weather that will prevail early tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. during the afternoon this front is going to dip toward us, and as it does, the chance of rain will start around 2:00. you will see showers will be incredibly limited with this. early in the afternoon we will watch southern new hampshire and northern massachusetts for a few of and during the afternoon or rather the evening commute and dinnertime south of the mass pike that we are watching for a couple of those patchy showers. this will not do much to help the drought at all. i am looking at about a 10th of an inch or less. back behind it the cooler air moves in for the weekend and finally feel like fall. weekend high temperatures ranging from 65 in boston and hyannis to 63 in worcester and 66 in concord so we can go at mid-60s. go with a couple of early
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and temperatures from will be a couple of degrees cooler. we hope you are ready for that. also tracking the tropics here. tropical depression carl. both of these in the open atlantic moving northward, no threat to us all here in new england or even in the united states. there is your 60s over the weekend with 66 on saturday and 64 on sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday shaping up mostly sunny. get ready for chilly morning. and in the 30s and 40s to start off the next workweek and highs in t much of the day. back to you, guys. 4:2 right now. a duck boat is involved in another accident with a person walking by. coming up at 4:30, what was distracting a woman as she stepped into the road and slammed right into the side of that boat. plus, lawmakers grilled a woman under fire for the
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte:
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crews are working to get the power back on in puerto rico this morning after a fire at a power plant that left more than half the island dark. one and a half million people are without electricity. the blackouts started last night when two transmission
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the fire is out, and the power company says it is investigating exactly what caused the problem. the hope is many of the impacted people will get the lights back on this morning. the orlando county sheriff testified before a house committee yesterday talking about the lessons his apartment learned after a deadly night club shooting. sheriff demming wants to restore for training officers and improve communication in departments. he says the department of homeland security should allow state and local law enforcement to access the to help with investigation. a new report shows just 3% of americans own half the country's guns. more than 7 million adults are gun owner. the study from harvard and northeastern universities says gun owners have stockpiled from eight to 140 guns each. the study found that many were hunters, or competitor shooters.
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the company that makes the epipen not getting rich over the price increase of the drug. mylan ceo testified in front of congress defending the price jump. under the leadership of heather bresch, the two-pack of epi pens topped out over 500. the company is only getting $50 from the price tag that patients are paying. several lawmakers criticized the fda for failing to approve other injectors th market. 30,000 booster seats have been recalled because children are loosening the harnesses on their own. the recall effects the evenflo three-in-one seats. two dozen complaints that children have been able to loosen the harnesses. there haven't been any injuries reported. evenflo will contact passengers and get a hit. blue bell is recalling two flavors of ice cream over
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placed on packages of the chocolate chip cookie dough. some of the cookie dough from the supplier could be contaminated with the bacteria. no one has gotten sick from the ice cream and the rescall cautionary. this comes after a listeria outbreak caused trouble for the ice cream company last year. chipotle trying to win back their customers and an honest letter by ceo steve ellis. discussing company's new policies and avenue measures. back customers after an e. coli scare last year. chipotle has given away millions of new coupon, added chorizo to their menu and added free drinks to students. trying to track down a local businessman. how this real estate broker stole over $100 million from investors. and cvs struggles, rolling
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eye. now at 4:30. breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina. a man is on life support after being shot after a second night of protest. the new information we are learning from investigators about the deadly police shooting that sparked the chaos. a flipped land rover traps several teens inside a car on a busy street. why those teens may have been running from police. for tonight's game. the patriots quarterback situation as it stands right the patriots quarterback situation as it stands right now . good morning, it is 4:30 on this thursday, september 22, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. if my math is right which shouldn't be too you tough, we


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