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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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injury and who will be on the field tonight. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, 5:00 on this thursday morning, september 22. we appreciate you starting your day with us, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. we have temperatures in the 80s on the shiri has more on the warm forecast. >> shiri: starting off a little cool and ending so warm in afternoon. 66 in boston. 65 in worcester. you are good to go with the short sleeves and we do have chillier weather at bedford at 53. nashua at 54. mid-50s in beverly and plymouth and 48 degrees in norwood and some of the cooler spots. that's where we have a little bit of fog this morning. watching the fog in norwood is not as widespread as yesterday and certainly not as
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boston running in the 60s. we will city have some 5s in the burbs. end up being a nice, bright day. by 9 a.m., 72 degrees. upper 70s to lower 80s this afternoon so 78 to 86, not sounding very fall-like to me. summary for the first day of fall. julie grauert live with the traffic. >> julie: no su do want to point out an accident on route 2. it is westbound. one lane is blocked near route 62 main street; however, volume is so light we are not seeing any major impacts from that right now. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south as you approach the leverett connector. we are following breaking news out of north andover this morning where police are investigating a deadly motorcycle crash. >> police say a car was also
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this morning, they want to talk to that driver that fled the scene. fox25's catherine parrotta is live at the scene on route 114 where that road was shut down for hours overnight, catherine. >> reporter: you can see it has since been reopened. 114 being a very busy roadway here. and the investigation was taking place here. it is right on the andover lawrence line. i have an e-mail out to state police right now as we work to get more information. this is what we know about this this took place on 114 on the lawrence. one person was killed and one other was taken to the hospital according to the eagle tribune. a collision between two motorcycles and a car. it happened before 11 a.m. it was thought that a vehicle involved in this crash fled the scene. as we mentioned 114 was shut down for a time as state police were here on the scene reconstructing this crash. one person killed.
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hospital. we are waiting from state police on the additional information about all of this. for now live, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. a protester is on life support after a second night of violent protests in downtown charlotte. the victim was hit by gunfire from the crowd. this morning, the governor is calling for a state of emergency. fox25's daniel miller joins us now and you are f >> that's right. the mayor of charlotte is calling for peace as anger grows over another deadly police shooting and the second night of protest was destructive and bloody. one person hospitalized in critical condition on life support after being shot. authorities say by another civilian. as night fell, protesters remain out in force. police deploying flash bang devices and tear gas. the report echoing down the downtown streets.
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journalists trying to cover the chaos. also on a few occasions, getting overtaken by it. one cnn correspondent knocked to the ground. in the middle of it all, some protesters work to calm things down. >> i am prying to prevent people from being hurt. my brothers are out here too. making sure we do it the right way. >> daniel: despite those efforts, several officers were injured in wednesday's unrest. north carolina's governor declaring a state of efforts to deploy the national guard. >> we can not tolerate violence. we can not tolerate the destruction of property and we will to the tolerate the -- the attacks toward our police officers. that is not the american way. >> daniel: the pro tests are in response to a deadly officer shooting that took the life of keith scott. scott's family says he was unarmed sitting in his car reading a book waiting for his
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but yesterday investigators say scott got out of the car with a gun and they could not find a book at the scene. today the mayor and police will look at body cam footage of the incident. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. a staged accident in back bay as a woman walks straight into the side of a duck boat and the whole thing was caught on camera. look at this video on boylston street. she is carrying a lage bag, loses her into the duck boat. the woman did not suffer any serious injuries and she was not in a crosswalk. yesterday a jury convicted peter castillo in the 2000 shooting death of steven perez. the army sniper was killed outside of a night club in the theatre district. castillo fled to the dominican republic after the shooting but was captured last year. relatives of perez are glad that the trial will be over. >> it will never bring back
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begin to move on more from now. gene-o castillo will be sentenced on monday. it carries a mandatory life sentence. a real estate broker accused of stealing millions of dollars. scott willis disappeared last week and was last even at the umass jfk stop on the red line. police say he tricked 16 people to invest in dubious real estate projects. he was also want and new york for running similar schemes. he may have taken $100 million in those cases. a hot plastic surgeon famous for his appearances on national tv has been arrested on drug charges. lynn police say dr. sheldon jstevenworth bought cocaine and when they approached the car, he threw it on the ground. he holds medical licenses in
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allegations seriously when considering the licensing of doctors. as of yesterday, all of his licenses remain valid. 5:07. police hope disturbing new video of a woman overdosing in front of her toddler will show the graphic consequences of drug use and we want to warn that you the video is not easy to watch. on it you can see the 2-year-old girl screaming and tugging on her mother's body sunday morning at the family dollar in lawrence. first responders needed two shots of the oveos restliv woman. >> very disturbing obviously to see someone -- the addiction take someone to a point where we are not able to take care of their child. >> police say it was the person who shot the video had helped the child, but the images will be a key piece of evidence. detectives plan to charge the woman with child endangerment. right now her daughter is in protective custody. well, it seems jimmy garappolo's shoulder injury will keep him on the sidelines at tonight's patriots game.
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jacoby brissett will most likely get the start. fox25's michael henrich is live at gillette stadium where wide receiver julian edelman has been prepping in case of an emergency, michael. in case of an emergency, break glass and call julian edelman. edelman will suit up as the emergency quarterback tonight. the star wide receiver was a quarterback back in his college games at kent state and he famous amendola two years ago in the playoffs. but edelman has never taken an nfl snap mop would get the start if jimmy garappolo can't go but jacoby brissett. he would get his first career start. he is a rookie out of north carolina state and went 6-9 with no touchdowns or interceptions last sunday against miami after garappolo went down with that shoulder injury. garappolo right now listed as
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and "doubtful" according to the nfl means he has a 25% chance of playing. coach belichick addressed his knowledge of the garappolo availability earlier this week. >> i am a football coach, i am not a doctor. the medical staff is the medical staff. i coach the team. the medical people handle the injuries. they don't call plays. i don't do surgery. a great deal there. works out good. [ laughter ] >> reporter: center tonight won't be easy for them. they will be staring down a tough houston texas defense. do want to get this note for anybody come together game, because of what happened this past weekend with the attacks in new york and new jersey, there will be increased security here at gillette stadium so you want to come extra early to see in person whoever does end up starting under center tonight. for now though live in foxborough, michael henrich, fox25 news. the red sox now have their longest winning streak of the
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another big win in baltimore. they can not be stopped. sandy leon steps up with the bases loaded and grounds to first. chris davis. terrible flow. allowing two runs to come around to score and the red sox come around to lead. later in the inning, rookie andrew benentendi, over and out and a three-run shot. sox twin and they have all but wrapped this thing up. they are five games ahead of the blue jays the blue jays, and six up on the baltimore orioles and the wild card race. it is getting interesting because detroit and houston are one game behind the orioles. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. on 93 southbound, we are still in that 19 to 25-minute range as you head from 49 in andover to the zakim. shiri? >> shiri: temperatures in the 50s and 60s right now. very few clouds. nice and bright sending you home from work as well.
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we will show you where temperatures peak in your town coming up next. 5:11. a local mother is on edge. she says a level 3 sex offender lives next to her kids' bus stop. what he does every morning that makes her feel uncomfortable. a new presidential poll from the "the wall street journal," the candidate with the slight edge heading into next week's debate. the suspect linked to new yo unconscious in a one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care.
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back here at 5:14. the terror suspect accused of mraptding poms in new york and new jersey is still in the hospital and unconscious and unable to speak. the latest update on rahami's condition, pardon me -- they also athat rahami was shot ten
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searching for these two men caught on surveillance camera. investigators say the men found a piece of luggage on a walk in manhattan, removed an ied, left the area leaving the device behind. the men are considered witnesses, not suspects. we are getting a glimpse of the bloody journal that rahami was carrying when he was capture. in it he praised osama bin laden and said bombs will be heard in the congressman stephen lynch will raise more questions about rahami. the congressman wants to know how closely federal agents paid to criminal after he made trips to taliban-controlled sections of pakistan and afghanistan. travel to those areas normally raises red flags with security agencies. >> there were a number databases that mr. rahami was on. and i would like to find out
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a general database or on a actual list. >> reporter: the congressman has received classified briefings about rahami since this weekend's bombing. in the race for the white house, a new "wall street journal" poll has hillary clinton leading donald trump by six points. the poll shows clinton maintaining edge despite controversy over her health. it is the first "wall street journal" poll this year focusing on the opinions likely it is showed that clinton is viewed negatively by a majority of voters but trump is viewed more negatively as he struggles to come back from comments he made about minorities. on the campaign trail, potato candidates reacted to recent police shoot information north carolina and oklahoma. donald trump was in cleveland, ohio when he bluntly suggested that the oklahoma officer choked when shooting an unarmed black man. calls the broad use of a
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meanwhile, hillary clinton called for you in national standards for police using force. in florida, she acknowledged challenges that police face and said that everyone is safer when communities respect the police and police respect the communities. and a reminder, donald trump and hillary clinton will face off in their first presidential debate this monday on the campus of ho, tra university in new york. you can watch it here on fox25 and our political reporter sharman sacchetti will be there. watch for her live re before and after the debate this monday. we are track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. a lot of green on my map start off north of the pike. route 1, 93 south without issue. pike itself moving along fine. 95, route 1 cleared, expressway speed limit ride. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 9 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you.
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summer. we are down to hours, minutes, however you want to -a-aa it's sad. >> shiri: five hours and four minutesaa makes me sad. summer is my favorite time of the year and fall is my next fave. fweenz gene-o you are doing great. what happens when we hit winter. >> shiri: we just talk about it. talk about the snow, make no comments and count down the days until the warmer weather. but fall. fall begins in fall begins in five hours here. highs today that will be 10 to 15 degrees above average and we have got a little rain. and you know what, even though you might not be wild about summer ending, we start off fall very summery. gradually easing knew the new season. 60 in fitchburg. 65 in worcester. 66 in boston starting very warm there. a little cooler with 40s and even 50s on the map from lawrence. lawrence at 58 degrees with clear skies now. we do have a little bit of early morning cloud cover that
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7 a.m. in lawrence, you know what, temperatures are really not going to move for the next couple of hours. it does start to move after 7 a.m. by 9:00 upper 60s. upper 70s by 11 a.m. and lower 80s for highs later on today. kind of crazy because normal high in boston will be about 70 degrees for this time of the year, and we will probably be closer to 80 in the city today. 80 in ipswich. mid-80s from lawrence, fitchburg, manchester, new hampshire. 82 in worcester. got highs right around 80 degrees for the cape and islands this afternoon. for now, more 50s, more 60s. tomorrow morning almost a rewind, repeat situation. it is going to be cool. not cold when you wake up here friday morning. friday another warm one. even a little bit stickier. it is not like the humidity is going to be oppressive, but i think you will notice that things are going to kind of change, feeling a little muggier tomorrow, but there is your low to mid-80s.
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showers will not boil down to very much rain unfortunately because we have drought conditions. again an update to that drought monitor at 8:30 this morning. only juan week do i get that update. high pressure driving today and we will stay nice and dry. kind of our shield that protects us that keeps us bright into the afternoon and eventually this system is going to drop on in for tomorrow. not bursting the morning. friday 7 a.m. dry. start off partly sunny. that risk on the front for a couple of spot showers on southern new hampshire and northern mass. over time for at least the evening commute and dinnertime that sh shift through boston and southeastern massachusetts. we will be watching for a little bit of rain honestly. i would say a 10th of an inch where we get those showers. 60s, mid-60s with skies on saturday. and chilly mornings early next week with 30s and 40s to get knew work on monday, tuesday and wednesday and highs range
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back to you. coming up vandals target a historic church in the south end causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. the items that are thrown through the stained glass window. first an epic police chase caught on camera where this giant black bear led officers
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back at 5:24. evenflo is recalling 30,000 booster seats over seat belt issue. children can loosen the harness on their own which puts them at risk in the event of a crash. as a result of that problem. evenflo says it will contact registered owners and give them a replacement kit at no cost. hollywood break-is up not official until your wax figures are uncoupled. madam you too sewed. the famous wax museum had a separated angelina jolie and brad pitt.
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their split and so many rumors what sparked the split, but angelina is asking for full custody of their six children. i think the museum did the right thing julie i know. they are one of the most famous couples. >> sara: a the most famous couples. i feel bad for their kids. >> julie: i hope they get a little privacy there. police in anchorage posted a video of a bear on the run. check it out. it is pretty entertaining. it led them on an epic chase through downtown. they put to music. the black bear was on the run for two hours before they finally caught up with him. eventually the department of fish and wildfire captured it and brought it safely to another area of town that doesn't have cars and people and garbage and -- >> sara: i really love the music behind it. that really made the video like a cowboy running through town. >> julie: with the bear on
5:26 am
thursday morning going. >> i feel like we made our weekly bear story quota. fall starts at 10:21 this morning, but feels like summer. i will show you when more fall-like temperatures roll into town next. and a high school history teacher takes down the american flag, then stomps on the stars and stripes. that classroom video has gone viral. coming up, important lesson he was trying to teach those students that may cost him his job. >> he was coming very fast and he came doyn around 50 one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte:
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. complete new england news coverage continue right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: well next at 5:30 today, the calendar will officially say it is fall. the first day of fall, but
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whole lot like summer out there. a a going to be great. 5:30 on this thursday morning, september 2 2. thank you for joining you. check in with meteorologist shiri spear. we are loving today. >> shiri: loving today. first day of fall just showers away and feels like summer. this morning don't get me wrong. you will probably want the short sleeves in the city. 53. same in 56. closer to 60s in boston and 53 in norton. we have warm and chilly spots this morning. 57 in auburn. 52 in maynard and only 54 degrees in pepperell right now. and going into southeastern mass, 50s for the south shore and south coast, we do have a couple of 60s across the state. do recommend light jacket and light long-sleeved layer.
5:31 am
at 3 p.m. a cooler at local beaches today and 7:00 this evening about 73 degrees. let's talk the pats game though, they are playing the texans at gillette at 8:30 this evening and mostly clear conditions. temperatures in the 50s and perfect weather for football. julie is back with live drive time traffic and a look at the expressway. >> julie: perfect traffic for some football. it will not last this way going to and from gillette. you know how much fun that can be. things looking expressway. north of the pike moving along fine. no major issues. waiting for that accident on route 2 westbound to clear. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 21 minutes on 3 south. 21 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. our top story starts with breaking news right now. the governor of north carolina has declared a state of emergency as violent protests continue for a second day. the streets have emptied out this morning but we are
5:32 am
and a protester is now on life support after being shot by another protester. the chaos hit its peak late last night in downtown charlotte where protesters smashed windows and lit fires in the street. trovs of officers lined the streets blocking off hotel entrances and fending off demonstrators with tear gas. it was in response to the shooting of keith scott. his sitting in his car with a book waiting for his son to come home from school. police say that he came out of his car with a gun and they could not find a book from the scene. police will review video from that scene. state police are searching for a driver involved in a deadly crash in north andover. it happened around 11:00 last night. eagle tribune says one person was hurt and another hurt after two motorcycles collided.
5:33 am
well, boston police are investigating a serious rollover crash in roxbury that september a suv full of teens to hospital. this morning we know that suv was stolen when it careened into two other cars. >> fox25's jessica reyes is live at the scene where witnesses are wondering why these kids weren't in school. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gene. happening here on lawrence street. and five people in th three of them were juveniles. at least one person was seriously hurt in this crash and looking at this video from skyfox that it was a very dramatic thing that you see. the suv on its side here. everything is still under investigation and witness say the suv was speeding and flipped on to its side when it tried to make a turn from mlk boulevard to warren street. police have confirmed the suv was in fact stolen and people watching said it looked as to
5:34 am
>> they were coming very fast. around 5, 50 miles per hour. you don't make that turn. >> was police following them in. >> they were being placed. >> and closed for some time as police did their initial investigation. everybody inside that suv all taken to the hospital. at this point no word on any arrest and we are checking if police on that and to get an update how everyone inside that suv is doing. as far as we get that, we will pass that along with you. fox25 news. a family is waltham is starting to clean up and fix up their home after a car slammed into last night on japello road. the driver lost control hit a parked car and slammed into the home. no word yet on any injuries. new hampshire's highest court is deciding whether the sexual history of a murder victim will go public. the family of lizzi marriott listened as their attorneys in the state argued for the 19-year-old's sexual pass should remain private while
5:35 am
appeals the conviction. serving life in prison for raping and murdering marriott. he says the victim's sexual past is key to his appeal. but they say giving her sexual history goes against the new hampshire rape shield law. >> the trial was not fair and the judge made a mistake in keeping this evidence out. >> sara: there are no more hearing scheduled in the case and unclear this issue. 5:35 now to a story you will see only on fox25. one middleborough mother said her kids' bus stop is too close to a level 3 sex offender. the stop is next to the home of steven reynolds to served time in prison in the early '90s for assault on child. reynolds doesn't understand the problem. he says he at work when the bus comes. >> seems like a very easy fix.
5:36 am
one kell desack and two children. >> they are overreacting because they -- registered sex offender. >> roberts says the girls currently get off the bus across the street from reynolds house. she wants them to get out in front of their own home. at this point no plans to change the stop. the superintendent of middleborough schools as the bus route and bus route is under. beside this complat, a costly act of vandalism. officers believe that a homeless man tossed a rock through one of the original stain glassed windows at the south end church. the window is now boarded up land cost thousands to repair. today and tomorrow large crowds are expected to the church to see the heart of the italian st. padre peel. still could come on the
5:37 am
night at yankee stadium a memorable one. a campaign to have live cameras look away. >> why a college plans to pick up the tab. the ceo of epipens takes a grilling on capitol hill, but she wasn't the only one to
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weather and traffic together every ten minutes. julie, i think we are looking okay here this thursday morning julie 128 southbound. 20 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. some drive times, moderate, fine. a little cooler, right. >> shiri: not too bad in boston. a little tricky. if you look at the side of your screen. boston in the mid-60s and that sounds fine. still dark out there, but definitely a little cooler. 53 degrees now 54 at 6 a.m. 55 at 7 a.m. you know what i am going to say, layer up. >> julie: sunglasses maybe. >> shiri: a couple of hours away nice and bright. the company that makes the epipen says it is not getting rich over the price increase to the drug. yesterday, mylan's ceo testified before congress defending the price jump.
5:41 am
heather bresch, tops out at $600, a 500% increase. bresch said that the company is only getting $50. the product has become better since the prices have begun increasing. >> we put an improved epipen device on the market in 2009. we reach 80% more patients. >> sara: several lawmakers criticized the fda for failing to approve other injectors that will bring competition to given ten days for additionle documents and trade agreements. a recent program to heaven recent grad to to pay off loans. starting with next year's freshman class, if graduates get a job less than $40,000, they will help pay for some or all of their hones. students who didn't get offered a job and are not attending grad school will be
5:42 am
anniversary. not a bad deal. >> sara: not a bad deal at all. checking in live with all of our reporters after the break. new bombshell allegations against anthony weiner. the x-rated messages he reportedly sent to a 15-year-old girl. the vice-president is
5:43 am
one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
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my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us. sible for the content of this advertising. 5:44. if you are just joining us we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories including a second night of violence in charlotte and quarterback trouble at gillette stadium. >> sara: fox25's catherine parrotta is following breaking news. a deadly motorcycle crash in
5:45 am
catherine? >> reporter: at this time, we waiting more information from police, and this is the area where it happened 114 the busy stretch of road and according to north andover police that i spoke with in the past hour, it technically happened in the lawrence side of this town line here, but, again, we are awaiting more information. this is what we know of this so far. this all happened 114, the andover lawrence line that happened around 11 p.m. last night. we doe at least one person was killed. taken to the hospital. according to the eagle tribune, a collision between two motorcycles and a car. told the eagle tribune it was thought that the vehicle involved in the crash left the scene and this was close for period of time that state police could come here, reconstruct the scene, do their investigation, and, again, we are awaiting more information this morning. we will have that as soon as we get those details. live in north andover. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. i am daniel miller in the newsroom. the governor of north carolina
5:46 am
continue for a second day in charlotte. the chaos hit its peak late last night as protesters smashed store windows downtown and lit fires in the street. droves of officers in riot gears blocked the entrances to hotels and fending off protesters with tear gas. some stores were looted including the charlotte hornets souvenir shop. others were spray painted with words "black lives matter." in response to the death of keith scott shot and killed by police. they say they have recovered a gun at the scene. his family said that he was just reading a book but police say they have not found a book. the mayor of charlotte will view video from the scene. three officers were wearing body camera and dash cam footage. the officer involved has been placed on leave. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. i am michael henrich reporting live at gillette
5:47 am
getting his first nfl start against the houston texans. jacoby is a rookie out of north carolina state. 6-9 with no touchdowns or interceptions after jimmy garappolo went down a shoulder injury. jimmy g is listed as doubtful for tonight's game mop will your backup be if it all plays out. why, julian edelman. that story tonight at 6:00. live in foxborough, michael henrich, fox25 news. drivers, you have six weeks to prepare for a highway headache. a busy part of 128 will be closing for the entire weekend. the state plans to shut down all lanes in both direction at 19 a in needham that will take place from friday night november 4 through sunday november 6. this will allow crews to demolish the highland avenue bridge. traffic will be detoured onto local roads. the new version of the bridge will also open to traffic that
5:48 am
and by the way, that is going to be a lot of fun to be part of the 128. ay-yi-yi. >> sara: a traffic nightmare. >> gene: checking in with shiri and we are dealing with the dry conditions. a little bit of rain and we are still way dry. >> shiri: way behind and a brand-new season with the old pattern. i know we have some good rain earlier this week. but it is just not now make a substantial difference. where i am hoping to make some improvement with th only once a week update i am hoping so tee improvement in southwestern new hampshire, western massachusetts maybe. we chip away a little bit of the extreme doubt. i don't think the boston area will see any changes. dry, clear conditions again today. we do have a weather system off to the north but not even getting in here until tomorrow. we are seeing dry conditions, bright conditions through 7:00. we will count on 60s in and
5:49 am
this morning. a little chill in the air. cold and a little bit cool for some of you. by noontime, upper 70s and lower 80s. we have short sleeves on and sunglasses are very handy if you are going to be outside. by 5:00 drive home from work. 70s at the beaches and 80s a little further inland. it is going to be a warm afternoon. and especially considering normally in boston only 70 degrees for a high this time of the year. and closer to 80 in boston. 81 in beverly. a whole string of middle 80s in norwood, framingham and lowell. worcester about 82 degrees. middle 80s brockton and bridgewater. there is a little bit of an onshore breeze here. temperatures right around 80 degrees between plymouth and marshfield and right around 80 degrees for the cape and martha's vineyard. tonight back into the 5s and the difficulties. not major changes tonight but tomorrow will be a transition day. a little sticky. it's warm. we do have the risk for a few
5:50 am
so 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, this future cast. we start off dry and partly sunny in the morning. front drops toward us and early in the afternoon southern new hampshire, northern massachusetts with a risk for a couple of showers and by the evening commute and dinnertime, that risk will pass over boston and over into southeastern massachusetts. so you can see showers are pretty broken up. this is not going to bring any kind of widespread rain relief. not most a 10th of an inch of rain and we are not doing much to improve that deficit. the weekend so temperatures are going to settle into the 60s. we go from the 80s today and tomorrow into the 60s here for the weekend. looking pretty clear both days. we are probably going to start off with a couple of saturday morning clouds. before that clearing takes over. the breakdown town by town. 65 both days. 63 in worcester. followed by 60 on sunday. middle 60s. and 67 in foxborough.
5:51 am
end the week. on sunday, 64 degrees. we will see mostly sunny skies and early next week, check out those early morning lows in the 30s and 40s. that will have you feeling a whole lot like fall under mostly sunny skies. we really don't have any big weather maker until the end of next week. whatever friday showers we can muster up that will be good news for us. let's send it over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. update on the commuter rail. readsville cancelled because of a mechanical issue. buses are replacing services. shuttle businesses replacing fitchburg between north leominster and fitchburg today and tomorrow and route 3 south of town moving along fine until that volume starts to increase just slightly right along the braintree split. 24, 95 clear. manageable. here are your live drive times. 15 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike.
5:52 am
11 minutes on 128 southbound -- northbound rather from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. back to you. crews are working to get the power back on in puerto rico this morning after a fire at a power plant left more than half the island dark. one and a half million people are without electricity. the blackout started last night when two transmission lines failed at a substation. the fire is out and the power company says it is investigating exactly what caused the problem. the hope is that many of the impacted people will get their lights back on this former congressman anthony weiner. a 15-year-old girl says she has been sexting with him for months. the teenager told "the daily mail" that weiner knew he was chatting with an underaged girl. he told the site that he tried to get her to engage in rape fantasies and sent her suggestive steps. weiner told fox news he knows he has a problem. in a statement he said he has no one else to blame for
5:53 am
divorce after a different sexting scandal. a north carolina teacher is sparking controversy with his lesson on the first amendment. ly francis standing on the american flag. he wanted an effective way to show his students what freedom. at first he asked if anyone had a lighter or scissors and he is defending his lesson to upset parents and school officials. >> two steps with my right foot and i said that is an example of freedom >> gene: parents said the actions are offensive especially to students who have friends in the armed forces. he has family mt. military said he did not mean to offend anybody with their actions. the school is investigating the incident. blue we will is recalling two flavors of ice cream over the concerns of listeria. being placed on packages of chocolate chip cookie dough and cookie two step ice cream. some of the cookie dough from
5:54 am
the company says no one has gotten sick and the recall is cautionary. this comes after a listeria outbreak caused trouble for the ice cream company last year. chipotle is trying to win back its customers and latest attempt includes an honest letter penned by ceo steve ellis. a video posted online yesterday features ellis discussion the company's new policies and safety measures. their most recent attempts to win back customers after an e. coli s since then they have given away millions of new coupons, added chorizo and discounts for students. facebook founder wants to cure, eradicate all disease by the end of this century. the philanthropic organization has committed 3billion during the next decades to help with accelerated science. $600 million toward a new research center at the university of california, san francisco.
5:55 am
list of accomplishments. he will be a guest of next week's episode of "law and order: svu." according to et he will be appearing as himself in a episode. avid fans have been showing their support on twitter since the announcement. if you were playing yourself, does that count as act something in. >> sara: sort of. >> julie: episodes on my video of >> shiri: by the way to remind you i played myself in "night and day." [laughter] >> gene: a back story there. still to come on fox25 morning news, police investigating a tragic accident outside a busy pharmacy. what we know about the driver who hit and called woman in a crosswalk before slamming into other cars. plus, bernie sanders is writing a book, but not your
5:56 am
is hoping will buy as a graduation gift. 93 southbound 11 minutes from the cloverleaf to the leverett connector. >> shiri: you fail asleep to "svu" and you don't have nightmares every night? i am impressed.
5:57 am
? ? is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in.
5:58 am
you're ready. ? ? get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? . breaking now at 6:00,
5:59 am
deadly motorcycle accident overnight, and this morning, we are hearing this could be a hit-and-run. what we know about the driver who fled the scene. a protester is on life support after a second night of chaos in charlotte. the violence that is causing the governor to call a state of emergency. will jimmy garappolo be able to play in the patriots game in. doctor. >> reporter: how the quarterback situation is looking right now. and now 6:00. a team of reporters is live across the area covering business stories as we head out the door. we will get to all of them in just a moment. good morning, everyone, thank you for being with us on this thursday morning, it is september 22, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: a i am sara
6:00 am
fox25's shiri spear is in storm tracker weather center with 80s on the map today, shiri. >> shiri: 80s coming to down. starting off with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. keep in mind it is not hot yet. boston and worcester are warmer spots. 50s in the burbs up in southern new hampshire, northbound and south shore as well. and a little patchy fog but nothing like what we had the last couple of morning keene down to new bedford. that will not slow you down. in f area where we are starting off a little warmer still in the upper 60s at 8 a.m. we are still going to have some 60s on the map as well, and 75 degrees at 10 a.m. we top out in the upper 70s and 80s in boston. range of highs 78 to 86, feeling more like summer. julie grauert is up with live drive time traffic watching any slow stops. julie summer traffic or lack thereof.


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