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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  September 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this is major story we have been staying on top of for months. >> his attorney wants to keep documents sealed. >> why he thinks these documents could hurt his case. the 55-year-old defendant has
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he wants everything made public. >> we're not asking for social security numbers, medical records. >> right now the judge has not ruled, so the information as of right now is not available to the the next heart attack is not until october 13. >> one attorney announced that the family will watch the
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they want people to voice frustration and anger peaceful. police sources tell the report that the gun on the ground is the weapon he was holding. the police chief read there was no plan to release it to the public because he says it could hurt the investigation. he said the footage alone doesn't tell the who >> the video doesn't give me definitive evidence that would confirm that a person is pointing the gun. >> reporter: he did say, however, the video does piece together what happened. more details coming up at five.
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but it certainly doesn't feel like it. mostly blue skies. >> if you want it to be the appropriate season you'll have to wait one more day. it's totally blue skies over new england now. this is this front coming our
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what are you hearing about jimmy garbage playing out there tonight? >>ep big point is whether or not he's going to play, it's whether or not jim garbage is going to suit up. he had six passes and nine attempts. the offensive scheme was
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whoever plays will be playing a texan defense by will be ferocious. >> it's the name of the game, >> reporter: what do we know about that? a guy -- he has played 13 games
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the big key last week he did not throw any interceptions. sacked 37 times. that is something to keep an eye on part-time it's really aggressive. great guys up front. >> thank you. security is a top tonight's game. we know the mast state police are boosting proposals.
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confirmed mosquitoes. some bullets holes in a door of an apartment bill across the street from a park after police discovered two round there. no report of any injuries. braintree police officer has moved up his retirement date. he plans to leave the office next month rather than next year as items were missing from the department's evidence room, including drugs, guns and cash. police are looking for a car that left a deadly scene. police have said women was riding his bike when he hit two people on a crosswalk. then he himself and hit and
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hospital. new details on a serious rollover crash in red soxboro -- rocksboro. >> reporter: boston police say there were three people in the s.u.v. at the time of the crash, all three juveniles, all three taken to the hospital and one still being treated for life-threatening. >> when he he's not going to make it. >> reporter: a stolen s.u.v. on its side lying in the middle of the road. >> i bumped my read real hard.
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the window -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> reporter: he saw it just before noon and it flipped as it turned on to warren. police haven't confirmed it was stolen, but say officers were not chasing it. however, he saw it fly by with police officers behind. >> it came really fast. they were being chased. >> reporter: only the driver is facing charges. he is charged with operating without a license as well as other things.
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the latest on the terror bombs in new york and new jersey. investigators are still looking for two men.
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evidence of a cell. in neighborhoods all around boston a familiar sound is coming back. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: those boston pia plus, a six-year-old boy
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fall. what if he is a level three sex offender? it's the level of those most likely to reoffend. >> of the 12 school days he's out nine times this year. >> reporter: the school bus stop is the end of the street the family lives on, one house down from the home of 60-year-old steven reynolds. in the early ''90s he served prison time. >> 80 anybody to come outside. he said if he's outside i'll to do yard work or watch bird.
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they can't get past this. >> reporter: when allison first complained last school year, they reversed the bus route allowing her girls to get off the bus stop on the opposite side of his home. now, she wants the bus to drop the girls off in front of her home. >> one bus stop, a cul-de-sac, two children. it's very >> the school says the bus route and stop has been in place since 1991. a plastic surgeon famous to their of his appearances on national television has been arrested for substance abuses. he holds medical sunny in
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california. brad pitt is now under for child abuse. it stems from a flight the family took last week where he reportedly drank too much and got rough with the kid. she is seeking sole custody of their six children. we are officially in fall. it doesn't feel like it. it's cooled off a bit in boston. 78 in provincetown. what a perfect evening on the beach.
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perfectly luis out there. the clouds to the north are on the way. they'll bring a change in our weather. we're looking at a cold front right north of the border here where you're seeing the showers and thundershowers along it. that is where the change will be mild. it won't be fool tonight or tomorrow. for tailgaters, 81 degrees. a little cloud in case a couple are popping up. mostly sunny. 69 just before kickoff. that is a little cool but perfect for football is for sure. futurecast shows the change arriving. it will be sunny.
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into some clouds. then the front starts to sink south. by the evening it's into new england to pop up. it will still be mild. we'll get back to saturday in a moment. let's talk about the high temperatures tomorrow.
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our front staying close by. the sun comes out. high temperatures in the 60s. a few will hit 70 on assumptions. seven-day forecast:
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it will take place friday, november 4 through the sixth. traffic will be detoured to local roads. billed as the car meant for just women, but it's getting some flak. washing to shore. people tell us they have never seen anything like this. finding out the cause. we have told you the federal government can't guarantee the
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unnecessary and that women do not need a special vehicle. -- [ indiscernible ] -- it lets customers order -- they try to launch that app service again on monday. a camp of school dances for the year. earlier this month the principal said he was showing up drunk and bringing alcohol in to school. he sent a lengthy letter to parents: you can read it on our website, president obama is giving a
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mids of the syria refugee crisis. you may remember the photos went viral. listen to him in his open word. >> i will be waiting for you guys. we will give -- [ indiscernible ] -- i will share my teach him how to ride it. >> very sweet. the president read the letter at the assembly wednesday. the future is finally here and ice only taken 27 years.
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80s for the first day of fall. quick change on the weekend.
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the police deptm having small amount of marijuana in possession was allowed. >> there was no real -- [ indiscernible ]-- to enforce that. >> reporter: we pulled the numbers of up paid marijuana citations in several towns. in norwood there are 148 tickets
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canton, 2009, 102 tickets totaling a little more than $10,000 are still subsequent to. in just the past year and a-half in wall policy, people are split. >> reporter: we were able to pull the numbe coming up at 6 we'll tell you about that. people take to the streets today enjoying the last rays of summer. it doesn't really feel like it
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traffic was awful already at 1:30. beautiful evening for all your tailgating, slipping down below 70. not a chance for any rain. in fact, it's blue skies over there. this is the front that is coming. that is the change. we'll get some of it to come on through. by noontime tracking a few showers. >> scott has breaking in stow
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one person rushed to the hospital after a shooting there. the intersection of central and washington street. we're worked to learn the victim's position and what happened. police are still investigation a deadly education crash in wilmington. an 89-year-old woman was driving on main street when he apparently lost control and hit a victim. employs happened. >> i looked outside and other managers ran outside and called 911. it was chaotic. >> reporter: police have not said if they will charge the driver. investigators have not released the name of the victim because
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settling charges for failing to properly handle allegations of sexual assault on campus. me son college failed to report in a timely manner on a woman being harassed. the school has pledged to change
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boston cathedral of holy cross. a rock was thrown through the stained glass windows. it will cost thousands to repair. a new hampshire man is facing charges after leading police on a chase early this morning. he is charged with resisting real estate license. four people are out of their home after a porch fire after family house. it occurred on meadow street.
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>> reporter: riots turning vital. trump on fox news this morning. >> obviously you can't let the system go the way it's going, but i suggested stop and frisk. trump is beating african-american voters, trump's
4:37 pm
overall lead. >> the republican party found a way to connect with blue color white voters who had shunned the party or had traditional been part of the democratic coalition. >> reporter: while clinton is still ahead, in north carolina where they are happening, trump leads clinton by 5
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just for the first time this fall, japan's mcdonald's is taking weep to a whole new level. it's taken 27 nike says the sneaker will go on sale sent 28th. the sneakers will be rechargeable and lightweight. no word on what they will cost. the test la says it's found a way to keep kids and pets from dying in cars. they will automatically turn on
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temperature inside reaches 105 degrees. his lesson upset some parents and school i took two steps with my right foot and i said this is an example of freedom of speech. >> he said he did not mean to offend anyone with his actions.
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right now. we'll talk about the forecast for tonight and a big change on
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>> in the past 10 minutes, a witness told fox 25 that a man was shot inside this store. you may be able to make out some black tame. there is also a police presence
4:46 pm
in every boston naked you might start to hear something off in the distance. we have been part of this project for several weeks now as they get set to roll out those ivories today. in a city where a sound means so much, it's a sound which tries to rise above it all. the piano factory once stood the work of this man. he's one of 60 artists from boston putting their mark on these pianos. >> it's a different type of canvas. >> reporter: months work leading up to today. rolled out with the others. 60 pianos going to 60
4:47 pm
city. part of the city's push to make the arts more accessible to everyone. >> an open invitation for just the curious, or even the pros. a musical connection that is here for 18 days, breaking the city's historic gap from then to now. using the simple sounds. >> i could have stayed out there all day because so many people walk out there and tinker around and then someone walks up and plays a masterpiece. england has been doing this for years. >> i just love that. it creates accessibility to everyone.
4:48 pm
very cool. three massachusetts restaurants are on the travelers best restaurants in the world: >> a group has founded called mooned big papi. if 10,000 do this, it would be a
4:49 pm
away from the coastline, 86. 87 for you. the first afternoon of fall. cape cod is in the 70s. 72, international seashore. gillette stadium. blue skies, none of those it's 84 degrees right now in fox at the stadium. that will only slip a few more degrees. i asked for blue skies and nice weather. temperatures 81, 70 by 8:00. 65 degrees under clear skies during the course of the game this evening. satellite shows there are no
4:50 pm
clouds up here and some showers, too. these are heavier in some spots are going to drift into northern new england. we'll have to track them to our way tomorrow. the front tra veterans southern new england in the early evening hours. there will be scattered showers along that front. we're going to be tracking it for you and no matter what you get or do not get you'll absolutely get what's behind the front and that is the cool air headed our way.
4:51 pm
preliminary. there is the front sliding out of here leaving us with sunshine much of the day saturday. there is the change i'm talking about. 60s, temperatures 68. on sunday everybody is in the 60s. this is with sunshine and staying in the 60s. that is the definition of a question about that. there is the sun. a whole lot cooler saturday and sunday. 37 sunday and monday. i only consider 36 will be the break point. places where the cold air extended to set. we'll be watching those things as well. we'll be talked about the
4:52 pm
vice president joe bidenen will be guest star on next week "law and order." it's been more than 20 years for mark wahlberg. he was recently on the dan patrick show when his daughter asked if he would rap she was not pressed, especially when she said she wanted her cell phone back.
4:53 pm
condition is getting to meet his favorite conditions. here is mark with what we're working on at five. a man was shot inside a pharmacy. a cv s has yellow tape as they're worked on what happened. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's
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>> elizabeth: for one week, there are no doctor visits or hospital stays. now he's getting the chance to meet all his favorite characters, as make-a-wish sends
4:57 pm
you would never know that 6-year-old gee van knee was born with just half a heart. >> he's having trouble getting listed for a transplant because of just how much -- [indiscernible] , so we're stay stage where we're trying to get help for him. >> elizabeth: gio has a condition that taxes his organs, he's had multiple surgeries. it's been hard on the whole family. >> a wish, we hope to bring back a l been taken away and have a nice respite for the entire family to be together and heal together. >> elizabeth: fire trucks and disney characters are seeing the family off. they are a reminder that gio is 10er. 10er -- tender. gio has been bed bound and unable to do the kind of things that other kids do.
4:58 pm
for him. we're looking forward to being a normal family for a week. >> join us in wishing them a very magical flight. >> elizabeth: normal family is a little bit of magic. >> we can't thank make-a-wish and massachusetts rhode island enough. i'm just putting it all together and putting all the pieces together to make it all work. it's an overwhelming feeling. >> elizabeth: get to see how much they appreciated that, because they've been so much. >> blair: that mother said it best. breaking news tonight, a witness tells us a man was shot inside a local store. >> elizabeth: fox 25 news r fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> elizabeth: sky. >> vanessa: sky fox over the scene of a shooting at a vcs pharmacy in stoughton.
4:59 pm
vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. it happened at the at central and washington streets inside a cvs and that's where we find ted daniel live were the breaking details. ted? >> the reporter: mark and vanessa, right now, that cvs is closed for business, right behind me, police have crime tape all around it and a number of officers we've seen them going in and outside. shooting happened about 20 minutes to a half an hour ago, we're told, inside the cvs store, we're told the victim is a young late teens or early 20's. a couple of witnesses tell me that he was inside the cvs with a group of people, some sort of altercation broke out inside the store, and there was at least one gunshot, one of the witnesses we spoke with says she heard two shots, obviously, people inside the store, as soon as they heard that gunfire, they all moved out of the way, and
5:00 pm
was shot. they believe he was likely shot in the arm or in the shoulder. let's listen to one of the witnesses said who we spoke to a short time ago. >> i heard that they were arguing. and they were arguing and they said they were going to take it outside. and it's hot out or something, and then i went further down into the aisle, because i didn't really want to get two pops. >> the reporter: now, according to witnesses, the shooting happened in the front area of the cvs, but they saw the victim near the minute clinic inside, and it appeared to them like he was getting help, or initial treatment from somebody inside the store, somebody who worked at the store. witnesses say they also saw a group of people run outside, possibly three adults, run


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