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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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shot at least once in the upper arm or shoulder. several other young adults were seen running out of the store, immediately following that gunfire. we don't know what sparked the violence, but a witness tells me, she heard people arguing, followed by two loud pops. >> it was more like surprise, i think, for most people, they didn't really, you know, know what was happening. and it was pretty calm, i think, you know, what do we do? >> the reporter: back to a live picture, i'm told the victim was conscious and talking when he was taken to the hospital. initially, the plan was to fly him by medical helicopter to boston, but a change was made and they took him by ambulance to good samaritan hospital in brockton, typically, cancellation of med flight is a good sign. so far, no word on any suspects
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minutes after the shooting, police did put out a description for a vehicle, that they were looking for, but at this point, no word if that car has been found. that's the latest, reporting live in stoughton, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> mark: all right, ted. it is a beautiful night for football in foxborough. the new england patriots kick off against our old friend, vince wilfork and the texans in a little more than two hours. big question tonight -- who will be the starting quarterback filling in for tom brady. will it be the brussette or jimmy grab low. the patriots -- garoppolo. >> vanessa: we do have team coverage from gillette, where security is stepped up before the big game, but let's begin with sports director tom leyden and the quarterbacks are in question, but you have some big news about gronk. >> the reporter: yeah. there are some other stories besides the quarterback and the big he was one is rob gronk and whether or not he'll be back out on the field tonight. he is expected to play, first reported by espn, that is great, because he's going to be the
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expected to get his first professional start. gronk has been out of action since he tweaked his hamstring in a joint practice with the chicago bears back in august. he hasn't suited up for a game since the afc championship game against the broncos. throughout the week, ice been very coy about his status, but he should be good to go tonight. >> it's not up to me, so i can't give you that answer. kind of a day by day decision. tough not to be out there with them. i'm doing everything i can to be out there as soon as possible. so that's the first positive that we can say as we talk about jacoby brussette, as he gets set to make his start. he's had three days to prepare, knowing he is likely to get the snap. he is ready and when you get the call on this team, you better step up and be prepared to play. >> we're confident about everybody who takes the field on this team. everybody is prepared to do
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upon, the expectation is high. it's no different in any position. >> the reporter: you can feel the energy picking up just a little bit. we are approaching gametime. the sun will go down, the players will be out here. the patriot and the texans, are wearing the color rush uniforms, so it will look different in more ways than one. reporting live from gillette stadium, tom leyden fox 25 news. >> mark: patriots stepping up security at gillette. the extra precautions being made days after the terror attacks in w fox 25's chris flanagan continues our coverage live in foxborough with more on what's being done to protect pats fans. >> the reporter: well, mark is security is always tight on game day. tonight, it will be even tighter. we've seen a lot of police at gillette stadium today and the massachusetts state police telling us, they're bolstering up security here around gillette stadium, this in response to the bombings in new jersey and in new york. troopers are being added here at the stadium.
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throughout the region. now, we reached out to foxborough police today, they say they were too busy to talk, as they were getting in place earlier this afternoon for tonight's fame, but fans we spoke with, tailgating at gillette say they appreciate having more cops out here. >> we feel good about it. after everything that went down in new york and new jersey, it's safe, we feel good that they're here and their presence makes everyone else feel comfortable. >> it makes us feel a little more secure, you know, a little less to worry about, there's not too many problems here, so people are good. >> the reporter: and while there are extra security precautions in place for tonight's game here at gillette, it should be stressed, there have been no threats made against massachusetts. we're live tonight in foxborough, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: all new at 6:00 p.m., a local driver suing the walpole police department. he claims he was illegally stopped and frisked and tonight, we've learned the department is investigating. fox 25's crystal haynes spoke
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and the driver who says he was unfairly targeted. crystal? >> the reporter: john paul wants a few things, he wants an apology, he wants the two officers he says are involved to be disciplined, but most of all, he wants a discussion around events like these to continue, given all of the events happening around the country. 3:00 p.m. on the afternoon of august 13th and john paul had a simple top at the kohl's in the walpole mall, then head to his mother's home in westwood. following his g.p.s., he took the back roads through town. >> right after i pulled out of the kohl's parking lot, less than ten seconds later, i noticed the cop behind me. >> the 37-year-old said the walpole police cruiser followed his prius for 15 minutes, before stopping him right before the westwood town line. >> i was stopped, i was asked to leave my car, i was frisked and after that, he startrd going
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>> the reporter: when asked why he was being pulled over, he says the officer and his partner refused to give him a specific reason, asking if he had guns in the car. according to the complaint filed by the lawyers committee for civil rights and economic justice, one of the officers then approached the vehicle door, referenced the color of john paul's skin and stated that the stop was not discriminatory. >> even being told, i think by the officer, that you're a good guy, you cooperated and then to say that this isn't about when -- then what else should i think? >> for a police officer to stop a motor vehicle, they have to have reasonable suspicion. >> is there any reason why this wouldn't have happened in this particular circumstance? >> i don't know. >> the reporter: walpole police chief john carmichael has opened an internal investigation. >> could that happen on your police force with your officers? >> i highly doubt it. our -- we have a very community oriented police department.
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carmichael says that they have a thorough process for investigating claims like these. meantime, both sides have actually asked for g.p.s. evidence, and cellphone video in this case. we'll stay on top of this one for you. for now, reporting here in walpole, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: lawrence police are looking for a black mercedes tonight after a deadly motorcycle crash early this morning on the north andover line. police tell us william bickford of methuen hit two people walking in a motorcycle, then a mercedes ran over bickford killing him. a 2002 four-door black mercedes took off. if you know where it is, give lawrence police a call. >> vanessa: an amtrak train hit and killed a man in mansfield this afternoon. sky fox was over the mansfield station while investigators were still on the scene. because of the accident, the mbta was reporting delays on the providence commuter rail, but now tell us, all trains are operating at normal speeds. >> mark: cambridge police are investigating shots fired in the port neighborhood early this morning. you can see bullet holes in the
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police recovered two rounds there, k-9 units secured the area. there are no reports of any injuries. tonight, fox 25 investigates, hearing for more families who say they have been forced to wait months, even years for answers about loved ones who passed away. it's putting the spotlight on major delays at the state medical examiner's office. investigative reporter eric rasmussen first exposed overdue autopsy reports last night and go that report today. >> the reporter: they sure are, observing. how about this -- ock. almost 20 months, that's how long one mother has been waiting to find out why her 27-year-old son died in his sleep. she contacted fox 25 investigates. we discovered that the medical examiner's office failed to complete hundreds of reports in a timely man ownership. 27 years old, an e.m.t. in south boston.
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his sleep, more than a year ago. february 2015, his mother joanne still doesn't know why. >> every day, you wake up, you go to sleep, that's all you think about, what happened to him, why? you don't know. he helped save people. he saved so many lives. and then he's taken away and you can't find out what happened to him. despite the family's call to the state medical examiner every month, king's official cause of in a similar case, the family of jennifer only got answers after fox 25 investigates started asking questions. >> i was always wondering, are there other people in my position. >> the reporter: both cases siegely held up by a backlog of paperwork, but the medical examiner's office declined repeated requests to talk about it on camera. records show that office is still falling short of a professional standard to complete 90% of autopsy reports in 90 days. >> does it bother you to know
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i believe it's sitting in the office. it's all sitting there, just waiting until it gets looked through to come up with an answer. >> the reporter: until then, an important part of the grieving process for this mom remains incomplete. >> i just want to know, i mean, what happened. >> the reporter: we did reach out to the medical examiner's office again today, this time, about mattie king's cause of death. a spokesman would only say the case is still pending and the office has an improve turn-around times. for fox 25 investigates, eric rasmussen. >> mark: braintree's police chief moved up his retirement date as the department deals with an evidence scandal. fox 25's obtained chief russ jenkins's retirement letter. he's planning to leave the police department next month instead of next year. evidence was missing from the evidence room including guns, drugs and cash. the mayor says he only wishes
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>> kevin: falling to 69 degrees at logan airport. 70's in the western part of town and in the metro west area, but these temperatures, they're changing. the cooldown on the way. >> the reporter: a defense attorney charged with running a man over with her s.u.v., hides her face in court. but, coming up, hear her message form the man she's accused of killing. >> plus, there's a lot of fight in this little dog. it was hit by a commuter rail and survived. how can you help little charlie and his long road to recovery. >> the reporter: police have marijuana use for years.
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>> mark: people bust with marijuana aren't paying up and now the unpaid fines are adding up. thousands. state decriminalized small amounts of pot in 2008. the law allows police to give people $100 citations. >> vanessa: fox 25's robert goulston has been going through the numbers and foun dry. >> we need to find a better way to monitor it. >> the reporter: the ticket is for $100, a civil infraction for being in possession of one ounce or less of marijuana. police departments have been giving them out since the state decriminalized small amounts of marijuana back in 2008. >> when the law passed, there was no real mechanism to recoup the money. the paid fines go into
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we pulled the unpaid citations from several towns. norwood has more than $14,000 in unpaid citations, since 2011. canton, more than $10,000 since 2009. walpole, $4,000 in the past year and a half. in weymouth, we pulled both numbers, going back to 2011, $3,000 in fines were paid, nearly $10,000 are unpaid. the way the ballot initiative was written, the fine can only go up to $100, no late fees, so the only way a town or city going to court. >> some agencies have decided to file a small claims case to try to recoup the money. >> the reporter: people we talked to are on both sides of the fence as far as what to do. >> if you legalize it and put a tax on it, it will be better for everybody. >> it's one of the situations, they need to find a system in place too better monitor this. >> the reporter: in weymouth, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: new at 6:00 p.m., a rough recovery for a dog that was hit by a commuter rail train.
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home. an mbta worker found the 1-year-old shitzu named charlie. they had to remove one her -- of her legs and two blood transfusions. >> mark: charlie's onlier hasn't come forward. if you want to adopt the puppy doe or help out with medical costs, we have posted details on our web >> vanessa: if you think traffic on 128 in needham is bad now, just wait. a section of the busy highway will actually be closed for wooburn weekend days in november. crews are going to demolish the highland avenue bridge in the needham stretch near exit 19. the road closure will start late in the evening of november 4th and continue through november 6th. that's a friday through a sunday. all highway traffic will be detoured on the local roads during that time.
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weekend. workers removed some dead trees along part of the green line today as part of a bigger plan to decrease delays and wait times for riders. we reported earlier this week, an arborist identified trees that threatened the tracks. so far this year, 18 trees have fallen on the d branch alone. t-officials say the price tag far outweighs the cost to passengers when they are delays an they have to use buses. >> mark: new the a 6:00 p.m., the city of worcester has a plan leaders at city hall developed the strategy last night. they will hire two new winter operations coordinators. each will oversee half of the city during a storm to coordinate the cleanup. the city will also devote more money to hiring private plow operators. and will pay those drivers an additional $2 per hour. >> kevin: can't wait for some of that to come our way. hey, you know it's snowing out
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california-nevada border. actually had thunder snow this afternoon coming down pretty hard. can't be too far off. when you have temperatures like this, the first day of autumn, doesn't feel like at all. 77, metro west, out to bedford. 80 in norwood right now, which is very close to gillette stadium, where it's 79 degrees. sliding down through the 80's since we started talking at 4:00 p.m. and below 80 degrees. it's comfortable, the humidity is low. 70 at 8:25 p.m. for the under clear skies at gillette stadium. low temperatures dropping into 50's. brockton, 56. boston, right in the city, it will stay at 62 degrees tonight. it is clear right now, and it will stay that way into evening hours and late tonight. then the clouds start to drive southward through new england. i'll stop it on the last frame, so you can see where the rain is happening right now. this stretches from quebec to ottawa, north to new england, but this is slowly progressing
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that cold front that will bring the risk of showers tomorrow, but also, bring, well, what you would expect with a cold front and that's some chilly air to move on in here. we're to the talking about a deep freeze, of course, we are talking about some cool stuff coming in this weekend. so there are the clouds in the morning, just getting in to southern new england. they're already in to northern and central new england. there are the showers along that front. and they slide southward, there is a risk for a shower, even a thunderstorm along the front into the middle of the day through central and southern new hampshire and vermont too and the north shore of massachusetts. en southern new england, the clouds showing where that is, and the showers that are along it. there will be a few scattered showers, again, we'll have to watch for one to become a thunderstorm. i don't think it's a very high risk at this point, so i'm forecast ago few scattered showers through -- forecasting a few scattered showers through the evening and they clear out tomorrow night. this is the date you want to get out and enjoy if you can. still a beach day for the south shore and cape cod especially,
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mild enough. high temperatures in the afternoon, show you that as well. wollaston beach, in quincy, 81. braintree, 81. boston, 79. southie, 82. deadham, 83 degrees. beach day on the cape, temperatures in the 70's to near 80 degrees. upper cape, the warmer temperatures with plenty of sunshine. so let's take it into saturday. any clouds left over from the front pushing away, everybody getting into sunshine saturday afternoon. looking like a pretty nice day, but that sun is not going to warm you up like it did today. it will be in the 60's to everyone on sunday. been looking at the tropics by the way, we'll update you on the tracks of these next time i talk top, tropical storm carl and tropical storm lisa. the seven-day forecast that weekend always in view, showing you the 60's that are moving on in, and perhaps more importantly, an early riser on sunday morning, 30's in most locations. tracking the front tonight as it slides in no new england and update the timeline.
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has spotted a manatee that's been spotted several times on cape cod. far from its usual florida home. the rescuers found the 8-foot long animal off washburn island. the international fund of animal welfare planned to evaluate the manatee's health before taking g it to the mystic aquarium in connecticut. if you are in the market for a dream home, a rare estate and we mean really rare, is on sale right now in brookline. >> vanessa: ock, it's going to cost you. the price $90 million. sky fox over the woodland manor, surrounded by the prestigious wood land meadows golf course. it sits on 14 acres of land. the tax bill aloans costs more than $33 million. you can see more pictures from inside the photo gallery on our
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>> it's no fishtail. dozens of dead fish litter the hingham harbor. mystery has many wondering how it happened. >> mark: the little boy who has been through more than any kid should have to face gets to put his doctor's visits and worries aside for a few days. the magical trip of a lifetime
6:24 pm
>> mark: new at 6:00 p.m., people all around new england and in canada say they -- see
6:25 pm
striking -- or streaking, i should say, i'm too busy looking at it across the sky. this is around 9:30 p.m. last night. the storm tracker weather team checked and more than 200 people reported seeing the meteor in our area. >> vanessa: too cool. right now we want you to meet a little boy from medford, battling a life-threatening heart condition. he spends an awful lot of his time at the hospital or a doctor visits. >> mark: but not today. today, he something special that no doctor could ever prescribe. >> vanessa: of given a little bit of magic and make believe, thanks to the make-a-wish foundation. elizabeth hopkins has the sweet story. >> elizabeth: to look at him, to hear him speak, you would never know that 6-year-old gio was born with just half a heart. he's having trouble getting listed for a transplant because of just how much his disease has progressed, so we're at a stage
6:26 pm
>> the reporter: gio also has a condition that attacks his organs. he's had multiple surgeries. it's been hard on the whole family. >> a wish we hope to bring back a little bit of that child that's been taken away, and give a nice respite for the entire family to be together and heal together. >> we're excited. >> elizabeth: fire trucks and disney characters are seeing the family off. still -- there are reminders that gio is tender. for most of his ordeal, gio has been bed bound and unable to do the kinds of things that other kids do. >> been a pretty rough ride for him, so we're just looking forward to being a normal family. >> join us in wishing them a very magical flight. >> the reporter: normal family with a little bit of magic mixed in. >> you have a blast, ok? >> we can't thank massachusetts and rhode island enough, and the magic flight.
6:27 pm
together to make it all work. it's an overwhelming feeling. >> the reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> mark: sparkle in his eye. make-a-wish foundation does such great work. >> vanessa: they do. they bring so many children and family hope and what a week he will have at disney. in doctors or hospital visits, being a normal kid. >> mark: and having fun. >> vanessa: enjoy. >> enjoy your trip. there's a familiar sound coming back to boston. ?? >> the re neighborhoods all over the hub. >> the reporter: a defense attorney called a coward after she hides her face in court. why her friends say the death of a man she allegedly drove over wasn't her fault. >> mark: but first, we continue to follow breaking news from stoughton where a man was shot inside a cvs pharmacy.
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>> vanessa: we continue to follow braking news in stoughton, where someone shot a young man inside a cvs pharmacy around 4:00 p.m. today while people were inside shopping. witnesses tell us a man in his late teens or early 20's was shot in the upper arm or shoulder. we're told he was conscious and alert when he was taken to the hospital. several young adults were seen running from the store. overworking to find out if any arrests have been made. the school department tweeted out all activities tonight have
6:31 pm
students are being asked to stay home. >> mark: patriots nation getting fired up for the big thursday night at gillette. jacoby brussette will likely get his first start for the team, rookie quarterback, if jimmy garoppolo's shoulder keeps him off the field and lenski have a great target to throw to, no matter who is at qb, because gronk will be back playing against houston. if you're going to the game, expect increased security in the wake of the new york and new jersey bombings. >> vanessa: a defense attorney facing charges herself. she hid her face i c accused of hitting and killing a man with her s.u.v. that woman's friends blamed the crash on a vehicle malfunction. >> mark: fox 25's katherine burcham was inside court as the victim's family called that attorney a coward. >> the reporter: family and friends of john buckley tell me they wanted a strong show of support for a man they called a wonderful person. they safe, they wanted to stare down the woman accused of killing him. that defense attorney, but instead, the attorney hid her
6:32 pm
that she would ever have anticipated she would be facing. >> valerie semensi faced a judge with sunglasses and a notebook, shielding herself from cameras as she plead not go to charges of vehicular homicide and outside court, ducking our cameras. her only visibility reaction to this question. do you have any message for his family? >> yes. >> the reporter: was to bat away our microphone. no big deal. she's devastated by it. >> the reporter: the family friend richard says the accident that took 6 section-year-old john buckley's life in june was not semensi zest fault. semensi was parking we brockton courthouse, when her herds drove in reverse hitting the man on the sidewalk.
6:33 pm
>> semensi has practiced law for decades, defending juveniles and those dealing with addiction. he says, buckley's death has sent her into emotional turmoil, and that she's suffering every day for what happened. >> she's actually said to me, i'm her attorney, that she wished it was her instead of the person that died. >> the reporter: and semensi's attorney says she continues to practice law, while she awaits trial, all know in a limited capacity, her next court date here is november 16th. fox 25 news. >> mark: the driver of the deadly sweet tomatoes crash was back in court. the attorney for bradford casler is asking the judge to keep certain documents in the case under seal to keep them from being released to the public. the six page document contains evidence and details from the crash that killed two people and injured seven others in march. no word on when the judge will rule. >> vanessa: a rhode island man charged with plotting to help isis pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges in boston today.
6:34 pm
with providing material support to a terrorist organization. prosecutors say the 25-year-old and two massachusetts men plotted to behead pamela geller, who organized a cartoon contest, featuring images of prophet mohammed. one of the other suspects was usaama rahim, the man killed while attempting it to behead a police officer. >> mark: a roslindale accused of shooting two manchester, police officers. ian in the face and another in the leg, the shootings left an entire neighborhood locked down for hours. mcpherson faces up to life in prison. his family claims he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. a teenager stole an s.u.v. and flipped it over. a 17-year-old dorchester girl has been arraigned on several theft charges as well as failure
6:35 pm
witnesses say police were following the s.u.v. when it flipped, police tell us, three people were injured, including one teen who is in critical condition. >> vanessa: days after a holocaust memorial was snatched from a milton cemetery, a vigil is being held tonight. fox 25 broke the story on monday and christine mccarthy is live at the cemetery where the prayer service just wrapped up. christine? >> the reporter: dozens of people came out here to support this walth precious piece was stolen, just last weekend. he himself was too tired, too exhausted and drained from all the attention and support he's been getting and wasn't able to make it out here, but the people in attendance offered prayer, lit candles, offered words of solidarity and words of hope. we spoke to that 81-year-old sculptor, fred, on monday, just after he was notified that the memorial had been stolen from the milton cemetery.
6:36 pm
stars with tiny hands inside, was ripped off the marble pedestal. he created the sculptor in memory of his sister and the 1.5 million children killed in the holocaust, his sister, who was just a year and a half, when their family was separated, was killed in a death camp, along with their parents. now, the sculptor tells us he believes this was a hate crime, this was targeted because he does say that that bronze piece just wasn't worth enough, even melted down to be sold for the cost of bronze. he says it would have been cheap and he believes that this is just a sign of discrimination in this day and age against certain races and religions. we did hear from milton police chief, john king, at the very end of this ceremony. we'll be bringing you his interview later on. he says that this is one of the top priorities of the milton police department right now. he says they've done an exhaustive search, all the detectives around this area of the cemetery, he also says as a fire department has been searching the pond right beside where the memorial was and they are determined to find out who
6:37 pm
christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: police are investigating a costly act of vandalism at boston's cathedral of the holy cross. officers believe a homeless man tossed a rock through one of the original stained glass windows at the south end church. the window is now boarded up and will costs thousands to repair. large crowds are expected at the catholic church to see the heart of italian saint padre pio tonight. >> vanessa: officers named for a bravery award. the hannah awards were presented say tear money at the state house. named for state trooper george hannah, shot and killed in 1983 during a traffic stop in auburn. big congratulations and thank you to all of the officers who received the award. >> mark: massachusetts governor charlie baker firing back when asked about allegations against a staff member. state worker claims she was treated with retaliation after their fiancee launched a campaign against the sitting
6:38 pm
allegations very seriously. >> i have no use for that stuff. i really don't. i'm one of the guys who says all the time i want people to engage in civic endeavors. i want people to serve on planning boards. there are people in our administration right now running for he was o. republicans and -- for office, republicans and democrats, in their spare time. it's a free country. they should be able to do that. find the allegations unbelievably disturbing. >> mark: baker says his administration has launched a allegations. >> vanessa: turning now to the weather, the first day of fall, feeling a lot more like summer out there, but kevin is talking about cooler fall-like temperatures coming our way for the weekend. >> kevin: no doubt. 79 for a high temperature at logan airport, that's sticking out in the water. metro west, middle 80's, even mid to upper 80's around fitchburg. 86 degrees. cape cod in the apriler 70's. that was a -- upper 70's. that was a summer day, whether
6:39 pm
77 in metro west. 80 in norwood. similar in gillette. boston, your temperature under clear skies, 60's by morning. some clouds starting to move in by the morning as a front approaches from the north. same for you in worcester, going down to 60, most towns outside of the cities are going to be in 50's away from the shoreline, staying in the 60's on the outer cape and nantucket. so what i'm going to be tracking is not the clear skies we have over us, but the cloudy and rainy skies coming from the north, that's the front that's going how cool we get in weekend just ahead. ?? >> mark: just beautiful, right? the sound of music returning to every boston neighborhood. if you're in the city, you might hear something off in the distance. it's part of the city's focus on public art. >> vanessa: piano man blair miller has been watching the project come together for several weeks. >> mark: he was this when the city prepared to roll out the ivories today. >> the reporter: in a city where
6:40 pm
one sound trying to rise above it all. the first american piano factory once stood in boston's south end. now, the musical artistry has become this, and the work of soren, he's one of the 60 artists from boston putting their mark on these pianos, painted, sketched and colored. >> a way to hide the piano. it's >> the reporter: months of work, leading up to today. >> let's move the ben. >> the reporter: rolled out with the others. 60 pianos going to 60 neighborhoods, all across the city. sorens rolling canvas ended up in faneuil hall, part of the city's push to make arts accessible to everyone.
6:41 pm
the curious, or even the pros. a musical connection that's here for 18 days, bridging the city's historic gap from then to now. using the simple sounds. the city did this a few years ago. it was so popular then, they decided to bring it barks but however the initial idea came from england where they've done this for years. blair miller, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: what a great idea. >> mark: i just love it. you know there's a lot of people among us can be walking down the streets and can sit down at a piano and play. i'm not one of them. >> vanessa: tom leyden, blair miller. >> mark: guitars around, kevin lemanowicz will pick one up. look for him in a cowboy hat. it's hard to think about fall, but baseball's post-season is coming up fast and sox hope to be in the thick of it. how you can score tickets to see
6:42 pm
fall, plus. >> the reporter: thousands of dead fish wash up along the
6:43 pm
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>> mark: a fish story in a local town has everyone talking and dealing with a very smelly mess. there is certainly something fishy in hingham, where thousands of dead fish are washing ashore and as chris flanagan found out, people who live there say they have never seen anything like it before. >> most of the fish has washed out into hingham by, but some water and the beaches and this remains a mystery to many here. dead fish floating in the water. more scattered on the beach. >> i saw the pogies floating and i said that doesn't look good. >> the reporter: chuck would know. he works nearby. has spent more than 30 years as a commercial fisherman. >> i have smelled it yesterday before i saw them coming in. i used to use these, and i know when it smells like. >> the reporter: the smell from the pogies, which are bait fish,
6:46 pm
thousands washed up on shore wednesday afternoon near the hingham yacht club. no one is sure why, but all agree including this longtime neighbor, it's rare to see. >> this is very unusual. all the years i've been here, i've never seen anything like that. i never heard of anything like that. >> the reporter: hingham's harbor master, ken, has his theories, either the fish are chased into shallow water or died from a lack of oxygen or -- there, his net broke and the fish were released. >> the reporter: there is no risk to the public and hingham health department is taking water samples and monitoring the situation. in hingham, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a bizarre crash in westborough, hurts a person and kills a moose. it happened just after midnight on route 9. police tell us the moose was crossing the road when it was hit by a car. then a truck and another car hit the animal. all three vehicles were towed
6:47 pm
>> kevin: real mild evening out there for the start of autumn. 69 in boston, but it is still 80 degrees out there in norwood. now, the temperature is sliding down into the upper 70's in the next hour or so and by 8:25 p.m. at gillette stadium, not far from norwood n to foxborough, 70 degrees under clear skies this evening for the kickoff. slide into the 60's during the game tonight. eventually, down into the 50's for low temperatures. 60's at the shoreline and out on boston, just a little bill warmer. satellite-radar shows not much happening over southern new england, but all the way to the north, clouds drifting in to northern new england. there are some rainshowers here too, this is a front, a cold front draped right on in here, pushing our way and you'll see it drop into new england here by 6:30 a.m. in the morning. now, meteorologist shiri spear will be here tracking this one, jason brewer is here tomorrow morning, he'll be tracking the showers coming on through central and southern new england
6:48 pm
front, they're pushing toward us, so there will be scattered showers, even for lunch, particularly southern new hampshire and northern tier of massachusetts. then the front slides farther south. to the mass pike by 7:00 p.m. in the evening. you can see some showers developing along the front there for the south shore, out to cape cod and the islands through the nighttime hours tomorrow after midnight it will start to slide on off and will clear things out, so it's going to get better after the front passes by, but it's also going to get much cooler 79 in norwood. the high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, metro west, for instance, going to be 80 in whalen, framingham, 82. hopkinton, 83 degrees. the front has passed by to the south and east. lots of sunshine through the day on saturday, going to continue into sunday too. i asked for some events going on this weekend, here's one that was sent into me via twitter.
6:49 pm
cancer, in medford, in the 50's, climbing up in to the 60's and holding there, but look at all the bright sunshine after any clouds in the morning dissipate. hope you have a great time out there for a wonderful cause. trying to get up to a million dollars. wow. this weekend, temperatures in the 60's, lots of sunshine especially on sunday. plenty on saturday too, but that's the day you may have a few clouds left over. a couple towns could hit 70 on saturday. sunday, not a chance, you're saying in the 60's for this is tropical storm carl, i promised you look at some of the tropical systems. this is the one closest to the east coast of the u.s. and still plenty far away. in fact, the only place and it's -- carl wants to make a very close pass to bermuda. that's that little speck right there and churn up the waters out there as a tropical storm, but it's going to try to strengthen to near hurricane strength as it passes by.
6:50 pm
seven-day forecast with your weekend always in view. temperatures in the 60's this weekend. morning temperatures though, in the 30's. as that front makes its way into northern new england tonight, i'll have a better idea of the timing on those showers for tomorrow. make sure you're back here at 10:00 p.m. for that. >> mark: it's almost time for october baseball. can you believe it? the red sox got a pretty good shot. red sox tickets go on sale tomorrow. fans can buy tickets to any wild card division series game at noon tomorrow on red no tickets wi fenway park ticket office. there will be a limit of four tickets per person, prices range from $50 to $195. red sox magic number to clinch the a.l. east, down to six. >> hey everybody. tom leyden live at gillette stadium. the patriots getting set to host the texans. we'll talk about the quarterback situation. >> we're not going to talk about quarterbacking. when we come back, we're coming quarterbacking. when we come back, we're coming to me. i'm a public school teacher
6:51 pm
it will make public education even stronger, because question 2 would allow more access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education, and public charter schools don't take funds away from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2 for stronger public schools. is that ice-t?
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access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> hey everybody, tom leyden live from gillette stadium. it should be a fun game, a color rush game. jacoby brussette will get his first start as a professional and luckily for him he'll have a nice security blanket, because rob gronkowski expected to play. brussette showed us something last week, he has poise, limited
6:54 pm
dolphins. much more will be expected against him tonight against a very good texan defense. it's been a learning process since i got here. it's going to continue to be throughout my career, so just taking it the week the same as every other week and going out there, preparing, getting ready for a game. >> we have could tom together for a team. we have to get ready for a good team to come in here and for a hard battle. >> the reporter: bush tsarnaev joins me live and i guess we have to ask keys to the game, is it going to be thela brussette. i think brussette is a big story but the defense is the big story. they're very angry, i don't know what that means, it's because of the way they played against miami, but no one is talking about how the patriots defense is going to go against an experienced quarterback in brock. >> i like the fact that gronkowski is back and he has weapons. the fact that you have security blankets out there, i think that's going to be big. you want to go out on a limb, give a prediction, is this a patriots win?
6:55 pm
winning field goal. >> if they don't turn the ball over, patriots win. if they turn the ball over, texans win. they're a good team, great defense. want to get to a great moment we shared earlier just a few minutes ago here, you heard matt and he's always fun. he was joined by rickey stenhouse. rickey is a nascar driver. matt will be driving the pace car this weekend at new hampshire moto >> i did play a little football back when i was younger, and growing up, i was b team quarterback, so you know, i could be backup. i was b team, i sat on the bench and watched. >> i'm just saying, if there is a need for another guy, there's always a chance. >> >> the reporter: he's a riot. he's always a riot and it was fun to see those guys and i hope
6:56 pm
i like the vibe tonight, i like that it's different, there's intrigue and you want to see jacoby do well. bill belichick, when he's had a guy make a debut under his tutelage, 5-0. >> bill parcells used to say rookies don't know what they don't know and i think that applies to brussette. >> that's the story, kick it off at 8:25 p.m. have all the coverage on fox 25 news at 11:00 p.m. for butch stearns, i'm tom leyden reporting live. >> vanessa: big nigh of a spaceship, you would think they were down in florida. >> kevin: looked leak crock -- like crocket. miami vice. seven-day forecast includes a cooldown. you might have want to escape to miami after this. in the 80's tomorrow, showers cut on through. latest timeline on those tonight. new information will be coming
6:57 pm
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?? ?? is brad pitt an abusive dad? did an out-of-control brad get drunk and lash out at one of his kids. >> this could be a traumatic experience for them. >> what we know tonight and why the fbi could be involved. and with allegations this serious, can the actor recover? pitt's next move some accuse brad of cheating with breaks her silence with a pregnancy announcement. >> it is something huge. plus, some crazy attack of a supermodel in the streets. and dancing's most adorable star. only we are inside front-runner lauri's new rehearsal. what she's planning next. >> they just keep going. it's unbelievable. >> what has britney spears shrieking in terror? ??


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