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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  September 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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18-year-old. hello, everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. the shooting this afternoon prompted the cancellation of all activities in stoughton. police say the shooting was not random. police say they are questioning people tonight but so far no arrests. renee, one of a dozen customers inside the store when the shooting happened this afternoon near the cash registers in the front. >> i only saw a couple of days and they were arguing and they said they were gonna take it outside, but i heard a pop. there was two pops. >> we the windows closed and
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>> this man heard the girl from his car in the parking lot right outside. >> and the kids come out and jump in the car and took off. >> reporter: police say the victim was an 18-year-old man and shot in the shoulder. right now we are trying to identify and look for hum. >> one of the police officers came out and he had like a white t-shirt. >> this woman declined to share her name says she was at the store across the street when the shooting happened. a brazen act place where people should feel safe. >> the schools are a half a mile and they can't freely enjoy themselves. what if my 12-year-old was going into the store to get a drink and something like this happened. it's getting a little too much. >> the 18-year-old victim was conscious and talking after the shooting when he was taken to the hospital. he is thousand a good samaritan in brockton. reporting in stoughton, ted
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>> a night of protests. hundreds of people taking to the votes in charlotte for a third night of protests all in response to an officer to a shooting. the national guard has been brought forward in an attempt to limit destruction. this comes after the death of keith lamont scott who was shot and killed outside his car by a charlotte police officer. police say scott had a we but the family who saw the video says it appears nothing was in scott's hands. >> i think that in the family's position is that these videos that we watched today, a body camera footage as well as a dash-cam capturing the shooting should be made available to the public, allow people to see it and allow people to draw some of their own conclusions based on what they see with their own eyes. >> tonight we are also learning the man shot during tuesday's protests has died and there have
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of vandalism as a result of the protest. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine weighed in during a speech in nevada today. >> there is a need to build better bridges between law enforcement and the communities they serve. hillary and i understand that. >> donald trump meanwhile promised to implement a national anti-crime agenda. he's all but blaming president obama for opening up racial wounds. >> our country looks bad to the world, especially when we are supposed to be the world's leader. how can we lead when we can't even control our own cities? >> trump will take a break from the campaign trail starting tomorrow to get about ready for monday's presidential debate. clinton took today off to prepare. >> a tulsa police officer is facing felony manslaughter charges in the shooting death an unarmed black man. prosecutors found officer betty
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point that she overreacted, shot and killed terrance crutcher as he walked towards his suv with his arm raised last week. the incident was caught by police helicopter and dash-cam video. the officer says he was not cooperating. tonight the driver of this car was flown to the hospital after the green car slammed into the home. it happened in ash burnham at 5:00 this evening. >> and there's a lot of damage to that home we speck to the heart broken home owner and tells us he couldn't believe that a car was in his living room. >> reporter: it's unbelievable but you're looking at a car that went right into robert galled's living room. it happened at 184 ashby road earlier this evening. >> one of the bedroom floors has collapsed totally.
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emptying off. >> reporter: robert gould has owned this house for 40 years. he was speechless and nearly in tears. >> just unbelievable. i literally had no thoughts. just hit me, did really. >> gould tells fox 25 the woman driving the sedan was speeding and flown to the hospital with serious injuries. >> fire trucks, wreckers, a little of everything, pulled the
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>> gould says he is just thankful no one was home when this mess happened. >> i didn't believe it because somebody's always talking about the way it is and what not, but i didn't believe it until i did get hit. >> i've got a couple of friends i can live with for a 34-year-old woman from the investigators that pulled the woman out the car. she was uninjured and expected to survive. for now, in ashburnham, malini
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we know friday night lights in one local town tomorrow after players took part in inappropriate behavior from tomorrow night's junior varsity game against hanover. the athletic director told fox 25 the incident took place outside of school and was not malicious. but the coaches and school leaders decided as a result the team won't play tomorrow night. >> this afternoon a man was hit by an amtrak train in mansfield. skyfox on the scene when investigators are still out there. police have not released the man's identity but tell us the commuter rail is back up and running after delays earlier this evening. a cohassett defense attorney continues to practice law even as she faces criminal charges of her own. valerie hid her face in court today as s prosecutors say she was parking at the brockton courthouse in june when her suv went into reverse and hit john buckley who was standing on the sidewalk. he died at the hospital. they want buckley's family to know she's devastated. i didn't hope that they understand although her pain is not the same she suffers every day the pain for what happened. >> someone called her a coward for hiding her face in court today and told fox 25 he was a wonderful man who will be dearly missed. lawrence police are looking for a black mercedes tonight after a deadly motorcycle crash early this morning on the not end of the line. police tell us mcoohen hit two people and then the mercedes ran over bigford killing him. the 2004 black mercedes took off. if you know where it is, give lawrence police a call. rhode island. prosecutors say he planned to
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mohammed. >> he's come a long way since he was first arrested last summer. he's returned to being the person he was before all this started. he will be sentenced in march and faces 15 to 22 years in prison as well as probation for life. an investigation in new york and new jersey. investigators are learning more about suspect ahmad rahami's background. his wife is back in the u.s. after talking with investigators in dubai. his wife claims activities, so the fbi is not calling her a suspect. the family told investigators rahami was behaving normally the day after the new york bombing and investigators are also looking into a notebook that he carried that said he was worried he would be caught before he carried out the attacks. braintree's police chief moved up his retirement date while thinks department is? the middle of an evidence scandal. fox 25 obtained chief jenkins' retirement letter. he's planning to leave next
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easy originally planned. last week an independent investigation revealed items missing from the department's evidence room including drugs, guns and cash. in response to the early retirement, braintree's mayor only would say today he wishes jenkins and his family well if you are one of the hundreds of millions of people who have a yahoo email account, pay close attention to your bank statements and other accounts have you. more than 200 million accounts were hacked and security experts say you may be at risk. fox 25's jacqui heinrich reports tonight you might not eve here is hacked assets to email assets and passwords means that information could be used to get to your credit card accounts and your bank" and if you're the kind of person who uses the same password for multiple accounts this could be especially risky for you. >> reporter: yahoo information security experts believe the attack actually happened back in 2014 and for the last two years some 500 million yahoo email account details were exposed. everything from names and email
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security questions and hacked passwords. >> this is by far the largest data breach ever. >> reporter: robert, identity theft expert with hot spot shield, says that means even if you're not an active email user of yahoo you should change your password for your old account and play it safe by updating other account passwords that were the same. >> whenever data breaches like this occur, there are criminal hackers that have access to that information and reselling that to otherri accessing their accounts and liquidating bank accounts and credit card accounts as a result. >> reporter: yahoo says they're working with law enforcement to get to the bottom of it with some suggesting the hack could even have been state sponsored since it was so widespread. >> when they say state sponsored hacker, that generally means someone like russia or china basically are paying one of their citizen hackers to break into these bases. whether or not that's the case we don't really know.
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than likely the obama administration will get involved. >> yahoo officials say that stolen information did not include unprotected passwords payment card information or bank account information. those elements were not stored in the forecasted system. jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. i'm tracking this front coming out of canada. it's going to bring some showers tomorrow, but the big cool-down for the weekend and i have a timeline updated on all of it. >> and massachusetts voters have a chance to become the new s one of the first to do so was colorado back in 2012. >> something came out saying that an overwhelming majority in folks in colorado are happy with their decision to pass cannabis legalization. >> hear this legal pot supporter address questions of drugged driving, revenue and safety ahead of this very important vote. but first, they will not be detoured. the community rallying around a
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a memorial honoring the holocaust victims but people are rallying. >> christine mccart that he reports from milton the vandalism will not detour this community. >> reporter: this waltham sculptor who's 81 years old, has been through so much in his life. he lost his baby sister and his parents in death camps back in the '40s. last weekend a tribute to his family, in particular to that baby not alone. >> reporter: an unfathomable sight, a holocaust memorial smashed. its temple left bare. >> i don't think the memorial and its presence ever had the response that it has now in its absence. >> reporter: as milton's interfaith clergy administration organized the vigil, dozens
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monassa who created the priceless piece, two bronze jewish stars around tiny hands to honor his sister miriam who died in a concentration camp and the 1.5 million other children who perished. overwhelmed by the attention he's received, monassa stayed home but told us on monday he believed his precious statue was targeted. >> i couldn't imagine why anybody would steal it other than a hate crime. >> there is a value to bronze, but it's not significant. >> reporter: his daughter lauren in awe of the turn-out. >> i'm amazed. this is wonderful. i think my dad would be totally -- his heart would be warmed by this. >> reporter: milton's police chief promised an exhaustive search for the sculpture, including the fire department combing the nearby pond. >> it's the police department's first priority to return this piece. second to that is any potential punishment for the individuals involved. >> reporter: finally children
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their lives. >> tonight the town of milton really proved that they'll never forget. >> reporter: he says that he hopes out of the desecration of his precious art, who of his, he hopes that others can be educated about the impact of the holocaust. in milton, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. nearly two dozen police officers from crass the state have been honored with bravery rewards named for a stat trooper killed in the line of duty. governor baker helped present the hanna the annual awards are named for state trooper george hanna who was shot and killed in 1983 during a routine traffic stop. >> a little built of trouble hearing the audio there but we do want to say congratulations to all the award recipients and
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>> drivers have since weeks to prepare for a highway headache. a busy part of route 128 will be closing for an entire weekend. the state plans to shut down all lanes of 128 in both directions at exit 19-a in needham. it will will take place from friday night november 4th through sunday november 6th and the it will allow crews to demolish the highland avenue bridge. traffic will be detoured on to local roads and a new version of the bridge will also open to traffic. officers tell us the poll, camed and will need repair. a local man is suing walpole police claiming he was illegally stopped and trucked. john paul told fox 25 two officers pulled him over last month. he says they frisked him and searched his vehicle. according to the complaint filed, one of the officers referenced the color of his skin and stated the stop was not
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guy, you're cooperating, and then to say that this isn't about race when -- what else should i think? walpole's police chief told fox 25 he has now opened an internal investigation. >> so responsive to a tweet earlier this evening for enters going on this weekend. temperature out there right now in the 60s to about 70 degrees. it is ma down foot low 60s. notice clouds working their way on in here part of the forecast tomorrow but it's also warm again by lunchtime out on cape cod it's already well into the 70s after dropping into the low 60s under clear skies first thing in the morning. let's take to cape cod. a beach day tomorrow? sure, why not. 80 degrees in barnstable. 76 out in the outer cape and east ham, a gorgeous day with sunshine, clouds will filter in
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81 degrees. mauer mack valley clouds come out a little sooner but still 80 degrees so still mild but it's these clouds hear on the leading edge of that change. >> the showers that made their way that northern new england tonight starting to progress southward. tomorrow morning a mixture of sun and clouds when y the clouds will be around all day long. not gonna be totally overcast. it'll be a bright day but not a perfectly sunny day like we had today for sure. there are the showers and looking even lesser now. we've talked about this a lot today, how i thought the computer models just look overdone. now through 7:00 nothing here in southern new england. still holding on to the possibility of showers, a pop-up along that front to make it closer to the water source, there the atlantic ocean and the south coast. watch for showers tomorrow night.
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when we'll start to clear it out. the showers linger until the early-morning hours of saturday before we clear out. friday night football, tom will be talking about it, 72 degrees at kick-off for the picture of clouds and clear skies, depending on how you want to look at it. i like to look at it as glass half full and call it partly cloudy. 67 at halftime in westwood for our game of the week. speaking of football, saturday, u-mass football, mississippi state coming to gillette stadium. sunshine and 60s. how about that tailgating weather. temperatures in the 60s with sunshine, it'll be cool, it'll be pleasant for the fans there. and that brad paisley concert at the exfinity concert is saturday night also, starting in the 60s and dropping down into the 50s, though. open air, it will be cool out there at the concert. plan ahead for that. here's your seven-day forecast, your weekend always in view. temperatures in the 60s both days saturday and sunday and by monday it's not changing very much. in fact, sunday, monday morning will be your coolest two mornings with temperatures in
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30s. we'll have to watch for the areas north and west of worcester counties and the weekend forecast is a big change in the way it's feeling out there after seeing a couple of 80-degree days. it'll feel a whole lot different and much more like autumn for the weekend. i'll keep, tracking get showers and updating the timeline next half-hour. up next, the latest from foxboro. the patriots putting the beat-down at texas gillette. it really is incredible. and something tells me that phone will not
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methodical, the red sox crushing the hopes of two consecutive a.l. east components. followed up by a four-game sweep of the orioles after the yankees. five and a half games up with 9 games to play. remember this back in '13, big papi going to phone. one of the best temper tantrums of the last decade, are. the orioles gave him the phone. a for creativity. that's pretty good. adam jones making a presentation. top of the first, two men on for hanley, route you the gut. mookie from the second and the
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ed listening ball to the rookie trey mancini. not a bad start for that kid, huh. 3-3, and kennedy checked in again on the offensive side. man on second are sends it through the hole to the rate. travis shaw is gonna hustle to get there. they get andrew at second base but no big deal. handly ramirez steps plate, and you ready, boom. opposite way, that's his 29th of the season. tendy gets the chance to dance yet again and pulls out to more michael jackson. 5-3 was the final. >> we knew that the schedule would be a tough one, as were the four teams vying for the
11:28 pm
we've come back, getting into tight ball games, the way we've won on the road, i think it says a tremendous amount about our guys in uniform. >> absolutely no problem with jacolby bursett under center cruising to his first career win. counting down the final minute. before the game i chatted with matt in the pace c this sunday and sprint cup series driver ricky extenthouse. >> i hope i qualify enough on the front row so that i can try to spin him out while he's driving a pace car or something. he's used to contact sports out of the car. we'll see how it goes while he's
11:29 pm
>> do you lean on him or somebody else who may not be so evenly motivated for advice. >> i've done my due diligence, obviously one of the smartest positions on a football team. i know what to expect, i've run this thing through my mild. i've had simulations, i've been
11:30 pm
to. the final in foxboro, 27-0 is the can you leaf it? unbelievable turn of events. >> yeah. >> this is crazy. >> it is. >> they warned us in new york. >> and now the bills come to


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