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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 23, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, no brady, no garappolo? no problem. rookie jacoby brissett delivers the patriots third win of season. the strong performance from the third-string rookie that made bill belichick crack a mile. a young man is shot in the shoulder next to the cash register at the cvs. the three people that of the store that police are looking for. the third night of protest are peace envelope charlotte. why the mayor did not enforce a curfew and what the shooting victim's family wants released to the public. good morning, everybody. happy friday, we made it to september 13. i am jason law. >> catherine: a few showers return but meteorologist jason
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brewer is in the fox25 stormtracker weather center with some fall-like temperatures. jason. >> jason: they are on the way, catherine and jason. the first full day of fall upon us out. i am tracking this front. the rain in northern new england this morning and i have seen seen a couple of sprinkles in southern new hampshire and most of us will wake up dry. leaving concord and manchester heading to portsmouth. the forecast is warm around the greater boston area up 80 to 84 degrees. the clouds will 40%. futuredallas and look at the timing of that. the weekend in view, sunshine returning and breezy and cool conditions. chilly nights ahead too. i have got more on that in just a bit. a check of the roads on your early friday morning right now. take a look at your map. plenty of green. 123 moving fine. do you see these icons clustered on the screen and most of those are tunnel closure.
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tunnels. close you ares to take into account. it is very early. 128 the expressway moving fine. a look at the pike through brighton. not much getting in your way. the drive times. pike, 25 minutes. expressway, 9 minutes. 93 from andover to the leverett connector, 20 minutes there. they have one quarterback but three wins and that is perfectly fine with new england patriots. >> jason: i think so. 3-0 is okay. returns for the revenge tour. rookie quarterback jacoby brissett making his first nfl start in place of brady and garappolo. shows off his leg, 27 yards to the end zone. largest touchdown for a pats quarterback since 2006. blount races 41 yards for the score. his second touchdown of the night. patriots roll and surprise
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their first shutout since 2012. here is fox25's butch stearns this morning with reaction from foxborough. >> reporter: in this third game of the season without tom brady, the patriots thought their second quarterback of the season, but they remain in first place mainly because jacoby brissett doesn't play like a rookie on thursday night, and because their defense pitches a shutout. >> a lot of the veteran players stepped up and helped me out a lot. confidence and everything was there. >> our defense, we pitched a shutout but the offense did their job and possessed the football and capitalized on turnovers. sometimes not just what we do but a team evident and that tonight is true. >> it was big for us. a big challenge. convert a lot of d-balls and two receivers to take you vertical. don't give them the big plays. make them try drive it down the field and make it tough
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>> it was very fun. any time you go out on a short week and be a really good football team with a complimentary game, offense, defense, special teams making big plays. it's fun. a fun environment. >> reporter: the president of the united states ten days to get ready for their next game right here at gillette stadium sunday october 2 against the buffalo bills. in foxborough, butch stearns, fox 25 sports. this morning police are searching for three young men involved in a shooti the men were seen running from this cvs on central street in stoughton yesterday afternoon just seconds after an 18-year-old man was shot in the shoulder near the front register. around a dozen customers were inside this store when it happened. one of the witnesses tell station there was there was an argument before the shooting. >> i saw couple of guys. they were arguing. and they said they were going to take it outside.
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two pops. >> the victim was alert and talking when he went to brockton hospital. after the shooting two stoughton schools cancelled evening activities and told students to stay home and stay safe. following breaking news out of tulsa where police officer betty shelby turned herself in on manslaughter charges. officer shelby they found reacted unreasonably and was emotionally involved in which she overreacted. shot and killed terrence crutcher as he walked to his suv with his arms raised. the incident was caught by police helicopter and dashboard. the officer said that he wasn't cooperating and officer shelby posted bail. protesters shouting why are you in riot gear to dozens of police responding to a third night of protests in charlotte, north carolina. the protester who was shot wednesday has died. the latest protests in response to the deadly police
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are turning more to the investigation and the victim's family wants video of the shooting be made public. stacey cohan has the latest for charlotte. >> reporter: protesters took to the streets of charlotte for the third time in as many nights thursday, but unlike the previous two nights -- >> why are new riot gear. you don't see no riot here. >> reporter: even though the midnight curfew was largely ignored. the message was clear,eo the investigation into the death of keith lamont scott who was shot and killed outside his car by officer brentley vinson. we have seen pictures what happened next and chief put knee says the dash cam video show more of the story but did not report definitive evidence. scott refused to drop his weapon. the scott family watched two videos and it is impossible to
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the family wants the video to be released publicly but the police chief resisted such calls. >> i understand the dynamic and the definition of transparency but what i can tell you we as a custom has been very specific of how we release information. >> reporter: claiming such a move will put crime victims at risk. >> our sex assault victims, our domestic violence victims will have a lot less faith in us. so i would be losing a lot more than people are really hopes to gain additional support and transparency. >> reporter: this charlotte, tracy cohan reporting. the mbta superintendent says he wants his percent to wear body cameras. superintendent richard sullivan and on boston radio show that the program tested by the bp d will work on the t. he wants to add video cameras on every train car. he will have to talk to union
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they started the body camera last week after a legal battle. a local man is suing walpole police saying he was illegally stopped and frisk. the man told fox 25 that two officers pulled him over last month. they frisked him and searched his car. according to president lawsuit filed that he referenced the color of the skin and was i told discriminatory. he was told you he was told you are a good guy. you cooperated. if this isn't about race, then what else should i think. >> walpole's police said they have opened an internal. >> an ashburnham man is without a home after car crashed into his living room. a woman was from new hampshire when she lost control of the car and hit the house. robert gould was not inside when the crash destroyed his home of 40 years. the impact caused a second floor to collapse.
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pulling the car out -- out of the house. lucky to get out the house. >> jason: the driver was unconscious when they pulled her out of the car. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. lawrence police are trying to track down a hit-and-run driver. the story was reported yesterday. the man on a motorcycle hit with people walking in a crosswalk on route 114. the mercedes came down the road hitting the man on the bike. the victim william bickford died mercedes is a 2002 four-door sedan. massachusetts city will be the headquarters of the satanic temple. president building on bridge street will be the first physical quarters. the satanic temple say they have 4,000 members across the u.s. it will be an art gallery and will host lectures and film screenings. today's opening comes in time to welcome the tens of thousands of tourists who visit the witch city every
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games let in the regular season and they are crushing their division rivals. sox in baltimore going for 8th win in a row. rookie andrew benentendi a single to right field. shaw comes around to score. he gets thrown out at 2nd and the sox take the lead. handily ramirez and a final dagger. home run into the party deck on utah street. 29th of the year. sox win 5-3. orioles and yankees red sox lead over five and a half games over the blue jays. they didn't play last night and the magic number to clinch the division is 5. sox are in tampa to start a series with the rays. one more moment in baltimore, the orioles gave david ortiz a give, the dugout phone he destroyed during that epic meltdown in baltimore three years ago. there it goes. great job by the os.
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charity for children in honor of big papi. 4:10. we find traffic and weather together he ten minutes. a look at the map south and west of the city and you can see the pike. 128 expressway moving just fine. again those icons write tunnel closures right now. over to you, jason. >> jason: all right, catherine. you off to a nice start of the day. a chance for showers that will be building in here as we get to the afternoon. the latest timing on that straight ahead but your morning is not looking too bad a frightening but bizarre car crash for three drivers on the highway. coming up at 4:3, how three different people managed to hit a large moose who wandered into the road. hundreds of millions of e-mail accounts hacked.
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
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if you were one of the hundreds of millions of people who have a yahoo e-mail account, pay close attention to your other accounts. 500 million accounts were hacked this week them may be more than your e-mail account at risk. people can be a victim and not even know it yet. >> reporter: the issue here is hacked access to e-mail addresses and passwords means that information could be used to get to your credit card accounts and your bank accounts. if you were the kind of person who uses the same password for multiple accounts, this could be especially risk faux you. yahoo security experts believes the hack happened in
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account details were exposed, everything from names and e-mail addresses to dates of birth, security questions and passwords. >> this is by far the largest data breach ever. >> reporter: a identity thief expert with hot spot shield says even if you are not an active e-mail user of yahoo, change your password and play it safe by updating other account passwords that are e occur,er in do wells that have access and resthaeling to other criminals accessing our accounts and liquidating bank accounts and credit card accounts as a result. >> reporter: yahoo is working with law enforcement to get to the bottom of it with some suggesting the hack could even be state sponsored since it was so widespread. >> when they say state-sponsored hacker that generally means someone like
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these citizen hackers to break into the databases. whether or not that is the case, we don't really know, but the factor of the matter buzz around it and more than likely the obama will get involved. . >> reporter: did not include unprotected passwording and bank account information. that information was not stored in the affected system. jacqui heinrich, fox25 news. the white house is investigating an apparent e-mail that has a scan of michelle it belongs to a low-level contractor and has white house schedule and travel. an image of the first lady has and on line and they haven't determined if it is authentic. the hacker group is the came one that leaked former secretary of state colin powell's e-mails last week. the wife of ahmad khan rahami is back in the u.s.
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including possible connections to terrorists. the latest on the investigation. authorities learned that rahami returned to his family home following the new york explosion, but rahami has not yet been questioned. police say he is still in the hospital unconscious after a shootout with police in new jersey. as for his wife, she is back from dubai, but the fbi says she is not considered a suspect. investigators are still searching for the two men seen removing a device from a piece of luggage the night of the attack. a rhode island man linked to an accused terrorist in conspiracy charges. nicholas ravinski and two massachusetts men planned to kill a woman who organized a cartoon contest featuring images of the cartoon muhammed. and another was killed while attempting to behead a police officer outside a roslindale shopping plaza last year. 4:17. how the roadways are doing. west of the city. you can see the pike, if and
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12893 coming from the north. no problems. a pike eastbound. nobody getting in your way at this early hour and a look at the drive times. from route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge, the expressway 9 minutes. 93 from andover to the leverett connector take but 20 minutes right now and jason, nice clear cameras and kind of a refreshing start this morning. >> we are in pretty good shape, the first full day of fall. calendar said it was yesterday >> jason: the first full day and will feel like fall in some spots to the north. cloudier with a chance of rain. to the south cape and islands, going to see pretty good sunshine and maybe just one more day of warmth. show you what we have. 50s in nantucket. vineyard, 47 degrees. 54 in falmouth and 55 in plymouth and clear skies. if we go northward, beginning to see the clouds on the build. they are coming in north and
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with clouds and northern parts of our state as well. in fact back here toward worcester, the clouds beginning to come in. 63 degrees there. no complaints temperature-wise fairly comfortable. and show you the up close radar view. here is manchester, concord, 93 with a couple of little quick sprinkles going by. just a trace amount of rain coming by. so portsmouth, hampton, you will see that this morning if you were getting out early all because this front is coming england and going to be passing through southern new england this afternoon. bring with it a chance of a few showers. not everyone will get rain. the clouds do build in throughout the midday. heading out for lunch hour, most of us will stay dry. continue we get some of the afternoon heating. the front is passing through during the late day and we have a couple of showers and it is roughly the pike northward where we have a better chance to ea shower for the afternoon drive time.
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as far as high temperatures go, the upper 70s in worcester today. low 80s, and southborough, we will see lower 80s and most of essex county as well, except, of course, a little cooler along the shoreline. as we get back here to woburn and dedham. lower and middle 80s. the difference will have more clouds around today. take a look cape and the islands 70s today. not a bad forecast with more sun going south and east farther away from the front. and now we go to the weekend, your saturday temperatures in a little bit cooler and a little bit breezier and bright sunshine. we are going to have any clouds left over, i think it is saturday morning and even those will be blown out of here during the afternoon. check out the overnight lows tonight. we are down into the 40s in most spots. only places will be the urban island of boston in the 50s and 50s heading out to cape cod overnight as well. your seven-day forecast. the weekend is in view. there is that nice fall
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been waiting for, right, football season is under way. looking at lower 50s tonight and then upper 30s on saturday night. you are going to need your jackets out there sunday morning. i think monday morning will be our coldest morning of the seven-day. high pressure is right overhead and the winds are light and skies are clear and a chilly start on monday and then into the seven-day forecast we go. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, a slight chance of rain. there is a slow moving what i call uncertain as to what it could do for our rain chances. and now a very low chance, 20% to 30% beginning tuesday. jason brewer. a deadly disrecovery on the beach. coming up at 4:30, why people that i hundreds of dead fish are washing up on our coast.
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the ceo of wells fargo is resigning from his position on a federal reserve advisory board. john stumpf said he will no longer attend on banking and economic issues tampa.comes
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question of alleged misconduct at the bank. employees allegedly opened fake accounts to meet sales goals. avid kohl's customers will leave their cards behind. they can use the updated kohl's amherst to store their credit card information. kohl's was the first store to have their rewards card linked to apple pay. target has gotten rid of complaints. some said it was helpful inner about taineing their kids but an overwhelming majority said made shopping with kids harder. kids knocked into other shoppers and knocked down displays. we don't have video of that. which we shall he did. the u.s. house of representatives has offered a way to help. the house overwhelmingly
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courthouses and passport centers. 8% voted no. many thought that parents need clean, safe place to change their child. >> to change their baby on a bathroom floor, terrible option unsanitary for the parents and children. >> catherine: the cost of placing changing stations in rest rooms could be a problem. the bill moves to the senate. it it passes, it will have to be installed in easing up on pot is a bit of a problem for police. why local departments are losing thousands of dollars. and we are still following the developing news out of charlotte, north carolina.
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose.
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hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. now at 4:30. back-ups, rookies, suspensions, apparently it doesn't happen. the pats are 3-after shutting
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how they got the strong ground game. a young man is shot in the shoulder at a local cvs. the three people that ran out of the store that police are looking for. boston police and now maybe the mbta. posting body cameras on transit officers, and why that is not the only cameras he wants to see on the t. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> jason: good morning, everybody. a good fe it is friday, september 23, i am jason law. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. some showers before we get to the weekend. a small price to pay. meteorologist jason brewer is in the storm tracker weather center with a timeline on the rain and when things start to feel like fall, jason. >> jason: we are starting to notice some changes behind this front, catherine. in northern new england right now that will be passing into southern new england late this afternoon and behind the front
4:30 am
right now i am tracking sprinkles through southern new hampshire. the rest of us are waking up dry. we are seeing the increasing clouds. temperatures are climbing quickly around lunchtime and heading into the lower to middle 80s this afternoon. despite clouds that are going to be moving in. enjoy the warmth. the cool down on the way. the weekend in view does get sunny but cooler. let's take look at how the roads are doing 4:30 on your friday morning right now. start with the m mathly as you might anticipate. zoom over here. the pike that is moving well. 128, the expressway doing just fine. a couple of lane closures in those tunnels clustered right in the city. the pike tunnel, the prudential tunnel. a look at the pike going eastbound, and traffic is moving well. you do see a police vehicle. doesn't seem to be impeding your progress. drive times, route 1, 12 minutes. 93 from andover to the leverett connector, 21 minutes


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