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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this is the fox25 morning news. and good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us now o'clock on this friday morning. it is september 23. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. a cool, bright, breezy weekend ahead for a real fall feel. jason brewer is in the storm tracker with a few fall showers. area where the steady rain. a couple of sprinkles i have seen in southern new hampshire, worcester county, near leominster. i am not seeing more than a couple of drops. a trace near portsmouth, new hampshire. you can see the clouds build in and they will warm up anyway. in the middle 70s by 11 he clock and hitting high temperatures in the upper 70s and early afternoon. we will go ahead and climb up above 80 degrees in many spots in the greater boston area ahead of this front with a 40%
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those hours into the evening to track on futurecast in just a little bit. that wokeend always in view. sunshine and cool temperatures ahead. all right, let's take look at how the roads are doing just about 5:00 on your friday morning. look at that big map. don't see nay glaring problems. certainly a good thing. the pike moving along just fine. 128 doing well. the expressway doing okay too. just a little bit slow as you go through quincy and milton try to make your way north. there is this from the mbta commuter rail. supposed to leave at 4:58. expected to be 15 to 25 minutes behind because of signal issues. the zakim bridge, leverett connector. route 24, 11 minutes. 93 from andover to the leverett connector. 20 minutes. the expressway a 9-minute ride. sara and gene, over to you. well, they have one quarterback but three wins, and that is perfectly fine with the new england patriots.
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suspension. pats hosting houston. quarterback jacoby brissett making his first nfl start in place of jimmy garappolo and brady. jacoby brissett shows off his legs. he has got legs and know how to use them. pats up 10-0. defense was great and so was running back legarrette blunt takes off 41 yards for a score. second touchdown of the game. patriots cruise 27- their first shutout their first shutout since 2012. here is butch stearns for reaction from foxborough. >> reporter: third game of the season without tom brady, the patriots start their second xwavbing the season and remain first place mainly because jacoby brissett doesn't play like a rookie on thursday night and their defense pitches a shutout. >> a lot of veteran players stepped up and helped me out a lot. just giving confidence. the coaching staff gave me confidence and everything went
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possessed the football and capitalized on turnovers. not just what we do but a team effort and that tonight was big for us. >> we had a big challenge. they converted a lot of d-balls and two good receivers that can take you vertical. the game plan was simple, no big plays. drive down the field and make it tough for them. >> it was very fun. any time you can go out on a short week and be a very good football team with a complimentar detention, special teams making big plays, it's fun. it is a fun environment. the patriots now have ten days to get ready for their next game right here at gillette stadium sunday october 2 against the buffalo bills. in foxborough, butch stearns, station sports. and tom brady posting this picture to his facebook page last night showing malcolm
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he posted sim lamp sketches after the patriots won over the cardinals. next game will be at gillette stadium. we are following breaking news in tulsa. early this morning police officer betty shelby turned herself in manslaughter charges in the shooting death of a man. they say shelby acted unreasonably and overreacted when she shot terrence crutcher who walked toward his suv with his hands in the air. helicopter and dash cam video captured it. at first she said he wasn't cooperating. she is out on bail. release the video! release the video! >> sara: a demonstrators chanting "release the video" as they gather. the scene was peaceful unlike the past two nights. fox25's jason law is following the latest developments overnight. >> jason: that's right, they
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release the dash cam video from earlier in the week. the police chief says he is not planning on making it public any time soon. >> reporter: tuesday protesters go to the streets of charlotte in as many time in as many nights. unlike the previous two. peace. even though midnight curfew was largely ignored. the message was clear. the people of charlotte want answers as the state picks up the investigation into the death of keith lamont scott who outside his car tuesday by officer brentley vinson. we have seen pictures of what happened next and dash cam video tells more of the story. not providing defensive evidence that scott pointed a gun at officers, scott refuses to drop his weapon. scott's family watched two videos of the shooting and impossible to discern if scott had anything in his hands. the family wants the tape released publicly but the
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those calls. >> the whole dynamic and definition of conspiracy. but we have been very specific how we release.information. >> reporter: claiming off move will have put crime victims at risk. >> our sex assault victims and domestic violence victims will have a lot less faith in us. so i would be losing a lot more than people are really willing to acknowledge in the hopes to gain additional support and transparency >> jason: this morning we learned that one of the protesters hit by a bullet in the crowd has died. the panther also not be moving their home game from the minnesota vikings. the team had discussed moving the game but now say that the game will be played at the bank of america stadium in downtown charlotte. a local cvs surrounded by police crime tape inside the store. a teenager was shot while waiting in line. now police are still search for the gunman.
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outside that stoughton cvs that the gunshot echoed throughout the store and the parking lot. >> reporter: scary moments inside and outside this cvs. this all happened while customers were shopping inside. this morning police are trying to find the three people they believe are behind this. this all started police say yesterday afternoon when three men went inside the store and got into some sort of fight with the victim. it ended one of them shooting that victim all three took off. police are not saying a whole lot about this morning. and not saying a whole lot about that victim either only only that he is 18 years old. customers inside the store at the time tell us it happened near the cash register right at the front of the store. >> i only saw a couple of guys, and they were arguing, and -- and they -- they said they were going to take it outside. i just heard a pop. two pops.
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nearby stoughton high school and middle school result of the shooting. once again police are trying to track down those three people responsible and they do say this was not a random act and absolutely no danger to the public. live in stoughton, jessica reyes, fox25 news. and new this morning, the head of the mbta police is now pushing for his officer to wear body cameras. the superintendent says he applauds the pilot program being tested by the boston police. fox25's jim morelli is live in do just stop at body cameras? >> reporter: no, it does not and this plan is not imminent, sara. a point of discussion brought up on the boston herald's video program. the superintendent of the chief police richard sullivan saying yes, indeed, he does favor body cams on transit police officers but more than that he favors having video surveillance cameras on trains.
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about half of them by 2002 and half the installation should begin with the new cars equipping the officer with body cams. a dicier proposition and the reason for that, of course, that there are union considerations. obviously boston went through quite a number months to try to get even the pilot program started. sullivan says, however, that the t has a good healthy relationship with unionized police officers so perhaps it would be easier. we hope to talk to key passenge coming. jim m+ to, relli, fox25 news. red sox has nine games left and they are crushing their division rival. going for 8th win in a row. andrew benintendi. he wound up getting thrown out at 2nd, but the sox do take a lead. hanley ramirez with the final dagger sending one the opposite way. lands in the party deck, and
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pretty soon the party will be in the red sox clubhouse. sox twin 5 - 3 the final after sweeping aside the orioles and yankees sox have bon eight in a row. lead over five and a half games over the blue jays that are idle. down to six and checks out at five -- imagine number five to clinch the devise. sox will be from tampa to tart a series against the rays. one more moment to show you from last night, the orioles presented david ortiz what is that, a dugout phone he destroyed during an epic melt down in baltimore three years ago. very creative by the os. donated $10,000 to a charity for children and they did so in big papi's honor. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a look at drive times, route 24, 8 minutes. 93 from 495 in andover to the leverett connector, once again a 20-minute drive right now. jason. .
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tracking our real first big fall front and the rain it will bring for a friday. i got a timeline on that straight ahead. now 5:11. more coming up on fox25 morning news. it is arriving just in time for haunted happenings. the witch city welcoming the global headquarters for satanic worship. coming up at 5:30, we are live in salem what will take place inside this quaint victorian house. a miracle that nobody was
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esources and connections to experts to help make your life easier to manage. because we get it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at back at 5:14.driver in deadly sweet tomatoes crash in newton wants documents in the case sealed. the attorney for bradford casler and before a judge. it killed two people and injured several others. an attorney representing the family of one of those killed wants everything made public. >> we are not asking for social security numbers or medical records. , asking for basics to do our
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make his own decision. a cohas is set defense attorney it not want to be seen when she headed to criminal cart to face charges of her own. she hid her face in court as she pled not guilty to vehicular homicide. she was parking at the brockton courthouse in june when her suv went into reverse and hit john buckley standing in the sidewalk. he died at the hospital. the lawyer blames the car for the deadly accident. an incredible series of crashes in westborough as this happened early yesterday morning. we are told the cars were all headed west. the first vehicle was completely crushed, but somehow the driver survived. two more cars then hit the animal, javier bermio was driving the third vehicle. he said he went airborne when he hit the moose. >> just when i saw it roll over, the car off. >> sara: javier said the car was destroyed and he was shaken but everyone involved in the crash is okay.
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by a commuter rail train and now looking for a new home. a mbta worker found the 1-year-old shitzu named charlie lying on the track. surgeons had to remove one of her legs and give her two blood transfusions. they aif she shouldn't been brought in so quickly, she would have died. >> i think once she is fully recovered and off all of her medications she will be a wonderful family member. >> the mspca is taking donations to cover charl if you want to adopt the pup or help out with costs go to web be with. poor little poochy and she is doing okay. >> catherine: she is headed in the right direction. 93 moving okay. shifting south and west a little bit. pike, 128 doing okay. again, just that little slightly slow pocket on the expressway as you go through quincy and milton. a look at that train again. the commuter rail train from
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minutes late because of a signal issue. a look at one our live cameras. the expressway, no real problems there yet. the drive times, pike 23 minutes on the expressway. 9 minutes, 128 will take you 22 minutes. now back over to you. 5:17 and it is friday. we are looking ahead to the weekend and fall -- we talked about it being fall. >> sara: the first full day of fall and thank goodness it is the >> jason: happy friday. that we love. good all the way around. we need the rain. like dinnertime plans where we get our best chance to get some moisture. it is not going to be helping the drought much, but we can take what we can get. show you right now the clear skies of brockton at 55 degrees. cloudier skies in southern new hampshire. the merrimack valley. lower to middle-60s the sign of the approaching front. clear to the south.
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a little cloud blanket. at 62. auburn at 61 right now. not much rain but a sprinkle or two can't be ruled out as which have seen this first little push of low pressure. just a front ahead of a front if you will. a trough of low pressure come big, portsmouth, new hampshire. and, again, that shower chance is just about gone this morning. we have to wait until later in the day for the main front to get back here and give us a better rain chance right now in northern new england clouds building in through lunch hours ahead of it and sun mixing in as well and temps will be warm. southwesterly wind ahead of this front to warm us into the 80s in many locations. take a look at 6:00 this evening. the pike northward, a better chance for afternoon drive to be impacted by a couple of showers. maybe a rumble of thumbeder. kevin will be here monitoring the latest on any of that but into the dinnertime hours we go and beyond, a chance of a couple of passing showers
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chance and to those hours, the pike southward across the south shore, and then tomorrow morning as we get started on fox25 morning news, clearing skies. we will start to see that dry, cool air filter in, and we will see very lit rain left over for the cape and islands in the morning. track the metro west hour by hour planner today, by 11 a.m., middle 70s. by 1:00 in the lower 80s. an we will stay there for better part of the afternoon late day when we get the shower and rumble chance. upper 70s douglas at 82. topsfield and ipswich in the lower 80s. lower and mid-80s around the greater boston area all the way back to shirley and chelmsford as well. warmth for the first full day of fall and most spots near 80 near barntable this afternoon. waking up tomorrow morning, a north and northwest breeze coming through. we will have clearing skies with a lot of 40s to start the day outside of the city. so it is going be too cool
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sunny afternoon on saturday. look at these temperatures in the 60s on sunday, even a little bit cooler still. we are going to be bottoming out in the 30s on saturday and sunday night. i think the coolest morning on the seven day will be monday morning. as well light winds and clear skies with high pressure right overhead. sunny skies to start the week. a slight chance of rain could be moving in by the middle of next week. a low that is reerratic stay tuned. we will keep you posted. a big victory for family. what lawmakers are the fiveing to have added in he public bathroom. coming up yes you are seeing double in includes three sets of twins and fertility drugs were not
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avid kohl's shopper also soon be able to leave their wallet in the car. will allow customers who have a store charge card to pay from their phone. customers can pay for their k+
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information to the app and use that at checkout. the first store to have their rewards card linked to apple pay. okay, so catherine, we know you are only carrying one little baby boy in your belly. >> catherine: just one. >> sara: a but a family in texas has delivered their third set of twins. can you imagine. the large family of 8 welcomed in their new set of newborns. they seem blessed by the multiples. there in their family and zero fertility drugs were involved. all are fraternal twins. >> catherine: good thing they are not eye den at that. >> catherine: if my husband sees this he will be jealous. he was so hoping for twins. >> sara: still hoping are catherine. >> catherine: i had a lot of cravings during my pregnancy. mcdonald's in i can't pan,
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may be a an averse. drizzled with chocolate and pumpkin sauce. no word if u.s. location also give it a try. i know a season for pumpkin everything but -- >> sara: you know what, for me only salt on my french fries. >> catherine: the sweet and salty are a weird thing. >> sara: >> sara: the mcdonald's french fries are the greatest things ever. >> jason: i like pumpkin, chocolate doyle it. accepted it over from japan. tracking this front in northern new england that will mean rain for us and much cooler temperatures in your weekend forecast coming up. and the brangelina divorce is getting uglier by the day. why the fbi confirms their agency is now involved in the couple's bitter break-up. satanic worship comes to a town known for its infamous witch trial.
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: here we are at 5:30 and we have showers that are on tap for a little bit later today and the feel of fall is going to be on the way as well, sara. so we have a little last taste of summer on the first official day of fall, and now we are going to get fall on the second official day of fall. why am i not making any sense here? >> sara: a yes. >> gene: didn't seem like it but i am glad that someone is following along. >> sara: good morning, everyone. great to see you. we will have jason brewer trying to make sense of what gene said. >> gene: hopefully you can straighten that out. >> jason: i got you covered. another cool day. and in northern new england, seeing clouds and couple of
5:30 am
though. paisley along and west of 95. here around laconia a little more light showers getting organized in southern new hampshire and most of us are dry for the balance of the day. our worcester forecast by 11:00 in the morning, in the 60s. in the middle 70s. hitting highs in the upper 70s say around 2:00 and a chance for late day into the evening dinnertime plans. so 80 to 84 degrees on the first full day of fall in the sunnier. much more on the rest of that coming up. >> catherine: all right, look at how the roads are doing at 5:30. the map looking good for the most part. north and slightly west. 495, no problems there. same for 128 and 9. now shifting south and slightly west. 49, 128 doing okay. the expressway here little tiny pockets, but no big problems at this hour. take a look at the pike as you are going through brighton
5:31 am
pretty much smooth sailing. the drive times for you on the pike will take 23u minutes opinion on the expressway about 10 minutes. 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls, looking good, 21 minutes there. top stories, new england patriots 3-on the season. quarterback jacoby brissett rush for a touchdown in the first nfl start. the third-string quarterback leading the team in the place of suspended tom brady and injured jimmy garappolo. defense perfect. gillette. the patriots roll over their opponent 27- they host buffalo this sunday october 2 at gillette stadium. mr. morning, police are searching for three young men involved in a shooting inside of a local pharmacy. the men were seen running from a cvs on central street in stoughton yesterday. seconds before a 18-year-old man was shot in the shoulder near the front register. around a dozen customers were inside the store when it happened. after the shooting, two
5:32 am
told students to stay home and stay safe. the town made famous for witch trials is now home for a satanic temple. the religious organization will open their doors in downtown salem today. fox25's michael henrich live outside a quaint victorian house in bridge street which is the group's global headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: gene, good morning to you. doesn't look like more than house on bridge street in salem. used to be a funeral home a while back. international headquarters for the satanic temple. you will notice the largest part of this sign in front calls it an art gallery. the satanic temple's web site says will have art, host lectures, view films and more. and suggesting that this version of say tamism does -- satanism does not worship a devil or anything of that
5:33 am
standards. the irony that once executed people because of alleged ties of satan will be -- it is not lost on us and, indeed, this satanic temple now sits about a mile away from where 19 of the 20 people convicted of witchcraft in the 1690s were hanged. i reached out to the a tannic temple as to what is going on today with the opening and once i hear back, i will, of course, bring that you update live in salem, michael henrich, fox25 news. lawrence police are trying to track down a hit-and-run driver. the story was breaking on the fox25 news yesterday. police now tell us that a man on a motorcycle hit two people walking in a crosswalk on route 114. then officers say the mercedes came down the road hitting the man on the bike. the thank victim william bickford died from his injuries. police say the mercedes is a 2002 four-door sedan.
5:34 am
court yesterday accused of driving a stolen suv without a license. police say they were following her when she hit a concrete barrier and flipped the suv on its side. it then slipped into several vehicles trapped at a traffic light. a teenaged passenger suffered serious injuries but he is expected to survive. an ashburnham man without a home after car slammed into his living room. it happened on ashby road when she lot control of the house. robert gould was not inside when the crash destroyed his home of 40 years. the impact caused the second floor to collapse. >> fire fighters, wreckers pulling my car out of the house. >> gene: the fire department said the driver was unconscious when they pulled her out of the car. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. a debate over legalizing marijuana in massachusetts ends with a strange twist.
5:35 am
on recreational marijuana. during a debate, a panelist held up two bags of candy and requested the audience to determine which one was laced with marijuana. following the debate a man walked up and took one of those bags of candy. neither bag contained drugs. in november, massachusetts voter also decide if recreational marijuana use will become legal. local cities and towns are finding it tough to collect thousands of dollars owed for marijuana citations amounts of pot back in 2008. the law allows people to get $100 citations but people are not paying. the only avenue to get the money is to take people to small claims court and that was costly and time consuming. fox25 paid the unpaid marijuana from several towns. norwood had more than $14,000 in delinquent citations. canton had more than 200,000
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past year and a half. 5:35 this morning. a local furniture store getting political. why jordan's will be closing its doors earlier this week.
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. well, good morning to you at 5:37 on your friday. we track traffic and weather
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the leverett connector and the tobin bridge, everything is moving smoothly. nice clear picture, jason. >> jason: i love to see that, catherine. we are in pretty good shape as far as the weather. the clouds are building in and not much rain. the morning drive is looking nice. temperatures in the 50s. cape cod and the islands and we are seeing a lot of 50s as you get outside of the city of boston but 64 in town. and we have lower 60s there around nashua this morning. a few little sprinkles of rain have tried to come back in, but i am tracng southern new england into the late day. so we will have the futurecast look at the timing of that coming up. sara. many parents struggle to find place to change their baby's diaper while out in public. now the u.s. house of representative have offered a way to help. the house overwhelmingly approved a bill to require diaper changing stations in federal buildings including places like courthouses and
5:40 am
most feel that parent need a clean, safe place to change their child. >> change it on the bathroom floor terrible option and unsan tarly for the parent and children. >> sara: the cost of placing the changing station in rest rooms could be a problem. it moves to the senate. it it passes, changing station also have to be in both men and women's bathrooms. target has gotten because of complaints. they placed them in 72 stores. some say the carts were help enveloper about taineing their children while they shopped, but an overwhelming authority said it made shopping harder. they knocked down displays and ran into other shoppers causing them to remove the carts. keeping you up to date and checking in live with all of the reporters after the break including the worst took this date roving 500 million e-mail
5:41 am
years ago. why the company waited until now to let everyone know, and what they want to you do about it. plus, it's no longer a joke. the serious charges anthony
5:43 am
well, if you are just joining us, we are getting you up to date on the top stories this morning. >> sara: including calls for body cameras on mbta police and opening of the satanic temple in salem. first, we check in with jessica reyes live in stoughton where police are searching for the gunman who open fired inside of a cvs. >> reporter: searching for that gunman and two other men that ran into this cvs and
5:44 am
stow none broad daylight. we understand by some witnesses the three of them got into a fight with some victims inside the store. this ended with one the men shooting the victim in the shoulder. police are not saying the thing about the victim this morning only to say he is 18 years old. once again while police are searching for the three people they say was involved in this, they do want everyone to know that there is no danger to the public and this was not a random act. i am in i am in stoughton this morning, jessica reyes, fox 25 news. a high-ranking official and the t police say they would luke to see body cameras on key police officers. superintendent richard sullivan tells the boston herald radio program yesterday morning he not only wants to see body cameras but would also like to have video surveillance cameras on trains. the mbta is in the midst of replace being half of its red line train fleet. sullivan says this is perhaps a good time to introduce those cameras on the trains. of course, union
5:45 am
body cameras may be more difficult than that and there is still a healthy relationship with police unions. live in dorchester, jim morelli, fox news. why do you need riot gear. we don't eno riot here. >> calm on the streets of north carolina. they rallied in the streets. they are protesting the shooting death of a man by police on tuesday. the message from protesters on wednesday is wednesday is they want answers. police have released pictures but the family of keith lamont scott killed by police want the dash cam video of the shooting remain public. police say releasing the video will put victims at risk. and 5:45 right now on your friday morning. and first day of fall. very exciting. >> gene: first full day. >> sara: full day. >> gene: we will give you a fall-like feel. when will we notice because
5:46 am
feeling that change from north to south. as you wake up tomorrow morning, probably a sweater or fleece depending on how thick your flood is. -- your blood is. 85, 87. fitchburg near 80 in boston. currently in the 50s and 60s. we have a little cloud blanket coming over trapping in some of the heat from yesterday and say worcester at 62 degrees. mid-60s there in salisbury and gloucester. mid-50s in boston. the clearer air. cape cod, plymouth county all running in the mid- to upper -- 48 on the vineyard. mid- to upper 50s elsewhere. tracking the rain. doppler radar are pretty quiet yet. a couple of isolated sprinkles coming across 495 points westward and drying up and then in southern new hampshire. i have seen a better rain chance this morning and just kind of in and out. tracking a new batch of light showers north of concord making their way eastward.
5:47 am
front in northern new england right now. the clouds increasing ahead of the front through noontime. most of us will get that partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky. but no rain really until later in the day. a look at 5, 6 in the evening you see that chance of rain north of the pike is where we can have some wet roads for that afternoon drive time. and dinnertime, it will be the pike southward along the south shore where you will want your umbrellas along. showers of rain moving through and could be fairly light. 10th of an inch out of most activity and clearing out of here very quickly tomorrow morning. 6 in the morning on saturday was he get started on fox25 morning news. couple of showers left over cape and islands. other areas in southern new england clearing out already. a look at our north shore numbers today. how about 80 degrees by 1:00 in the morning and quick warm-up despite the clouds that will be building in because we have a southwest
5:48 am
temperature drop there along the north shore is when winds turn out of the north and we have that rain chance coming through. so the afternoon numbers for you in the upper 70s in worcester today. harvard in the lower 80s. haverhill as well. lynn at 83 degrees before the front comes in late day and natick, dedham and braintree all the lower and middle 80s and another day of warmth. not a bad beach day. clouds building in during the afternoon and cape cod near 80 around take a look at those lows tonight. you will wake up tomorrow morning mostly in the 40s outside of boston. we will see 50s as we go south and eastward toward cape cod and high temperatures tomorrow don't recover that quickly. a cool flow of north wind all day long. we have clearing skies and sunshine with temperatures in the mid and upper 60s and then on sunday, it's a cold start and can only climb into the lower and middle 60s for the high temperature.
5:49 am
monday morning cold in the middle 30s. and a slight chance of rain coming up by the middle of next week. catherine? >> catherine: that is chilly stuff. look at the map right now. you can see as we look around the city. 128, 9 3 coming from the north headed south. 128 going north okay. the expressway a little slow between quincy, milton, dorchester, the your spots unfortunately north because this incident southbound. there was a box truck rollover there was a box truck rollover, and because of that we have a lane that is closed here and mass dot is actually tweeting about that right now saying there is some debris and dwlaes that lane is closed. take that into account 495 southbound. a very dark look at the expressway this morning. you can see those tail lights so volume is starting to build. drive times for you right now. the pike 23 minutes. the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams, 12 minutes and on the expressway, just a little bit slow there, about 15 minutes. sara, back over to you.
5:50 am
ahmad khan rahami is back in the u.s. investigators hope she can fill in key details about her husband including possible connections to terrorists. here is the latest on the investigation. authorities have larnld that rahami returned to his family home following the new york explosion but rahami has not yet been questioned. police say he is still in the hospital unconscious after a shootout with police in new jersey. as for his wife, she is back from she is not considered a suspect. searching for two men seen in piece of luggage the night of the attack. a rhode island man has pled guilty to conspiracy charges. earlier this year nicholas rivinski and two massachusetts men planned to kill a woman who organized a cartoon contest features images of the prophet muhammed. one of the other suspects was
5:51 am
a police officer outside of a roslindale shopping plaza. yahoo says state sponsored hackers stole information from 500 million of its users in what appears to be the largest preach in history. fox25's jason law joins us with more on people who still have the yahoo accounts. >> jason: what it means all the yahoo e-mails and passwords could help gain access to credit card information. if you were the same person that uses the same for multiple accounts, you may want to make a change. >> reporter: yahoo experts believe the hack happened in 2014 and the last two years, some 500 million yahoo e-mail users account details were exposed. everything from names and e-mail addresses to dates of birth, security questions, and hacked passwords. >> this is by far the largest data breach ever. >> reporter: identity thief expert with hot shield says if you are not an active yahoo
5:52 am
password for your old account and play it safe by updating any pass words that are the same. >> whenever data breaches. ner do wells and reselling that to other criminals accessing our accounts and liquidating bank accounts and credit card accounts as a result. >> reporter: they are working with law enforcement to get to the bottom of it and think the hack could be state-sponsored since it was so >> they say state-sponsored hacker. someone like russia are china. they pay one their citizen hackers to break into these databases. whether or not that is the case we don't really know. the fact of the matter is there is buzz around it and more than likely the obama administration will get involved. >> now this morning yahoo officials say the stolen information did not contain credit card or bank account numbers. those numbers were not stored in the system that was hacked.
5:53 am
apparent e-mail that can contained a can of michelle obama's passport. the e-mail account belongs to a low-level contractor and had information of white house low guess fix and travel and aim image that appears to be the first lady's passport has and on line and the white house haven't determine if it is you a then tim pb the same group that leaked the e-mails of colin powell last week. on the campaign trail, donald trump is criticizing hillary clinton for taking a few days off. >>. >> where is hillary today? well, they say she has been practicing for the debate. some people think she is slipping. >> sara: trump made the comment during a campaign rally in virginia. the democrat is meeting with advisors. trump plans to keep campaigning. he says he will spend some time on sunday getting ready
5:54 am
mother. spoke with voters in grand rapids, michigan. chelsea spoke of family leave for you are in paints. this past summer she gave birth to her second child. jordans will close earl so employees can watch the first presidential debate. all store also close at 8 p.m. the debate begins at 9:00 and you can auto he it right here on fox25. a new sexting scandal can lead to criminal charges agains anthony weiner. multiple reports say federal prosecutors and nypd are investigating the latest allegations involving wiener. this week the daily mail accused him of sending graphic text messages to a 15-year-old girl. the feds have reportedly issued subpoenas for information about those messages. last month, weiner's wife filed for divorce following a different sexting scandal. the fbi is decide building to open an investigation of brad pitt over allegations of
5:55 am
last week. pitt and his wife angelina jolie announce the divorce one day after the incident. jolie cited family hale as a new reason for the split the title called "the murder of stephen king" will no longer be published. he will not release book of the man obsessed with king. he is learning about that decision after fans have vandal life. he will publish a different novel in november instead. >> gene: kind of a strange topic for a book anyway. i am sure steven king is grateful for that too. something smelly happening in hingham. hundreds of dead fish washing ashore. coming up at 6:00, what is causing this stinky situation. plus, an armed home invasion turns into a wild west shootout. the dra mat mick surveillance
5:56 am
map right now before 6:00. you can see the slow spot is the expressway as you go between quincy and milton. i will have drive times coming up. jason. >> jason: right now tracking a few showers in southern new one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
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or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank. ? are you feeling alright, baby? ? now at o'clock, the patriots are unstoppable. new england blanks the texans with their rookie quarterback at the helms.
5:59 am
leyden and show you a rare smile from coach bell belichek. a teenager is shot in the shoulder in the middle of a cvs in broad daylight. >> i heard a pop, maybe two pops. >> reporter: the three people that police are looking for this morn. and plus a third night of protests are peace envelope charlotte. why police did not have to enforce the midnight curfew and what the shooting victim's public. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: we have to the our team of reporters live across the area covering all the big stories. we will get to all of them in just a minute. good morning and thank you for being with us on this friday morning, it is september 23. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am arkansas. another warm day on tap before the fall river really takes over for the weekend. check in with fox25
6:00 am
this morning. >> we have seen the rain in northern new england.a few coming into southern new hampshire as well. you can see the front where the steady rain it. parked to the north where we are seeing clouds building in this morning and not much rain along 49 and west. i have seen a couple of sprinkles and here along concord and over to portsmouth, just plan on that chance for a wet road or two this morning. greater boston forecast, the 80s despite clouds moving in and warm up ahead of this kay. afternoon drive times. dinnertime. i am back with the latest timing on this with future cast coming up. look at the weekend always in rue. sunny skies and cool fall temperatures on the way, catherine. we will take a look at that map now, and things starting to get a little busy as we move into that 6:00 hour. the expressway, the slow spot between quincy and milton. if you were coming through woburn down 93. a little bit slow. go up north.


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