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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 23, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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saying. >> police in stoughton searching for three people involved in shooting inside cvs. >> heard pop. >> calm after hours of peaceful demonstration this morning. what protesters are demanding the city release. >> catherine: worst hacks ever and security experts people should do to keep their information private. jason brewer with look at temperatures and how we will be swinging. >> jason: cold front to the north that's where fall resides and bringing chance of rain
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light showers showing up in southern new hampshire. 500 of inching of rain and drought buster and enough to wet the roads and 60s to start the day and look at lowell planner, up to 80? around lunch time and then start to see the clouds and rain chance and afternoon drive into the dinner time and most concerned impacted by showers coming through. and clouds increasing and 40% rain chance coming up late day and then sunny skies, breezy and cool conditions arriving. i got much more on changes that will feel for the weekend and hour-by-hour look at that rain chance coming up. >> catherine: 128 looking good-looking from the north and 93 jammed up as go through medford and making way south and
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and, of course, south of the city we have a lane that's blocked going southbound squantum street on the expressway and see what's that doing to the map, causing heavy traffic jam. also jammed up in the predictable spot between quincy and milton trying to make way north into the city and let's take look at zakim bridge right now. leverett connector you can see volume pretty typical for this hour and pike 46 minutes and 93, 495 to the leverett connector and take you 38 now. >> not saying we don't need tom brady but haven't needed tom brady to go three-zero. pats hosting houston, both teams two-zero. rookie quarterback jacoby brissett making first nfl start in place of brady and jimmy garoppolo and second quarter he can run and look at move uses to get interest end-zone, 27 yards
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ten-zero. fourth quarter that's a 41-yard run for the touchdown. ice is game and patriots roll. they are three-zero after shutting out houston last night 27-zero and go to butch stearns. >> butch: solid from quarterback and shutout. >> everybody played good, no matter who's playing and everyone feels good. you know what i'm saying, part of why you want to keep getting them. >> coming down to get the win, hard, tough game and score doesn't reflect how tough the game was and how hard we fought through the whole game. >> able to make a lot of stops when needed them and heck of a game. thursday games are getting body right and playing football and game plan together and going out
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school football. >> if we work hard like that we will have a chance to win any time we take the field but we have to actually prepare as we possibly can and that's what we did this week. >> butch: patriots have now won 111 of 131 games played in the history of gillette stadium. next game sunday october 2nd in against bills is here in gillette stadium. manslaughter charges in shooting death of unarmed black man. prosecutors found officer shelby reacted unreasonably and overreacted when she shot terence crutcher as he walked toward the suv with his hands in the air. helicopter and dash cam video caught the shooting. first shelby says crutcher wasn't cooperating. she is now out on bail. >> protesters chanting why are
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carolina. this morning we learned the protester shot wednesday has died. overall the latest night of protest in response to this week's deadly police shooting in charlotte were peaceful. now the focus turning more toward the investigation and victim's family says they want the video of the shooting to be made public. thursday protesters took to the streets of charlotte third time in as many nights. unlike the even though midnight curfew was largely ignored. the message was clear. the people of charlotte want answers. as state picks up the investigation into the death of keith lamont scott who was shot and killed outside his car tuesday by officer brentley vinson. we have seen pictures of what happened next and chief putney says dash cam video tells more of the story. while not providing definitive evidence scott pointed gun at
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refusing the weapon and scott family showed two videos and impossible to discern she had anything in his hands. >> very specific how we release information. >> claiming such a move would put crime victims at risk. >> assault victims, domestic violence victims are going to hope to gain additional support and transparency. >> tom: team has discussed and moving the game somewhere else but they will play at bank of america stadium in downtown charlotte.
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police say teenager was waiting in line when three men got into a fight with them. one of the men pulled out gun and opened fire. jessica reyes is live outside the stoughton cvs where police are still looking for suspects, jess. >> jessica: as we speak we are trying to find that they believe are behind this. crime scene tape cvs in stoughton thursday after a teenager was shot inside. one of about dozen shoppers at cvs when it all happened. she says it started with fight near the cash registers. >> couple guys and they were arguing and they said they were
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two pops. >> we had the window closed. we could still hear it. >> jessica: this man heard the gun fire from the parking lot right outside. >> three kids come out and jumped in the car and took off. >> jessica: police say victim 18-year-old man and shot in the shoulder. they have not yet released his name, where he is from or what he was doing at the store. >> jessica: right now trying to identify and look for those that came into the store and have the altercation. >> one of the police officers came out and had a wit >> jessica: this woman across the street when it happened, angry the shooting for stoughton high in high school to cancel everything as a result. >> the schools are within a half mile to where we are right now and they can't even freely enjoy themselves because stuff like this, what if 12-year-old going into store to get a drink, something like this happened. it is getting a little too much. >> jessica: now although police searching for three people they believe are behind this, they don't want anyone to
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a random act and there's absolutely no threat to the general public. live in stoughton, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> catherine: officer was taken to lahey hospital with minor injuries and expected to make a full recovery. >> jason: following start of boston police pilot program with equip with body same thing. this goes beyond body cameras. jim morelli live in dorchester with closer look at the plan. jim? >> jim: high level for security and accountability and coming from the superintendent of the transit police richard sullivan, he was on a boston herald radio show yesterday morning. in that show he says that he does think that body cams are a
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equip trains with video surveillance cameras and red line is replacing more than half cars program in 2022 and perhaps and good time and comingon line to come in cameras. this is not something new. other transit systems have done this, for example, marta in atlanta video cameras in all its trains as well as all the body cams might be a little bit more difficult because there are union considerations. took boston awhile to get pilot program implemented and transit police have a good relationship with the union so maybe they can get it done sooner. jim morelli, fox25 news. >> catherine: look at drive times on expressway to the split to the pike take you 24 minutes.
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leverett connector. not bad 11 minute drive there. jason? >> jason: not too much wind and rain yet and time out rival of showers with future cast straight ahead
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>> jason: airports maof colleges and universities have reduced in >> catherine: driver in sweet tomatoes suit. the attorney for brad casler appeared before a judge. there were seven injured in march and attorney representing the family of who was killed wants everything made public. cohasset defense attorney does not want to be seen as heading into court to face criminal charges of her own. valerie simmencei hid face in court.
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when suv went into reverse and hit john buckley. standing on sidewalk. he died at the hospital. semensi lawyer flames the -- blames the car for the accident. >> jason: red sox running away with the division. in baltimore going for the eighth win in row. back-to-back sweeps. tied at three in the fifth, rookie andrew benintendi sends single to right, travis shaw comes around to score and come out at second and sox take the ramirez with dagger to ice the game. home run into the party deck out in right field by utah street and twenty-ninth of the year. sox went five-three and won eight in a row after sweeping the orioles and the yankees. red sox now lead the al east by five and a half games over the blue jays who did not play last night. their magic number is five. one more moment to show you from
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david ortiz and gave him dugout phone he destroyed three years ago. hope nobody had to make a call. great job by o's on that gift and $10,000 to charity for children in big papi's honor. again, both directions >> catherine: 128 looking great. 93 as coming through medford and somerville where you're jammed up still. take look at zakim bridge, leverett connector, volume still pretty heavy on the leverett connector there as zakim seems to be moving well. there are drive times for you, route 114 minutes, expressway from the split to the pike 23 minutes and 93 from 495 to the leverett connector. take you about 36 minutes right now. a little cloudy out there depending on some of the cameras. >> jason: still smiling big papi video.
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like that. we get trouble or in fired and he gets it as a gift saying thank you for all you have done. >> jason: a little bit cloudy and sunny to the south. nantucket in the vineyard, sunny, 70?, those clouds starting to move in over cape cod. the rain remains over southern new hampshire. seen a littlbi coming in here around manchester and concord and over toward keene, but not much south of the mass border here, temperatures in the 60s to start the day and most locations worcester at 63 and there you see few of those showers around new ipswich and bedford, over to new boston. just want the umbrella handy. we are seeing anywhere maybe few hundred of inch to tenth inch of rain in can cord the next batch
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road slick and watch to the west and tool. today you can track the showers as they pop up. now, most of the rain stays in northern new england for the better part of the day. it is going to be late day and southern new england and mostly cloudy skies, 60s, look at dew point and tells us the air is fair low dry and we have had some verga, rain before get to the ground and had cool rainbow shots with that set-up this morning and some of those on twitter account. you could log-in and check them out and show them to you next half hour too. despite clouds we warm up, upper 70s to lower 80s in worcester county. we will see mostly 80 degree readings even in essex county along the north shore. chelmsford your high 81 today
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middleborough and closer to the upper 70s with south and southwest. future cast clouds at noon and head to the afternoon dry and northward watch for the shower chance and one or two rumbles can't ruled out and southward and we will be watching out for isolated and keep the threat low and keep most of the schedule. early tomorrow morning leftover clouds south shore and cape and islands saturday morning at sunrise and even those clear out and we end up with sunny weekend. so check out the temperatures when you wake up tomorrow. back down or a little below normal, a lot of 40s outside of the city and we will see 50s on cape cod. let's track the tropics real quickly here. two tropical storms lisa and carl, zoom in on carl. this one should be a hurricane
9:20 am
tropical storm warning is up and want to show you nantucket over to the center of that storm at its closest approach. 685 miles away but when you factor in strong high pressure over the hudson bay and deep low pressure over the tropics and in between coming down and coldest morning on the thermometer in the middle 30s late enough to watch out for some frost and low lyin s back to you. >> catherine: people around new england and meteor spotted. this is from dash cam and found more than 200 people reported seeing the meteor. animal rescue team captured a manatee that's been spotted several times on cape cod far from usual floor waters and
9:21 am
international fund of animal welfare plans to evaluate the manatee held before taking to mystic aquarium in connecticut. >> jason: new information since the newsroom about the shooting at cvs in stoughton. we will take you live about pair of arrest in that case. >> catherine: family that ha my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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>> jason: department store announced it will let concerts with kohl's charge cards pay with smartphones. customers can use the updated kohl's app to store the credit card information. earlier this year kohl's became the 1st place to have reward cards linked to apple pay. target gotten rid of hundreds of kids sized shopping carts after complaints from parents. they placed them in 72 cards last month but some customers entertaining children while shopped. they made shopping with the kids harder because kids knocked down displays and ran with tiny carts. again, i wish we had video and now target had to remove old tiny shopping carts. >> catherine: take this one.
9:25 am
twins. family in texas delivered the third set of twins. already large family of eight welcomed set of newborns this week and feel blessed by the multiples and don't understand why it keeps happening and no twins in the families and all three set are fraternal things. >> jason: freak thing. >> catherine: talking about this was unbelievable in brookline. it is unbelievable. $90 million and surrounded by country club in brookline and excellent condition. look at it. 26,000 feet of living space that sit on 14 acres of property and pretty much has everything you would want in luxury estate. the tax alone though costs more than $330,000 a year and right now the founder of reebok owns the home.
9:26 am
you would need the mansion. >> catherine: good luck cleaning the place. that's what i think about. talking about cravings. ever wanted french fries with chocolate pumpkin on them? >> jason: no. >> catherine: restaurants selling chocolate pumpkin french fries with chocolate and pumpkin sauce. in. >> jason: you can on french fries. i will give it -- throw ingredients are there. >> jason: watching rain rolling in and timeline when to expect the showers for your friday coming up.
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sexting anthony weiner could be
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one in eight women will face breast cancer.
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access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> catherine:>> jason: two arren brazen shooting in cvs. gathering information at the scene and live update coming up
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>> jason: temperatures in 80s and before week get the cooler air in here there's the fronts right now over northern new england and take a little bit of time over here into the night tonight but as you wake up tomorrow really get to it and over to to get to the coast and southern new hampshire this morning. keep boston dry the better part of the day and 56:00 where we could see better rain chance and brighter skies and much cooler temperatures more on these
9:31 am
a little pocket and doing okay and slow through medford and somerville. want to zoom out a little bit here take a look at the pike and still slow in pocket as go through newton, 128 doing okay and i don't know what's going on with the expressway and jammed in both directions and filled in a lot of extra time and perhaps just choose another route entirely if you can can ask sluggish on leverett connector right now and drive times for you route 1 teen minutes, 93 from 495 in the leverett connector and pike 495 to mass ave take 28 minutes. back to the breaking news in stoughton right now. we learned there have been two arrests in shooting at cvs. fox25 jessica reyes just got this information confirmed from police. jess, what can you tell us? >> jessica: two people have been arrested in this case, two teenagers actually. 14 and 16-year-old. they were with the gunman inside this cvs and 18-year-old was shot and gunman we understand is
9:32 am
daylight yesterday and shoppers were in and outside of the store. as we have been reporting the last couple of hours three of them apparent went into the store and cash register line and ended up shooting him in the shoulder. now, police haven't said whole lot about the victim himself, only that 18 years old and he is expected to survive. after all of this we know after school activities were canceled at nearby stoughton high school and stoughton middle school. but once again we do know that two of with this shooting have been arrested, teenagers, 14 and 16 here, they were with gunman when shot 18-year-old inside the cvs and gunman is still on the loose as we speak. going to check in and get more information from them and more updates all day long and and later on today on fox25 at four, five and 6:00. by now live in stoughton, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news.
9:33 am
charges this morning and unarmed black man and prosecutors found officer shelby reactedun reasonably and became, quote, emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted end quote. she shot examine killed tearence crutcher as he walked toward suv with arms raised. it was caught by police helicopter in dash cam video. the officer says he was not cooperating. officer shelby posted bail. >> catherine: developing this morning there's calm on the streets of carolina. demonstrators rallied for third straight night. they are protesting the shooting death of man by police on tuesday but last night was far more peaceful. no violence or property damage. city leaders called for midnight curfew following mass riots on tuesday and wednesday nights. flint didn't have to enforce it because there's no unrest. protesters and police calling to release video of the shooting.
9:34 am
prime time last night. suspensions, injuries and short week, none of that seemed to matter to the pats and houston in foxborough, rookie quarterback jacoby brissett making first nfl start in place of tom brady and injured jimmy garoppolo. brissett shows off legs and guy can move and juke move to make into the end-zone and quarterback in more years and fourth quarter to take handoff and raises 41 yards for the score and pretty much iced the game and second touchdown of the game as patriots roll last night and surprise everybody
9:35 am
>> jason: live outside a home on bridge street which is the group's global headquarters. >> michael: home turned satanic temple mile away from 19 to the 20 people convicted of witchcraft 1690's were hanged. sure looks like house and former funeral home on bridge street in salem holds something inside now. something more than the art gallery sign the global headquarters for the satanic temple. group with more than 40,000 followers nationwide. >> neither here nor there. >> shoulder shrug several people that walked by this morning and
9:36 am
camera. >> michael: we intend to contribute to the cultural climate while maintaining the high standards. the irony that town which once executed because of alleged ties to satan will now be hosting the headquarters of the world's largest satanic organization is not lost on us. >> i think it is a good idea for salem >> michael: we reached out to satanic temple and we have not heard back and as soon as we do we will put it on fox25 app on live in salem i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> catherine: lawrence police trying to track down hit-and-run driver. police now tell us a man on motorcycle hit two people walking in a crosswalk on route 114. then officers say the mercedes
9:37 am
bike and police say mercedes 2002 four-door sedan. >> catherine: 17-year-old girl was in court yesterday accused of driving a stolen suv without a license. police say they were following her and flipped suv on its side and slid self vehicles stopped at traffic light and teenage passenger suffered serious injuries but he is expected to survive. >> jason: hit and woman hit the house. robert gould was not inside when the crash destroyed 40 years and caused second there are to collapse. >> fire trucks, wreckers, pull car out of the house. >> jason: fire department says she was unconscious when taken
9:38 am
>> catherine: local man saying he was illegally stopped and frisked. and says frisked him and searched his car and according to the complaint filed one of the officers referenced the color of his skin and stated the stop wasn't discriminatory. >> i think by the officer you're a good guy, cooperated. and then this isn't about race when -- what else should i think? chief tells fox25 he has opened an internal investigation. >> jason: debate on recreational marijuana. during the debate a pannist held up two bags of candy and asked the audience to determine which was laced with marijuana and following the debate man took one of the bags of candy. the panelist tells fox25 neither bag contained drugs. in november massachusetts voters
9:39 am
>> jason: legal cities and towns are finding it difficult to collect money for marijuana legalization and allows people to give $100 citations but problem is people aren't paying them. the only avenue cities have to get the money is to take people to small claims court but that's costly and time-consuming. fox25 polled the unpaid marijuana citations from several towns. norwood has more than $14,000n canton more than $10,000 since 2009. walpole 4,000 in just the last year and a half. >> catherine: thousands of dead fish washed up on beach of hingham and no one knows why. this is what it looked like next to the hingham yacht club. dead fish littering water and beaches. one theory the fish were chased into shallow water where they died from lack of oxygen.
9:40 am
>> fisherman might have been out there and yet broke and fish died and released. >> catherine: harbormaster says there's no risk to the public health. >> jason: local town has confirmed case of west nile virus and virus in milton. state confirmed dozens of positive tests so far this year, especially norfolk county. three people tested positive statewide. the leverett connector and 29 minutes 128 from university avenue to the weston tolls. 11 minutes right now. jason? >> jason: clouds moving in and going to be a warm day before bomb drops out and timing out rain coming coming up.
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>> catherine: yahoo says 500 million accounts have been hacked and they are urging company to do more to protect users. jacqueline fell is in washington and jackie, this could be one of the largest breaches ever. >> reporter: good morning.
9:44 am
immediately and to watch for any suspicious activity. now, the company says it believes a state sponsored actor was behind the data breach. that means someone acting on behalf of government. yahoo says account information stolen may include names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and passwords. consumer watchdog the u.s. public interest research group is urging yahoo to pay for credit with all three major national credit bureaus. the company doesn't believe that any financial information like credit card numbers were assessed but consumer watchdogs say it doesn't matter that users really need to be checking credit scores to make sure someone not opening new accounts
9:45 am
>> jason: white house hasn't determined if hackers leaking first lady's password. >> catherine: south of the city expressway improving and heading north toward the city and 128 doing okay as make way north. looking north now 93 looking good as try to make south route 1 as well. leverett connector, doing okay there. here is drive times for you, route 1, 13 minutes and 28 minutes 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. only going to take but 23 minutes right now and that's not too bad, jason. in fact, looking pretty good on cameras as well. >> jason: light rain and just enough to wet the roads, few hundredths of inch and make for pretty sunrise and share viewer
9:46 am
and coming into massachusetts early this morning, right around sunrise and that gave us a nice set-up for rainbows. so have some of the tweeted in for the fox25 weather center and have a nice shot from foxborough and sunrises always a little sweeter after a win here in foxborough. #tgif. have a great friday. most will stay dry for the daylight hours, late day evening and and right now and showers coming through from manchester over to keene, now and hundred inch of rain and laconia as well and peace air force base here,
9:47 am
beach. let me show you the wider view. here is front. still up to the north out ahead of it first band of rain. that's going to go ahead and move offshore and another round of rain developing when the front actually gets here late this afternoon. so you see where the blue colors are, that's the chilliest air. meantime 60s most of southern new england right now 70 there chatham at 72?. so there's look at clouds. those mid-level clouds, they are thickening up and we are going to see temperatures warming up nevertheless, despite the clouds because of the wind direction. it is out of the southwest and draw the warm air up, even though have mostly cloudy skies if the better part of the midday and early afternoon. upper 70s, lower 80s and pretty much across the board. warmest as you go farthest southward here into say southern norfolk county, over into dedham area, foxborough, we will see middleborough at 85? today in plymouth county and we will see
9:48 am
upper 70s today. let me show you the rain timing. here is future cast noon not much rain but late day north of the pike afternoon drive time threatened by showers and few rumbles and thinking about friday night football, we will be watching that threat for some wet weather, lightning risk is low at least and chance need umbrellas, ponchos southward into the early evening beyond and clear skies taking over again and cool north breeze taking over with temperatures in the 40s and 50s as we go southward in the morning and high temperatures only in the sixties so cool air comes in throughout the day and continues to filter in on sunday as well and cooler saturday and sunday particularly at night and waking up with weekend always in view, low 50s in the morning on
9:49 am
morning on sunday. i think the coldest temperatures thermometer wise would be on monday morning. light winds, clear skies, we will have the threat for patchy frost and pockets and low lying areas and temperatures only middle sixties on monday afternoon. then we get into next week. there's a cutoff low just going to be meandering to the west and get closer to us and right now mentioning chance of 20, 30% until we can get the timing a little bit better ironed out. >> michelle: beautiful new england season and fall festival and local bands and great selection of local craft beers, giant pumpkin drop and plenty of entertainment for the kids. it is the perfect way to kick off the weekend. next stop what the fluff. that's right. fluff.
9:50 am
somerville. the eleventh annual event celebrates the invention of marshmallow fluff. at this very location nine years ago. wow, next year should be quite the bash. you can expect day of music, cooking contest and, of course, fluff themed games and activities. so what the fluff. check it out on saturday. finally, lace up sunday or get on the sidelines to support the boston marathon jimmy fund walk. join thousands on the boston marathon course to raise money for the last year nearly 10,000 people came out for the event and raised over $8.2 million. join the fun sunday to beat last year's numbers and support the mission of everyone united together to conquer cancer. for more about what's happening around town, make sure you have the fox25 news app. in the menu click on around town section or you can click on around town tab at fox25 boston.
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news. >> jason: fluff looks pretty good. >> ready for anyone to play a tune or two and coming up next meet artist and custom pianos
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my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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>> catherine: federal prosecutors and nypd investigating latest allegations involving weiner. esaccused of sending graphic text messages to 15-year-old girl and subpoenas about the messages and last month weiner's wife filed for divorce following a different sexting fbi looking into whether look into charges for brad pitt. >> jason: focus on art. >> catherine: prepared to roll
9:55 am
>> jason: >> reporter: trying to rise above it all. first american piano factory once stood in boston's south end. the musical artistry has become this and work of sorrien bica. >> never done anything like this before. putting mark on these pianos, painted, sketched and colors. >> way to hide the piano and >> reporter: months of work leading up to today. >> go ahead with that one. >> rolled out with the others. 60 pianos going to 60 neighborhoods all across the city. sorrien's rolling canvas ended up in the heart of boston inside faneuil hall. part of the city's push to make the arts more accessible for everyone. >> idea is to call people toward the piano and encourage them to
9:56 am
for just the curious or even the pros. ? ? >> reporter: musical connection that's here for 18 days bridging the city's historic gap from then to now using the simple sounds. >> blair miller fox25 news. >> catherine: a lot of those people are talented. >> jason: might be tough to play in the rain. >> jason: put them under a covered pot. there's going to be chance of rain, late day evening around the greater boston area. right now watching showers portsmouth over to manchester, near concord, so southern new hampshire planning on wet roads here for the lunch hour as well. there's 7-day forecast weekend in view and look at cool sunny readings coming back here over
9:57 am
saturday night, especially by sunday night. different numbers. >> catherine: you're in new england, jason. >> i'm getting used to swings. >> catherine: thank you for joining us here. watch fox25 news at 4:00 p.m. >> have a great weekend. what's for dinner tonight? wegmans ez meals. dinner's not just delicious, it's done. [mmmm] chicken cacciatore... boneless chicken in our very own seasoned tomato sauce with peppers, mushrooms and basil. braised to perfection thanks to our unique ez oven packaging. it's ready to cook.
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it's september 23rd, time for now viral videos "right this minute". a dash cam captures the terrifying scene of a driver being robbed at gunpoint. the moment you hear who's caught in the middle. >> it's a baby. >> a new video looks at how much time it takes to be a woman versus a man. find out what the numbers really reveal. >> love it! >> it's a woman's bungee experience as friends wait below. >> she puts her arms up in the air and then she jumps. >> see the part nobody was expecting. plus, bonus give away day means your chance at a new ipad mini or flat screen tv. as christian, oli, charity, gayle, and nick bring the best


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