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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  September 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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through the boston area. gloucester to boston. going to zoom right down into the city. you will me spots of red showing up that's where it's coming down heavy as this happens to be right over the charles river right now. along the charles not to get some of that heaviest rain. it's already raining hard it's about to rain a little bit harder for you out there in in the esplanade. there's wellesley, route 9 the mass pike seeing some of that heavy rain right now. there go down right now. that'sat in here so we're not far out from the mall. >> there's 190 with some of that heavy rain coming through. look at that that's really pouring on down. heavy rain in southern worcester county, webster to douglas then finally that rain on the south shore getting off of here. the last of it by 6:30 into the morning. i'll show that you and show
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team with you whenever you go with the fox 25 storm tracker weather app. it is free to download. tonight boston police are asking for help in telling people to be alert after a woman was assaulted in a popular spot for walkers and joggers. fox 25's jackson jackson has a description of the man they're looking for. >> large police presence overnight but still no suspect in custody. tone boston police asking for the public's help in identifying this man and that may help in this investigation. >> reporter: considered one of the safest and most popular walking trails in boston. >> this is a i'm shocked actually. wow. >> reporter: jamaica pond now the scene of an indecent assault where a man reportedly grabbed a woman who was walking around 10:00 p.m. thursday night. not alone but with a friend. >> oh, that's so scary. i was just thinking about that actually running around and i was like no, it's perfectly safe. >> reporter: boston police
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suspect described as a black man around 6 feet tall with a beard between 250 and 300 pounds possibly wearing a baseball hat, gray t-shirt and long pants. people who live in the area are surprised something so brazen could happen in the well lit popular area. >> well, we'll just have a little more heightened awareness. thanks for letting me know. boston police asking that anyone unrelated sex crimes in the past be brought to their attention now. in this case and if you feel uncomfortable talking to an officer they do have a rape crisis help line. in jamaica plain, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. a skyfox over the scene earlier today. police say the two victims are in serious condition tonight. they're looking for an hispanic man approximately 20 years old with short spikey hair. officers believe he may not have acted alone.
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23-year-old marcus pierre louis. officers say he shot an 18-year-old inside a c.v.s. yesterday afternoon. police have already made two arrests in the shootings two teams charged with conspiracy and assault. a source has confirmed with fox 25 that one of the teens arrested is a relative of the shooter. >> an explosion rocked a lighting plant this morning in taunton. fire crews rushed to taunton municipal lighting plant. they tell us a large circuit breaker exploded and caught fire. there they quickly one worker has minor injuries. taunton firefighters are still investigating the exact cause of that explosion. >> another night and another round of protests in charlotte as people take to the streets after a black man was shot and killed by an african-american police officer earlier this week . we also have a new look at that incident from the cell phone of the wife of the man who was killed and a warning some of the video may be disturbing. the city of charlotte is once again on edge as officials brace for the
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of keith scott. >> keith, don't let them break the windows come on out the car. >> reporter: new video released by lawyers shows the tense moments before and immediately after tuesday's officer-nofld involved shooting heff done have a gun he has a t.b.i. he just took his medicine. >> reporter: the video reported by scott's wife doesn't show if scott had a gun. police source says a loaded gun was recovered from the scene with scott's fingerprints. the release of two other videos recorded by police. police have one video from another officer's body camera another from a dashboard camera. charlotte's mayor says all the videos taken together do not paint a clear picture of what happened. >> it is inconclusive. i think all three videos have obscured or blurred not precise enough view of what was actually going on. >> reporter: scots family watched the videos as well.
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images released to the public now. >> they are showing a confused man who's stepping back away from. >> reporter: national guard and other law enforcement will line the streets in up town charlotte hoping the protests they expect to see will remain peaceful. protestors have less than an hour to stray on those streets because a curfew is in place from midnight to 6:00 a.m. the head of the mbta wants police officers or officers rather to wear body cameras. superintendent richard sullivan says the cameras would increase security and accountability. it's something transit police would need to discuss with the union involved but sullivan says they have a very strong relationship. sullivan says he would also like to equip trains with surveillance cameras and he would start with the red line since they are in the process of adding new red line cars to the system. boston police are considering adding name tags to badge badges for their officer. name tags would make the
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largest police union say the move is unnecessary and would make officers targets. right now boston police officers are only identified by badge numbers. the owner of a local landscaping company took matters into his own hands after he realized someone was stealing his pricey tools. fox 25's christine mccarthy shows us how he set up a trap and the thief fell for it. >> reporter: this thief was bold and greedy. he was able to sneak his way into this equipment lot behind me lined with trucks and toolboxes turns out wasn't as valuable as he would have liked. >> it's maddening. >> reporter: crouching down and shielding his face a thief snoops through an equipment lot opens a truck toolbox and helps himself. >> i had the saw tucked under that electric cord and he fumbled around with it and took it and shut the door. made sure everything was just the way he found it except the saw, and he just walked out of here. >> reporter: but little does
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frank walsh senior, owner of the canton landscaping business. >> he was like right here when he stole the saw. >> reporter: has lured the criminal back following a theft the week before. when on labor day a couple thousand dollars in sauce and blower snrachd from an unlocked box. snatched from an unlocked box. >> i just have an idea to clean out my best broken saw and place it we could get a better video of the thief should he come back. >> reporter: sure enough the video shows the thief couldn't resist. >> he took the bait and just walked away. >> reporter: it's exactly what walsh had intended but he was outraged nonetheless. >> to just have someone come in here just walk through the place like he owns it it's infuriating. >> reporter: walsh's son is now sharing this video on social media hoping someone calls police. >> i would hope somebody would recognize this bum.
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likely wasn't able to get much money for that broken saw which is a small source of satisfaction walsh. christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. ahannover firefighter is fighting for his life after a freak accident at his home. greg was cutting a tree branch when he fell 20 feet off a ladder. he's now on a ventilator and in critical condition. his fellow plannover firefighters are rallying behind the 33-year-old who has only been on the job for 2.50 years. >> it has been very hard on you know it's hard enough that it happens and it happened to one of our own. but it brings you to another level when it's your guys going to the accident and treating people. >> the hanover fire department is holding a fund-raiser tomorrow. all proceeds will go towards his medical bills. to learn more about how you can help visit our website a firefighter was injured while responding to a blaze this morning in milford.
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he hurt his soldier after the ceiling collapsed at the duplex on hillside avenue. crews tell us that h-vac workers accidentally started the fire in the atic. >> for the very first time we're learning about the chilling conversation between the orlando nightclub shooter and a crisis negotiator. a conversation that included a message about the boston marathon bombers. shooter omar mateen made three calls to a crisis negotiator in june. during 28 minutes of conversation he criticized the u.s. air strikes in the the tsarnaev brothers here in boston. a police communications supervisor recounted one of mateen's calls to the f.b.i.. >> sounds like a prayer like an islamic prayer. he says praying allegiance to abdul something. >> reporter: investigators believe mateen was pledging allegiance to the leader of the islamic state. 49 people were killed in the nightclub shooting. today the fence that became a makeshift memorial came down in preparation for a permanent tribute.
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the worst of it now and the cool air that's moving in. >> concerns about edible marijuana treats driving under the influence, and if we actually make any money on it? tonight at 11:30 the case against legalizing weed and taxing it. it's a sight that has never been seen outside the boundaries of italy before.
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new presidential poll shows hillary clinton firming up the lead over donald trump as they head into their first debate. clinton 45% to trump's 39%. the "wall street journal" poll found clinton leading bay similar margin. >> mike pence is headed to new hampshire hours before the presidential debate. pence will join a rally at the milford down auditorium. the indiana governor's first trip to the granite state in august drew a huge crowd in manchester.
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hampshire to campaign for democrat hillary clinton. she's headed to nashua and manchester tomorrow morning and then will headline an event with governor maggie hassan at u.n.h. for the very first time hillary clinton and donald trump are set to share the national stage. >> we're just days out now from the first presidential debate. sharman sacchetti is here now and she has more on what both candidates need to do. >> reporter: as hillary clinton and donald trump prepare to face-off on the same stage york, what can you expect to see? >> i think it's going to be really interesting and really unpredictable. >> reporter: for hillary clinton, a skilled debater but often rehearsed and predictible analysts say she needs to throw unpredictable trump off his game if she's to win. >> she needs to get under his skin. she needs to get under donald trump's skin and make him look as angry as he has looked in the past. >> reporter: jennifer is the former head of the massachusetts republican party. she says hillary clinton
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not act defensive but could get thrown off if she loses her composure. >> if donald trump seems like a bully at all and she can stay composed with it then donald trump -- >> i would look her right in the fat ugly face of hers. >> reporter: yesterday the clinton campaign released this ad contrasting images of girls with trump's disparaging comments about women. a powerful ad but will the strategy work? >> what she needs to do is start to generate some enthusiasm for hillary she's benefiting from the fact that she's not donald trump. >> reporter: stone hill college professor tells us trump needs to tone down his outrageous comments and reach an audience that isn't already on his side. he needs to act, he says, presidential. >> he needs to stop taunting and stop with the juvenile name-calling. he needs to dial back the outrageous rhetoric. >> reporter: sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. when trump and clinton
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there. you can watch it here monday night starting at 9:00. sharman will be in new york for us you can catch her live reports before and after the debate this coming monday. almost here. people still lined up tonight outside the cathedral of the holy cross in boston just to get a glimpse of a piece of a saint that has never left italy. >> fox 25's john monahan not with to the catholic and complains why this elaric has been drawing such large crowds. >> reporter: a mass at cross cathedral the culmination of a three day visit by the relic the heart of the revered italian saint. cardinal sean o'malley said it's a great gift. it's the first time any relic of the padre has left italy. >> any part of the body anything a saint touched is considered a relic. that relic we look to as a physical sign of that saint's presence with us as
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>> people lined up by the thousands at churches in lowell, braintree and the cathedral. their faith obvious and ann wakely is one of them. >> i have a devotion to the padre. >> people waited for hours to ask for padre's -- he has been known for cures and worked a number of miracles that have been attributed to him. >> the faces, the devotion, the hope obvious for those who came to -- he was ii in 2002. the turnout tonight even inspiring to many here. >> touching to see the community come out. >>. >> i think it's very amazing to me. >> reporter: a number of people after the mass and still they come. here here waiting in the rain this relic will be here on display at the cathedral until midnight telephone to.
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>> let's take a look at where some of this heaviest rain is falling right now. it's bringing the cool air but also splug heavy rain. the front coming southward not much activity with it. but it hit the air we've had and was able to tap into that and create these downpours. that's what we're seeing right now in and around the immediate boston area. you go northward into charlestown, chelsea some of the yellow and orange showing up everett to malden over to revere seeing some of that heavy rain. that stretches up along 93 northward through winchester as well. off to the west here seeing some of that through the framingham and natick area there's 95 and the mass pike coming through there. right here to the west is worcester you are seeing heavy rain to the south of spencer and toward the rhode island border.
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coming along the mass pike and 131 through that part of massachusetts. springfield still seeing some heavy rain. that is coming toward southern worcester county. you will get a little bit more. over to the east here is douglas and douglas through uxbridge also heavy rain right along the border seeing some heavy rain right now a coupledown pours approaching franklin too, then finally to the coastal areas cohasset northward to hull then back here through the braintree split over through quincy and happening right now as well. it's out there and continues to move on through. by 7:00 in the morning it's gone. in fact by 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning it's gone. now we're into the sunshine middle today and into the afternoon tomorrow. real nice looking day. now tomorrow night we'll be clear. no chance for rain this time and with those clear skies comes some very cool temperatures into sunday. let's stop there though and talk about our low temperatures tonight's. in the 50s for the most part as the rain clears out,
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an idea of that cool air that's moving on in. your average temperature in the morning for your golf game 50?. that's it. only 59 by 10:00 in the morning in the afternoon getting into the 60s. this is in medford tomorrow the tenth annual pancreatic 5k. 59? at 9:00 a.m. up through the mid-60s at 1:00 in the afternoon. gillette stadium u-mass hosting mississippi state getting into the 60s. a beautiful day game as well. then the brad paisley concert at the xfinity center tomorrow night. notice it's dropping into the 50s during the show it's an open air stadium. when you get there you will have to be aware as the sun goes down you are going to cool off and feel that child. there are the high temperatures on sunday. now you are going north to the mountains to see the colors it will be in the 50s there. 60s just about everywhere else. here's the seven-day forecast notice the cool temperatures. sunday north and west monday
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we'll talk more about the showers coming through right now with the latest track coming up next half hour. we're following breaking news four people have been shot and killed at a shopping mall just north of seattle, washington and the gunman is still at large tonight. this happened at the cascade mall in burlington. our sister station in seattle is reporting that the gunman left the scene before police got there. this is the only information coming from investigators at this point. we are monitoring this situation very closely. we'll pass along updates as they come in. a big night in rts spocht latest jacoby brissett's thumb and the patriots quarterback situation. high school game day from westwood. it's friday night it means we give some love to local high school football on fox 25. come back and we'll make you care about what happened in
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hot with their thing wing in retonight their magic number is down to four with eight regular season games left to play. the only real questions left to answer will the sox finish with the number one seed and will david ortez become the first ever d.h. to win the m.v.p. award? both things could happen. ortiz first inning two run shot off chris archer gives him 37 homers and 124 rbis. the only runs the sox got and the only ones they would news because of the home run only run the sox strikes out four in five strong innings for his third win. brad is the last of five red sox relievers shuts the door. 12-1. the sox have won 9 in a row. jacoby brissett's thumb injure is not serious and he will not need surgery. he injured it in the third quarter. varying reports on the veerity of the injury. patriots have -- severity of
11:26 pm
figure out who will start at quarterback. patriots quarterbacks were the main topic of discussion at the third annual bill belichick hall of fame huddle tonight. brad stevens on hand with belichick to see -- other patriots there were willing to discuss the quarterback situation but not the patriots head coach. >> i don't think so. >> and you play quarterback? >> yeah, yeah, you know, look, we're going to probably hold some tryouts after this. >> can you play a week from >> hell, yeah, butch i'm dead serious. >> i dropped 20 pounds i feel good. it's institutional knowledge. >> how's your thumb. >> thumb feels great. look at this sucker. you never forget how to play. he's serious, too. high school game day takes us right down the street to westwood wrt wolverines welcome in the hillers from
11:27 pm
they score first junior quarterback reed wilson 19 yards look at the catch and run from jake. 8-0 westwood. they continue to pour it on. the wildcat direct jake's older brob rob. he goes 50 yards for the house. it's 29-0 westwood at the break. hopkinton would score to start the second half but once again it's wilson to jake. that time for 67 yards. get this, jake and rob account for westwood's touchdowns with three each. the final 45-20 westwood over hopkinton. >> it's great to come back and put some points on the board. >> it's awesome. coming out first it's awesome. >> don't forget to join us at midnight live on facebook. butch stearns on facebook for more on high school game day. finally after 21 seasons kevin garnett retiring from the nba. >> great career. >> he sure did.
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life. some say it's a miracle on a highway in maine. >> coming up why police say it's a miracle a 3-year-old survived a crash that killed her mother but what was inside that car that saved her. field trip cut short for students in new hampshire after some very unwanted students in new hampshire after some very unwanted guests showed fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mrs. wagner's car to arrive for the airport, she can use fios to download the movie "up in the air" to watch while she's...up in the air. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now get our best offer ever, super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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we continue to follow that breaking news at 11:30. four people have been shot and killed at a shopping mall about 65 miles north of seattle, washington, and the gunman is kill at large. this is a live look at that mall right here. it happened at the cascade mall in burlington. our sister station in seattle kiro is reporting that the gunman left the scene before police arrived. right now detectives are trying to determine if there is more than one gunman. they are monitoring the just as soon as we get them. thanks for staying up with us everyone here on the fox 25 news at 11:30 i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. here's a look at the other top stories we're keeping our eye on at this half hour. >> first boston police are asking for your help to track down a man who assaulted a woman last night. the victim says a man came up to her indecently assaulted her and took on. he's described as a black man between 250 and 300 pounds wearing a baseball
11:30 pm
police ask if you know anything to give them a call. >> we are continuing to follow developments out of charlotte, north carolina tonight. new video was released today showing the tense moments before and after a police officer allegedly shot and killed keith scott. video recorded by scott's wife doesn't show if he had a weapon or not. a police source says a loaded gun was recovered from the scene with scott's prints on it. a fell trip cut short for kids from new hamps the reason bed bugs. the district is had hoping to get some of their money back. >> reporter: tuesday, litchfield, new hampshire, middle school sent 114 students here to charlton's nature's class room the plan was to stay until friday. the plan was cut short. >> they were disappointed. >> reporter: principal says the cost to send students on the science emersion program was $300 each. he says it's worth it. it worked with nature's classroom for 20 years but this time a few days in one of the kids noticed something. >> a student had presented


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