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tv   FOX 25 News at 1130PM  FOX  September 23, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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police ask if you know anything to give them a call. >> we are continuing to follow developments out of charlotte, north carolina tonight. new video was released today showing the tense moments before and after a police officer allegedly shot and killed keith scott. video recorded by scott's wife doesn't show if he had a weapon or not. a police source says a loaded gun was recovered from the scene with scott's prints on it. a fell trip cut short for kids from new hamps the reason bed bugs. the district is had hoping to get some of their money back. >> reporter: tuesday, litchfield, new hampshire, middle school sent 114 students here to charlton's nature's class room the plan was to stay until friday. the plan was cut short. >> they were disappointed. >> reporter: principal says the cost to send students on the science emersion program was $300 each. he says it's worth it. it worked with nature's classroom for 20 years but this time a few days in one of the kids noticed something. >> a student had presented
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bites on his arm. the nurse could not determine with certainty the nature of the bites and so as a precaution the staff thought it was necessary to bring in a scent detection k-9 to scan the sleeping facility. >> reporter: the dog detected a high possibility for bed bugs in six rooms. >> we thought it was enough students and in our best interest to return home. >> reporter: he says the company doesn't believe they had bed bugs before the students arrived. >> it seems like a very, >> reporter: the student's luggage was heat treated to kill any bugs or their eggs. now the families are hoping to get at least some money back. >> the district is pursuing efforts to secure a partial refund for the family of the students who attended. >> reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. in a statement the executive director of nature's classroom tells us it's impossible to specify where the bugs originated from and all three rooms have since been successfully heat treated. as an additional precaution,
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confirmation that the dormitories are clear and to investigate the luggage before monday's session. the principal tells elizabeth he hopes to reach a resolution on the refund by early next week. >> the satanic temple has a new location in salem. the organization opened its doors today at a former funeral home bridge street. fox 25 spoke to some residents walking by who say they are not too worried about the new addition to town. >> i'm neither there as long as they're friendly people. >> the satanic temple's website insists this version of satanism does not worship any physical devil or anything supernatural. it is friday, that definitely means weather is on all of our minds. >> you could hear it tonight. the rain has been moving through our area tonight and actually since the evening. kevin what do we need to be looking for a little bit later tonight and also this weekend. >> well, the drive home will be wet for us guys. by tomorrow morning it will
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we need to track where the heaviest errors are they have been just sliding across new england tonight. but some of that heaviness is falling south of boston now not far from the braintree split seeing some of this heavy rain right in through here. this takes you out into willard street, for instance, and see the yellows and oranges that are popping up in some of these locations getting some of the heaviest rain right along the southeast expressway. so wee saw some heavy rain i wanted to show you out here in wellesley and needham you are getting in to it right now. but there's a back edge here too beyond 190 where the rain starts to cut off. now there's still some heavy rain down in here along the border with massachusetts and connecticut moving into monday son and southern worcester county at this hour. there's more in southern worcester county right now. i'll keep tracking these showers and the cool weather ahead for the weekend minutes away. a school spirit day
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after administrators at one private school in new hampshire say at least one student showed up draped in a confederate flag. >> we are keeping a close eye on the breaking news at a mall in burlington, washington where four people have been shot and killed. huge emergency response to see right here. the mall is about 65 miles north of seattle. we know the gunman is still at large. right now detectives are trying to determine if there is more than one gunman. we are monitoring the
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>> allegations of racism at pinkerton academy could have students facing disciplinary action. some found the images offensive but others say the paint was just apart of spirit week. when wearing colored face paint is part of the school's tradition for the celebration. >> that's not reaching out trying to hurt anybody at all. we had paint on our face
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>> the school is investigating and told fox 25 they don't tolerate any form of discrimination. a judge gave the okay to former red sox pitcher curt schilling's settlement over his failed video game company. schilling and three other 38 studios officials settled with the state of rhode island for $2.5 million. the company moved to rhode island in exchange for a $75 million guaranteeded loan that ended up leaving state taxpayers on the hook. an insurance company will pay the settlement amount. a miracle in maine a crash that killed her mother. police in central maine say 36-year-old misty was driving when she lost control of the truck. she died instantly after being thrown from the truck. her 3-year-old daughter was still trapped inside. >> we had to cut the seat belt move the car seat around because she tieded into the car seat pretty good. >> police say the car seat saved her life and speed is a problem on the road and was a factor in the crash.
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taxing marijuana really go that far for the state of massachusetts? those campaigning to make sure it doesn't happen say the mass math just fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan.
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i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of seattle. four people have been shot and killed at a shopping mall about 65 miles north of seattle, washington, and the gunman is still at large right now. our sister station is reporting that the gunman left the scene before police got to the mall but during the commercial break we learned via twitter someone claiming to be the shooter ca negotiators right now. again the shooting happened at the cascade mall in burlington. detectives are trying to determine if there's more than one gunman. four people have been confirmed dead. we are monitoring the situation. we know more people inside the mall are also injured. we'll bring you updates throughout the rest of this newscast. >> other than the race for president it's probably the most talked about thing on the ballot here in massachusetts this november. >> we are talking about the move to legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol. fox 25 has been following
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going in-depth and taking a closer look at what some say is the risk in this case that may not be worth the reward. we're joined by the state senator with safe and health kbhi massachusetts thank you so much for having us. >> thank you for having us on. >> tell us what your side is saying about this marijuana ballot question. >> well, this is a very big issue. what we're saying this isn't about just somebody smoking a joint. what this is about this is a marijuana industry. >> what does that mean? >> what that means is 50% of the product is out there with regards to marijuana is going to be edible, cookies, candies, gummy bears, lip balm and butter that's what they're saying. we're talking about drugged driving. people will be driving down the road high on marijuana and are going to cause accidents and we have no test, no test whatsoever to be able to test if they have marijuana in their system. >> well, let me ask you the
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>> but the problem is we can't test it we have to take a blood test and then make the case. here's the challenge you can say well, there was a marijuana in your system. -- there is no way to test for that. you want to open something up like they say except we don't have a test to protect for that. and that's a real in washington state aaa just did a study they have doubled the amount of fatal accidents from 8% to 17% just in the year since it has been legalized. >> now i want to ask you about edibles. that has been one of the key points of this side's argument. another side is saying there are just some people who prefer to have marijuana that way and that the commission that will be regulating this will just go ahead and set limits on how it can be packaged and sold. >> the reality is when you
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clearly they do the gummy bears and the cookies and the brownies, those are very tempting to kids. so it's not an adult thing they say 21-year-olds it's not really an adult thing it's very tempting to young kids. it's the way to get them in as consumers in the future. that's really what we don't want to do. this is a commercial industry all about making money for the long term. >> and so so when you talk about that commercialization what are you envision happening here in massachusetts, should this ha watch the red sox game. you are going to marijuana ads selling marijuana, selling their wears just like do you budweiser and any other type of alcohol. and i don't know that massachusetts really understands that on the internet, in newspaper ads you are going to see marijuana everywhere. when you think of colorado what do you think of now you think of marijuana. massachusetts rich history, amazing place, education, healthcare we don't want
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get pot. >> speaking of colorado you were one of the senators who made a trip over there. what was your finding? were you open-minded about it when you went out? >> anecdotally i'll be honest i didn't think it was a good idea but i didn't realize the significance. i didn't know what i know now. i have spent a year on this issue now. there are more pot shops in colorado than starbucks, mcdonald's, and 7-elevens. what about the black saying if you legalize this the black market it will go away or at least be significantly cut? >> first of all, they allow every homeowner in the commonwealth that has two adults in there to grow 12 pot plants, 12 pot plants. a pot plant will grow to full maturn the in full maturity in five months. do you think those people that are growing it at home will be looking for i.d.s. they will be exporting it just like they do in colorado.
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challenge people go look at this. go onto colorado talk about the black market and ask them if it's gone away it hasn't. >> part of the argument is that massachusetts tax rate would be significantly lower where as in colorado or washington it's much, much higher. we're proposing something around i think a total of 10% whereas in colorado it's over it's about what 37%, 40%. >> 37% in washington state it's 28% there. but the reality these people that are growing it at home can sell it cheaper. the point of the matter that's one issue that's a real concern there. is no tax revenue. it will cost the commonwealth mcconnell. in colorado the governor just came out with his state of the state how much it was going to cost for the budget they're spending about $46 million a year in regulating. not unattended just regulating it. at 3.75% in a billion dollar market that's 37.5 million.
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so as a revenue standpoint it's going to be taking away. again this is an all cash business. which means a lot of it is going to be hidden. >> state senator thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> last night on this program sharman talked to the other side people who support legalizing marijuana for recreational use. >> you can find that very busy. >> up next the latest on the red sox and patriots and we take you to westwood where they were rocking and rolling for the fox 25 cameras for high school game day with the wolverines
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i'm a public school teacher in massachusetts, and i've reviewed question 2. it will make public education even stronger, because question 2 would allow more access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education, and public charter schools don't take funds away from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2
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mark ockerbloom joins me now. big question who will start a week from sunday.
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an hour ago. i was surprised we're not sure how significant this injury is. a lot of people think jimmy g will make the big comeback. 61% say jimmy garoppolo will be the quarterback and bissett and 13% say a free agent. >> well, if jimmy g doesn't start, when will he start after that with brady coming back. we do know this, it doesn't look like jacoby brissett's thumb injury will need surgery. that's what a source is he did hurt his right thumb sometime in the third quarter. trainers received tending to the thumb on the streets bench. not sure be exactly when the injury happened but on several plays like this one the handoff to julian edelman jacoby can be seen looking down at his hand after the play. let's talk about the red sox. david ortiz and the sox in st. pete tonight. papi the first inning two run shot off chris sharper.
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drew goes five strong innings. he gave up just that one run right there with a solo homer. brad and four other sox relievers with four scoreless innings. 2-1 the sox win their ninth in a row. their magic number is four. high school game day from westwood tonight. big night for the wolverines with those cool helmets. westford already up 8-0. reed wilson 37 yards to junior jake the nice catch and an even better run to make it westwood then goes with the wildcat that direct snap for jake's older brother rob. 50 yards for rob. 29-0 westwood at the break. hopkinton would score to start the second half. that one for 67 yards. wow. the brothers pouring it on. hopkinton tonight six touchdowns all accounted for by them. westwood over hopkinton. coming up, go to butch
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have live highlights on facebook live of high school game day from westwood. that's what we'll have coming up. >> that was a fun game it. >> was really. >> for westwood it was. >> great turnout though tonight. >> yeah. they love those fox 25 cameras. >> did you see they loved the weather. >> did you say live on facebook live, seriously. >> is that redundant? >> yeah kind >> you have questions for butch though that's a good thing. >> i like that back and forth. good stuff. >> good highlights. >> let's talk about that did it rain out there? >> i don't think so. i wasn't out 30 was at the belichick event. i thought maybe you would know something about it butch, i don't know. heavy rain coming on through want to track a couple places for you first of all on the south shore this takes you right through nor well, rocklin getting down
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douglas webster area. then to the south coast. there's plymouth with some heavy rain right along the coast here approaching cape cod. yes had some questions about the cape you will get some rain. this is the rain coming through these next couple of hours here it starts to break apart. by the morning some clouds hanging on to the south coast and into the afternoon. not looking like too bad of a day. hour by hour forecast for somerville you show you this again. the festivals happening out there boy i wish i could get to this one. he told me it's sticky, marc. >> 66? with some sunshine it will be clear and 62 by 7:00. yeah, good idea. bring peanut butter and glasses of milk. then the high temperatures on sunday. everybody else will be in the 60s at an event that's near and dear to the hearts of nerve massachusetts. the fourth annual glen dougherty road race on sunday that's out in
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low 60s. look at that sunshine a perfect day for a very important event out there. as far as the seven day forecast goes here's a look at that. it will take you through that weekend always in view. temperatures will be in the 30s. on sunday and monday morning. now sunday northwest of worcester essentially is where there could be a touch of frost. monday morning potential for even more frost. had reports of some frozen pellets coming through with the heavy rain out in long meadow because of the cold air coming in up above with the raindrops. called grouple that comes through. >> thanks, kev. we're continuing to follow breaking news in the seattle area as the cascade mall in burlington. four people were dead after they were shot at this mall. police are still searching for the shooter tonight. e.m.s. on scene treating some people who were hurt as well. the latest tomorrow on fox 25 morning news. >> that gets underway at
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan.
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's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: finally, jennifer aniston surfaces, and i detect a smile. >> she looks so good! harvey: is this not the brad pitt divorce outfit? >> no sclnl harvey: this is don't want to overdress. don't want to underdress. >> you dr.s with your boobs out, oh, she wants brad. if she dresses with turtleneck, brad can't get that. >> the game. he had a concert in philly. this is where meek mill's from. the first thing he says on stage is. [bleep]. >> i think the bigger slap in the face is going to the famous philly cheesesteak face and eating a felly cheesesteak. harvey: eating a philly cheesesteak means you can't do nothing to me? that's ridiculous. >> it's a line drawn in with grease. >> are you guys worried about the debt collectors? >> the jeweler is going after


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