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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 24, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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now at 10:00 tracking these showers moving throughed and much cooler air they're bringing for the weekend. >> plus, her husband was shot and killed by police. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a t.b.i. he's not going to do anything to you guys. >> reporter: the cell phone video she took that has protestors back on the streets of charlotte. >> then a man caught on tools. new at 10:00 how the victim baited the thieves. it and can't be another patriots quarterback hurt. what happened to jacoby brissett dug last night's huge win. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. first at 10:00, we begin with a live look at radar. as you can see we are tracking rain right now. good evening everyone, i'm vanessa welch. >> i'm mark ockerbloom.
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the rain for sure but not everyone is getting it. let's get right to chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. >> we have been watching the rain all afternoon into the evening. not muff coming out of the great lakes it's really blossomed over central to southern new england. there's a line of heavy rain extending from the coastline right through the merrimack valley and into worcester county. you see lynn, saugus and wakefield getting some of that heavier rain. we will zoom in the area around getting some very heavy rain now. it's right along 93 we're seeing some of that heavy rain. then slide westward this takes you into northern worcester county you are finding some spots here some heavy rain fitchburg getting it and the red that's lining right along route 68 is getting poured on right now. to southern worcester county patches of heavy rain here, too, brookfield to palmer. a little patch of heavy rain here in the douglas area
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downpours. framingham, and wellesley, and route nine. this will continue to slight through overnight. by the morning be along the south coast only before it gets on out of here. i keep tracking the rain on out of here and keep you updated on that storm tracker radar then we'll tackle that cool air as well. >> with rain right now and cooler temps expected to move in this weekend be sure to download the storm tracker 4 weather app. the fox 25 download on any device. >> developing at 10:00 a warning for women. right now police are trying to find the man who assaulted a woman on one of boston's most popular walking trails. fox 25's jacqui heinrich is live where police spent hours trying to find this guy. >> reporter: vanessa, still no suspect in custody. tonight police asking the public for help in identifying this man and also to report any past
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investigation. >> reporter: it's considered one of the safest and most popular walking trails in boston. >> this is a completely safe area. yeah, i'm shocked actually. wow. >> reporter: jamaica pond now the scene of an indecent assault where a man reportedly grabbed a woman who was walking around 10:00 p.m. thursday thursday night not alone but with a friend. >> what's so scary. i was just thinking about that actually running around. boston police turning to the public to help find that suspec a beard between 250 and 300 pounds possibly wearing a baseball hat, gray t-shirt and long pants. people who live in the area are surprised something so brazen could happen in the well lit popular area. >> well, we'll just have a little more heightened awareness considering i'm just coming back from walking myself. yeah, thanks for letting me know. >> reporter: boston police sent to saying it's important that any times
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come to their attention right now. they have a rape crisis help line they can talk to you on. but identifying this suspect will require some information. but they're hoping the public will bring to them. jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. chelsea police are looking for a suspect in a double stabbing of two high school students. skyfox was over the scene at everett and maple street this afternoon. police say the two victims are in serious condition tonight. they're looking for an hispanic man approximately 20 spikey hair. at this time police believe he may not have acted alone. new at 10:00, more than 2,500 people are without power tonight in uxbridge after a car crashed into a pole. police tell us that wires are down on south main street and the driver only had minor injuries. no timeline yet on when the power will be restored there. protests back on the streets of charlotte, north carolina for a fourth consecutive night demanding peace and justice after an african-american police
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so far tonight the protests have been peaceful meanwhile we are getting new competitive of the deadly shooting from the victim's wife. she used her cell phone to record the dramatic encounter. a warning some of you may find this video disturbing. >> reporter: the city of charlotte is once again on edge as officials brace for the protest. >> come on out of the car. >> reporter: new video released friday shows tense moments before and officer-involved shooting. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a t.b.i. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> reporter: video recorded by scott's wife doesn't show if scott had a gun. a police source says a loaded gun was recovered from the scene with scott's fingerprint. protestors are calling for the release of two other videos recorded by police. police have one video from another officer's body camera another from a
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charlotte's mayor says all the videos taken tonight do not paint a clear picture of what happened. >> it is inconclusive. i think all three videos have obscured or blurred or it's not precise enough view of what was actually going on. >> reporter: scott's family watched the videos as well. their lawyer wants the images released to the public now. >> it's showing a confused man who's who's stepping back >> reporter: national guard and other law enforcement will line the streets in uptown charlotte, hoping the protests they expect to see will remain peaceful. protestors have less than two hours to stay on the streets because a curfew is in place from midnight to 6:00 a.m. again things are peaceful right now. we'll let you know if that changes. >> the head of the mbta wants its officers to wear body cameras. the cameras would increase security and accountability. it's something transit police would need to discuss
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sullivan says they have a strong relationship. sullivan also wants to equip trains with surveillance cameras and he would start with the red line since they're in the process of adding new red line cars to the system. well, what are the pats going to do at quarterback? >> late today we learned rookie q.b. jacoby brissett injured his thumb last night. let's get right to butch stearns. butch, that's the question who will be >> thankfully they got 10 days to answer that question mark and vanessa. jacoby brissett does have an injureddium that will take time to heal. october 2nd he could be the patriots starting quarterback or it could be jimmy garoppolo or someone. even on this team yet. let's start with the one healthy cornerback this patriots roster right now. you ever thought you might be a snap away from being quarterback? i don't know.
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isn't admitting anything about his role as a patriots quarterback at his annual charity event on friday night bill belichick not interested in discussing jacoby's thumb or quarterback situation. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: but others at this event have some solutions? can you play quarterback? >> yeah, yeah, you know, look we're going to probably hold in tryouts after this. it's a great example for us. we're going to use this with all of our young players, too, you never know when your number is going to be call excuses when it is called. >> can you play a week from sunday? >> hell yeah, back, i dropped 20 pounds since march i feel good i have slept well. i know the offense inside and out. institutional knowledge. >> how's your thumb? >> thumb feels great. thumb feels great. look at this. >> never forget it's like riding a bike you never forget how to play. >> he is serious, by the way. a source telling me that
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not sees will most likely not require surgery. a lot can happen in the next 10 days. before we do find out who does start as quarterback. it won't be tom brady, not yet. one more game to go. >> butch, thank you. tonight state is now confirming its fourth and fifth human cases of wooirl this year. the massachusetts -- west nile virus this year. the man his 80s was hospitalized. the risk level is high in several local towns. crews in milford had to rescue one of their own this afternoon. you can see crews helping the firefighter get on the stretcher right here. the state fire marshall says he was taken to the hospital with a shoulder injury. according to firefighters hvac workers started the fire in the attic. lowell police want you to take a good look at the man in this surveillance video. they say he's wanted in
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restaurant merrimack street last night. you can see him remove a cash tip jar that was next to the register then leave the store. the clerk says he actually came back because he dropped a bag of what looked like heroin inside the restaurant. police are searching for a man who shot a teenager inside a c.v.s. yesterday afternoon. they're looking for this guy 23-year-old marcus pierre louis. officers say he shot an 18-year-old who was at the cash register checking out. he was hit in the shoulder. a 15-year-old and been arrested and charged with conspiracy and assault with intent to kill. but the search for louis continues. his neighbors say detectives have come to their doors. >> it's a little scary. you know somebody that brazen who would do something in public in a c.v.s. store is living in our same neighborhood. >> a source has confirmed that one of the teen'sard is a relative of the shooter. again police are begging the public to call them with any information. new at 10:00 we have brand new surveillance video
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chainsaw from a truck. it turns out this wasn't the first time it happened. ahead at 10:00 the trap the victim set to catch the thief in the act. plus, we're just three days away now from the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. ahead at 10:00 the strategy experts believe clinton should use to deflect the attacks from her opponent. more than 2,000 people are inside the cathedral the turnout here topping 20,000
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breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
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huge prouds have flocked to the cathedral of the holy cross to kiss the relic it's the first time any major relic has left italy. >> catholics are not going to miss this opportunity.
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the story that's all new at 10:00. john. >> vanessa and mark, the line here is still growing. take a look right now people are still waiting to get inside the cathedral. the line stretches out the door and around the corner halfway down the other side of this massive building. now the sheer number of people who turned out this wednesday is impressive when the doors open this morning 1600 people were already waiting outside. a mass at cathedral the culmination by the relic of the heart revered italian saint. cardinal sean o'malley said it's a great gift. it's the first time any relative has left italy. any part of the body anything a st. touched is considered a relic. that relic we look to as a physical sign of that saint's presence with us as
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thousands at churches in lowell, braintree and the cathedral. their faith obvious, and wakely is one of them. i have a devotion. >> reporter: people waited for hours to ask for the padre's --. >> he habs known for cures the faces, devotion and hope obvious for those who came. he was canonized by he's one of the most revered saints in the catholic church. the turnout tonight even inspiring to many here. i think it's very amazing to me. the estimated number of people at the time of the mass was about 20,000 since wednesday. that was at 7:00 tonight and still they come. it has started to rain in boston but this line is
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the relic is on display until midnight. live in boston, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. folks getting a chance to see something for a lot of people the pilgrims can't make it over to italy when it comes here there turn out in the rain. >> it's a huge opportunity. well, aside from -- a flight from boston to houston was diverted to south carolina, -- charlotte, north carolina this morning. >> there was a medical emergency on board and the aircraft was also turbulence. the plane landinged in charlotte just after 12:30. it was scheduled to arrive in houston shortly after 1:00. a field trip for a group of new jersey sixth graders was cut short after bed bugs were found at a camp site they were attending many more than 100 sixth graders came from for a four day environmental camp. the facility found bed bugs in six of the rooms so the school brought the kids home early. they have been doing this trip for years this is the
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lightning plant in taunton this morning -- lighting plant in taunton this morning. they tell us that a large circuit breaker exploded and caught fire. taunton firefighters are investigating what caused the explosion. no injuries after this truck hit an overhang in leicester this afternoon. police tweeted this picture they tell us that the overhang is part of a medical facility. a belmont man was arraigned on drunk police say he hit a construction detail officer in lexington overnight. sean mchughen is accused of running over the officer's foot. prosecutors say this is mchughen's second o.u.i. offense. firefighters race to emergencies all the time but rarely do they come face-to-face with one of their own those calls but that's what happened whenahannover firefighter fell off a ladder doing yard work. department is rallying around their brother that's
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>> reporter: as these hanover firefighters head out on a call the gear of firefighter 140 hangs in his locker. >> to see him in that condition it's heartbreaking, he's 30 years old, he's newly married, brand new career, yeah, it's going to tug on your heartstrings for sure. >> reporter: while these guys fight fires he fights for his life. cause is in the hospital right feet off a ladder cutting a tree branch at his home last saturday just hours after finishing his shift. a party that fell from a tree. >> it's been very hard on the guys. it's hard enough that it happened and it happened to one of our own it brings it to another when it's your guy that's going to the accident and treating. >> reporter: and the call
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>> they got the call and they were fairly certain of the address. they knew he had just left his shift that morning at 8:00 and it was shortly after that they got the call. they knew he was doing some work at his house. >> reporter: greg has only been with the department for 2.50 years but has already made a big impression. >> he has a way with patients that a lot of people sometimes they always get but greg always had a very tactful and pleasant way about him. very that's a treatment you can't pull out of a box. the head of the fire department will hold their fund-raiser tomorrow morning. it will be from 10:00 to 4:00 at sylvester field. we're in hanover, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> a local soccer team has found a special -- this is fourth grade girls soccer team in kingston. when they heard their teacher was diagnosed with
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honor. they say i wear teal. now other students and faculty want to wear those same shirts, too. how sweet with is that. a new smithsonian museum is set to open tomorrow in our nation's capital. >> president obama will deliver special remarks. ahead at 10:00 why you might not be allowed inside for months despite its grand opening tomorrow. >> but first we're just three days away now from the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. next at 10:00, experts share to set in hopes of hillary falling for it. ? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ?
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? music ? new k-y intense. a stimulating gel that takes her pleasure to new heights. k-y intense. just days before first presidential debate and a new poll shows hillary clinton firming up her lead over donald trump. the poll shows the democrat with a 6-point lead clin
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this week found clinton leading by a similar margin. the new numbers come before the debate. >> political reporter sharman sacchetti will be there tonight's she shows us the strategies experts expect the candidates to execute. >> reporter: as hillary clinton and donald trump prepare to face-off on the same stage in hem instead new york what can you expect to see. >> i think it's going to be really interesting. >> reporter: for hillary but often rehearsed and predictable, analysts say she needs to throw unpredictable trump off his game if she's to win. she needs to get under his skin. get under donald trump's skin and it makes him look as angry as he has looked in the past. >> reporter: jennifer is the former head of the massachusetts republican party. she says hillary clinton will work to not shout and not act defensive. but could get thrown off if she loses her composure.
1:24 am
can stay composed with it, then donald trump. >> i would look her right in the fat ugly face of hers. >> yesterday the clinton campaign released this ad contrasting images of girls with trump's disparaging comments about women. a powerful ad but will the strategy work? >> what she needs to do is to start to generate some enthusiasm for hillary clinton's campaign thus far she's benefiting from the fact she's not donald trump. >> reporter: stone hill trump needs to tone down his outrageous comments and reach an audience that isn't already on his side. he needs to art, he says, presidential. >> he needs to stop tauntedding and stop with the juvenile name-calling. he needs to dial back the outrageous rhetoric. >> reporter: to what difference will this debate make in the overall race if a candidate is already on a downward trend it's an opportunity to turn things
1:25 am
difference. sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. >> when trump and clinton face-off in their first debate fox 25 will be here. sharman will be in new york for us and you can catch her live reports before and after the debate this coming monday. meanwhile republican presidential hopeful mike pence is headed to new hampshire hours before presidential debate on monday. he will join a rally at the auditorium. the indiana governor's first state to the granite state in august drew a huge crowd in manchester. the event beg elizabeth warren will also swing through new hampshire to campaign for democrat hillary clinton. she's headed to nashua and manchester tomorrow morning then she will headline an event at u.n.h. tonight we're learning new information about what may have inspired the orlando terror suspect to shoot and kill dozens of people inside nightclub. >> ahead at 10:00 what the government told investigators about boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev that caught their attention. first a man caught on
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>> live storm tracker radar tracking these showers right now. there's some heavy rain moving on through the area
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a thief who made off in thousands of dollars off with equipment he was lured back back the next week to catch him on surveillance. >> it's a story you will see only here on fox 25. christine mccarthy talked to that business owner and he was bold he came back twice. >> report: greedy. the thief was able to sneak his way into this equipment lot here behind me wind his way through trucks and toolboxes before grabbing his loot which as it turns out wasn't as valuable as he would have liked. >> it's maddening. >> reporter: crouching down and shielding his face a thief snoops through an equipment lot opens a truck toolbox and helps himself. >> i had the saw tucked under that electric coolant and he fumbled around with it and he took it.
1:29 am
made sure everything was just the way he found it except the saw, and then he just walks out of here. >> reporter: but little does the thief know his loot isn't worth anything and frank walsh senior, owner of the canton landscaping business. >> he was like right here when he stole the saw. >> reporter: has lured the criminal back following a theft the week before. but when on labor day weekend a couple thousand dollars when saws and blowers were >> so i just have an idea to clean out my best broken saw and place it in a spot where we could get a better video of the thief should he come back. >> reporter: sure enough, the video shows the thief couldn't resist. >> he took the bait and just walked away. >> reporter: it's exactly what walsh had intended but he was outraged nonetheless. >> to just have someone come in here just walk through
1:30 am
>> reporter: walsh's son is now sharing this video on social media hoping someone calls police. >> i would hope somebody would recognize this bum. >> reporter: now that thief likely wasn't able to get much money for that broken saw which is sort of a source of satisfaction for walsh. he tells us he believes that this man in the video might possibly be on his cell phone. you can see him holding up a hand or rag to his face but he believes he mighten on the phone which make because he probably needed help there may have been someone nearby en route 138 possibly with a car so he could hop in lugging all that expensive equipment the first time around. live in can'ton, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. be debates over pot candy driving while high and will legalizing and taxes marijuana really be that helpful? we're taking you inside the fight to legalize pot. tonight our sharman sacchetti goes through the reasons opponents say the risk just isn't worth pot 10
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what's going on in charlotte at this hour. got some rain falling out there in some spots coming down fairly heavily, too as this front continues to traverse new england make its way through southern new england overnight tonight. let's go to a couple spots. it's moving more east than south. that's why it's barely making its way through the ar rain, south of the pike. this takes to you the somerville look at this heavy rain that's coming down with the deeper reds showing up in some vicinity. some of the streets being affected here this in the brighton area grove street seeing some heavy rain. going off to the west from there. you will see some possibilities of red that show up right along 495 getting downpours. to southern worcester county there's westbrookfield and
1:32 am
heavy rain falling, too. there's spencer to the east of the main thorough fair. some of the roads getting affected here school street, for instance, getting doused right now heavy, heavy rain. then farther to the east of there, look for the yellows and reds for the heaviest rain. this is route with 12 going from sutton towards auburn. there's heavy rain right will on some of the roadways. off to the east of there into the milton quincy area just getting moment ago but it's already moved over here to hingham that's where that heaviest rain is. we had a report from quincy that it was coming down hard. including 228 coming through town. so the rain continues to move southward. we need every drop we can get. a half inch from ken in gardner, by the way, via twitter. had also had a report from cory in tyngsboro that he heard a rumble of thunder. there has to be lightning if
1:33 am
go on past especially if you are hearing a rumble of thunder. last of the showers along the coast to the south. tomorrow night it will be clear. the cool air will have arrived clear skies that will let your temperature really drop tomorrow night. by sunday morning the suburbs will be in the 30s boston will be about 40? to 42?. high temperatures are going to be just rebounding off of these tomorrow. 40s and 50s in the morning when you wake up. so by the afternoon you are only getting back into the 60s. 59? by 10:00 a.m. might be a little damp on the golf course not because it's raining but because the rain that's falling right now. still hanging on. the copenhagen beer and music festival tomorrow starting with a couple clouds and temperatures in the 60s with sunshine throughout the day. that's basically the entire boston metropolitan area with this same kind of forecast like that. high temperatures will be in the 60s on cape cod. 60s to the northwest. 60s on the north shore.
1:34 am
it will just be a few. most are staying in the 60s. the superhero rock 'n' roll 5k in dracut for saturday evening or saturday afternoon rather this is what the temperatures are looking like. 65? degrees and good conditions for that. finally the boston breakers final home game for saturday night no rain for this but it will be cooling down. 58 degrees for you out there in harvard. 59? in worcester on sunday that's it. nobody gets close to 70 everywhere. there's your weekend always in view and the cold temperature sunday and monday. we'll talk about the threat of frost and take a look at the tropics. new at 10:00 crews just entangled this whale off the cape. he was found tangled in hundreds of lane and buoys were attached to the upper jaw. a local mom is thanking a group of young athletes
1:35 am
sportsmanship. nancy grimly's sun aiden runs on the cross-country team and he has autism. on the last leg a group of athletes all joined aiden and cheered him on as he crossed the finish line. their kindness and maturity will carry those athletes very far in life. what a great group of kids. >> somebody on our facebook kids say they won't worry about that one meet they will remember that though for the rest of their lives how well young man. well, tonight disney is apologizing. >> ahead the 10:00 the costume they quickly pulled from the sleeves and problem people had with it. a spirit assembly takes a controversial turn. what some students showed up wearing that's not sitting well with others. first new details show how the orlando terror suspect praised the boston marathon bomber in front of
1:36 am
1:37 am
1:38 am
for the first time we are learning about the chilling conversation between the orlando nightclub shooter and a negotiator. a conversation that included a message about the boston marathon bombers. 49 people died when omar mateen started shooting inside pulse nightclub in june. later during a three hour standoff with police mateen talked to a goeshor. in three calls lasting about -- negotiator, in three calls lasting about 28 minutes he praised the tsarnaev brothers here in boston.
1:39 am
tamerlan did his thing boston during the marathon now it's my turn, okay. a police communications supervisor recounted one of mateen's calls to the f.b.i. sounds like a abdul something. >> investigators believe mateen was pledging allegiance to the leader of the islamic state despite media requests only the script of the calls between mateen and police were called not the actual calls themselves. the new smithsonia tomorrow but it may be a while before you make a visit. tickets are free but soldout for the next two months at the new african-american history museum. that includes items like michael jordan's jersey and chuck berry's cadillac. traces african-american history from slavery to segregation to president day. georgia congressman john lewis secured the funding for the museum in congress. >> i don't know what i'm going to do when it opens. i'm probably going to try.
1:40 am
>> for the man to get into the museum ticket scalpers are selling the free passes into the museum this weekend for more than $100 a ticket. this weekend nascar will take over the track in namps but this story isn't about the race it's about a brave 14-year-old battling brain cancer and the experience she's going to have that she will never forget. >> spirit week turns controversial at a local private school. next at 10:00 how one student's wardrobe quickl (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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administrators at a private school in new hampshire are investigating a controversy involving what some students wore during the annual spirit week. fox 25's kathryn burcham. >> reporter: spirit week at pinkerton academy has a different feel this year. >> we're not racist. >> reporter: after controversy erupted on campus during the homecoming week students are encouraged to ditch the normally strict dress code and wear school colors even face paint but it this was face on disturbed. >> that's disrespectful and honestly it's sad to me because learning that people in my grade would do that. >> reporter: other students called the paint black face and also posted these photos of another teen wearing the confederate flag as a cape. facebook one african-american student posted i've experienced antiblack racism all four years i've been here from being called a racial slur to kids calmly making black jokes. >> i thought it was a little
1:44 am
confederate flag may have been in poor taste but she says the alleged black face was really just an attempt at school spirit. >> that's not reaching out trying to hurt anybody at all. we had paint on our face over day. in a statement the headmaster said pinkerton academy will not -- school officials tell us the student involved may face they are still investigating. in derry, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. disney is apologizing tonight for a halloween costume that some people found offensive. the costume is based a movie which doesn't come out for two months. it's based dwayne johnson's character and featured a brown zip up suit but critics called it brown facing. disney pulled the costume from stores and said filmmakers respect the cultures of the pacific
1:45 am
a notorious gangster al capone and it's headed for the auction block. in it capone shows his soft side even signing love and kisses your deer dad number 85 which was his number in alcatraz. the letter is expected to fetch around $50,000. a judge gave the okay to former red sox pitcher curt schilling's settlement over his failed video game company. schilling and three other officials with 38 studios million. the company moved to rhode island in exchange for $75 million guaranteed loan that left state taxpayers on the hook. an insurance company will pay the settlement amount. >> whaleian police say they have had reports of several coyote encounters from people walking their dogs. they are telling people to make sure young children and pets are safe and to make sure there isn't any food left out to attract the animals. different story in rhode
1:46 am
signed a petition to save the life of a coyote in one neighborhood and they named his cliff and he has been hanging around a lot in middleton since people have been feeding him. town officials want the animal put down because he could attack. a dangerous trend in one local town as they see a major spike in opioid overdoses. quincy police tell the patriot ledger they responded to 19 o.d.s in the last 10 days. they don't know what's behind it. typically they would see only three or four in one week. overdoses last year. new hampshire state crime lab is dealing with a major backlog. new hampshire public radio reports roughly 3500 drug cases are waiting to be analyzed at the lab in concord. the lab director says it would take seven months to clear the backlog without adding any new cases. the lab is hoping to use grant money to hire more staff. this weekend nascar will host one of its bigger races in louden, new hampshire but
1:47 am
race fans will likely not see. blair miller sees one girl's fight and the community's race to help her. >> reporter: when the roar of the engine takes over new hampshire motor speedway this weekend, it's the beauty you can't see here that will build on the minds of so many. >> that definitely has changed our lives. >> reporter: 83 miles away in boston, at the dana farber cancer institute 14-year-old emma wants nothing more than to be just she came here last year after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. >> when anna was diagnosed it changed in a minute. >> reporter: a year later they're still fighting here with the help ofa farber but also the speedway children's charities in new hampshire which has donated thousands of dollars to help kids like emma in boston. >> it's humbling, it's overwhelming but i am so you know i feel so badly when families are going through struggles that they're going
1:48 am
help them it makes it all worth everything we do. >> reporter: so compelled by what emma and her family are facing the speedway children's charities brought them to the track in louden this week. >> okay. are we doing this? >> reporter: stepping in to the official pace car for some laps around the track. emma along with her mom, dad and brother escaping their reality if for a moment. >> a 14-year-old being just that. >> there you go. that's something, wow. you okay? >> reporter: and a family smiling together while still trying to win their own race. >> i feel just my life has completely changed but we take one day at a time and
1:49 am
>> reporter: initially track officials wanted her to come out for sunday's race but she had to go through treatment and her family thought she would not be strong enough to do that. so they made sure she got out there early this week to feel special. i'm blair miller, fox 25 news. >> that's an experience she will not forget. >> beautiful day for it as well. she rode in that car. that takes a lot of determination and guts to do that. >> it sure does. you see her mom holding on for dear life. >> i have been on that track. you get you watch out. good job. >> check your tickets time is running out to claim a million dollar power ticket. the ticket was sold out at the american ledgeon post last september had the numbers 23, 31, 42, 50 and 57 with a powerball of 5. i wasn't there so it's definitely on-line. mcdonald's is making a change to its kids men hue
1:50 am
honoring our veterans will happen on castle island this weekend. next how the terror attacks in new york and new jersey have one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade,
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craft beer connoisseurs will be all cheers tomorrow. the copenhagen beer and music celebration is coming to the u.s. for the very first time. the festival will showcase more than 100 craft beers from around the world will also feature li takes the place rather of the boston collie music falconner is the. also tomorrow fans will rejoin -- rejoice as the fluff festival gets underway. then celebratedding the marshmallow spread from 3:00 in the afternoon. this year's fluff you a sweet education.
1:54 am
like heaven what a combination. speaking of combination of downpours check this out. revere seeing heavy rain off to the west of boston through cambridge summerville into watertown as well. you see some of that red showing up right here along route keen some heavy rain in that area. we'll pass over a couple spots here marlboro area moving into sudbury some heavy rain right along the pike and north of it. look at this rain through the springfield massachusetts area poised to move worcester county where it's raining hard in webster along 395 and route 12. heavy rain just moved offshore in these areas. rain will continue to move southward overnight and out of here. you will wake up to clouds on the south coast but sunshine inland. i'll show you the low temperatures which could some frost for some people and we'll keep tracking the showers moving out of here in the next half hour. nearly half a million samsung galaxy phones have
1:55 am
the phones were turned in because the batteries could catch fire while charging. the returns picked up after the new version of the phone hit the market on wednesday. coveted leaders say 90% of american users have opted to receive the new version of the phone. stock and twitter soared today as rumors surfaced that the company may be headed for a takeover. twitter stock closed up some 21% with the news. alphabet the parent company of google is said to be a top interest. despite users and their growth that has slowed in recent years as competitors like snapchat continue to nip at its heels. >> younger fans at mcdonald's make it a new kind of happy meal starting on monday they will begin testing a breakfast happy meal. if the tryout is successful the all day breakfast offering could be rolled out nationally next year. they're being tested at 73 restaurants in the tulsa, oklahoma, area. all day breakfast has helped
1:56 am
during the past year. >> a splash of color added to the streets in one dorchester neighborhood. this is the first street mural in the entire city. several community groups got together to paint this on elmhurst street and the street mural often slow down traffic in case you didn't know making streets safer as drivers get a closer look. but organizers tell us that the public art display does so much more. >> when life, by the way engages residents in a great way and engages young people in a great way so it's comprehensive great thing to do for the neighborhood. >> nice job great to look at. the mural expected to stay in that spot by the way for at least 18 months. tomorrow military men and women from across the country will gather at castle island to kick off the irreverent warrior hike. it's an effort to stem the tide of veteran suicides. the mission is to bring together service members who are suffering the after effects of war. local organizer tony gail says it's working.
1:57 am
it's bringing guys together through camaraderie and humor that they use as a coping mechanism when they're in the service. these hikes pop up all across the country. the hike kicks off at 9:30 and will honor michael kennedy the boston firefighter who died in a back pay fire in twourn. now the route has not yet been made public because of
1:58 am
1:59 am
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