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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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fresh, viral videos today, right this minute. drivers nearly hit a defenseless kitten. >> the fighting for its life. >> comes to the rescue after some crazy close calls. this is my teeth. >> a woman with terrible dental troubles decides to ask for help. >> as a mother, it's very hard for my children to ask me why my teeth are like that. >> the sweet story behind one amaing transformation. a jet skier sees danger on the horizon. >> coming toward him is a huge container ship. >> the terrifying minute he getting sucked in and under. >> no way! and a groom's been stuck in an elevator, about to -- >> freak out!
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his pan -- his panic. this is an incredibly scary video that comes from the streets of russia. this is on a very busy road. while there's a kitten, fighting for its life. but look at this. oh! miraculous miraculously, t the cat. it tries to walk out of the way. some of them manage to see it and drive right over it. most of them move to the side of the lane. but nobody is stopping to help this poor kitten. >> well, maybe they care and they just can't stop. >> high speed roadway, you're not going to just stop and kill yourself. >> fortunately, the driver of this car stopped, right in front
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kitten, inspects it to see if it's alive. it is, and picking it up with one hand, takes it back into the car and then drives out. obviously, the internet falling in love with this man, because he took a chance on his life, really, to stop and save this kitten. >> according to reports, he drove off to a sports facility, and apparently, they also found the kitten a home. >> haveo bag. >> it's tough to watch. the kind of an unwritten rule i've heard about, driving, flying, boating whatever, if it's bigger than you, obviously, just give way to it. some should have called rob warner. rob is no stranger to having a bit of fun.
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scene. this is a huge container ship. he moves to the side. it's wake man. it's not the wake he has to worry about. huge ships like this, when they're not churning, they're sucking. and as he gets closer, he gets pulled in to the wash. you can see, that's really stretching that red core right there. >> oh, no! >> that's >> now the kill switch has come off. and he's pulled under the water. >> no way! oh, my goodness. >> he gets splashes of the jet ski. he comes up from under the water, gets himself back on the jet ski. >> wow. >> that was a close one, and he knows it. >> [ bleep ]. >> just insane video, which he uploaded to instagram.
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>> he was almost a life-size cuisinart. he could have been chopped to pieces. >> how quickly things change. >> while you can't see him, you can see the panic, around realization with his hands as he struggles to reconnect that kill switch. he knew, if he didn't get things right, he was a dead man. chaal to leave the house. she didn't like to pose for pictures with her kids, and it's going to be very obvious to you guys why. >> this is my teeth. basically, i was born with too many teeth in my gums. from the moment i was born, my teeth were squashed in. >> chantal is recording a video that she sent to a morning show
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saying, you know what? i really want some help with my teeth. >> as a mother, it's very hard for my children to ask me why my teeth are like that. it's hard for me that i can't take photos with my children. >> you see something like that, cosmetic dentistry. >> when they first talked to her and revealed that she was on the phone. they said you're looking at $22,000 u.s. in dental costs. and at this point, she was finally ready to do and gary. >> jackie, you've got something you'd like to say to chantal. >> i do, chantal. it would be our absolute pleasure to get your teeth to the absolutely best place they can get to at no cost to you. >> they connected with alpha dental. and this company has a trust where they help three people a year get dramatic kos meltic dental work.
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>> and sometimes with these contests, you never really know if the winners are chosen legitimately. she's definitely somebody who would qualify for that. >> your first presentation to somebody, your smile is so important. >> that was three months ago. this is her reaction after hours of work. she's got the shades on, the jackie o look. >> and she is absolutely ecstatic! ten-hut. time for the swiss army to report for duty. >> oh, oh, oh, oh! >> how about this reportin'. >> well, maybe they're on a mission, and this is their mission, you know, to damage this equipment they're trying to get rid of anyway. >> oh, there's a mission all right. and the mission is capturing and releasing as much of the goofy
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swiss military can conjure up, like this. >> that is wrong. that is wrong. >> neutral now? >> i also think it's interesting they released this footage. i imagine if that were here, there would be a lot of frowning faces. >> you don't have to imagine. it got lots of attention. the swiss army is looking into common decency and an insult to the prestigious of the uniform. people could see a ten-day arrest and serious fines. this is a compilation of a number of clips that have been put out on facebook. this one cracked me up. ? ? >> oh, my gosh.
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>> maybe the superiors should look at this as strategy. because other people are going to say, this is army, they're funny, they're cool kids, but then you can go around and bam. time for a makeup tutorial. >> first, there's always the for foundation i'll be using peanut butter mixing it with olive oil. >> the trend causing a stir. >> really creative. and an exciting new sport. >> i've been noticing this trending on my feed. >> >> why hide-and-seek with dogs
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? ? closed captioning provided
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lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. ? ? the morons of the week. we're going to start in the uk. police are in pursuit of this tiny little force that has already rammed into one car and disabled it. >> that little tin cup disabled a police car? >> he starts going the wrong way down the street. traffic heading right towards him. >> oh, this is going to be bad. >> you can see the arrows pointing against traffic. this takes place in the middle of the city. lots of left and right. heads back the wrong way, and this is just how it continues for a while.
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on heroin. >> oh. >> they are trying to maintain their distance, because they don't know what this wacko's going to do. >> it's clear, the dude doesn't know where he's going. it's clear they need to stop him. but don't worry, he's going to stop himself. crashes into a mini cab. and you can see the officers go straight to work. they send the dog in. >> send this guy under control. and they do eventually subdue this guy. the driver has been jailed for two years. he also had 116 previous convictions. in this case, he's been jailed for admitting dangerous driving, possession of heroin and speeding. as bad as that vehicle was, it pales in comparison to this video. you can tell by the straight line on the ground he's having a
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>> it looks like he's fighting a strong breeze. >> a couple seconds later, you'll see the vehicle appear. watch as he reverses about. no problem, no problem. he's going to continue driving. we see he's not even close to being able to drive. >> oh. >> like a pinball machine, scraping along the wall. once he gets to the exit, all he has to turn right, in this case going straight and before backing up. >> i have no information, so i don't know specifically what was happening with this guy. yes, there was a bar very near by. >> i can't imagine he got very far. he was in a tunnel, right? >> we can only hope that nobody was hurt because of this moron's behavior. this is a really neelt video, and it's one of those
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>> she's famous for her makeup tutorials on youtube. >> let's start with the foundation. she uses peanut butter, olive only and flour for coverage. and she applies it with a marshmallow. applies cornstarch. to create brows, she using powdered coffee and activated charcoal. people use that when they have tummy cocoa. turmeric. she says the highlighter, which also can serve as a bronzer is icing glitter. some of these tricks are what women use for makeup in prison.
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out of all of this, she said she would use the activated charcoal and coffee and she could use that more often. if you're in a pinch, this is the final look. >> it is very creative and interesting. you get so excited you forget to breathe. >> these have got to be the coolest dogs out that's correct . these dogs play hide-and-seek. they have to go look. but for doggies, this guy recording the video is going to come along with him so they can open the doors, facilitate where the dogs want to go. >> where are they?
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>> mcbride, we're familiar with him, good guy. >> yeah. they're now looking for the lady. >> this is a good way to get your dogs tired, just like the kids. >> there she is. >> i've been noticing this trending on my feed. a lot of people have been hiding cameras and playing hide-and-seek with dogs. >> it looks like the dogs are scattering about. >> it's really this is an eight-minute video. if you guys want to see the whole thing, it really is super cute, go to a baby shower gets even sweeter with a speech. oh, he got himself to cry. see the perfect romantic
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? ? promotional considerations provided by being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. how strong is allegra-d?? my congestion's out of my way strong. allegra-d?. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d?. ? ? four years and 24 days ago, he met marr kayla. here they are at their baby shower, everyone went all out. everybody's dressed beautifully. the room is decorated to the nines. >> men are able to come to the baby shower?
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sentiments for the baby to be. >> he takes the floor. >> i'm going to tell you this story about when we first met or whatever. >> he saw her on instagram. >> i said i don't know who this girl is in her picture, but when i see her, i got to have her. >> he knew she was the one. >> so, when i first saw her, first time in my life, i was speechless. >> he spoke to her in like, hmm, she took his breath away. >> that's when i knew then that i wanted her one day to be my wife. >> oh, he got himself to cry. >> oh! >> she walks over to his friend. >> the hand off. >> i asked you to be my girl. 24 days later i'm asking you to be my wife.
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>> will you marry me? [cheers and applause] >> and the crowd goes wild. >> so sweet. >> congratulations. >> you might as well get married. >> they already look cute. they've got the venue, bring in the mariachi. everything's set. ping-pong used to be a big hit here in the office of right this minute. but i never saw a guy able to do stuff like this. trick shots with like little mini bowling pinpins. these guys are wizards.know wha. we have seen trick shots before, this, though, is certainly not, they've got a sense of humor, and they've got skills, man. a little bit older but getting a lot of attention now, isn't it incredible the amount of english
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ball. and they don't even need paddles in some circumstances. they use iphones, notebooks. i was about to say that the paddles have become a part of their body, but as they've clearly demonstrated, no need. >> it is hilarious. it is, it's cool. ? ? it's a bad day for the guys stuck in this one's got it worst than the rest. >> this is a groomsman. >> why he may have a serious case of pre-wedding jitters.
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>> congratulations, alex, continue exploring and having fun. this is a really bad day for these guys in this elevator. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. i cannot [ bleep ]. >> oh, oh. >> what's happening?
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belongs in it. he is melting down. >> please get us out, please, [ bleep ]. five more minuting. >> he is having a full-on freak out. >> we're stuck. >> i know, i know, i [ bleep ] know. i am on the elevator. i know i'm stuck. >> you see they're talking to the speaker, but this guy's not reasoning. >> [ bleep ]. >> he, as you notice, is dressed quite to the nines. this is a groomsman. and he was apparently on his way to the wedding when this happened. but right now he's stuck. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ], you, [ bleep ] you. >> this is so much entertainment. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ],
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this is how people [ bleep ] die. [ bleep ], [ bleep ], this wedding, i'm about to throw up. i can't take the pressure. i can't. >> while we don't get to see it in the video, he was eventually rescued. and he did make us to the wedding. >> help us [ bleep ]. thank for watching.
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right now on fox 25 morning news, i'm tracking the fall temperatures behind this front and where frost can be a concern this weekend. >> we're following breaking news overnight. four women are dead after a shooting at a shopping mall in washington state. and this morning, the gunman remains on the run. the desperate search for that suspect that has an entire community on lockdown.
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ted cruz. >> i'm not going to deny that i have had in differences with the republican -- >> why the former presidential candidate now says he's voting for trump. and the local fight over free speech coming to a head this morning. >> plus, things may not seem as dire as they seem. the silver lining regarding the patriots quarterback dilemma. >> complete new england news coverage stas this is fox 25 morning news. >> good saturday morning to you, thank you so much for waking up with fox 25 morning news 6 a.m. on saturday, september 4th, i'm heather hegedus. >> and i'm jason law. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> i really missed you guys. >> a long summer without you. >> feels like i never even left. >> you were gone for good reason and we'll have more on that coming up in a bit. if you look, the first look of the season. let's get over to jason brewer


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