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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> now accept a massive manhunt underway for the suspect accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage at a washington state mall. >> the suspect entered the mall without a weapon. about 10 minutes later entered macy's. with a fired multiple times. >> the situation washington hits close to home for one woman whose husband was stabbed to death at a local mall. >> four months ago it was here that a similar scene played out. next, what a survivor here once those 3000 miles away to know. >> i will show how the temperatures drop tonight and went even colder weather goes in this weekend. a debate over free speech. by the donald trump science are
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>> the breaking news out of charlotte north carolina tonight, any minute now we are expected to see new video footage in the shooting death of scott. the department announcing in the last 90 minutes have reversed their position and will not release dash cam and body cam or video. >> the decision comes amid mounting pressure scott's family says he did not have a gun when he was shot and killed by an officer on tuesday.scott's wife shut the cell phone video. the police chief spoke a few minutes ago after previously sending you footage could jeopardize the integrity of the shooting. >> in the state of transparency you're going to get everything that we can deliver. fact, footage and an explanation on where we stand today relative to the investigation.
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minute now. of course we will let you know as soon as we hear more. also happening now at six police are charging for a gunman who shot and killed five people at a washington state mall. good evening everyone. >> it is a story we've been tracking since it first broke overnight. they say a man with a hunting mount rivalry opened fire in the mall. now a massive manhunt is underway to find him. dan springer has the latest from burlington >> a small community is on high alert after the tragic shooting at a shopping mall. >> we are still looking for the shooter. >> immigrant is underway in washington state. please refer gunman who shot and killed five people friday night. for women and one man. >> this is a senseless act. it was the world knocking on our doorstep.
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>> the city burlington has a population just about 8400. emotions running high press conference saturday with the mayor saying that the community will stand behind law enforcement as they work to track the gunman down. >> i know that now to help them extend the law and to bring this to justice for the community. >> police and the recovery hunting style rifle at the scene. which they believe the killer use. witnesses said the gunman department macy's store. surveillance video capturing this video of the shooter. they said there is no evidence right now that the shooting was an act of terrorism. >> i do not know what his motivations were. i don't know what his motivation was to continue or to stop. that certainly plan to find out. >> police said they looking for a hispanic man about five feet nine inches, late teens or early 20s wearing a dark shirt.
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but at this time locals are taking the lead in the investigation. in burlington washington, fox news. and when news of the gunfire broke out in washington and brought many back to the day may that a man went on a stabbing rampage there. >> we continue to encourage now with the silver city gallery has a message for those 3000 miles away tonight. >> seven we are no strangers to scenes like that here in massachusetts. just one half months ago here the silver city galleria and then with a knife and a bandanna went on a rampage. one man died later that day but his wife survived and she talked with me this afternoon. she offered some insight into what is happening in washington today. >> the whole scene, all that, the emotions, all of it. >> this woman knows what it's like to find yourself amidst tragedy and she was eating with her husband george when
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>> you do not believe your really hearing what you're hearing. you are not believing it you are believing what you're saying and then it a shot. >> jordan was killed that night and he was trying to protect a pregnant witness waitress at his wife. >> it is as surreal as the strongest emotions for the washington survivors today. she says reality survivor's guilt. >> you will is what it is you were supposed to stop something. >> of course words are spoken in hindsight to prevent you from speaking in that they stress foresight. >> when you're going into my have to look for exits and places and think about a plan. where you would go if there's an emergency.
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establishments due to. >> thank have access control cameras. do training with your staff your child have your maltby the one who doesn't want to go to. the making of the chips is what happens here and also in washington is reflective of the times we are living in. and it will continue likely because they cannot be 100 percent prevented. although that he does assure they can be mitigated with repercussion. stay with fox 25 for continuing coverage of the shooting in throughout the newscast. it tells officer has been released on bail. the officer betty shelby was arrested on manslaughter charges yesterday. prosecutors say that shelby quote acted unreasonably in the death of terence crutcher. he was shot and killed as he walked towards his suv. apparently with his arms raised last week. if convicted shelby faces at least four years in prison.
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also at six, a man recovering following a construction accident. rescue crews in several towns were called in to help pull the worker from a trench. we all live there now where it took a few intense hours to free the man. >> it sure was. we just spoke with a construction worker tells us the injured worker is a 50-year-old man who fractured his hip in two places and will be going into surgery any minute now. take a look behind me. you can loader that was involved in the accident. of course it is standing upright in essence it was pulled from the trench earlier this afternoon. some of the shattered glass is still here on the ground. at the scene is not cleared. emergency call for construction accident came in for just before 11:00 this morning.the grafton shark fire chief says the man driving the pay loader had done over a trench and overturned getting stuck in the latter in the loader rather.
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an hour or so to get the technical strike team adhere to present the first responders from about 25 communities. they secure the trench and executed a three hour operation before the man was taken to the hospital with injuries. again, they were not life-threatening. >> we see how the loader is on its side on the went over the trench, he was stuck in there because there was no way of securing that pay loader. see can get in there and secure underneath the pay loader. >> we are told the construction crews here were working on a water line for new homes. they have been built here on carroll road. we are told that the construction worker who was injured was conscious the entire time during the three hour operation to get him out. he was talking to part first responders the entire time. of course in a lot of pain. he will be in surgery any
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church in hingham is. can i thank you. new at six, boston police have released this video showing an arrest that put an officer under investigation for use of force. they also released nearly 300 pages from the internal investigation. commissioner evans says it is an effort to be as transparent as possible. the department says the officer was off duty inmate when a milton earlier this week the commissioner said the internal affairs department determined this proper procedure. >> a spectacular fall day across boston. hope you got out and enjoy the i know i did. tomorrow morning it will be even cooler. star trek award -- we have already got a freeze warning for parts of northern new england. but out to the west where we have the frost advisory that goes into effect after midnight until 8:00 a.m.. that is because we are mainly clear
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we have a few clouds out there right now. the air is dry. wade of the north will be lightning up. as they do so and as we get past sunset temperatures will tumble back into the 40s for most of us. the interior, low-lying areas could see 30s and thus we have the best chance of seeing some patchy fog. patchy frost. we have your timeline coming up in a few minutes. >> a renewed call for justice princeton around the community hoping to find a killer. she was killed on august 7 will offer a run. the signs read justice for vanessa. they have been put around the town common. more than a thousand tips have already come through the state to plan for her case. the police and district attorney's office and they are not responsible for the new science. eight-year-old boy was airlifted to a boston hospital this morning. he was burned by hot drink.
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second-degree burns between his legs. this happened at the bridge lodge and resort. >> and the ladies in the election after donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready to face off in the first presidential debate. that is on monday. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren made her way to new hampshire today campaigning for hillary clinton. warren has later stepped up in manchester for a kickoff event. she also headlined an event in this afternoon. >> and headed to new hampshire. he was there hours before the presidential debate on monday. the indiana governor's first trip was in august for a huge crowd in manchester. donald trump and hello clickable face off in the first presidential debate on monday. this will be the campus of hofstra university in new york. we will be there so you will have a live report before and after the debate on monday. in a local man refusing to take on his donald trump signs.
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him. coming up at 6:30 p.m. ones of the fight is not about donald trump.>> and i'm talking temperatures dropping this after tonight. >> the health of the new york and new jersey bob specht could be worse than we thought.
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strike if they do not region agreement. they are currently broadening their contract asking for better benefits and opportunities to expand to full-time employment. the janitor union began negotiations for a new contract last year. their current contract expires on the 30th. the new york and new jersey terror suspects ahmad rahami remains unconscious tonight.
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to learn more about the motive behind the bombing. we have more. >> sources tell us that the bombing suspect ahmad rahami's condition is worse than we thought. it could be in the hospital for several more weeks recovering from gunshot wounds he got during the police showed up. there at his bedside waited to him to be conscious to him. border patrol and customs questioned him in march trip to pakistan. and they alerted the fbi following the interview with him.this is significant because it is mostly for his father says he warned the fbi in august 2014. the father told the new york times he warned the fed that his son was watching al-qaida and tell event jihadist videos. he said quote keep an eye on him. that he was not 100 percent sure he was a terrorist. the fbi investigators found no
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shows a desire and references to al qaeda and isis figures. the fbi is looking into his frequent overseas trips to afghanistan and pakistan. and whether he had any contact or terrorist organizations. they say he spent time in a religious seminar in pakistan closely tied with the taliban. investigators are looking at the familyor behind the family. he allegedly carried out his family is cooperating and are not suspect his wife arrived in the us wednesday night. she left for pakistan in june. she is cooperating and is not considered a suspect. investigators say the afghan born terrorist suspect planned this attack for months. ordering bomb materials in ebay.
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opened its doors in washington d.c.. a ceremony was held this morning for the grand opening of the african-american history museum. it includes items like michael jordan's jersey and chuck berry's cadillac. also had african-american history tracing from slavery to segregation to the present day. president obama headlined the opening ceremony saying the museum will help all americans better understand themselves. >> the african-american history is not our larger american story. it is not the underside of the american story. it is central to the american story. >> if you're hoping to visit the museum had to wait a while. tickets are free but you have to make a reservation. there are no spots open for the next two months. we had some rain late last night. it exited the region early this morning. some areas picked up anywhere from one 12:45 half inch of rain. and boston coming in about
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was not enough to really help us with our drought situation. possible 10 inches below normal for rainfall this year. and the extreme drought, the area in red covers 52 percent of the state. really, we have dry conditions this weekend along with very cool conditions. the rain did bring in temperatures feel more like fall. take a look at high temperatures. this is 80s yesterday and today, in the 60s. it just felt so comfortable. enjoy. we saw less than an hour left. the sun is setting right now and we will be talking about some cool conditions overnight tonight. frosty especially for the interior. and another round of possible frost likely sunday night into monday. we stay cool and do not really think about fire weather.but with low humidity and dry conditions in place, tomorrow there is an elevated fire
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be careful outdoors. we need that rain. that will alleviate that. our next chance does not look to be heading our way until tuesday. enjoy the dry conditions while you can. just be aware of the concerns around it. 64 degrees right now in the city. dew point in the 30s. wind out of the north. when does the wind -- when the sun sets temperatures can fall back to we will once appear to be a pleasant evening perhaps field it will be cool. grab your jacket. 58 degrees for the kickoff right around 7:00. it is the last home game of the season. high pressure will continue to build. we have wind of the north right now. drawing and that much cooler air and will see that across new england. while most of us will be in the 40s overnight there will be areas especially to the north where we will be in the 30s. the blue and the northwest that is more likely what we will see.
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allowing frost to develop. and take a look at this, we sent them this is picked appeared there test driving as they will probably do it again tomorrow morning. there is a freeze warning outside of portland from northwestern. this is where we havthe frost advisory for tomorrow. temperatures mainly in the 30s and 40s . 40s for most of us. it will be another cool day with temperatures tomorrow again, only in the 60s. it is sunday night into monday where we will see more areas dropping into the upper 30s and low 40s with a chance of some frost. lucy temperatures warm slightly on monday but still below average. that is ahead of the next chance of rain. i'll have the timeline of what to expect the rain in the next half hour. after weeks of waiting they finally bloomed this morning. this is video from the school's greenhouse purity to see the
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pictures of the smelly flower. what it fully opens it releases a scent that has been linked to rotting meat and also decomposing flesh. how about that? it only blooms once every six years. >> students are getting a big lesson in recycling. how a new program is helping new england's farmers. i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools,
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looking for these three thieves. each wanted for crimes said so far gotten away with maybe you can help. this is this week's most wanted.we begin when they're looking for this woman. they believe still in shoppers wallet at a target inside of the south shore plaza. it appeared she is senior and credit and debit cards. she was still dark earlier and is just the mostly black at the time of the crime. if you recognize or contact the to boston where this man robbed a bank two weeks ago. boston police and the unknown man approached the counter and gave the teller a command note while also making verbal demands. the teller gave the suspect the money and he took off running towards dartmouth street. as you can see he has a
6:25 pm to the south shore where this woman is wanted by normal police. her for identity theft and the card fraud.she was caught on surveillance early this month working out of the target with a cart full of merchandise. merchandise she bought with stolen credit cards. if you know anything about who she is or where she is contact the police.these cases all come to us from the law enforcement website. we also have them up on our website she continues. military men and across the country gathered at capital islands over a run -- kennedy is one of the two boston firefighters who died in a fire in 2014. organizers said the mission is to bring servicemembers together who are suffering with there working together to veteran suicides. and this memorial monument is being dedicated to computer for families who lost loved ones in the military.
6:26 pm
about 90 percent of the work materials were donated. were the $250,000 is coming to the children's hospital. this is part of a grant funded by local hyundai dealers. it was presented during a handprint ceremony were children affected by cancer were honored. this is the 18th year there donated money to the hospital. coming up at 630 we continue to follow breaking news out of north carolina tonight where police are now releasing some of the footage african-american man in charlotte. >>, the reason for the change and the latest in the investigation. a man standing by his political lawn signs. coming up the rally he decided to hold this morning and the bigger issue he says is the reason he will not be taking the donald pam griffin: our daughter courtney got caught in a web of opiate and heroin addiction. doug griffin: our insurance company indicated that courtney's problem wasn't a matter of life and death - so she wasn't eligible for treatment. pam griffin: she told me that she didn't want
6:27 pm
saying mom - please help me. doug griffin: our family's tragedy could happen to any family... pam griffin: we knew we had to save other families from losing their children. kelly reached out to us. doug griffin: she came to my family to learn more. pam griffin: she listened to what we had to say, who we were - she cared about us... she didn't know us. pam griffin: we talked about the ways to remove the stigma of addiction so parents can get help. doug griffin: kelly co-authored the act - this act will save kids' lives... ...and enable families to get the help they need. doug griffin: we don't want courtney to be remembered for her substance abuse, but rather for her struggle to achieve recovery. pam griffin: kelly believes recovery is possible.
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on charlotte north carolina. please and also they will release the video of keith scott shooting. scott was an african-american shot by police officer on tuesday.they had been refusing to make the video public until now. saying it would jeopardize their investigation. the police chief is saying he has changed his mind. >> in the spirit of transparency you are going to get everything we can deliver. facts, footage and explanation
6:30 pm
relative to the investigation. >> they said they will release the new footage any moment now. will let you know what soon as we hear more. five people are dead following a shooting rampage in washington state. we have been following this since the attack happened friday evening. the government remains on the list in the city of burlington washington on high alert. they show a man holding a rifle. they say he was the sole person responsible for the shooting rampage. witn where to seek safety. >> the most chaotic i've seen. most chaotic to me since i have been here. you know i wouldn't think this would even happen here so i'm shocked. >> right now the fbi says there is no evidence at this time the attack is tied to terrorism. >> the shooting in washington is bringing many back to the day and make when a man went on a stabbing rampage at a mall.
6:31 pm
from there where a wife of a man killed at the galleria has a message for the 3000 miles away tonight. >> said that we are no strangers to see like that in massachusetts. just one half months ago here at this galleria a man with a knife went on a rampage. one man died the death of his wife surprised. she talked with his afternoon offers some insight into what is happening in washington today. >> the whole same time all of it, the emotions all of it came right back. >> rosemary knows all too well what it is like to find yourself in the situation. >> she was eating with her husband when 28-year-old arthur busted into the restaurant have to drive his car into macy's and began stabbing strangers. >> you don't believe it is really your hearing what you carry. your believing what you're seeing. and in shock. >> her husband was told that i
6:32 pm
and protect his wife. >> but it was also that ms is taking george away and he just sat there in the chair and it just didn't seem real. >> it was surreal and she believed as the strongest emotion for survivors in washington state today. but reality will soon set in and when it does so to my survivors guilt. >> intermountain remember what you did with the roadway of florida tried to stop something, is what you are supposed to do. >> of course those words are you from speaking in at 10. the former police chief stresses foresight. >> we go to a lawyer look as if the places and think about plan. where you would go if there's an emergency. >> is not just consumers that need a plan. public establishment due to. >> to have security and high visibility locations. have cameras. do training with your most appeared try to have your mall be the one that they don't want to go to project the chief says what happened here and last
6:33 pm
reflective of the times we are living in. and will continue lightly because it cannot be 100 percent prevented. although he does ensure they can be mitigated with proper paul catholic church in hingham is. stay with fox 25 for continuing coverage of the mall shooting in washington. we will continue to bring you any new developments through our newscast and also on the web at rescuers from several small towns were called in to accident. >> it took several hours to prevent after got trapped in a trench. christine mccarthy is there. you're learning more about the man's condition tonight. >> we sure are. that's because when the last hour we are able to a construction worker that tells us he was here when the construction happened. he tells us he was hoping he could reach in and pull his buddy out of the machine that he was stuck inside. but unfortunately the
6:34 pm
at this moment he is expected to undergo surgery any moment now. if you take a look behind me can see that the loader involved in this accident is still sitting here. it is not getting up right after being pulled from over the trench from the shattered glass still on the ground. the scene is now clear. this is an emergency call the emergency call came in shortly before 11:00 a.m. this might. the fire chief tells us a man driving the pay loader had gone over a trench and over the opening of the trench. first responders came quickly but take about an hour forget the technical strike team out. first responders from about 25 different communities. they did secure the trench and it was about a 3 and a half hour operation before he was taken to hospital with injuries that are not life-threatening. >> you see how that was tipped on its side over the trench.
6:35 pm
in there because there was no way of securing the pay loader. so we can get in there and secure the trench and secured in a. >> we are told again that the construction work is going to be okay but of course there have been he is in a lot of pain from being in the machine for three hours. he is undergoing some serious surgery but we are told you will be okay. he and his coworker putting together a water line for a new home built here. we live and breath and said, st. paul catholic church in hingham is. where game breaking news of hamilton where residents are without water after water main break the city since the breakup in our bridge street. the tells the area is close between miles river road and woodberry street. at this time officials do not have a timeline for when the water will be back up and running. of course we will continue to
6:36 pm
possibly have released a video showing interest that put an officer under investigation for use of force. this is nearly 300 pages of number internal investigation. they say it is an effort to be transparent as possible. the department says officer edward barrett was off duty in may when milton hit his car window with his umbrella in the back. earlier this week the commissioner said internal affairs said he follow proper procedure. fall temperatures have taking a look at the radar, dry and cool and it will stay that way over the next few days. star trek or the meteorologist is here now. we were talking about a frost advisory. >> yes. a part of the area. and sure enough frost advisory goes into northwestern part of the state into vermont and then as you get to northern new hampshire and parts of maine a freeze warning. that's where temperatures are more likely to be at the freezing mark. frost advisory means temperatures are going to be
6:37 pm
it is currently in the 60s or not. it is spectacular out there. the sun is setting in boston. take a look at this gorgeous shot. send me a picture let's see what it'll click outside your house right now. 64 no boston.dew point and 30s.we will a lot of dry air in place and when the still active out of the carpet was the light of temperatures will be dropping. perhaps if you will be at the expense of the subjects that you have a chance to get back into the 50s. we will show you what later on in a few minutes. >> police on the scene of the crash this afternoon. a car at a walmart parking lot somehow end up on top of another car. this happened on middle street. we are working to find out if there are any injuries. admitted call for justice not for vanessa residence in prison have placed flyers to public defender killer futures killed on august 7. the sun's radiant justice for vanessa have been spotted around the town common.
6:38 pm
case. state police and the das office said they are not responsible for the new signs. us power management said the super super drunk driving causing a deadly crash on 195 in fall river. robert henson was sentenced up to eight years behind bars. last october they say he rented to the back of a toyota driven by 73 old woman. the car rolled over and she was thrown out of it. prosecutor said he was spitting on an officer. >> an eight-year-old boy airlifted to hospital after being burned by hundred this morning. he said he suffered secondary burns between his legs. it happened at a resort. tonight to continue to look for a gunman show teenager inside of a cds. the searching for this mandatory thrilled marcus officer said he showed an 18-year-old at the register checking out thursday afternoon. a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old
6:39 pm
charged with conspiracy. and assault with intent to kill. translucent election 2016 on donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready to face each other in the first presidential debate. it happened this monday for massachusetts senator elizabeth warren was in new hampshire taking pity for her repented. warren was there this morning before heading to manchester for a canvas kickoff event. she also had an event this >> the republican vice presidential nominee has also headed to new hampshire. to join a rally at the the indiana governor's first trip was in august that through a huge crowd. donald trump and hillary clinton will face up once again in the first presidential debate on the campus of hofstra university in new york. we will be there. watch for live reports before and after the date on monday. a local man with donald
6:40 pm
as we report on the man held a rally this morning saying he is defending his right to free speech. >> when you drive down this road is not hard to tell which has belonged to ricky. >> is my property i can do what i want.>> is a giant donald trump banner and his loan is covered corner to corner with donald trump signs.the problem though, is that the town has an ordinance prohibiting any political campaign signs above 32 square feet. >> that is not that they can tell property. if you're paying taxes on the property. to tell us what you can do?>> to quicker define the $300 for every single day design staff. ricky not only says they are staying but has a bunch of people at his house to rally in support of today. >> i want my free speech this is what guesses they and you should be able to say. >> what he says is not so much about donald trump as it is about free speech. >> i didn't expect this i was doing is out of what i think is
6:41 pm
strangers agree with him. >> he is freedom of speech. and dream of expression. he should be able to do that as well. >> hehas written it back to the city and says he is prepared to go to court if that's what it takes. >> investment letter that they will start finding it will go to the ports system and let them deal with it. >> something new england students have a new reason not to finish their schooling. >> how farmers are benefiti >> is driving now but some of us to wake up to frost. our show how cool it will be in
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
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>> this we can ask her husband one of the biggest races in new hampshire. but there's something happening far from th likely will not see. a bus to go fighting cancer getting a chance to escape reality for a bit in a race car. the speedway children's charity in new hampshire brought 14-year-old emma adams interfamily to loading this week to get a few laps around the track. what a thrill. >> you know students at several boarding schools several rhode island schools are getting a lesson on recycling. >> -- these pigs look like they are in heaven.
6:45 pm
their diet is very similar to what your kids are eating for lunch. speaking of lunch, the students at hallowell memorial school had to feed the pigs after they finished eating. >> now they're looking at their banana peel or the orange peels and saying, said 30 in the trash they are giving food to the pigs. >> to confirm is owned by this man and his wife udo schooldays the pickup left over food scraps at 28 schools. or burgers, word on the farm is that the pigs love it. >> is all around good teacher kids at school and the kids eat well in school. >> the kids carefully sort trash recyclables and food scraps in three separate bins. the fourth-grader doesn't seem to mind being in charge. connecting at the front of the trash. -- >> this program has been going
6:46 pm
and they have been doing pickups in other communities going back much longer. the sorting process actually very important as it teaches to keep lunch leftovers out of the trash and out of landfills. >> with skills going up to keep teaching people to recycle i think this is a good situation for everyone. knew it six and another son of paul, the bosses of his kicking off the season set with a special guest. a chinese tonight at symphony hall. the orchestra open is 2016 and 2017 one. he is performed at the grammys and the boston symphony runs to the first week of may. also at six, a buggy invasion at new hampshire. professors say the bug population is about to look for warmer living quarters inside buildings. small bug named for its odor has spent summers outside and that looks to get back into her by the end of september.
6:47 pm
arriving from overseas. water off the coast of maine is getting warmer and the lobster industry has begun to worry. according to news 3 baby lobster struggle to survive in waters five degrees warmer than the water currently in the gulf of maine. that is how much they expect it to warm by the year 2100. the studies performed by scientists at the university of maine. saying it's a little bit warmer at the coast, not too bad.but not good for the lobsters. the main water is chili. it is in the 60s right now. that was the high temperature for the day today as well. we are mostly in the 60s, paul will hit we hit a little lower this afternoon. we've been in the 80s, but with the passage of the rain yesterday called front brought
6:48 pm
conditions developed if you look at the sunset in boston. if you a you clouds out there. again sunday night into monday. after we do have dry conditions tomorrow will also see fire threat increase. our next chance of rain does not look to be heading our way until tuesday. take a look at the weather from chicago to boston. we have nothing. this is the weather over the next couple of days, it is fantastic. out to the west there is a line of showers. that is heading our way for tuesday. it is time before it gets here. high pressure over the great lakes continuing to draw on the cooler air. clouds that was over the day today will melt away once the sun sets. with the sunsetting windows also going to die down. while we are in 60s right now we will see temperatures quickly drop.
6:49 pm
air is dry. chi-squared winters like your temperature can pull back to the dew point and that's what we do have the frost advisory for some spots that will likely fall back into the 30s. most of us waking up to temperatures in the 40s. even in boston. if you have evening planwere rejected. it will be a bit chilly out there late tonight temperatures will back to the 50s . after midnight is almost the temperatures in the upper 40s. low temperature of the day typically occurs right bef sunrise. it happens in the morning so this is what it looks like early in the morning. temperatures mostly in the 40s but we do have a few thirds of their places like orange and chemo. i would not be surprised, typical cool spots and valleys will dip into the 30s. places like norwood. outside the port 95 that's where we will see some of the cooler readings. freeze warning for parts of northern new hampshire and maine. but the frost advisory in this area shaded in blue, extended
6:50 pm
the state into worchester county. just to about 495. north of the pipe. this is where we have the best chance of seeing some frost. if you have planned the site you may want to bring the plants outside in case you see frost. tomorrow little cooler with temperatures in low 60s to mid-60s had appeared cooler at the coast with the wind. we will pick up and it will be an active day. will be traveling across new england looking okay. high pressure, it is can control it will be with us. we'll cold night i should say. waking up on monday morning frosting spots will be likely. no advisors yet. but it is not until tuesday we will see the next chance of rain the most beheaded away in time for the morning commute. we will have more in the coming up. your seven-day forecast the speech of the throat the showers tuesday into wednesday. we could teach our chances into the rest of next week. staying on top of breaking news out of charlotte north
6:51 pm
showing the final moment of keep scott's life. dementia killed by police in charlotte on tuesday. >> we told you about is on the top of the hour. the police department reversed their position and provided the protest. scott's family maintains he did not have a gun when the officer opened fire. the police chief said earlier that the new footage is in his opinion does not lead to a definitive conclusion. we are working to get the video to review it.once we do we will air as well. is a b sports. we have got you covered. red sox and ortiz go for 10 in a row. patrons looking to get their quarterbacks healthy with a day off. lots of great college football i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment.
6:52 pm
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the patriots have a day off before the have a day to get
6:55 pm
the buffalo bills moment from tomorrow. still a week to figure out if the thumb injury will allow him to play against buffalo. do not forget that maybe healthy by october 2. certainly an interesting week to see how the patriots handle their quarterback situation. on the last week of tom brady's doesn't matter that widener college is a subdivision school and that they held their own early alumni stadium. they want a football game. just what they needed. the court directly is where the two rushing touchdowns into beautiful touchdown passes. but it disappeared 58 you're the sophomore smith, 21 10 the final score of the game is a beauty. 27 yarder the sophomore walker. watch the run, after the catch. this is sweet. 42 10 is the final. eagles are not two and two. the patriots, d.c. will play buffalo next weekend. >> going on. we'll get ready to go in and play hard.
6:56 pm
well. >> everyone must make a play. everyone you know, everyone is so anxious to get there. that's relevant to our team. they're so competitive. >> obstinately slanted center court michigan state elder scott wisconsin's leo picks up the fumble. 7 to put the badges of 20 six. learned that six is the final. they lose the four and oh badgers. they go to on to next day. another upset in oxford mississippi. this will not even close. kelly and the 34 right rebels. they just spank george appear 55 yards from for one of the rebels in six touchdowns. that man is old school smacks that step is old school 45 red sox for st. petersburg tonight heading looking for the 10th when in rome september. in the second inning they get
6:57 pm
they score come all the way around to make it one zero. once a split in the bottom of the second. with the bill back, they hit so hard that he decided to come home and you made the right choice because he gets out at the plate right now the red sox in the third inning leading one >> on fire. >> that's what i like to see. >> perfect timing. >> it was a perfect day there. we've had temperatures a little below average and will be another beautiful day tomorrow. we will have a chilly stuff you temperatures in the 30s and 40s and really cold one on monday morning to but is a drug stretch that's good before
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
it's baylor, one of only two big 12 unbeaten versus perhaps the top team early on oklahoma state. the conference opener for both. it's next on fox. ?? ?? >> announcer: tonight in the lone star state, conference pride is on a perfect season remains the goal for 16th ranked baylor. a high-octane offense off the right arm of seth russell. >> touchdown! that ball was on the money. >> our offense is going to be jazzed. we are here to win a championship. come in and try to punch them in the mouth and we have to answer that. >> for oklahoma state, they have already experienced


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