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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  September 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kind of can get the sense that perhaps it was a driver one driver, one vehicle and perhaps the boy was hit. i tried to get confirmation on that tonight and i have not been able to do so. back out here live although the state police and grafton police continue to investigate this in their own press release they do say that this does appear to be a tragic accident. live in grafton, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> thinking about that family tonight, thanks, jim. >> also tonight a local officer says he was forced department defending that officer's decision to open fire tonight. >> the woman they shot is in the hospital and under arrest. fox 25's christine mccarthy spent the day in weymouth but police say when they arrived at the home this woman was hysterical. >> i was sitting in my house and i heard a gunshot. i said to my daughter that was a gunshot. >> neighbors startled late sunday morning to hear a single gunshot ring out. >> i saw her lying on the
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>> the woman lay shot in her stomach. a knife on the ground. >> there was a police officer they were kind of shaken up and then another police officer behind her. >> reporter: weymouth police said in a statement the officers responded to a call from the 46-year-old woman's frantic mother saying her daughter was trying to kill herself with a knife. >> the mother came out and said she just was trying to kill herself. >> reporter: police say they found the woman hysterical at her front door holding large knife which they say she refused to drop, ignoring commands even following an officer with the weapon before the officer fired. >> they took the cops that shot her away too. >> reporter: the woman is expected to survive. she was rushed to south shore hospital for surgery and there she's under arrest on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon. >> i just would never think that something like this would happen. she seemed like a very sweet lady. >> some neighbors who have known her for decades say she suffer from mental
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>> i don't think she had should have got shot. >> i don't know why she felt so emotional at the time but i feel bad. >> many of this woman's family members lived right in this complex. however no one was willing to speak on camera. however we do know that she is expected to survive from that one gunshot wound to her abdomen area. weymouth police say this investigation is still underway. in weymouth, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. autopsy will be performed tomorrow an new hampshire man shot and killed by police. officers were called to a home in claremont early this morning. during a confrontation they shot and killed cody lafond. no officers were hurt. investigators are still piecing together what led up to that shooting. police are searching tonight for the driver and deadly hit-and-run in medford. it happened en route 16 near wilmington circle early this morning. state police identify the victim as 41-year-old
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somerville. they don't have a description of that vehicle. >> right now boston police are searching for at least one suspect after seven people were injured during a brawl in the theatre district. we were live during fox 25 morning news. police people were stabbed outside the candy bar this morning. all seven victims are expected to survive. >> new at 11:00 sad news to pass along. a hanover firefighter has died one week after he was injured during an accident. he was cutting when he fell 20 feet off a ladder at his home. his fellow firefighters held a fund-raiser to help this family it. >> has been very hard on the guys. it's hard enough that it happens and it happened to one of our own. but it brings it to another level when it's your guys going to the accident and treatedding him. >> he was with the hanover
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>> the family of four killed in greenfield. the flames broke out at a home on meridian street. >> fox 25's crystal haynes spent today at an emotional scene. >> reporter: just a not extraic seen -- just a tragic scene here in greenfield. the insides of that house right here on the front lawn. it's extremely emotional here. there were family members that arrived on scene so upset they confronted news coming out of the window. >> reporter: diane woke up to her neighbor's house in flames early sunday morning. the blaze engulfed this home at 140 meridian street in greenfield and fire trucks hadn't arrived yet so she did the own thing she could think of. i put the fire hose close to the house. >> this is her video of the scene shared with fox 25. >> it was scary. i was worried for our property then we started
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house. we were hoping they weren't home. >> but the family of four were home. >> three adults and a child were found inside the house despite their best efforts to rescue them. >> they withheld the names and ages of the victim sunday evening. but friends and neighbor idea fight homeowners as brian and florinda tower. >> it's heartbreaking. the little boy he was adorable. we saw him all summer hanging out with dad. >> reporter: the neighbors visiting with his young son just a toddler. >> it's hard to believe this has happened. >> reporter: rebecca stone says this home belonged to brian's grandparents. >> we spent a lot of time biking and hiking together and swimming in the green river. we couldn't ask for nicer person than brian. always had a smile on, always. >> reporter: as you can probably hear and see behind
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continues here at the scene of the fire and the cause has yet to be determined. reporting in greenfield, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. the mayor of charlotte, north carolina has lifted the curfew on the city. the midnight to 6:00 a.m. curfew went into affect on friday. there have been protests every day since the 43-year-old was killed by a police officer on tuesday. yesterday police released a portion of the dash shooting. in the video it wasn't clear if it belonged to scott. family says the video provides more information but not enough. unfortunately, we are left with far more questions than we have answers. >> meanwhile, at today's carolina panthers game it was under tight security. there were police in riot gear at bank of america stadium keeping an eye on any protests that could get out of hand about.
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as the national anthem was played. inside the stadium marcus ball raised his first during the anthem. >> i heard about one and then two, and then that's when i turn around and then that's when started going one, three, four, five, six. >> the investigators in washington state trying to piece together information of a suspect in that deadly mall shooting. authorities searching an apartment tied to sateen as well his car. he got him late last night. five people were killed in the attack which happened friday night. his motive remains unclear. the stage is set in a little less than 24 hours from now donald trump and hillary clinton will be at the podium duking it now the what might be the most watched presidential debate in history. >> both candidates taking the day off to prepare but leaving their campaign managers to do the talking on the sunday morning shows. >> all we're asking is if
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it's unfair to ask for hill troy both play traffic cop with trump, make sure that his lies are corrected and also to present her vision. >> i can understand why the clin camp is very nervous because donald trump has great presence factor he's a brilliant debater. newt gingrich said donald trump is the best debater he has ever seen he's like the babe ruth of debating. >> and the stakes could not be higher with this race as close as ever. according to the latest "washington post" poll has shrunk to 2%. fox 25 political reporter sharman sacchetti is at hofstra university covering the debate for us tonight. are and of course tomorrow. >> the campaigns are working through the night to prepare. >> reporter: the debate stage is set here at hofstra university it's where the american people would see high political drama play out as hillary clinton and donald trump face-off for the first time. >> the expectations for hillary clinton are very high and for donald trump
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>> reporter: eric is a republican political consultant and senior advisor to former massachusetts governor and republican nominee mitch mcconnell. he says because of -- mitt romney. he says because of her experience the bar is set higher for clinton. >> what's going on behind the scenes? >> this is high stakes politics and actually i think they're both preparing for it in different ways. >> reporter: secretary clinton is set said to be putting more time in debate trump. four years agoit of preparation that helped romney pull off a strong did not performance against president obama. >> generally the candidate who puts more time into preparation and mock debates is the one who outperforms on the debate stage. >> reporter: both campaigns have spent the weekend taunting each other from mere suggestions of bringing in mark cuban and jennifer nowers to insisting the debate moderate juror play realtime fact checker. but will any of it matter in the end? >> for all of the hype and
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that it generates they really don't impact it as much as we think. >> perhaps, but a strong performance before a large national audience can give either candidate the chance to break away and gain an advantage just weeks out from the election. and the latest polls have both candidates in a virtual dead heat. an estimated 100 million viewers are expected to be watching. in hempstead, new york, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. of course a lot of expectations for this debate both campaigns as sharm 100 million viewers to tune in tomorrow night. more details now about the most viewed presidential debates in american history. some 67 million viewers watched president obama and mitt romney spar. that was back in 2012. almost 70 million people watched bill clinton and george h.w. bush in 1990. all the back three decades to find the most watched debate in history that was ronald reagan and jimmy carter attracting almost 81 million viewers in 1980.
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presidential hopeful mike pence will hold a rally in new hampshire. he is scheduled to speak in milford tomorrow afternoon. once again, the massachusetts senator took aim at donald trump. >> he cheered on the financial crisis of 2008. a crisis where people lost their homes, lost their jobs, lost their savings, why? because he thought it would give him a cheap. what kind of a man does that? a selfish middle sleaze ball, who will never be president of the united states. >> all right, warren also campaigned for new hampshire governor maggie hassan who is running for the u.s. senate. we'll be waking up to the taste of winter ahead of the first full week of fall. we have frost advisories in parts of our area. i'll show you which towns
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snech developing tonight federal health officials say a local farm is to blame for a multistate outbreak of e. coli. seven people have the gone -- -- gotten sick. it's linked to adams farms slaughterhouse. the c.d.c. says the company recently recalled various cuts of beef, veal and bison products.
11:15 pm a big convenience in a small town. all 8,000 people in hamilton are being told to boil their water until further notice. the water main break yesterday caused low pressure or no water off throughout that town. the break though has been repaired. but the boil water advisory will remain until a lab which is close on the weekend can certify that the water is clean. janitors in boston plan to walk off the job if they don't reach a deal this week. the janitors 2,000 office buildings in the state as well as some mbta station. they're continuely negotiating a new contract. their current one expires friday. the janitors want better pay, benefits and full-time job opportunities. a salem man spendinged to be sentenced tomorrow for shooting and killing an army veteran in boston. jury deliberated less than two hours last week before finding peter castillo guilty of first-degree murder. prosecutors said video showed castillo shooting stephen perez in the back in 2012 after an argument in a
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to focus on remembering the veteran who served two tours in iraq. >> and so fun such a goof ball he was. he had a heart of gold and would do anything for anybody. >> two other people have been charged in connection with perez's murder and are awaiting trial. the deaf community is rallying behind a hearing impaired woman. jessica is a regular at a framingham dunkin' donuts and uses order through the drive-thru. but as fox 25 first reported earlier this month, she drove up one day she was refused service because she would not use the speaker. today her and several others went through that drive-thru ordering like a deaf person would using the app. she says she hopes this will make others aware of the accessibility options. >> to see, to give them the experience for people that work at dunkin' donuts to see what it's like when a deaf person will come through the drive-thru and
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>> dunkin' donuts did apologize for that initial incident saying the employee involved has been fired. a hearing will be held this week on upgrades and improvements at fenway park. as fox 25 reported lasted month the boston landmark project approved four new projects. a meeting is set for tuesday. the renovations are expected to be completedded by opening day next year. if you are talking about opening day when we haven't even finished this year and sure enough fall ball a lot of people like it. but if you are headed out this morning it sure was cold out there. 35 in norwood and taunton. 33? in concord. 40s out in boston. 49? mount washington, 22 they have some ice, they some -- currently in mount washington 25?.
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digits with the chill out there. with the wind chill out there. 30s 40s that's where we're headed overnight tonight. we have frost advisories in place. we get this when we first get our first chill of the season. freeze warnings for parts of northern new england. this is where we have our best shot of seeing temperatures below vermont and new hampshire there's where we have the scattered frost is possible. of course if you wake up to that send us a picture. but we're also thinking that that cold pocket that we typically see places like ngor wood will also see some if you have any plants outside hopefully a brig
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even a few 30s across the coast. but i am excepting to see temperatures mostly in the 40s. if you are going to be headed out grab that jacket and grab those glasses for the morning drive as temperatures will be in the mid-30s to lower 40s. going through the day it's going to warm up pretty nicely. mid to upper 60s midland cooler at the coast and a dry day hour which hour in the 40s and we're going to notice a win turn on shore that means boston so it's going to be another really nice day and perhaps not as windy as it was today. but all good things must
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this is our next rain picture. then the clouds thicken up monday night. where we could see a few scattered showers then more swid widespread showers so it's going to be a wet and slow one out there. perhaps even a rumble of thunder at least midday before this line of showers begins to push off the mid-coast. just keep that in mind any little bit helps. there's still some questions about how much rain we would
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>> hundred of runners hit the pavement in winchester today to honor a hometown hero.
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annual tradition. >> 3, 2, 1. >> we provide scholarships to special operations community members as a means of going back to school to transition from military to civilian life. >> my son and my family we participate in this every year. >> we are here to honor glen dougherty who is and the guy protecting our country. we were all making signs so cheer on the runners. my wife is from winchester she went to school with glen dougherty so we run this every year. we have been doing this every year for the past
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the moment. he was the best guy that i ever knew. >> and today's race raised money for the glen dougherty foundation. so many races this weekend they have been having such fantastic weather. torr day just a cold day to start. then the rain moves in for tuesday. we'll have to watch a couple things not set in stone so there could somebody the chance for some scattered showers late week into the early part of the weekend. some uncertainty but of course we'll keep you updated shiri spear will have the latest. >> we got plenty of rain. >> all good things come to an end. including all these sunny days.
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news. >> first here's tom with what's ahead sports wrap. >> it's very rare that a day is so dreary in some sports and we'll also celebrate the life of arnold palmer. dave o'brien butch stearn and i debate when plus, the final call behind the mic for vince sculley at dodger stadium could not have been scripted any better. you don't want to miss that. grab a drink we'll take a quick break and come back
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hello everybody, welcome to the fox 25 "sports wrap". tom leyden with you. we start tonight with a pair of sad stories what has marked this day as one of the really sad days in sports this year. arnold palmer golf's greatest ambassador has passed away at the age of 87. a seven tim palmer won 62 titles on the pga tour. his last coming when in many our audience weren't even alive yet the bob hope desert classic. many of us we knew arnold palmer as the quintessential fan favorite. first to have an armil of fans follow him around of course. his lasting legacy is the arnold palmer children's hospital and trauma center in florida. but his achievements on the course will never be forgotten. the four time masters champion with gary player


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