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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  September 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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candidates. we understand many members of the trump family will be here, his wife, his children, president bill clinton expected to be here, and also we've just gotten word, fox has confirmed that mark cuban is expected to attend this debate. now, coming up at 6:00 p.m., a look at the heavy security around this area. as we're just a few hours away from the presidential debate. we're live at hofstra, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: m.i.t. is analyzing all tweets leading up to the debates according to m.i.t.'s laboratory for social machines, the biggest issue on the minds of those tweeting about the election -- its issues are foreign policy and national security. next up, a racial issues and immigration. the m.i.t. data is based on some analysis and analysis of 500 million new tweets posted each day to twitter. >> vanessa: be sure to stay with fox 25 all night long for coverage of what's expected to be an epic presidential debate. the candidates go head-to-head,
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9:00 p.m., followed by a full hour of fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m., then be sure to stay with us or in-depth campaign coverage beginning at 11:30 p.m. political reporter sharman sachetti will be live at hofstra. plus, we'll have an expert here in our studio to break down the winning and losing moments. full team coverage right here all night long. >> mark: just a few hours ago, republican vice-presidential hopeful mike pence rallied in new hampshire. he appeared in milford and hit on issues like the economy, supreme court and the national economy. this was his second visit to the trump's running mate. >> vanessa: hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders will campaign together in new hampshire on wednesday. the two will rally at u.n.h. and talk about making college more affordable. fox 25 news will be there covering the events. clinton is working to bring standard supporters into her camp ahead of the election. >> a federal investigation found the prestigious boston latin school violated the safe act. the u.s. attorney office found the school mishandled allegations that a male student
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racial slur and threatened to lynch her. boston public schools agreed to implement measures to ensure complaints of racial discrimination at boston latin are handled appropriately in the future. we have a reporter working on reaction to this breaking development, look for a live report ahead at 6:30 p.m. the u.s. coast guard finds a missing boater stranded at sea. we first told you about it on fox 25 news this morning. the young man left point judith rhode island more than a week ago with his mom and was found yesterday 100 miles south of martha's vineyard. he's on his way back to boston right about what happened. fox 25's bob ward is live along boston harbor and bob, the coast guard saying they have suspended the search for his mother. >> the reporter: well the coast guard actually suspended the search for both of them on friday, but sunday afternoon, a freighter about 100 miles south of martha's vineyard spotted that life raft, niche than was in that life raft, he is said to be in good condition, as on the freighter and on his way back to
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mother could have survived out at sea for long alone. >> we will not be reopening the search for linda carr men at this time. due to the fact that survivability, we are on that point. >> the reporter: sad news from the coast guard that is now appears linda carr men is lost at sea, but her son, nathan carmen, has been rescued after the two vanished during a fishing trip off block island, rhode island more than two days ago. life raft, wearing a life jacket, he had food and water. a freighter found him 100 nautical miles south of martha's vineyard sunday afternoon and there is what he said happened to his boat, the chicken pox, on sunday, september 18th. >> he said that the ship was taking on weather, he got the life raft, he looked for his mom to get into the life raft, couldn't find her, and that was it. >> the reporter: the coast guard says, nathan told them his boat sank in block canyon, hundreds of miles away from where he was supposed to be.
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investigators don't know why the chicken pox sank. the only one with those answers -- nathan carmen. >> currently, the coast guard is just concerned with getting him back to port safely and getting him reunited with his family. >> the reporter: well, there are a lot of unanswered questions at this point. nathan is on that freighter, it is due back here in boston tomorrow night. when it arrives the coast guard after the reunion with his family, why the chickenpox sank, why no mayday call went out, and what he can remember about what happened to his mother. as for his mother, linda was from middletown, connecticut, womaning up at 6:00 p.m., -- coming up at 6:00 p.m., you'll hear from some of her friends. live in boston, bob wards, fox 25 news. >> mark: a fall-like day today and take a look at the fort point channel in boston. beautiful. need to be on the water. it was a frosty start to the work week.
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some rain in our very near future. >> kevin: frosty is a good word for it. 28 in norwood. 32 in bedford. check out boston at the coast. 48 at the airport in worcester. 40. it was the sheltered locations where the cold air can settle near the ground that were extra cold this morning. we're still in line here. the average first freeze is for boston and worcester. we didn't get the freezing temperatures, not even close to them in either of those reporting stations this morning. so we'll still wait for that to happen and it won't be tonight. the clouds will be rolling in, so these temperatures in the 60's will fa with the clouds overhead, but won't drop much more than that. then the rain arrives. hurting the team rain we're track interesting our west, the cold front coming our way. the clouds thicken up. we'll stop this in our morning newscast at 4:00 a.m. western massachusetts and into the boston area by 6:30 p.m., worcester too, you'll be getting it and through the south shore and cape cod, 10:00 a.m., worcester automatic out of it,
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cape cod by lunchtime tomorrow. that's the deal. this front doesn't want to go away. it's going to hang out along the south coast. how that impacts your forecast for the rest of the week, just ahead. >> vanessa: shock in houston, texas, after an attorney opened fire on random people at an outdoor mall this morning. that suspect is now dead. this is a story that we have been following all afternoon. and police say the man, a local attorney, was shot and killed by police after opening fire on a strip mall. police say nathan desay injured nine people this morning when he center in southwest houston. one victim is in the hospital in critical condition. another is in serious condition. desay was shot by police and rushed to the hospital where he died. a photojournalist for a local tv station happened upon the shooting by chance on his way to work this morning. >> we cover a lot of these things. i can't say that i've ever driven into the middle of a shootout, particularly this close to our tv station. you know, we're -- this is a nice area here. you don't typically expect that
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>> vanessa: houston's mayor say desay was an attorney who was upset with his law firm because either the firm was braking up or he was asked to leave. tonight the police and f.b.i. are looking further into desay's relationship to see if there were ail digsnal warning signs about what happened this morning. we do have more details now for you. this shooting comes three days after a shooting in a mall in washington state left five people dead. and a week and a half after a man stabbed ten people at a minnesota mall. closer to home, a man went on a stabbing silver city galilee i can't, injuring a pregnant waitress. he was killed been aoffduty sheriff's deputy. >> mark: we have learned what caused a fitchburg fire this morning that claimed the life of an elderly woman. the state fire marshal says bell let's for a pellet stove were storied too closely to the water heater to the home on cottage street. investigators have not released the victim's name, but say she lived alone in the home. we are still waiting to learn what caused a deadly weekend fire that claimed the lives of a
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four people, including a young boy, were killed in a house fire in greenfield on sunday. state police say the victim is a radio technician, his wife, son raymond and 5-year-old grandson william. neighbors tell us the flames were so intense, rescuers could not get inside. ryan tower worked with the state police for 20 pate years. >> vanessa: grief gowns counselors and support teams met with students and teachers at elementary school in grafton after a little boy from the town was hit and killed by tonight, no charges have been filed and investigators say the boy's death appears to be a tragic accident. they have not released the name of the boy, but the worcester telegram is reporting he was a kindergartener with older siblings in the school system. >> mark: no arrest in the stabbing of a woman in dorchester. police rushed to the intersection of dorchester and millville avenue around 2:35 a.m. this morning. the victim is expected to survive. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., bad news for the person who is waiting for this brand new luxury car.
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and destroyed the range rover on the back. sky fox was over the scene moments after the class, nobody was hurt, but as you can see, that vehicle in bad shape. >> mark: big changes being proposed for boston public schools. superintendent tommy chang is considering getting rid of middle school enrollment. it could mean seventh and eighth graders heading to high school. >> the reporter: boston superintendent tommy the bps system has 24 different grade configurations and says because it's so difficult to navigate, something has to give, something has to change. that's why superintendent chang says he's considering adding seventh and eighth grades to the high schools, and having elementary schools run k-6. he says right now, bps loses a substantial amount of students, starting in the fifth grade actually, when many charter schools start accepting students
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only important to beef up the academic offerings for the middle grades in order to keep them, but to also use the remaining resources wisely. >> we're in the very preliminary stages of asking our schools to see if this is an idea they might be interested in, so we restaffed high school principals, had 13, 14 schools who said they might be interested in this idea. we're very early on. we have to finish our facilities and master planning all this will be embed as part of that process. >> october 5 is when the public will get its first look at the draft proposal for the facilities and master plan, which will include some of this reconfiguration idea. we, of course, will keep a close eye on where the eye die goes from -- idea goes from here. >> vanessa: thousands of janitors in boston plan to walk off the john if they don't reach a deal by friday. the janitors maintain nearly 2,000 office building in the
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contract negotiations as we speak. the current one expires on friday. the janitors want better pay, benefits and full time opportunities. >> mark: boston bruins locked up one of the top players, resigning brad march command to an extension that will keep him in black and gold until 2025. marchand said after resigning, there is no place i would rather play. the contract extension is worth a total $49 million. sports director tom leyden will have more on the big day for the b' the ball of hate stays with us. i like that. residents are fed up after more violence in boston's theater district. >> vanessa: at 5:30 p.m. upon the, what they're calling on the city to do after seven people were stabbed this weekend. >> kevin: a chilly start to the weekend. clouds on the way and this rain too. a timeline on when you can expect it to hit for the morning drive. >> the reporter: police officers all across massachusetts are dealing with more hand more calls of mental health.
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>> mark: now time to check out the roads with live drivetime traffic. route 1 heading northbound. slow, but moving along at a steady pace right now. now to the map where you can see heavy traffic through boston and you can also see as we zoom in here, traffic seems to be at a standstill in some places as well. here are the left-handed pitchers drive times for you. 23 minutes from o'neill tunnel to the split and ted williams tunnel to the weston tolls, 20 minutes. >> vanessa: violence in weymouth.
5:15 pm
at them with a knife. it's a story we've been following very closely. the woman was mentally ill and this new police involved shooting has us looking at how officer trained to work with these situations. >> mark: chris flanagan joins us and you say the departments have made big strides in getting proper training. >> the reporter: they certainly have, first of all, the woman i'm told is expected to survive. we spoke with several didn't around our progress with how they deal with mental health calls and it comes down to one thing -- training. police investigators police evidence markers on the street. a knife laying nearby after weymouth police shot a woman who they say refused orders to drop the knife. neighbors claim the woman suffers from a mental illness. >> this is one of the most complex issues that we deal with in local policing is responding to people with mental illness in our communities.
5:16 pm
department. he's been at the forefront of how police officers in massachusetts handle mental health calls. but 10% of all calls to his department deal with mental him and the calls are increasing. >> those folks that now have behavioral health disorders are coming into contact with police officers with more and more frequency. >> the reporter: according to the treatment, advocacy center, people with mental illness are 16 times more likely than others to be killed by police. that's why every police officer in massachusetts undergo four hours of training on how to communicate with someone with a mental health disorder. it's 12 hours for every recruit. >> there's so much more of those types of calls that we are responding to, that we want our officers to be aware that, you know, people don't necessarily are going to comply with some of our, you know, instructions. >> the reporter: and while police officers are responding to more calls each and every day, they're getting help on the scene that in many cases can
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that story coming up all new tonight at 6:00 p.m. live tonight in weymouth, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a frantic search is underway for a boston university student who disappeared while visit new york city. 25-year-old zachary camhigh was last seen walking out of a hotel more than a week ago. he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder several years ago. his family in indianapolis is strapped with medical expenses and can't get to new york, so friends are helping with the search for him. >> large crowds of people, which is worrisome that he's in new york. >> vanessa: friends passed out flyers at a local park on sunday. they say a person matching camhigh's description was spotted there. so far, that's their only lead. >> kevin: in the 60's for your evening plans, but low temperatures this morning made it feel really like winter especially in places like norwood and bedford. anyplace that has a little dip where you are.
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going to settle. you see it right in a line from bedford to taunton and northward to concord. mount washington, 23 degrees this morning and yeah, a little bit of snowflake activity up that way. this is your average first freeze, so we're still in line to get that. we didn't quite hit it in boston and worcester. 40 in worcester. 48 in boston. that's at the official reporting station. worcester airport, 1,000 feet up, it's not one of the low spots. towns around the worcester airport and city of worcester, cooler than 40 degrees, but 62 worcester. 62 boston right now it's 61 out on cape cod. at least the clouds are starting to filter in this evening. no raindrops in new england just yet, but they're on the way. this is the front that's coming our way and here's a colors look at where the rain is -- closer look at where the rain is falling. finger lakes region. i don't expect the rain before first light for most of you. western new england, a different story. you'll see that here. the clouds come in by 4:00 a.m.
5:19 pm
new england and northern new england. a few showers as well. the heavier rains wait until the 6:00 p.m. hour from worcester to boston abandon increase in intensity through the 10:00 p.m. hour as the front cuts on through and hits an air mass that has more moisture being near the ocean like we are. this is going to hang around on the south coast during the afternoon, while western new england gets into some sunshine, that will bleed over into central and eastern new england as the afternoon progresses as well. cape cod, it will take you a longer. it will be a fight to see it before it goes down evening. a quarter to a half inch of rain through noontime. your hour-by-hour forecast on cape cod, 50's, and by 5:00 a.m., the first showers roll on out to cape cod. it won't be heavy, but it will start to see shower activity. worcester county earlier, any time after 3:00 a.m. in the morning, especially western worcester county, you'll start to see the showers appearing, again the heavier is more towards the 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. hour. there you are, temperatures getting close to 70 on cape cod
5:20 pm
there too, so it's there, but off to the north and west, clouds break for some sun. yes, showers early on. any sun that comes out gets any to the low to mid 70's. through the evening, you see the clouds still trying to hang on to cape cod and the islands and even as they push away, the front is still sitting there. the winds have shifted to the northeast. the clouds right back into eastern new england and then we're stuck and stuck for a few days with the potential for some clouds and some rain because of the spin in the atmosphere, dropping into the midwest and sitting here and locked in to the same air mass. we can't quite get this dry air in canada move in, but we're not going to get the heaviest rain to move in. that promises clouds and drizzle for much of the week. breaks of sun, farther to the north and west. where this thing sets up shop is going to make all the difference in this forecast, so stick with us as we watch it and it tracks on in here. >> mark: people who live in massachusetts now have a new wray to help fight -- find rather, a cure for a.l.s. the governor unveiled new
5:21 pm
a.l.s. one. family members of pete frates were on hand at the white house. his family launched the ice bucket challenge that raised millions for research. >> create an opportunity for anyone who wants to play in the commonwealth mass to be part of the a.l.s. story and a finding a cure story is really a great opportunity for the people of the commonwealth. >> mark: friends and family of former governor paul saluchi were also at today's announcement, who passed way from a.l.s. complications several years ago. for local well digging companies this summer. the new headaches for homeowners in the midst of an extreme drought. >> mark: student is suspended for addressing a water issue at school. this picture got her in hot
5:22 pm
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today for the man accused of killing nine people at a charleston, south carolina church. 22-year-old dylann roof is charge with dozens of federal offense, including hate crimes. prosecutors say he targeted his victims based on their race and religion. roof is facing the death penalty. his trial is expected to begin after thanksgiving. >> mark: several thousand people left their homes in iowa yesterday as flood waters spilled out of the rising cedar river. officials there say it could be days before they can return. volunteers and neighbors are helping to fill sandbags to limit the damage.
5:25 pm
our essential things, pretty much all of our clothes are with us, so we have her bed, our bed is still upstairs, but that's fine. >> mark: the national weather service predicts the cedar river will crest tomorrow morning. the school district cancelled classes through wednesday. firefighters in california are battling a 1500 fire in sonoma county. the saw mill fire forced 100 buildings have been damaged yet by the flames. >> vanessa: a bathroom photo nearly cost a high school student a permanent mark on her record, but it's probably not what you would imagine. this is the photo in question. it's just a think. the michigan student posted the photo to show how this colored the water in the sink had become, but administrators say she violated school policy that bans cellphones from bathrooms, and was facing suspension. >> everyone in high school, every girl takes like selfies in
5:26 pm
profile on twitter or facebook and no one has gotten in trouble. >> vanessa: the school student later said administrators overreacted and got -- around took the suspension off the student's record. >> vanessa: the small percentage of departments that applied for grants and received money >> mark: reports of clowns trying to lure children children in to the woods. >> vanessa: more violence erupts in boston's theater district. why neighbors says it's time for unruly businesses to move on
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>> mark: now at 5:30 p.m., still no arrests after seven people were stabbed outside a club in the theater district. it's a story we first brought you awe breaking news during our fox 25 morning news yesterday morning. >> violence. >> the reporter: they say a lot of the violence has to do with the bars and clubs in this area, taking a look at the sidewalk, you can actually still see some of the pieces of the bottles involved in this stabbing as well as this police tape right here. and now, people here in this neighborhood say they want these bars and clubs to be held responsible. >> there's always something happening there, and i don't understand why. >> the reporter: tom has lived near the theater district his
5:30 pm
violence. this is video our fox 25 crew took early sunday morning, after boston police found seven people stabbed outside near the royal night club. we took a closer look at the area's history of violence, involving the local bars and clubs. perhaps the most high profile case involved former patriots player, aaron hernandez, who is now awaiting trial for double homicide. prosecutors say in 2012, hernandez was inside boston's lounge, a clubcr from royal, when a man spilled a drink on him. prosecutors say after leaving the club, hernandez followed the man down the street ultimately shooting and killing him and one of his friends. also in 2012, an army veteran was shot and killed during a confrontation in the theater district. today, peter castillo was sentenced to live in prison without parole for the murder of steven perez. in june of 2015, boston police responded to a shooting in the theater district. shortly after the bars and clubs
5:31 pm
violence will continue until either the clubs close or the city requires bars and clubs to hire offduty police officers. >> it's the clubs, you know, and they've got to do something about having more security. >> the reporter: now, i did call the clubs here in this area, as well as the city councilors, who oversees this district. so far, i haven't heard back from anyone. but at 6:00 p.m., the action the city is now taking inv their investigation. in the theater district, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> mark: tonight, state environmental officials are warning homeowners with private wells to conserve water. >> vanessa: some are drying up in this extreme drought. katherine burcham rode along with one well digging company. they're in high demand. >> the reporter: the problems
5:32 pm
cambridge reservoir are a good analogy of what they're dealing with. you can see the water has dropped dramatically here, just like water levels in private wells across the state. for tom talbot, the days on the job are longer than ever. the hunt for water is time consuming. >> we're all running seven days a week, trying to get as much done for everything as we can. >> the r day, talbot's company, reliable well and pump, receives calls from home earns who shallow wells dried up during this year's extreme drought. >> folks have lived in their house for 20 years and not run out of water and this year, they ran out of water. >> the reporter: the u.s. e.p.a. says 20% of new englanders rely on wells for water supply. they're expensive to install and digging hundreds of feet deeper to find new water sources is pinching residents wallets.
5:33 pm
everybody to conserve as much as they can. do short showers, do you will a of these things and see if you can get through it. >> the reporter: the demand for a new or deeper wells is so high, talbot says some customers are waiting nearly a month for his services. what's worse -- his prediction that relief isn't coming any time soon. >> i have a feeling we're going to be replacing wells all the way into christmas and new year's. i think it's going to get worse. it's not getting better. >> the reporter: it's not just affected. at 6:00 p.m., a possible solution for homeowners who are struggling to keep their yards and gardens alive in the midst of a wave of water bans across the street. live in waltham, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: we were talking just last week, some people were have to shower at the ymca because they don't have water. >> mark: worcester, no tap water in some restaurants unless you ask for it, they're not going to give it to you. >> vanessa: rain is on the way. >> kevin: rain is on the way. katherine alluded to keeping the
5:34 pm
that just has to go by the wayside at this point. it will come back once we get rain, it's starting to turn a little brown and doesn't look so good, it's just a dormancy stage. the extreme drought stretches back into western massachusetts but did take over eastern massachusetts. yesterday it was a beautiful day. we got nothing. worces better after the very heavy rain you had about a week ago, so tonight, it's just a few clouds overhead, but we're tracking this rain, we really need some and it's coming our way. this rain is going to push on in here overnight. it's as close as the finger lakes, which is these lakes, they look like fingers, in western new york state. let's take it overnight and into the morning drive and the rain just arriving for the morning commute. from 4:00 a.m. to section a.m., stretching across the area. you can see heavier rain across the south shore and cape cod.
5:35 pm
along the south coast into the afternoon. so the rain still hanging on there and because that front is not totally going away, the rain threat continues for much of the week. by lunchtime, about pa quarter to a third of an inch of rain can be expected. we'll take you through the rest of the week and the threat of rain. >> an attleboro man is facing drunk driving charges as he crashed into a police car in newburyport. jared levine was looking into his phone when he spun in rotary and hits cruiser. salem man will spend the rest of his life in prison for shooting and killing an army veteran in boston. the judge sentenced peter castillo to manhattantory life in prison without the possibility of parole. he was found guilty of first degree murder. cast still low's lawyer says they plan to appeal. >> vanessa: one cape cod town is reporting a particularly bad weekened for drug overdoses.
5:36 pm
four overdose calls. one was deadly. in two cases, officers had to use narcan to save the victims' lives. police say they need the entire community to pitch in and help people who are suffering from addiction before it's too late. this man here accused of stealing a cooler from a police compare in manchester, new hampshire. police arrested the man early saturday morning. an officer was checking on a store when another officer noticed the door of the cruiser opened and the 27-year-old walking away with the cooler. he is due in court next month. >> mark: happening now, etc. told to boil their water until further notice. a water main break on friday caused low pressure or no water at all throughout the town. the break has been repaired, but the boil water advisory will remain until a lab can certify that the water is clean. the break also drained the town's main water reservoir which is why it took so long to get the pressure back. >> vanessa: police say a man is riding around, stealing pocketbooks from women and they're hoping to track him down. >> mark: at 6:00 p.m., the timeline of events and who
5:37 pm
>> vanessa: it is time to roll up your sleeves and get your flu shot. ahead at 5:00 p.m., the additional protections you get this year that you didn't get last year. >> mark: streets of charlotte, north carolina, are getting back to normal following days of protest. up next, the changes many still say they want to happen within the police department. >> vanessa: time now to check out our roads with live drivetime traffic. here's the pike in brighton, where you're going to be slowing down to a crawl as you can see there. looks a little bit like a parking lot. now to the maps where you can see the pr at the braintree split and we are still following a road closure in wellesley that's on cliff road northbound, a detour has been set up and it should get you around that area. the live drivetimes now for you. the tobin bridge to 128, 21 minutes, o'neill tunnel to the split, 24, and the weston tolls
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>> vanessa: the streets of charlotte are row gaining calm after days of violent protests, but as rick left-handed calling for the police chief to step down after the killing of scott. >> the reporter: protests over the weekend remain mostly peaceful. sunday afternoon, a crowd of awful 100 demonstrators chanted and marched during the nfl game between the carolina panthers and minnesota vikings, with a line of police in riot gear keeping the group across the street from the stadium. >> we've seen some people with the signs and that was
5:41 pm
it's about moving forward, it's about understanding that we are a human race, we are human kind. >> the reporter: public outrage and angry protests ignited nearly a week ago after police shot and killed 43-year-old keith scott last tuesday afternoon. police say scott had a gun, and ignored several warnings to drop it, his family says, he was unarmed. >> any and every public official who does not support an investigation into the charlotte mecklenburg police department ne >> the reporter: police released body cam and dashboard video showing parts of tuesday's confrontation. the footage offered no clear evidence that scott was holding a gun at the time, but police also released evidence photos of a loaded and cocked weapon they say scott was carrying and an ankle holster they say he was wearing. now protesters are calling for the mayor and police chief to resign. >> we have engaged with chief putney in the past and he promised that the department would be more responsive under
5:42 pm
leadership. we feel the promises have been broken and call for his resignation. >> vanessa: many civil rights groups are calling for transparency in the wake of the shooting death of scott and asking for all footage of the incident to be released. >> mark: a man is being held on $2 million bail tonight, he was arraigned this morning on five counts of premeditated first degree murder charges. police say he confessed to the shooting of the victims at the macy's store over the weekend. they are trying to figure motive. his parents say he has struggled with mental health problems. >> kevin: i'm tracking much-needed rain headed our way. it won't be what we need in total. but we'll take it. when the rain arrives and when it wants to get out of here. >> vanessa: it's been a rush across the country to equip police officers with body cameras. next at 5:00 p.m., the goal for police and the public as we've just learned millions of dollars
5:44 pm
>> mark: the obama
5:45 pm
wearing them under a new pilot program and the head of the mbta police wants his officers to wear body cameras. under obama's plan, it will cost millions of dollars to outfit police officers with the devices. >> vanessa: as justin gray reports from washington, the move comes as the fallout continues from deadly police shootings in tulsa and charlotte. >> the reporter: for days, protesters in charlotte pushed police for the release of the the obama administration started providing emergency funding last year for body cameras after a series of high profile police involved shootings. now the justice department is announcing another $20 million in grants for body cameras. it costs about $1,500 to outfit an officer with a camera. no massachusetts police departments received money for body cameras this year. these are matching grants, which means local communities match dollar for dollar what the
5:46 pm
supporters of body cameras like the kato institute's matthew finney says there's growing concern about public access to video. >> this rush for the technology has to be wearful. >> the reporter: for example, a new law that goes into effect in north carolina just next week, will limit the public's access to police video like this without a court order. >> transparency and accountability doesn't come ought mat chicago. >> the reporter: the money for the federal grants is limited. so far of who applied, less than half got money for cameras. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the goal is to buy 50,000 cameras across the country during the next three years. >> mark: from name-calling to racial tensions. tensions the presidential election can be one of the nastiest in history. kids may be exposed to politics and the election in school from friends or watching tv, but parenting experts say, you can
5:47 pm
chance to say, here is what's happening in your world around you and here is how you can think about it. >> mark: parenting experts say this campaign can also be a chance to discuss bullying and what behaviors are and aren't acceptable. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., with halloween around the corner and stores now selling costumes, people in tennessee are being told to be on high alert for clowns. the tennessee department of safety tweeted watch for clowns in your area, they could be predators seeking kids. see s the warning was prompted by complains of clowns trying to lure children into the woods in south carolina. >> but you have to wonder, you know, is it a real threat or is it just, you know, the fun of, it is the halloween season. >> vanessa: there have also been clowns reported in a few other southern states as well. >> mark: new at 5:00 p.m., fall is certainly in the air, which is a reminder, flu season is right around the corner and that means it's time to think about getting the flu shot. according to the cleveland clinic, this year's vaccine protects against four strains of
5:48 pm
nasal spray vaccine this year, it was deemed ineffective. >> kevin: all right. a change in the weather for sure this weekend. really cool weather settled on in, even cold this morning and tonight we're changing again, we're going from sunshine back to clouds. i'm tracking rain on the way. this is the rain we're talking about. it's a swirl right here. we'll talk more about that, but a cold front pushing through the northeast overnighan the morning hours. so it's bringing rain up through western and central new york state and across the great lakes, and it's on its way. clouds will thicken up tonight. we'll stop this during the early morning hours. 5:00 a.m., shiri has been on the air for an hour, talking about the hours coming in. we're starts to go see some in worcester county and southern new hampshire and pushing eastward, right in time for your morning drive. unfortunately, it's going to be worse than normal, because there will be rain falling, it's going to slow things down, particularly along the southeast expressway and route 3, southward. north shore, you're not out of the mess, but the worst of it
5:49 pm
hand cape cod and lingering the longest too through the middle of the day. stuck in the clouds and showers through noontime on cape cod. a quarter to a third of an inch of rain from this. not nearly what we need. but don't worry, there's more in the forecast. dinnertime temperatures in the 60's. bedford, 65. provincetown, 61 degrees. it's not going to drop very much more than that, because the clouds coming on in and blink thing us, so keeping the temperatures in the 50's. by 5:00 a.m., starting to e just a few showers at first, they will become more as the morning drive progresses. out in worcester county by thee a.m., a -- 3:00 a.m., a few showers. rain is steadier through at 5:00 a.m. through central worcester county. off to the north and west, sunshine after showers. 75 methuen to haverhill. along the coast, 70 in essex. in cape cod, it will take longer for the sun to get to you and in
5:50 pm
means it may not clear out all week long. in the 60's on the outer paper to about 70 in barnstable tomorrow afternoon. here's the deal, the front brings the rain, stalls to our south and hugs the coastline. we'll see sun tomorrow afternoon. enjoy it. the clouds came moving back in after the water. winds are shift to go the northeast, that brings in the soggy air from the ocean and brings us the risk of drizzle and showers from time to time. really keeps us locked in. our only saving chance is for drier air to work out of canada. we can edge that front farther south and perhaps get more sun in the forecast. your best chances are off to the north and west, while the best rain chances will be to the southeast. watch of the spin, diving southward in our atmosphere. notice the rain wrapping around it. so we're not getting into the heavy rain after tomorrow morning, but we are going to get into the persistent northeast wind and i'm concerned we'll be locked into the clouds and drizzle much of the week. the farther northwest you go, the better chance of breaks of
5:51 pm
the clouds. nearly the coastline, boston, southeastern mass, drizzle will be prevalent along with the clouds. something we'll be watching very closely, its spin will be determined where it sets up shop, so stick with us on that. >> vanessa: the age of your favorite actors and actresses may soon be harder to find on line. a new california law requires entertainment websites like imdb to remove the date of birth from an actor's profile if acted to do so. the screen actors guild says the new law will help stop age agencies, but critics of the laugh say it's unnecessary censorship. >> mark: new york city will be home to a new tribute to honor the late actor robin williams. a nonprofit is opening the robin williams center for actors, broadcasters and recording artists, it will offer free programs to more than 40,000 people. the foundation's president calls williams a brill antartist and compassionate man who represented the very best in all of us. president obama has long called
5:52 pm
month, he's taking the issue to holed would. the president is expected to meet with actor leonardo dicaprio. after the talk, leonardo dicaprio's new documentary, before the flood, will debut on the white house's south lawn. the film is presented by "national geographic." >> vanessa: here's a look at what we're working on for fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m., including team coverage from tonight's presidential debate in new york. >> the reporter: what kind of body language clues are hillary clinton and donald trump giving off questions during tonight's tonis debate. a body language expert has been analyzing their body mannerisms for months and tells us what to watch for. >> vanessa: boston public school thinking of getting rid of middle schools. one boston suburb on alert tonight. where a clerk is targeting women and taking off with their purses. how that man is able to make a kick getaway when you join us
5:53 pm
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>> mark: two former wells fargo workers who say they were fired for doing the right thing are fighting back. they filed a class action lawsuit against the bank, seeking $2.6 billion for california workers who were fired or demoted for refusing to open fake accounts. wells fargo declined to comment on the lawsuit. earlier this month, it was fined $185 million for the scandal. >> vanessa: the lawsuits filed against yahoo! because of a massive data breach continue to pile up. two new court seek class action status and charge yahoo! with failing to protect user's personal information. an on-line security expert recommends anyone with an email account linked to yahoo! use the two factor authentication when possible. >> yahoo! has something called an account key, and what happens is, when you log in, they will immediately send you a text message with a code. so even though they may have your password, if they don't have your phone as well, then
5:57 pm
account, which is always a good thing. >> vanessa: good advice there. the bridge may also delay tore derail verizon's acquisition of yahoo! >> mark: more trouble for samsung as he tries to recover from a worldwide recall of its smart phone. sales of the galaxy 7 will not resume in wednesday, instead it will arrive in stores on saturday. more than 2 million note 7's have been recalled because the battery can catch fire while charging. >> vanessa: microsoft is renewing it's commitment to the global refu executives testify tech giant have announced in partnership with the white house a multimillion dollar donation to technology training for global refugees. a spokesperson for microsoft spoke about why the company's investment is so important. >> we've got to come together much more because we've got big issues to address, not only this refugee crisis, but main more across the sustainable development goals that have been identified. >> vanessa: the pledge is in response to president obama's call to action asking american businesses to use their
5:58 pm
three different areas, education, employment, and enablement. >> mark: snapchat is republicans out to its 100 million users by announcing its first physical product sunglasses that allow people to record videos. you can record up to ten seconds of video. snapchat says the video on the glasses will be captured in a circular format which can be played full screen on smart phones in the smart map app. the glasses are expected to this year. now at 6:00 p.m., donald trump and hillary clinton now just hours away from facing off for the first time. >> the reporter: the heavy security surrounding the debate. >> the reporter: plus, body language talks. an expert shows us what to look for to tell us a candidate is lying. fox 25 has team coverage. >> mark: plus, the new england mom, lost at sea. >> we will not be reanticipating the search for linda carr men.
5:59 pm
after more than a week adrift. >> the reporter: what he told the coast guard about the moments before their boat sank. >> the reporter: a shakeup in the state's largest district. boston public schools thinking about getting rid of middle schools. the reason behind the new school plan. >> mark: first at 6:00 p.m., hillary clinton and donald trump ready for round she brings the a-plus game to the table. >> i don't think anyone can predict what donald trump will do. i think he's going to do very well. >> mark: a clash of the titans, just three hours away and the polls show it's closer than ever. >> mark: this is the venue in new york where donald trump and hillary clinton will go head-to-head on the same stage in front of a national audience. call it the calm before the storm. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. 100 million people are expected
6:00 pm
either campaign. tonight, fox 25 has team coverage, we're going to show you how to read the candidate's body language, including, how to tell if they're lying. but we begin tonight with our political reporter, sharman sachetti, getting ready to watch this debate if person at hofstra. >> the reporter: and we have learned hillary clinton is here in long island, continuing to prep for this debate, for the first time, both of these candidates will face off in front of a national stage in high political drama possibly some fireworks, expected here at hofstra, as hillary clinton and donald trump go head-to-head in front of a national audience, while some republicans had written him off, donald trump appears to be neck anneck and even ahead in the latest polls predebate. >> i think the numbers show us that there has been movement to trump and movement away from clinton. the erosion here has to have brooklyn very, very nervous. they are stacking sandbags in


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