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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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either campaign. tonight, fox 25 has team coverage, we're going to show you how to read the candidate's body language, including, how to tell if they're lying. but we begin tonight with our political reporter, sharman sachetti, getting ready to watch this debate if person at hofstra. >> the reporter: and we have learned hillary clinton is here in long island, continuing to prep for this debate, for the first time, both of these candidates will face off in front of a national stage in high political drama possibly some fireworks, expected here at hofstra, as hillary clinton and donald trump go head-to-head in front of a national audience, while some republicans had written him off, donald trump appears to be neck anneck and even ahead in the latest polls predebate. >> i think the numbers show us that there has been movement to trump and movement away from clinton. the erosion here has to have brooklyn very, very nervous. they are stacking sandbags in
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>> the reporter: pat griffin is a republican strategist who believers hillary clinton has to project a sense of likability and can't show that she's sick. around the venue, security is tight, choppers hover overhead. checkpoints at every turn and the entire perimeter is fenced in. hillary clinton is said to be putting in more time in debate prep. trump, less so, but will they speak to average voters. >> i feel like i haven't made a stro i feel it's hard for me as a student right now. >> the reporter: the change candidate does have the edge. >> trump is a rebel and i believe we're in in rebellious times. i think people want change, they want to see someone who is going to break furniture and really going to do it. >> the reporter: former president bill clinton is expected to be on hand, and yes, fox has confirmed, so is mark cuban, that he will in fact, he is expected to be sitting in the
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hillary clinton's camp. when it comes to trump's camp, his wife, ma lane i can't and his children, tiffany, ivanka and eric jr. all set to attend and be here. we will bring you highlights and analysis after the debate at 9:00 p.m. sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: we'll look for your live reports and insight at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> vanessa: so, how can we tell if the candidates are being truthful. heather hegedus continues our team coverage. and you talked to a body >> the reporter: he said there are reds flags we can look for to tell us a candidate is feeling stressed, even if that candidate is lying. >> it's not easy to tell whether a candidate is being honest. >> the reporter: boston college psychology professor and body language expert joe tesh says studying the candidates body language as they answer questions can at least provide some red flags about whether a candidate is being dishonest. >> we can understand whether they are feeling stressed when they talk. >> the reporter: he says there
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can look for tonight -- donald trump and hillary clinton's eye blinks, head and shoulder movements and whether they gaze pay way on a tough we have. >> so what is it about eye blinking? >> it is uneasiness. >> the reporter: tesh has been studying clinton and trump for months and with file video and a stopwatch -- >> start. >> the reporter: he showed us, he found trump blinks more than clinton when answering questions. blinking an average of 65 blinks her minute to minute. what does that tell you about him saying he doesn't have the temperament to be president. >> he was very nervous in saying that. ship has been in the normal range. he has not been. >> the reporter: tesh says trump tends to twitch with his upper body. >> like this. donald trump showed a lot of head movements during his interviews and it shows twitchiness in the muscles. when do the muscles get twitchy? when you are under stress and feeling nervous. >> the reporter: clinton, on the other hand -- >> clinton is focused.
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engaged more than trump has been. >> the reporter: so clinton's better score may be because she's had more experience debating. eye blinks can even predict the winner of the election, so long as it's decided by the popular vote. listen to this. he says in eight of the nine last presidential elections, the person who blinked the most lost the popular vote. so based on his analysis so far, he predicts hillary clinton will be our next >> mark: we shall see how it all plays out. governor baker fold fox 25 news, he might record the debate and watch it later. baker has said for months he is not a fan of trump or clinton but did offer his hopes for what he wants to see from the candidates tonight. >> i hope the debate tonight stays on the issues and that -- and people appreciate the significance and the importance of the fact that this is probably going to be one of the biggest audiences that's ever going to have a chance to hear directly from the candidates.
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debate. the candidates go head-to-head live on fox 25 at 9:00 p.m., followed by a full hour of fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. and stay with us for an in-depth campaign coverage starting at 11:30 p.m. political reporter sharman sachetti will be live aft hofstra, plus, we'll have our expert from boston university in the studio with us to break down the winning and losing moments, that of course will be tom whalen. full team coverage right here all night. >> vanessa: we continue to follow breaking news, a federal investigation found the violated the civil rights act. >> mark: tonight, the school has reached a resolution agreement. the u.s. attorneys office found the school mishandled allegations that a male student called a female black student a racial slur and threatened to lynch her. boston public schools agreed to implement measures to ensure complaints of racial discrimination at boston latin are handled appropriately in the future. we have a reporter gathering reaction to the findings and we'll have a live report on the way at 6:30 p.m.
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across our area. the sun was out today, but certainly, starting to feel like fall out there. tonight, fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is talking about much-needed rain coming our way tomorrow. >> kevin: sure am, vanessa. first of all, the temperatures, upper 50's in beverly, so there is a little bit of cool air out there. it's been cool all afternoon, but a perfect autumn day. the clouds take over and we await this. some rain heading our way from the west, coming through new york state. take you up shiri is joining you for the fox 25 morning newscast. showers in worcester county and some in the boston area by 6:00 a.m. sliding in to boston in earnest between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., heavy rain after 8:00 p.m., south of boston, hanging on to the coast through lunchtime. rain totals between pa quarter and a third of an inch through lunchtime. some places that come down heavier, a half inch or more. we'll be talking about with the
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search for a new england mom lost at sea after her boat sank. her son somehow was able to survive. the woman left point judith, rhode island, more than a week ago with her son. her 22-year-old son was rescued about 100 miles south of martha's vineyard, he's on his way back to boston right now. fox 25's bob ward is live in boston and bob, there are a lot of unanswered questions, and it's a bit of a mystery about what really went wrong. >> the reporter: yeah, you know, this is a real mystery. roughly the size of georgia for almost a full week and they couldn't find nathan or linda carmen. the search was actually called off on friday, but nathan was found yesterday, a freight ship found him. he's on his way back to boston. he is said to be in good condition. but his mother is apparently also at sea, and there are a lot of questions about what really
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small metal boat that belonged to nathan carmen. he told the coast guard on sunday, the chickenpox took on water and sank out at sea hundreds of miles away from block, rhode island, where nathan's mother said the two would be fishing overnight. linda is presumed lost at sea. >> she had no food and water and no other life raft aboard the chickenpox. with that information in mind, it is to believe it, the likelihood of her being alive is minima devastating to linda's friends, who tied yellow ribbons around her home, hoping she would be found. in a new conference, the coast guard revealed a mayday call was never sent from the chickenpox, nor was there any indication that nathan or linda were going to fish hundreds of miles away from block canyon instead of block island. has to what happened to linda carmen, so far, her son has only said this. >> he reported to coast guard officials, he said that the ship was taking on water, he got the life raft, he looked for his mom
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couldn't find her, and that was it. >> the reporter: well, nathan carmen has asperger's syndrome and a few years ago he vanished from his home in middletown, connecticut. there was a search conducted, there was a lot of news coverage about it. eventually was found in virginia and was brought back home. he now lives in the state of vermont. well, right now, nathan is on that freight ship that's on its way back to boston. it's due back here tomorrow night, coast guard officials will want to talk to him. they'll have a lot of questions about what really happened on board that boat. reporting live from boston, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: grief counselors and support teams met with students and teachers at elementary schools in grafton today. a little boy from the town was hit and killed by a car near his home. tonight, no charges have been filed, and investigators say the boy's death appears to be a tragic accident. they have not released the boy's name but the worcester telegram is reporting he was a
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siblings in the school system. tonight, we have learned what caused a fitchburg fire this morning that claimed the life of an elderly woman. the state fire marshal tells fox 25 news, pellets for a pellet stove were stored too closely to the water heater in the baitment -- basement of this home on cottage street. the home had no working smoke detectors. she lived in the home alone. boston police rushed to the intersection of dorchester this morning. the victim is expected to survive. >> mark: familiar face in boston sports is calling it quits. this will be the last season in the nba for paul pierce, because the truth, is the former celtic star says, he's just ready to retire. see what we did there. meantime, there's a big deal, brewing with the bruins. the b's signed for brad marchand for hit-and-run play years, sports director tom leyden here now with both of these big stories. >> march command is a spark plug, that may be the best way to describe him. he plays the game on the edge,
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figures out a way to score. he was the b's leading goal scorer last season. the eight year deal will keep him under contractual control of the bruins through 2025, an eight year extension worth $6.1 million a year. marchand pleased to get the deal done with the team that drafted him ten years ago. brad marchand, really excited about the new deal, very excited about big things happening in boston. can't wait to get back and get things going. >> the reporter: meanwhile, it is the end of an era approaching legend. paul pierce announced he will retire after this season. spent 15 years with the celtics, led the green to the championship in 2008, named the m.v.p. of the finals that yearly. back to the finals in 2010. he said he's going to enjoy every practice, every bus ride, every team dinner every time running out through the tunnel. we'll hear from danny ainge who shared his thoughts on pierce's legacy and whether or not we should expect to see number 34 up in the rafters. i think he with all know the answer to that one.
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>> mark: get the seamstress ready for that. >> one day after a police involved shooting, didn't are changing the way they respond to calls involving mental illness. >> mark: the specific hands on training all massachusetts cops must go through and how it can save lives. >> kevin: tracking showers coming in from the west. problem, the showers don't want to leave, when the rain may actually get out here. >> vanessa: first, bush public schools could do away with middle school, so what would happen to sixth graders. we're digging deeper i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools.
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go to register to vote m-a dot com. it's that easy. woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by
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>> vanessa: there could be a big shakeup coming in the state's large effort school district. boston public school superintendent tommy chang is considering getting rid of middle school. >> mark: this has to do with a drop in enrollment. and crystal haynes spoke to parents and they seem split on the idea. >> the reporter: this is just an idea right now. superintendent chang telling fox 25, this is just an idea that he is is talking with parents, and administrators in the district. and he also points out that only about 23% of all the middle schoolers in boston would be affected, but still, parents i spoke to had concerns and compliments. just a few weeks into the year at the washington irving middle school in roslindale and margaret curt says it's a big improvement from her son's k-8
6:16 pm
school young, it kind of elevated the entire school to a somewhat inappropriately mature status. >> the reporter: that's why sees skeptical of boston superintendent tommy chang's ideas to create six years superhigh schools making k-5 schools where needed and combining grades 7-12. >> you're introducing younger kids who more mature ideas before they're ready. >> the reporter: superintendent chang told fox 25, he's poke into school principals who like the idea, especially with the competition from charter schools. >> our enrollment in boston public schools, severely dropped in our middle school grade level. >> the reporter: i pulled some enrollment numbers. according to district data, in 2014, 11,300 kids in grades 6-8 were enrolled in boston public schools, but this year that number dropped to 10,680. after a series of school
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only six traditional middle schools in the entire city. freddie's neighborhood school closed and now his daughter is at irving. >> why bounce them around from school to school? why do that? if you have the school open, have teachers available for the kids. >> we want more kids in boston public schools, we wants more academic programming in those grades. >> the reporter: now, other school districts like cambridge actually tried the k-8 idea and then got rid of all but one of them saying there was issues with bullying with the older kids and the younger kids. meantime, there are studies that say, that it's a good idea and fosters community. the debate continues. reporting in boston tonight, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: thousands of janitors in boston plan to walk off the job if they don't reach a deal this week. the janitors maintain nearly 2,000 offices in the state and mbta stations.
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better full time opportunities. >> vanessa: we may be a to you days into fall, but mount washington is experiencing the first cold snap of the season. the mount washington observatory tweeted out this picture. a team of scientists woke up to a light blanket of ice at the mountain summit. it can create stunning pictures like the one taken at sunrise. the team sales the first shoveable snowfall does not usually come until next month. gorgeous shot. >> mark: a certain chief meteorologist spent some time up there on mount washington. >> kevin: gosh, i was such a kid you've seen our new studio. we introduced you to this. that was back in the basement of the old building. a winter night on mount washington i'll never forget. i remember the first blair witch movie was out going on. dinnertime temperatures in the 60's, 61 degrees in boston, right now, but beverly is at 58, so there's some cooler spots out there. upper 50's to low 60's. clouds starting to roll on in and rain to our west.
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that rainshower activity is move eastward. and right now, it's still sitting out here around the finger lakes and great lakes, and it's moving at about 25 miles an hour, so that puts it in boston at 6:42 p.m., worcester, a little before that, so we'll see if that lines up with our computer models and this is what we're looking at with futurecast, one of our computer models, takes the clouds on overnight. 4:30 p.m., nothing falling in eastern and most of central massachusetts. just getting to you at that point. fast forward to 6:00 a.m., couple showers near boston and 6:42 a.m. looks faster with the computer models, but in the same area, you get the idea, it will be raining during the morning drive. the heaviest wants to say mostly south shore, cape cod and the islands, but a few downpours come through north of there. this takes you through the hour-by-hour rainfall totals. by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, by noon tomorrow, it will be cutting off in most of the state, the only place we may still have showers is down here. that's why i extended this until 2:00 p.m. up to a whenever inch with some of the heavier rainfalls.
6:20 pm
of an inch. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon with a lot of clouds broking for sun in the afternoon, getting into 70's inland especially, but even at the coast, plymouth getting to 71. cooler on cape cod because it's going to take a while to get the sun to come out there if it ever does tomorrow. to the north and west, temperatures in the 60's in some of the higher elevations where the sun comes out in some of the lower spots. fitchburg, 74. merrimack valley, mid 70's. these are your high temperatures tomorrow afternoon on the cape and off to the north and well. look at those to give you more looking like generally in the mid 70's. so futurecast now taking you through tomorrow night. the clouds and showers just barely eking offshore. the clouds are coming back toward us, because the winds have shifted behind that front to the northeast, but it's blowing in the wet air off the ocean into the north shore, boston, eventually the south shore too. drizzle, fog, low clouds. the front sitting out here wants to throw a few showers back toward us wednesday morning. by the afternoon, it's locked into the clouds and drizzle. going northward looking for
6:21 pm
some sunshine up that way and to be drier, but to the spin in the atmosphere, it's going to determine everything and where it final my sets up shop and farther to the west to me now with the evening computer model run, that will keep us locked into the clouds, will keep the heavy rain away. i expect it to come across new england and be weakening by the weekend, and that's why on sunday, i ramp up the 60% chance of a steadier rain coming on through, rather than just drizzle and then that would push on by for monday and clear us out, so if you're looking for answer when the rain threat is over? to me, right now, not until sunday night or monday morning. won't be raining all the time this week, but it's going to be a somethingy week. i'll update the timeline just ahead. >> the reporter: local companies say they're overwhelmed with calls for service in the midst of the drought. why they say there won't be any relief for homeowners whose water is drying up any time soon. >> vanessa: first, it's going to be a whole no world for shirley woman who hasn't been able to
6:22 pm
again. i'm going to hear again. i was just so excited. >> up next, see the moment she turns on her brand new hearing aid for the very first time.
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>> >> this woman from shiri my went years without being able to hear. tonight, she can. the woman said she thought she would never be able to afford hearing aids. >> vanessa: so she sent a heartfelt letter to a company asking for help hand they did. >> mark: elizabeth hopkins was
6:25 pm
>> elizabeth: what you're about to see -- >> ok, so i just turned the hearing aid on. >> elizabeth: is nothing short of a miracle to dawn. >> it's loud. >> elizabeth: the shirley residents has suffered from severe hearing loss for him two decades. it ends today. >> oh my god, i'm going to hear again. >> >> elizabeth: she has norv been able to afford the -- never been able to afford the hearing aids she needs. is it my voice the first voice you're hearing. >> elizabeth: when she was in her 20's, sound being to muffle and only deteriorated. >> dawn had a severe hearing loss in both ears. >> it got progressively worse but all the insurances i had to have never really covered any of this. >> elizabeth: not long ago, she learned about a scholarship program through bell tone and decided to write them a letter. it read in part, i pen spend a lot of time smiling and saying nothing. as my hearing declined, so has my personality.
6:26 pm
candidate for something like this. >> elizabeth: the c.d.c. says 48 million americans suffer from hearing loss. hearing specialists say most will wait ten years before getting help and that can create complications. there is now a learning curve, tuning out background noise, trying not to be startled by sudden sounds, but they are challenges she can't wait to take on. my whole world has opened up, so it's like a whole new world. it's like starting life over. >> elizabeth: her new hearing aids have all sorts of bells and wh case she misplayss them. they're also so small, they're almost imperceptible. >> the reporter: police officers all across massachusetts are dealing with more calls dealing with mental health. but it's who is riding along with them that could save lives. >> shards of glass on the ground after seven people were stabbed outside a night club. the action some longtime
6:27 pm
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want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. humira. what's your body of proof? >> vanessa: our top stories right now at 6:30 p.m., there are a lot of unanswered questions after a man survives more than a week of being lost at sea and his mother is still missing. the coast guard has called off
6:30 pm
night about 100 miles south of martha's vineyard, in a life boat. he told the coast guard their boat was taking on water an sank last sunday, but he couldn't find his mother as he abandoned ship. >> mark: boston is considering elimination of middle schools, instead, the superintendent wants elementary school to end at grade six and high school to begin with grade seven. the shift could result in moving thousands of seventh and eighth grade students. he's still gauging interesting for the plan. administrators did not adequate my respond to a racist threat made to a black student by a classmate. -- made by a black student to a classmate. >> mark: jim morelli is live in boston and the findings of the u.s. attorneys office are meant to create some changes. >> the reporter: yeah, they certainly are. there are some recommendations from the u.s. attorneys office and we just spoke with mayor walsh and he says that even though those recommendations are specific to boston latin, he thinks they should be applied to schools across the district.
6:31 pm
that's when some civil rights groups went to federal authorities and said would you please look into the allegations of racial harassment at boston latin school and again today, the u.s. attorney releasing the report and it finds there was one violation of what is known as title 4 of the 1967 civil rights act, that has to do with racial treatment of students in public schools. but i'll tell you what, we're talking about a student one t racial slur and said they wanted to lynch that person with an electrical cord. basically, what the report is saying is that administrators at boston latin school did not adequately address students who came to them with concerns about racial issues. we talked with counselor tito jackson and here is his take on it. >> things happen, young people make mistakes, but it is critical for adults to step up
6:32 pm
culturally competent and sensitive to all of the students. >> the reporter: and that's basically what mayor walsh told us too. he said look, no student should go to school in this city feeling threatened base of race. again, we will hear from him tonight on the fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m., which will be at 10:30 p.m. after the debate. we're also going to be hearing from the naacp, and other civil rights groups, which ask the federal authorities to launch this probe. live in downtown boston, jim >> mark: following breaking news, just in from braintree. a source confirms to fox 25 news, that the deputy police chief in braintree has been placed on leave in the wake of a growing scandal involving the evidence room at the braintree police department. about a dozen cases have been tossed by prosecutors over problems with that evidence room, including missing evidence, drugs, guns, and money. last week, we mrs. learned the chief of braintree's police department was retiring sooner than expected. new at 6:00 p.m., a woman connected to the boston marathon
6:33 pm
the woman is the wife of a man who was -- chechen man who was shot and killed while being interviewed in florida in 2014. investigators believe the man was about to give details connecting marathon bomber tamerlan tsarnev to a triple murder in waltham months before the bombing. >> vanessa: women in quincy are on alert after a string troubling nest. police are looking for a man who hopped out of his car, grabbed women's purses and drivers fox 25's christine mccarthy live in quincy for us and some of these women have been hurt in these cases. >> the reporter: that's right. there were two minor injuries, when the women were either pushed down or they fell while running. the latest incident happened right here on fayette street in quincy yesterday. quincy police say in each of the incidents, a man hops out of a car, runs over, snatches a woman's purse and drives away. all three incidents have happened right here in north
6:34 pm
fairington street around 6:00 p.m. a week and a half ago and the next on kendall street last friday. the victim says a man demanded her purse and when she ran, he hopped out and grabbed it and the last theft on fayette street was just yesterday around 9:00 a.m. in the morning. >> that's outrageous. this area is like super quiet, so like to have something like that happen here, it's kind of like unbelievable. >> the reporter: now the descriio varied from one victim to the next. they all say that the suspect is a white man, some of them saying he's a little bit taller. two of them say he was driving an s.u.v., but the the last victim does say that it was some sort of a vehicle that was either light blue or gray. in the meantime, police are warning residents, particularly women carrying purses, they say if you don't have to carry a purse, just leave it at home. they say if you are going to carry one, carry it under a jacket, if possible, and of course, they do say, if someone
6:35 pm
bag, or tries to grab it, just give it to them rather than get hurt. live in quincy tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: police in salem new hampshire have a warning for anyone who has filled up a car with gas in their town. four skimming devices were found at two different gas stations placed on credit card readers at the bumps. police don't know how long the devices were there. so people are being warned to watch your statements. the sky is mostly clear right now. a gorgeous, gorgeous sunset shot in the city of boston, but tonight, kevin, he's keeping his eye on rain that's coming our way for tomorrow. wee need that rain. >> kevin: that really is a pretty shot. we did start out chilly. it didn't look so chilly when you saw the pictures. this is a picture sent in from yarmouth. this afternoon, a few clouds started to work in. this beautiful picture sent in from the coolidge reservation,
6:36 pm
dinnertime temperatures, mostly in the 60's, some 50's starting to show up though and then there's the rain. you don't see it here, just some clouds moving in, but it's back here, it's moving through new york hand moving eastward toward us. now let's take a timeline through the overnight hours and the clouds are here, by 4:00 a.m. in the morning, meteorologist shiri spear will be telling you about the rain just moving in at that point. by 6:30 p.m., we are solidly in the rain, just in time for your morning drive. right through lunchtime on the south shore, some of the heaviest will be coming on through. evening and where sun pops out. >> mark: a boston night club is under review after seven people were stabbed outside that club early sunday morning. we first brought you this story as breaking news on fox 25 morning news and as fox 25's stephanie coueignoux reports, tonight, we have learned the city is now taking action. >> there is a lot of blood here. it look like a war zone. >> the reporter: tom says having grown up in the theater district, he's sick and tired of the violence. our fox 25 crew was there, while
6:37 pm
seven people were stacked near the royal night club sunday morning. >> we're going to see exactly who is at fault here and take some action. people should be going in town to enjoy themselves, not to be causing chaos an havoc. the theater district has a history of violence, much of it tied to the nightlife. >> i've seen definitely stupid drunk decisions and fights. >> the reporter: perhaps the most high profile case involves former patriots player, aaron hernandez o is for double homicide. prosecutors say in 2012, hernandez was at boston's lounge, a club across from the royal with a man spilled a drink on him. hernandez followed the man out of the club and shot and killed him hand a friend down the street. >> it's the clubs, when the clubs were going, it was nothing but a tough neighborhood. >> the reporter: the licensing board will now speak with club management before making a final decision. but for tom, the only way he believes the violence will end
6:38 pm
hire offduty police officers or close the clubs altogether. >> i think it should. because there's been nothing but a pain in the [beep] >> the reporter: now, i did call and leave messages with the local clubs here in this area, as well as the city councilor who oversees this district. but so far, i haven't heard back, and police are telling me so far, they haven't made any arrests in regards to these stabbings. in the theater district, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a salem man will spend the rest of his killing a army veteran. a judge sentenced peter cast still low to life in prison without the possibility of parole. he was found guilty of first degree murder. prosecutors say video shows cast stillln@? low shooting steven pz in 2012 after an argument. family members say perez touched the lives of anyone lucky enough to be around him. >> he was my best friend. he was my big brother. so any opportunity i can to talk about him, i will, an tell everybody how great he was and
6:39 pm
>> vanessa: cast still low's lawyer says they plan to appeal. >> mark: two east boston men have been charged with the murder of a 19-year-old woman found dead in a home on president reagan ton street earlier this year. we have been covering the story extensively, after the woman's body was found in june. she had been beaten and stabbed to death multiple times and since then, police arrested jose hernandez and ramos alevo. the pair will be arraigned on a murder charge later this year. university student who disappeared while visiting new york city. 25-year-old zachary camhigh was last seen walking out of a hotel last week. he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder years ago. several of his friends are spearheading the search because his family in indianapolis is strapped with medical expenses and can't get to new york. >> vanessa: it's an issue more and more police officers across massachusetts are dealing with. calls involving mental health issues. fox 25's chris flanagan is in weymouth now with how police
6:40 pm
>> >> the reporter: weymouth police shot a woman over the weekend after they say she refused to orders to drop a knife. she has mental health issues. as police officer rush to scene, it's becoming more an more prevalent, they have help when it comes to mental health calls. they perform the psychiatric evaluation right there as it's happening in the raw environment while there's a crisis happening. >> the reporter: craig davis is a police chief in ashland. his department and clinicians that co-respond, many times riding along with an officer for any calls involving mental illness. >> the reason we do that so the mental health clinician will immediately perform an evaluation on scene in the moment hand that the clinician can then refer the person or get them the appropriate mental health treatment as opposed to an arrest. >> the reporter: according to the national alliance on mental illness, two million jail bookings involve a person with a
6:41 pm
people killed in officer-involved shootings has a serious mental illness. i think the towns that are growing like we are, need somebody like that. >> the reporter: weymouth police say the woman shot by one of their officers over the weekend refused an order to drop a knife. a neighbor claim she suffers from mental illness. chief davis says one in ten police encounters with his officers involves someone with a mental illness. >> what we do have to be aware of is folks that are unpredictable or have mood swings or may be be incoherent and can't understand what we're trying to communicate with them. >> the reporter: every police officer in massachusetts is required to undergo four hours of mental health training. i spoke with the massachusetts state police sand they said each recruit has to receive 12 hours of mental health training. chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> kevin: it's high and dry right now, but there are clouds rolling in and rain in the
6:42 pm
>> the reporter: big business for local well digging companies this summer.
6:44 pm
i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much.
6:45 pm
for yours, too. please join me in voting no on question 2. >> mark: people who live in massachusetts now have a new way to help find a cure for a.l.s. the governor unveiled no license plates. family members of pete frates were on hands at the state house. frates is battling a.l.s. and helped launch the ice bucket challenge that raised millions for research. companies are in deep. they tell fox 25 they're being overwhelmed by calls for help from homeowners whose water is drying up during this extreme drought and experts say the worst is not over yet. fox 25's katherine burcham is in waltham where she followed along with one of the well diggers, trying to help out. >> the reporter: the biggest problem is for shallow well owners, because they depend on the water table being high to maintain their water in the wells. but take a look here at this reservoir, and you can see just
6:46 pm
across the state have dropped. >> we're all running seven days a week, trying to get as much done for everybody. >> the reporter: several times a day, this company receives calls 40 homeowners who shallow wells have dried up during this year's extreme drought. folks lived in their homes for 20 years and haven't run out of water and this year, they have no water. i've seen wells that had 15 feet of water have nearly none. >> the reporter: the u.s. e.p.a. englanders rely on private wells for water supply. they're expensive to install and talbot says digging hundreds of feet deeper to find new water sources is pinching residents wallets. >> some people have moved out of their house. >> the reporter: it's not just showers and laundry homeowners are worried about. with water bans in effect across the state, many have dying yards and gardens and turn to talbot for a solution. talbot is seeing increased requests for small irrigation wells like this one, that give
6:47 pm
without breaking the law. still, he cautions his customers to continue to conserve, worried the drought isn't over yet. >> i have a feeling we're going to be replacing wells all the way into christmas and the new year, because i don't think it's getting any better. i think it's going to get worse. >> the reporter: talbot says the best hope for well owners is a snow heavy winter, because the snow melt will dramatically help improve the storage in their wells. in waltham, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> kevin: a beautiful shot that are katherine was in just now. that's how the sky is looking as the sun sets. partly cloudy, harbor islands are a great spot to get some good viewing especially when you look back toward boston. dinnertime temperatures, upper 50's to low 60's. outer cape, 59 degrees as well. clouds starting to roll on in, it helps you that beautiful sunset, the sunlight bouncing off the cloud particles, but the
6:48 pm
away. it's going to take a while for these to get here. expecting it after 6:00 a.m. in the morning for boston. sooner western to central massachusetts and here's a timeline on that. the clouds thickening up tonight, western mass seeing those before 5:00 a.m. between 3 and 5:00 a.m., western mass into western worcester county. 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., making its way across eastern massachusetts. the cape and islands, you're starting to go see a couple of showers. rain sticks with you up through noontime tomorrow. heavy rain holding on to the coast there. that's the front offer too quickly, but to the west, it is pushing off, we're getting dry air. so some sunshine poking pout. if this front would bow on through and leave us alone, well be fine with sunshine much of the week. of course, it's not going to map in new england. a quarter inch to a third of an inch most locations by tuesday, middle of the day, into the early afternoon, up yards of a half inch or more on cape cod and the islands. needed rainfall for sure and it's sticking around there the longest.
6:49 pm
moving in 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. heavier after 6:00 a.m. and then back here through worcester or cape cod, temperatures are in the mid 50's in the morning. the showers starting to go arrive after 6:00 a.m. worcester county, sooner, so by 2:00 a.m., portions of western worcester and 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. across the rest of the county. off to the north here, we're seeing temperatures in the 70's, sun pokes out in the afternoon. we'll be cooler right at the shoreline, but generally getting in sunshine there, so cape cod, upper 60's to about 70 degrees, remember, the clouds are hanging on longest here, so you won't be the warmest place to be tomorrow afternoon. clouds hanging around in evening, especially on nantucket and an area of low pressure rotating along it is going to produce showers, but at the same time, our winds have shifted to the northeast. as temperatures cool, those winds blow in from the northeast, more clouds ago, few showers and more likely, drizzle developing across the area. and that traverses across the
6:50 pm
wednesday morning and through the day wednesday, really, not any heavy rain showing up here, just drizzle and new sans stuff likely for this forecast period. in fact, there comes the spin out of the great lakes, that's going to determine our forecast. as long as it keeps pulling the rain back this way, we're stuck with the onshore throw and pesky clouds and drizzle. this makes it way farther to east, entertain thoughts of heavier rain, but i'm not expecting that to happen until sunday. weakened state to gi clearing us out by monday. that's all this week we're going to have to watch for the risk of clouds and drizzle. now why do you see sun each and every day? because the farther north and west you are, the better chance you have of seeing a peek of sunshine. we have a forecast for all of you. a big difference in what the weather will be like in western massachusetts and southern vermont, compared to cape cod, boston and coastal areas. we'll keep tracking the rain on in here tonight. update at 10:00 p.m. >> right after the break, back to basketball.
6:51 pm
the days of al horford. what they had to say at media day. plus, signed up through 2025, day. plus, signed up through 2025, the deal that keep i'm a public school teacher in massachusetts, and i've reviewed question 2. ucation even stronger, because question 2 would allow more access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education, and public charter schools don't take funds away from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2
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[ clock ticking ] time. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] my prescription costs keep going up.
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kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> >> vanessa: bruins scoring big an you're excited about this ock. >> mark: i am, he's a sniper and
6:54 pm
hate him. >> he's one of the gritty guys, i mucks up the ice a little bit, but you do love to have him on your bench. he was the teamess leading scorer last year on the ice. one of the guys who leads by example with his work ethic and grittiness. brad marchand signed a six year deal to stay in boston. he was part of the championship team in 2011. really tough to find versatile players like brad thrilled to be sticking long term with the team that picked him ten years ago. >> brad marchand here, really excited about the new deal, very excited about big things happening in boston. can't wait to get back and get things going. the end an era will be upon us. paul pierce announced this will be his final season in the nba and that's the truth. although danny ainge says he'll believe it when he sees it. ainge wouldn't commit to the
6:55 pm
said i think you guys know the answer to that. part of big trade to brooklyn that will shape the celtics franchise for the next generation, he wants to soak it all in with the clippers and ainge this afternoon talked about what pierce meant to the celtics organization. i think paul would play for a few more years, but i'll believe it when i see it. it's hard to see him walking away. he's one of the greatest celtics of all time, a great loved the game and took it very seriously. >> the reporter: as pierce enters his final season, this celtics team enters a new era, al horford for media day, camp will tip off tomorrow for brad stevens and the crew. the celtics considered by many to be one of the best in the east. the bar has been raised, that's for sure. >> this is is a new season. we haven't done anything and we have to continue to stay hungry. >> we have a lot of guys in
6:56 pm
>> ultimately if you want to be the best or among those considered the best, there's a lot of hard work ahead. >> the reporter: the miami marlins will get back on the field tonight one day after the death of jose fernandez. all of jose's teammates will wear his jersey. no one will ever wear number 16 again. the team will retire jose's jersey. around absolute incredible weekend where we lost arnold paer days like that that you reflect a bit, but they're hard to work here, because you really are in that reflective mode. >> mark: kevin, we're looking at rain that may get here and stick around a while. >> kevin: hock. yes. so much more important than that, but rain moving in tomorrow morning. i'll be tracking the showers, how they impact your morning
6:57 pm
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in'. move. inside the reported $12 million malibu rental. and why brad hasn't seen the kids since the split. >> that could be a reason why brad has not seen the children. >> and, britney backstage inside th and the grammy winner who just got engaged. >> i'm super happy. >> plus, as the royals take canada, why is mark wahlberg invading buckingham palace? >> yeah, all the time. >> and you've seen them burn up the dance floor. >> now see the dancing couple tear up the racetrack at 165 miles per hour. wow.


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