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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i'm tracking this spin in the atmosphere that will cause us to have a soggy week. >> and surveillance video captures a man stealing someone's dog. the desperate plea from her owner to get bella back. first at 10:00, a man and his mother lost at sea for more than a week. the man survived, his mother presumed dead and tonight a new twist to this mystery at sea. good evening, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. it's a fishing trip that quickly turned into something much more. we've been on top of every new development as investigators try to piece together exactly what happened before the boat sank. today the man arrived at the
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hours. he did have an attorney with him and detectives want to know how he ended up on the life raft without his mom. tonight we're also hearing an exchange between the man and the coast guard. >> myself and my mom, and there was a funny noise in the compartment. i looked and saw a lot of water much when i saw his life >> have you found her? no, we haven't been able to find her yet. i got to the life raft after i got my bearings, and i was calling and looking around, and i didn't see her. >> and as detectives look at every possibility, new court document show the man was once a suspect in the 2013 murder of his 87-year-old grandfather. >> the man nathan carmen has
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he said he'd like to thank the public for their prayers and concern for them and mother. malini basu went to the man's neighborhood and spoke with his neighbors. >> is where nathan carmen lives in this huge house all by himself. neighbors we spoke with say they saw officers go in and out of the house all night. >> reporter: windham county vermont deputies and police officers were searching nathan carmen's house all night last night. neighbors living bridgeum home in vernon, vermont were stunned. >> the cops were in there searching the property with flashlights for hours. and they were also searching the truck out here. >> rifling through the house in the backyard. >> reporter: 10 days ago the 22-year-old that and his mother went on a fishing trip and
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mysteriously sank. linda is presumed dead. nathan was rescued by a private freighter just two days ago. he told the coast guard his boat took on water and sank on sunday september 18th. according to the aft, a witness told police nathan was working on his boat prior to the fishing trip and that he knew the boat had mechanical problems. authorities say nathan also had intentions to go fishing farther offshore in a different location than where his mother thought they were going. >> i feel bad that his her. >> reporter: neighbors and relatives tell fox 25 nathan has asperger's syndrome and always keeps to himself. the hartford current is reporting that carmen was also a suspect in the unsolved murder of his grandfather. he was found shocked to death in his connecticut home in 2013. neighbors say they just don't know what to think.
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been charged with anything. there is still an active investigation going on and as for carmen's mother, we being told that she is fumed dead. in vermont tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. be sure to stay with fox 25 on-air, online and on our news app. as soon as we learn new information about this case we'll pass it along on those platforms first. new at 10, it's a story you'll see only on fox 25. a saugus mother is fired up after she says the vice-president of the pop warner 11-year-old son against a wall. jacqui heinrich spoke with that mother today who says she waited for more than a week for the team to do the right thing. >> reporter: 11-year-old eddie is now playing with the pop warner league in chelsea after his parents pulled him off the team after he was shoved against the wall while waiting in line for picture day last monday. >> i think he violently shoved him against the call. >> reporter: kelly vase she was furious when she saw it happen
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explanation. >> he said that he wasn't listening so tell him to listen. >> reporter: it's the response from the league that has this mom up in arms. her child is now playing on a different league to avoid bullying. the saugus league suspended the vice-president for a week and then decided this. >> this morning was that they don't see any need for further disciplinary action. >> to these parents, it's an outrage. they say they're unwilling to subject their child to the man whether or not put his hands him and the other team officials who say they don't see a reason to remove the man from the league. >> unacceptable to put your hands on a child, especially someone else's child, and i was really rubbed the wrong way and this was just a nail in the coffin. we received this statement and
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want you to take a look at some video right now. pa head-on cash happened in borne. police say they want it to serve as a reminder here the dangers of holiday row planing. six people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries following this accident you see right here, this crash. and kevin, there's a wet start for people this morning, that's for sure, and could be another one tomorrow. >> yeah, a ton of rain. something like that to happen. and tomorrow morning we'll have drizzle around. roads will be damp again. not quite like it was this morning but still dealing with it. the logo right over here. this system is spinning around to the great lakes and slowly moving southward, impacting our weather the rest of the week.
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inland and also some showers. prevalent areas of fog, as well. sticks with you through lunchtime tomorrow. it'll be a couple of days we see any improvement from this. tonight some drizzle, some showers will move on in. it's not going to rain all the time. temperatures are going to be generally in the 50s. by lunchtime tomorrow, not much better. still in the upper 50s to about 60 degrees with that onshore breeze blowing on in here. there will still be drizzle and there will be some clouds. get used to you that. i'll show you how long it's going to last and when the spin to our west will finally get out improvement. >> a suspicious package was discovered inside a building. the bomb squad took a closer look and the city has been rocked by a protest over the deadly police shooting of a black man in the last week. police say the suspicious package was discovered just as activists were entering the headquarters to deliver their demands to the police chief. more details out of charlotte just as soon as we get them.
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ceo of wells fargo taking a financial hit as his company deals with a massive sales practices scandal. john stump will forfeit $41 million in stock awards, and his bonus for the year. wells fargo has agreed to pay $185 million to settle allegations where employees opened fake accounts and used customer money to meet sales goals. several senators including elizabeth warren called for stump to resign during some intense congressional questioning last week. trying to build momentum off of last night's debate with donald trump. each candidate thinks they won the debate but it only matters that the more than 80 million people who watched it, well, what did they think? here's what hillary and donald trump did in one night after a heated battle on stage. >> did anybody see that debate last night? >> one down, two to go. >> the night after the debate, both hillary clinton and donald
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single poll, cbs, slade, "time" magazine. >> the nominees knocking each other's debate and performance. clinton saying trump didn't show up ready. >> i do have this old affected idea that if i'm asking for your vote, i should tell you what i want to do. i'm going to leave it to the fact checkers to go through all of donald trump's claims. there was a lot of work for fact >> trump saying what he'll do differently next debate. >> i may hit her harder. i really eased up because i didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. i may hit her harder. >> reporter: trump also complaining about his podium mic giving clinton the chance to take a shot. >> what a great mic, but. >> you mean people listening in the hall could not hear new. >> well, it was on and off and much lower than hers. >> anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a
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watch last night's debate but to put it in perspective, it's still far less than the average super bowl. >> undecided voters in new hampshire tell us monday night's debate did not present a clear choice. >> a lot of people feel like they're choosing the lesser of the two evils and i'm just waiting for really somebody to push me to one side or the other. >> the candidates may have their work cut out for them as they prepare to return to the granite state. clinton will rally support he is tomorrow at unh with bernie in multiple cities told fox 25 the debate diddic nate in an interest for applying for absentee ballots. the candidates have two weeks to prepare for the next debate, sunday october 9th. it's a town hall format at washington university in st. louis, missouri. be sure to join us tonight for expert analysis about where both of the campaigns go now. it's all new tonight during special coverage that begins at 11:30. >> we are learning new details about the deadly sweet tomatoes
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a witness estimated brad kasler driving 70 to 80 miles per hour when he ran a red light and barreled through the restaurant. the impact was enough to move a pair of industrial pizza ovens that together weigh close to 4,000 pounds. accident reconstruction teams found no indication kasler applied the emergency brake or used his horn to tell people to get out of the way. eleanor and gregory died at the scene. several others suffered serious injuries. kasler is due back in courtex month. >> tewksbury police are looking for witnesses after two 12-year-old girls say a man offered to give them a ride. it happened in the area of chandler and livingston streets saturday afternoon. a woman stopped to see if everything was okay and that's when the man drove off. said to be in his 50s or 60s driving a gold or brown toyota possibly a camary. police are trying to figure out if a crime was committed. a grand jury has indicted a massachusetts state trooper for allegedly beating a car chase suspect in new hampshire. skyfox captured the whole thing
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two felony counts of simple assault by an on-duty law forcement officer. he is due in court next month. flynn has been on paid leave since the incident. last month new hampshire state trooper andrew monaco pleaded guilty to three counts of simple assault. >> the faa is investigating what caused a helicopter crash in new hampshire tonight. that helicopter was taking off from a private home in the town of andover new hampshire when it crashed in a wooded area near rivers edge road, and new at 10:00 tig obtained an image of the crash site here. when you see the mangled wreckage in this woods, it is hard to believe the pilot got out okay. the faa says the pilot was the only one on board. he was able to free himself and call for help. when rescue crews arrived, the wreckage was on fire, but they were able to quickly put it out. the pilot is expected to make a full recovery. he's a man on a mission. ahead on fox 25 news at 10:00, the cause that forced him to walk across the entire country.
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camera stealing a woman's dog.
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police say it shows a man steal someone's dog. you see them pick up the puppy and place it in a car. tonight the woman who owns bella wants her back. >> and she wants you to take a closer look at that video. fox 25's ted daniel is live in haverhill new at 10:00. ted. haverhill police are investigating this as an apparent dog napping, mark and vanessa.
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says her stepfather left him alone on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building where the family lives for just a couple of minutes. surveillance video shows what happened next. >> walk her over to the car and hand it to somebody in the passenger's seat. 20 seconds layer the car takes off. >> from the video jennifer says she was able to determine that the vehicle was most likely an older model chrysler pacifica
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passenger seas seat and a man was driving. >> reporter: jennifer does not believe the man is involved in the dog napping and thinks the people in the car fooled him to believing bella was theirs. >> bella is a purebred so very i can see why somebody would want her. >> reporter: but nobody wants bella more than her rightful owners. for them she's a family. >> she kind of unites us, you know. and it's sad to see that people out there don't care for somebody. >> her home address and the family's telephone number is on her clarify. officially -- collar. initially she thought the people maybe were good samaritans but
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i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. another dog was finally reunited with his owner after an 1100-mile journey home. the animal control officer in swansea mass found him rolling around. got a volume petition transfer service to help him get home. more than two dozen people each drove an hour handing apollo off from one person to the next. his owner believes he was stolen. this truck fire caused big problems earlier. skyfox over the fire on bear hill road. the department of public works told us the fire knocked out power to the entire town. still no word on any injuries there. >> and take a look at the damage after a car crashed into this local shopping plaza. hamilton police say they're investigating why the car smashed into the front of the cvs pharmacy at the shops at hamilton crossing. it happened this morning. northernly no one was hurt. the store has since re-opened.
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scandal at the department's evidence room. a source tells fox 25 that deputy chief wayne foster has been placed on leave. more fallout from an audit in the missing evidence. prosecutors have already dropped more than fourth criminal cases and hundreds more are in jeopardy after drugs, guns and cash disappeared from evidence. last week the chief of police announced his plans to retire early. >> a convicted killer wants a new trial 15 years after being found guilty. dirk ryder while they were taking a walk in 1999. robert ghoulston talked to one of his daughters today who says she continues to support her father. >> i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: in the 1999 video you can see state police securing the crime scene at morse's pond in wellesey where mable was murdered by her husband. >> i was really shocked that in our town something like that could have actually happened. >> reporter: dirk was convicted and sentenced to life in prison
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and slashing her throat with a pocket knife. pat first he told police she was attacked in the wellesey park after he walked ahead of her with their dogs, 15 years after a jury found him guilty, he's trying to make his case to a federal judge. >> he's exhausted his remedies within the state system. >> reporter: the kicked killer wants the federal court to hear his case on multiple grounds. the former prosecutor renewed grindedder's conviction for us and says show dna evidence. >> there's a dna expert that tested about certain evidence but did not testify at trial. the dna expert who openly testified at trial gave an independent opinion, but based that opinion on what the first dna expert did. >> reporter: on the phone today, one of grantedder's daughters told fox 25 news they continue to support their father and trying to help him prove his
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with his jury selection back at the trial because it wasn't fully open to the public, including his family and some of the media. he's currently serving his life sentence without parole at mci norfolk. in boston, robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. a mother waited more than a year to find out how her son suddenly died. it's an update to a story fox 25 investigates first broke last week. next at 10:00, how he got answers for a mother who just wanted to know what happened. >> then new at 10:00, an obama has just made relations
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte:
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation
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like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen. s. >>on family frustrated by long delays at the state medical examiner's office. >> last week maddie king died in her sleep two years ago. eric rasmussen started asking questions. >> they finally got the call from the medical examiner's
10:25 pm
disease and king easy family says they were told he likely did not suffer. >> reporter: king's mother was forced to go without that kind of peace of mind for almost 20 months while she waited for answers. the 27-year-old emt from south boston suddenly passed away back in february of 2015. despite calls to the m.e.'s office every month, joanne king was told her son's autopsy report still wasn't finished. she spoke to fox investigates last week after we told her hundreds of families have waited months, even years for answers. king's family hopes to get his official autopsy report in a couple weeks. the medical examiner's office would not tell us exactly when that report was actually finished, though. however, it says the delays are due to a national shortage of medical examiners. they say they just can't hire
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i'm eric rasmussen. health officials the tobacco use facility will go up in smoke when the new rules go into affect on friday. convenient stores and gas stations will not be allowed to sell cigarettes to anyone under the age of 21 and flavored tobacco and cigarettes will only be sold in adult only special tobacco is shops. >> next at 10:00, how a church got something that was stolen back and the message the pastor has for the person who did it. game at yankees stadium on wednesday night. next at 10:00, the letter he wrote to yankees fans. tracking some rain moving our way, but really not just heavy rain.
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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>> a local church is now at the center of a criminal investigation after someone broke in and tried to steal their 400-pound safe. police found the safe just feet away unopened. fox 25's stephanie coueignoux spoke with the pastor who says he forgives whoever did this. >> i think whenever something like this happens you pause for
10:30 pm
how come. >> reporter: father demetri walked us through his monday morning telling us when he arrived here at st. nicholas he immediately saw several stain glass windows shattered and after going inside he realized the church's 400-pound safe was gone. we also spotted scratches on the sidewalk where lexington police say the safe was dragged before being abandoned across the street outside this home. bob sack o, the homeowner told us his family safe was there until police knocked on their doors and said his son-in-law noticed something suspicious earlier that morning. >> my son-in-law reported that when he went out to to run at 4:00, 5:00 in the morning he saw a car in the "no parking" zone and he thought it was strange. >> reporter: police told us the safe hadn't been opened and it was covered by one of father demetri's robes. he says he can't imagine why anyone would break into a church and steal.
10:31 pm
i think it's terrible to do to anybody. but for them to take it to a church, raising money for the community, for their parish, it's terrible. >> reporter: father demetri says as troubling as this is, he's praying for those involved. >> you forgive with the hope that anyone of us will be forgiven when we do something wrong. >> police told me that this all happened between sunday evening and monday morning, and this was the only incident during that time frame. not made any arrests. i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. right now we are following a developing story in quincy. the fbi has been outside a home for several hours. all new at 11:00, what the agency is saying about this operation, plus the man found at sea one week after his boat sank and his mother died. what he wants the public to know.
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this is a time-lapse video from our beacon hills studio camera showing the sunset. the sun came out. well at least in much of massachusetts. gorgeous. the fox 25 picture of the day also showing the beautiful colors in the sky. use the hashtag and we'll pick your picture one of these days as the picture of the day, this one from twitter, beautiful shot of theut white mountains of new hampshire beautiful sky ins ex. gorgeous shot, our friends in sheridan and boston showing the sunset this evening and a painted sky, as well. this one another beautiful shot from the northshore showing the colors in the sky and this one over the familiar gillette stadium tonight, sent in by one of our photographers. so a good night to see that sunset, may not be so much the next couple of days. the clouds are starting to poke back in.
10:33 pm
is moving back on to nantucket. the front has stalled out there, the one that brought the rain this morning. about .30 of an inch in most areas, boston and worcester, and you to a half inch out on cape cod this is a swirl in the atmosphere that's causing all the problems. this coming down into the ohio river valley during the day tomorrow, it is going to set up a forecast for the rest of the week. if it were to wobble a little farther to the west, it changes our forecast as it would if it wobbles east. watching this and seei through the morning. there's no doubt our winds are shifting to the northeast tomorrow. when you have the winds up above us coming from the south, these clouds start to roll back in. you get fog, drizzle, clouds and we've seen it happen over and over again. the further west you go, if you're looking for leaves, you're going to find sunshine into vermont and the berkshire
10:34 pm
that drizzle is not going to add up to a lot of rain. the rain we need will be pesky through the day tomorrow and into thursday, as well. tomorrow your temperatures are in the upper 50s to low 60s, gonna look similar in the morning. with the wind coming onshore from the northeast, across the atlantic ocean waters, temperatures are gonna hold pretty steady throughout the day tomorrow, there are the clouds locked in, notice drier air to the north, now thursday morning, we're still seeing everything blow in from the northeasterly winds. farther north you go, better chance you'll have for sunshine. some of the dry air tries to see southward on thursday and that will be predicated on where this spin ends upsetting up.
10:35 pm
sends a front our way that could bring about us more significant rain. and we're pinpointing friday late in the day, really the evening into saturday morning for that potential. up until then, you're looking at drizzle, fog, clouds with a little bit of sung, the farther north and west you go. that's why it looks like the kitchen sink thrown on to the seven-day forecast. we have a big area to forecast for and it will be different from place to place. this weekend that whole spin finally starts to go on by and we see improving weather by the end end of the we'll update the shower and drizzle just ahead. >> red sox yankees and nobody added to the fire more than big papi. a classic open letter to yankees fans, thanking them for the memories and saying before it's all over he hopes to blast at least one more home run over the yankees stadium wall, for old
10:36 pm
a loving relationship that brought out something special in the sox slugger. a rivalry with the yankees may be who i am. the intensity of that competition is what i'll miss the most when i'm done. even though the send near, not over just yet. papi wants to put on one last show. some players are born to be yankees. you know what i'm saying? i was born to play against the yankees. >> a lot of love for new york. don't worry, sox fans, papi made sure to show some love for boston in the letter that he wrote, quote, boston is not just my team, boston is my city. i consider myself a bostonian and the thing i'm most proud of in the world. big papi's letter is a must read and you can read the entire article for yourself on our web site, fox 25 and i posted it on my facebook page. and i promises it worth your time. it's great to see. i love the part about jerik jeter and we'll leave it at that. >> all right.
10:37 pm
11-game winning streak, that was pretty fun. it got them to this point, so... they came close. pope francis making history. >> neck at 10,, the regulations he just announced that will make it harder to become a saint. >> plus a man made his mission to walk across the country. the motivation behind his unbelievable feat. >> but first new at 10:00, the fresh concern about hackers
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>> the clock is ticking on capitol hill after the senate voted to block a spending bill needed to keep the government open past friday. most democrats and at least 10 republicans voted against the bill which also funds the fight against zika and rebuilding efforts in louisiana after last month's flooding. more votes are likely before the
10:41 pm
first u.s. ambassador to cuba in more than 50 years. today he named jeffrey de la rentas for the position. he oversaw the re-opening of the u.s. embassy in cuba and played a key role of reestablishing ties between the u.s. and cuba. >> also, we're learning more about efforts to the cyber hack in the november election. 18 states have requested the department of homeland security help protect their computer voting systems ahead of election day. we told you this summer how hackers stole emails from political the homeland security secretary says they are doing their best to protect the integrity of the system. >> we have an increasing level of sophistication with nation state activists and so forth. what we are seeing are efforts to get into voter registration roles, the identity of registered voters, things of that nature. >> last week yahoo announced foreign government hackers stole data from about a half a billion customers. u.s. senators want to know whether more could have been done to prevent terrorist
10:42 pm
security panel on threats facing the u.s. he would not say if the fbi missed any red flags about orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen or ahmad rahami. the effort has ordered a review of the fbi's previous knowledge of both suspects. >> we will go back and scrub our prior contact with that matter very, very carefully and maybe the inspector general, as well, which should be great. and if there's learning we will learn from it. >> the fbi director and the homeland securitse americans traveling despite alongside terrorists has slowed. while people who have spent most of their lives, if not all here in the u.s., are self radicalized and carrying out attacks. >> tonight we are learning exactly how many syrian refugees have settled in our region in the last year. and so far 650 syrian refugees have put down roots here in new england. connecticut is hosting the most
10:43 pm
governor baker. rhode island has 116. host of the refugees have clustered around large cities like springfield, providence and new heche. last month the white house announced the country had met its goal of settling 10,000 refugees. the president set that goal last october. he walks thousands of miles and ended up in boston today. next at 10:00, why one man made the cross-country trek to raise awareness for a very good cause. new at 10:00, one man's attempt to drive in the hov l how much money he had to pay for
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interviewer: what would you do with five minutes to kill and a smartphone? man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? driver's license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to register to vote m-a dot com. it's that easy. woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by
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it got to our area here. you can see in the northshore got here in the boston area and i joined him for his boston leg of the journey. >> put one foot in front of the other... and soon you'll be walking on air ? >> reporter: if you'd spent the last two years walking the perimeter of the united states like leroy bailey has. >> over 10,500 miles. >> reporter: you'd need a pick-me-up and a good laugh from time to time too. >> i sprained my ankle, i've had
10:47 pm
san francisco. somebody stole it. i lost my wallet in seattle, had to wait there for 10 days. both my glasses. >> reporter: it's in those times his tune changes. [ singing ] and reaches out to the one he says sent him on this mission. >> if i wanted to build america i had to walk around america. >> reporter: so that's what he's been doing since he left his home in virginia on 2014 so he can bring awareness to what he says is the need for holistic shelters, for homeless veterans across the country. >> if we don't give them some kind of education, how are they ever gonna get off the streets? i want people to feel like they have space, like they have their identity, like they're human beings. >> reporter: sometimes you get to share that dream with strangers. or news reporters... >> i don't know if i can continue on walking. at some point i'd have to change my shoes. >> reporter: oh, definitely.
10:48 pm
>> most people go to the web site and donate if they hear my story. >> incredible. there's so many questions have you when you see a story like this, like how does he get his meals, you know, traveling the country and talking to strangers? i asked him that and said he's got his church family back home in virginia beach that supports him financially a little bit to get him from one place to the next. but he's also got a go fund me page up, and so people donate and try to help him out little bits along the way. it's different, though, than he wants 1 million people to donate $10 a month to help build these hope centers. he wants to build one a month all over the country to really help these hope. veterans. he's got such a heart and passion for them. it was really contagious. >> if people want to donate, what can they do, erika. >> of course, go to our web site and we'll link you right there. it's just a simple kaye way to help and he's got a little ways to go, but his wife says she wants him home by october so
10:49 pm
>> he's been gone for quite a while so she's ready to get him home. >> without a doubt, absolutely. >> hope you enjoyed your walk today. >> yeah, i definitely did. a homeless shelter in boston will not only cater to men, the shelter in jamaica plain has been open to men and women for more than 30 years but the transition to a men only facility after determining the conditions for women were less than ideal. about two dozen women were transferred last month to pine street's women's end. family and friends are mourning the loss of a hockey legend from brookline. john jack curing junior died on sunday. he was the captain of the men's hockey team that won olympic gold, the 1960 winter olympics, upsetting canada, the soviet union and czechoslovakia. he told the boston already his father had alzheimer's disease. he was 88. packages were improperly
10:50 pm
since 2003. the cdc says it's made several changes but the federal congress says it's not enough. >> unbelievable that they cannot establish best practices on how to handle these pathogens. >> the cdc says a new rule will be finalized this year to provide better oversight and regulation of dangerous specimen. worldwide recall of cell phones was issued earlier this month because theat it's not just phones. a delta airlines flight was diverted when a tablet burst into flames. those items are powered by lithium batteries. as fox 25's elizabeth hopkins reveals, the one item that keeps them from exploding into flames is not the firewall that you might expect. >> call it a hack. >> it's going to smoke and then burn. >> and it happened so quickly. >> reporter: engineer wentworth professor aaron carpenter is showing what happens on the inside of a phone just before it burst into flames.
10:51 pm
short circuit of a double a battery, just like the batteries found in a smartphone, there is a positive side and a negative side. when they're able to connect... >> poof, there's your fire. >> reporter: the battery inside many of your electronic devices is much stronger. it's called a lithium ion battery and looks like this. >> inside we have what's the called a separator. that's just a piece of plastic that keeps these two sections completely separate. >> reporter: when the thin piece of plastic breaks down, the >> as you've seen, these are really destructive when they explode. >> reporter: kamper says there are two reason why is that happens. in the case of a samsung recall, it's a manufacturing error. in the case of hover boards, it's likely that the toy has been banged around crack the battery's separator. ed he says scientists are always trying to make batteries more powerful and scientists are constantly tinkering with strong
10:52 pm
items we use every day. >> as things are getting more compressed and more concentrated, we're more likely to have these kind of issues. >> carpenter says the best advice is that if you have a cell phone that's so hot that it actually hurts to hold it, set it down and step away. there is a chance it could employed. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. samsung is trying to put a positive spin on all the negative news about the galaxy note 7. about 90% of the people affected by the recall are stick that is a new version to the 7 that isn't prone to calving fire. according to samsung more than 60% of users in the united states and south korea have turned it in for a replacement. analysts say this year's been spectacular for the state's real estate market. the warren group reporting home sales are up more than 14% since january. today prices are up just more than a percent. the median sale price of $340,000.
10:53 pm
nearly 10% making it the most active august in 17 years. the median sale price was more than $364,000. new at 10:00, you know what they say, happy wife, happy life. it appears it's true. happy people actually make their spouses healthier, according to a new study out of michigan state university. researchers say people with a positive outlook usually exercise more and eat better. also happy couples are less stressed because they don't have to worry if their partner is in a bad mood. the pope is making harder to become a regulations healings must now be examined by a panel of at least six medical experts. a two-thirds majority is also required to agree heal has no scientific or natural explanations. before these new rules, only a simple majority was needed. >> jeb bush will be in harvard this fall. he will be a visiting fellow at the harvard school this semester. he will teach a lecture on
10:54 pm
lecture on thursday. the republican also ran for president but defended his campaign in february. new at 10:00, a driver washington state has learned that donald trump won't help you get a ride in the carpool lane. state police say someone tried to use the hov lane today with this giant cardboard cutout of trump's head as the passenger. the trooper didn't fall for it and gave the driver a 136-dollar fine. send it on to trump. maybe he'll pay it for you. >> i bet he will. that's a good idea. trump sign... >> there you go. maybe hillary will be in the plane tomorrow. >> all right, let me show you what's going on. a lot of clearing out to the northwest, and some extra rain falling in nantucket right now.
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
>> take a look at clear images
10:58 pm
in chester, new hampshire. she says she watched her dog through the lane, roads, and near the power lines and saw the bobcat at day and again at night. >> it's raining right now on nantucket and that rain will continue for a while. it seems to be coming down really heavily. an inch of rain in spots on cape cod and on the islands. this spin in the atmosphere dominates our weather the rest of the week. we'll see it throw some clouds our way and drizzle, at least the consequence of it spinning around out there will be the clouds and drizzle coming our way right through the day tomorrow. it's gonna be a cool raw day, too. don't expect to see any
10:59 pm
60 degrees across the area for the drizzle, the fog and that cool northeast wind blowing on in here. a soggy week ahead at 11:00. what had the makings av hollywood rescue story? nathan, this is united states coast guard boston. >> is quickly becoming a dark mystery. >> when i saw the life raft, i did not see my mom. >> reporter: the items taken out of a hope the man survived a week at sea after losing his mother during the fishing trip. >> plus, a coach seen shoving a player against a wall. the decision that has parents furious tonight. >> clouds and drizzle and fog on their way back into new england overnight when we can finally see the sun again. >> breaking this after 8:00 tonight. the man who survived a week at
11:00 pm
mother's life has broken his silence. good evening, everyone. i'm vanessa welch. and i'm mark ockerbloom. i would just like to thank the public for their prayers and concern for both my mother and myself. and i would like to thank the crew of the ship that rescued me. both were rescuing me and for treating me very well. fox 25's malini basu is in vermont where the police searched his home and removed three >> this is where nathan carmen lives in this huge house all by himself. neighbors say they saw officers go in and out of the house all night. >> reporter: windham county vermont sheriff's deputies and police officers were searching nathan carmen's house all night last night. neighbors living near his fort bingham home were stunned. >> there's no electricity in the house so the cops were actually


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