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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 28, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. now at 4:00, the young man lost at sea for days is back home from vermont. what police took from his home that could make him the target of an investigation. developing this morning an arson investigation outside a local wal-mart. a small fire started out the store. why everybody was eva a person's dog was stolen right off the sidewalk. why the person is the video may not be the person that police are look for. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4 a.m. on this wednesday, september 28, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. a drizzly cool day ahead and the rain isn't gone either.
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weather center. shiri, you say it could get colder by the time the days goes on. >> shiri: one of those days. for some of you short sleeve weather and it won't get much warmer than this. 61 in boston. 57 in worcester. getting reports of drizzly and misty conditions there. a little bit tricky because oftentimes the drizzle sneaks under radar and getting good condition. and the drizzle will pick up as we get to sunrise. reports of dense fog out of worcester. drizzly, foggy not your perfect set-up and here that cool down. in boston 60 at 6 a.m. and dip into the upper 50s and we hang out there. by 4 p.m. we have gone down a couple more degrees.
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not at 10 a.m. or noontime, an all-day threat that we are going to be watching. temperature-wise 56 to 62. that's it from sunrise to sunset. patchy drizzle and gusty. i will break down the winds in just a minute. julie has traffic. >> i like what i am seeing on the roads. the icons are overnight projects that will wrap up by 5 a.m. things moving along the expressway without issue. tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. police are investigating a deadly car crash in leominster that happened before 11:00 on route 190 south. the driver of a suv has died. one lane was closed as police investigate the crash. there are no other cars involved and no other injuries reported. the victim's name haven't been released.
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today. police are investigating another crash in east post where a car hit a pole on mcclellan highway. the scene around 1:30. the driver was trapped inside the vehicle when rescue crews arrived and reportedly had serious injury. several lanes were shut down. the young man at the center of a mystery at 'is pack whom in vermont. >> he is under investigation for his mother's death in nathan carmen as he shore. police searched had is home in have the are the seized electronic equipment and a letter written by him. the 22-year-old said he and his mother linda went fishing on september 18. during an interview, he said his small boat suffered an engine failure and sank. >> there was a funny noise in the engine department and i looked and saw a lot of water. i saw the life raft, i did not see my mom. >> reporter: carmen was found
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one week after the boat sank. he could be cause requested dangerous operation of a boat resulting in death. three years ago carmen was a suspect in the murder of his grandfather in connecticut. that case remains unsolved. developing now on the west coast, police in california are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting in san diego. protesters surrounded police as they taped off a scene in el cajon. the two officers say they were responding to erratically. the suspect was pacing back and forth with his hand in his pack pocket. they released this picture from the scene. the suspect with his arms stretched in the direction of an officer but unclear what he is holding. one of the officers reacted by using a taser. other shot the suspect. both officers have 20 years' experience and placed on administrative leave while the investigation is investigated. police are not saying what this object was.
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vermont senator bernie sanders joins democratic nominee hillary clinton in durham. the two will discuss their shared beliefs on college education. they believe the cost of school should not be a barrier for anyone that wants a higher education. donald trump will make a visit to the granite state department. for 90 minutes i watched her very carefully, and i was also holing back -- i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. >> donald tr debate performance against hillary clinton. he made his first campaign stop since the debate in florida yesterday. the republican nominee told supporters in melbourne he was the winner of his first debate with democrat hillary clinton and since the debate his campaign raised $18 million. trump is campaigning in iowa and wisconsin today. donald trump is come under fire for comments he made about a miss universe
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>> he called this woman miss piggy. and then he called her miss housekeeping because she was latina. donald, she has a name. her name is is alicia machado and she has become a u.s. citizen and you can bet she is going to vote this november. >> she won trump's miss universe contest in 1996. she said trump publicly shamed her when she gained 20 pounds afteth macha do spoke about the event and said she needed to work out more and she had an eating disorder. former israeli president and peace prize winner shimon peres is dead at the age of 83. he died of a having a stroke earlier in the month. he served as israel's prime minister and president and was one of the founders of the modern jewish state.
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pope francis and prince charles will all be attending peres' funeral on friday. the da and fire department are investigating a local fire at a wal-mart. the fire started before 5:3 and put out fairly quickly. building was evacuated and equipment brought in to clear smoke from the building. as of last night it is unclear if the wal-mart will open this morning. we are sending out a r the mother of a little girl found dead in a trash bag on a local beach now plans to testify against her ex-trend. an attorney for michelle bond told the globe to testify against michael mccarthy is the only thing she lives for at this point. bond's daughter was found on bell island in 2015. prosecutors say mccarthy killed her daughter and put her in a refrigerator few days
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ocean. mccarthy is charged with first-degree murder and bond is charged with an accessory. pop warner problems to a mom unhappy with her son's coach. she says the actions on the field are uncalled for. we are hearing from the mom. the vice president of the pop warner shoved her 11-year-old against a wall. jacqui heinrich has the story. >> reporter: this mom said she didn't press charges yet hoping the family could sor out things with the league forcing this man to tampa down. now she says she doesn't know what to do but the child is noting with leg anymore. eddy is playing with the charlestown pop barner team saying the director of the organization shoved him independence a wall while the kids were in line waiting for picture day. >> i think he violently shoved her independence the wall. >> reporter: kelly was furious
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response. >> he said he wasn't listening to tell him to listen. >> reporter: her child is now playing on a different league to avoid bullying. the saugus league suspended the vice president for a week and then decided this. >> the response i got was they don't see the need for further disciplinary action. for these parents they are child to the man who put his hands on him. and won't remove him from the league. >> unacceptable to put your hands on a child, someone else's child. and i was rubbed the wrong way and this was a nail in the coffin. >> reporter: fox25 got a response from the president of had league. the parents will have an opportunity to come before the board before a vote will take place on further disciplinary action. the parents accepted this
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the board will go pursuant to their bylaws. jacqui heinrich, fox25 news. police are investigating an apparent dognapping. jennifer cabrera and her two kids said their dog bella disappeared and the whole thing on tape. the surveillance camera showed picking up bella from a sidewalk and go in a car. that car drove off. >> i was shocked because i am like how could somebody just literally drive up, and get the dog. cabrera thinks the man that handed the dog off was tricked by the people in the car and duds not appear to be involved in the apparent dognapping. haverhill asks that anybody with permission about bella's whereabouts to give them a call. umass plan to spend $2.5 billion for capital projects. according to "the herald" renovations at boston and
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improvement because of the university's growing enrollment. many are worried this will mean increases this tuition and budget cuts for faculty. this summer they increased tuition by $700. david price on the mound against the yankees in new york and he had trouble with the long ball. a shot to right field this yankees up 4-2. next inning, sox would tie the drives in a single down the baseline. nice job. another home run for the yankees off of price. this time first baseman with a two-run shot. the yankees win 6-4. fox25's tom leyden has reaction from the bronx. >> reporter: truth is story of two david. david ortiz and david price with three home runs. they know it won't cut it this time of the year.
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division unacceptable and far from scoring four runs, i think i should go out and do this for the team. it haven't been the case a lot of times this year and it wasn't the case tonight. >> he has had some challenge with this club, with the yankees, no doubt about it. not a concern as far as how we go forward for this. >> you play 162 h however, it turns out we are confident in our group. >> reporter: the red sox gets another shot. the magic number is 1 the magic number is 1, five up with five to play. tom leyden from new york. fox25 news. >> julie: off if chance, david ortiz wrote a letter to yankee fans that shows he is a class act. 93 south, nice and quiet a 20-minute ride from the zakim bridge. mostly cloudy skies and a few drizzly and foggy spots. that drive home from work, i do not have a temperature increase.
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some drizzle around. i will time it out for you hour by hour, the futurecast coming up after the break. >> julie: all right, shiri. new information of the deadly car crash at sweet tomatoes restaurant. look at newly released court documents. what the driver didn't do as his s uv barrelled into the pizza shop killing two people. time is ticking on capitol hill two days away from a
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. welcome back, everyone, we are less than three weeks away from a possible government shutdown and this morning senators are blaming each other for playing politics. yesterday senate democrats blocked a republican bill that would keep the government running because does not include money for the crisis in michigan. democrats want a government shutdown because it will help their election chances this november. democrats accused the republicans of playing a game of this morning a growing risk at the cdc over the zika virus. at issue the method doctors use to test for virus. the cdc produced a new method to test for the virus. this is 40% of zika cases. one scientist was demoted when he raised concerns about the test but got his job back when he filed a whistleblower complaint. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes and things are moving along nicely
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south. route 1, 93 south are clear. live drive times. seeing green. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound. single tinge its on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south as you approach the zakim bridge. meteorologist shiri spear joins us on this wednesday morning. shiri, a nice shower yesterday. seems like we are done with the weather and the rain, but we are not. >> shiri: no, we are not. a soggy week and a lot of drizzle to get through. not the steady rain like yesterday. we are not talking downpours. yesterday boston getting .22 inches. and boston at .35. you know what, we still have a deficit for this month alone and that deficit stands at 2 inches for post -- who, very close up there. that is a lot of me right there. [ laughter ] and a half-inch rainfall deficit in the worcester area. for the year we are talking 8, 9, 10 inches short of what we typically have and that is the problem with drought
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forecast, this is all you are getting. in the next 24 hours expecting rain totals to stay under a 10th of an inch of rain. i do have hope as i look toward friday. saturday and sunday with steadier showers in there that could help maybe take away a little bit at that rainfall deficit. next couple of days we are talking simply the drizzle because we have those winds coming in off the water. the northeast flow around high pressure here and low pressure off to the west and the south over the next couple of days little bit stuck and drawing in these northeast winds and all this moisture off the ocean that will keep the cloud going. keep the drizzle going. you can see 8:00 this morning, the pattern not really changing and drizzle is probably going to pick up between now and then and we have damp roadways getting into work. a little patchy and not every town and city gets it and not going to be an all-day event for any particular location. i can tell you here at 5 p.m.,
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the further inland you go, the break in pots like southwestern new hampshire, maybe the northern worcester hills and overall, we are looking at whole lot of clouds today and potentially even some fog and temperatures get cooler around town this afternoon. so 61 in boston right now. i bet you temperatures are going down there. plymouth is somewhere we hang on to the lower 60s. most of the day and mostly cloudy in plymouth. i am not getting the rain reports yet but i do expect to temperatures at 8 a.m. going down to 59 degrees and just recovering into the lower 60s this afternoon. let's jump over to keene, new hampshire at 48 degrees now. also mostly cloudy. but check this out. although i have a lot of clouds out there this afternoon, i will step in and say a couple of thin spots. temperatures in the lower 50s to start off the te most likely and head into the upper 50s. i see a little bit of a temperature-wise there. but boston after 61 degrees this evernoon, i will push you
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is really ruled by the upper 50s today. lower 60s over southeastern mass. and you can soup irimpose the rainfall totals above it. just about everybody with that light green, that little bit of drizzle in the forecast today. tonight drop back in the lowers and from there, we jump back into the upper 50s, lower 60s. similar forecast for your day tomorrow with the potential of more drizzle. we have got fridays some steadier showers. same on saturday and sunday with temperatus but early next week, we should see things dry out and brighten up with highs near 70 degrees. the latest on the breezy conditions today coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you, guys. 4:20 now. stainedglass windows shattered at a local church and the damage doesn't end there. coming up at 4:30, it didn't take long to find a stolen 400-pound safe. samsung is dealing with the fall sgrout their
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it is now 4:23. lithium batteries have a long history of exploding.
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cell phones to hoverboards have been known to explode because faulty batteries. after years, the systems are not particularly safe. one particular item that keeps it from bursting into flames report drorp call it a hack. >> it will smoke and burn. >> reporter: it happens so quickly. showing me what happens on the inside of a phone just before.bursts into flames. to do that, he is forcing the short circuit of a just like the batteries found in a smartphone. there is a positive side and the negative identify and when they are able to connect. >> poof, there is your fire. >> reporter: the battery inside a lot your electronic devices are much stronger a lithium ion battery and looks like this. >> inside we have what is called a separator a piece of plastic that keeps these two sections completely separate. >> reporter: when that thin piece of plastic slims down, the chemicals on either side react.
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destructive when they explode. >> reporter: carpenter says two reasons why that happen. in the case of the samsung recall, a manufacturing error and in the case of hoverboards, it is likely the toy has been banged around cracking the battery separator. scientists are always working to make batteries more powerful. >> everyone wants to have their phone last longer and charge faster. >> reporter: ramping up that ability means scientists are constantly tinkering with strong chemicals powering dozens of items we use every day. >> as things are getting concentrated we are likely to have these kind of situations. >> reporter: if off device, a cell phone that is so hot it hurts to hold it. set it down and step away. there is a chance it could explode. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> julie: 90% are sticking with the smartphone and trading it in with the new version of the galaxy note 7.
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turned in their recalled phone for a replacement. the ceo of wells fargo is forfeiting 4 1 million of stock and its bonus. this comes as the bank deals with the massive practice sales scandal. wells fargo has agreed to pay $185 million that employees opened fake accounts and used customer money to meet sales goals. several senators including elizabeth warren called for the ceo to resign during intense congressional popular kids food is being recalled this morning. tyson is recalling 130,000 pounds of cooked chicken nuggets because it could contain plastic pieces. a customer found foreign material. it involves 5 and 20-pound bags. we posted a list of the recalled products and what to do if you have one on our website at some long-time customers of target's pharmacies are not happy with the company's
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store and change the design of the pill bottle. some have been begging for them to bring back the red prescription bottles that came with colored coded rings. they say they prefer the red on the top and that it is easier to read. target is working on a new system. some may see it as an eyesore. to others, a local treasure. the fight to keep this pink house from getting demolished. nearly 15 years after he wants at that new trial. coming up next, why the defense said the dna evidence presented at trial is not good
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celebrate every day with all-natural hood sour cream. always good. always hood. now at 4:30. back on land and now back at home. the young man lost at sea for days now at the center of a criminal investigation. what police were looking for during a late night search of his new england home. developing news in
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shooting. a picture released that show moments before it happened. hillary clinton and her formal rival head to new hampshire. the message senator bernie sanders is help her spread about college education. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good wednesday morning, everyone, 4:30 on september 28. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. meteorologist shiri spear is in the storm tracker weather center right now with a look at drizzle, shiri and cool temperatures on the map. >> shiri: what we have right now is mostly dry conditions showing from satellite and radar. we have got a lot of clouds and a couple of patches of rain. the nais doesn't do a great job at showing up on radar so i am getting reports of that misty, kind of damp feel along the coastline. more significant and still light showers out toward charlton, spencer, worcester


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