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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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to the deadly gunfire. big papi strikes out ending the red sox winning streak, but that was not the only drama at yankee stadium last night. >> the ring dropped and they could not find it. >> that whole section is looking for the ring. oh, my. >> that is something that i would do, lose the ring. you know i have a habit -- and i can't tell you how many cell phones >> gene: boyfriend gets down on one knee and loses the ring tampa.has a happy ending. where the diamond ring was found coming up. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, it is september 28. hope your morning is you off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. track down an umbrella this morning and a jacket.
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the stormtracker weather center and it could get colder this afternoon. >> shiri: temperatures either hang tight or go done a couple of degrees and many spots like boston at 61 degrees. we have cloudy skies reported across most of the a area but don't be surprised if you go out and find a little bit of mist out there. fog reports from worcester at 56 degrees this morning. upper 50s in nashua, new hampshire to 61 degrees in plymouth and 62 in chatham. break down that fog dense fog in worcester and we will be watching for that, fog kind of expand as we head toward sunrise. drizzly conditions in boston. your temperature drop off in the upper 50s where we spend most of the day. also monitoring for that drizzle most of the day. 56 to 62 is really it from sunrise to sunset. patchy drizzle and pretty breezy with gusts up to 30 miles per hour. we will show you how long we are stuck in this rut coming up. julie has live drive time
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the pike. >> julie: north of the pike, not in any rush save that until 6:30, 7 a.m. 92 south looking good. south of the pike expressway wide open. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes from 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. a new england man rescued at sea and is now being questioned about the disappearance of his mother. the vermont man arrived on dry land after spending a floating on a life raft. >> sara: he and his mother went on a fishing trip and she never returned. police spent several hours searching his home. michael henrich is live at the coast guard base in boston with why this young man is being looked at so closely, michael. well, sara, gene, a lot of unanswered questions still remain tampa it ised all a mystery at sea for a reason. so many twists from the initial coast guard search to nathan carmen's return to dry
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in boston. and then, of course, to the search warrant executed at his vernon, vermont home. the search warrant you saw live on the fox25 morning news. yesterday morning in the 9:00 hour, nathan carmen stepping off a coast guard vessel in boston after more than a week lost at sea. vermont sheriff deputies in south kingston, rhode island police the night earlier searched his home in vernon, vermont. in that search warrant of south kingston rhode islan detective wrote that nathan carmen's boat named the chicken pox was in need of mechanical repair, might have been unsafe, and writes nathan meant to go fishing on september 17 farther away than his mother understood. nathan said the boat sank the other day. neighbors in vermont told fox25 about witnessing that police search at his home. >> there is no electricity in
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the property with flashlights. >> for a while? >> yeah, for hours. and there were also searching the -- the truck out here. >> reporter: and before nathan carmen returned to his home in vermont and spoke briefly according to the hartford currant thanking people for his prayers, he did speak with coast guard investigators with a lawyer present for at least four hours. back in 2011, nathan s multistate search after vanishing as a missing person. in 2013, his grandfather was found shot to death in his windsor, connecticut home and that case involving his grandfather remains unsolved and the hard fort current show that nathan was a suspect back then. as of right now, nathan carmen has not been charged with any crimes. live in boston, michael henrich, fox25 news. new this morning, state police are investigating a
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that happened shortly before 11:00. state police say a driver of a suv has died. one lane was closed as police investigated the crash. there were no other cars involved and no other injuries reported. the victim's name has not been released, and we are expecting an update some time today. police are investigating another bad crash in east boston where a car hit a pole on mcclellan highway. this was the scene around 1:3 this morning. the driver was trapped inside the ve arrived and reportedly had serious injuries. several lanes were shut down while police investigated. developing this morning the fbi is not saying much about a nighttime raid in quincy. our cameras spotted agent searching residences on quarry street. they processed a computer and searched one vehicle outside the hope. the fbi say the search is part an ongoing federal investigation. we have more calls to the attorney's office for more
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california where another deadly police shooting is sparking protest. the latest one happened in a suburb of san diego and police have already released a picture showing what happened. daniel miller is following the latest development. >> daniel: the victim is a black male in his 30s. 911 calls show he has been acting erratically and walking in and out of traffic. responding officers were trying to tase him when he pulled an object from his pocket and stood in a shooting stance. police release it shows the victim pointing what looks like a gun at the officers. it is still unclear this morning if the man was armed, but investigators did not find a weapon at the scene. >> that's what we want to know! >> last night about 200 people gathered outside the police headquarters demanding answers. protesters also gathered at the scene earlier in the day. police have not released the name of the victim because
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notifi his family. the chief is hoping to be as transparent as possible and is calling for calm. >> now is the time for calm. now is the time to allow the to shed light on this event and we plan to be open and transparent within the rules of the law. >> reporter: both officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation and that picture that police released is actually a full video clip and reportedly shows the entire incident. but it at this time. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. race for the white house heads to new hampshire this morning. vermont senator bernie sanders joins democratic nominee hillary clinton in durham. the two will share their belief in college education. do not believe the cost of schools should not be a barrier for anyone who wants higher education. donald trump will make a visit to the granite state tomorrow. for 90 minutes i watched her very carefully, and i was
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want to do anything to embarrass her. >> donald trump explaining his debate performance against hillary clinton. he made his first campaign stop since the debate in yesterday. the nominee told supporters in melbourne he was the winner and since the debate his campaign has raised $18 million. trump is campaigning in iowa and wisconsin today. less than three days away from a possible government shutdown and this morning senators are blaming each other for playing politics. senate have kept the government running because it didn't include funding for the water crisis in flint, michigan. the bill included money to fight zika and for louisiana flood relief. republicans say democrats want a government shutdown because help their election chances this november, democrats accused the republicans of playing a game of fiscal chicken. former israeli president and nobel peace prize winner shimon peres reis dead at the age of 93.
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aviv after having a stroke earlier this month. he served as israel's prime minister and president and is credited of being one of the founders of the modern jewish state. he shared a nobel peace prize for his work back in 1994. president obama, clintons and the pope and principal charms will be attending his funeral on friday. the red sox to clinch the division remains at one as snap. on the mound against the yankees and price had trouble with the long ball. in the 6th, hit the shot to right and yankee goes up by the score of 4-2. next inning sox tie the game and dustin pedroia, jackie practicedly jr. the game is tied at 4. in the bottom of the 7th, another home run for the yankees off of price. this time first baseman tyler austin. yankees win it 6-4 over the
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reaction from the bronx. >> reporter: tuesday's game a story of two davids. both of them know it is not going to cut it this time of year. >> i have a chance to clinch the division for us here. and it is not accessible and far from scoring four runs, i feel like i should it g out there -- and haven't been the case a lot of times this year and wasn't the case tonight. >> he has had some challenges with this club, no doubt about not a concern in terms of how we go forward from here. >> you play -- you play 162 and however it turns out we are confident in our group. >> reporter: the red sox will give it another shot on wednesday. the magic number in one. they are five up with five to play. tom leyden, fox25 news. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone on the expressway right now. things moving along nicely. we are in the single digits. 9 minutes as you approach the
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60s with a whole lot of clouds. the evening commute same temps. more drizzle and we will show you what time it starts in your town. 5:11. still coming your way on the fox25 morning news, a fire breaks out at a local wal-mart and this morning police are calling it arson. the troubling video from inside this store that investigators are taking a closer look at. and first, an adorable dog is swiped right from the sidewalk and it was caught
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we are back at 5:14. new this morning mother of a little girl found dead in a trash bag on a local beach plans to testify against her ex-boyfriend. michelle bond says testifying against michael mccarthy is, quote, the only thing she lives for at this point. the bond's daughter, bella, was found on deer eye nrapd 2015. prosecutors say mccarthy killed the toddler and they put her body in the refrigerator for a few days
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ocean. ocean. she is . deserves a new trial. dirk riniger stabbed his wife while the pair were out for a walk. while the pair were out for a walk. they are the person in court is not the person who tested the dna. it was based on someone else's test. there will be a federal hearing on the case coming up tomorrow. haverhill police are investigating an apparent dognapping. jennifer cabrera and her two bella, disappeared on monday and they have the whole thing on tape. they say their surveillance camera caught a man picking up sidewalk off the -- bella picking up from the sidewalk and handleding it to a man in a car. the car drove off and career bra.hasn't found them since. >> how can somebody creep up, drive up, and snag somebody else's dog. >> reporter: cabrera thinks the man that handed the da you go off with was tricked and
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dognapping. haverhill police believe that anyone with information about bella's whereabouts to give them call. a dog on the south coast is reunited with his owner after 11-mile trip home. apollo disappeared from his enclosure in jacksonville, florida. an animal control officer in swansea found him roaming around. found a microchip and a volunteer pet transport service to help get him home. two dozen people each drove an ho one volunteer to the next. he made it home friday after a two-day journey and an overnight say in virginia. a manatee rescued off the coast of cape cod is pregnant. the rescue group originally thought the manatee was a male, but the team of vets at mystic aquarium thought otherwise and he was rescued from the cooling waters last week. the marine mammal is staying at the aquarium until it can be brought to florida and released into the wild.
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things look great on the roads. 5:16. a live look at the pike where nobody is out just yet. agroot of green from 495 to 128 and into the allston-brighton area. as we shift north, no issues on 93 south. smooth snailing both of those locations. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. single digits on the expressway. 9 minutes as you approach the exit for the pike. 21 minutes on 128 southbound weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. 5:17 this morning and we will check in with shiri spear and sara, we have been talking about kind stuff hanging around for a while. >> why you guys were -- i find it interesting that it is going to get colder later. >> yeah, one of those kind of evident day where is we stay out mild with 61 in boston and
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there. no hopes of a warm-up, guys. whatever you feel outside now if you are a little chilly you best grab those layers because i do not have things warming up. boston picking up a quarter inch. we still have rainfall deficit not just for this month but the whole year, still 8, 9, 10 inches between worcester and boston. we still have serious drought issues and over the next 24 hours, we are not chipping away from it very much. expect it in the next 24 hours. a 10th of an inch of rain we are slightly less than that. a couple of spots might pick up more the south shore because of the northeast wind kind of directing the drizzle. race toward you guys but pesky for the next couple of days and drag in so much moisture behind the clouds and drizzle and potential fog as well. this whole pattern that you see on the screen is essentially the same pattern that i will show you tomorrow and friday as well. not until the weekend we start to see changes develop.
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not every town and city. not going to be all day where tough, but there is that all-day threat for rain and drizzle. so i am just going to say, hey, grab the umbrella, keep it with you, guys. the likely dry spots are going to be some inland towns and cities like the northern worcester hills like southwestern new hampshire. those are spots where we can actually see some thin spots and the cloud cover later on this afternoon. otherwise boston, south shore, you can see we are still looking at damp drive home from work, north shore and cape and potential areas where it could be your 61 in boston. i mention temperatures will be cooling a little bit there. in plymouth, 61 degrees now. so far so good. we don't have any fog being reported here. we don't have winds that are too strong yet. they will strengthen today ranging from 15 to 20-mile-per-hour sustained. gusting to 30 and temperatures drop by a couple of degrees by 7 a.m. and we do recover back into the lower 60s this afternoon. in keene, new hampshire,
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spots. currently 50 degrees and you can see some breaks in the clouds and temperatures only getting into the uppers here. a very meager if any warm-up in boston. you are dropping down to 57 this afternoon. same in ipswich, 59 in framingham and norwood. lower 50s due for southeastern massachusetts. cape being my hot spot, but worcester this afternoon only 53 degrees. overnight tonight, temperatures will hover in the low to mid-50s. we do have the potential for more drizzle overnight and the mostly across eastern massachusetts with more breaks in the clouds. the further inland you go. the seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view. some steadier pockets of rain developing possibly friday night into saturday. and again saturday night into sunday. we are hoping to pick up a little more rainfall in this time period. monday starts to clear out with highs of 70 degrees, but not until tuesday that really bring us that bright day of the seven-day forecast at 67. back to you, guys.
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says her 11-year-old son was shoved by a town football coach. now only on fox25 this morning, she claims that coach is still on the job. what she wants done so that other kids don't get bullied on the field. but first, the story of the morning, yankees fan gets down on one knee and loses the ring. the love story has a happy ending. we will hear from that couple ending. we will hear from that couple when we come ? keep on smiling with dunkin's delicious reese's peanut butter doughnut square. frosted with chocolate and filled with reese's peanut butter buttercream. taste the fave you crave today.
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kin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. pink out in newburyport is about to be demolished but neighbors say it holds too many memories for this to happen. neighbors call it the pink house. a little pink house for you and me, i guess. the house was built out of spite in 1925 from man who was divorcing his wife. in 2012, a national wildlife refuge bought it and are not sure what to do after years of neglect. the refuge has given up the town a year to come up with other options. the first meeting is tonight. a marriage proposal during last night's red sox-yankees game takes a bit of an
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the groom lost the ring. he opened the box and it wasn't there. he was mortified and his girlfriend stood by shocked as nearby fans are searching trying to figure out where this ring is. soon the entire section was taking part in the search. then this happened -- >> yeah! [cheering] yes! yes! >> julie: i like the play call by the announcers. yes! the ring had fallen out of the box and was stuck in the cuff of his girlfriend's jeans. with ring in hand didn't mess up his second chance. she said yes and after the game the couple was all smiles. >> everyone was so nice in helping us. like they -- they helped us out. like they all felt the same that i did. >> julie: the couple's first time at yankee stadium, and a memorable time.
5:26 am
embarrassment though with all the people watching and people watching at home on the tv sets. and that is living on forever. >> julie: now we are covering it up here in boston. and big hugs though. and thank goodness they found it. >> gene: my wedding the priest dropped the ring. good luck, is what he said. let's put a ban on these ball park and stadium proposals and engagements. we need it for stop. >>arara: you are down with >> gene: he lost the ring. let's just stop. >> julie: a psa -- i agree. i think -- it would be embarrassing and what if they lose the ring, then it lives on forever. but she said yes. >> sara: she said yes and a happy ending julie julie all the best with them. check in with shiri now for the forecast. >> shiri: and they got a tv interview. hey, maybe that is what they were look for. cool, cloudy, damp. 6 for your map.
5:27 am
temperatures again and how much long ter takes for the clouds to clear out. those details coming up next. plans a major omaha coming up, big projects planned for
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complete new england news this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: next at 5:30, we have got another drizzly day on tap and it is actually going down in the temperature department. good morning, everyone, and thank you so much for joining us on this wednesday morning. >> gene: need those accessories, a umbrella, light jacket. meteorologist shiri spear with the stormtracker weather
5:31 am
you will need to make it through this day. >> shiri: i will suggest the long sleeves and temperatures are not moving much. maybe even dropping temperatures this afternoon and potential for drizzle throughout the day. boston 61 degrees right now. arlington looks like a little bit of spot sprinkle. lawrence at 60. 58 in framingham and hopkinton right now although keeping things dry here in central mass. we can see would rz, barre, a little moisture moving through and the roadways are a little southeastern massachusetts for the time being. your day planner involves developing drizzle this morning continuing through the day on and off. 57 degrees at noontime in the boston area. 56 degrees at 3 p.m. it is going to get gusty as well. an hour by hour breakdown of the strongest winds. and julie grauert is back now with live drive time traffic and a look at the expressway. >> one of those times you can hit the expressway and speed limit. won't be bumper-to-bumper traffic.
5:32 am
looking good and little bit dark out there and you can see a little space from those headlights of the zakim bridge. 12 minutes on route 1. 21 minutes on 93 south from andover down to the leverett connector. 21 minutes on 128 southbound as you approach the weston tolls. back to you. our top stories at 5:30. the young man ste center of a mystery at sea is the target of a criminal investigation into his mother's dea. shore. hours later police searched his home in vernon, vermont. they seized electronic equipment and a letter he wrote. in an interview with the coast guard, he went fishing with his mother linda on september 17, but their boat suffered an engine failure and sank and he was able to make it on to a life raft and was found a week later. wither following developing news out of sturbridge this morning where police are searching for a suspect that lit a fire inside of a wal-mart >> the whole building filled
5:33 am
and employees to evacuate. fox 25's catherine parrotta live at that wal-mart. and catherine, do we know when that store is going to reopen? >> that was the question that officials said they didn't have a an answer to as of yesterday, but this morning we are here. the store isn't open at this time and we do see employees collecting shopping carts, doing things like that. and we will see if the store is open if it is supposed to today. in the meantime, this fire is still you under investigation. this is what we know about the fire was intentionally set around 5:30 yesterday afternoon the time when the store was open. according to the "telegram" and "gazette" it was evacuated and no one was hurt. the fire marshal does say that the fire want intentionally set. it moves from the cause and origin to a criminal investigation. so far no one has been arrested or charged. i have reached out to the fire marshal's office and will reach out to sturbridge officials as well a little
5:34 am
if this wal-mart does reopen later today. live in sturbridge, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. canton police are looking for tips after finding suspicious fires at an elementary school playground. you can see the damage to a dumpster in a mulched area the playground at the elementary school in dedham street. no juan was hurt and students are not in danger. new details of the deadly crash in newton. killed two people and several others were badly hurt at the pizza shop. a witness identified brad kasler was driving 70 to 80 miles per hour when he ran a red light and barrelled through the rest pant. it was strong enough to move 4,000-pound brick o ovens. no evidence that he used had is horn and used his brakes. casler meantime is due back in
5:35 am
hayride accident not guilty. jurors took just over two hours to acquit david brown of reckless conduct in the 2014 crash which killed a 17-year-old girl. prosecutors claim brown should have known the brakes on the jeep towing the hayride was bad. it caused it to roll down a bad. it caused it to roll down a hill and smashed into tree only on fox25, an assistant coach on a football te 11-year-old son up against a wall and she is demanding a harbor punishment against the man. kelly g eisel says her son plays in the pop warner league. he was waiting in line to have his picture taken when he was shoved against a wall for not listening. the mother is upset that the man was able to return to the team after a week's suspension. >> unacceptable to put your hands on a child, especially
5:36 am
and this is just a nail in the coffin. >> sara: the assistant coach is also the vice-president of the league. the president of the league said parents were given a chance to speak at a disciplinary hearing. the mother says she may press charges. police are trying to figure out who broke into a lexington church. the thief slammed many of the stained glass windows at the orthodox church. the thieves stole a 4 safe but did not get very far. the priest will be praying for everyone involved. >> you forgive with the hope that any one of lubs forgiven when we do something wrong. >> gene: no word on the total cost of the damage. under an investigation of questionable transaction made with the group's money.
5:37 am
criminal charges are warranted. an attorney for the pto president says no criminal conduct occurred. new this morning, umass a unveiling plans to spend $2.5 billion on capital projects over the next five years. according to "the herald" the renovation also mostly take place at the boston and amherst campuses. umass say campuses need improvements because of the university's growing enrollment. many wore the will mean increases in tti budget cuts for faculties in summer they increased tuitions this summer by $750. the deadly police shooting in charlotte left the entire community reeling including children. still coming your way this morning, the emotional plea from a little girl to scolded the entire city council at a packed meeting. and it is the thing of science fiction that is now a reality.
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p salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. we check traffic and minutes. julie, somehow it shaping up out there? >> julie: things are moving along nicely. only 5:40. an hour before the headaches begin. 21 minutes from route 128 to the weston tolls and something we will both be watch something fog. >> shiri: we may get patchy fog. not in worcester. but boston at 61 degrees. winds not too bad yet either but will turn into a very breezy kind of damp day tampa clouds rolling in the suburbs.
5:41 am
dropping not just this morning but possibly into the afternoon. do not plan on a warm-up. dress now for what you got all day. >> julie: shiri, thank you. back to you. popular kids food. tyson is recalling cooked chicken nuggets because it contains plastic pieces. a customer reports finding foreign material in one the products. 20 and 40-pound bags sold at costco. what have that product on our web site at ride-sharing company uber says the new service is just what the doctor ordered. uber is partnering up with a start-up called circulation to help get patients to their doctor's appointments. the new service could replace existing options like voucher s for some patients. the co-founder is the chief innovation officer at boston's children hospital. a baby in mexico is one in 7 billion. researchers say the first
5:42 am
has been born in mexico. a controversial new technique using the dna from two mothers to prevent denetic diseases to pass on. doctors say it is a way to have a healthy child that are relateed to them. some say that it gives people too much control over their own genetics. they are expected to give more details of the three parent babies at a meeting next nt month. we are checking in live with all of our reporters after the break including a story behind this man's two-year walk. the inspiring reason he has left home and haven't been back sense. but first this business mogul wants to send you to mars and he is not kidding.
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back at 5:45 this morning if you are just joining us. we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories. we are following an arson investigation at a wal-mart in sturbridge and another deadly police shooting in california. fox25's michael henrich is live at the coast guard base in boston with the latest on a mystery at sea, michael. >> reporter: well, this just for that very reason. let's catch everybody up on the very latest. vermont sheriff deputy -- yes, vermont sheriff deputies and south kingston, rhode island police executed a search warrant at a vernon vermont home of 22-year-old nathan carmen. nathan and his mother, linda, went fishing off of rhode island and sinking the next day. nathan was found in a life
5:46 am
linda was lost at sea. nathan returned at the coast guard station and you saw it live at the fox25 morning news. investigators interviewed him for at least four hours. ahead at 6:00, hear nathan's first audio call with the coast guard just released. again, this is coming up in 15 minutes. live in boston, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. i am catherine parrotta live in sturbridge where state and local officials will continue investigating a fire that was set that investigation, again, continues today. here is what we know about this. they say this fire was set right around 5:30 or so yesterday afternoon. that was the time when this wal-mart was open. acovereding to the "telegram and gazette" everyone was evacuated and into one was hurt. fire department from surrounding communities responded. they said this fire was intentionally set. the investigation goes from looking at the cause and origin to a criminal investigation.
5:47 am
wal-mart will be reopened. that is something that we will keep an eye on as we reach out to officials. live in sturbridge, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. i am daniel miller in the newsroom. another deadly police shooting involving an african-american man is sparking protests this time in california. police in el cajon releasing this picture of the incident saying it shows a man pointing at what looks like a gun at officers and still unclear if the man was armed and investigators did not find a weapon at the scene. before the shooting they were responding to 911 calls of the a restaurant. they also say he was walking in and out of traffic. responding officers say they were trying to tase him when the man pulled an object from his pocket and stood at a stance. last night hundreds of people gathered outside police headquarters demanding answers and the chief says he is hoping to be as transparent as possible. the victim's name has not been released. both officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending an
5:48 am
miller, fox25 morning news. and 5:47 on this wednesday morning. good morning, everybody. cool out there. a little bit of drizzle. a little bit of rain. a little bit of what we have yesterday. >> do you have a favorite spring, fall jacket because now is the time. >> sara: i don't have a favorite pun. >> gene: you should go buy yourself a one. >> julie: time to go on vacation to florida. yeah, cool, damp conditions that will hang tight the next couple of days. not a be talking about today and spitting at us off and on and not like the steady rain yesterday, we have a healthy chance, 70% chance seeing showers. today, tomorrow, expecting fewer. patchy er and more restricted to the coastline and friday and saturday we have more steadier rain in some higher rain totals which is good news because, of course, we have drought. so this -- this pattern is going to get stuck. i mean period. we have northeast winds coming
5:49 am
the next couple of days and just pulling in so much moisture off the ocean that it is fueling clouds, fueling drizzle. it is patchy here. and mostly focused across eastern massachusetts. i think the further you go into perhaps new hampshire to southwestern new hampshire, northern worcester hills those are spots that are going to be airing on the drier side today and also with the hopes of getting some breaks in the clouds this afternoon. clouds here for the next couple of days because of the winds coming in off the water. at 5 p.m. with the drive home from work. dealing with wet conditions, damp and ugly roadway. we will have to watch for developing fog as temperatures cool down because right now 61 degrees in boston. look where temperatures are going in the upper 50s and they get stuck there for the rest of the day. temperatures take a tiny bit of a hit here. i do expect that we will see
5:50 am
something we could be dealing with here during the morning, during the afternoon. during the overnight as well. your hour by hour -- this is pretty stiff that will be coming in. northeast wind coming in at 10 to 20 miles per hour strongest for the coast and cape but on top of that, gusts much closer to 30 miles per hour and going to be a little blustery for the next couple of days as well. temperature-wise this afternoon 58 degrees afternoon 58 degrees in boston, lawrence, manchester, new hampshire, upper 50s maynard and framingham. cooler at 54 degrees. at 55 in gardner. nor wood close to 60 in the afternoon but probably will take a little dip into the 50s here. lower 50s in bridge water, bridge water and cape and island my hot spot with the potential for drizzle any time of the day. temperatures that are stuck in the low to mid-60s. 50s overnight. mostly cloudy skies. we are going to see a little
5:51 am
conditions along the coastline. i think spots like lawrence, nashua and fitchburg could end up brighter and warmer with the lower 60s. the seven-day forecast here with similar forecasts. temperature-wise, sky-wise the next couple of days. rain turns steadier on friday and saturday. a couple of lingering showers and then it starts to break apart during the afternoon and we will start the clearing process at 70 degrees and truly brightening up again i know we are less than a week away. julie with droo r live drive-time traffic. >> julie: looking at the seven-day. it could be tuesday. it could be further than that. good morning, everyone, this accident is it in the process of being cleared out. should be cleared in the next few minutes. 1 a. investigation at curtis street. overall volume is light and not causing too much of an issue. 93 south, not too bad at the
5:52 am
first places to slow down and the expressway. live drive times. 12 minutes from route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 17 minutes on the expressway. 26 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. back to you. police headquarters in charlotte, north carolina is now reopen after a bomb scare. the building was evacuated last night when a suspicious package was discovered inside the headquarters. charlotte police say it took a bomb quad robot three hours to remove the package. it comes with protest. no word if the package was actually a bomb. members of the charlotte community gathered to remember the man killed in that police shooting. keith lamont scott's home became a place for family, friends and activists to light candles and place flowers. his family and protesters do not believe he had a weapon during the encounter.
5:53 am
charlotte attracted many emotional residents including several elementary school students, but one speaker at monday night's meeting seems to be making quite an impact. 9-year-old tiahana was brought to tears during her speech. >> y'all are treating us wrong. we need to have rights. >> a mother another young speaker says it is important for children to understand what is going on and to know w ceo of wells fargo forfeiting $41 until in tock and his bonus for the year -- forfeiting $41 until in tock and his bonus for the year -- $41 to settle allegations that employees opened fake accounts and used customers' money to meet sales goals. several senators includes elizabeth warren for the ceo to resign after intense questioning.
5:54 am
to put a colony of humans on mars over the next ten years. he wants to personally finance the $10 billion project his company space x says he could have reusable rocket. rockets will launch he two years when mars is closest to earth but he says the first few missions will be very risky. >> the risk of fatality will be high. there is no way around it. but -- so i having us send children it shall it will be basically are you prepared to die. >> sara: musk says the cost will cost about $200,000 and he plans to build a community on mars complete with a pizza shop. the virginia man took a long way to boston. he has been walking for two years across the country with hopes of helping homeless veterans. daniel miller has more on his story.
5:55 am
of the country hoping to raise awareness to homeness veterans. 56-year-old leo bailey has been walking the perimeter. he left his home back on june 30, 2014 and traveled more than 10,000 miles since then. his goal in walking is to get people to pay attention and to fund his mission to build shelters he calls hope centers for homeless veterans. country that we care more about animals than people and totally ridiculous to take refugees from other countries and we don't take care of the people who served this country. that is the saddest thing in the nation. >> daniel: bailey's goal is to get 1 million people to donate $10 a month so the hope centers can be built across the country. if you want to be part of the mission head over to our web site to more information on our web site.
5:56 am
miller, fox25 morning news. >> sara: definitely a man on the mission gene. >> gene: his goal to donate $10 a month. he wants to build one hope center a month in different cities across the country. remarkable what this guy is up to and walking across the country, drawing attention this his cause is really an incredible way to get that done. >> sara: he must be in fantastic shape. >> gene: would you think after all of that. we still don't know which quarterback will be taking the field on sunda given a hint. the good news out of patriots practice. if you were obsessed with a things brangelina. be aware. how hackers are using the scandal to try to steal your information. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. 13 minutes from the cloverleaf to the leverett connector. shiri. everybody is starting with possible fog and drizzle and lots of clouds. i think inland towns and cities the only spot that we are watching for brightening
5:57 am
it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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now at 6:00, a drizzly cool day ahead. stuck in the temperatures and when the temperatures start to show some improvement. officers search the home of a man missing at sea for more than a week. hear that man ask the coast guard whether they found his mother lost at sea in just released audio recordings. and developing this morning in california where another police shooting is
6:00 am
a new picture released by police late last night that showed the moment leading up to the deadly gunfire. and big papi strikes out ening the red sox winning streak and not the only drama at yankee stadium last night. >> the ring dropped and they could not find it. >> that whole section is looking for the ring. >> julie: uh loses the ring. how does this happen? a happy ending when that diamond is found coming up. our team of reporters across the area giving us the big story. whenever you are proposing to somebody wearing a team shirt like that, maybe it is an


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