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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 28, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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at yankee stadium. >> something that i would do, lose the ring. >> eager boyfriend gets down on one knee and loses the ring. >> julie: boston has bird problem and getting rid of it in the >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. early morning temperature and drizzle today. shiri spear to break it all down. >> shiri: started off morning at 4:00 a.m. 61? in boston and now down to 57? and don't see much hope of warming up from there, 54 in worcester, lower
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we have a little bit of green on map and persist along the coastline and sneaking into central mass, eastern mass closest and fog not too bad issue and temperatures keeping dropping see thicker fog develop here for the evening commute so hour-by-hour forecast in boston has temperatures sagging and staying put and where you stand now where you stand through the day and temperatures in new england and drizzle. >> lingering on 128 southbound as past route 3 and then down toward route 2. south of the pike it is the expressway where the volume is heaviest and those are variety of camera and drive time 27
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and almost an hour and ten minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: breaking news out of bellingham and shut down at 126. two people were injured in what appears to be a head-on collision just before 6:30 this morning. this is right before the 495 exit. helicopter was caused to take one of the victims to the hospital and no word on extent the road remains closed at this hour while police investigate. >> police are telling us driver involved in this bad crash in east boston has died. scene on mcclellan highway and male driver hit a pole and later died at the high pressure. no word yet what caused the accident or name of the victim. >> daniel: man rushed to the hospital following altercation with local strip club and 29-year-old from new jersey
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outside the squire in revere late last night. the man had been kicked out being drunk and in physical confrontation with several staff members and revere police officer had commotion and stopped to investigate and when saw man lying on the ground and so far no charges have been filed. >> new england man rescued after a week at sea at lifeboat now being questioned about the disappearance of mother. we were there live yesterday when the vermont man arrived in boston. >> gene: >> daniel: he and mother went out for fishing trip and she never returned. late last night police spent several hours searching for his home. michael henrich live at coast guard base in boston with why young man being looked at very closely. >> michael: they want to know what happened. there are a lot of unanswered questions at this point and executed search warrant at home
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finding answers to the questions. before nathan carman stepped off a coast guard vessel in boston tuesday morning after more than a week lost at sea they send his home in vernon, vermont night earlier and neighbors looked on. >> no electricity in the house and cops were searching the property with flashlights for hours and they were also >> in the search warrant south kingston rhode island police detective wrote that nathan carman's boat named the chickenpox was in need of mechanical repair, might have been unsafe and nathan went father than when motor understood. they left rhode island port on september 17 and get told the coast guard the boat sank next day and had a life raft with food and water and sunday coast
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recording. >> myself and my mom were fishing at block canyon and funny noise and in the engine compartment and looked and saw a lot of water and saw the life
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>> daniel: trump campaigning
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>> sara: dutch investigators have solid evidence shot down malaysian yet from russia and missile launcher into eastern ukraine before the strike and transported back into the russian federation after it was launched and investigators say communication records show moscow rebels called for the launch. former israeli prede at age of 93. doctors say perez died yesterday morning in tel aviv after having a stroke earlier in the month. perez served as both israel prime minister and president and credited with being one of the founders of the modern jewish state and shared nobel peace prize for work on middle east in 1994. president obama, clintons, pope francis and charles will all be attending perez funeral on friday. >> daniel: deadly police shooting sparking protest.
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suburb of san diego and released picture that shows man threatening an officer and pointing what looks like gun at police. the victim is black man in his 30s. 911 calls claim he was acting erratically in el cajon, california and walking in and out of traffic and responding officer says they were trying to tase him when they pulled object from his >> daniel: 200 people gathered demanding answers. police have not released the name of the victim yet. both officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation and picture that police released actually is full video clip and reportedly shows the whole incident but police are not releasing it at this time. >> sara: 9:08. red sox one win away from
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s. yankees up four-two and next inning tie the game and dustin pedroia single down first baseline and all even at four and bottom of the seventh another home run for the yankees off of price. this time first baseman with 2-run shot and yankees win six-four and tom leyden has reaction from >> tom: tuesday's game david price surrenders three home runs approximate both of them know it is not going to cut it this time of year. >> chance to clinch the division and should go out there and a lot of times this year wasn't the case. >> challenges with the club and
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go forward from here. >> play 162, however it turns out, we are confident in our group. >> tom: magic number remains one and five up with five to play. that's the latest from new york, tom leyden, fox25 news. >> julie: jimmy garoppolo and jacoby brissett were both on the set. shoulder injury suffered two weeks ago and brissett hurt thumb in last week's win. the patsa other qb so looks like at least one of the two will be ready to play against buffalo on sunday in gillette. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. if 93 southbound is part of your morning commute right now, things have improved, down to about 41 minutes as you head from 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: i will give you the exact same temperature right now in driving home from work later on today. a lot of clouds throughout, patchy drizzle now coming home from work as well. it is going to take a couple
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and show you when the changes happen coming up. >> daniel: fire breaks out at local wal-mart and this morning police are calling it arson. now hearing from someone that was inside. >> julie: what we know about the first baby born from three parents. >> daniel: local aquarium caught off guard that the
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>> daniel: testifying against the ex-boyfriend. attorney for rochelle tells globe testifying against michael mccarthy only thing she lives for at this point. found on deer island and mccarthy killed the toddler and calumet put the body in refrigerator for a few days before dumping her in the bond charging with being accessory. >> daniel: wells me man who killed his wife says he deserves a new trial. defense taking issue with dna evidence presented at trial and person that testified in court was not the person that testified dna. scientist testimony was based off test of someone else. there will be a federal
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>> julie: 11 last night on route 190 south driver of suv has died and one lane closed overnight and police investigated and no other cars involved and no other injuries reported and victim's name not released and we expect update sometime today. >> julie: searching home on quarry street and one car outside the home and fbi will only say the search is part of and we have calls out to the u.s. attorney's office for more information. >> daniel: longneck birds are aggressive and street, sidewalks and ball fields covered in goose feces and options are on the table including relocating entire goggles and using chemicals to sterilize goose he goes and 14 way to the blue way
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right after morrissey boulevard. another accident on route 3 northbound and slowing us down in the commute and 128 southbound still problematic through at lexington area and you can see volume and steady on lexington bridge and live drive times, 34 minutes pike eastbound 495 to mass ave and 32 minutes on expressway, 42 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett us at 9:00 and stepped outside for a brief moment to see what it was like and it is a bit gray. >> yeah. >> use a word this morning. >> shiri: dreary, dank, miserable. sara underwood saying it is a great day to light a fire and feeling a lot more like fall. yesterday we got decent rain totals in boston and worcester
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of rain but we still got giant deficit right for the month, for the year and compared to normal ten inches short where we should have had so far in boston, eight inches short where we should have had worcester and even though we have rain today it is not enough to make a difference. expected totals here anywhere from few hundred ofism of rain up to about tenth of inch of rain and that's it. that's because it is light stuff, folks. we got winds coming in off the northeast. that's driving our forecast next that's really an important part because when we get winds coming in off the ocean like that and dragging in a lot of moisture and just going to help continuously pump in the clouds and pump in the drizzle so not at 10:00 this morning but throughout the day we are going to be watching for punches of drizzle and focus a lot will be the south shore and anywhere in eastern massachusetts really at risk, some sneak into central mass, fitchburg, keene, up into southwestern new hampshire. these are spots that are likely
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and perhaps a little bit brighter. don't want to give you too much hope here for seeing the sunshine but we should be a little bit better off in manchester, new hampshire today and need the rain there as well and there we got 57 right now and hang out upper 50s in the afternoon and mostly cloudy skies and not necessarily completely overcast. somewhere like plymouth at 59? right now and last hour in the sixties and gist of two? if that so dress now for what you got all day and ongoing drizzle threat and southern massachusetts and going to be 50s here today and temperatures should be upper 50s so good ten? below average. tonight lower 50s back with a lot of clouds, couple of sprinkles and even though seeing
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coastline here locations where we could pull up a couple more drizzly patches and northeast win at ten to 20 miles per hour and i do tend to think there's going to be a little less drizzle around tomorrow and couple of those spots like fitchburg lower 60s and improvement tomorrow and credibly short lived and steadier rain developing and best chance for will be friday night and saturday morning and watching and both days this weekend though i am seeing wetter day as saturday right now. it is also the cooler day and upper 50s again in nashua and worcester, foxborough up to about 62?. i'm going to go with 67 here on sunday with a few lingering showers. possibly into monday morning. monday afternoon we should start to brighten up with high of 70?
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going to be quite blustery today and stick around i have the latest on just how windy it is going to be and who gets the brunt of it coming up next. back to you. >> daniel: still ahead on fox25 morning news local mother says town football coach shoved her 11-year-old son.
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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>> julie: first ever three parent baby born and dna2 mothers for dennettic diseases being passed on and way for women to have a healthy child that's related to them and critics of the procedure say it is giving people too much more and researchers expected to reveal so-called three parent babies at conference next month. >> daniel: ride sharing company says new service what circulation to get patients to doctor's appointments. the new service could replace existing options like taxi vouchers for patients and circulation is the chief innovation officer at boston children's hospital. >> daniel: man left stranded at wal-mart in tennessee after uber driver refused to get him a ride. man visually impaired and says the driver saw the service dog and asked if the dog was coming
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driver violated a policy they agreed to which states service animals are allowed to sit on the floor next to the passenger. >> julie: marriage proposal. the groom lost the ring while popping the question. he opened the box and ring wasn't there and mortified and girlfriend stood by shocked as nearby fans search for the ring. soon the entire section was taking part in the search as you could see and happened. >> yes, yes. >> julie: you had think papi hit a home run but people might not be cheering. it got caught in the girlfriend's jeans.
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chance. >> everyone was great. >> first time at yankee stadium and memorable for him and everybody in the section. >> but my question is what if they did not find the ring or find the ring. >> go to lost and found, i guess, to say hey, i lost a ring. >> only what's under the bleachers or the floor. >> got to be someone that does a thorough sweep after because people lose phones and cash. >> other engagement rings out there. >> julie: careful with the engage the ring. >> a lot of honest people as well. temperatures hovering around the 60 degree mark today, tomorrow, friday as well and dreary
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investigation stands today at sturbridge wal-mart. >> michael: man lost at sea for more than a week when returns and mother and (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service,
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this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good day to stay inside and watch a movie and running errands grab umbrella. >> julie: gene said he brought a jacket but in the car. how you going to get there without it? >> shiri: doing any kind of long walks today gets annoying and temperaturewise at 57 in boston, we got wind and you know what, each going to back things where we got drizzly spots right now. map obviously not wanting to cooperate with me here. we got temperatures that are sitting in the upper 50s now. we have some drizzle in and around boston and affecting southeastern mass and across rest of massachusetts because we got winds coming in off the water like this, it is dragging in enough moisture to boil down to mist and drizzle up examine down the coastline here. we got winds currently anywhere
9:30 am
20 miles per hour and some gusts at about 30 miles per hour and right now cloudy, we are a little drizzly depending where you are, inland towns and cities a lot more clouds than anything else. noon time 57?. patchy drizzle basically a threat that we are watching all day long and see winds pick up this afternoon. bus stop 3:00 p.m. to 56? in here at 7:00 this evening. 55 wouldn't you know the d word back. drizzle not going anywhere and tracking a and hate week and weekend rain coming up. julie back now with late dry time traffic. >> slow spots out there and heavy, steady volume through lexington area as approach route 2 and 92 south from sluggish as well and expressway heavy, steady volume and zakim and leverett connector. here are live drive times, like that i'm seeing all yellow, transitioning to heavier slower drive times to more moderate
9:31 am
minutes on 93 south, 36 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: developing news in sturbridge this morning where police are searching for suspect that lit fire at wal-mart. >> forcing people to evacuate the store. catherine parrotta live at that wal-mart. catherine, it is closed today but already talked to customer who was there yesterday during the fire. >> catherine: yeah, customers had been turned away and much like the customer and day of work for employees and cars in parking lot right now and make no mistake about it but fire intentionally set and the investigation continues. >> i could smell something and looked around and didn't see any flames and something burning but had no idea where it was. >> one shopper after another turned away from the sturbridge wal-mart including stan. >> came back this morning thinking that things would be --
9:32 am
investigation after officials say someone set a fire inside around 5:30. >> could smell spoke but then told to sleeve the store. >> catherine: they were evacuated and according to telegram and gazette no one was hurt and fire crews from surrounding towns came to put out flames and today the investigation has shifted from looking for the pause and origin to searching for suspect now that the fire has been deemed least one shopper surprised. >> i think it is awful. >> catherine: seeing plenty of signs camera in use here on the property and likely something to look at as they go forward with the investigation to try to find the suspect. for now live in sturbridge,
9:33 am
>> daniel: damage to dumpster and mull being at kennedy lexington on dedham street. no one was hurt and students were not in any danger. >> julie: new england man questioned about the disappearance of mother. he and mom went out for fishing trip and she never returned. michael henrich live at coast guard base in they searched his home monday for clues. >> michael: nathan carman is 22-year-old man from connecticut, julie, lives in vernon, vermont at this point and deputies and kingstown rhode island executed search warrant monday night into tuesday morning looking for different pieces of evidence that might relate according to the affidavit here to possible charge of negligence of boat
9:34 am
his mother linda. linda carman went out to sea but did not return and she is presumed dead. as far as what was collected in that executed search computer parts, sim card and handwritten note written by nathan. again, this is all according to the documents here but contents of the note have not been released. >> julie: q >> michael: nathan carman and mother linda went out on fishing trip that was supposed to be overnight. the search -- they didn't come back the next day and coast guard launched a search that lasted until this past friday and called it off without any success in finding them and then on sunday afternoon a freight ship, 100 nautical medicals in martha's vineyard found nathan
9:35 am
raft with a life jacket on and food and water but mother libbedda was not there. he then told coast guard the boat sank the next day on the eighteenth but there are certainly a lot of questions still about exactly what happened to the boat. >> julie: among those questions many people are calling the circumstances somewhat mysterious. but this isn't the first mystery the family has endured. you have been reporting that carman was a suspect in the murder of >> michael: bizarre to more bizarre. 2013 nathan carman's grandfather was found shot to death in his connecticut home. the case remains unsolved at this point and hartford courant reports nathan was a suspect and at least one point in his own grandfather's death. we do need to note here that nathan has not been charged with any crimes in either of these
9:36 am
north end yesterday for at least four hours. his attorney was present and i followed up this morning with the south kingstown, rhode island police department to try to get update on their part of the investigation. i left voice mail. as soon as i get update i will put it on fox25 news app throughout the day. >> daniel: football team shoved her son and now she is demanding more punishment. earlier her son was waiting to have the picture taken when shoved against the wall as punishment for not listening. the mother is upset the coach was allowed to return to the week after suspension. >> put your hands on someone else's child and really rubbed the wrong way and really nail on
9:37 am
also vice president of the league and parents were given the chance to speak at a disciplinary hearing on the incident but declined. the mother say she may press charges. >> julie: new details this morning about the deadly sweet tomatoes crash in newton. crash killed two people and seven others badly hurt while eating at pizza shop. according to court documents witness estimated brad casler was through restaurant and move a industrial ovens that together weigh close to 4,000 pounds. accident reconstruction teams found no indication casler applied the emergency brake or used horn to tell people to get out of the way. two people died at scene and seven were hurt. casler due back in court next
9:38 am
sheldon fulbeck known brakes on jeep towing the hey ride were bad and failure caused it to role down the hill and slam into a tree. a mechanic at farm where the crash happened also charged with reckless conduct. >> daniel: president of malden parent teacher is under question with the questionable transactions made with the group's money. the pto has filed a report. investigators now working to see warranted and attorney for the pto president says no criminal conduct occurred. >> julie: locals call house pitch house and built out of spite by man divorcing his wife and aren't sure what else to do with it after years of neglect. the refuge giving town a year to
9:39 am
>> daniel: former florida governor and presidential candidate jeb bush will be spending time at harvard. he will be fellow at harvard school this semesters. he suspended bid in february and will teach and lecture on education. new this morning umass unveiling plans to spend $2.5 billion on capital projects over the next five years. according to the herald the renovation will mostly take place at boston and amherst campuses. umass says campuses need university growing enrollment and many say they are worried because of increases in tuition and budget cuts for faculty. this morning they increased tuition by $750. >> julie: drive on 93 south and pour 95 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: 57? and breezy and
9:40 am
the dreary pattern and pollen level stai in category all weekend long and show you when they could start to go up because of clearing skies next. >> daniel: plan to put people on mars.
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>> julie: shot six times anded to orlando nightclub shooting survivor will be on capitol hill and argument for changing the nation's gun laws. >> reporter: push to end gun violence and inaction of the congress to pass any form. angel is on blue with another shooting survivor gabby gifford. former congressman was in orlando yesterday launching an antigun violence bus tour. cologne will be here in washington with senator chuck schumer and gun control group brady campaign to prevent gun violence will call for congressional action for background purchases and both gun control and gun rights have been in the forefront of this
9:44 am
even vice presidential candidate tim kaine visited the pulse nightclub earlier this week. one of the organizers of today's events says they will put pressure on lawmakers who have been against reform recently but he wouldn't give any specifics when i tried to ask exactly how they would put pressure on lawmakers, it is highly unlikely. any legislation dealing with guns to pass in this congress. reporting in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 >> julie: police headquarters in charlotte, north carolina bomb square and suspicious package discovered in the headquarters. charlotte police said it took three hours to safely remove the package and turned out not to be dangerous. the scare comes while the city deals with protest with shooting last week. >> daniel: meanwhile community gathered to remember the life of man killed in that incident. keith lamont scott's home place became a place for family,
9:45 am
candles and lay flowers yesterday. police say they shot scott when they -- when he refused to drop a gun he was holding. family and prote >> daniel: they do not believe he had a weapon during the encounter. family gathered to remember the life lost during the protest in charlotte. justin carr shot during a violent march last wednesday and called for peace within the city and man confessed to shooting
9:46 am
>> julie: lingering volume approaching two and 93 south as you approach somerville and over to live drive times, 32 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 32 minutes on expressway and 31 minutes on 93 south andover down to the zakim >> daniel: what fall feels like today. >> julie: yesterday warmed up. >> shiri: dealing with single temperature which makes it easy to dress this morning and whatever you feel outside, chilly add layer and comfortable go for it. maybe add something water proof. 57 in boston right now and we got a lot of clouds, we have had drizzle and at times we are
9:47 am
totals and light and patch and he winds 16 miles per hour and coming in from the northeast here and we will see stronger gusts and there we go, lots of clouds today we in 22en and drizzly times as well and single temperature how does 58? sound and forecasted for the rest of the day. hour-by-hour winds here and this is really the key to our forecast next couple days. see how winds coming in from the northeast and picking up so much moisture off the also driving drizzle and winds and ten to 20 miles per hour and in particular across the cape but gusts will be up around 30 miles per hour. that's going to be noticeable, guys. going to be kind of blustery out there today and dreary feel at 5:00 this afternoon and more of the same and more of that drizzle, a lot of it focused
9:48 am
little bit of drizzle in central mass and do tend to think so spots like fitchburg, manchester, keene, going to be a little bit dryer, perhaps a little bit brighter. i mean forecast really call for mostly cloudy skies but if the clouds thin out anywhere it would be right there up in southern new hampshire or northern worcester hills. so we got highs really in the upper 50s across the board from boston to lawrence to nashua, down to maynard and framingham. worcester today only gardner 55? and 59 in keene and temperaturewise lower 60s ruling in southeastern massachusetts and cape and islands and that's also where sitting right now and no shocker there and temperatures overnightfall into the 50s so we got 50s, we got clouds, we got a little more sprinkle out there and day tomorrow we got a lot of cloudy conditions, not seeing as many and watch for along the coastline in
9:49 am
again. points like lawrence, fitchburg, nashua, a little bit milder and clouds a touch thinner here for thursday. friday let's plan on some steady rain forming, still got temperatures hovering around 60? and steadier rain and afternoon or overnight hours and into the day on saturday. i do have that rain again. it is going to be the cooler day of the weekend with about 61 in boston and 63 in plymouth and nashua and worcester and after that lingering showers and monday we got the shot for morning showers during the afternoon. it should slowly start to improve out there but the next bright day doesn't happen for a week. you will have to wait until next tuesday. back to you. >> julie: state police say three people are dead after a bad crash on 195 near the
9:50 am
police say car crossed over medium and hit another car head on. happened between exits ten and 11 and right now the eastbound side remains closed as well as one lane in the westbound direction and state police are still investigating. >> daniel: man walks more than
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come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy!
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>> daniel: sound like science fiction but they pope to put colony on mars the next ten years. elan musk plans to finance the 10 million-dollar project and company space x believes it can launch reusable rocket which carry 200 people to the red planet. rockets would lunch every two years when mars is work and, very risky. >> not suggest children or be basically are you prepared to die? >> daniel: okay. plans to build a commute on mars
9:54 am
>> julie: dog reuniting with owner after 11-mile journey home in jacksonville, florida. month later animal control officer in quincy found roaming around and found microchip and transport service to help get him home and 200 people each drove an hour handing apollo off from one volunteer to next and owner believes he was julie: uber for doing. wag started last year to find dog walker for if you are friends and walker comes to door to pick up pet and when walk is done they send report where the dog went and picture from the walk. service launched in several large cities including new york and l.a. and so far not in boston. >> daniel: virginia man took long way to boston and walking two years across the country in
9:55 am
leroy bailey for the past 27 months and june 30th, 2014 and traveled more than 10,500 miles since then. his goal in walking tet -- get people to pay attention and hope centers for homeless veterans. >> it is ridiculous in this country we care more about animals than people and ridiculous more willing to take in refugee from other country and take about people that the country. it is the saddest thing. >> get people to donate $10 million a month and if you would like to be a part of the mission head over to the website at for more information. >> a lot of steps.
9:56 am
overall. >> shiri: i don't know about adding drizzle and wind and gust 30 miles per hour this afternoon and got on and off drizzle in particular across eastern mass today and the potential for a little more drizzle tomorrow than showers pick up friday into saturday. >> daniel: thank you so much saturday. >> daniel: thank you so much for c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! saturday. >> daniel: thank you so much for i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising
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