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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 28, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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it's september 28th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a woman leaving a spa is followed by a woman in a towel. >> because there's some business out there. >> see if you can spot what's wrong with this picture. >> oh, i get it. >> a rescue team explores the hidden dangers in antarctica. how even a training exercise can still death. >> oh, no! >> this dinosaur. >> dropping knowledge made him a viral video star. now in his first interview, he shows he doesn't do it for the fame. >> he likes being a star. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle find the best on the web. including the perfect wedding reception. >> then there's the toast.
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of the bride botches it big full-time. >> a day at the spa is supposed to be relaxing, but let's face it, regardless of where you're at, there's no chill day in russia. see this woman, bag in the left hand, wallet in the right, stops by the room, waves, then steps into the room. walking around. she's headed to the car. >> another day. there's business out there that's unusual. now you see a woman with a towel wrapped around her, she heads outside, what, what, what? >> did she just rob a woman naked at the spa? did she steal her clothes, too? >> not her clothes, just the wallet. that's the part that has her up.
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towel, and takes off after the woman, who's now hopped into a car. as the woman returns, you can see folks escorting her. she's all bloody and she was going after the folks in the car. they drag her. so she returns injured and without her wallet. >> cameras everywhere. that's the thing. they've gone through all the protection that needs to be done, but it still happens. >> spa called for help, woman for the hospital. unfortunately, they never caught the woman who stole her wallet. >> this water retention pond retaining more than just water. you can see right there, the back part of this deer and its head, it got into this pond. having a hard time getting out. i'm thinking maybe because i'm seeing some water and what looks like algae. that may get a bit slippery. plus this thing is covered with plastic, so that's going to be
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so they get the rope around one of its legs and neck and start pulling it up the side. only under one leg and around the neck, keep that in mind, but they have to get this creature out. i'm going to give them a five on that one. >> good effort, ten out of ten for the rescue, but one out of ten for style points. >> yeah. >> it hurts, it hurts, it hurts! >> the most difficult part was neck. eventually it lays down and this brave man gets close and unties the knot. finally once it's released -- i'm free! it runs off. >> if i was to tell you an animal got stuck in the wheel well of a truck, what would you guess? >> most likely a cat. >> you are mostly wrong, because that is a deer. >> that's a new one. >> i know, i know, that's new
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how is that even happening? >> it wanted a ride. i'm tired, just let me get in the back of the truck. >> it ran off and i'm pretty sure it's doing well now. >> back in 2014 the international polar foundation shared this video about the hidden dangers in antarctica. if you're out there like these guys are doing research you might end up stuck inside one of shared this next video. which shows their team members doing a training session of a rescue in a crevice and how dangerous even a training session can be. the man is roger, instructor, a researcher. here comes the rescuer carrying a harness that's going to be attached to roger. once roger is completely strapped in, we see that they
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>> not fast enough. >> watch this. the harness that roger was attached to broke. and now you see the distance between the rescuer and roger. >> so this training, this drill, is turning into a true rescue now? >> kind of. they are trying not to use it because they are focusing on the rescue equipment they would use on an actual rescue mission. >> it's now you know what to do in the situation when it happens. >> and it works. >> so close to the surface. you're right there, you could even high-five your buddy. >> oh, no! >> get out. >> slips back in. fortunately, not that deep. >> what have you done today? fallen in a crevice. >> international polar foundation for scientific research for the advancement of knowledge, promotion of informed action on climate change, and
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society. the foundation runs the polar quest, which is a research program. this training mission was under the polar project. just in case you were wondering, everybody is okay. >> guess what time it is, time to give away another ipad mini. >> to win you need to be at least 21 and a legal u.sor >> the buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. i don't care how cold you think your heart is, you're going to have to open up a bit of room because you're about to fall in love with noel. >> all right, it's opening. >> what's this dinosaur?
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>> he actually knows their names? >> good boy, there you go. >> he always says thank you after. >> somebody has taught him good manners. >> a raptor. >> a raptor. >> thank you. >> i want him. can i have him? >> he goes through each and every one of these dinosaurs. knows more dinosaurs than >> a t-rex. >> good boy. >> good! >> people have been falling in love with him, however, we are right this minute and they live many, many hours ahead of us, but one of our researchers is
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and his mom this morning and he gets even cuter. we wanted to know when did this dinosaur thing start? >> ever since he could talk he started naming these dinosaurs. >> he learned to talk just so he could talk about dinosaurs. they are wondering how did he learn the dinosaurs? >> he watches the videos on the ipad. >> wow. these kids, i tell you. >> a lot of things that can keep a kid entertained on an ipad, to i'm impressed. >> become famous around the world. >> i just want to do the dinosaurs. more dinosaurs, thank you. >> if you want to follow the
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and all his shenanigans. >> what's your favorite dinosaur, noel? >> raptors! >> a pilot takes off for an ultra light adventure, but that's not what the excitement is all about. why his time in the sky doesn't go down as planned. >> really quicker than it looks! >> and she wants to show her style and illness who's boss. >> so she enters a strong man competition. >> the story behind her incredible strength. "right this minute" is brought to you by -- colgate optic white. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection that doesn't quit for a full 30 days. its new triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks. frontline gold. the latest innovation from the maker of frontline plus. for persistent protection you can trust...
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e gold.
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think, is happy to have his heads in the clouds. here he goes taking off, ultra light looking exactly like this. giving us a behind the scenes what he's flying, even gets as high up into the clouds. that's beautiful. but that's not what the excitement is all about. somewhere right around here. traveling around 64 miles an hour, failure. he calls it engine fading. that engine does go completely flat. he's got plenty of fields, right? >> just breaks out. >> cars icing, if you notice he was up in the clouds, but no definitive answers. however, it's been raining in the fore folk area. that's going to cause fields to
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he's going to go down, as he turns final -- >> okay, in the clear. >> runs right into that bush and about 60 miles per hour. let me point out something you didn't see, what he couldn't tell from the air is that the field was quite boggy and marshy because of the rain and i bet you didn't spot these power lines right here. there are power lines in the field, which he also didn't he noticed them as he got closer to the ground, tried to pull left here. >> is he okay is this. >> kevin is okay. the ultra light as he built wasn't as fortunate. this happened several months ago, the video just getting attention now. the most recent video kevin posted was this of his engine rebuild and running smoothly. >> time for another flight. this is andrea, she has an invisible illness.
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of the autonomics nervous system, meaning your heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, dilation, in her case, she would faint. >> basically all the things your body does automatically are out of whack. >> yeah, but she decided to challenge herself. she entered a strong man competition. here you see her in the gym working out, but here she is at the competition. dead lifting some tires, and she does it. >> i like she's telling the illness you're not in charge, i am. it's my body, i'll do what i want to. >> i'm stronger than it anyway. >> let's go. first one down. >> taking back your power that we talk about often. as women sometimes you get to the point you roar in the things trying to defeat you.
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she flips one tire a couple times and moves on to another one. >> remember, she's only 112 pounds. >> she's not done yet. here she is with a beer keg. >> all this stuff is making my back hurt watching it. >> after she's done with the keg, have to pick up the sand bag and move that to where she started from. >> you go, girl. >> yeah, she goes and goes and goes. the person who put this together, her brother. he says this is a tribute to his sister. guess what, you guys, she came in third place in the lightweight division. >> good for her. >> wrap 100 pairs of headphones around an iphone 7 and throw it off a roof. next "right this minute." >> and still to come, sneaky dude comes up to steal away the goods. but see if this tricky suspect is slick enough to pull it off.
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promotional considerations provided by -- dry mouth can effect how your mouth feels and how you feel. discover act? dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act? dry mouth. the best part about having a pet is you always have a best friend, right? well, jackson's best friend happens to be this baby kangaroo here. >> that's fun. he can hop around the park with a kangaroo. >> australian social media entertainer and he did a similar video with a snake.
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>> it's the cutest thing you ever want to see. >> do we have information about this? is he rehabbing it? i don't believe kangaroos are pets, right? >> he did rehab it, apparently a car killed its mother and the baby follows him around everywhere he goes. even goes to work with him just like this baby. >> hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. >> oh anxiety more than three feet away. >> this video posted to the youtube page of the wildlife park and you see here elsa the emu chick follows the groundskeeper around the park. >> there you go. you can see it. basically adorable. cats can be so sneaky.
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crawl around on your roof. >> hunting us. >> he's right, oli. that's what the cat in this video is doing. you can see it on the other side of that wall, but i don't mean an actual cat. this cat is the burglar. wait until you see this cat burglar is after. >> hanging right there in the frame. >> oh, yeah. and this guy is going to be relentless at trying to get bike off the hook it's hanging from, as the owner is inside the house, because they didn't realize what had happened until they went back to check the tape and saw this guy stealing the bike. very quiet, they actually can't believe he was able to get away without making a sound. you can see the burglar is able to get away with it without anyone ever noticing. >> the one time i was hoping for a video. that's the worst, too.
10:22 am
bike. >> supposedly he won't get away with it, though, police are looking for this person. now over to the uk where these burglars were also relentless trying to break into that home. you see two of them are trying to break through the door. that doesn't work. they move over to the french doors on the left-hand side, they throw something at the glass. >> oh! that's not exactly cat burglar, is it? >> they are able to get in. eventually they walk away with whatever possessions they are able to get their hands people. >> and in broad daylight. >> it's that time, it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can use each every day. >> let's reveal wednesday's buzz word. it's north. >> get over to, click win
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word, north. >> and later this week we have bonus give away day. that means somebody's winning an ipad and somebody else is winning a flat screen tv, so good luck. it's time for the father of the bride to deliver a toast. >> he wants to thank somebody specifically. >> this is absolutely fantastic. >> see why his sweet message
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the fun. just one camera. >> daisies dizzy fun. the wedding day, it's a big day for most dads as the day they give their little girl away. walk down the aisle, have a
10:27 am
there's the toast. >> hi, everyone. i've got words to say, so let me just get this opened up and ready. >> andy here has taken the floor. >> just flashed back to my wedding and what my dad said. >> he wants to thank somebody specifically. sets down the mike. >> are you worried about your wedding? >> no, but worried about my father speaking. >> has a message for the baker and family and friends. >> t >> no, put the cake down. that's sensitive territory. you never know what could happen with the cake. >> no! >> you buffoon! >> sets it down, the cake goes sliding off the table. >> that's awesome. >> and the entire crowd is like, oh, no he didn't. >> it's all right, it's all right. because the real one is in the
10:28 am
looked a bit light when he lifted it up. >> he almost didn't go through with it because he knew his daughter would be on edge. the crowd is cheering, the cake is there, and look at his daughter's face as the camera pans back to her. >> she's so relieved. i really liked that cake. >> this one takes the cake of all the dad videos. that's our look at the day's best videos. for more go to or catch us on the next episode of "right this minute". one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why?
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all new today on "right this minute". a doctor doing an operation suddenly cuts loose and -- >> starts dancing and busting some moves. >> now get the story behind the viral video stirring a big debate. >> i get chilling out, but dancing with implements? >> all right, landed safely at >> a devoted dad hops a plane to join his family. >> they don't know he's coming. >> the moment he sneaks up for the happiest surprise on earth. >> hey, beautiful. >> two workers take cover at a pharmacy while a customer is now ripping apart the place. >> what happens when he messes with two brave ladies. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. how a model's shoot goes belly up.


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