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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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separate location. police have been searching for this family since september 21. they tell us macmaster and bobbie jo guyer had lost custody of their three children, but did not turn them over to the rightful custodians. police say that family disappeared. police tell us they were concerned about the safety and well-being of those children, especially considering that their parents had their custodial rights revoked, but good news here as we reported within the last hour, that family has been lo in good health. we know that the parents are in custody for right now, at least facing charges involving the wrongful custody. we're live in manchester, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: also breaking tonight, a teenage gunman in custody, accused of opening fire at a south carolina elementary school, injurying two students and a teacher. thankfully those kids and a team are are expected to survive. >> mark: police confirmed a second crime scene is related to
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townville, elementary in townville, south carolina, two hours from atlanta. jacqui heinrich has the new information. >> the reporter: mark and vanessa, right now investigators are working out the shooting's link to the homicide, it's about three miles from the school. authorities saying that the killing happened earlier today and there is a direct connection with that school shooting. our news partners in atlanta saying law enforcement is expected to hold a press conference now in the next few minutes with an update, but so far, few details about the shooter, except for that the gunman is a teen, and teacher. an update within the last half-hour, the hospital reporting the student and teacher at am med opt are in good condition and we're still awaiting the update on the status of the second student injured in the shooting. coroner did say that all of the victims were expected to survive and in the meantime, the school has been cleared and faculty have been let back inside the building to get their belongings. parents are now being told to get their kids picked up at a
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we'll be providing all of the information from the mercy operations center there at the joint information center in probably a couple of hours. >> the reporter: right now, south carolina governor nikki haley is on her way to the scene, expected to arrive around 6:00 p.m. shooter is in custody. two students and a female teacher all expected to survive their injuries. of course, we'll continue to bring you updates as we follow this developing story. for now live in the control room, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: also breaking tonight, the f.b.i. has identified the two men for questioning in the new york city bombing. law enforcement officials say they are egyptian pilots who they believe are now back in egypt. last week, investigators released this poster, searching for the two men. they were seen removing a pressure cooker near the explosion site and walking away with the bag it was in. the f.b.i. says they are still considered witnesses, not suspects. >> mark: tonight, we are learning more about the 22-year-old vermont man lost atheton sea for a week.
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center of a criminal investigation. nathan was on a fishing trip with miss other when the boat sank. jason law is outside carman's out in vermont. he's making new comments about what happened. >> the reporter: that's right. we know that nathan carman returned to his home last night, it's that beg white house beyond the trees there. he left some time this, no and hasn't been back since but just a few minutes ago, he talked with a reporter from the associated press and described the sinking of his boat. he said it sank in a matter of minutes. he saw his mom turned around and then she was gone. earlier today, i talked with nathan's aunt and i asked her to describe his personality. this mysterious 22-year-old who lived alone here in southern vermont. neighbors tells us nathan carman lives here without electricity and is building this home in vernon by himself. investigators may be building a case. they searched this house monday night, removing a cable modem, a g.p.s. sim card and a handwritten note by the 22-year-old. tuesday, carman was interviewed
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after his boat sank off the coast of new york. his mother linda is presumed dead. i spoke on the phone with linda's sister and nay tan aunt, charlene gallagher, we are beyond words over how we lost our sister. we don't know where the boat sank. it's horrible to lose a loved one in the ocean. i try not to think about how she died. i asked had nathan's person and she said knowing nathan personalitily, he as and we understand his quirkiness. >> i see him take pictures of his house recently actually before he went missing. there's a lot of your honor answered questions that what could happen, because it was only him and his mom in such a small boat. now, although nathan carman
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with anything tonight. when he was found by the coast guard on sunday, his father flew in from california, in fact, just a few minutes ago, down in connecticut, he talked with reporters, we're putting that report together and we'll bring you that all new at 6:00 p.m., hearing from nathan's father for the first time, all newcombing up in the next hour. for now, live in southern vermont, jason law, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: nathan carman has asperger's syndrome which is a diagnosis on the autism spectrum spectrum. robotic speech, obsession with unusual topics and can also exhibit lack of eye contact, awkward movement or limited and inappropriate social interactions. >> mark: new at 6:00 p.m., nathan carman's dad speaking out, saying he wants his son to be left alone. more on what he had to say in front of the cameras in less than an hour from now. >> a former altar boy
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and raping a child decades ago. prosecutors say it started in the late 1980's and went on for years. fox 25's robert goulston live in st. brendan's church where the alleged assault happened. >> the reporter: michael walsh was never a priest here, but he did work here in the late 1980's and early 1990's. he left here and became a priest in another state, but tonight, he's back here in massachusetts, charged with what prosecutors say he did here, 25 years ago. michael walsh will be 80 years old later this month, using a cane, he appeared in front of a boston judge ant -- and entered a plea of not guilty to charges he raped a boy in 1988 and 1981 when -- 1991 when the child was in fourth, fifth and sixth grade. his neighbors were flabbergasted today. i had no idea. i know absolutely nothing about him. >> the reporter: the victim now
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the summer. police say walsh would take the boy and his friends out to eat and to the movies. after dropping off the victim's friends, prosecutors say the alleged victim recalled the sexual abuse over time from indecent groping and touching on multiple occasions to the defendant repeatedly raping him. >> the victim also talked about a time where he went and was sexually abused in the hotel with a defendant on a little league field trip to cooperstown new york. >> the reporter: walsh was ordained as a but the dioceses there revoked his ministry after other abuse charges surfaced. telling us today, it is extremely troubling to hear these new allegations against michael walsh, but the dioceses is confident the boston legal system will ensure that justice is done in this case. walsh's ministry in grand rapids, michigan, was revoked before he was ever assigned to a parish. we also heard from the archdioceses of boston, they
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sexual abuse to contact someone right away, whether it's clergy, or someone just working in the church. tonight, at 6:00 p.m., we're working on another story. why prosecutors were able to pursue this case even after all of these years. we are live in dorchester, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: new hampshire mother is under investigation this afternoon, after one of her daughters ran over her other child. it happened last night in salem. police say the older sister, a 7-year-old, was allowed to start the car, while her mom was inside the house. rolled over the legs of her younger sister, a 2-year-old. the toddler was flown to boston children's hospital with serious injuries to letter leg chin and head. the division of children, youth and family has opened an investigation. investigatessors are trying to figure out what happened before a woman died on i-190. 40 thee-year-old christen whiteman was killed after her s.u.v. flipped over and she was flown from the vehicle near the route 2 interchange. no other cars were involved and no one was hurt.
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trash bag opening kickoff a local beach now plans to testify against her ex-boyfriend. an attorney for rochelle bond tells the globe, testifying against michael mccarthy is the only thing she lives for at this point. bond's daughter bella was found on deer island in june of 2015 and was known as baby doe until she was identified. prosecutors say mccarthy killed the toddler and the couple put her body in a refrigerator for a few days before dumping her in the openings. mccarthy is charged with first bond is charged with an accessory. police searching for a suspect in an arson in sturbridge at a wal-mart. crews say the building filled with smoke, forcing people to evacuate. store was closed today. one shopper after another today was turned away from the store. >> i came back this morning thinking that things would be in order, but they said they're closed. >> vanessa: the state fire marshal and the worcester district attorney are helping the fire department with its investigation.
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following a fight with employees at a local strip club. prosecutors say a 29-year-old man from new jersey suffered a serious head injury outside of the squire in revere late last night. the man had been kicked out of the club for being drunk. then was in some kind of physical confrontation with several staff members. a revere police officer sauve the commotion and stopped to investigate. that's when he sauve the man lying on the ground. so far, no charges have been filed. >> vanessa: a manchester, new hampshire man is accused of two robberies across the city. police say they were called out to a walgreen's because the believed robbed two stores at knife point earlier this month. according to police, randall young robbed the mr. mike's on wellington road and the cvs on mammoth root on the same day. the 52-year-old is charged with two counts of robbery. at 5:00 p.m., state health officials are now investigating an athal farm connected to several nationwide indications of e. coli. four of the cases are massachusetts residents. state health officials say they are looking in to the cases. the centers for disease control
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slaughter house in athal. the usda has recalled all beef, veal and bison distributed from that facility between july 21 and september 22. >> mark: bling ma he can number for the -- magic number for the red sox is one. one more win, one more loss for the blue jays and the sox are champion. david price couldn't get it done last night, clay buckholtz gets a chance to seal the deal. the sox has won the last five games buckholtz has started. fox 25's sports director tom leyden will join us with the very latest from yankee stadium. here's hoping they get that weather -- that game series if due to the weather because there is some rain in the area, but hopefully they get it done tonight. >> let's hope so. >> mark: the only thing wet falling from the sky we wants is champagne. >> vanessa: three people are dead and several others injured after a horrific crash on a massachusetts highway. >> mark: new at 5:00 p.m., what we've learned happened moments before impact and details on the
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>> jason: cloudy and school this evening. i'm tracking spotty drizzle out there right now. when the threat of steady rain arrives in the next few days in my timeline ahead. >> vanessa: bernie and hillary coming together to campaign in new hampshire. the changes in higher education they want to work ton one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care.
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>> vanessa: let's check o'out the roads with our live drivetime traffic. here's our d.o.t. cam over the expressway, where you can see
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getting through there. not too bad. now to the maps where we'll check out the pike, some spots are down to 16 miles per hour as you are headed out-of-town tonight. the rain likely playing a factor there. the live drive times for you, put those up, leverett connector to 495, 32 minutes. o'neill tunnel to the split, 33. ted williams tunnel to the weston tolls, 24 minutes. >> mark: turning now to election 2016, hillary clinton on the campaign trail in new hampshire today. >> vanessa: she was one time rival, bernie sanders. sharman sachetti live at u.n.h. and they talked about college affordability and also student debt. >> the reporter: that's right. and you know, we are here at u.n.h., this is really more like bernie sanders' turf rather than hillary clinton's, but hillary clinton was here with him, and she made a prompts especially speaking in front of the students here. the two of them spoke here at any in durham, to a crowd the campaign estimates at about 1200. they talked about how to pay for
5:16 pm
debt loan. secretary clinton says there's a way to do both. >> we will make public colleges tuition-free for families earning less than $125,000 a year. >> all of you know that new hampshire is a battleground state. all of you know that this is a very tight election. and, in fact, new could decide the outcome. >> and that's really what this is about. getting young people and independents, the one that propelled bernie sanders to victory over hillary clinton. in february, that's about getting them out in fact to vote. by the way, donald trump's campaign released a statement calling hillary clinton a career washington insider who would say anything to get elected. no underscore the importance of
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be there. live in durham, new hampshire, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: sharman, thank you. meanwhile, republican nominee donald trump is in the midwest, speaking at a rally in iowa, after stopping in chicago earlier. he made an unannounced stop at the polish american congress meeting this morning. he praised poland for its work in nato, calling for more countries in the alliance to follow poland's example in paying two% of its g.d.p. to nato. trump will be in bedford, new hampshire, tomorrow afternoon. the candidates have t prepare for the next debate. the second debate set for sunday, october 9. it's a town hall format at washington university in st. louis, missouri. be sure to join us tonight for insight about why new hampshire voters are so crucial to this election. it's all new tonight in our special coverage beginning at 11:30 p.m. >> mark: canada geese have taken over boston parks and playgrounds and tonight, the city council will meet to brainstorm ways to drive them away. they say the long necked aggressive birds are a nuisance, especially their droppings.
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droppings. right now, all options are on the table, including relocating entire gaggles and using chemicals to sterilize goose eggs. >> sarah: perhaps they're the only ones out there in boston today, because it was kind of one of those damp dreary days, where we had a lot of clouds as you probably noticed, you had drizzle from time to time, so you needed that jacket, but you may not have needed it the entire time and that's our story, folks. this week. although we could see some slight improvements, i do want to point out, we also have the threat of steadier rain to arrive as we head into friday and in to the weekend, but as we head into next week, that's when we'll finally see finally a break in this pattern, so over the next couple of days, we have the chance of some showers, so yes, it will be light at times and then steadier too. we need this rain. let's not forget that. come tomorrow, we have the lowest chances of seeing spot drizzle, especially down across
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islands, the eastern coast, that's where we'll see the best chances the further north and west you go. by friday, we're increasing our chances, that threat continues right on through the weekend of off and on showers. so looking at the weather map, a lot going on here. high pressure to the north, that's dry air, trying to sink southward across new england. but we've also got the front to our south, it's going to try to budge northward as we head towards the weekend, bringing us better chances of rain, and it's all steered by this upper level low out to the well. as that slowly dris tonight, that's going to actually allow for high pressure to bring to sink southward and scoot back north and allow for this front to move north, and you get the story. so we're going to be talking about these off and on showers. those winds out of the northeast, south of that high and north of that front, really bringing in that clout cover and areas of drizzle, but take a look out to the wells. these were the showers in new york, mainly to the west and they're encountering drier air, so they're actually beginning to
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the game tonight at yankee stadium. across our area, we're looking more at some drizzle, especially across the southeastern areas, where radar is picking up, but radar has a tough time picking up where it is drizzling. lots of clouds, 50's, 60's, noticing the winds too out of the northeast in boston, about 17 miles per hour. we do have gusts over 20 down across the southeast. the gusts should be relaxing, but that wind, it's going to stay persistent, which means clouds around overnight. temperatures not falling b drizzle in zoom -- on drizzle in some areas especially across the southeastern areas. waking up to the temperatures, 40's to the north and wells, 50's for boston and down across the southeast and as we go on through the day, we'll still see that persistent onshore wind keeping it breezy and coolest at the coast, with those clouds. the high pressure trying to dip southward, may allow for a fewer breaks of sunshine hand that sunshine really going to depend on where our temperatures are going to go.
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60's. underneath the clouds, just around 60 with the best chance of those showers. so i'm being optimistic for our thursday, but come friday into the weekend, our chances of rain increase, friday night into saturday. the risk of the showers continue on sunday and may linger into monday, but i told you, we should see a break finally in this pattern as we head into next week. i'll talk more about the tropics coming up the next half-hour. >> mark: new hampshire tourism officials are predicting a record breaking fall season. they are forecast ago increase in spending compared to last year. this comes as officials launch a newmarketting campaign, aimed at making the state the premiere destination for outdoor activity and autumn scenery. great place. >> vanessa: developing tonight. congress has voted to override a veto bill by president obama that would help 9-11 victims get more closer. what this now means for their families coming up at 5:30 p.m. >> mark: new developments in the missing malaysian airliner. up next, the country allegedly
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5:25 pm
to the traffic incident. the police department released this picture after he was shot and died at the hospital. but community leaders say this picture doesn't prove anything. >> we don't want to see him pointing something that is not a gun. we want to see the whole story. so put the whole video up there. >> mark: the san diego county district attorney's office requires that police release footage of officer-involved shootings, but so far, that has not happened. >> vanessa: of shot down malaysian flight 17 came from russia and was returned to the country. the plane was shot down over ukraine in july of 2014. a joint criminal investigation led by the dutch found evidence that the flight was taken by a missile moved into the country from neighboring russia. according to the investigation, the missile was launched in a territory that was controlled by a pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine. all 298 people on board were killed.
5:26 pm
involvement. a fast moving fire is forcing more mandatory evacuations in northern california. the fire in the santa cruz mountains is pushing out-of-control. one home and six structures have been destroyed. it scorched 6,000 acres since it broke out on monday. the dry and rough terrain is hampering conditions to get the fire under control. a local man who survived the orlando night club shoot stop gun violence. >> when you make sure that we're safe. >> mark: we are along for his journey to capitol hill to save lives after nearly losing his own. >> vanessa: two months after a jogger was found murdered in new york, police make an unusual discovery. ahead at 5:00 p.m., what police are saying after finding a man running around naked in the same area where a woman's body was found. >> mark: then it was a deadly commute. the new details about a crash
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>> mark: we are following brake being news out of south carolina. a teenager is in custody after two children and a teacher were shot at an elementary school this afternoon. their injuries are not considered life-threatening. police do believe a death about a mile away from the school is related. the school is about 100 miles northeast of atlanta in townville, south carolina. it has about 300 kids in grades pre-k through six. this investigation just getting started and we'll get you know more as we learn more.
5:30 pm
horrific crash in westport. massachusetts state police are now investigating. >> vanessa: five others were injured, including a toddler. it happened just after 8:00 a.m. this morning, on i-95 between exits 10 and 11 in westport. as fox 25's stephanie coueignoux reports, one man says a delivery vehicle appears to have swerved moments before the crash. >> the reporter: questions still remain after a horrific crash shut down 195 for hours this morning. massachusetts state police say a livery van was driving westbound when it hit the 2008bmw head on which was traveling eastbound. one man says a witness told him the livery van appeared to have been swerving. >> he came across the median, sideswiped a car, which actually straightened him out, and hit a couple cars, like major one was head on, and things went flying everywhere. he said it looked like a bomb exploded. >> the reporter: two people inside the livery van died, while a third was taken to rhode island hospital. there were three people inside
5:31 pm
bedford woman was killed, while two passengers ago, 25-year-old man and a little boy were taken to local hospitals for their injuries. state police say this crash caused a chain reaction, with three other cars driving eastbound. this is what's left after one of those cars caught fire an impact. everyone survived, but suffered minor injuries. one man, who lives in westport, told us, this is the worst crash he's ever seen. >> this is very unusual for this area, typically, it's small to get towed. but usually not this bad. >> the reporter: hours later, as you can see right here behind me, 195, is back open for track. but that patch of sand right there, that's what police used to soak up all the fuel spilled in this crash. state police are continuing to investigate what caused the crash. they also have not released the names of the victims, or the company that owns the livery van until they notify all family members.
5:32 pm
coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> mark: damp and drizzly day in norwood and this type of weather, will be continuing for the next couple of days any way. fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski. >> sarah: we are in such an extreme drought across 52% of our state. we need anything that we can get and we have chances over the next couple of days right into the weekend and today, it was a cloudy day. sure, we didn't pick up on a lo drizzle with the wind persistent off of the water there, that northeasterly brisk wind, kept temperatures, basically in the 50's, a little bit milder earlier this morning, but then the temperatures dropped. noticing a few areas of drizzle down across the southeast, radar has a tough time actually picking up on drizzle, so there may be some to the north and west. if do you have drizzle outside, report it to me. i'll show it on twitter and facebook. i would love to report that on fox 25 news. more showers out to the west and
5:33 pm
northeastward, but again w that wind, that dryer air to the north, having a tough time, but we've got lots going on in our atmosphere and it's like atmospheric roadblock here. not much is going to budge and that's why we have the risk of some showers that will continue. our drizzle overnight for the better chance of showers as we head into the weekend. i'm going to time those out for you coming up in just a few minutes. >> vanessa: a crash in bellingham shut down parts of route 126 this morning. police tell us two people were hurt in what appears to be a head-on collision before 6:30 a.m. this morning. this happened right near one of the victims was airlifted to the hospital. police are still investigating the crashing. >> mark: the driver involved in an overnight crash in hasty boston has died. this was the scene on mcclelland highway. a male driver hit-and-run crash a pole and later died at the hospital. they have not yet released his identity. >> vanessa: the f.b.i. is not saying much about a nighttime raid about at a home in quincy. they processed a computer and
5:34 pm
the f.b.i. will only say the search is part of an ongoing federal investigation. we have calls out to the u.s. attorneys office to get more information. >> mark: bedford, new hampshire police are searching for a man wanted for reported thefts at a local lowe's store. two thefts were reported at the lowe's store on south river road on the evening of the 19th. the loss prevention officer at the store told police this man had been seen entering the store on both occasions leaving with an expensive pair of powered tools. a bedford man gets away with nothing after a clerk uses a pizza cutter to scare him off. the man tried use ago box cutter to demand cash but the clerk was not in the mood and chased him off with a weapon of her own. if you recognize him, give police a call. >> vanessa: developing right now, a historic defeat for the white house.
5:35 pm
obama. jacqueline feld tell us it's a bill to help the families of 9-11 victims. >> the bill on reconsideration is passed. >> the reporter: senators voted 97-1 to override a presidential veto of legislation that would allow the families of september 11 victims to sue saudi arabia in american courts for any role in the attacks. >> the financing of terrorism in the united states is not behavior we should tolerate from any nation. allies included. >> orange the measure could put -- warning the measure could put u.s. officials at risk. in an unusual three page veto message, president obama said the bill would infringe on the president's ability to conduct foreign policy. the top democrat on the senate foreign relations committee said he shared some of the same concerns. but in the end, the victims rights outweighed them. >> we cannot in good conscience close the courthouse door to those families who have suffered
5:36 pm
>> the reporter: when both chambers vote to override a president's veto, the bill becomes law. congress has never rejected a veto by president obama during his nearly eight years in office. the lead lawmakers on the house armed services committee sent letters this week, urging their fellow congressmen to vote against overriding the veto. >> mark: massachusetts is the healthiest state in the nation for women an children. in fact, t vermont, new hampshire, connecticut, join the bay state on the health of women an children. the rankings analyze obesity rates, environmental conditions and health resources, but the news wasn't all good for the commonwealth. massachusetts ranked second to last for homeless households. local high school football coach is on leave tonight. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., the alleged mistreatment towards his players he's now being investigated for. >> mark: a suspected drug lab discovered inside a popular new england hotel. up next, the sauna-like
5:37 pm
they found when they walked in. >> vanessa: and the blind college student is left stranded after calling uber. up next, the response from uber and the guidelines they say drivers need to follow. >> mark: speaking of driving, now time to check out the roads with live drivetime traffic. here's the view of the zakim bridge. a lot of company out there. jammed up in both directions. now to the map, heavy volume indicated in all of the areas you see in red right here. let's check in on 128 southbound, rolling at only 15 miles per hour from the pike all the providence highway. good news here, it's rolling. here are the live drive times. to have bin bridge to 128, 28 minutes. o'neill tunnel to the split, 38. 43 minutes to travel from the weston tolls to route one.
5:38 pm
my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> vanessa: residents in cedar rapids, eye from the river which was continuing to rise towards its projected crest of 23 feet. city leaders say it may not reach that point. the floods have caused more than 10,000 residents to evacuate. the national guard has also deployed about 4,000 troops to that area. >> mark: miami officials have revealed the locations where zika-infected mosquitoes were first caught in the u.s. the information was withheld from the public because of privacy concerns. during the investigation into the city's zika outbreak, all
5:41 pm
disease control, there are a total of 43 locally transmitted cases in florida. most of them in the miami area. >> vanessa: a group of clowns has pulled out of a maryland parade after a string of creepy clowns sightings across the country. people in several states have reported scary or suspicious encounters with people dressed like clowns. some reports have been hoaxes. police are warning either a fence, scaring people as a clown or falsely reporting one is against the law. >> mark: uber is apologize are blind man was refused service because of his service dog. thomas jones said the driver cancelled his trip, leaving him stranded after the seeing eye dog had been -- had not been an issue for jones before the trip. >> he saw the dog and she said, is the dog going with us, i said yes, the dog has to go with us. >> mark: he says one of their guidelines is that service animals should always be allowed in uber cars on the floor of the
5:42 pm
>> sarah: temperatures not bulging much this evening in the city of boston with clouds and spotty drizzle continuing. i'll time out when to expect steadier rain ahead. >> vanessa: a framingham native who was shot during the pulse night club rampage is on capitol hill today. his calls to congress in hopes
5:43 pm
i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too. please join me in voting no on question 2. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support.
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>> mark: call for action to stop gun violence. framingham native is lobbying senators on capitol hill today. night club shooting back in june,. >> vanessa: george colli reports on his story and the message he is delivering to lawmakers. >> it's something that i would never wish upon anyone. anyone. in this world. >> the reporter: this is angel colon in june, just days after being shot six times at the pulse night club in orlando. his road to recovery is expected to be long and difficult. but purpose-driven. >> we need to save lives. we need to make sure that we're safe, that we're ok, that not another family goes through what
5:45 pm
other families went through that night. >> the reporter: he took his first steps only a month ago. through the pain, angel and his mother are putting his message to capitol hill. the 26-year-old is joining some democratic senators, saying the time to act on guns is now. >> people who shouldn't have guns can get them far too easily in this country. >> the reporter: the orlando gunman killed 49 people and injured more than 50 when he opened fire inside the gay night club. pennsylvania senator bob casey is sponsoring a bill that would prevent anyone ever a misdemeanor hate crime from buying guns. >> why would we wait for someone's hate to develop and manifest itself. >> the reporter: gun advocates have opposed recent legislation, saying it violent second amendment rights. republicans have opposed bills preventing guns being from sold on a terror watch list until it can be assured innocent people aren't on the list. >> our lists, our databases are not accurate. >> the reporter: colon is the latest in a lodge list of gun violence victims to push for action on capitol hill. he's confident his story can make a difference.
5:46 pm
be heard. >> the reporter: in washington, george colli, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: congress is not expected to vote on any gun legislation before election day. >> mark: new law protecting transgender rights in massachusetts could be put on the 2018 ballot. the opposition group announced today it has collected more than 32,000 signature to put a repeal question on the state ballot in two years. the law which goes into effect saturday allows people to use facilities that correspond with their nd certified the signatures. >> well, you know what they say -- happy wife, happy life. a new study proves that's true after all. researchers at michigan state say happy people actually make their spouses healthier. the study also found people with a positive outlook usually exercise more and eat better. also happy couples are less stressed because they don't have to worry if their partner is in a bad mood. ock, you didn't need this study to tell you that. you knew that. >> mark: i checked all those boxes off, it was perfect, i'm
5:47 pm
>> vanessa: same thing at your house. >> kevin: i may or may not have a magnet with that. >> sarah: of course, you want everyone to be happy. >> mark: less stress. >> sarah: talk about stress, we have a lot in the weather department, because a lot of folks not so happy about the cloudy conditions. the rainy conditions, but we need it, so let's think of a positive wave. that's what we'll be happy about. >> mark: mixed presidenting. >> sarah: i was also teasing, talking about the tropics, and let me tell you what happened today. sure enough, we've tropical storm, this is matthew, in the caribbean and it is expected to strengthen to a hurricane as we head into the later stages of this week, intensifying to a category 2 hurricane as it will be pushing just east of jamaica, and then heading towards cuba, with winds over 100 miles per hour. the last time jamaica had a hurricane come through, that was sandy. there are some interests, because some of the models are indicating that it will take a northward turn and this is by mid next week, and there we're
5:48 pm
and this is a lot of rain that is associated with this tropical system. something that we sure could use, but obviously not all at one time. speaking of chances of rain, we have that in our forecast. a little bit lower for the day tomorrow, but still, spotty drizzle is likely in some spots and by friday into saturday, we'll be watching for morsteadier rain to arrive and that may linger into sunday, because we've got a lot going on in the atmosphere. got a roadblock goin and on drizzle through this week, with steadier rain arriving through the weekend and finally, that pattern will break, as we head in to next week, but of course, we'll also be keeping an eye on the tropics, so what we've got going on. high pressure to our north, dip town tonight into tomorrow. provides sunshine to the north and west. we a frontal system to our south that is trying to advance northward. it won't tomorrow, but once we get in to friday and saturday, it will bring some of the rain that's pushing through the
5:49 pm
upper level loaf out to the west, so really where this system goes, it's going to really have an impact on exactly how much rain we could see from this front and how close it will get. a lot going on, but this is how it looks like it's going to play out, at least right now. lots of clouds out there. winds off of the water, keeping temperatures mostly in the 50's. and we do have some areas of drizzle, so it will be intermittent type of previous description, a few raindrops here or there on the windshield, you may need if you're going to be headed out shortly t in boston, the wind out of the northeast, 21 miles per hour, gusts out there, have been reported over 20 across our coastal locations and over the cape and islands. tonight, we will see winds relax slightly, but still persistent, so a bit breezy with the temperatures. not falling back too much in boston, but to the north and west, we could see temperatures falling back into the 40's. hour-by-hour, another cool day on tap as highs are only going to be in the upper 50's to near 60 degrees with that cloud cover
5:50 pm
so that means more chances of spotty drizzle here and there. with a little bit of sunshine to the north and west, high pressure tries to dip ton down, we could see a little bit of a bump in those temperatures to the 60's, but the further south and east you are, better chance you're going to see the clouds as well as that spot drizzle. let me show you through futurecast. this is 7:00 a.m. in the morning. noticing northern new england, you have high pressure in control, so better chance of sunshine. how far does that sunshine reach, does it make it to the boston area? i think it might be hard with that wind o breaks develop. then the clouds increase again on friday and steadier rain looks to arrive as we head into the second half of the day and that will continue into saturday as well. some areas as we head on over the next several days could see anywhere from one to two inches rain as the chances will linger into monday, but by mid next week, looks as though we should start to see some improvement. there's the latest look at your forecast.
5:51 pm
breathes polluted air. the most polluted nation are sub-sahara and africa and china. doctors say nearly three million deaths per year are linked to air pollution. globally, the amount of pollution is up 8% since 2008. >> mark: new at 5. p, forget self-driving cars. nissan has rolled out its self-driving seat. the newly developed pro-pilot chair could end the need to stand in line. i kind of like this idea. fleet of self-driving seats are equipped with sensors allow e one in front of it. six chairs are currently on show at nissan's public gallery in japan. nissan says any decision to roll them out further would depend on the public's response. cool idea. a new app is available in some u.s. cities and is being called an uber for dogs. wag was started last year to help people find a dog walker for their furry friends. users simply log in and schedule an appointment and a walker comes to their door to pick up their pet. dog owners say it's a great
5:52 pm
work day. >> i was feeling so guilty, think, gosh, i get to leave the house at 8:00 a.m., i get home at 5:00 p.m., it's too long a day for her. >> mark: wag sends the owner a report on where the dog went for a walk. the service has launched in several cities including new york and los angeles, but it's not in boston quite yet. >> vanessa: here's what we're working on for fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. we continue to follow two breaking news stories including two children expected to survive after a shooting at an what we're learning right now about the gunman. and all new at 6:00 p.m., fox 25 uncovering brand new information about the boater who was saved at sea, his mom presumed dead. what court documents show about a troubled past and several violent incidents during his childhood. plus, flagged, why a varsity football coach is now uninvestigation for something that happened with his own team. and big papi like you've never
5:53 pm
the priceless reaction from bostonians realized the sox
5:54 pm
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man: that was easy. galvin: register by october 19th. >> a naked man was arrested in queens, new york, in a park where a jogger was raped and murdered nearly two months ago. police called the 47-year-old man deranged and took him into custody tuesday night. police are investigating whether the man frequents the park where the woman was killed. they stopped short of calling him a on august 2 when she was strangled. it's another reminder that police are still looking for vanessa marcotte's killer. she was killed jogging in princeton not long after the new york killing. >> vanessa: police in providence, rhode island are investigating a suspected drug lab inside of a hotel. when hotel security first went up to the room, they found four men inside. when police arrived, no one was there. officers on the scene say the room was filled with smoke.
5:57 pm
window to help ventilate the building. providence police are still searching for the four men. >> mark: umass is unveiling plans to spend $2.5 billion on campus improvements over the next five years. according to the hillary clinton, -- herald, the renovations will take place at the boston an amherst campuses. umass says campuses need to be improved because of the university's growing enrollment. but many say they are worried this will mean increases in tuition and budget cuts for faculty. this summer, the university increased tuition by $750. >> vanessa: google is new england. google express, the company's home delivery shopping service will start operating in the region there week. they already offer their services in the greater boston area. the service allows shopper to offer same day delivery from staples, walgreen's and costco. jcpenney is hiring 400 seasonal employees throughout their boston area locations. the hiring begins early next
5:58 pm
certain top leading samsung washing machines. the government state commission says some of the units sold between 2011 and 2015 have exploded. one customer said it sounded like a bomb going off. several are suing samsung in federal court. samsung is trying to figure out why it's happening. the company is telling customers to use only the delicate cycle when washing bulky items. now at 6:00 p.m., his mother missing hat sea. his grandfather's murder h never been solved. now, his dad is jumping to his defense. >> he was not involved with his grandfather, with his mother. >> vanessa: tonight, the growing mystery about what really happened on that boat. >> mark: and missed warning signs. the reason one person called this missing boater a time bomb waiting to go offer. -- to go off. fox 25 has team coverage. >> vanessa: new developments in an unsolved murder of a massachusetts teacher. the key clue that could help
5:59 pm
>> sarah: clouds and drizzle right now, but i'm timing with steadier rain arrives this week and when this unsettled pattern comes to an end. >> mark: personal foul. the reason a varsity football coach is sidelined and under investigation tonight. >> vanessa: a teenage gunman opens fire inside an elementary school in out carolina -- south ca two children. i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm broom. we just learned the -- i'm mark ockerbloom. we just learned the gunman killed his father before heading over to the school, this is happening in town rim, south carolina, a small community about two and a half hours northeast of atlanta. fox 25's jacqui heinrich monitoring the feeds and joins us with new information. >> the reporter: mark and vanessa in a press conference that just wrapped up within the last half-hour, authorities identifying that father shot to death as 47-year-old jeffrey osborne. investigators say his teenage son killed him, then headed to
6:00 pm
mother may be an employee armed with a handgun. that shooting happened if a recess area according to school officials, with two male students sustaining gunshots to the leg and foot, and a teacher taking a bullet to the shoulder. authorities are crediting school officials for acting quickly to get the rest of the kids inside the building, saying those actions saved lives. most of all, they're crediting a volunteer firefighter for holding down the shooter until police arrived, despite being unarmed. all three victims are expected to survive their in surgery at this hour. school has been cancelled for the rest of the week to allow students and staff to get the services they need to help them cope with what happened. in the meantime, south carolina governor nikki haley expected to arrive at the scene and another press scheduled for 9:00 p.m. jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the vermont man lost at sea for more than a week is defending himself, saying he absolutely did not kill his mother or his grandfather, whose


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