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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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mother may be an employee armed with a handgun. that shooting happened if a recess area according to school officials, with two male students sustaining gunshots to the leg and foot, and a teacher taking a bullet to the shoulder. authorities are crediting school officials for acting quickly to get the rest of the kids inside the building, saying those actions saved lives. most of all, they're crediting a volunteer firefighter for holding down the shooter until police arrived, despite being unarmed. all three victims are expected to survive their in surgery at this hour. school has been cancelled for the rest of the week to allow students and staff to get the services they need to help them cope with what happened. in the meantime, south carolina governor nikki haley expected to arrive at the scene and another press scheduled for 9:00 p.m. jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the vermont man lost at sea for more than a week is defending himself, saying he absolutely did not kill his mother or his grandfather, whose
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with his mom when he says it sank off the cools of new york. >> mark: his mom is presumed dead and tonight, we have team coverage about the 22-year-old's violent childhood, but we begin with jason law outside carmen's house in vermont and jason, we are hearing from carman's father tonight. >> the reporter: that's right. we also heard from carman himself, just a short while ago, he told a reporter with the associated press that he did not kill his mom and he had nothing to do with his grandfather's murder back in 2013. as you mentioned,is in town, he talked with reporters a short while ago as well, and he stood up for his son. clark carman talked to reporters not far from where nathan's mother linda lived in connecticut. he defended his son. >> he was not involved with his grandfather. >> the reporter: fox 25 has learned nathan was a suspect in his grandfather's 2013 murder. according to records from police in windsor, connecticut, a warrant was issued for his
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grand father. but nathan was never charged. >> he's a good kid. he loves his grandfather. and nothing to that effect and it's all being dredged up and i really hate to see that, because there's no substance to it. >> the reporter: nathan's mother linda is presumed dead after nathan's boat sank miles off the cools of new york. investigators executed a search warrant at nathan's home in vermont monday night. they removed a cable modem, a g.p.s. sim card and a handwritten letter by the 22-year-old. police say they're treating this as a criminal investigation. he wants his alone time, he's going to take care of that, and once he feels more comfortable i'm going to go pick him up and we're going to work through everything. >> the reporter: you're looking live now at carman's home in vermin, vermont. we know he returned here last night, he left some time this morning and has not been back since, but there's a large
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camped out waiting for his return. we don't know where he spent today. he has not been charged by police. jason law, fox 25 news. >> mark: investigators will be focus a lot on the timeline nathan carman has given them. this is how things unfolded according to reports we have from the coast guard in south kingston rhode island. surveillance video shows the boat belonging to nathan compare man leaving a wakefield at 11:10 p.m. at night. friend she would be back the next morning. the coast guard started looking for the missing boaters on the 18th and expanded the church to 1,000 miles south of monday talk, new york. nathan was seen floating 100 miles south of the vineyard and the coast guard brought nathan in to boston harbor yesterday morning, ten days after his boat was seen leaving rhode island. >> vanessa: fox 25 is uncovering new information about nathan
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warrant executed in 2014 after his grandfather's murder. elizabeth hopkins looked through the document and elizabeth, this is disturbing. >> elizabeth: after reading through the search warrant, what i learned is investigators considered nathan a suspect and told the judge that he was also a gun owner, capable of violence. in the search warrant, nathan carman's mother told police, she believed nathan was the last person to see his grandfather alive. she told police, she was due to meet him later that day, but he never turned up. they say there were several inconsistencies with his alibi. there's also an hour of time that he didn't account for. the search warrant says that he was the only person who knew where his grandfather kept two vintage rifles. one of which matched the caliber class with which the victim was shot. investigators say there were no bullet shell casings, leading them to believe the crime scene had been manipulated. they say he got rid of a hard drive and g.p.s. device the morning that his grandfather was
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nathan was capable of vive linsecum, and that as -- violence and that as a child, he held another child hostage with a knife. neighbors describe nathan to police as a time bomb waiting to go off. another described him has murder boy. and family members say they too were afraid of him, and that they had hired armed private security to protect them in their homes. investigators say they also found detailed notes on sniper rifles, and making self-propelled improvised explosive devices. now the saying that the investigation is ongoing. back in 2014. but not before describing nathan's neurological condition. nathan is described as having asperger's 16 dome, a type of autism. a consultant on the case said in some cases, people with asperger's spend a lot of time alone on a computer and can fixate on things repeatedly. that consultant said if nathan was involved in a crime, he would have likely researched it heavily beforehand and then returned to his computer to
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>> vanessa: you can read the entire search warrant right now on our website, go to >> mark: now it a developing story out of manchester, new hampshire, where police found three children missing for hours today in a custody dispute. fox 25's katherine burcham followed the case all day and katherine, have place said if charges will be filed against the two adults accused of taking those kids? >> the reporter: well, police tell us, they already had outstanding warrants against them when they issuedth parents. they tell us, they found the father in one location, the mother and three children in another location, a true relief for police after they have say they spent days being concerned about the well-being of those children. do you have anything to say? >> i don't know what i'm being arrested for. >> the reporter: it was hard to hear, but michael macmaster said he didn't know why he was being arrested, though police say he had been on the run for a week. officers had been searching for macmaster and his girlfriend,
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couple was supposed to turn over their three children because they lost their custody rights. instead, investigators say the entire family, including 9-year-old mia, 8-year-old alyssa and 3-year-old clayton disappeared. neighbors tell us, they had seen the family still coming and going from their cartier street apartment in the last week and tonight, police finally caught up with them, arresting guyer and macmaster for interference with custody. three children were in good health when they are found, and tonight, they are in safe hands. we're live in manchester, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a former altar boy coordinator facing a judge today, accused of raping a child decades ago. michael walsh pleaded not guilty to charges he sexually assaulted and raped a boy between 1988 and 1991. he worked at st. brendan church in dorchester at the time. coming up tonight at 6:30 p.m., robert goulston will tell us why
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>> mark: investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly crash in westport this morning. three people were killed and five others injured, including a toddler. state police told us a livery van was driving west on 195 when it crossed the median and hit a car head on. a witness says the livery van appeared to have been swerving. >> vanessa: in new hampshire, a 7-year-old girl got behind the wheel of a family car and ran over her little sister. tonight, their mom is under investigation. police say the older sister was allowed to start the car while her mom was the car shifted in to reverse and rolled over the legs of a 2-year-old sibling. that toddler was flown to boston children's hospital with serious injuries to her legs, her chin, and her head. >> they have don't know the damage that that can cause, and we're fortunate in this incident, that it didn't end more tragically. there are serious injuries, but it's just not good common sense to allow a 7-year-old or a toddler to go out and start and play around vehicles.
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opened an investigation. >> mark: getting ready to play ball in bronx. clay buck holtz on the mound as the red sox try to clinch the a.l. east. sox lost the first game of a three game set against the yankees last night and now it's up to buckholtz to seal the deal. >> vanessa: our sports director tom leyden live aft yankee stadium, where first pitch, less than an hour away now. >> yeah. chill in the air tonight at yankee stadium, some gusty winds, so that may play a factor the red sox get set to face the yankees and there is urgency, to close this chapter an move on to the next one, which would be the post-season. the sox are taking batting practice right now, they'll do that until 6:25 p.m. hitting not the issue with the squad. they got ten hits last night. clay buckholtz going to get the start tonight. look to get it done on the mound. the significance of winning the division, certainly not lost on guys like mookie betts.
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we play the game to win a world series. no, sir just the american league east. the ending goal is to win the world series. >> the reporter: this team just came off an 11-game winning streak. they have a lot of confidence, they have a lot of trust an faith in each other, that's become more an more evident as the season progressed. coming up in sports, we'll hear from some of the guys that tell me what they think about clay buckholtz, the journey he's been on and how confident they feel with him on the mound tonight. reporting live, tom we'll send it back to you. >> sarah: those clouds there and we've got clouds here along with some spotty drizzle. i'll be timing when steadier rain arrives this week and how it will impact our current drought. >> mark: a varsity high school coach sidelined, what he's accused of doing to his own players that landed him under investigation. >> vanessa: but first, it's an unsolved murder almost a quarter of a century old, but now this could be a big break. how a new investigative
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i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control,
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false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know- and i'm still fighting for you. >> mark: tonight, there's a brand new key clue that could help crack an unsolved murder that happened almost a quarter of a centurying a. tonight, police believe this is a sketch of a suspect who murdered a teachers aide back in 1992. new technology helped police come up with the sketches, just released today. >> vanessa: fox 25's bob ward has been following the story for years and joins us now with more on today's late breaking developments. bob?
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first time, we may know what the person who killed her looked like. up till now, they're never been a physical description of her killer. fox 25 was there earlier today as the local d.a. released the composite sketches of the suspect. they're not intended to look exactly like the killer. they were put together based on d.n.a. recovered at the crime scene, and from the 24-year-old's remains. his age and weight are not known, so the first sketch is of the suspect at the age the second is an age progression of the same person at the age of 50. the suspect is believed to be of european ancestry, having fair skin, brown or hazel eyes and brown or black hair. lisa was a teacher. in april of 1992, she was working her second job at a card store one night when she disappeared. she was reported missing the next day. no one stole any money from the store. her car and purse were left untouched.
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found in a wooded area a knew miles away. lisa's parents are hopeful the new pictures will help. >> we're hopeful. hopeful that this is going to bring for lisa the justice that she so richly deserves and we're very grateful and thankful that lisa's case has never ever been closed. >> the reporter: now, if you have any information on this case, you can call the newly created lisa that number right there on your screen. now the d.a. would not say if this suspect resembles anyone who's been a person of interest in this case. live in the newsroom, bob ward, new england's unsolved. >> bob, thank you. new at 6:00 p.m., the site of the so-called house of horrors in blackstone now belongs to the town. the rethree dead babies were found in the home two years ago. four children were living in filthy conditions. their mother is facing murder charges. fox 25 looked at the registry of
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took the lot after the owner failed to pay more than $3,000 in taxes, interests and fees. >> mark: a world war i veteran's lost dog tags are returned to a family in walpole. these are the tags found earlier this months on oliver street. a police officer made it his mission to track down the veterans descendants and with the help of social media, was able to do that. the eldest grandson private hughes, received the tags on monday in walpole. >> sarah: so sure, it's rain out, we have spotty drizzle, but you know, we need the rain. we talk about it week after week how we are in such an extreme drought, this home entire area of red, that's over 50% of the state of massachusetts, in an extreme drought with boss seeing we are well below the average forever rainfall, over ten inches and come tomorrow morning, thursday morning, right around 8:30 a.m., shiri spear always updates the drought
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the last week had made any impact, but let me tell you, we've got chances of rain as we head on through the week and while sure it's not a lot over the next couple of days, we'll be dealing with off and on drizzle, steady rain looks to develop as we head into the weekend, into early next week and that's where we could pick up one to two inches of rain, especially seeing the highest amounts down across the south and east. that pattern does look to eventually break, but it's going to take some time. get the umbrellas ready, you may have need it at ti looking at some breaks to the north and west right now, but the cloud cover still thick down across the southeast, with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. this is where we have our area of drizzle right now, if you're going to be traveling. you can see visibility is reduced norwood to plymouth, down to the vineyard as well. clouds, fog, as well as the boston, we've got mostly cloudy skies, with temperature, 56, so it's raw out there with that wind out of the northeast. it has been gusty all day.
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cape and the islands. we'll continue to see homes winds quite active overnight tonight, and that's going to keep the cloud cover pretty much in place. we could see a few breaks not north and west, they expect down along the coast and the southeast for us to see those clouds as well as the risk of some spotty drizzle overnight. temperatures, really not bulging too much, staying mainly in the 50's, but where we do have breaks especially to the north and west, may drop back into the 40's by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. that means is for our thursday, we'll start off with lots of clouds as well as a few areas of drizzle, but the best chances will be the further south and east you go. further north and west of the city, wouldn't be surprised to see a few breaks of sunshine out there. that could boost temperatures into the mid 60's, but along the coast and for the further south and east you go, you'll be stuck under those clouds and that's where temperatures pretty much going to max out right around 60 degrees. so tomorrow, another mainly cloudy to start, perhaps a few
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the northeast really going to make it feel pretty cool out there. the amount of rain, again, doesn't look to be too much, and mostly across our eastern areas. further north you go, the better, the chance of rain, it does increase as we head into friday and saturday. let me show you on the seven day forecast, because it looks as though that steadier rain does arrive late friday, continues through our saturday, as temperatures get in to the 60's and the risk of showers continues even into our monday before the system finally kicks we should start to see improvements by the middle part of the week. we'll take a look at the tropics coming up in the next half-hour. >> vanessa: we'll see you then sarah, there is a park problem brewing at greenspaces across boston. they've being overtaken by canada geese. tonight, city council will meet to brainstorm ways to drive them away. they say the long necked aggressive birds are a nuisance, especially their droppings. they say streets, sidewalks and ball fields are covered in goose droppings. right now, all options are on the table, including relocating
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chemicals to sterilize goose eggs. there's a plan in the work to extend rose kennedy highway to the harbor. the park is part of a master plan by the new england aquarium, and it was unveiled today. the aquarium needs approval from the owner of boston harbor parking garage and fidelity investments which owns a small park right next door. >> mark: if you got in to a car with big papi, would you know it? the sox shrug every went undercover with lyft and the reaction from drivers when they realized who was driving is priceless. >> i'm sitting with firefighters as they train for the real thing. what they're facing coming up. >> the reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders together on the same stage in new hampshire.
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[ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around.
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>> vanessa: get ready for a photo opening kickoff at the polls in november. it's now legal to take a selfie after you vote in new hampshire. a federal appeals court made ago. it comes as both candidates are making a big push in the granite state. >> mark: hillary clinton is in boston right now, after campaigning with bernie sanders in durham, new hampshire. fox 25's political reporter, sharman sachetti was there on the campaign trail. >> let me introduce the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> the reporter: on the campus of u.n.h. in durham, new hampshire, democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders share a stage. before a crowd of mostly
6:24 pm
and paying for college and she made a promise. >> so we should and we will make public colleges tuition-free for families earning less than $125,000. a year. >> the reporter: new hampshire is a state that has the highest proportion of students with debt and so this message does play well here. >> the truth is, it is an expensive proposal. but i will tell you what is even more expensive and that is doing underscores the importance of this date and how it's very much in play this election year. during the february primary, sanders trounced clinton here in new hampshire, propelled to victory with the help of young people and independents. and donald trump, he won easily over his opponents. >> isn't this one of the strangest elections you've ever seen? >> the reporter: having sanders by her side helps to try to close any sort of enthusiasm gap in a tight race in this
6:25 pm
hillary clinton a career washington insider, who would do anything to win an election. trump is in bedford, new hampshire, tomorrow and we'll be there. in durham, new hampshire, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: republican nominee donald trump is in the midwest today, speaking at a rally in iowa after a stop in chicago earlier. he made an unannounced stop at the polish american congress meeting this morning. he praised poland for its work in nato, calling for more country than the alliance to follow poland's example and paying 2% trump will be in bedford, new hampshire, tomorrow afternoon. >> mark: former red sox pitcher curt schilling is ready to run for office. schilling told tmz sports he is eying elizabeth warren's u.s. senate seat up for grabs in two years. a recent poll by umass amherst found he would trail warren by 20 points in a hypothetical matchup. the former pitcher would even like to make a run for the white house at some point. >> the patriots are getting ready to play the buffalo bills this sunday. >> mark: their head coach tried
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>> julian, this is walt from the buffalo news. are you playing quarterback this week? >> >> mark: yes, that's rex ryan pretending to be a reporter. the question he tried to trick julian edelman into answering. >> the reporter: about 25 years ago, he was the altar boy coordinator at st. brendan, now he faces serious criminal charges. >> vanessa: was it a personal foul? the interviewer: what would you do with a varsity five minutes to kill and a smartphone? man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and
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>> vanessa: if you are just joining us, here's a look at the top stories we're following tonight. the vermont man lost at sea for more than a week defending himself. nathan carman says he did not kill his mother. fox 25 learned he was a suspect in his grandfather's 2013 murder, but was never charged. he says he had nothing to do with that murder either his son tonight. -- sticking up for his son tonight. >> good kid. he loves his grandfather, and nothing to that effect and it's all being dredged up and i really hate to see that, because there's no substance to it. >> vanessa: nathan's mother was presumed dead after their boat sank off the coast of new york. police say they are treating this as a criminal investigation. >> mark: magic number for the red sox is one. one more win or one more loss
6:30 pm
clay buckholtz gets a chance to seal the deal tonight. sox won the last five games that buckholtz started, so let's hope the streak continues. >> vanessa: also tonight, the varsity football coach at burlington high is sidelined and under investigation. the school is looking into allegations of inappropriate behavior. >> mark: for now, that coach is on paid leave pending an investigation. our john monahan is outside burlington high school and john, what's the reaction from people there? >> the reporter: well, we spoke to parents and students and they all speak mcguire, a varsity football coach at burlington high school. the alleged conduct skuicih referred to by the superintendent of schools as inappropriate verbal conduct toward players. it is not clear what that means, or when it's happened, but as soon as school administrators heard about it, they contacted the superintendent. that person then held a meeting with mcguire, to let them know about the allegations, mcguire was then placed on paid leave while these claims are investigated.
6:31 pm
students, and they are only had good things to say about mcguire. >> i don't know if he fully deserves them. i mean, he just wanted the best out of his players and he wanted them to perform to the best of their ability. they are football players, but i mean, easy on the swearing. you know, no hitting on the back of the head. but, you know, they do have to be tough on them. >> the reporter: now, that's the general consensus here. football is a tough game and tough talk comes with the territory. mcguire by the way was a in the 1980's. he's on paid leave until the school completes its investigation. we're live in burlington tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> mark: former church official facing a judge accused of unthinkable crimes against a child decades ago. prosecutors say the man raped a child while he was working at st. brendan's church in dorchester back in the late 1980's. fox 25's robert goulston was in court today with that suspect and explains how prosecutors were able to bring charges 25
6:32 pm
>> the reporter: michael walsh will be 80 years old later this month. using a cane, he appeared in front of a boston judge and entered a plea of not guilty to charges of sexual assaulted and raped a boy between 1988 and 1991 when the child was in fourth, fifth and sixth grade. his neighbors in pembroke today were flabbergasted. >> i have no idea. i know absolutely nothing about him. >> the reporter: the victim, now in thinks0' forward over the summer. walsh would take the boy and his friends out to eat and to the movies, off dropping off the victims's friends, the alleged victim recalled the sexual abuse over time from indecent groping and touching on multiple occasions to the defendant repeatedly raping him. prosecutors say walsh was doing the crimes in his car, in his neighborhood here in dorchester and in his office here at the church where he was the altar boy coordinator. the victim also talked about a
6:33 pm
abused the boy in a hotel. >> the reporter: walsh was ordained a priest from grand rapids, michigan, but the archdioceses revoked his ministry before he was reassigned to another parish, telling us today, it is extremely troubling to hear the new allegations against michael walsh, but the dioceses is confident that the boston legal system will ensure that justice is done in this case. the d.a. was able to pursue the case, because of a change in the law here in in 2006 that made the statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases more flexible. >> mark: the mother of a little girl found dead in a trash bag on a local beach plans to testify against her kissania boyfriend. rochelle bonds daughter bella was found on deer island in june of 2015 and known as baby doe, until she was identified. prosecutors say rochelle's ex-boyfriend, michael mccarthy, killed the toddler, then the
6:34 pm
before dumping her in the ocean. mccarthy is charged with first degree murder. bond is charged with being an accessory. >> vanessa: three people killed, five others injured after an horrific crash during rush hour in westport. as fox 25's stephanie coueignoux reports, massachusetts police are trying to figure out what caused a livery vehicle to collide head on into another car, causing a big chain reaction. >> one man says the crash was so horrific, it looked like a bomb had gone off taking a look behind me, you can now clear, but that patch of sand right there, that's where those vehicles ended up causing this highway to be shut down for hours. massachusetts state police say just before 8:15 a.m. this morning, a livery van was driving westbound on 195 when it crossed the median into the eastbound lane as. as -- lanes. the van hit this bmw head on. one witness says the rivery van appears to have been swerving.
6:35 pm
straightened him out and hit a couple cars, major one was head on and things went flying everywhere. >> the reporter: according to state police, two people inside the liver river superior van died, while a third was taken to rhode island hospital. there were three people inside the bmw, a 23-year-old new bedford woman was killed while two passengers ago, 25-year-old man and a little boy were taken to local hospitals for their injuries. state police say this crash caused a chain reaction, with three other cars driving those cars caught fire on impact. everyone survived, but suffered minor injuries. one man, who lives in westport, told us, this is the worst crash he's ever seen. we're continuing to reach out to state police and of course, we'll pass along any updates as soon as we receive them, both on air and on line at in westport, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the driver involved if a crash this morning in east boston has died.
6:36 pm
highway around 1:30 a.m. this morning. they say the male driver hit a pole and later died at the hospital. no word yet on what caused the accidents or the victim's name. >> mark: a gray and gloomy day in the city of boston and all over our area for that matter and sarah says we are in for a long soggy stretch before we see that sun again. >> sarah: we have definitely have chances of rain over the next several days, but i do have a little bit of hope that some areas to the north and west may get influenced by this area of high pressure which cou north and wells. right now, it's all about the clouds and cool conditions. temperatures in the 50's and we've got some areas of drizzle down across the south shore, the southeast, so take it easy if you're going to be traveling. the wind off of the water keeping us cool and cloudy. quite gusty out there and we'll continue to see an active wind overnight, so hour-by-hour, temperatures in the 50's, pretty much stay there in the city of boston. we could see temperatures fall back into the 40's to the north and west, but overall, it's going to be a cool cloudy night with areas, pockets of drizzle,
6:37 pm
coming up, i'm going to show you when to expect that steadier rain to arrive as we head into the weekend. >> vanessa: revere police need help tracking down a pair of vandals. they put out the surveillance pictures. investigators say this man and a woman vandalized a mural at the post as well as fences at two different homes. this all happened on saturday. they were driving a 2012 or 2013 black toyota prius. authorities believe they have a person of interest in a >> mark: the fire caused the store to close today while the investigation continues. the fire marshal says the fire was intentionally set. >> vanessa: a man was rushed to the hospital following an altercation with employees at a local strip club a.29-year-old from new jersey suffered a serious head injury outside of the squire in revere last night. the man had been kicked out of the club for being drunk, then was in a physical confrontation with several employees. so far, no charges have been filed. >> mark: we are waiting to hear
6:38 pm
our cameras spotted agents searching residents on quarry street. they processed a computer and searched one vehicle outside the home. the f.b.i. will only say the search is part of an on going federal investigation. we have calls out to the u.s. attorneys office for more information. >> vanessa: all aboard in fitchburg. folks there will have access to their new commuter rail station by the end of this week. we got a look at the new $93 million rail station today. full service will begin in november, but limited trips will begin on friday while construction is being completed. outbound to start with. >> mark: state health officials are investigating an athal farm connected to several nationwide cases of e. coli. four of those cases are massachusetts residents. the centers for disease control announced saturday the cases are linked to the adams farm slaughter house in athal. the usda has recalled all beef, veal and bison distributed from the facility between? july 21st and september 22. >> vanessa: crime fighting, it's going to the dogs in yarmouth.
6:39 pm
walkers crime watch. the program will train dog walkers how to observe and report suspicious activity. the training only takes about an hour and does not require any additional time outside of your dog walking hours. and in worcester, a moose on the loose. this guy was spotted tuesday morning, south of cascade park. the greater worcester land trust tweeted out this photo today. big guy. >> what's your favorite boston athlete? >> papi. everybody likes him. i think i'm supposed to like him. >> mark: do you recognize that lyft driver. believe it or not, a lot of people didn't. see the priceless reactions from big papi went undercover as a driver in boston. >> vanessa: but first, training for the worst. fox 25's suits up and gets in the water as first responders prepare for water rescues. you're watching fox 25 news at
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i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm fighting for yours, too.
6:43 pm
>> mark: training for the worst. we've all seep the pictures. torrential rains falling fast and furious, first responders have just seconds to rebeing a. every second counts. local rescuers say this time of year is when to get concerned about people being trapped by floods. >> vanessa: they took blair miller along for see how intense it can be when seconds matter the most. >> the reporter: these waters behind me off the coast of winthrop may look calm, but earlier today, rescuers simulated very real life scenarios. i suited up with them to see exactly what they're facing. the weather is going to be an issue and when you do a really rescue, it's not a sunny, bright warm day. >> the reporter: these firefighters from around the
6:44 pm
the rain. and this boat, churning out waves to help mimic the perfect conditions they might face in the weeks ahead, still in hurricane season. >> one of the kind up-and-coming dangers that we face is urban flooding, so a lot of training today to learn kind of some of the obstacles and the challenges of dealing with flooding in an urban setting. >> the reporter: for days, the firefighters have been going over how to save someone if caught in swift water. to see it firsthand, cambridge them. jumping in and being the ones who needed help. help. they've also been working more advanced scenarios, like this one, where they had me sit in this boat taking on water. chelsea firefighter mike lee is above, around hoisted down to pull me out. >> anything can happen at any given minute, so just kind of keeping you know, a steady mind
6:45 pm
time. >> the reporter: all of this, a very real scenario, that rescuers prepare for now for when they answer someone's real call for help. >> they're getting trained personnel, that when they come, they know that their firemen, e.m.s., police know what they're doing. >> they had a burn -- bunch of firefighters out here last week and this week preparing for the real thing. blair miller, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: beachfront coming under fire after they bolted their own set of stairs to the new seawall. that's according to the patriot ledger. the seawall already includes seven sets of concrete steps for people to use. town leaders say the wooden stairs are illegal and the residents needed to apply for a permit and no one did. >> mark: david ortiz pulls off a big prank. big papi took a break from his day job to go under cover with lyft. he threw on a pair of shades, a wig, and hit the road, picking up unsuspecting passengers from
6:46 pm
>> do you ever go to new york? i don't like new york. i go to new york a few times a month, just to teach me how to drive and they don't know what they're doing out there driving. man, your drivers suck, man. part of my career, when they come to boston, man, they look like they're lost in space. unbelievable. >> i'm a big baseball fan for so long. i'm not drunk. david ortiz, i like him. he's retiring they have. >> is that right. >> i have like two of his shirts that i wear. >> actually, all of my shirts are his shirts. >> really? >> yeah. >> cool. all mine are too. >> because i'm david ortiz. >> what? >> mark: the great reveal. look at this. priceless reactions. you believe they didn't actually know who he is. i think the wait does vary a bit. the video pretty funny. really funny if you want to stop and look at it and follow it along right here as he drives
6:47 pm
entirety on our web site,, also put it up on the facebook page. and it is a really funny ride. >> vanessa: it's funny to watch the whole thing. i'm surprised they didn't recognize his voice. >> sarah: i want to see the one where the person knew right away, you're david ortiz. >> vanessa: exactly. >> mark: nobody picked up on the fact that he was the first one to take a selfie with president. >> sarah: there you go. i know. >> mark: other clues. start looking around for the next time it happens. >> vanessa: the small, the voice, that gives it >> sarah: absolutely. >> vanessa: miserable out there tonight. >> sarah: he know. they're playing in new york hand they have showers they'll be watching nearby. as for us, we've got some clouds but i want to show you the tropics, because take a look at this. this is tropical storm matthew, which formed today and it is expected to strengthen to hurricane status as we head into friday, and by the weekend, gaining strength to a category two hurricane as it makes a very close approach to jamaica, and then cuba as we head into early
6:48 pm
it does have the capability of strengthening and a lot of our computer models actually showing this progression of moving to the west before taking a sharp turn to the north. notice, this is by wednesday, and we're really going to have to watch carefully. a lot of moisture associated with the tropical system and we're going to have to watch how it could impact our area as we head into next week. and until then, we do have chances of rain. in fact, tomorrow, the risk is going to be lower, i'm looking at some patchy drizzle, mainly but by friday and saturday, we bring back the steadier rain that is expected to arrive especially friday and saturday and could linger through the weekend, into early next week. a lot going on in the atmosphere. we have the upper level low through the ohio valley. these are very hard to forecast. they tend to wobble a little bit and impact us greatly, so what we're expecting is this low to shift a little bit to the south and then a little bit to the north hand that's what's going to allow with the southward progression, this area of high
6:49 pm
before moving back to the north and letting this front get a little bit closer around bring us our steadier rain late friday into saturday. are you with me on that one? it's a little tricky, but this is how it looks to play out. lots of clouds out there right now. the wind persistent out of the northeast as high pressure to our north and the front to our south. temperatures were cool and raw today. dropped through the day. now we're in 50's and right now on the radar, we've got drizzle across the southeast. visibility really showing where the patchy drizzle is right now, with limited visibility. anticipating to continue to see spotty drizzle this evening. so if you do have plans, grab that umbrella, you may not need them further north and west you go, but nonetheless, that wind off of the water, still really gusty out there. sustained northeast, 18 miles per hour, so it feels pretty cool and raw in the city of boston right now hand it will continue to do so overnight. the clouds acting sort of like a
6:50 pm
fall too much, but where we do see breaks in the cloud cover, we'll see the mercury climb back or fall back down into the 40's. otherwise, we're taking up to the 50's with lots of clouds around and as we go on through the day, i'm thinking our best chances of seeing spotty drizzle will be along the immediate coast and down across the southeast, because i mentioned the high pressure, it's going to dip on south, so i think the further north and west you go, being optimistic here, we could see breaks in the cloud cover. brighter skies the further north you travel and with that, temperatures will climb into the low to middle it's going to be a tricky one, depending on how much sun we see. two stories the farther south and he's you go, more clouds as well as spotty drizzle you can expect through the day. the wind staying breezy otis epps of the northeast, about 10 to 20 miles per hour, gusting higher than that. futurecast going with us. high pressure dipping south. you can see the rain really pushing on through the mid-atlantic and as we head into friday, that high lifts back to the north, the clouds increase, and the risk of showers begins to move in, especially during the second half of the day, into
6:51 pm
when we could see steadier rain. i'm thinking up until midday friday, about a tenth of an inch or less across our area. and then as we head into the weekend, as you take a look at the seven-day forecast with your weekend always in view, we could see areas pick up one to two inches of rain through monday. there after, we finally see breaks as the system begins to move on out of here. again, we have to watch the tropics carefully. >> tom leyden live outside yankee stadium in the bronx. it is a big night. the red sox hoping to clinch the american league east. we'll have the very latest has clay buckholtz gets the ball to start tonight's game. the patriots at work in foxborough and it looks as though both quarterbacks are in pretty good shape.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun.
6:54 pm
says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. >> stadium. a little playoff intensity, a little chill in the air. it feels good, like october baseball. in fact, the red sox tanned yankees, the magic number is one. the sox trying to clinch the division and they'll turn the ball over to clay buckholtz. what a story he has been. an emotional roller coaster throughout the season, a season of ups and downs, a relegation to the bullpen in the middle of the season, but come back to man his spot in the rotation. the red sox, 5-0 in the last five starts. number six would be the most important, don't you think. his teammates have all kinds of faith in clay's ability to
6:55 pm
>> he's had a tough one, you know, to start off, but it just shows the type of person he is, how he's battled back and pitched great for us a lot lately. sometimes it may have not look like it, but on the scoreboard, it only gives up one or two runs. that's goods for us to get a win, so i'm expecting that today too. >> price fires. >> the reporter: let's talk about last night. mookie betts catching in right field. he told me the ball was in the lights the whole way, which is why it looked so odd wh he snagged the ball, doubled up the runner at first and that is why mookie betts is an m.v.p. candidate, a gold glove candidate. one of the best players you'll see throughout the season. julian edelman is the quarterback candidate for sunday? probably not. jimmy garoppolo and brissett were both at practice. rex ryan had fun during the media conference call between julian edelman and the buffalo writers. have a listen to this.
6:56 pm
buffalo news. are you playing quarterback this week? >> huff? >> are you playing quarterback this week? >> rex, he gave a great answer saying that, you know, he would carry the water for this team if that's what it took to win. it is never dull during rex ryan week. should be fun with the bills coming to town on sunday. final hours for you to go to our website to vote for our high school game day game of the week. these are the games that are up. got a lot of votes this during fox 25 news at 11:00 p.m. thousands of you have taken to the polls this week an we certainly appreciate that. butch stearns live for the fox 25 game day game of the week this friday night at 6:00 p.m. that is the story here from outside yankee stadium in the bronx. reporting live, tom leyden, fox 25 sports. >> mark: tom, look forward to checking in real quick. >> sarah: air i can't see of one in eight women will face breast cancer.
6:57 pm
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america runs on dunkin'. ?? ? tonight, a janet jackson world exclusive. the pop star pregnant at 50. only "e.t." has the first photos of her baby bump. ?? >> now baby bombshell straight from janet's sister. >> how is the ppegnancy? are you ready to meet your new little niece? about face. how he's shifting his strategy tonight and the one thing he has to do or he'll risk losing his kids. then -- >> stand back! make way for this hot stuff. >> my first day, first scene. >> behind the scenes with rob lowe. why his new role has him nervous. >> it's overwhelming. then -- we do the time warp with the stars of the rocky horror remake. >> put your hands on your hips.


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