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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  September 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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champs thanks to this win over the toronto blue jays. they lost in the ninth inning a grand-slam. darn yankees. he's no killer and his tonight. >> he not involved with his grand father w his mother. our team of reporters spent the day combing through new court documents that show several strange actions by nathan carmen the day after his grandfather's death. we want to begin. neighbors tell us he lives in this big house directly behind us all by himself
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today we spoke with nathan's father he is so happen his son is okay and he's alive to tell us about his scary ordeal in the water. tonight will are still so many questions went out on a fishing trip 11 days ago. the boat sank linda is presumed dead. really don't want much at all at this point. nagin's father flew up here to be with his son. he says nathan survived a week on the life raft. it's a very difficult situation. none of us really know what he went through and i'm sure it was traumatic. >> his father says nathan has asperger's syndrome and he's a brilliant person.
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in vermont police and vermont sheriff deputies searched his home. they took away a sim card a computer mode 'em and a letter written by nagin. his father says nathan needs his space right now. >> he's not at the point where he really wants speak. >> he was considered a suspect in 2013 his father says nagin loved spending time with his grandparents and would never do any harm to anyone. what i want to say about that is the press would leave it alone. he loved his grandfather. they were the two most important people in his life. his father also says this has been an emotionalle roller coaster and they're just taking this this day-by-day and once again no charges have been filed yet nathan's mother is presumed
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malini basu, fox 25 news. fox 25's jacqui heinrich learned today by sifting through some brand new paperwork. >> investigators considered nathan carman a suspect in his grandfather's unsolved murder back in 2014. a search warrant showing his mother told police she believed nathan was the last person to see his grandfather alive. according to the now missing woman she was supposed to meet but he never showed up. investigators showed nathan's account of what happened didn't exactly add up. an hour of time he didn't account for when discussing his alibi with detectives and a statement in the warrant testifying that nathan was the only person who knew where his grandfather kept two vintage rifles. one of which matched the caliber class the victim was shot with. scene investigators say no bled casings were ever
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detectives say nathan got rid of a har drive and g.p.s. monitoring device the morning his grandfather was found dead. interviews with family members describe nathan as a troubled violent kid kid nagin was a time bomb waiting to go off and another gave him the nickname murder boy. family corroborated the accounts saying they too were afraid of him even going so far to hire armed private security to nathan put a lot of times weapons research finding detailed notes of making self-propelled improvised explosive devices that warn concluded by saying the investigation was ongoing. read for yourself the eight page document put together by police investigating the granted father's death.
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game tonight you saw an awful lot of light showers out there. sarah wroblewski in the storm center for us. >> we'll be watching for some of the showers to really pick up as we head into the later stages of the weekend. sure enough the wind off the water was drizzle. currently temperatures mostly in the 50s a few upper 40s hour by hour we will see temperatures stay pretty steady in the 50s with a lot of clouds around. coming up i will show you where we'll see that sunshine for the day tomorrow then when the steady rain moves on in. a loss for the bronx but it
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was david price who took care of business he thought i was looking a little dry and he got me with it was a lot like that but the red sox the celebration was not subdued i'll give you an update about what i experienced. but bear with me. they view any major league reason as a marathon they won't have to worry about the wild card game and now the race is on to try to get one of the top two records in the american league if not the top record so you can have home field advantage throughout the
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let's let's hear what the guys were doing. that's kind of the scene big papi soaking it in. they couldn't care less lost tonight. really a weird vibe because they do lose 5-3 here in new york. hopefully that won't come back to bite them as they continue to fight for home field advantage. we'll have more coming up all the game highlights and more reaction from the clubhouse in sports in just a couple minutes. for now a very wet tom leyden reporting live. >> all right, tom. thanks. >> first of two presidential campaign stops in the granite state this week. hillary clinton alongside
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this afternoon. back in february sanders trounced clinton largely with the help of young people and independents. today they shared a stage and she made a promise. >> we will make public colleges tuition free for families earning less than $125,000 a year. >> donald trump will also make a pitch to new hampshire voters who will be in bedford tomorrow afternoon. >> some more details about hillary clinton'str the democratic nominee dined with a group of supporters before her rally. her guests all won a contest to have lunch with her. donald trump was on the campaign trail in the midwest stopping in chicago before heading to iowa. he held a rally where his campaign launched the iowa christian conservatives for trump organization.
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>> even senator ted cruz endorsed me the other day and i know the people of iowa like ted cruzed but he endorsed us the other day and i thought that was very good. earlier today he held a roundtable. his visit did come with some backlash anti-trump graffiti was found on the front of the alliances building. donald trump returns to new hampshire tomorrow so by two presidential visits in two days or a state that carries just four electoral votes you ask well, at 11:30 the former head explains the important role could play on the night of the general election. >> developing in the past two hours south carolina police say the teen who shot two elementary school students today and killed his father called his parents -- grandparents and they were the ones who covered his family's father.
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and kids. i thank god. >> two children and teacher were injured. the anderson county sheriff's department says a teenager walked onto the school playground with a handgun and shot three people before he was taken down by a volunteer fireman. one child and the teacher were released while after being airlifted to greenville. first responders and school officials credit prior training for saving lives >> anderson for schools have all received active shooter training. the quick response by the principal, teachers and staff kept this horrific tragedy from being much worse. the alleged shooter's father was found dead of a gunshot wound. families here are thankful the situation was not any
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>> i don't know if they were my daughter's classmates or somebody i knew. i don't know. >> dud to the teen's age it's possible he will be charged as a minor in this case. >> popular high school football coach suddenly off the job. what he's accused of doing to players that has him in hot water. i'm tracking some clouds and drizzle overnight but i'll show you where the sun may shine storm and when steadier rain moves in. but first a 7-year-old girl runs over her how she ended up in the driver's seat with the keys. we continue to follow breaking news out of weymouth where a crime scene has been set up near an overpass near route 3. as soon as we get more information we'll bring that to you. also breaking the red sox are american league east champs.
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a terrible accident sends a salem, new hampshire toddler
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this after her her 7-year-old sister ran over her with the car. >>ed toddler is being treated and revealed how the child got thedies that car in the first place. >> the wheel of the car rushed this little girl's legs she also injured her head, chest and arts. it looks like the mother will end up in court. >> caller states her 7-year-old daughter, blei everybody, ran over her 2-year-old daughter with a vehicle. >> salem, new hampshire, home south policy road the situation unusual the mother inconsolable. >> are you outside or inside. >> inside right now. >> we're on our way. >> reporter: it happened in a park area outside the home. police say a 7-year-old girl started her mom's ford focus then put it in reverse backing over her 2-year-old sister's legs. ma'am, ma'am we can't understand you i need to you
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her back is really bad. >> her scalp and her back. >> reporter: 29-year-old is conscious and in serious pain. salem police are considering criminal charges against the mother because they say the mom gave her 7 permission to start the car and it's not the first time that has happened. in the community where the family lives concern for the injured toddler and the mother. to have a 7-year-old started is a powerful reason why children belong in the passenger seat not in the driver's seat. >> we're told the 2-year-old is expected to pull through but she has a long road to recovery ahead we will let you know if and when the mother is charged. reporting outside children's hospital in boston, ted
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>> new at 11:00 some medical marijuana patients in new hampshire waiting twice as long as they should to be get their i.d. cards. the concord monday core found the backlog of applications means more than 100 i.d. cards have been approved but not send to patients. those cards are supposed to be in the patients 20 days after applying but some patients are waiting up to 40 days. >> the f.b.i. has approved a new insulin delivery system for type one diabetics. medical tron first -- medicaltronics is the first closed -- medtronics is the first closed delivery system. the device's commercial release is scheduled for spring of next year. >> sure enough cool damp day out there temperatures well below the average not typical typically we're in
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dropped as the day went on and the clouds just kept coming. this will be some elsewhere as well. but we do have temperatures pretty steady in the 50s and 60s. where we do have cracks in the clouds sure enough that is the case and that is going to be the trend as we as high pressure to our north may sink southward but with high pressure to the north and we've got a weather boundary to our south but winds really ranking in that wind wind off the water. we're going to see a very
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through the day that area of high pressure will try to sink southward. further north and west you travel may see some breaks in the cloud cover could see a good amount of sunshine into parts of new hampshire. we'll have to see how far south that area of high pressure dips on down. i am expecting to see at least a little bit of sunshine that should boot temperatures into the 60s. again it's all about location then increase them
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to boost all of this moisture thursday 3:00 this just updated through the weekend expected to turn into a hurricane through tomorrow something we will continue to monitor because it does have situations of heading it does feature off and on showers as we head on
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over to you. >> investigators released these composite scaches of what the killer may have looked like she was working back in 1992 when she disappeared. they are hopeful this new picture will help. >> this is not a photograph so so i'm hoping something is going to pop. the remains of three dead babies were found in the house two years ago their mother is facing murder
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new at 11:00 three people suspected in a string of robberies in seekonk. they were caught creeping into several properties. if you can help call seekonk police. all right kind of wild night we have a lot to catch up on. tom leyden reporting live from yankee stadium. we patriots both jimmy g and jacoby brissett on the practice field today. the big story obviously the red sox and their celebration under very strange circumstances. one of the weirdest things
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turns out the biggest hit of the night came from north of the border. kim with the game winning home run for the baltimore orioles. turns out to be the division clenching home run for the red sox as baltimore beats toronto tonight 3-2. wow, did that turn out to be a big hit. because at that very moment the red sox became your american league eastern american champions. from there they proceeded to blow the game in the bronx but a rip roaring celebration probably still ongoing. 5-3 losers tone. a couple crazy plays and ends with the craziest play you could have possibly imagined. starts with this wild ricochet right into the glove of xander bogaerts. buchholz in kmapd of his pitches with a strikeout. clay only allowed one run. mookie betts shot one down the line to the left.
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he unleashes a wild one look out here comes big papi barreling home. the sox led it 3-0 midway through the eighth. then with a 5-3 -- 3-0 to the bottom of the ninth. mark teixeira playing one of his final games finishes the game with a walkoff grand-slam. so the yankees win this ball game 5-3 but red sox still celebrate in the visiting clubhouse >> i have been covering sports a long strike never seen something like this. i got a chance to talk to a lot of the guy months really appreciate each other and the journey it's taken to get to this point. >> a win is a win. we won the division we got to celebrate. it's a great feeling right
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pushing for the same goal it's to get to where we want to get right now. i can't ask for for better brothers than what i have here. >> patriots on the practice field again this afternoon as they get set for the bills on sunday. it looks like they'll have one if not both of their quarterbacks ready. jimmy garoppolo and jacoby seem to be on track. how about rex ryan. jumping in the conference call that julian edelman was holding with reporters from you buffalo. listen to this. >> julian, this is walt from the buffalo news, are you playing quarterback this week? >> are you playing quarterback this week? >> hey, it's a question we all want the answer to so good for him for asking.
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that's what it took to win. meanwhile we have a winner in the voting we're headed to silver lake regional high school this week. they will host the har bon -- harbormen. great job everyone to who got it done. we'll see new kingston on friday night. that's the story from the bronx. red sox losers of this game but winners of the american league division championship. we'll be back with more in just a bit. for now reporting live leyden fox 25 sports. allegations of verbal abuse by a local football coach. why parents and students have a different take next. but first there are two active crime scenes in weymouth tonight first is located near an overpass en route 3 where a person was apparently hurt tonight the other on colombian street. in just the past 15 minutes
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