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tv   FOX 25 News at 1130PM  FOX  September 28, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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snich he has nothing to do with his grandson father's murder. nathan's father says his sons needs his space right now. >> it's a difficult situation. no one of us really know what he went through and i'm sure it was traumatic. >> investigators searched carmen's home in vermont and removed a sim card, computer
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they say this is a criminal investigation but no charges have been filed. nathan harmen took a classmate hostage -- carmen took a classmate hostage when he was younger. prior history of violence is something investigators are going to consider. >> prior problems predict future encounters often unless there's interventions. it's certainly concerning to have somebody engaged in violence and used a weapon. although human to draw a connection between both the grand father and mother investigators have to keep the incidents separate. a coach has been put on leave. parents and students are finding these allegations hard to believe. >> reporter: a football practice underway today at burlington high. as the school's varsity coach sean maguire is benched on the allegations of inappropriate verbal conduct toward players.
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is unclear. >> football is football. >> reporter: this man's son plays football it's first he has heard of this or any claim against maguire. even still he admits everyone needs to be careful they don't go too far. >> they are football players but i mean easy on the swearing. no hitting on the back of the head. but they do have to be tough them. >> reporter: students also tell fox 25 overblown. >> i don't know he fully deserves that. he just wanted the best out of his players and perform to the best of their ability. >> reporter: but the school superintendent says they must take every allegation seriously. in a statement, he says i understand that there may be many questions and i want to thank our community members for their patience and support. the friends whose kids have also played for maguire were shocked to hear the
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about the long time burlington football coach. >> i know the family they're a great family. >> maguire's lawyer tells fox 25 she believes these allegations are unfounded and expect maguire to be fully vindicated once the investigation is complete. in burlington, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. get ready for another night of drizzle and fog. >> meteorologist sarah the weather. sometimes drizzle doesn't always show up on radar we had those winds today really bringing in the moisture. sure enough we have a lot of clouds right now. temperatures -- temperatures it not going to fall back around the 50s hour and hour in boston temperatures or
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the cloud cover especially as you travel further north. if you are going to be travelling across new england go forth, go west a better chances of seeing those clouds in areas of drizzle through the morning hours at least down across the south and the east. the chance of rain does increase though as we head into our friday and into the weekend. we've got more wet weather that will be heading our way steadier rain, too, that should arrive and produce some much needed rain. of course we'll take a quick look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a few donald trump arrivals there tomorrow. what the former head of the party had to say. first we are heading back live to the bronx where the red sox have opened the champagne they're
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t'itwa. maxx l e at tif.maxx..j >> the red sox are american league east champions,
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fox 25's tom leyden is standing by in new york at yankee stadium very will night in the bronx as we know, tom. let's talk about early in that game, actually later in the game when mookie betts gets the ball to go into left field. did he solidify the m.v.p. award with that, do you believe? >> reporter: you know, ock i think he did. what's interesting about it is that david ortiz who was 0-8 in this series leading up to the intentional walk was given the free pass to first base. mookie betts with the bases loaded he didn't take hardly any time to make them regret that decision by sending that down the line. i do believe that mookie put himself ahead in the race. david didn't help his cause or at least he hasn't thus far by going 0-8 in this series they both have had fantastic, fantastic seasons. i think mookie might have a leg up now, yeah. >> and clay buchholz what
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started in that rotation for the postseason that's dynamite. what wasn't so dynamite the bull pen that struggled. >> you know they did. it was weird though because craig took the mound and a couple pitches in they realized baltimore had won. i think there was a letdown. there was a little bit of an emotional letdown that's a lesson learned by this team they knew they had it clenched and i know craig is was really jacked up abouts the prospect of being on the mound. he and i talked about that yesterday. he said man wouldn't that be cool if i could be out there. unfortunately he gives up the grand-slam that ins with the game for the yankees tonight. it's something that needs to be solidified. right now there's the number 2 seed texas the number one seed. they still have the lead right now it's texas, boston and the cleveland indians. so they would start at home
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>> they went from worst to first. this team has overachieved most people would agree i don't know many people who had it picked to win the division this year. but when you look back at this loss tonight it could come back to haunt them. >> big time of you want to have home field advantage in the playoffs. and when you have a very dangerous team like texas rangers they're a very dangerous offensive squad you like to have those games at home still a lot can happen. obviously we learn that tonight a lot can happen in the course of 10 20 minutes so don't go anywhere with four games left on the schedule. >> they are celebrating as you can tell. as as well they should. they deserve the celebration they deserve it tonight. let's hope for a return to the win column tomorrow then make a turn for home to wrap this thing up and get ready
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the last two presidential elections in new jersey have been decided by less than 9,000 votes next at 11:30 we sit down with the former head of the massachusetts g.o.p. the group she says the
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how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! a new hampshire court has ruled that they can take selfies with the ballot. the state argued that ballot selfies could lead to people selling their >> it shows that people young people who are using technology are proud to be voting and i like that idea. >> are you going to take a selfie in the voting booth. >> probably not. >> 26 other states banned selfies through various laws including prohibitions to bringing cameras into polling places. joining us now is political strategist and former chair of the massachusetts g.o.p. jennifer naser. thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me.
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in this race. it is a small but very important swing state. could new hampshire decide this election. >> it absolutely could. i think this election is going to be so close actually that a small state like new hampshire with only four electoral college votes is very important. we know that hillary clinton campaigned with bernie sanders is this an effort to gain some voters. >> 100%. if y elections in 2000 and in 2004, with bush and gore and bush and kerry those two elections in new hampshire were a difference of 7,000 votes and 9,000 votes. so close. so i think at the end of the day every single vote matters and hillary clinton desperately needs those millennials that don't know where to go. bernie sanders really beat up on hillary clinton in the primary in new hampshire. hour important is it for her
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what bernie was doing, bernie had this energy but i think millennials were just attracted to even though politically i don't agree with him at all, you watched him at 5:00 a.m. doing a rally off the back of a there you can. you saw people how excited they and were what he was grasping it's something that clinton doesn't have. she needs that energy, she needs those young people, she needs bernie to validate her candidacy. >> as we watch those rallies we could feel the energy inside that room without even being there as the oldest candidate in the race. bernie sanders had more energy during his rallies than anybody else did it. >> was crazy. do you think that sanders supporters are going to buy into clinton's message? >> well, i think that she's not as progressive as they want her to be. but i think if bernie sanders goes out there and says your choice is only hillary clinton or donald trump. hillary clinton will at least be able to listen to you l at least believe in things that you believe in. she believes in climate
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and when you look at bernie sanders supporters are they going to go to donald trump? i think if they really want to change overall they go to trump. but looking for more progressive view then it's hillary clinton. >> speaking of trump we know he will be in new hampshire later this week. does he have a chance at all of winning this state. >> no republican i think has won new hampshire since 1992 somewhere around there. maybe it was you know time a republican has won up there. it's been close otherwise. so i think right now donald trump is not going to win it. i think hillary clinton is holding on to a very slim five point or so lead that could of course change. i think what's interesting though, too is you have the ayotte race going on there there's a ton of money being poured into both candidates races two successful women, two women who are known throughout the case kelly
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maggie former governor looking to be the u.s. senator. there's so much money being poured in there. if the ayotte race can turn where kelly ayotte remains the u.s. senator i think that might be able to get trump those extra votes that he needs instead of it being another way around. >> speaking of women. how important are women voters for donald trump? >> i think women voters next to millennials women voters are the most essential group for donald trump right now. he's losing with women between 5 and donald trump is best candidate. they're not going to hillary clinton either because she doesn't represent them. so you have so you have one-third that's undecided. >> how often do you think we'll see donald trump and hillary clinton in new hampshire leading up to november? >> i think they have to spend a lot of time up there right now right. new england comes really comes into play and new
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only four votes but it's four votes it. >> could change the entire complexion of the election right now. >> fascinating. it's going to be fun to watch, jennifer we appreciate you being with us. we look forward to having you back as well. tomorrow night we'll be discussing donald trump's trip to new hampshire. hey, tom lied within you live from yankee stadium. we'll recall it one more time. the red sox american league champions under the strangest of on the party in the
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. for the content of this advertising. a lot of good performances tonight in the bronx. the red sox lose 5-3 but clay buchholz was brilliant. mookie betts came up with a big hit. there was some fantastic defense behind play it was just the bullpen who let
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but they were still celebrating in the end. let's take a look at some of the plays as they unfolded here in the bronx tonight. castro with a ricochet off brock holts right into the glove of xander bogaerts. clay buchholz. great checking out jacoby ellsbury only allowed one run. no runs, excuse me, one hit. to the eighth that's a fair ball for mookie betts. marco hernan was a 2-0 game at that point. tommy lane in to pitch after that. big papi comes barreling home on the wild pitch the sox led it 3-0 all the way to the bottom of the ninth inning. kim bral steaded with his struggled with his control. nonetheless despite the 5-3 loss the red sox still celebrating in the clubhouse
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>> i thought it might be a little subdued boy was i wrong. it's a long season they have put in a lot of hard work they are division champs they will be playing in division series just waiting to see they will be. we will be headed to silver lake who will be hosting hingham this week. butch stearns will be live at 6:00 on friday night. 5,000 votes for that game alone more than 11,000 votes on our website this week so we do thank everybody for voting throughout the week. the big story tonight the red sox lose to the yankees but win the american league eastern division championship. that's the story from the bronx. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> we will focus on the win,
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tomorrow night, tom, of course, lest we forget papi gets the gifts from the be yankees we holding outside will he get mooned or not. people have their cell phones ready. >> tom, great job down there. thank you. [laughter] >> let's talk about the weather. >> it different kind of rain down there for sure we tonight. some spotty drizzle but we are looking at some slight improvement as we head into tomorrow for some folks especially to the north and west with we'll see a few breaks of sunshine. let me tell you the risk of rain comes right back at us for friday into the weekend watching it closely for the red sox games at system. >> and the jdr be f walk. >> rain or shine. >> bring the umbrella just
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: miranda kerr might be engaged but the snapchat guy does not own her. >> are you agreeing with the instagram story or not? >> we should ask him if he's ever to buy lingerie from victoria's secret. >> if evan spiegel brought her home victoria's secret lingerie, she would be like no, no, thank you. >> it's like your wife bringing why would you want that? >> tim tebow just had his first at-bat in his first game. he hit a home run. >> he might not hit another home run but this is impressive. that is impressive. >> dude, i'm going to convert! >> justin bieber, he was in finland doing a concert. this is so disgusting. he shot like this snot rocket. he sneezed all over the front row. >> if you paid whatever to be at


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