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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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police search his home. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, it is 4:30 on this thursday, september 29. i am daniel miller. >> julie: i am julie grauert. get ready for another windy, mostly cloudy day. but not all bad news. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with a look at some of the improvements. shiri. >> reporter: little bit better than yesterday and talking about gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour from the north shore to the south shore to the cape and islands. even worcester with a 35-mile-per-hour gust right now and this will be the hub for any kind of drizzle. the cape, the south. temperatures in the uppers. 57 degrees in boston and clouds will be thinning out out to the north and west. boxford at 56. wayland at 65. waking up to 51 in worcester and 52 in nashua, new hampshire.
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lot of on and off clouds especially boston southward. at noontime, 58 degrees with drizzle over southeastern mass and brighter and warmer continues over northern mass, southern new hampshire in the afternoon. town by town look. julie is back with live drive time traffic. >> making it out the door, make it to your destination in good time. settle northbound and southbound moving along without any issues. north of the pike, route 1 and 93 south are wide open. here are the live drive times. single digits on the expressway. 23 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to the weston tolls. 4 :31. authorities are trying to figure out hue teenaged girl ended up tied up at the bottom of a ravine. jessica reyes is live in weymouth with what we know so far. the victim was actually able to call for help. >> reporter: right, daniel. she called 911 herself and like you said, so many
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but we do know this was the main area of focus between route 18 in weymouth and route 3. the area where investigators were and you see behind me, that is where they apparently found that girl tide up partially clothed. this is the keen just after 9:00. this first came in as they reported an injured person in the woods. first responders found the girl, police were out here for several more hours looking for evidence, even using black lights in some area woods. while that was going on, police confirmed they were called to another scene at columbian square also near weymouth near the town library. it is not too clear how this relates to the scene near route 18, but we are working together to get more information from the police and da's office this morning about what exactly happened. we do understand the victim was able to call 911 herself in the woods off the highway and police were able to find her using sirens and keeping her on the phone. we have some of those radio
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>> she is tied up. but we are going to have her start yelling to see if you can hear her. >> everybody stay where you are. >> reporter: and, again, that radio call you just heard, that was from police just moments before they found this teenaged girl in the woods last night. police did find her, investigators were out here for several hours combing through the woods, but its they found here last night. of course, a lot of questions this morning. we have reached out to police and the da's office. as soon as we get an update we will pass it along to you. live in weymouth, fox25 news. it is now 4:33. and new this morning, an regulars is under way in newton after someone potted a large confederate flag hanging out a car window at newton high school. fox25's catherine parrotta is live in newton. catherine the incident was
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>> yeah, now it is under investigation by police and the school committee responded calling this incident deeply troubling. and we want to show you the video we are talking about. take a look at it. captured by a student to newton north and he posted it to his facebook page. a car driving through the parking lot flying a large.confederate flag out the window. it was reported to police and they began identified a small group of students involved and according to the principal the school took appropriate action. the school principal say at north we try to support our diversity and safe learning environments for all. i look forward to working with our students and staff working to repair this and move forward to the incident. i reached out to the mayor so far this morning to get touch of the students who posted this video and posted it to the facebook page. you can stay tuned for updates.
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parrotta, fox25 news. this morning the young man under investigation in connection to the presumed death of his mother said he didn't do anything that would put his mother in harm's way. in a phone interview with "the boston globe." 22-year-old nathan carman believes that the boat he and his mother went out on was sea worthy. he said he couldn't prevented the tragedy. he spent a week in a life raft and is in vermont and 23409 face anyin michael henrich coming up at 6 a.m. a new hampshire toddler remains in the hospital this morning. her 7-year-old sister ran her over with the family's car. fox25's ted daniel reports the keys was handed to the older girl by the girl's mother. >> reporter: the wheels of the car crushed the little girl's legs and she injured her head, chest and arms. police and child welfare services are investigating and it looks like the mother will end up in court.
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believe, ran over her 2-year-old daughter with a vehicle. >> reporter: the call came from a salem, new hampshire home on south policy road. the situation unusual. the mother inconsolable. >> are you inside or outside. >> inside right now -- >> we are on our way. >>reporter: it happened in a parking area outside a home. police say a 7-year-old girl started her mom's ford focus and put into reverse, backing over her 2-year-old sister's legs. understand you. i need for you to take a breath. her back is really spasm and -- >> her scalp and her back. >> reporter: the 2-year-old conscious and in serious pain. salem police are considering criminal charges against the mother because they say the mom gave her 7-year-old permission to start the car and it is not the first time that has happened. in the community where the family lives, concern for the
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injured toddler and the mother. >> to have a 7-year-old star your car? unbelievable. i am like in shock. >> reporter: salem police say this is a powerful example of why children belong in the passenger seat and not behind the wheel. >> it was just not good common sense to allow a 7-year-old or a child to go out and play around vehicles. >> reporter: we are told the 2-year-old will pull through but will have a long road of recovery ahead. when the mother is charged. reporting live outside children's hospital, ted daniel. a new hampshire couple is accused of allegedly taking her children and hiding them from police for week. michael mcmaster and bobbi jo dyer is accused of interfering with custody. they were supposed to lose custody of their three kids last week but did not turn them over to authorities. according to court documents, the pair have a history of drug use.
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living with their legal guardian. the site of their house of horrors. the bodies three dead babies and trash and animal cor pse. the mother is facing murder charges. the house was demolish and property owner failed to pay thousands in back taxes and have. today, a wellesley doctor convicted of killing his wife is is accused of killing his wife. he is serving a life sentence. prosecutors said he hit his wife in the back of the head with a hammer and slashed her throat with a pocket knife. his thrill attorney made a crucial error in the case he claims. his previous appeals are been denied. a grandmother and grandson are accused of dealing drugs together. was arrested earlier this month on drug charges and a parole violation. according to police in keene,
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minor from jail. she admitted going to home to pick up a stash of drugs and sell them. that information was enough for her to be charged as well. a young child was one of five people injured in a deadly crash in westport yesterday morning. this was breaking news during fox25 morning news yesterday. it happened between exits so and 11 around 8 a.m. state police say three people were killed when a van crossed a median and slammed head on. the van hit two other cars the series of crashes injured another five people including a toddler who was in one of the original cars. governor charlie baker's first international trade trip will be to israel later this year. baker and a dozen state officials will make the trip on december 9. the focus of the trip will be cyber security and digital health innovation to areas israel dominates on a global scale. nearly 40 business leader also join on the trip. no public money will be used
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big blow toes of charter school. a report from the taxpayer foundation found in evidence that charter school funding leads to a financial disadvantage for publicly funded schools. that report also says that the state provides temporary reimbursement when a student leaves a district school for charter school. massachusetts voter also decide in november whether to allow a major expansion of the state's charter school program. people in fitchburg will soon have access to their new commuter we got a look at the $93 million. full service in november and limited trips on friday when construction is completed. to start with, two stopping the station every day. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. look at your drive time on the expressway and i love it when we are in the single digits. if only they would linger longer than 4:00 in the morning. 9 minutes to the exit to the pike. shiri? >> shiri: temperatures moving
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60s. i will go with mostly cloudy skies. drizzle over southeastern massachusetts. we will show you how much brighter it is north of the city today next. a new clue in an old murder investigation. the sketches police will help them solve a death dating back decades. plus are football coach off the job and under investigation.
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coach is off the job and on leave and uninvestigation accused of verbally abusing players. people that know him tell john m anahan that the accusations are hard to believe. >> reporter: the school's varsity coach is benched with inappropriate verbal conduct to players but what that means exactly is unclear. >> football is football. >>reporter: there man's son plays football and it is the first he has heard of this or any claim against maguire. even still, he admits everyone go too far. >> they are football players, but, i mean, easy on the swearing, you know, no hitting on the back of the head. but, you know, they do have to be tough for them. >> reporter: students also tell fox25 that they believe these allegations may be overblown. >> i don't know if he fully deserves them. he wanted the best out of his players and wanted them to perform to the best of their ability. >> reporter: but the school
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seriously. in a statement he says i understand there may be many questions i with aant to thank our community members for their patience and support while the investigation sunday way. the people whose kids play for maguire are shocked by the allegations saying good things about the long-time football sxoch i know the family. a very good family. >> reporter: are you surprised by the allegio >> reporter: she believes that the accusations are unfounded and expect him to be fully vindicated before the investigation is complete. john monahan. a study by blue cross blue shield said the state does a good job of identifying concussions. between 2010 and 2015, diagnosed concussion increased 82% in massachusetts, but the national average only went up
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fact we passed a law in 2010 requiring players, coaches and even parent volunteers to undergo training to recognize symptoms of the injury. the fda has approved the first artificial pancreas with people with type 1 diabetes. it monitors people with blood sugar levels every five minutes and automatically provides insulin when needed. people will request more insulin after they eat and attached outside of a person's body and approved for those 14 the company that created the artificial pancreas is researching one for kids. they are called super bugs and have the world medical world on high alert. >> that is the thing that we in infectious disease do have nightmares about because these bacteria become very, very difficult and even impossible to treat with antibiotics. >> reporter: a potentially deadly form of e. coli recently surfaced in connecticut that is resistant
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available. tonight on fox25 news at 10:00, elizabeth hopkins talks to the state's top infectious disease doctor what they are doing here in massachusetts to slow down the spread of super bugs. tracking traffic and weather together every ten minutes at 4:47. thing still quiet on route 1, 93 south. easy ride on 128 down to the pike. no issues on the expressway and here are those bright green drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 3 south. 24 eastbound from mass avenue. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with a check of the forecast. question for the both of you, have you pulled out your sweaters, your coats yet. >> julie: i started to transition. >> shiri: we freeze at work so we use them all year long. >> daniel: i know. you use them all year. >> shiri: we are in a dreary pattern. we will take whatever rain we get. it gets updated. the drought monitor.
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i am thinking that it will be unchanged. we have had slight improvements for the rainfall deficit in spots like central and western massachusetts, but boston still a 10-inch rainfall deficit. a little bit of rain but not enough to make big dents in the deficit. as we look all the way through the weekend, and days of accumulation. we could be talking about an inch of rain for spots like the cape. three quarters in boston. an inch of rain in worcester and even hampshire. that would be great news. it is a little tough because we are dragging our feet and stuck in this ready pattern with a lot of clouds and drizzle but we need that rain. your mom needs the rain. your wells need the rain. we have breezy conditions today. high pressure will sink a little further south along with dry air and will bring areas north of the mass pike which are perfect. clear up the clouds and the northeast flow will hold the clouds tight over northeastern massachusetts where we have to
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waking up this morning generally speaking to temperatures in the 50s. into southwestern new hampshire, western massachusetts, we could see a couple of 40s out here and will have some clearer skies and that is conducive to a bigger cooldown overnight. by noontime, temperatures really hovering around those upper 50st and spovts green and more locations prone at seeing sprinkles. slight recan of a sprinkle in bost of the city and 5 p.m. for the drive home from work. upper 50s boston southward and pops of 60s on the map in lawrence and fitchburg and nashua. high temperatures around 58 in boston. 59 in plymouth with that risk of showers and lower 60s in the cape for the risk of showers. 51 in bedford. clouds start to thin out. brighter and brighter and partly sunny in nashua, and fitchburg at 64 degrees and about 58 in worcester. futurecast as we get into
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going to find that the heaviest, steadiest rain will hold back until after the evening commute. so we do have some spot showers out there that we are going to be tracking during the afternoon. but that steadiest rain will develop while you are sleeping on friday night and planted overhead on saturday. we are facing a pretty wet weekend. we have tropical storm matthew on the map right now entering the eastern caribbean right now and this is one to watch potential alley turning into a hurricane here. it is obviously going tbe 4 to 8 inches of rain, possible flooding and mudslide a big concern for parts of the caribbean. as we go into next week and next weekend, it is going to be chugging northward and we are going to -- for local purposes have to keep a close eye on it. it doesn't go that far out and let's step in and be aware of it. rain chances straight through the weekend into monday with a high of 59 degrees.
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i know. a long time. major insurance company it trying to make a pricey piece of technology more affordable. the deal that aetna will do to allow more people buy an apple watch.
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dog tag longing to a world world i veteran has been
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they were found on oliver street in randolph. a police officer made it his noise track down. he found his elder grandson in walpole. private hughes was born in 1889 in brookline and deployed to europe.he returned home and settled in roxbury with his wife and three children. no word out those dog tags ended up in randolph. >> daniel: great story. a woman saw a snake on the back of th it turns out to be a pie than. crystal haynes tells us what happened next. >> reporter: imagine seeing this at the school bus -- >> he was on the side of the road in the cement. not in the grassy area. >> reporter: this baby bal d python was laying motionless in the road, hard to the touch. >> when i first saw him, he wasn't moving at all. so i scooped him up in a sweatshirt and brought him home. >> reporter: the mother of five thought maybe she will keep it, but then it escaped
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>> it got loose in my house. he was under the table. and i called giradi and left her with a towel over him. >> posted a lost snake note on facebook and within a day or so. >> i said i want him -- put him. you.i don't know what to do with the snake. i said i will take him. >> reporter: her friend girard is no stranger of caring for reptiles. he has three others and this new addition already has a home in his auto repair shop. >> attack the kids. the kids love him. crystal haynes. >> julie: we don't want them acanning the kids. keep them fed. in yarmouth, the police department says dog walkers are out at all hours of the day and hope a new program will train them to be observant. a free one-hour training session at police headquarters and everyone is welcome. self-driving cars will be hitting the roads soon, and
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the chairs are clipped with sensors that allow each chair to follow the one in front of it. six chairs are on display in the public gallery in japan. why you may be asking? that is what we are wondering too. i guess for the fun of it. nissan said any decision to roll them out -- ha, pun intended -- will be for the public's response. big papi threw on a pair of shades, a wig. do you eve i don't like -- i go to new york just to teach them how this drive. they don't know what they are doing out there driving. man, your drivers suck. >> they are the worst. >> be part of my career -- when they come to boston, man, they look like they are lost in space. unbelievable. [ laughter ] >> daniel: the video is pretty funny and a lot longer than the clip we just showed you here. you can check it out for yourself in its entirety. it is on our web site. and you know, i watched it yesterday twice and trying to
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>> julie: you are right. the video shows that genuine reaction. they are making small talk with the lyft driver. would you recognize him. >> daniel: being in this business, yes because we see and hear his voice all the time. >> julie: might have caught you offguard. >> daniel: i would be like, you are big papi, right. >> julie: i think i know you. i think you are amazing. another big blunder for a presidential candidate. the latest gary jon stumped and leading to another aleppo moment. and another disney cartoon getting a big screen redo. details about the lion ki joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun.
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games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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developing now at 5:00, investigators working well into the night in a dark wooded area on the south shore. what police sources are telling fox25 about the teenaged girl found and how
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help find her. survived a week in a life raft and his mother was lost at sea. knew young man is defending himself against allegations he put his mom in harm's way. [cheering] >> gene: the red sox lost on a walk-off grand slam and it didn't matter. the celebrations in the clubhouse as the white sox plans for the post season are starting to take shape. completeew this is the fox25 morning news. and good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, it is september 29. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. some of us will catch a break today. meteorologist shiri spear says the sun is coming back at least for parts of southern new england. she is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with which town also be bright and where the drizzle will -- brizzl sneshtion.


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