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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> daniel: police found a teen duct taped in ravine next to busy road and police search for clues that last for hours. >> michael: questions linger as man returns to shore and mother remains lost at sea. how the man is defending himself this morning as we report live outside his >> julie: red sox lost on walk-off grand slam and walk toward the post season. complete new england news coverage starts right now.
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thursday i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. clouds can't seem to make up mind. kind of doing dance out there. >> clouds want to be in place and a lot more cloud cover than any kind of sunshine and toward the south shore and stay the same from sandwich to falmouth and couple sprinkles passing through so we got the drizzle. chances they are going to be south of the city today. right now and sneaking back into bedford and temperatures cooler side, still in the lower 50s. winds going to be another item that isn't going to let up today and gusty conditions and sustained winds 18 miles per hour in boston and gusty conditions and everybody at risk for gusts between 20 and 30 miles per hour today but you could see in boston there's those on and off clouds, don't
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we got temperatures that will stall out in the upper 50s, up to about 60? if we get enough sunshine today. so high temperatures 58 to 64?, breezy and partly cloudy, brightest north, dampest south and actually got a look at when the showers will expand back into boston and rest of the region coming up. julie, back over to you with live drive time traffic. >> julie: 128 southbound pike eastbound slow approaching the weston tolls and then as you continue eastbound into the newton area. live look at the zakim where things moving fine over the zakim bridge and leverett connector. here are live drive times, 47 minutes other pike east from 495 to mass ave. 31 minutes on the expressway and 41 minutes on 93 south andover down to the zakim bridge.
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weymouth. searching resign -- ravine from a woman looking for help. >> jessica: story a bit vague, not consistent and not fully cooperating with police and right now they are treating this as sexual assault. you know, this all happened around 9:00 last night, sparked a massive search near route 18 in mother nature. police found 18-year-old girl was duct taped on hands and feet near that highway. she told officers she was dropped off near the woods but not clear what happened at the time she was dropped off to when police found her. again, this sparked a very big seven for hours last night when police got 911 call and victim herself got 911 from the woods and able to direct police where she was by listening to how close the sirens were. we have some of the police radio calls during that.
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>> tied up, a lot of crowds going by and hear her. >> jessica: police say she is expected to be just fine, plan to talk to her more today to try to get to the bottom of all of this and main thingb jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: new hampshire toddler recovering after hit by car at own house. police say the girl seven-year-old sister was behind the wheel. listen to her mother frantic call for help. >> daniel: officers in salem told seven-year-old to start ford focus on tuesdayeen but the
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backed over two-year-old sister. police are considering criminal charges against her mom. >> julie: police from several states continue to investigate vermont man that spent week lost at sea after boat sank in massachusetts. mother out fishing with him but he never made it home. right now the 22-year-old insists he would never try to harm his mother. michael henrich live outside the man's home in vermont where police from several states already gathered evidence. michael? >> michael: reporting confiscating handful of items including note by nathan. neighbors say he lives here in vermont without any electricity, sleeps often in his truck in the driveway. he is not here this morning and he tells the associated press though that he would not have harmed his mother.
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from law enforcement. what happened to linda lost at sea and presumed dead. why did linda reportedly believe they would be fishing closer to shore and medal boat named the chicken box have mechanical problems as police detective in sworn affidavit and they went for fishing trip september 17th and they found freighter in life raft this sunday. 22-year-old nathan told associated press by phone his boat sank in matter o he told the boston globe he thought his boat was seaworthy insisting i don't know how it could have been prevented and that he is trying to come to term with what seems like a fact, that my mom really is gone. >> don't want to say much at all at this point. my son doing okay.
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clark staying at home in middleton, connecticut. >> difficult situation. none of us know what he went through, i'm sure it is traumatic. >> michael: nathan considered suspect in 2013 shooting death of wealthy grandfather but never arrested. clark says nathan loved grandfather and mother and never do anyone any harm. >> they were the two most important not been charged with any crime and want to be clear about that and criminal investigations do continue this morning. live in vernon, vermont, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: multistate investigation now looking into whether made repairs to the boat which potentially made it unsafe. nathan carman left from rhode island marina. police say boater told them carmen took the unusual steps rather of removing the boat's trim taps. they keep the boat from tipping from side to side and
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carman had been performing portion of those repairs on his tone. >> daniel: donald trump making trip to rally in bedford extensions are high in his campaign. trump reportedly blasting his aide who are admitting to reporters he struggled in the debate as they urge him to change the tactics before the next go around. according to cnn yesterday trump said to change the tune to more positive tone. this campaign also wants broader input on how the first debate went. the survey was e-mailed to supporters last night asking for reviews. meantime hillary clinton left new hampshire with big promise on the table. she held rally at university of new hampshire yesterday with one time rival bernie sanders at her side. during the primary sanders beat out clinton in granite state largely with the support of independent and young voters.
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education. >> we will make public colleges tuition free for families earning less than $125,000 a year. >> daniel: cameras caught motorcade leaving boston night. >> julie: red sox first division title since 2013. let's go right to the final pitch of last night's game. sox up three-one and know toronto has lost for the division title clinched and mark crushes game winning grand slam off joe kel and he yankees win five-throw. the loss could cost the red sox homefield advantage in the post
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reasons to party after the game. >> tom: didn't put damper on red sox party last night. >> great feeling >> we have a long way to go. >> sox close out series with yankees and david ortiz final
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against the blue jays and homefield advantage. that is the latest from the bronx. tom leyden, fox25 news. >> julie: 93 south looking at drive time 37 minutes and actually a lot faster than we usually see last time and enjoy and head out the door right now. shiri? >> shiri: temperatures hovering in the 50s, really slow to warm up because of in boston mostly cloudy skies expected here for the rest of the morning. i will show you where it is going to be brighter, warmer today and where the drizzle continues. >> daniel: he couldn't get date so asked the person he knew. how one teen got thousands of followers by proudly going stag.
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>> julie: is beingac teen behind bars accused of shooting. suspect walked up to the playground with the handgun and tackled by volunteer fireman. before the shooting the suspect's grandparent called them sobbing uncontrollably and
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the school and suspected shooter and school will be closed the rest of the week. >> daniel: man shot and killed by police in san diego suburb was holding a smoking device in his hands when confronted the two officers. sister claimed she called 911 for help saying her brother was mentally ill but was not armed. >> he was shot and killed by one of the responding officers. they say he was acting erratically walking in image from witness video of the shooting. it shows him pointing vaporizer at officers. that's when one of them used taser and another a gun. officers did not find a weapon on him. protesters are calling for the justice department to investigate and both officers have been placed on administrative leave. >> julie: police say mia cruz
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following a day long search and police believe cruz started three separate fires tuesday night inside wal-mart on route 20 and each extinguished by customers. they helped them zero in on crews. thousands of dollars in food and other household items were ruined by smoke. the store remains closed for clean-up. the site of the so-called house of horrors in blackstone has been seized by the town. two years ago the remains house with trash and animal corpses. mother facing murder charges. house was later demolished and property owner failed to pay thousands in back taxes and interest. >> daniel: 6,000 people that made trip to memphis may have been exposed to legionnaire's disease. they have confirmed six cases of legionnaire's to guests and employees at la quinta inn hotel.
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fever and muscle aches and contact anyone that stayed in the hotel between july 1st and september 22nd. >> daniel: if person needs to pass a kidney stone they should ride rollercoaster. it could knock kidney stones right through the system and they tested idea after patients passed three kidney stones while riding rollercoaster in disney world and brought 3d model on the ride and tested enough it worked. >> >> julie: 9:17. new accident 128 northbound as approaching the pike but not seeing a lot of volume coming from that yet. 128 south through lexington still sluggish. and things moving over the zakim bridge and leverett connector at reasonable pace. here are live drive times, 19 minutes on route 1 so that's improvement as well as the 36 minute ride on 93 south. still hovering right around an
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route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. keeping an eye on clouds. >> shiri: clouds will hang tight in boston today and hanging tough and north and west tough out there and areas clouds will be the thickest in boston and we got partly cloudy skies. i mean right now looking awful gray and going to be chunks of day where it looks like this and going to be the brightest and as we look today through the weekend so several days of rain adding up and potential for inch and a half of rain in the
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looking mostly cloudy, plymouth area that i'm watching most likely area to see more drizzle and winds sustained 16 miles per hour and breezy day ahead but the winds coming in off the water like that cool things down or rather stall out any kind of attempted warm-up, so going to be a day in the upper 50s for the most part in plymouth, with the risk for some times of drizzle in there, same deal for the cape and even a little bit of drizzle popping up in new bedford this morning but manchester, new hampshire, 53? and mostly sunn of breezy, even for inland towns and cities and at least with the help of the sunshine, spots like southern new hampshire, northern mass, northern worcester county, going to see the warm-up back into the low and mid-60s. along with as much brighter conditions. so you're going to see the cloud cover really thinning out northward today, ipswich and boston and plymouth all in the upper 50s with winds off the water. 60 in framingham, 62 in lawrence and 64 in fitchburg up to manchester, new hampshire, and a little more sunshine in boston
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mix and how far south the dry going to get and mostly going to stick north of the mass pike here, southeastern massachusetts, more on cloudy side. when you wake up tomorrow see the includes really beefed up by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and we have the risk for a little bit of patchy drizzle in the morning and looking of widely scattered afternoon showers. real rain gets started though as we head into the overnig saturday. so this area of low pressure is going to be close enough to bring us waves of rain here on saturday. i do see saturday as the wettest day over the weekend. probably the wettest day of the 7-day forecast. so today breezy and partly cloudy. a little bit of drizzle south of boston. by tomorrow 60?. still breezy out there, by the way, the rain will fire up during the evening hours, continue overnight into saturday. you can see saturday the rainier
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degree mark in nashua and lower 60s in plymouth and provincetown and chatham and then as we get into sunday you will find scattered showers remain, not quite the widespread rain that we get on saturday at 63?, upper 60s scattered showers monday and then tuesday into wednesday and upper 60s and at least we get some more breaks in the clouds. back to
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>> julie: people are hurt from new jersey train crash. well continue to follow the breaking story as we learn more information. >> daniel: now costs more to put child in daycare full time than it does to pay for state colleges. the average cost of full time daycare for kids up to four is about $9,600 a year. the average cost of in state college tuition is about $9,400 a year.
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>> daniel: local woman launched social media app for tweens. globe reported it was created by west roxbury woman and designed to limit who kids can contact. also has a parent portion that allows adults to monitor children's online activity and photo sharing app on both droid and apple >> koala sees climbing chain link fence but wouldn't come down and got the baby on her back and then helped lower it down. the video gotten nearly 300,000 views since posted.
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couldn't do own hair from procedure and her husband did it. she told the grandfather she was upset with twitter famous and showed robe with no make-up. >> julie: shows what great major they have. like any high school dance the date. lacrosse player didn't have anyone to go with and came up with funny idea. he made a sign, grabbed some of the favorite fried chicken and popped the question to himself. he tweeted it out with caption thankfully said yes. internet appreciated the joke and fried chicken restaurant offered him dinner before the dance. >> daniel: i didn't have to do much before the senior prom. >> julie: did you go?
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>> julie: see, daniel found a date. didn't need to ask himself. >> shiri: i would take a date with plate of fried chicken and watching right now in eastern caribbean and making to bahamas and watch this two weeks out next weekend we could see local impact and show you this high school deeply disturbing i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much.
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for yours, too.
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for stronger public schools. >> julie: commuter train crashed into a train station in jersey. new jersey transit train hit the station causing heavy damage. one reporter says it went right through the safety barriers and into the reception and we know people are hurt but don't know how many. train service shut down in the area and we will bring you updates as soon as we learn them. >> daniel: don't think we will see the sun today. here south of boston probably
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fix. >> shiri: 8:00 a.m. update and another one coming and winds are gusting right now 20 miles per hour and really breezy thursday ahead so you need to be prepared for wind blown out there, near 60 for the cape and islands, we are up to 56 in boston, 50 in worcester, nice to see you have climbed out of the 40s there. 53? in keene, new hampshire and day we will stgg handful of sprinkles so far this morning and points to the north seeing a little more sunshine and noon time 39 brace and partly sunny skies and 61 here at 3:00 p.m. and breezy don't forget points south of boston
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and cape and dry weather for most of us but not long-lived. timeline next. >> julie: as we shift south accident on 128 northbound approaching the pike and still going on the expressway. he minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 31 minutes on the expressway and 32 minutes on 93 south. >> daniel: cameras rolling as students waved a confederate flag outside the car window. happened outside newton north high school. >> julie: video making rounds around facebook and the district isn't happy with that. looking at how students know how offensive this is. >> catherine: student that
9:33 am
he has been harassed and violently threatened by some after posting the video. school administrators call it deeply troubling. >> honestly at a loss for words. >> catherine: something he didn't expect to see out window of cafe at newton north high school. >> came around three times. >> catherine: car with three students seen waving confederate flag out on student property. not knowing what else to do captured it with his phone. >> one thing to fly flag outside school and outside the school and not respectable to fly any flag outside car window. just have no words for them. >> catherine: posted video to facebook getting attention from students. among them josie who participates in school program for white students and students of color to come together. >> i'm part of minority and to see that happen at our school and predominantly white in
9:34 am
they represent and school as us as, it is hurtful to be honest. >> catherine: principal releasing statement reading in part at north we strive to celebrate the diversity and safe and supportive learning assignments for all and therefore look forward to working with students and salve and repair and move forward from the incident. something canaan says long over. open up and discussions on race so we can actually move forward as culture. >> two seniors and junior and they have been suspended for three days. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: still developing this morning we are working to find out more information about a large crime scene in weymouth overnight. fox25 source tells us a teen girl was tied up on side of a busy road.
9:35 am
looking into two different crime scenes in town. >> jessica: all the information they got from the victim and several hours last night and bit and they do say they are treating this as sexual assault and happened at 9:00 last night naker intersection route 18 and route 3 in weymouth. victim duct tape on hands and feet in the woods right off route 18 and told officers she has been dropped off near the woods but not clear what happened from the time she was dropped off to when police ended up finding her. this all sparked a massive search for hours and police got 911 call and victim herself who called police from the woods and she was able to direct officers where she was by listening to how close their sirens were. once police found her in the woods she was taken to the hospital to be checked out but officers here this morning say she is expected to be okay.
9:36 am
get to the bottom of all of this and one thing police want to emphasize right now there's absolutely no threat to the public. in weymouth, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: quincy couple say they have no idea why fbi agent raided townhouse. tuesday night fbi and quincy police officers rummaged through their house for hours. it threw dragged partner from bathroom upstairs and asked the couple where they kept the drugs and questioned if they were dealers. >> daniel: today wellesley doctor will ask court to grant him a new trial. derek greineder serving life sentence for murder of wife maybe nell 1999 and hit his wife in the back of the head with ham and her then slashed her throat with pocket knife. greineder claims the trial attorney made a crucial error in
9:37 am
the state courts have been denied. >> julie: new key clue from agawam woman decades ago. yesterday investigators released these composite sketches of what her killer may have looked like. they were put together based on dna recovered from the crime scene. he was a teacher and working second job the night she disappeared. her remains were found days later. lisa's parents are hopefully the new picture will help. characteristic and going back 24 and a half years. so i'm hoping something is going to be pop. >> daniel: michael walsh
9:38 am
1980s and st. brendon church when assault allegedly happened. the victim is in 30s and came forward over the summer. walsh was ordained as a priest in michigan in 2002 but was never placed in a parish because of other abuse charges. daniel: prominent boston music professor accused of harassing two of students arrested trying to show affection. he was in court yesterday and lawyer says the client who is internationally recognized musician did not woman's stress. he is charged with assault and battery for kissing and touching the students. the professor's attorney wants five of the ten charges against him dismissed. >> julie: burlington superintendent of schools described what happened as inappropriate verbal conduct toward players. it is not clear what that means or when it even happened but coach shawn maguire based on
9:39 am
investigated. spoke to parents and student when things said about him. >> >> wanted to perform to the best of the ability. >> julie: school superintendent says there are many questions and thanked the community for patient and support. >> daniel: hundreds of cyclist will press mayor marty walsh to make city safer for bike and pedestrians. the group wants the move faster on traffic plan unveiled last year and luring speed limits in parts of the city to 20 miles per hour. safety advocates, however, want more dedicated bike lanes and money for construction projects to improve dangerous streets. victory for voters in new hampshire. this year you will be able to take selfies inside the voting booth. federal appeals court in boston says granite state law banning pictures of ballots is illegal and law passed in 2014 and
9:40 am
selling their votes and court says the law is infringement on right of free speech. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. here is look at live drive times again. i like it when the colors start to change from red back into yellow and green which means less stress on road, 15 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin. shiri governor bush. >> shiri: plymouth down to hyannis, those are going to be today. i will show you how much heavier the rain gets as we head toward the weekend next. >> daniel: big papi continues to try out options for retirement. coming up able to try his hand as lyft driver and get some shots at new yorkers as process. >> julie: plus car hit deer and deer hit back. next how the driver was able to keep the animal back as tried to
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>> daniel: people poured into catholic church in miami lining up to pay respects to jose fernandez and being remembered as talented baseball player and hero and cuban-american community. as mourners filled the church yesterday for public memorial the marlins honored memory and
9:44 am
night's game. >> daniel: details about men wanted for questioning in new york city bombing. law enforcement now says these men are egyptian pilots. the officials say the men were seen removing a pressure cooker near explosion site and walking away with empty bag and men are considered witnesses, not suspects and they are now likely back in egypt. >> julie: driver hit a the deer returned and went on the attack. this is the dash cam video of patrol car of the attack and hit on rural road and went over to check the damage. watch what happens here and see the deer come back and then tries to get up on its seat and right there attack the driver. driving the suv she hit the deer about 100 feet back.
9:45 am
ahold of them here and foot into them and you know, happened so fast. >> never seen anything like this and if i didn't i probably would have never been able to see it actually happened. >> julie: officer that recorded video says deer run into cars all the time but not walked and deer ended up dying. >> daniel: top loading units exploded and suing the company in federal court. samsung still investigating why the machines are exploding and
9:46 am
this between 2011 and 2016 to only wash bulky items on the delegate cycle. ohio woman samsung started in here home and damage to bathroom here and f7 edge overheated while charging on nightstand. this is not the same type of phone which has been recalled. it is another model released at the same time. >> them what happened and they just sent me the phone back. >> julie: student learning to use sonogram found breast mass
9:47 am
scanned every week to show doctors how fast the tumor was growing. >> instructor was scanning me every time i was in here, once a week, twice a week and drastically increased in size. >> eventually got a cancer diagnosis and started treatment. she will find out this week if the cancer is gone. >> daniel: health insurance provider hopes to get more people on board by helping helping buy apple watches. aetna several health apps and pave the ct employers that use the note would decide whether they want to offer the program to their employees. the cost would subsidize and rest of the price would be taken through monthly payroll deductions. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. still watching a few sluggish spots on the road, mainly 128 southbound through the lexington area. pike is slow going eastbound as head through the weston tolls. expressway giving off a little
9:48 am
conditions out there. here are live drive times, 30 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 22 minutes on expressway, 31 minutes on 93 south from andover down to the leverett connector. >> daniel: bit chilly out. >> shiri: called it and cape, rain is not a bad thing, though. we are kind of stuck in the pattern and like to see some breaks of sun but the rainfall deficit stands at ten inches of rain in boston for the year, drought monitor updated at 8:30 this morning with absolutely no changes but means no improvements and then extreme drought actually expanded into parts of eastern maine as of this latest update, but as we
9:49 am
days and starts today, goes all the way through sunday, days of accumulation, we are looking at about an inch of rainfall when all said and done by sunday evening. maybe even an inch and a half over the cape and islands. so the weather pattern today a little tricky because high pressure is trying to nudge its way a little further south and with it comes that dryer air. so determining how far south is going to tell us how far south the sunshine gets. looks like areas north of the mass pike will end up being end up being cloudier. end up on drizzle breezy conditions, by the way, so going to be blustery on top of upper 50s here at lunchtime, so it is still going to be cool, still going to be jackets on hand for much of the afternoon. in fact, for many of you especially boston southward where clouds are thickest to the north and west where we get personal sun in lawrence and in bedford and in fitchburg, nashua, new hampshire, more sun than cloud cover. these temperature are allowed to warm up a little more. low and mid-60s developing
9:50 am
be stuck with in and around boston so tomorrow morning i just want to point out by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, have a lot more cloud cover around. eventually the showers work their way in, we could see a little patchy drizzle or widely scattered shower here during morning and afternoon and once we hit the evening risk for rain will start to fly and see this area of low pressure will be closest here friday night as well as saturday, so that's going to swing in our most significant showers and start talking about potential of inch of rain by end of weekend most of it falling friday night and dealing with on and off rain and nicer day that we will find on and still lower 60s out there and for the saturday temperatures might struggle to get up to 60? in several spots like boston at about 58 or worcester at 54 and nashua and beverly and lower
9:51 am
clouds and showers verses sunday and scattered nature of the showers on sunday and monday as well we will have a few lingering showers around, upper 60s so at least warming up, upper 60s in partly cloudy tuesday wednesday as well back to you. >> julie: tonight at 10:00, elizabeth hopkins talks to the stop infectious disease doctor what they are doing here in massachusetts to slow down the spread of super bugs. >> daniel: just tuning in we
9:52 am
people are injured when commuter train derailed and hit a train station. looking at live helicopter picture from the scene in new jersey. we are working to turn new video from the inside of the train
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9:54 am
9:55 am
>> julie: paramedics say there are more than 100 people hurt at scene of crash. live scene of chopper above the scene. several passengers still trapped in the wreckage. it slammed into a crowded station hoboken about an hour ago and went through safety barriers and area and right now train service near the station is shut down. this is in hoboken right across the hudson river from new york city. we also want to show you pictures from twitter. this is from leon o. he was on the train at the time of the crash, got off and these are some of the images that he was seeing. he has given us permission to share this and disaster up to 100 people injured and still waiting to hear more how
9:56 am
injured. >> daniel: lob and he train from video crashed and investigators are on the scene and we were showing you a live picture from outside the train station just before we roll the video shows a lot of people outside with investigators still trying to determine what caused this and they are going to be working pretty much all morning and afternoon trying to figure out >> daniel: >> julie: we will continue to have the breaking story at 4:00 this afternoon. >> daniel: shiri joins us with last forecast. >> shiri: partly cloudy and most do not see drizzle as south shore, cape, locations a little more prone to it but keep in mind showers not going too far because once we get into the day tomorrow, widely scattered, friday night, saturday, on and off rain timeframe and weekend just basically i hope you have
9:57 am
sunday 63? we will still have a few showers hanging tight and even monday the pattern tough to break and getting a little skeptical seeing the sunshine ever again in the 7-day forecast. but i do think that the clouds are slowingly going to lighten up between tuesday and wednesday. >> we will have the latest on breaking news out of new jersey
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time for great viral videos right this minute. helmet cam shows a rider on a motorcycle. turns right here at the stop sign. why that right turn put him in the wrong place. >> the good news is i saved all these little boogers. >> a reptile expert saved seven baby turtles. >> trying to make their way across t where he discovered one more. >> it was actually eight. >> it looks like something out of independence day. but is it real or fake? >> you have to be honest. it's pretty good. >> the extraordinary video lighting up social media. we all know those guys. >> let everybody know they're so buff. >> i'm not even flexing right


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